The More Outdoor Show Hour Two 02-10-18

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, February 10th
Don interviiews author Gary Alipio on his new book "Craziest Fishing Tail".  Don exposes an unreleased report called "The Price Of Paradise".

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We have got some ground and also some waterways this morning welcome back into more popular figure out where we are we start off drilling we got some encouraging reports in his speckled Trout started picking up again shall increase in the weather. Hopefully that rolls out about it seems beat out of the rain all week a lot of that plan for the next few days so be careful with you on and now. We also want discovered that there has been chronic wasting disease have been positively concurrent. In the state of Mississippi you know like Sylvia that is not good news at all. They are now implementing the CWB response plan in Mississippi. Hopefully it will not work its way into Louisiana and hopefully this will be very isolated case it was a warning and a few rule book that. Died of natural causes Mississippi department want. Fisheries and aux. Conducted the testing and the testing proved to be positive. Chronic wasting diseases and insidious disease that affects. What is known as asserted all hoofed animal could be. A white tailed deer could be wrong on could be channel could be mule deer. Could be L did it. Any animal of that nature. Is susceptible that has not been confirmed in humans being trans. Polls from the meat of infected animals to humans has been never been a case of that. But it can be extremely detrimental to hurt there is no cure for it does no inoculation the only way an animal can even be tested. Is when it's dead in the because it has to be located these pre ons in the in the brain and spinal cord. It's brought about and implementation of rules about crossing state lines with the year. That's in an effort for the states the wind has not been located and has been found. In 24 states now in three provinces of Canada and actually to foreign countries. It. Spreads rapidly through a number of ways and this is one of the the ways that they try to. Stem that they spread is to eliminate feeding of the examples supplemental feeding is what it's called the Mississippi. I guess you can call it legal Beijing. The following counties if you on and Kleber and Hines is a Katrina. Sharkey Warren or yazoo counties immediately supplemental feeding has been banned in those counties in. You could be cited if you found doing that so will stay on top of this in know hopefully that will be not other instances of this. That are reported it and it can be contained in. Kept away from Louisiana Alabama has not a case of the either and that can be remains a real mystery Arkansas Texas on the bordering states. I have had an and then I guess is no way to stop Padilla from walking across state line he can put laws in effect on his that the transported. Their dead animals across that. There's no deal that I know of is gonna listen to all real avail law but transporting across state lines. Anyway that'll be another story for another day also we decide wrapped up an interview with Becky Larkin is. A southeast Louisiana national wildlife refuges what a great opportunity. I strongly suggest you call this morning. Because it does fill up rather quickly I mean imagine it give you all the paddle the equipment that canoe. And interpret Google's along with you this guide to explain what you're looking at which is singing it's of three hour paneling to oral on. Column by you cane which runs from highway 190 right if fountain blue state market Nichols always late. The stopping points along the way they come back up the same way and it's a great way to spend a mourning with you. Family or friends its call paddling along the edge in. A year government tax dollars that's would pace force so definitely take advantage of but we also talked to David crests on about this letter that. Now some chefs mainly in the new Walt and there but some of the other cities on assignment in them with commercial fishing interest and also some environmentalists. That want to oppose the modern fish shack which is being considered in the legislature right now not stay on this national. To make some changes in the marine fisheries management program. It's called the Magnuson Stevens act it's got some problems it's led to missed management self admitted. And these are some steps to rectify that. And very strangely some chefs I've CO world. Sold a bill of goods didn't have quite good understanding clearer understanding what they were doing I think many of them is David said. When now presenting the facts then hoping it can take that back because they. They were duped into signing on with this environmental organizations clearly that's well that kind of stands. And right now we're gonna talk about a book it's getting bit rate to be at least it's going to be coming notably while marks the third. Not too far away it is entitled the craziest fishing tail on the buy you. And it's well named as well title because I believe it is in fact craziest basing tale of overheard. Its author joins us now Gary gamma pronouncing your name right only PO. Yeah up kind of shocked about that most people use butchered pretty bad Tennessee Galileo will likely. LA play when I get a mr. Alpo