More Outdoors Hour Two 01-20-18

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, January 20th

Hunt, Fish, Talk With Don and Martha joined by Keith Lusher and Wendy Billiot.  Topics this week are boating saftey during fishing tournaments, high fence hunting and the new state licensing plan.


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Anger morning CU well I mean there's another. It is our our mode monthly program hurt every third Saturday of the month you want more outdoor program. I'm people who are here and joining me this morning while. We're doing here let's. Not to be there moment on a good morning guys. And win the exit of them by you want all that Gallagher has more windy back on out there who. Went for. You you do it. Ear don't. They'll go all out right here. On out Corey Lal. Mark the spencers that the dog that well on good morning. Good morning I'm sorry about the cold I'd really did not bring it down from the north have promised. And yeah. Again it's you know we do here it is thought route they got and I'll. They have. Significance to lots and then not being sportsmen and sports women out police and a hunting and fishing those things. Are important to the men and women who enjoy the outdoors here in sports this hour. We're gonna. List the topics lineup this morning later all the talk about sport or something to order call and talk about. I spent hunting and congress' paid hunt and a large area and property so. Big game cannot skate. Some call it and aren't as well is that app and does it make a difference where you on where you get your true people off or any there. Lots of honor split on this so we'll try to look at it. And all morning. Also it is usually buyer on its like fail or you may wanna do for January there. All the Louisiana department while like sure he's been working with a new Ender for all of its flights and fail so. Retail locations statewide or not selling mining is like February or two people are on during this transition so. If you look in the urgent so light and during that time the only option you're gonna app purchases or law and so. What the change is coming. Tankersley offline process as well what's department it'll feature more bells and whistles. And auto re new option which really led Syria sure those books are simply going to be an automatic charge here caller union. Every year or update your light so really convenient feature on our. But. You know he'd sit in detail about it changes later. Let's get our our topic and it hurt fortunately it deals with top professional fisherman. Like boating accident or a or most of you heard the news when it broke out on Aleman built its side. It was competing you know predate fishing terminally Okeechobee where co -- need to world war. Opt Caroline about it wave throw out the vote search groups around the if miles away. With I don't know or. Near as mangled boat or eleven that night he was hospitalized entry for the army and turned out Jiang. The same cannot be said for Nick Taylor are forced earlier thirty year old now lap we did it just there. Really ending an historian and also forces not to ship the blight all aren't saying now. Let's start in the top bill w.s here on late goat truly can't go back there that would deny that the term. The first day at the turn at one accident happened. The team failed to weigh in and rescued. Our stop I don't think they'll be any disagreement and that was the right call to cancel a turn it. I'd like to get your opinion on war if anything can be done with these terms in the the boat to bigger. Than ever now. Time is of the utmost importance of eating it. And when money is all but what you competition cranked up what are some being liable. Now one good thing is started and is is the rules are strictly enforced than in actually almost eight and actually help angler. They are. Wearing a life jacket having their deals which attacks for the and in the boat up the regulations now let's start with you. I'm sure you've been on this story like they signature thoughts on that is there anything beat. There's just the price debate. When you bring as many votes together and Turkoglu. Well it's certainly is it's a tragedy and no accidents do happen. The question is do tournaments. Actually encourage accidents because of offering big prizes people of fishing for their livelihoods their careers. On elected to take more chances to the glitz and glitter of media coverage when you see economist argued on embassy and taken off. Just above vital I mean they are all out and it's run and gun big of the mode of the better covers much ground as you can catch as many fish. Aren't compare this to may be race car driving it's a sport it's a business it's an industry. And unfortunately when you put yourself in that position you have to be prepared food for bad results if they happen. This is not a tragedy where family was out fishing and got swamped by bad water raw. Whether it this is a case of someone who was competing ninth inning and a and a contest. And in doing that it it could be compared to NFL football the risk of a concussion race car drivers being killed in in in vehicle accidents. I think it's a parallel to that and it just comes along with the territory and missed that's my thoughts on. I have a question. Mr. Cuellar the one to succumb to this. Was he wearing a pfc. That was actually look about as anybody found out and I