The More Outdoor Show Hour Two

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, August 12th

Let's call this the Nutria Hour.  Don talks with Katherin Norman from LDWF about the Nutria eradication project.


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Now all of its off fourth and final hour about a block of outdoor programming heard each and every Saturday morning glad to have you with this still become we gonna talk about those recreational for higher meetings it is considered becoming it chart capital if you all want to learn how to become better at a we got some informational you can attend some meetings and classes to Russia on. Also gonna run down some count run into a lot of events coming up from the wild night out of Louisiana wildlife foundation also Louisiana who wore a bowl alliances. Got a meeting scheduled pretty important meeting to some this is going to be taking you know also some running up to remedies for you'd go on news. And also recap some fishing reports that way here early this morning if you would not up with us. And we'll also answer some of those email questions that come into wanna send one of those and by the way. A best way to do it is go to my web page on the Al there was guys that comment look under the contact dot com or. To simply go to on and now on the L it was guys that come in an email in and reply to a defect and indeed it's something I think is informational Lawler launcher audience of more people while regional Aron. Answer you question on the right now though we are gonna talk about the Louisiana department wallets and Patrice colts wide nutrient control program a lot of people long for me was all quiet wall. Some people may be no nothing about it and they are reaching out and looking more people to get involved in it. John is to explain all that to us as a biologist with the Louisiana department Awad and fisheries. Catherine Norman Catherine thanks for taking the time talk with a small. And if you would give us a little bit of the history of the nutrient Louisiana for people may not be many within. Certainly those nutrient were originally brought into Louisiana and the 1930s. Or fur farming it's. But that they really worked out that it wasn't about market so that nutria escaped from the our farms that were intentionally release. And kept down an ideal habitat and our markets where they didn't have their native predators are made of this season. To keep their numbers intact and they were able to explode in population. Now for a while it was a big deal book is it true when the backbone of our per track and industry from 196098. And they didn't call any damage during that time because they were over a million being harvested every I've received. By what her industry kind of declines. Are but they also declined an nutria population exploded and started causing damage again. And we had to create this program to manage it nutria population. And get that nutrient damage in check. Now in addition to the damage they cause to the wetlands. Historic call it did some research and wrote an article years ago and exactly what you said it was it was amazing and stunning in the value of the Peltz all of our trapping industry way back even before the nutri got a year. In what it was briefly after that but as our call they actually threatened a native species the must grab because they pretty much share the same. Food. There is some overlap in there used to habitat but fret guitar and prefer prefer that cult hero martian. Whereas in the patriot tend to prefer the fracture marches abortion but they will overlap and habitat in half and competition and then he treated you went. Our new tree is still on the move the expansion mode I have had nutria showed up in my upon. I live at nine miles north of Lake Pontchartrain and what is piney woods. And when I first me built my house near 42 years ago nutria went nowhere near here but now what's on the sale or they continue that trend North London or they limited by natural phenomenon Owens could they just keep going. They aren't limited to some extent by cold winter. By and we you know we did happen how much it has recently. So when when they are exposed to the Coral Gables proper profit by. It's sometimes it'll kill them. Also storm surge canceled we have hurricanes or or large flag. That can knock that you treat population back a little bit but yet they are. Continuing to expand because they're so good at reproducing. And once you patriot make a whole lot of babies they run out of Peru and the location they are and those those kids have to move off and find. They're old hack attack their own territory. And what is the extent of the damage that they cause in the Colston Moore. I'm picked hacked beaten Damon with less than 6000 acres so. Throughout the course of our program we have read in the amount of it mark statement from 82000. Acres that first season. Who just under 6000 acres that plaque. Well there have been attempts of course you know that the reason for the all the population and they were in demand for both the meat in the health and trappers it was north ball a lot that was decline of the foreign industry just left