I'm like well there's. Or idea confusion within a popular dog food. Gary if you would always talk about your book about itself and I'll list as well as you history is it. Well yeah I act you know and the BugMeNot but ten years old and in school just rating and then you know thirty years I just wrote down Nam. You know funny story I'm sticking anything that I am an odd it's not that interesting on the Indian doctor years in public college in oddly enough I actually became a writer sellout. Outspent by about when he when you're there years more than twenty years an advertising partner. And down you know all the time but it's always had these stories rolling around in my head Salem. I think I get on the microphone with the official count probably about you know off five years old and I come. I hate. Just head distorted roll around my head for years and eventually does that came to corporation that now want to tell something that was I get up. Family with about fishing and I can't say yet how many times I go fishing we catch nothing more than richter scale warcraft. It nowadays there's an old saying that 10% of the fisherman catch 90% of the fish and I believe that's true. Don't feel bad most people unless you're a professional guy at all. You have the luxury of being like me and get the goal of those people most people do struggle when they go fission and even even the frozen. Myself we get blanked every now and then total fuel long. But I can tell from reading your book that you know there's some basis in fact there and that you haven't back been fishing possess some hints that give them clues. The giveaway that you know where you come from when you're talking about some of the things that happen when you go fish. Yeah. I can't tell you how many times I guess that the blunder that you know getting out there on fiction and get you to get the put the plug in the boat or com. I think one incident we got to go out there and with forgot to put the battery in the experts argue that overnight so you know there's there's the united. You know that it doesn't lava I think. You know some people are in it for fishing and an ally I've got some friends that you know they post pictures all the time but they never tell you about the time ago pitch and catch. Ride well you know as the blunders happened I've been with some professional guides and one time we got up we didn't have a single hook on the boat try catch and finish a book. Another Tom there was no anchors so we had to drift in you know that wasn't fun. Just things like that in and push the left the bottom literal that's all part of as you mentioned you hit the nail on the head. People fish for different reasons I know people who it's all about the food. You know they don't care about fund any of that I'm beyond friendship camaraderie. There in it to get fish and put them on the table tennis and people who really could care less if they've yet to finish. The ages soon be out there reading the book they enjoy Vietnam in the water you know in the web and being with friends at fishing camps as a lot of reasons. What different people different fish. But for this book the craziest tale. If you would kind of sum up that its message and I wanna be a spoiler and we wanna get people get greeted the palace kind of what what it's on the line messages. Well you know I guess that the biggest seem underneath that it is that there Mort a fishing and fishing and you know original act this tale at the end that the modern day you know knight's tale. Vietnam cramp on the brother they take the ticket out fishing and they put in they test them. You know like it's an underlying theme of he's out there never been out if there's an intern export and he's the lead and appeared and been patient. But you know when he entered the inaudible point in the story in he's an eleven year old to enters its first integrity with hopes that when money. Now and then you know at the time and struggling you know hopefully he went you know he's thinking on the middle he would now hopefully accurately and the money in main gear and one navigate to that ever have so. You know he's got a for the right reasons in of course. He's he's trying to debt is brother oh lead and then you know the limelight and and now been you know the super hero of the family. Does he want to do something good for Sam. But you know he get out there the that the Kiewit with integrity and kept it yourself so for it is. Doesn't know how to its in its sets itself for a fish out of water adventure I mean there's definitely a pun intended in there so while. You know ego that is what this grant is grapple line and down you know he's vita mean agreed to that yet no extra underwear and so. It's important point that it's small there are creatures go over com. He basically ran into partly like yet the Pizza Hut two footed by B and one pesky neighbor went agree workable and you know I I think that theme underneath Vietnam. You know court thing we're doing like that the right thing. And go somewhere along the lines. Get in the big he'd let Kobe KG keeps to beat it's I am not gonna code people but you know what if you like finding if you like fishing if you like have a kid who'd like that like pitching. I think. You know on the road or to try to inspire kids to just the love of nature and love of the outdoors. Again I am a big fan of the book