could not find that anywhere. I I don't know now. It. No he was and I know rocket. Are. Interested define I don't think that's been released now I did see one comment that they founding to the use of the world solo which meant the body would have been on the bottom of the life Jack and that could have been alive jacket the ones that automatically inflate that fail. Think one good thing to have for these tournaments is as the requirement to where he has the when there's you know. A lot of voters especially bigger boats don't feel the need to be wearing them while they're fishing but when year in a situation where there are. Heighten its reward in a little more competition it it's I mean I I went out in my pack yesterday and I tell you. These new life jackets are so. Unobtrusive you don't even know you're wearing I mean they're so well Maine now that it it's it's literally nothing you hardly even notice here with hoosiers inflatable. It it's the one that you have in place yourself because in the kayak you're so close to lottery don't wanted to get splash and go off on you but. I mean the same thing and I have friends that use them it basically it's like having almost like it to there and neck and it but they're very light. They're not you don't sweat in them because it's really just distract. And I I I would think the bad and good weight at least help. It while tournaments do require him I don't know of any bass tournament that is not written into the rules that the each contestant must have want they must Wear when they need in the big motors on GAAP. And the other thing is that I think it's very obvious that FL dummy in these other tournament associations realize that threat to them. There existence from people saying it too dangerous because if you notice an official statement they ended it with saying. He is way to go to get safe boating tips that Tron mitigated dislike the NFL is trying to. Relax the rules so that does not as much contact have they can't get the blame for ethnic is in these tournaments to the same thing. Apple leaned on you very good point out whether it be in a sport and we're it is actually export an inkling you know with any sports that you were on the rest of in injure or even for a dying windy. I'll bring you any in the ultimate sign any comment on that. We're. You and as simple minded. City. Details and I'm trying to figure out now. C. Mr. concise and it was started. Obviously was now to news. And it stay where they came out from the dot how did he get back. Well that's it you're. They've been I mean they wish to align closer where he turned couple or. Milan. You know details haven't been released so I'm Bret operates some reports where. He made his way back to adopt in and another one where it was album marks a Battle Creek where he met Alan Moore what that one but there is a long. Equity related to a back to the dock. It probably want to be or where. Yet there's a lot of discrepancies with this but Lake Okeechobee for those that are in from I mean it's it's hugely and it is known for. It's deeper than lake park to train and it's aching the weather can change it's almost like wiping out an open mind than anything so it does have that. You know. You're kind of exposed a little bit more so I can see the traveling and also thinking that maybe the hypothermia obviously the first. Mr. His side and the one that survived. Hypothermia sets in so quickly this time a year eat you don't think Florida is being called but inning with an air temperature 65 and wired answer in this 50s60s. It sets and really fast there's probably not a lot that. Mr. so I can do for the other person. Trouble mark that when you talk about. Pole award. PST I wonder you know when you hit that cold water. It happens so fast even in the presence of mind to pull back. Mort if you have a head into our automatic. You know yeah I T team his hand of those burn engine Ward Just. Went into shock greatly may not been able to even have a right kind of pulled. What do you think is the reason for the holding back on the information has got to be. Because his lawsuit being feared that the turn and I'm sure is being a very close Malcolm because. They award about their liability one fisherman being word from the other fisherman's family full liability perhaps in the manufacturer of the PF the who knows but boy they'll certainly be in very tight lipped on exactly what the facts. Yet typically when when there's something wrong easily see them hold back information at like. You know somebody drive and Carl are all back quit standing toxicology reports and sometimes seem like you never hear about it. So that's that's where my you know my thinking goes automatically ears and maybe. Well Lou you know it seemed like it was it would have been said that they'll vote where my objective there war. Well I'm sure the law as are all over it from every angle possible right now. Absolutely but it took a break for quick and they pick up what marketing at our two cents. I mean is accents in more detail about it and secret it figured that insult at all. To being. Wall lot of jobs at a real high bar there. Blaylock and I just saw a more outdoor real well speak to. Welcome back into on this straw and we're gonna get right back into the conversation all about cops. Spelled W tournament in order only goal Jovian which there was. A fatality there. Any girl on the boat while in