More Saints minicamp coverage including Sean Payton's post-practice comments

Bobby & Kristian react to what Saints coach Sean Payton had to say after today's practice and discuss the depth on defense.

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The sports talk live from saint headquarters. Mean again they too in the books they'll wrap up tomorrow at three David camp. Out here on airline drive baucus Davenport did not practice and it's these rookie defensive and did not practice he allowed Pac's will early. With us traders yesterday yep believe it's the minor thumb injury that we you require surgery on after me camp concludes and he will be ready. For training camp body spent last hour that back in the last hour talk about the kickoff rule changes and asked dues right foot topped the hour for you got out of here. For Steve always a factor. But I think with few rule changes I think they're gonna become more moral factor this year and go forward level gains might be decided by a special teams play there were too pleased. Yes and in and we have to get better in that area you know you always trying to. Went all phases you heard an all time by coaches whether it's offense. Defense or special teams. Can't win it all plays than we did do that last year. If you look at a Christian looking at their regular season and the post season for instance. Now this is Pro Bowl numbers this might be like all pro not quite it would. The nets them one better now out McNamara only had eleven kickoff return the average 31 and a half the arts. Considering a rule changes though that Dallas Pro Bowl numbers. Not necessarily like us at all pro. Now as a team we only averaged 23 yards. Kick return and we're given up basically a 25. You wanna be insured 25 or are so that's when you look out to merit 31 and half. That that that that about it that is again it's. You look at Lewis who had thirteen. The kickoff returns he averaged 23 to have so really outlook Tamara. With a one back there are now. You look at punt return. That's where to meet we got to get better and you look at it again even though he's returned. Let's put tires on an NFL he only averaged five. Point four. Duke loses they point to quit as the team. Personally averaged six and a half yards. A punt returner. And opponents who were getting ten and half. You know think that makes it there was joy to get double date if he you you want averaged assured him no more. Preferably if you like Pro Bowl in numbers would be about fourteen. And then you look in the playoffs Christian it was the same thing that we in the plea to pull out gains. We averaged six yards. A punt return and we gave him now kick off with the anyway at 25 to worry a lot better but that scenario we got to get better thing. Putt putt coverage kickoff coverage but also punt Anke returned specifically. Because that's you know. When you look at his yardage and you flip and a field. One less spurs now you have to get it I have a scoring opportunity. That's our notional attain the paying attention to that. We still need to get better punt coverage. And return. And backed companies to be wide open entry. And tech 37873904. How is the Florida State pick meaning Rick littered with front traffic this past season first off tomorrow we're gonna use in depth look at. All of the draft picks up a three days of mini camp three OTAs headed in the tree that'll be a focal point on talks show the rookie draft class as a whole. In three practices routier's that we saw it three minicamp practices. As far for glitter Bobby we said this before it would be repetitive and it's a cake and people may may have missed what went at the it's hard to gauge the progress of anybody on the interior. Offensive and defense alliance which is that apple would there Hanna Heidi there's no pat there's no leverage noble Russians. Which you get it and that's always a homework assignment. It's that dives and if you with ours even the you know. You know delegate goal look at the one on one or sometimes I think he will want to pass it then look at it this tube as its Telecom looking at 101. When they got the pads on. Pass rush and now is that a good measures taken and you look at team periods. They're doing and also utility did it well plea inside run. The defense knows they're running you don't have. You know the run support with the view that have backed the pill hole which you could see this steps the combo block that they have so that's what you truly can judge. And all of its argument sublime in his. There and training camp and not what you see in the Latif in many council via the this they. It is the UK bus but to say Zain yes exactly I really can't a good thing you can't say anything about it it's. It literally they it would be. It would be fair I have for anybody that that has seen it it just me just picture maybe middle school kids pushed NATO to shove each other. Right all of don't mean literally a dollar to a asked Tyler Davidson. A couple things would have him I interviewed him earlier. That's what he says