them on their old. I was involved in a real push to try to get them except that is full socialist a very good to meet easily units it's low in cholesterol high in protein. But it is labor intensive and the attempts pretty much failed. So in this control program was brought in offering the bounty economy and this is really worked its shield some positive results explain how the control program works. Yeah at those the whole purpose of the program the goal was to reduce the mark damaged by removing. Up to 400000. Nutria per season and the way we view this is we provide an incentive pay we pay a bounty on the nature. Hunters and trappers register with the program I would have application available outlet by patriot dot com application will be there in September. And that they register with their program and then they can harvest is many nutrients they can't they turn and the tale of two. Cadillac and then they are issued check. So this is done on private property with land only consent in other words I can't just go get an application but come on a and start sending entails to collect money. I'm you do have to register property with the program you have to let you know where you will be tracked. There are opportunities to. Carpet nutrient from publicly in. But they're privately and I mean a lot of our coastal marsh is privately. And throughout the years we've had the same piece of property harvested every year and some bad putters and these properties are reporting Lou we're nutrient number. About 15% of property. I will go to Louisiana is actually registered our program there's a lot of property where nutria aren't being harvested they're not experiencing I think pressure. And that they are just. Free to eat and reproduce. And you know act have. There is the future generations of patriots moved into. Other property. While I didn't realize there was not much opportunity out there that much land that is not enrolled in the program. So how does someone. Get to a land amid middle landowners non interest should always unaware of it is someone that. May be is saw all lease deal that hunt stop there I mean this is this timing of this program is doing duck season maybe they can approach the land owner and enlighten them and asked them to enroll in and make it become manhunt for men designated room. And be needed and that this is something new that we're trying to get here and we're hoping it will be successful because we do have trappers and hunters that say you know. And we need more property to. Harvick the patriots but we have obviously donors that might not be interested in doing the actual harvest states though if landowners want to contact me and then roll. Their properties with an coastal Louisiana I have moved. Connect dealt with. Hunters and trappers that are registered with their program so that. We can that it's here that entry or Matt in their properties. And it'll be good for the property owner and it's good for coastal Louisiana and it's good for the harvester is really a win win for everybody. So are you suggesting that someone that interest in being a hunter registry even though they are not in immediate contact with a land only win maybe you could match to two month. Absolutely. Yet anybody who's interested can I register with the program and it will do our best to it to connect them with opportunities. Is there any cost a commitment on the part of the landowners all alarms. I'd you know backpedaling and donors for the hunters the only thing that they need has been a track and liked it. And those are 25 dollars for Louisiana residents and get them anywhere you'd get an infection like ten. And so basically if they. Paid by particularly by ballot for their life has returned and I entry details they recoup their losses and everything on top of that is. In a boat at about. So how does the tail collection. Goal how to vague who'd they turned details in two and who does the accounting as far as the getting the check in the payments. We. Worked through a company called cause for environmental aid. And they do that they'll collection in collecting an issue an attack which happened in mobile personal collection station that goes around to different spot. Throughout coastal Louisiana and make it convenient for people to turn an appeal so they hope we don't have to travel too far. So who I guess would they be accepted frozen if. Equal amounts and over fresh lead. Content but. Individual appeal and they do look at things. Right there in front of the person. And then get injured a couple of questions about. About their heart I think experience. And we act additional questions like that they ran into. As big argument on the property regular hunting and celebrity survey and that's. So they receive five dollars per tael lomb on do you encourage them to keep to meet all the pelted does that have to beat Taiwan what is done with that. That's completely up his belt. If they would like to carry out the whole animal and and sells that he or that help to her dealers. They had the opportunity back unfortunately the market hasn't been there that would have really hasn't been worth. Many people trying to Africa feedback