grew up war. So are crews were you'd later it was. Fortunately. I'd most likely. Area. That would hurt a lot more this tape mark is there anything to be on in the name or straight in the tournament course. Just something that. And everyone at all. When you think about bass boats anything about the structure of the verses maybe an inch short they're really low they're almost like being parallel and Lake Okeechobee is such a big. Late that the only thing I can think is it may be limiting how far people can go because. Lake and so is notorious for weather changing very quickly on it and it's. With boats that are so susceptible to taking on waves maybe. That be part especially in the wintertime when things change so quickly taking and a wave really is not. That far fetched and a thing to happen so. The only thing I can think of his may be looking at how far boats are allowed to run and maybe if they need to stay closer but then again when he had so many people that makes it dangerous to use so. It's really a tough call but so am I don't know what kind of radios they had on board if they could get to anything or how fast that went down. And really if anybody was even around but it it doesn't surprise me that his body wound up so far away from the actual incident because it he said it took a few days to find them so. It's all really tragic but unfortunately I don't I don't necessarily want to say that tournaments are. Making encouraging unsafe. May turn its determines for as long you know is that there isn't there's a award and you have to take that personal responsibility. And making a seat Colin if you know your pushing yourself because in money. Ultimately I am pretty sure that's on the angler and not at the turn so you have to make that judgment call when things are not too in getting to dangerous when it's. Not safe to fish and and that can beat that can be a hard thing to do when there's money involved but ultimately what what's more important. Yet here and it makes some good pointers and you know. Injuries in doubt happen. And our. They'd likely been in scenarios like this before so you know it doesn't sound like it was something that was to preventable unfortunately. His numbers think about you know over the years. Covered a lot of tournaments and there was an emergence. Connell right after bass tournaments started getting them high performance engines and run and gun McCain so prevalent. And they will columns global tournaments assists he tournaments and they would limit the size of the outboard to a 25 points I'll. Both of and the thinking was you had to be more of a skilled fisherman because you're limited on the and you could come a bit everybody and it. A 25 but that's not unfortunately what they wanna sell. So I don't think you gonna see it in all those that started never really took off. Well on you know would you call in and historically we think about it here everyday issue of lasting you really wanted to do was be efficient that. Tournament because. It's a welcome. The bad guys. Says you know that's. Well in intern now we've got wrecked his series. With the same running. Yeah mentality. Of the major tournament because. When you wake act adopted quickly as possible I want are keen. And as waters banking you know that you get the job on this. But when you think about the general. We have a lot of people out there who really shouldn't be on the way I see this all the time every count on the water. And you know we're encouraged if you would hear. You really need to keep and I now. 360. You're very ING. Times because you can't trust that they're there. He knows that the water. As the right away. And I'm not saying these guys. You know Raymond in need that traffic because as part of pointed out in red like it's something like 730. Square miles is that right. It's it's more of open body lot of and a leak itself and you know another thing that that lead to send me start that they. That may be something so now if Louisiana I don't know the rules for Florida. All of us were grandfathered into the other safety. But if you were born after 1980. 455. Sorry. You you were required to take it. And I wonder if they made that means so theoretically a lot of these folks competing and maybe not taken an in need to have a captain's license to compete but. To take a voter safety requirements they show ID they've taken them before you can register might be something to think. You know we're talking about the organization taken responsibility the contestants take a responsible military when I think if there's any change brought about where it will come from. The first time FL WPA SS amenities of the tournaments I have today. Is held in liability. In a lawsuit for encouraging the contestants to fish recklessly and has a lawsuit with the big settlement against him then you Tennessee rule changes. And I don't think outside of that you see anything change. Well based on how little we know about this incident that might actually be something that comes about though and they're not releasing that there may be lawsuits involved. What did you ever there's a joke. I haven't. But I do know I lived in Florida and I've seen it and it is massive I mean it makes Utley punched in the thick puddles. Adam it it's deeper to an end in Reno is even in the summertime I mean. We have rough winds in the winter but think about the summertime thunderstorms how quickly