that even the line what are you working on he'll explain handled it better than me but he basically said footwork. Steps hand placement. So that she goes to show you that necessarily. They're didn't elaborate but where can I placed my hand to kick the leverage now want based on a rushing technique Phnom implementing. And look it it's really difficult when I would not choose an easy way out. They've literally are all like to middle school kids. Oversight the local middle school kids pushing each other back and forth and that's all it really. Amounts to you can look at a little bit of hand placement etc. and he might not know notice the subtle differences they will because they're trying to. And they're trying to maneuver a player I put their hand on election right and left shoulder but it for particular leverage spot but other than that. He can't tell about strength or power. Now building you can see and you don't want to have a good thing he could with. And it could help maybe some low with the pads you can take a faults that. Get veto passed for a so those TV season got what he then they are way too quick I don't caveat pads and OPEC it so would you like yesterday Davenport had a sag. A Christian you look George Johnson. He had a site that's like no I don't have that path and no pads. And as the quarterback can get away. Pals a sack. And you know he's one you know like president peerless stalwart. Pollock Jason Hill I think he got a piece of those so quick. I could do was block them but I mean he has great mobility bit that he probably would go exactly that place and you always the a different situation where. That you know what whether it was pads or not. The quarterback had no chance that so that's it you know when they watch it for Obama to line has to avoid. Like is that what could be more aggressive with pat and a lot of it even when you have the pat does to your footwork and hand placement if you gonna stop crippled. So text or 3904. So that to us about a week and can't. We can happen training camp went to the rim out first three days of training camp are not had a practice yet never this deviates so basically the first three days of training camp. Are what we're seeing now currently in mini camp so give us a week and a half or so in the camp will be O talk about all these offensive lineman. The starters to backups will clap Rick littered camera Tom all these guys will bill and I we those guys will be more clearly it. Secrets that you look OTA's and mini camps like this across the league business part of the collective warrant agreement it's really. Skills camp this collar which you seem high school now in legal thriller it's not yet. And nasal that are yeah because really you can not an object to line. And I think you said it best they for got an minicamp ultimately. As a failure occurred to to not watch the football you really wanna see plays but this is this is a time where you do. Yes yet like a lockdown as a and you watch it real gains speeches go watch the ball. And that is human nature and you know see who's who truly winning in the trenches. And a lot of times they take our offer to blind for granted. Because that I getting beat I gave the example that the deep snapper. He noted the average ever talked about him and that's with a health that they have a bad that in the opinion of members think well. Right now OK if you look at it. Could you tell that all of that is about who's having a bad products that win. You know look in the trenches. And or winners off its of climbing he called camera over a member talk penalties are what would talk with Zach. Streep who played the chiefs in Houston. All of a sudden he's given up three sacks and thank god. New call by the gains where you might it dominated in and did a great job so it is just. In all the sense magnified. When you influenced the play. And he's on the line it's kind of a negative thing now due to replay would look at that hole right to drive a Mack truck you can bring down all the to blind who's getting the job. But yeah right now. Because there toward a last practice that you get to watch for training camp office that week. Real religious following a ball you look at the one don't want just look at the secondary look at the receivers. And obviously you accede quarterback battle constantly. Bobby Hebert crushing Garrett live from saint camp here date to meaning camp. History in the books a three tomorrow but up next. You'll hear from saint take coach Sean Payton right here on state radio WWL. We'll go back to sports talk Bobby Hebert Kristian garic your phone lines open at 504. 