as you know and it's it's more than a funny tale it's more of them about fishing. There's a lot of on the line messages and then I think that the young people would be able read them I think there's a lot of life lessons to be London book. Well I appreciate them and you know that think you know what I'm trying to you know I think the people want to like you got about inflation you know that pitcher captive audience I think. I've got a new in nine year old a cigarette is an all time out to be part that hurt saying it. Did you get that basically I am done let's go on like well you know luckily were in city park where across the world from the you know not being gaze over morning call though. You know another Louisiana tradition. And this book which you considered a book that is to be read by adults by adults and kids all armed by adults two kids. Well let's look at it you know. Paying them a lot of people. People get in the car and they're gonna go for to a career writing for the navigate anywhere fiction says this is it very quick easy read it and overeat readers which which is out for people who don't understand that it's them. It is 812 and now agreed to read that. By you know I setup that knew she'd love for me to read the book tour and she can read and on around you wants to of course you don't want meat agreed to buy it. You know I think because it's Utley and the tail and it's got in now. A great family and you know grapple in the and I think any one. At any age can appreciate anyone gotta love the outdoors in a love for fishing will appreciate story. I know this was published by a pelican which is a very popular publisher room local losses. On the Aegon to distribute the book for all policy can be found way. Out so they distribute the books so you know anyone understand that these march 1 is technically when it's sold between now he can basically does school will create its pitching pale and you're gonna find an all over the place so. It's going to be a local bookstores you know what can be and the Barnes & Noble it's going to be and analyze devious than the Garden District book. But you can now provide on line. You know all these standard retailers are hammered on then now Wal-Mart and other places as well so it said that. If you Google it previewed its and tail I mean as FaceBook page so if you follow. Decide you wanna file there you're interested in seeing where I'm going to be in where the book's going to be in public viewing it signed copies in talks fishing I'm more than happy to do that and that's where all postings about you know where will be. I'll hard. It took me. So again it's four middle greater so I want it but wanted to put books in Japan and didn't wanna make it expensive I believe with a nine dollar book. Who won that we wanted to read it that's the whole point of the story is gated in many kids and then. You know the one reading the big topic. To allow for facing a lot of doors to share for enthusiasm and one thing for having me on your you know I think the design I I deal. While I'm a big fan of books and kid's reading books and unfortunately the economy giving away from that but then again -- some methods like yours to. Ticket kids' noses back in the books in the I guess that tell you last weekend as a matter of fact. Picked up a couple of these samples scary ghost story books in front of my seven year old granddaughter. And she was absolutely messed our cost Bradley gave us some really good quality time together you know the sub that it wisdom of that big age differences. We could still ship the same thing couldn't get over how it is that she was and it's on they can. That you know box probably hopefully on that goal way. Well it hit it. I think that's that like Italy or girl on my. You know cute to look here now mom. So I would I wanna you know put stories and you know I think the reason Harvard because that was the reluctant reader advocate I couldn't find books that I want to read so. I'm trying to write stories that are that type of thing that I wanted to read one which you know and you know it's humor the big aspect and IE keeps them detention and fighting for. Video games and football games and of course today everyone right now though more incorporated and try to put a book advocates and today that's impossible but. You know I I think there there are kids out there that Nam you know they've looked for too long for Britain ventures and a. Well the goal and two of the bookstores in DC with the business and Amazon's dominant. You know it's meant that have been what once was but it's certainly alive and well city park big bass rodeo you gonna be out there what's gonna be on on them. Yes sell you know I think that doing a great job I think I was a teenager and I participate in the effort that city park a big Manchuria and a lot about these days it's just that the family fun and get on out there taxable fish. They're doing a good job afterwards this thing called it double afterwards so if you're out there by the the Paris I'll buy you know the morning called big area. Come on out there are gonna have enough food and on and ten cents. You know they've got these big guys in fish tanks out there with life it's in there billion he'd yank ease your mind that tactical the big bad out there. But you can definitely see them in the tanks so. You know they're they're going to be