Most Louisiana filers have put off their taxes until today or tomorrow

Because April 15th fell on a Sunday this year, and today is a holiday in Washington DC, we get a little extra time to settle up with Uncle Sam.  


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Billions. Now to ask is that they're gonna. Book. 53%. Of Louisiana eons according to a survey will wait until today or tomorrow. To do their taxes kicking and screaming fast. That the don't wanna do it I don't want to. Don't make me I am proud to say Evan that 47%. Who didn't wait till today or tomorrow while I did mine last night. Either yeah right. Excited at all. Day saw yesterday I got started on Saturday it's been a few hours with a get back to yesterday morning spent nearly all they would they went he came backing continue to work on that we're back Toronto weather I Omar what a waste I. Now on Saturday amusement time you did just that it's exactly. Yesterday and at some. Permanent injury again now for a little while and I kind of extended mine time. Audi eating. Yeah I remember my daughter got up and used certain walk to the doors that why am I the only one leaving. And I'm thinking because I don't wanna go I know exactly the taxes is they're right here is set modest but right here. But I finished last night about 10 o'clock. And we're glad no. No I. I'd now gonna pay him up and till tomorrow all okay. And I may just put it in the mail with the check your idea of filing electronically so it takes a few more days Arizona and it sure. Now price oh. Is it bought at the it's how much are those are as you in the 47%. That they've already done it ID 53%. That are waiting till today or tomorrow it is my understanding everything went out last night. That's my understanding are you that's your understand yes yes you went to bed I'm not the bookkeeper in my house at that you went to bed. And the wife was still sleeping overnight in a matter. Now she was like three quarters done and then had to be called worse back in new. Pension fund and yet ominous sit here and watched TV then go to bed you don't finish it out exactly. That's normally how it works in mind. But this year higher and the good. Surprise you it's Amber's. Ali it's a lot easier now because it's you know we use the same on line. Tax software out now so everything from last year automatically loads and so there's not as much digging and yeah looking out and filing through and but I that you're never I thought I was more prepared that the well on Endesa thing because you you've got to know and I think keep notes or do something because. All we have to do it happened last oh yeah you know is one of those guys that last year. And I kept bothering her like hey it's in the year and the taxes this year leave me a lot of. Belittled and now in a little bit. Again smokestacks made it 78 cent. Let me now are you in the 53%. Of Louisiana eons that offers dot com says after serving a thousand Louisiana residents are gonna wait till today or tomorrow to do their taxes. You in the 47%. Who have already done them tomorrow is the deadline to sort clear yup normally it's April 15. That was yesterday it was a Sunday. Today is emancipation day a holiday in Washington DC's of the irises were. So tomorrow. By midnight is the deadline. And here's the thing. If your doing a deal fashion when you're gonna mail it. There aren't any post offices open till midnight and no. They don't do and I'm in Colorado on the street like they used to grabbing your return from the air and post marking it before midnight. Yeah I used to be welcomed at 1159. There was someone there to take a return postmarked and we'd always talk to people on the line you know as they pulled up by real attention history preakness so many people file on line now. As with the push of the button that you don't. They don't need all those people bid to work at the post office is people don't show up anyway but here's the problem. Sometimes you run into a last second unexpected. Problem with your taxes. And suddenly your side tax software is telling you you can't file electronically. Like someone else's dirty claimed your dependent aren't on anonymous somebody on design houses are used your Social Security number and I'll attack I don't want to know that's happened to me a couple of time I'll Judith victim of fraud a dozen. He didn't have any impact on me other than. I couldn't file electronically I had to mail my taxes then. And if that happens after 6 PM on. Tax deadline day you manned up in a world are looking for a post office. And banging on the back door of the most of his a look at some sorting guy to come to the door and take it both candidates all ma'am that is still hurts to know that somebody defrauded did you net twice and someone used. My wife's a security number once as a dependent ones to file their taxes now. And apparently that's the thing people just randomly select Social Security numbers. And file to get. Money and it takes a long time for the IRS to sort all that I actually laughed out loud I just read this Texan made 7871. Person takes to make screw taxes. Our gang one person very proud of themselves. My taxes are filed the last week of Jan accounted for. The thing I've rented or got him some money back everything. However that is why wait so long to file do as soon as you get your W two forms never understand why fake folks wait so long well. According to offers dot com 53% of Louisiana it'll wait till the day or tomorrow are now to do their taxes the person gloating about how they just don't understand why Everglades. Because it's so fine. That's why you wait. A stiff fine. And it's it is in the cards to pay so if you got to pay I understand that's why you wait. And it's no fun so you don't wanna spend in our Texas Tech about. I don't know total cumulative time oh probably about 30 yeah. I mean and as a painful and it is going to file after file after file on finding receipts and I don't mind then isn't finding that and in ages it's it's a process. I am looking so much forward to and hoping so much. The promises of 90% of Americans get in a file on postcards. Ties you were returned an easier I'm reminded of my exactly. That debtor country just sign it and that's it they're double laying the standard deduction next year which means for most people there's no reason to do all that paperwork now. Because you'll get more just taking the new twice as large standard deduction you'll have to go through all. So I'm hoping. That that is the case but for those of you who are. In that 53% reading them today and tomorrow I feel your pain I get it I'm not gloating that I did mine and I. I am technically in the 47 percentage out of your four legged mine over the week since that.