26018. So everybody's point me at me feverishly wants to keep our. I'm not a zero you know talking about the kick off return and what code could come about. You know you look at the 2000. Tenth season with the last time for the league movie he calls from the thirty to 35. In 2016. Nearly put the ball like that when it via the touch back since then it's one. He kind of look it they trying to tweak the kick off and I want him. And to never get rid of the can call now to me it's a part of football how can you make it safe now. He would go last season the chiefs led the NFL kick returns what 47. Total that in 2010. Whatever ranks second to last among the 32 teams now the saints last season returned 36 kickoffs. And had 32 kickoff return against them. For a few within that 52 returns in 66 returns in 2010 Phil. It doesn't matter where you can call the ball at the point being. Now under the new rules teams are less likely. Because this could affect your Rossi plan a roster that's less likely to have bigger bodied players on the field. As far as kickoff return vehicle covered. It's gonna change a little bit of the body type this is liquid pain says it's gonna change to a bit of body types. The pool might be on the return team would eight guys deployed in the first. Fifteen yards. So bottom line you can become a 'cause you won't have those running starts where slight just a collision. You know when you're trying to blow up the way it's not that that's at the NFL is trying to eliminate I think that's in my agency college and high school eventually so. If you look at their return team eight guys and could be deployed in the first fifteen yards so you be asking get a running start now which means that. I think it is the Margaret kicks. That's we're talking about out of those who teach yes. To open spots in the field Libyan affinity especially early in the year holidays everyone plays that now. Christian. Who knows what's gonna happen now. That new rules call for the taking eighteen to evenly distributed. Also five players on each site educate that. Sitting in F five putters and decided to cape cope with the return to require legacy at the TP players that fifteen yards and a spot of the kick no long Lola tee to allow. Opel once cited if you are an effort to create a block in our coverage advantage Norwood teased you allow. Cup lie where to block information. You know ready soaking as big a wedge smaller but it still wasn't. Please have a five man away it's three. Yes they need ha HI degrees degrees did. Now that are responsible when you when they broke down the film with some of the more serious injuries that you had a kick off so that's we'll be trying to avoid so one it did in the rule. My guess that is to reduce the number of discussions and other severe injuries. That incurred on kickoffs and played as players will not have. Like I said as much of a running start before to players on the block and coverage teams in the collide. And you have those kind of collisions this delete the bigger returns nothing. Yes without a doubt so listen. We don't like it alma Tamara hurt. But I think this is the kind of area you get Allah to America's space. The view he would excel Volvo look at last year's rookie year. Christian. 31 and have maverick campaign that's a Pro Bowl returner not only had eleven kick returns. You know you might have 25 you might double that he might have 2225. And that really risk because. You catch a ball and you really. You into space and don't you wanna get out the commander in space and and they're not they don't have a running start that wanna start it's OK yes yes and and so that's why I think. I'm a fan of not eliminating. The kickoff vomit traditionalist I think kick off over terrorist Libyan and alike the rule of the tweeted. And at thing is gonna benefit to return the fans like it over Terrence you've actually seen kickoff returns. But touched down in a Super Bowl. Most here live at the superdome that the dive from Toby Jones Jacobi told abatements. From New Orleans. In this. Turn the Jennings had a kid on the tooth out with the angles you saw in 2006. Are the sensible Devin Hester. Devin Hester and indeed gone back change innings with The Beatles have been hesitancy. The remarkable remarkable look this up Backus who. How many kick off returns that touched on happened in and assume global. And I think I've I think that's for sure Iraqi count three right now victory well and and that's a significant play that I think defense until like maybe pastor pastor I thought that was the first one. Uptight little Jennings good bagels I think when the part nine has been given this overwhelm Christian I'm not. The Dakotas and affecting me it mania that's got a long term memory bill will go below it got a market they elicit a Jennings from Furman. I don't know lobbying firm in university. And ran back and kick which generally. For the bingo and I think you might have been that is Kubel is the 49ers in the sobered. I think you'd see a lot more games decided by special teams play this year that we've seen over the last decade on Ecstasy how. This plays out you carry less offensive lineman less defensive linemen now what does a studio overall makeup. I think Laurie you're the seller and you could see Venus Salina kick it return at Seymour. All of its alignment is that you have a big guy you're on the way. You're trying. You know suiting him blown up as the little guy thought they could navy affect. Did that on old line