for awhile now though most people. That the ways that they can. Dispose of the patriot carcasses would want to keep them to where. Birds aren't feeding on the carcasses cases the only worry about. Let Gothenburg. Build its own opinion trio are still way under heavy vegetation or there. A Larry they end though waterway near earth elements that might bury you ways to keep critters from feeding on their carcasses. All right so how does someone go about this weather we've got to land or listening on hunters and trappers and married to sit and getting signed up for with your holiday do that. Into the air what I nutrient dot com we have all the information about atrial and there is. All of their annual report from the programs but you'd share recipes. And in case people are interested me you know what they are tasty. Or and on there also is my contact information email and phone number. Trying to do anything else like them. I didn't mean that program has been between acceptable and reducing. Our standard along our coast and we would have liked to have. Very good wish you continued success. Understand this probably been what some global how many million new trees have been taken since dispute put him. Mark hi Mary while that's a lot of vegetation leaders out of the west beaten as a good exit at the thanks so much for being with a captain bestseller on the program and we'll certainly pass this along to all the honors of landowners and trappers and try to get him and golden. I'm like you put out a win win a propositions certainly is that. Great. Thank you and have a good week. I'd that is Katherine Norman Viles has the Louisiana department wants fishy wanna be a new trailer and get signed up it's easy enough to do in the -- come how would suggest. Oh yeah everybody when you go to cunning we see new trees woman around on the arms and then in eating the vegetation which is not good for water for all. At all in you fuel signed up and you convince the landowners to register that you lead your property or maybe you won't property you're on on. I you can pick up the few bucks on it very easily shooting nutri atop the pale and that's it get five bucks eats not a bad deal. And you be helping save Louisiana's co you get an extended history of the the nutria in Louisiana. If you go to my web page and use Google. Or search for new trio on a roll poster. Did a story on it years ago magazine story in now was kind of amazed that. On the history of it is is Catherine pointed out that brought over here and planted in Louisiana. There's an old myth that runs about that the person that gets the blame what was the Mac only in the family no one's with the Tabasco. Over New Iberia they've got the Tabasco pepper is that mimic the Tabasco sauce and that whole line of expanded products now the Roemer in mid flaws that day they had a couple of them there and and a minute and and a are keen on storm came through and knocked the panel when they got loose in the that was it Katie bar the dog. The nutria exploded all over Louisiana will that actually was not quite true. Although a lot of people believe that. The Maclin attempted to pay you that is not. That there were brought over here with the intent of releasing them in the marched to created new. Source of far. And if you research it. And read what I put in net back before the time around the tennis sentry far industry was used on talk and one of the biggest in the country. Was the new the farm products for a clothing. And then because of the textile industry. On the opposition from animal rights groups that wanted to artificial for reasons that are natural forest. It basically killed the former industry. And when he did that. There was no more incentive to go out for the nutria strictly Ford's meet. I was a lot of work too often you know in the marsh to cold martian trapped nutrient elements in them and cut the meat cell. So they exploded in in what they did that kind of pushed the weather overlap with the mosque wrap that almost put the must grant into extinction the causes. Plant. If you me with a in the marsh it's called record in grass. And you look at that the reason it's got that name because the stalk them at the spam actually has three corners so we had looked implants. But both of those that's their main source of dive. And because the new Treo so prolific. That much bigger physically and there. They breed more often and have larger litters they would pushed the musk rat out of its guarantor. So we had a case of and and data from South America. Taken over the habitat of Poland a native species and must grant with a prize. And I am told that that the mosque grant foreign Peltz that came from Louisiana. With the most highly valued at anywhere in North America. And the reason for that was because our musk rats live in salt martian. Even though it gets much colder in Canada. The celts on the mosque grants in Louisiana. Grew thicker. And the ones in Canada and you would say it will pocket that videos certainly. Must grant live and in frozen Canada has to have a thicker Colton. More dense. Far. Then once certain Livan down south in Louisiana well the difference would be. With because