around you know other other. Retailers out there that are just you know talking about fishing coma now for kids you know anybody include a young kid who comes out and insisted interment course. You can get yourself a little chirpy no one's gonna leave empty handed and you know I'm gonna be out they would books and signing and talking about fishing and. You know what have a good time. I believe that Mort Mort point four. On par and I'll be there you know a lot of people realize this is the 71 year and it is the oldest fresh water fishing competition the entire country. So I would say basically in the world since the don't think anybody's hand me. Fishing competitions longer than with and the United States. Yeah I love that about oral and to the many old historic aspect to it. And that relief but you mentioned fine Tuesday and into this double they've included kayaking division that's on by using John. And a lot of things to institute to kick it up and continued the interest of today's. You know. Immediate self gratification in defeat kids don't have a lot of patience that at this it's it's a quick beat then. And that is a lot of activities in the and instantly unit and that by being out there will look Ford senior out there are a lot of the out there and Gary a website some people wanna may be fun some excerpts of funnel more reviews of anything about the book. Well you know that you see you could safely. Google agrees it entails you can follow on FaceBook create is fishing tail you can't look on my web site which is my name Jerry Olympia again it's a little hard. The LAL. PIO. But it is Google you Google created it and failure he might name and it'll it'll play just put a few winks and you be able following you know get on the Twitter you know program and you'll be able to find out where going to be and where the book's going to be and you know some pop fiction and now I'm actually put a little plastic and which are fishing story in pitching stories that tactic. So go on out there your kids and want out there and he kept the pistons. You know show the world Europe their pension income you know that that so many people out there and across the world I think at last that thicker remembered as Michael one point eight million cute went fishing last year in the US. Let's get the two you know. It sounds good you know look for the senior out there in Namibia will run grant program out there in Paris thank you. Very. Thank you. Those aerial appealed the author of the craziest fishing tail on them by use the album watch person in the retail store you can check it out on Amazon pelican publishing. And also of the Booth at city market the big bass wrote a lot of going to be out all of the U c'mon. Spend today I would got a break to take wanna come back again and tell you about the price of paradise. And that's going to be a higher price and you may be asked to pay it through you know hunting and fishing lies in some details on that. And after this time out it was in the more outdoors on WWL. 105 point three FM HD two we also live stream WW dot. And welcome back in and out the rest of this program until 9 o'clock this is me news of the text message boards open poignantly 7870. Phone line at 260668. We have now most of instant view reports on this morning. But. This very important information you know one issue with you this morning. I'm holding in my hands a copy of the document entitled the price of Aaron eyes. Funding Louisiana's fish wildlife and habitat. For on next generation. And it goes on to talk about some solutions to a problem short funding. A lot of people very surprised to hear that you easy and a aren't department wildlife and fisheries. It is almost virtually self fund. There's no general fund monies that are dedicated to license fees part of it the major part of it. Used to be a time in the oil royalties state wallet and fishery properties. Generated some oil revenues which increased that the budget into the state. That is Connell fallen off that those provide as much money's ones he would. And the fact that we have not raised licensees. For the last eighteen years. But 2000 was the last across the board that it was one increase that was put on May call. Coincidentally guy we have on Elliott David sowell CCA. CCA backed debt that small increase think it was like five dollars. And the reason for was to. Help salt war license holders with the ones that bore the brunt of the extra five bucks it was to help increase on the collapse in the collection of fishing day. And the CCA. And it fashion with the legislature and such a way. That if it did not get directly tied to the purpose that it was created for it would go away it'd be a sunset. And that was also a time limitation in that being done. It got support and it pass but outside of that is that'll long time since we have the cost about hunting and fishing licenses goal. Com. Part of the destruction this this new program. And I gotta tell you it's almost like a feel like they have a secret document in mind. I can tell you know what can you find this. It is not being made available to the public it came to me from some anonymous source who remain anonymous. I've shared a couple of the host of on fish talk we gonna discuss this on next program which is. And be in a couple of weeks without Sodom a very few people. No one even knows this is going all. On