they can pick stuff up in Central Florida says. Aching get Aiken turn on a dime any month and the year. And especially be the is that finished in the south we were not programmed to think about our. Little weeny weeny bit about follow in the water it. Arnett let's say about this when hypothermia. You quit. It's the longest out coldest water is I don't know how cold it was I don't think they were experience and same. A temperature as close as we experience last week I don't think it was that. And even evil it was sixty degree water temperature you're gonna go through it because I mean. As a spear phisher I've dove in water temperatures as cold as sixty degrees and I'm an awful at it and I only last few minutes in the water even completely protected so. If you're wearing just you know you're dry lake fishing clothes I mean five minutes he can happen that fast. It would take into consideration. The fact that it's much colder when you're going across the water much much color your body. RI and so how many layers I Wear it isn't yet that water practice. I'm wondered what the does the U rules require as far as this signature or. To disavow any responsibility on the tournament if they completely side and when will that would then holed up in a courtroom. If an all out an attorney said the fact that you are tournament promotes. High speed in glorifies it in your offering big prizes to people who come to the most manic as the most fish. In the shortest period of time poll would would that protect them from any liability. Right and helping I don't think that there's so much you can do about that because that's really just that they could be any kind of tournament that involves risk. Yeah war it. Yeah. I think just the nature of the big east about how ridiculous our honorees. You know you mention for a long because. I mean this way it's been forever like Marcus said everything you know kospi bath about tournaments have come into this just. Accepted an expected. Well look at some of the settlements that go on with the insurance companies and attorneys and and particularly here in Louisiana in that might provide will be inside of what could happen is yet to what did it defies logic a lot of times. And I thought it was focused you know in my employment something or someone out. But at least you know. When you turn it or what these guys where it's hard. Unfortunately lawsuits come out of people lining scene find a reason for something whether it's the writer rob regarding capitalize aren't out a lot of that does is it it turns your attention from the actual. You know sadness and losses to. Distracting myself you know you hear about these acts are concerned there really no fault but then two weeks later lawyers cops and the end it. Making them feel like it was and people need to remember that accidents do happen no matter what you do to prevent and they still do happen that's just the daily risk. Garcia the counterargument to that would be I don't know how many entries and Warren analysts say that 100 votes in 99 of them didn't ground. You know so they did something to prevent that from happening at the Evelyn didn't took chorus of that would be a counterargument but strange things happen in courtrooms. And beyond and map in the it and Booker Paula knows you have had him on it anymore. I I have not my very close to me has ends it changes your whole outlook and mean. And it does it a little bit of shell shocked you a meanie you think about. He sees in areas like the ones you've been in and if you make it through an accident makes you better at RC and. Yeah I was ten or eleven and we were not letting them by about terrible. Read something it demoted. Quote get them there and those and everybody went forward rampant there and luckily he pulled up and when you're right but I tell you. So at this very well where when I'm gonna vote on them prepare for our sudden stop and to see where I'm going to be that it so. That'll let you know I think more or. Well when they're out there and we certainly want to send our sympathies save the carrier aliens are jail. And. Absolutely absolutely. A delegate to the breaks here are there are a little hard. What they're big on land. Use high and in. Whole lot of opinions to go around it I'm sure there. Not your opponent these property recently marked as recently experience on her too well so we'll jump right into. After the break eliciting it and there's dog well more outdoor courts one. Well we're gonna talk now about its hunting and I am new hunter and we are talking about high fence property verses not. Some people believe that it's not hunting at all. Or just a modified. Version of my first hunts was at a high rents property and I'm just didn't start with the things that I noticed about it and then we can kind of get into what I and I've done other hunts as well none I think so. I can now compare and contrast but. At first I wanna say it's still hunting you know when we need here in close they came get out you know they're trapped in this fence. Guess what it's a thousand acres you can't see that fence from side to side you can't see it you know unless you're riding the rail these animals do not know. That they are in offense and yes your containing them to a smaller area. Amy have the ability to control. Their diet you can feed them a little better but. Talking a high fence property owners they say really that the best thing about it and really the main thing about it why they have these fences. Is to control other people from cheating on their property. They are allowed to control what animals are culled therefore they can get nicer quality animals. You know they say oh that but you know his his genetics are off I can take him or I'm gonna let him grow. My neighbors not initiate him before he's ready some people have different you know variations of when they want issued some people wanna wait. 