of the salt water the freezing temperature of the water here is Lowell. Fresh water freezes at 33 degrees Fahrenheit salt water freezes at a lower temperature than. And it all depends on the amount of salinity. What the temperature so because it was living in a saltwater environment where the water. Was actually colder. And fresh water. It wouldn't freeze in global 32 degrees the Newton you nutria have to have a thick coat in the mosque that two nutria. They can't handle that. Apple harsh cold their tails will die and freeze often break often as far as not they can but musk rats can survive. And the Louisiana Moscow that was the prize. For in the for a industry. Then people would go out and live in camps don't know when that time. Trap must grant made a lot of money off of it. I was amazed at Guantanamo was. I was down in. The plaque in his parish it was stuck in stand a whole camp army national camp which I'm sure was destroyed now from the hurricanes. But in the walls we actually found a ledger. And it was from an old trapped. It listed. The value and how many forest he caught each day in what the value Wally Pitts and coombs and nutrient. Musk rats and it was really fascinating to read this me and so legible on what you earn. At any rate the nutria. Became a real prize because that highly regarded that plan a full. In people was selling them highs nutria Pelton beautiful and made great cult. While then when the animal rights people stepped in and became easier and cheaper and quicker than artificially manufacture of our coats. Went away in it became too labor intensive for people to go out harvest nutri an element. Take care of the meet and get processed in inspected. When pork and beef and chicken is so much cheaper because so much quality Ahmanson domesticated them. Well that was a guy and he's still around by the name of chef Philippe a role. And he is now you may use associate that name. With an effort to get these Asian carp which is an invasive species. On menus because it is an excellent food fiction he's been working tirelessly for years to try to convince the state Louisiana to capitalize on news. Actually it's he considers that the gods and other people considered a new since they have these carp come down unit. Made their way all the way down from the Great Lakes to Louisiana. But before he got involved in trying to create an industry that's oval car. Philippe and I he approached me and he wanted me to help him. Market the nutria. Is a full and so. And again it would have been a win win if there was demand for nutria meat and would have a little value of the pelt and then people would have the incentive to go out and trapped nutria for the values that make. And he experiment with a it is a very high protein it's delicious if prepared properly. And he put together a a meeting on if you will what was that taste testing. At the department of wildlife and fisheries. They invited all the help or riders they invited food rhymes. And he selected ten different shafts. And they all prepared nutria in a different way is our member. There was a fair to say that was a nutrient Gumbel that was a sweet and so now a nutrient. That when nutria sparkles. And I can't remember all the issues that we sampled. But each one was tastier and better than the other of course you give a professional chef fresh ingredients he can take you issue and make you wanna use it. But if it is really good. And the attempt was to try to get food writers and outdoor writers to go back in Pelham one about how good new tree is boots. Well that it didn't really goal that well because people just couldn't seem to get past those orange beat. So kinda ended up in sausage. Which we tried to market. And it worked for a while but was pretty much unsuccessful. We're talking nutria at the moment in fact that text and as someone said nutria tacos you don't don't know at taco short who loves nutrient doc. Spud McConnell former talk show host a debit ago. He now post this podcast. That BL ETV eight and he's also and an accomplished actor. He and his son Jack bought. We have the archbishop rumble obese fees one of the items we have is nutria tacos. And will Jack boy looks like a mini Acco all of the nutrient packed. If this'll Gerlach Nevada and name Hugh likes it is as their favorite issues that Newt is taco. Nutria is gonna meet but to finish up firmness hostage story. We convinced we Dixie. Two cell nucleus hostage of course it was shot beliefs idea. That the word nutria at a negative connotation to it. So they had to dress it up and change in name to make it more appetizing. Similar what was done with the fish called sheep it. They changed the name legally to. The rack on Dan. Is that name they gave to the tree which is a French word which I think it loosely translates into something like. Marsh rabbit on swamp rabbit but it was marketed as Rangel. And I was Dylan live remote radio broadcast that differently in Dixie. And chef Philippe came out there with me we talk about the nutria in I'll go to media was in the tenth two important. This would help save the coast. And he would cook some of the sausage you would cut about and we would give