Morstead on the Saints season

Saints Football
Thursday, January 18th

Bobby & Kristian talk with Saints punter Thomas Morstead about the team's season and the donations Vikings fans made to his charity.


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Jared Bryan Howard sit tight that talks. Say he's far Thomas More stead Timo. Tell us more steady our sports talk crushing dark and for the big chief Deke Bellavia won't cajun cannon Bobby America Thomas tells the rivermen. Tour lower but I'll be I'll be just fine. And now you don't got bags of Tom I've. That will as considering. You know you want those hidden yardage in you gotta get it done. Blocked they would invalid convincing tackle. And and those that nineteen yard par returned but. Then you brought the wood and a. Well I'm a little upset that go through so you'll. But you know. Perpetuating. My. I don't know just the fact that I think they get the time capsule you still support them have to learn how to properly. Thomas how much I'll be ounces how much pain were you in there and a first down. You know content not a pelican dying dog goes just like gasping for air all applicable. You know I'd never add anything like this it. It just couldn't I couldn't. It was just sort celebre my diet and did not want and it was awful. And at and Thomas when you look at that would affect you then because to be controlled the football like that golf for a is making shots or. Just directional punting and all different. Tricks you have in your bag right did that affect you that how you gonna punt the ball going forward in the game when that happened. Yet look I think. You know fortunate simplify everything and now being specialists block. Think they can creep into your mind at different points in different games and you know whenever you're hurting like you're just you know you're not worried about anything the strong survive and if you're and so you know for me it was shift today. There's nobody else can do it on the team and so you know talked about and you know there's not Andy. You know I don't have to ponder what were the other the clean up the pot you know Michael. Why didn't make characters could hurt like hell anyway. And sidestep the kind of know that I was you know just that the strain built in. To produce something where you know you're about to put a lot of pain so. What you gotta do it anyway so. It is more a mental or just chronic. Get my mind right for Tom but once the shots and in that. In the third quarter. I was in a much better place now. Yeah like you rotate and I don't hurt but it was manageable and you know what part of the game sure. Not so much better. Thomas Moore says saved par at Thomas More than on Twitter and Thomas. And and they were gonna get to what you give will grow in the donations of generous donations from the vikings. Standing up but. What do you guys and a lot of fans are wondering how Marcus Williams is doing in in what have you done personally as a teammate and you're one of the leaders in the locker room. What he'd done a pick him up and console Immelman. Well look I I I being removed. You know perspective on it. Well when it more if you or felt after the game and and high school state state playoffs in Texas and we were playing in the national pork or no vote from their running back end. I missed an extra point with two minutes left in the game to tie the game with law. And I let my whole football team down hold accountable city I grew up and everybody you'd be. I'm devastated and it is just you know. Google opting to Abner cook does affect the outcome would have something happens pretty much some more play a game like that. Well you know you should make a clean bill. It's devastating and so I just got a little locker room and you know I just really proud of burden that you have to get. A lot of guys and and that's what down there are stuck in a lot of young guys that were feeling the way he was. And you know for him to go out and collect himself and he did an interview like size from crying yeah do you devastated. And got scared straight losing purple lights on and kind of accept responsibility and tell me how he can. You know. You know religiously music and overly proud to do now you know you can Nikola played truck in the current I'm quite achievement. Thomas what does this do for a professional athletes psyche coming yeah I know he's young he's he's got a bright future but as our concern there as to you know how this can linger with a player. Not at all. You know. People. They're either insecure than and and you know markets as secure personality and he's vulnerable he put himself out there. I'll be experienced. Negative. Interview with everybody after the game can't he comfortable and and that's that patent that court to do. Well the whole world to see you do something like that and I'm just so product it and I don't I don't doubt at all where he added I think he can it be great throws a great passer for the city. And this scheme and I couldn't rather than because more often than not guys were not a done that after after going through that earned him. And I just showed that the guy and he he can persevere. Now Thomas look at what occurred now the game's over. And I don't know. You gotta go through a procedure already got a kick extra point or. You know I toothpaste in music and when you were able to do there. And their response to the vikings fans I mean. That battle's almost against this the real moment. Considering that that Minnesota natives I think the very similar. The way we are down here. You know they love football the Scandinavian. Nation and there you could see like the food and chant the sculpture and how that all comes about but. Less than just starting to donate if you charity. And then how just talk about that process. In how. There's kind of like a smaller version. Of what have been asked the hurricane in Houston. Is simple when you think about we JJ watt. And that yeah just about that right quake and of about thirty seconds. And know what you gonna do Cozumel week. Sure you know we just found out that there were some people that'd make a donation. Like you know. That's great and that'll certainly realize you're from Minnesota and so I said it looked. Anybody that don't actually sure. It's very thoughtful but that that money to go back to Minnesota and be community shall go back to children's hospital and so there. And then a couple of errant I shouldn't say it 200000 dollars. You know I'll flap their present to check myself and I think account and even made noble gathering more. And just turned into a monster you know late brokered a ball you know past 48 hours. Tomas Tomas me. I'm sorry and rub it we got a heart break here's a title back with the performance. Re committing a conversation with saints punt Thomas More than Thomas I apologize and am dynamite job as far as Manuel brought in an altar. So Thomas you talk about the donations generous donation is 150000 dollars from vikings fans for so heavy found out. What led us. Yeah out that we we saw that we are getting. Much donations and some people from Minnesota educational got to be up and just chill out which I will along church and so. They are opposed to write it. You don't like it they were number 11 game at a news com shop account plate too. My my real deal and and I guess they aren't good sportsmanship came back on the field collapsed play playing you know get on decency you know whale and Riley is Andy yeah. I don't know I think it is the you know accumulation