'til it's an absolute monster starts deteriorating and that helps manage their areas but that deer may not be there the next. A year or month because somebody else to get. There are definitely you Seymour animals but here's a thing people that. Don't hunt high and property still feed their animals the same way they do and I spent so. If you're shooting on at least that's not hype and capacity you still have feeders they are still on timers. And it still corn going out every day. So these animals know when to go to eat. So in that sense it's exactly the same now is your quality of deer going to be better yes. Are you going to guarantee that there are going to be at one of these feeders your chance of finding it Peter that has those years higher. And that's where people say that's not true hunting well unfortunately. Not everybody can hunt as much as they want or have the ability to so what I found about it was that. It made our chances of finding an eligible animal much higher. But it didn't make a printing an easier so in that sense I still feel that its troops hunt. Don was saying with me when I shot my buck and while yes there are more animals. That was the only kinds of four trips that we even had the ability to shoot something because they were. You know within range and it was something that we wanted to take so. In my it. Very limited hunting opinion. If it is hunting it maybe it's not the true form but it's still hunting in in away and for folks that can't get out and do it report days a week. All season long if you're on vacation. Every year to somebody with a high stress life and your busy with work yet there is that that maybe what it. Tends to you before. Epic you make a good point mark when it. You don't want our lives I'd lose we're live in everything you hunter. It's not just on that sold it either just call it out well in the week in week. And on angle on where group of people that are you know whether the honor for. This. It makes the whole experience a lot easier. If you just go on out there on the Internet to bond with each other friends there that this business which it did. That was as far as. The booming Crockett gala they. I've done some research and a lot of folks are looking the score higher on the balloon rocket dale and they don't recognize Jill in hot hands. Or you know so so called can't call it. So that's so I think about it well. Yeah and also you know some folks say that these animals are more used to people well. I would agreed that to some extent but they're still going to be afraid of threats now a lot of the standard here we saw. Especially this Balaguer that are of course not not and non native to Mississippi. The young ones don't know what to be afraid of yet so they haven't been shot that now. I AA recently about two weeks ago is hunting Mississippi began and 95 cents property and this is telling note that they'll you know your your variety is a lot more limiting your watching your gear cameras longer to wait for that specific year and somehow I got lucky enough to see one and nobody had seen all season and get to shoot Adam and I missed. Now where I did get to shoot my about the first one I shot it was a huge field it was a 400 yard open field. Not everyone's gonna get that you're gonna get a food pot and might be fifty yards wide you might get a pat you know where they did in an out of so depending on that. You may not have the open space ability but you know for somebody who's starting out I enjoyed it I I understand that. People don't consider it true hunting but I. And guess what a lot of people of Louisiana arrive very TVs they don't track it some people are commenting saying he didn't rough that he didn't have to go. Well I'm pretty sure almost every letter I know has an ATV. Gets doesn't drag their kill for miles back they're charged news you know freezing forest someone got an act accessibility whether it's that. Autry vehicle or vehicle to get pretty close to their clients in that sense. You know if you really wanna go hard core honey you gotta go elk running out west for you're going to be hiking for miles and you're gonna have to train physically. To hunt these animals because you have to carry them back so. It's just a degree of hunting if you think that seem easy for you than don't but don't like the people that she's. You know I hit it could be. A. Because then there's been a few critics there's been a few critics. Well I tell you let. Whether it was endeared it close property or not you still get the same brush whether it is so you're not they. I. Doubt. Well let me tell you Sumpter and it's very interesting to me that Martha and I have pretty much the exact same perspective. On high fence on par with about what. Two months of honing. Me with fifty years ago we both come away with the exact same perspective. Everything she said I've observed the same thing I have a 2000 acre hunting lease that