it to the customers as samples. And a lot of people after they tried it. They went to the meat counter in bond and took it well. And he didn't wanna tell people what laws until after they ate. And the Whitney you walked in the stored is the guy golden platter. Hello little pieces this hostage would axles Dixon and it smells good grab one and in those deceit nutria. Will some of the ladies won the killings. So hopefully. If we're gonna get out of here alive we need to tell these people before they needed. One it is. Installer always if I was. But one make in the that wasn't tied up and I would tell them what was some of them under no circumstances. Would have a taste of but I will tell you this every person that tried it. In joy and like the ones that can bring himself. And that is the ones that knew it was going Ian. The ones that he failed to tell him that it wasn't pork or beef. And then informed the Malaysia some of them when not real happy about that. I got captain weighing on the linemen waned Mallory was talk about nutria definitely not on the. And and you. Might it should try and when he introduced to nutrient. Louisiana. I think it would it would cost me with it must make a big beautiful 40. But it didn't happen. The difference between Muster in the that it must. Record grant down. It neatly. Into the damn notes at the root cause cause will be out it. Rise. And how much did you used. At U. When. My. Mom my day it would. You know at. There audit log went back back in. Our. It is it's like a lot it's pretty. It. The is that new. Army you. Sir yeah. And it it's one of the more popular items people love it but. Unfortunately. It didn't fly is a food source because it's too labor intensive you know to to really market right. It's got to go through life inspections. And you know it's got to be ice properly and them the amount of money it would take for somebody to go out and come back with any appreciable amount of nutrient meet the sale. If you just couldn't compete it would be so expensive and then that's sausage was very expensive compared to be. All four or even chicken so that didn't fly but this program where you get five bucks at tail. Yeah market its work and they have got taken about 400000. New tree a year five million says that with the program in have been and details lacked the off so. At any rate hopefully it'll continue to grow I didn't realize that there was only 15% of the land that is privately owned. Was enrolled in the programs and has a lot of potential for a lot more money to be made on out their position on content. And you happen to have a permit for Milan don't use designated on the make some serious money. We were accurate in. Their goal to end at my yes they are there enough on this you know well. But it. Are you an average and yet yet I mean if you eat rabbit you'll leave new tree is all easy you know the rat tail. To me is the biggest it's when people see that detail I think it's in it's not. Point of the rat and the it's loosely related more like cousins that brought the rat that. At that aren't here it is your home each know me at all strictly vegetation and that's the problem it's the way them options. Blanket to hear from him up for argument and an efficient. Content still that bond millennium Johnny you know. Special rates walk them. And vicious there's just got to right now but now I can lay down dime on them on the beat. The view that you. May hear from him a friend thanks for the update in the info on the new trees some inside baseball appreciate. Wayne Wayne. From the it. I'm sorry if you wanna become a captain like me licensed captain or fuel already on. Louisiana fisheries. Poll that's an acronym is now at. This is done in conjunction with the boat association. Again they series of educational meetings in shore. Recreational four captains some of the topics will be talked in about. Is this lock screen you'll recreational service in the united. For me that a lot creole was developed by our own department wallet and fisheries. And it's a method by which we get more accurate accounting data. To manage fisheries including offshore and that's why we convinced the Fed's in this still being convenes on. Current racism. Elected officials in Washington pushing that is to implement this system to account for the number of these that it means harvested and by doing that. It allows us to have longest seasons in more generous limits we can rule. What is out there in lock yields one of those will be one of the topics on there also talk about the license requirements which you need to amp. Which chemicals on lies have insurance in nordic at captain's license. Also bill actually operate the solo bit. All lot of great fishermen. Are very war. On this discussion. While we were in Alaska. Yeah I have seen the holes back. From guys who have no business being sides. Two people who realize that they are in a Customs Service business and not finishing. I'm sure that that will be touched on in this salmon did you for instance. One of those trips that I went on this year. When everybody got on the boat disposal well pretty large group on Joseph blow on the captain made the statement he