of all the hurricane. You know they just say hey this guy Thomas got a great foundation in the wall in. The only thing. Anybody you'll go to a two donation to show support for. And and how we conduct themselves. On the here's a link people want so. That's how it started. Want to get wind of this. You know I just sit and look cool. You know we're gonna give this money back to Minnesota on torture to be united now in a beat. You turned in this world. Com. So actually turned into a lot more thought and now so. I will go to Minnesota. To the Super Bowl and normal. Yeah dude check presentation. In person and and just think are really making things because people you know collectively. Chip and decent exit so hopefully we'll make a big impact on the news here there. You always figure would say putter Thomas Moore instead. And it comes to what you do now because so sudden. Is now like welcome part of gaining at the edges describe that that it plans. Yeah that's the hard thing because you look you know obviously the game. And trying to get to the typical of how would you change to occur but he you know which clean cheap and chip that this week come. Seasonality of the this season when you're not expecting to be over and over went on drugs like we've been. It is very difficult to deal with. That one because everybody else so it will it Super Bowl when the change to blame game and making. Now. Put on another level. You've just invest so much time. An energy away from him. And did mention though this group of men. Which we really just such a great chemistry and cheer on the team so many good people. And all the said the net to over. And everybody goes away we are anorexic meetings were all gone believe we have the option. In between now and we come back in April. Guys who have been cut god told them. Traded or released or they'll be free agents and a good other teens. And the team will never be seen again and such it's kind of like. The cold Turkey now where. Where all of sudden it's done and it's really hard to deal. And to be honest with you. This whole thing. Of this money coming in and focusing on this this week Indonesia actually helped me Coppola been at the feet and just. Got dramatically just being over. But it's hard to describe. What that feels like her hair and because. You know. Most fair for the saint their own in the groups the saints throughout the sanction from the walls are able group focusing Shannon. The team Italy going to be between the players who changed little exchange and for us now you're a year each team is different and just took part to count. Michael especially when you change the word at all so. And Thomas looking at this time the sale last year and you never know every year's a new year then all of a sudden somewhat you say the saints' roster every came to southern messed meant that Southern Methodist University junior. As saying you are adding it would give Chris van W a product that in his contribution. On special teams but that that those kind of unique situation for you. It was so mean when I came in Italy the only guy you all well now that you guys. Mateen this year just from my school. Which is crazy. On the you know scientists it was it was a very unique saying Christian. They played together blows most of the other guys. For at least a year. And it was just a really special thing you know is that there's went on that we ought. And you know I even saw I consult a doctor today from now kayaker. They said we're gonna take of course the receiver and the personal and corporate stuff. Which is funny bottom. You know it just it's called into action schooled by a small school like that you know began in the league and and we know that are really cool bond because of that. Thomas for a lets you run that Thomas Moore sensing spawn a Thomas. Morse and here on sports talk. He's described as dishonest I've covered I don't know what nine or ten teams now in my time and how would rank this team. As one of the closest knit that I've covered asides meant 09 may never the eleven team keep describe how close you guys work. Yeah it's you know it's hard to do that it just you know everybody was so that it factor with thirteen and Howell com yeah how to build that back. Collection of guys who just collect and then to the Arctic is. You know I think that certain indicators of guys. When you look for. Home but you know just it's been cool to kind of yeah I guess survive the transactions over the past three years. Where some people who were rebuilding rebuilding our Billick hey I think a lot of people say it billion strong core. You know to move forward. And you know that just go between with about security guys that are hungry and or just go differently Natalie and I think everybody a lot of fun here. And we just I don't know yeah just felt like you you're playing wood Brothers you know not just again that was signed. You know we've we've really had a great bond and I think the city really. And and the players took to each other and really unique way. You know. You you hope that you can build on for next year by you know you know public goes every year of. A rabbit but Tom is all you have to be optimistic because it's not like over the hill gang there's a lot of young players contributing at highland. Absolutely I am optimistic I just know that from my time here. What we've. Glibly said saying now we got what we need Lou that quote. As the lie down there so I just feel that every year on year what you bill before open every year is here. In every team with a different team and and they chemistry that are different. It every effort and and look. That is safe to say that in an accurate way actually could be unbelievable. You know if that has to assume that we will just pick up what we left off. Would be foolish on my experience as a whole milk. It that we do you have a overly nice collection of players. That they're young. That hope we will be here for awhile and it's exciting because we've got and just gritty. Top top guys and that's exciting. A great story Thomas Moore says things far join us now the vikings and as the vikings fans. Have interest Thomas course that puts is a 180000 dollars. Towards his foundation will you give will grow and Thomas I'm curious now if saints fans wanna jump in on as a may be. Catch up are just laid donate in any kind gesture in good sportsmanship. And match the vikings how they do so enhanced talk about that foundation of what. Yeah so it's I think it. Get ahead of me right now but. All of this is such a tremendous. It is hard to account. Be hitting their all go to another place but that that the commitment we've made to ensure fair and it looked a step opener tremendous thing so. Now once the week's elections and we kind of close to the war on. You know I'm sure will come up with a creative things they're trying kind of you know out to their. And on and on upbeat first keep you guys are connected on on what we announce that I'm appreciative. Thomas thank you very much in pain and congratulations on a great season and you guys that are hurt a little bit right now but he gave this city and that is fan base a lot of a lot of great moments in a lot of hope the end model we think if that. Well absolutely at least the guys it's it's it's. You could fold the city gave us the great ride and it was born to be back in the bill this year the crowd rocket now wants to hopefully can keep that going lecture. Indeed saints punt Thomas More steady itself we appreciate Thomas. My thumb the we.