in what I mean by affect you could view one less alignment. But it you know the Pitt who's helping who's playing that that's one luxury. The saints have talk with Steve court that he was out there. I practice work it would goal line Coach Green and had them out there you know former saint salaam. And the thieves thing right now you only have five starters. But it's the sure maybe seminary the and that's a good from the half. Especially with the injuries that is that is the office the line had last year right and they are and that's hard to believe when it's have you lost any of element to this offseason but. It shows of the group that growth and development I don't think they gonna do the additional amount push rod at that bush on only digging him is that that I love element I'm glad he had a great opportunity go to Texas gate you know I don't mean the miss a beat with which bush Reich criminal war obviate their crushing dark phone lines are open at 504. 2601870. Text 8787 come to you live from saint. Camp here as we watched the two of states many can't go in the books funny online for yeah. At W twelve dot com talk about Kurt Coleman as well Steve Geller a nice piece on that. Also if you buy practice not to waste and abuse of the Telecom and of course our Reza pros. Bobby either Deuce McAllister ways. Could be so delighted to tool. But of exports thought we were they get there was three Super Bowl kickoff return for a touchdown mark but art master control. Be in the Johnny on the spot doing the research. There's been ten NFL history in the simple thing kick off returns. For a touchdown the reason why accurately reflect about that we've got about those power but the reason I said Devin Hester. As being the first I had a confused he was the first to return the opening kick off. Of a suitable for touchdown vehicles. On you look in in the last two decades basically. You've had two in the super deal. Desmond Howard with the Packers is the patriots. Jacoby Jones the Reeves is the point niner and you were spot on it remember that that that. 49ers singled to Stanford innings yet against the 49ers and I can't remember last week beat him and that's I don't know as isn't this over Roman. I think across pats have been individual doing something with the if if I can recall but. That's why I still think that the kickoff needs to be in football. We can do whatever you have to do that to make it safe is still a contact sport. Boca but that's an explosive play I mean who when you open and now last year when Alan temerity to 806 yards. Against Tampa Bay and I you know what most exciting play I think that now you don't have to go get cheap you know he then how can that happen I could think. But I know I providing anything you particle. Sean Payton said now the media today following practice serious talk about the Mario Davis a new acquisition. At linebacker from the New York Jets. Would be seen Bobby from the bar Davis. Well he can run sideline this online and and I think because he's done an NFL level and had success. You know we kind of viewed him initially. And maybe in the middle. But I think whoever they plug and play him then you have success. Now depending on what type team you know playing in let's say the Iran Perth. I think he'd go with that Mario Davis over eight declined to middle. This I was talking about this silly if you blame it will be like my relatives and yet and and it okay Louis they gonna run a personnel. And different teams at their personalities to Mario at Davis. Each is. He just dollar. Is that a word written yet out yet. He just if you look at like eight declined more mean built where Demorrio Davis you might say 1015 pounds makes some difference but. He just looks more like well that's the middle lineman then he also. Implementing. Given the opportunity to advantage them anti KO. Against the run playing in the middle now you that you. Leaderboard you do the more diversified coach Nolan talked about that. Yeah comedy beavers climb back in positions can you play. You know the sand the world Mike that being strong week or in the middle. Well you know Mac I tales of middle linebacker united put meant that I Taylor pass coverage or putting them on the weak side you he's a middle linebacker. And really. Look at just saw on the surface. That potentially. We have three middle line Mac news but AJ Klein. And you look at tomorrow babies they can play outside. They can live side. But they also can play out so well I think that entails more mementos look Alex as the Lawny. I'll like out dip look all Craig Robertson has them and take advantage. Of his opportunity was called upon a player that made a plate today. And do say Beers and is the when he doesn't training camp he's at the Packers a four year got a Toledo. To Iran LE. I mean he he looks the part 63 to 55. So that there's a lot of competition dates too far cumulative big interception. So. Probably Alexei right now where we have with a line backing core. I'll like it as much as far as the depth than the competition. As much