behind the scenes what's going on. Is the department personnel and the people who drafted this restructuring. In price increases. I have contacted some lobbyists and the lobbyist or presenting his two legislators who will see it in the session. And get the chance to vote on adopt little modified what do. My concern is that the amount of time they use them on and fisherman the one that's gonna ban the brawn and pay the price. Is not gonna have a whole lot of time to get these information on these cities and consider room. In and contact their legislators on how they would like from the Motorola. And that is the democratic process in this country. And don't know why this has not been made to the public allies actually I think that didn't know why. But I don't think it's fair that the public has been denied misinformation. Let me go to some of the highlights lol lights of and I am not opposed to this by any means. They've really consolidate the licenses. We have such a complicated convoluted structure. We've got licenses. 128. License types. You know the non residents residents active military spouses of military Mosul go to Turkey quail and duck stamp. Charter boat operators. Disabled fish big game trip. Big game licenses docs stand at the list goes on and on. They wanna consolidate debt. From a 117. Down to only 28 licenses types. Which I think is probably good thing yes some people in the get caught in the crossfire where they're probably gonna pay more because they only one certain. Aspect double license and now they've these licenses obviously economy down does that number have to be more generalized income more things. But the proposed though license the numbers panel think of that bad either. Just to give you some examples. They're proposing that a basic fishing license. For active military a student would be like thirteenth if the you know thirteen dollars extra for civil war license open above the basic. So for 26 books in finished 65 days a year. I don't think that's certainly outline twenty dollars on a basic hunting license twenty dollars on deer hunting. Ten dolls that'll qualify all pointed dolls that Turkey. And five dollar for you lies I'm now they would have that sportsman's paradise slices which would give you all the privileges and tiny box. All the fishing hunting. And all the necessary special stamps and permit Chu would need I don't think that's model line. All part of the reason that restructuring businesses. And allowed people on awareness to what happens based on the dollars of license sales. We get the cut a kickback from the federal government. Out of Pittman Robertson in wall pro money in what that it uses it's money that's it's special taxes that are charged on hunting and fishing equipment. That the purchases in the manufacturers pay. And it goes in to a fun. And then those funds that redistributed to the states based on their license sales. So if you got highlights sales in your state but could you got a high population of on issues or your prices are high. Then you can recoup a lot of this money in his fund help on new programs. We miss out on net any time you give somebody a free pass like a senior warrants now. More militant active military. Disabled you'd miss out on not just the money that you would normally collects from that person correctly but also matching federal funds. So this program content while keeping some five dollar licenses in place in and it's no money at all. That will help capture some of those matching federal funds that goes with each one bills why I think that is probably. A good thing because that federal monies up for grabs and it's one wave rustic yet. One of the things I have no problem with that is. Why do they not suggest. That we get funding from the general fund to fund on department wallet and issues. Mattel you Marreese. If you drink the water. If you read via. If you eat the seafood. Besides if you on active on a fisherman or refuges appreciate. While life wild areas you'd take photographs. You liked hiked through these like the panel in new. Where you'd declassify and his name non consulted user. You know pay any thing. Is it's all put on the backs aren't as in fisherman. And we certainly get a lot of income and revenue from having. Bountiful resources of fish and game from out of state people so we have a revenue producing in. A lifestyle producing resource. But to manage it and funded it's only been paid for Obama on issues that the general fund and Massey nothing in this that recommends that we go to the legislature. In trying to get a cut from the general. That's one of the problems on the problem is is the amount of the budget you know when when we have the BP spill. Certainly we had to increase output. Because we have increased the sampling. To protect the integrity in the health of people who eating efficiency. Well that enhanced sampling in data collection is no longer existing. And but we still have the 88 million dollar budget. Why don't we cut the budget back since we do not all of those programs and by the way. And this is another topic for the day which we've talked about. A lot of those funds were Mitch used in. There was one case a call on the Bonnie and Clyde some people who own operating charter business and only because of that the statute limitations on the death that they committed against his state. Has passed than not