made was raise your hand. If you are here. For me to make you happy make you like that it may keep in mind here are you paying me to make light. In certain and thank Nazi. Europe paying me to catch it that's who was in the view as. Well. Want a bill in full when he said that. And this guy was applying his own philosophy of pitching. Two people who pain him to it and ball fishing which ought to captains for different reasons some little. Some wanted to load the ice chips and slow going fishing because it's a pleasure. Experience. And to be holiday because you don't. Do exactly what he requires. That's not good Customs Service penalty anybody enjoys paying for that on the treatment. And what witness was I mean now in the last eleven times. A note the deal as well as a new vision Wii's. But disguise and on the back of the bull. And they of people there who had limited experience that people had no Alaska's. And that was one woman on the boat had no pitching whatsoever XP. And he ran through a bomb minute. Dissertation. On how what was the goal and what you expect the unit and glued to do in what he was. Well that's all fine and dandy. Sounds pretty simple. Well when you get someone. That gets a fish may be the biggest fish that got caught in July. It might take them several minutes to unity and it's coming from Wayne county and like rot and again excited that these comes up. And they see this big monster from the deep appear. Yes. Day lose they forget everything he told them about. The fish in the water will pull out. Grab this thing. Hold this all this will procedure that he would like to see and then when they don't do it whose team and a collar. And B rate it is neck support yet on the make a few blocks. It was a shame to be there witness. And those are the ones that that need to maybe step aside may be good fisherman great fisherman but if you're not. Mining Customs Service and people app the utes their fish. Then make a mistake in the lose that they've got the right did you know man could not you'll. And if they complain that they didn't do enough vision and do well ex net. But to behave like that. Noted chart but on the other hand most of her that I have been went. Have been just the opposite they take time to explain things do in normal tone of voice. And provide the direction in the and cooperate with what you if you wanna take pictures. That was an on the prop one a and any pictures date him he won't get all the fish in the in the box there's not undertake to well. Take a picture of the dead fish in the box a couple hours as opposed to alive fish is just below war. The result of your pictures a whole lot different. And again it should be possible wants not what the employee in this case the talk. Anyway that the meetings if you want ago a couple of them enough air in the going to be all over the state. But if you in the nor shall not mine area September 12. Right now chip on the river in the town Madison bull museum of the minute you were just there but if you wanna take in the queue today. About becoming captain. Some of the topics will be discussed and that's what you if you in the sink and on. From 68 on the following night September the there. And then the following nights of them would he will be at the bone library. In home. Three nights in row 68 PM one in saint Tammany and man listen bill in shell met in an art. And the other in home a terrible errors at the library there it's free as note George Ford. And hopefully some of those talk that need it will be there. And also oh people that aspiring and a lot of people can be in so many more chart captains have gotten in the business so recent years. And more people thinking about it because people want allies. The issue everyday. You do fish every day but then some cases you don't even catch it it's all about your customers'. Advantage. You'd teaching them making them there. Showing them that cleaning the fish clean in the blow. It is a service business and hopefully that will be the first thing. That they bring up in the east. If someone wanted me. To repeat the saint Bernard parish. Recreational for Ayatollah captain meeting who's going to be on September the thirteenth 68 PM. That the saint Tammany parish government buildings as the council chambers on 8201 west judge programs in which now. I also got a couple of element in target that I had someone else at texted sent. I don't think you need a trapping licensed arms nutria recreational purposes. Only if you seldom that is absolutely correct. It fewer recreational nutrient and you knock. Either sell. The meat or redeem the tail for the bounty. And you only need a recreational running lies she human music wise but it you're going to sell any point of them. While participate in that. Coastal. Restoration program. You do need drop lies you get one well anyway you correct them. I com. Saint Christ episcopal fishing rodeo information news Byron burials. Think this is going to be. Maybe their first on my second year again I haven't on Friday September 8. And then Wayne will be on the second day from three to five and September the ninth. And if you wanna participate in that. It's to benefit the oh wildcats from on the athletics from Christ episcopal fishing rodeo. They've got sponsor registration if you wanna enter. Individual fees will be 75 dollars. Sixteen dollars. Saw right whales but it's sixteen and under if you wanna finish in the five struck out Al cada 200 dollars in addition to entry the and if you just go on for the food and refreshments and you know ten minutes away in about 25 dollars of that if you wanna get more information on it. You can check in with irony it was a telephone number reaching 985. 