does not have offense. Must take place and about a naked. The animals they have act no different than what we've seen them they're certainly hearted hoddle Molly's because there's more pressure pressure is everything. And you know a few hard mile high thing displaced does not likely to be as much pressure. And that's on the eye of the beholder applies in this. You know if you think it's a challenge to go out there. And hunt on a high fence place where you gonna have much more a static conditions the likelihood of seeing a veteran animal is is certainly going to be there. Then natural thing. If you know someone who believes strictly a running public land and you wanna hiking and there was no ATV. In drag an animal out for several models and in India and not be able user base that's fine that's US thing. But don't criticize someone who it because they've got resources they've got the capability to do it. Can also have a very enjoyable. That's not to say that ell all right some places that probably are irresponsible and unethical I'm not gonna say that does not. That may be places where basically shooting an animal in the pan. Where you shooting an analyst basically domesticated and I don't think that's fair chase or ethical at all. But I used to have a much different opinion I had an opinion shared by a lot of these people have a criticizing what they saw on on TV show. And I promise you those people have never. Visited one of these places much less on and on it or they would come away with a different opinion I had a formed opinion before I went to him and saw these operations. In observed in hunted the animals and now got a much very different opinion since I've been there and done. And also. And speaking of where I was two weeks ago which is benign type of property guess what I still saw the only buck out there are so it is a matter of luck as well I mean. A lot of folks say you gotta sit you gotta put in the time well guess what that was the first time I did on my boyfriend's lease and I just got luckier than and so sometimes that is part of it. And I could have you know I was a better shot and didn't get buck fever I wouldn't kill the best dear that they had seen at that can't all year. And then somebody would probably go and say. Will you you know they come up with an excuse it's just you know it's it's just. While some of it is the. Yes I mean I'm very thankful and I know that that might be the best your average unaware that it I don't think that that's spoiled me because. I I do one issue and an and I and I mean I missed I cleanest. Ten point 200 pound a year probably the nicest years honestly east. And maybe I'll never get that opportunity and let's. It's not for everybody thinking you do pay a lot of money to do these hunts but. For the folks that are traveling and they don't get to hunt earlier they don't on the vacation do it why not. Then don't wanna put in work days and you know food plots and don't wanna be a farm they wanna be honored they wanna. Doing in the limited time they've got there's nothing wrong with a doesn't take anything away from the population. It's also not right on properties. They're these are known to animals and theoretically owned by somebody so you're really not being an ethical of someone saying okay. Finally in my her take. I wanna hear what the by U woman has to say because I don't think she's ever been to one of those places much less on an animals on have you win. Hides it hunting but my first introduction to deer in seven years ago. And hopefully I don't know a lot of different for. Although we have dear person that they. Had ever been so it really didn't know the habits some protocol and I'll sort of thing so. Bright start to prepare ahead of the season. It's it was a big area at least a thousand acres that there were at least I've been meaning and you couldn't. It was a good distance between everything and but. That is hunted he and two are very different lands on it for a time. Where they're clear cut. Like opposite there cedars. And where there aren't leaders that ride out you know who. Certain times and dump the pals cornyn clear. Now there were leaders on the trail. And they said the bank cameras had a season so there watching the year. There are identifying your they're giving him watching patterns and so the it is seen as being here you know and you know it's. There's a lot of commitment to going into these you know getting here the only difference is there's no high. I think there is that. I and after I missed that deer that was in the ninth I fence and went out the next night and I sat her for hours by myself my first alone hunt. And I did see Intel and I do think the pressure is one thing I think they get a little smarter. And I you know I don't think they were completely aloof they have natural instinct to deal you know good run away from. Whatever it is that's. Me here. But maybe they are a little bit smarter because they've. Heard you know they've had more to fear and more pressure on them and you think that maybe they could get a little smarter but. The numbers are different too you're getting more animal you're anymore selection so. There are subtle differences but all in all I don't think it's anything to it to completely. Scoff. You can ride out the amendment of the great day here you know. It. Also in her arms as small teeny. Ma'am that's awfully small but yet know there