going to be prosecuted. That's another story for another day. Anyways the there's also in this whole licensed the polls loan restructuring. There's nothing here that says that commercial license will be race. And certainly a lot of this money goes into managed commercial fishery operations. So I think that's unfair. And one thing I have a real problem with that is they would like to tie the increases in to the Consumer. Price Index. What that means it is as a Consumer. Price Index rises. So Visio licensee. Certain amounts would be able to be implement it without going back to the legislation they would become automatic. You wouldn't even get a chance to square means screaming and kick a other ones would have to go back to legislature I don't like it being tied to the Consumer Price Index whatsoever. I think it removes it from the hands of the people use. And then I have a question that's text in that would advice and scope from the date of purchase for one year. I don't see anything in here that changes it's a very good point Pakistan has always been that the some states you bile license its goods from the date you buy it to let me in the following year. Not so in Louisiana all our hunting and fishing license expire on June 30. No matter when you ma you can conceivably get a couple of weeks out of a hole license fees to pay for a whole year. And I see nothing changing on that as some more things I wanna coming here. And we'll do that wanna come back from the break if you wanna talk about it you got a question about it. We walk on the call final 42606368. Auctions text. 87087. Elicit a more outdoors. While 53 FM HD two's good Saturday. And welcome in and another method to contact. Is a text message date set mediate seventy it's simple it's easy it's very quick in and get some really good text messages in. Talking about proposed fees and restructuring of Louisiana hunting and fishing licenses this is unknown to the public it's. Being considered by the department wallet and fisheries. Obviously there are some folks who came up with some problems to what they see. And some possible solutions. But the public has not yet been informed I'm waiting to find out when that's gonna happen map got a copy news document in my hands. But I can't direct you Google CDs increases anywhere. One of the questions and this is a very good question very important question is this going to affect the price of lifetime licenses. I'm planning on getting one's. The answer is yes now this does not. In its final form by any means in and hasn't been passed this all has to go before the legislature and the act on work on. Tweak fine tuned and then may be passed or rejected in some form. But right now a resident lifetime. Combination. Hunting and fishing. In everything you need to go with it except the federal duck stamp out and about the big game. The oh wildlife management arm at hunting permit the Turkey stamp. The state duck stamp that big game license salt water finishing everything. Turkey stamp. Right now you pay 500 dolls the proposed new three. 1000. Double the amount. My suggestion. If you go to him by a lifetime license buy it now before any of this even gets talked about. As it may come on down inning get any cheap and you lose in money every year you wait. I bought my lifetime license I wanna say the it was 2000 model early but it's been at least eighteen years ago. And I have saved so much money and has been so convenient. Every year I don't know optical control license in in and absorbed into the price increases. Actually although they say they haven't increased and since then they've added it's licenses since then. Used to buy hot license in new titles you know on everything. Now you got to get a big game license he needed Turkey's. State ducks. You need black polyps permit. You archery license so instead of increasing allies and just add the number that you get it's a way of kind of getting around sale licenses haven't gone up. And I'll tell you that was on the best practices I made now your age has something to do that because as a very reduced amount for a senior slices. And if you if you qualify for that. And then it comes to a point one how many years of my gonna have won this non haven't pails these witches right now about ninety bucks a year. For that sportsman's paradise wise but any rate 1000 dollars for a lifetime license and it's for resident. I don't see on here and non resident lifetime license which out with a ball one for Mississippi. Before I had the chance they discontinued. Like I'm saying in his only 28 licenses that they're proposing here. So they used to break down the lifetime license mine in fact currently. You can get IDA lifetime license for an infant up to four years old. A combination they heart in it fish for the rest of the line for 200 books. How would by someone that five at someone that was child that I want to get licensed. Because according to what I'm seeing that's gonna cost a thousand dollars is no breakdown on ages there's no breakdown whether it's only finishing only running which we have now. This is a lifetime resident license. Thousand dollars take Italy. A lot of that's a big in trees. Now to get back to the premise of this whole thing you got some more questions about individual licenses I'll be glad Manson just text me and 87878. Here's what they identified as the problem