3277621. And then if you want more information call bill Slaton. At 504451. 0826. But the penalty calendar of interest in fishing and fishing rodeo. Going to be on the North Shore and it's going to be at a Christ would boulevard and coming and so. An opportunity fund mulch or fishing rodeo but it really cranked up the run. I also some other events to. You may have been hearing some of the ads that commercials that are running a public service announcements by Sam bought Paris about. Sam's an ex military guy I was captain in the army he became charter boat captain. He's worked to work for wildlife and fisheries he was one of the the hardworking directors of the CCA star. Rodeo. He's done a television show called soul us south Louisiana and these fine young guys that got around the a lot of things will is present. Position I still department along with the issues for the heads up to Louisiana wildlife and fisheries. Foundation now it is not the department of wildlife and fisheries. It is a foundation. And what they'd do is. They collect money basically they raise money. And their mission is to. Help the public in joy and and protect in enhance the wildlife and fisheries resources in Louisiana and they do this. By offering silent auctions in different events and they've got a really nice event. That only minimal make it easily conflict was supplement got on all but it's called wild night. And it's a fund raiser that will be held on Thursday evening October the twelfth at 630. And live all arabians on Jefferson highway in Baton Rouge now you made. That name may ring a bell if you are a member of while the coastal conservation association and you go to their annual awards banquet. That is where it's held and boy what a unique place it's actually horse stables what they raised a rape eons. And it's located basically in Baton Rouge and now down but in the city limits of a metropolitan suburban Baton Rouge and to define this huge chunk of acreage to beautiful grounds. And the owner makes it available for these type minutes. So they gonna have. Different hunting and fishing trips. They've got the year and duct trips they've got guys that salt water trips. Spring birding trips. Even though one to go visit those warping greens that we re establishing a colony. I'd theaters that are hated. They've got also some other items on the Baton Rouge area restaurants in the caterers in the culinary institute. And some of the project. Wondering where this money goes the youth voter education challenge. The national hunting and fishing day which is a really great event that takes place at no one's deal. While I've refuge in Baton Rouge in several places throughout the state known early September. They declare that national and also Louisiana hunting and fishing day in. Two big event with the odd displays and exhibits and booths and food tastings great great project in there behind it. And then of course the use patient programs in a whole lot more. I know they've been active with the black their program and many other programs to to keep Louisiana's. Oh wildlife resources and fisheries. Going in and strong as them social wild night. But wanna write that down liable arabians on Jefferson highway in Baton Rouge. Another organization that's certainly some information. Wanna me to pass along is the Louisiana. Wanna file alliance. This is a group that. Is dedicated to. Protecting and enhancing. 01 final. Honing in waterfall in general conservation in the state of the Wii's the end. They are having a meeting. On October the fourteenth which is Saturday. And it begins at 330 to 630. Of some refreshments it's going to be at the university of Louisiana Lafayette on. That's O in the welcome center in saint southwest of saint Martinsville. One of the speakers is a guy that you may remain out of herd comes on the show very frequently. Larry rebels who is it department wallet and fisheries waterfowl. Studied. And I got to tell you I've been covering wildlife and fisheries. Department for some thirty years. And I gotta tell you Larry Reynolds. Who heads up the war filed division. It's probably the hardest working most dedicated stayed employed that I have ample work. He really takes his job to heart. Eagles above and beyond he puts the interest of the end user which is on us waterfowl on as the head of everything else. And Eagles and no limits to gather as much research and information. And set the season's. In limits according to what the majority. Now always wants just a great guy on Larry spent some time with the and not only is it great biologist and administrative bodies that recognize got to be around about. Anyway he will be the featured speaker in he's gonna talk about the issues wanna file season and the projections for next year. On what we can anticipate based on the numbers that was saying also if you wanna contact them for depicted story information more about it. Called. In Jay has a phone number at 318. 