that I have seen in awhile on this company. Wolf sort of shopping because that's that that's next clip you go on here is the defense the deepest he's been on defense. Since he's been here. They do mean if you look at the versatility that that your real life. But the depth because you know there's going to be injuries they were once the very thin at that position memo Craig Robertson first came here. He was thought these nasty guy in the playing a lot that year's first year plaster because injuries played a lot without him illegally down but didn't have a whole lot of options a lot of things. Different things out of step on anything is still trying to find his way. As Mike linebacker in the depth now linebacker for the saints compared to three years ago two years ago is off the chart. Well and then you have a couple of guys that I don't know how you gonna call their names you know at the right place right time to make a team. Like. In. They can maybe play in the NFL might make this team given opportunity. A look at a couple of guys that can show on Freeman. A rookie out of Georgia Tech Colton. Jumper. Rookie out of Tennessee. But look how hard it be for them. To make his team three years ago that had a great chance yet at bat right now I don't think Christian. You know they have to do that that they dedicate but inspection teams. When they get their chance and pre season and going down can double play coverages and make it to tackle. Or are they attack machine you don't look at the past. Where you truly had three is that weren't drafted in the immediate. Look in July and Dunbar Boston College the decision on the defeat John -- I was some others don't that you see is. I was content pretty he's solid team captain on a but it giants. And so dot you know until finally you gonna try to meet with team and nothing against these guys that can be hard pressed to make this team because that a debt. Yet an experienced a lineman to this offseason with the release two players this year the hard this offseason are on the roster or practice squad last year at a big hill and Michael Marley. Both of those guys are no long on this roster that shows you. How much depth they have currently at linebacker will step away come back with you more from saints coach Sean Payton next. Here on W well enough dot com. I'm more for say take coach Sean Payton how can Alvin Comerica better in his second season. Year to her for Tamara Lashley talked about he gonna hear from out of merit action well not materialize two week. Can you repeat that I don't know naught Tom how he with some of the things he set up robbery capital ability you'll hear morbid. Indeed doubly sad last year it was well as his where he knew the playbook. But it was also that natural second guess is that yes I think that got it got you know I mean that to which we're now it's more say it's second nature well and. John paint cities are very Smart football players he's picked up things from the get go. But Christian. That. He accomplished something last year. What a hall of Famer accomplished. A tall letters skills fears. Gale Sayers. You know blood as the reality Plato only played at seven years. The Chicago Bears. It's a hall of Famer. You're looking at a Alec America's top fifty unity yards to scrimmage. And that's numbering in this when he joined hall of fame rusher Gale Sayers is only rookies. The score five rushing touchdowns five receiving touchdowns. And a special teams that sells those showing how personal and how they were utilized. There's been no. Why are we planning I think he'll seniors that are. You know why you keep an eye on the ball he had that explosive ability. And whether they knew they had of his time as I utilize them only as a running back as running the football. They're in film and also scoring cars down in the passing game that's you have. You know drummer Patrick Robinson a second go around with the saints would have Sean Payton scene from Keira. Well Kristin you look at two Florida State. Products. And I think. Able to have success and it felt Philip PG Williams fan I think. He laughs it says that. Initially whenever almost as appointed. Patrick Robinson and a Florida State now is in his ninth year because he was a normal one grass in the first round. Point in Europe they want to yes so so now you look at PGA. In 2015 a third round. But still. I think right now they the no Pete Rouse to shore on the team. Compete you win that thing when that does so players who still be. And that number if you look at fourth he's their fourth quarter as that's right. Right and you look at Pete rob. What he did with the Eagles and worries that. And he partly witty comments being a suitable chance we come back to the saints and he was moved to the slot. Primarily in 2017. For the first time in his career you know we had a lot Psycho like can crawl right who's always announce an outside. Would you put here and the board has been the Eagles put him on the slot receiver. And that's what he did last season to go seventeen. And that resulted