they list. The problem is. That did wildlife and fisheries as I mentioned it doesn't get status state funding itself generated statutory dedicated funds. And in some of those match in federal funds that would runs. So they've taken now since 2009. More than 65 million dollars they've they've gone and we call written off. Statutory dedicated funds from wildlife and fisheries to help compass state deficits. And you believe that now this money is being paid by hunters and fishermen dollars in these federal matching funds. And that this stripped although is supposed to be dedicated. Some of our governors Bobby Jindal being in one Edwin Edwards being in another. A win Indian. And took money from dedicated funds from wildlife and fisheries to cover all the deficits. A mistake. They'll never get that money back is no payback it just goes one way and never comes back. That is a problem. We need a law to verify and maintain. In reserve for album money that's dedicated wallets and fisheries spent in good faith but people it. They'll licenses fees it needs to stay for that purpose. I SS solutions. List of solutions to problems. Night they say they going to be. Cutting budgets. Cost saving strategies. I don't know about that. But anyway it says even without cost saving measures which distance on. If these license fee increases aren't denied used the threat. They'll be a reduction in the law enforce the eighties who keep the waterways and Wallace various safe. There will be a loss of biologists and other scientists who maintain the health of the law life. And the aquatic resources. On the loss of management capabilities honors angles and commercial fishermen. Injury to these sectors would result in the loss of thousands of jobs at restaurants. Convenience and sporting goods stores gas stations and Marines. Now though. Bottom line. Without the increase. It will be a loss of reliance on the self generated funds. Which will force wallet and fisheries to become part of the State's budgetary responsibilities. Well. If the state is pulling money out of wall life and fisheries is being dedicated why shouldn't it be a two way street in an apartment. Get some of the state budgetary money when there's a strong strong argument. For the natural resources of this state. Benefit every one. Not just people who buy honing in fees. Anyway this is going to be the sales pitch in a nutshell there's a lot more to listen hopefully this will be made public sooner than later. And people get the message on this before it goes the legislature. And then some form gets thrown out of Republicans. They have very limited time to react to it's called the price of paradise as soon as I find out that the documents made public. Election oh win in where you concede until that time will keep talking about it. It's going to be that topic upon next. Hunt fish talked program which has come and a couple weeks. I we come back after this break gaga it's on your emails some individual questions and comments that came in the last couple weeks and having that is to get to. Will do it right after this Paul's omni. More outdoors programs Saturday mornings seven and nine. We'll be right. And before I get to email questions and comments that wanna cover the public meeting schedule let's set for a the rest of this month and into early march and the hunting seasons in the wallet man and rules and regulations changes. I have been announced that he proposed in the waiting for public comment. Hopefully they'll call these special public hearings on ovals license the increases in restructuring too but I think they will. At any rate have you want to offer our metro excuse me New Orleans area. The date would be. February 26 that's Monday at 6 o'clock at the punch to lie school librarians pots tool. That's the closest one that's also one in. Even have one in Baton Rouge. Whose. Lafayette in his one there on February 28 but the one for the metro to war Collins area. I think enough is not anywhere near Walt exits in punches too look February 26 at 6 PM. And you can find this list is has been posted on the wildlife and fisheries web site. It tells you about all the dates this season dates. And some of the regulations for Debian and mace. One of the problems that Osce on year. And if I get a chance I'm gonna comment on it is that Turkey sees. You know. I have got sources that tell me the reason Turkey sees who moved to where they are this year and even wanna move him worsen next year's because there's research to pack up. That there's been. Nesting. Disruption from predators. So what they've done is they've moved the seasons back late. In 2019. Earlier that though all three areas area a B and C all will not open until April 6. I gotta tell you as a very avid Louisiana Turkey. By April 6 for the last few seasons Turkey season Turkey gobbling that is. Has been O. And when the turkeys are no longer gobbling in breeding in the hands and nesting. Your chances of banging while Turkey is slim. To none. That is the challenge in the whole premise of the spring Turkey season is to hunt them. When the goblins respond to him calling. Bob moving these days back that far. It basically takes that away it gives you hunting season but when you can't Billy. Successfully. That's why people like me go to Kansas the Turkey on. People like me go to South Dakota on eagle Arkansas they go to Missouri. They