is minimum on the tour at the top marketing and it is. In order to get our permanent there is definitely meant. He could definitely caught hacking in time. Yes read the two kids we've been to that or pool type offense worked over. 800 acres each. Well one thing on our headache a pin. You probably need to be a very good shot does many things still alive it's going to be very fast outs they. We're not at that. Well I don't see much difference in you know people love to handicap themselves if they wanna challenge we have people who fish out of kayaks we have people who fly fish. We have people use very light line we have people who will not pick up a rifle they wanna go with the vote. And that's fine if that's your thing and that's what you wanna get out of it but I don't think they should criticize someone. Who wants to increase their chances of bull ease and the quality of a man. I'm definitely not going to do all my own thing happens properties I never intended to you and I I had the privilege and invites to you in obviously the funding is not always there I'd that you need a lot of money to do these things that I've I've will. Probably do maybe one or my next weekend if I got to Mississippi and you can find something but I don't I don't wanna make the museum itself but. 175. Your shot was an easy way. No I. Martha larger story earlier this morning and about this and that deer and so Monday swapped stories I'll tell you in my experience. So I am not Miley and I had to make me. Yeah you now will share. Well I'll never missed. ICI see your faith and is now they fancy anybody that's on it if you have never missed you have an opponent that's what I have a feeling it yet in this area. You haven't lived. I got in the pre dawn and I down since then I'm certain of their hey B I prefer that over many other things up and call. All right and so what are we gonna talk some fishing licenses before we get today. Now we'll do that after the break Wendy's going to be in charge that she is out fishing license and hunting license expert. Outright. Report. Be right back now. And mark and then there for a guy forgot we'll get on him. Yeah it will are. Last segment we're going to be talking about yeah system to buyer inflation consciences. And covered most of it in the introduction that. Usually we talk about. Controversial issues here on this topic of early controversial. It is fairly lenient that your an avid runner and Fisher person. These are things that need to narrow in case you didn't buy your life since last summer like you were supposed to. The department fisheries is currently this came out on January 11 there apparently. Their transition into new recreational. Hunting and fishing license sale system. So the first thing I think you need to have. As bad the system will be gallon the last few dated January. You can't do anything goes. But accurately need to February buyers to enable our. You might. Licenses. Through Internet sales the failures the amount by laptop whatever at WOL. Dot LE dot. Quarters in the region opposite speak hot. Retail locations where he usually buyer I'd well not. These selling licenses. From February 1 April wine. While insulation in the new equipment and employee training is implemented. Which covering its first point is why does it take too much to do and we'll adjust that and the minute. But on April 2 bidder license sale will be yeah. Certainly what you need in this morning. If you are going to change any time entering. February and march and you know that right now you'll need to purchase a license and you only one box retailer need to do. Before January. Basically that's witching week and that's. It's you have not purchased years that turned into gene so yeah. You cannot buy your life and united in June or July idea. And I can't imagine being added that this might be in front of people which leads me to another question will discuss the minute. Let me go over a hot point that this thing. Supposedly this is system will enhance the purchase process for customers in several way. Part stop it looks like you will be able to see it wildlife and fisheries web site are being mean. You'll be able to set up a user can't. But either and I analogue in and through that you can update your information. And if you were born after 1985. You can access to your voter in her honor its education accommodation in if you're anything like my time. You will. Fellow board and you'll leisure hunter and cart several times over. An in the past it's been up five galaxy to get vehicle. And they forever because I still haven't gotten my permanent poignant and I took my course a month ago. Is going. Like a lot idea tech a long time awry. As. Life and color. With this system have the ability to reprint their life and on throughout the year and a cop. That might applause especially you know like senator wide does that border washing machine. After multiple times believe me and then they'd know who lack a kind. You can keep it keep but he likes this feature. Options will be available in the future for those customers who don't worry about remembering departures are like in Lucy I'm a little. Sometimes it thinks so. They haven't hit that number. From which you conduct yourself. The Wall Street web side. A couple of questions that I have you guys. It is I'm wondering you know in typically year. It would be buying fishing licenses during February and