7935529. As the Louisiana. Waterfall line to me now wanna consider becoming a member feud dot com and along the ducks a limit that dealt the war while this is yet another organization but this one. Is more interest it and focused on Louisiana's waterfowl. Populations in and currencies. I'd speak at a hunting seasons I've mentioned this a few times and Noah people constantly tuning in tuning out. If you have not hurting you're looking for a place to do some wings shooting for doves if you like though running. You don't have a place to go on wildlife and fisheries. Prize. I don't know if they try as hard as they shoot a could. But they try to provide places the people they'll dump money. Now running as a great sport. It's something that you can do with kids. It's not something that's physically task. Asking but tiresome you've basically. Allotment group it's a lot of group running in com or lottery you can talk you don't have to hide who he. Camouflage Austin and a lot of things yet to do Padilla and Doug coming. Larry in Turkey on the it's kind of down on the open you get the watch everybody else and it's kind of a traditional thing in the south to get together and have a big dump on the barbecue. Well we got one for you I'm not sure how many years we've done is he the 45 that we called don's Dog Day Afternoon Saturday September the second. You go out there about new illnesses in poplar bill would crane creek shooting preserve. Lance land and his crew. They've properly prepare the fields to attract. In the hole that goes there and this is opening day when it doesn't get any better 150 bucks for a month. And that includes a delicious barbecue lunch they usually have brisket. On bonds and now all of the trimmings and optical along with a Aston everybody eats launch in just acquaint themselves with each other eichel pick a spot on the though field. And now let the shooting began some years it's been better than others last year it was excellent. Be prepared though if you go on dove hunting early season like that it's going to be sweltering hot it's September the second. It's probably going to be ninety degrees out there some as some spots on the trees but for the most part she's going to be exposed you know being in the water. Sometimes numbering Gracie my dog moderate treatment of the times Oliva. This is just miserable and she wants the wrong and get overheated in its old dangerous for that but you can you're allowed to bring new dog if you like. You can bring the cause make sure you have plenty of ice sport drinks the water type stuff to keep hydrated out there. And the limit is a fifteen birds are on and it's a great time great way to kick off the running season if you wanna get in on it. Now they do have a limited number they can take can tell you this artists of people that have signed up spoke the Lance and the phone calls have been coming in a lot of people inquiring whether it was evident not this year in a really good they took good things about that Lance is on number one. You can feel safe that it's gonna be legally prepared feel you're not gonna have somebody come in there right to take it upon legal debate. And number two Lance is the comic guy in years past. He actually call me the day before them on. And he told me that was being moved because the berth with there and they laugh in did not want people to come there and get a bad taste in them all. And feel like he took the money would no birds there so he did that one year. Rescheduled a week later and guess what the birds showed up and we have a great Sony's just set Connick guy. Here's his phone number in Mississippi in poplar bill. 601. 9166. Dates of countries that's 9166873. If you drive and you can write that down shoot me an email on it on the out those guys dot com or. You can go just go to cranes like the birds CRA and the creek. Hunting or crying creek shooting preserve and you'll see the phone number there. Even got some pictures and by the way this is an excellent place to do some upland bird line later in the season. He offers guided or self guided quail and pheasant hunts even does the pheasant Howard shoots up there it is it's a great place when. You go slow time in between seasons after the docked in view seasons ago all the way into march. Love running up there it's great to rein in these guys good good birds easy enough to call Lance Allan moment he borrowed to wanton show up he's got dogs and guide if you need a more you can bring you'll dogged Uga. All right that's read alum in the guy get a different you know land and tonight from seventh rated 1030 of them applause if you wanna meaning. He sings us enemies sings us out it's time to go on headed for Mac and there's the Louisiana outdoor writers association convention and I'll be back again here next week. Another addition of more outdoors on don't WL FM HD 2105 point victory.