go to Texas. Pure you know I think that that probably him admitted today it is valid. But what good does it do if you take the opportunity to heart the birds successfully away mom move in the season. Makes no cents. If you've got a problem with the season date. And you know reasons like that suggestion go to one of those meetings in their listed winter meetings on just a little while it's fishy website on. I getting some of the emails I got this one in from challenge for as. Gunning for a cure announced a date February 24 benefits the two lane. Medical research center for funding Q a for prostate cancer. Great event it's of a tower hunt pheasants at Stella plantation. Out went last year we did TV feature on a great time great sport. If you want more information. Go to Stella plantation dot com and you'll find all the details but it will be February 20. Cities next email. This one not this was from Tommy Austin. And he's the one that sent me the video. About the doc Connors in quotations. Laura arming wanna follow docks all species. Over flooded corn feels that he it's something that does nothing. For a positive image for honors it's basically running over date. It's not allowed and it's illegal because it's unfair. Chase. And the difference between put corn in Louisiana marsh or putting water. In a Missouri corn field you'd tell me that different the end results the same then allow that eagle on. It's not allowed. Here. Soul of got a YouTube video probably going to be posted net and pick up discussion on that it is high time that we actually. Consult the US issue wallet service and see if they can implement some changes with regard to. Manipulating. Crops with water as opposed to putting the crops in the war same end result. But they handled differently. I and although email in Fazio that one was about my shoulder surgery good luck you know let's that's bottle from about recovered on the map. Bomb also would have a couple people always want no way can you get a rabbit hunting guide then does not Ali anyone who does that Marty. Mentioned the reasons why but there is one place that we found among our listeners on this forming. And it's a dream hunch risen more. Now on highway one south in Alexandria. On the phone numbers 318253. Point 930 product and a chance to write that now. But if you goal on a search for dream on its resort in Alexandria. I'm sure you find. I got a medal and someone was looking it's mr. O'Donnell wondering if you could from me too many Louisiana Decourt carvers. I'm looking to buy one for my new home with the local places so police in the cells. I'm sure there aren't some gift shops that sell those that. From mine effort to search for. I would definitely go to the the court congress does oh website it is the Louisiana all now waterfowl harbors in yield association. And they put on a big show every year at the it was canceled last year because of our Kate. But if you go to the Louisiana while 50 carvers. Collectors association school that. You'll find lots of places individuals and you can get any kind of peak oil or even any wild fowl or. Actually songbirds in all the while light you'll find that the someone else wanted to get the that the information on the guest I had on about India tracking dogs. Have his email I gave that out. That's Paul could yet. It's he who's yet that CO you'd GE T. Pol whose yet he whose jet and They he belongs to an organization that. From basically for tip money if you haven't deer that has been wounded in Munich tracking and you can't track it. By you cells and you need help with the tracking dogs actually have members that will bring their dogs come to lease on them. Although just about every year's season is over now I got this went into someone says Don I'm not a duck congress is nick. I'm not a dot com mostly deal wanna get to hunt but a bird watching yesterday in city parks big lake. A song in got a not so good picture of the breeding pair of buffalo heads I'll radio on me in Louisiana. And our response to nick was actually a pretty common. Especially late winner. They want the latest ducks to migrate they usually going to be found and being open bays and lakes likely pot to train and it really lovely Catherine. The summaries and it's a very pretty bird but it's a small stocks big white a crest on the head that's one name awful it. Never seen one in city park but don't see any reason why they wouldn't miss a lot of waterfowl and then that. Track wild birds because of the safety factor. They eat fish and clams. And at very tasty as far as that table bird that very pretty. I I got some more email seals back net effect of all have time to get to on this week I will get to wanna subsequent program. I'll read element when he starts singing in cocoa tree that means as companies start shuffling papers. Wrap him up to an off the equipment get headset often get right to move on. It has on our last segment that I bought a sick joke grand total lifetime hunting fishing license for years ago. She has a five month old Bravo planning on buying 1 no way am I gonna pay a thousand looks like a loss for the stay at least in the short time. Did it now it's still cheap now. Before the price increase. I'd that's got to wrap it up this week see you again next week with another edition of the outdoor show five to seven and more outdoors here from 79. On HD 1053 FM.