march. What do you think. News in the area. Yes somebody just moving and someone just becoming of age it needs to get Juan. Maybe somebody just decided to take about you know and it's this time and go bird bombing sentiments. You know Ian at that particular time is probably if it's gonna happen that's the best and do nothing or probably the lowest license sales period. Tell you why it's hard it takes for ever to get through on the phone if you're trying to island before January or June 30 mean it was a nightmare trying to get mine is. Everywhere and a lot. That's probably set it so it despair aren't as soloist. All I'm saying one thing I'd like to bring up in this is always been a pet peeve of mine and I'll buy licenses from several of the states. And want to buy it I get a 365. Day year license in Louisiana you'll only get it from the day you buy it till June 30 in the next year. Rice sent right and that's unfair we it should be pro rated if they wanna do that. Well how hard would it be to give you a whole year from the date of purchase to add to the date and a year from the. Well let me know require record keeping. And they definitely make more money out of the way it is now unfortunately. That or the Kuwaiti you mentioned that it does not controversial issue. That you. That's a but he added I'm kinky and look at the website to website step in on this in my. Yeah. I effort glad I actually thought that was improper political order that on line with no opportunity. Carpenter is. The media that it is not important or. Go under for analog going. You know the other thing they could've done for them one day women not available at all give them a free day. Really what is it gonna cost estimate is somebody does and analyze and strategist Kimelman days of grace and go ahead and have a ball you know by realized system. Great great I would. Being what territory elder in charge for going on there in February march. Tuna starters ops we're announcing is huge in February are. Some Martha how would this impact people too are going on a big charter a big pipe chart. Well it it will impact them because a lot of Venice business is out of state people so there aren't buying our student predate licenses. And if they can get on this website which a lot of times that's just what they have and do. Most people buy them online when they come down to do retire but I mean say the web sites down it's not working I mean. That's traditionally where people buy their temporary licenses but for folks that are you know even. Local they made to speed link atom so. Fishing is it means offshore fishing really heats up in February and march for big finish there there are people out there. So negatively impact people. At least temporarily I think he can get through. Yes they I mean there are yes certainly I think a lot of people. That fish for Tina probably still have their license from the prior year so I don't really see the huge problem. I mean a lot of things are going all digital these days anyway so it's not a really a surprise that there are still people that want to talk to human being that. And now to quote a lot of history it's gonna look bells and whistles I hope the bill what are physically attached to allow them about the way this. Who called it on shows they'll find a way to have problems with you know. I don't look real hard. Dollar and handling is well. Now that's another path right yes because I believe when you buy in story don't get these tight and these Bryant like the ticket master fishing licenses withers in nineteen difference is called. Convenient it well I have yet to file license over the phone has to speak to someone in Bangladesh but that's not out of the possibility you know that may happen if they outsource it I don't know it's outsourced to another state we don't know on him operators in Tuesday Louisiana who analysts and yeah he goes out of state. I'm kind of OK with this idea because I have not had the best experience is buying licenses here it's been frustrating me outsource a lot because I. High numbers of people buying them and I've been. Just hadn't had people that don't know what they're talking patents. You know they're not trained properly I don't care who. I don't know audiences that let me but then when you call Eileen what fisheries and I would every single time. I've called the offices of tired pilot issues I've been on hold for no less than ten minutes to get on the ice I might be. Okay. Well it ain't pretty albeit intentionally keeping my exit point. Why should we have to pay a two dollar and fifty cent. Paneling city. It's pretty lenient in that. Because it easy to do. Which. Now because there's nobody has no labor involved in efforts to handle it is the point error under. Are you ago where. That would mark and he's generation that everything Gator anyway. It quick before we reach our friend that I injured but the one thing. You know what kind of money. Selling licenses and will negatively impact. Ma in the time that now. We'll send our investigative team out to do. I've kind creates real quick besides Martha shooting it did change to a tree would think about a lot. The great and and I'd walk. The moment you know right or the like and I'm sure the hope and her body. Well the moment after it was predicted to. I guy's got to go been fun see our next month. And see you listeners next week to another edition of more outdoors.