by four and it is this season he'll allow. Just 54%. Of passes thrown his way. To be caught in guarding a slot receiver. Dallas that valid the second best mark in the NFL and delete. Now he trailed Chris Harris. Who's just with the chronicles. Who gave up. Like half a percent lower. So basically 54 and a half the 54 so it just goes to show you. Now Chris what you predicted three interceptions yes honey bee gets blurry but that's what we have with the Eagles. He had three years they're now saying at preventing or lose that include the when he had any that's title game. I I don't know that I don't know Christian because you've got to set the tone against the vikings. How critical and essential was because the bite is about the fact that past started the Iraq pay punitive it at a house. And blood in you gotta give it totally going to game he epic six vs the vikings mean it that well when that happens is like and hell yeah we got them when we got only. Starting here in the world's 2010 left after rookie contract went to San Diego Chargers. And then spits at time with the colts got a good contract from the colts put injury plagued them there he got cut so many of them one year deal. With Philadelphia Eagles and back here with the saint so economists are circular this. Routes minds of being alert Cristiano succulent. Circular route. But anyway back here new world I think. He's that he's the exact ideal fit for Sloc more. Well and he could yet to have a niche it nonchalantly though he's saying final Applera can really do with you can exhale it and they put him in that position. You know OK what what. Not always some receivers could put him in the slide jamaat I don't wherever they can be used to it. With some receivers are better slot receiver. Look how like the patriots in how to utilize. Late Julian Andelman. Wes Welker and all that how well we've seen in here when Lance or. It's. Confidential papers talk about Bobby for the better part of two or three years now can he do the study. I wanna say it was coming off the fourteenth sixteenth season were in the symbol I think that year. The teams were in the nickel is that it is the I use the patriots and falcons. Think 60% of the snaps from either side the patriots the falcons were were from a nickel. They were a nickel there aren't able defense so. And it's been that trend for two or three years now going back to several seasons and that's why I think you're seeing hit the saints along with teams like Eagles and others across the load up on on quarterbacks try to find a niche players like Patrick Robinson who might not necessarily excel outside but can play at slot really really well. Right and then you look at. You know a lot of refuted the top two callers in this the content on the play average down. You playing more snaps and how you get veto when you have the tackle run support and I'll buy it. Why time he might have to rent supporters in the slot corner global worries million jobs. The guard and a slot receiver. You know what it's in breaking route I'll break in on vertical whatever. So yeah I'm more ruled that you have to cover verses as outside court about you could utilize the sideline. And helping coverage so yet that that does. He rob all he has to do. It's is due in a safe you know only did an Eagles uniform at the end and then if he's definitely. When he needs to be in doing his job people. Scream at least we screwed. Obviate their crushing our exports thought here on W him well enough but aka. Circuitous is a word protectors 8787. Ask him if it was and I could sort of with less east of the advocate mis use of these the EP he's an intellectually and yet he's he's a wordsmith he writes for women. But it is the word of the Texas ballot I can't spell I can say it it's a but I cannot and I I could say it like well. Out what that word did only used on the body than they regulate what they look at me like these and another with billions that are. I was while we do the same thing base as a some words they've accidentally. Let evidently that both rich where Slovenia are we come out of boat. Our our bat a bath. Pillow. But Odom. I am actually doing some cumbersome as you know wars of them struggle it you hear. He is you know is if you really talking fast. In like. You're each a year thinking that it thinking you know you don't rather teach at that thing you don't pronounce that teach no matter where it is. Tell that story about oh about record. Or visit I don't want to. Now you ask. Accord yet you don't acts that's a lot that he's actually oh I what you probably heard me say that I have I have that what you like I cut some slack could use this facility but I hate that hate acts meet I got actually a question what is links club. Early yeah oh Earl. Well you used your story about your son low. Go Google it's too bad we I think we're going delivery we aren't we are yeah we showed up with his his baseball yet he's now coaching that you know basketball. You know if you yes it until Gigabeat beaming at his diesel that weren't cleaned up.