The More Outdoor Show Hour One

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, August 12th

More on the Cajun Invasion and more.


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I turn the phone number 260636. Date this is the show we have time to take you calls you question your comments loved you from this morning. We do have a text message board remains open and 87087. Year old men or Texas would like to send this message question comment. Please feel free to do so and inflammation in the pass up the that's from a lot of news items the department wallet and fisheries is now accepting applications for physically challenged in disabled veterans. Deal lottery bonds some great constant some good opportunities or know someone would be physically challenged disabled veteran. In the information you can get on some really good running opportunities. Also a recreational for higher meat innings I guess you could. Also call that professional fishing guide meetings this schedule across the coast is going to be one. In our area here if you interest in becoming a guy or one. Some very helpful inflammation. It'll but the system and that's going to be coming also if you dove hunting that will be the first time earnings season opening up. Others in new hunting regulations on the department wallet and fisheries wildlife management areas. And at least of fields they going to be going into effect this season so comfortable for you and if you've been to loosen nutrient running. And or if you bought doing it department wallet and fisheries biologist Katherine dormant in the Angeles in the 8 o'clock now you're exactly how you can do that it's been on for a while all. Are on a cold wind nutrient control program as part of an effort to combat coastal erosion. Has always been available not always but that was as the program was inaugurated its been available to land owners and owners entrapment but now. You can get the general public is going to be extended to them in asking for your help in all the details I can get all of that so a lot of talk about. Also on the gold for the don's Dog Day Afternoon that on next. Listening gathering. Try to find some. Programs some months and fishing trips good value prices to make sure that they good quality. Trips put on by people who very responsible and and often the public become join isn't. Just coming back from this guy Alaskan cajun invasion which has now been on on twelve years. I have been there eleven Eagles twelve years. And I got to tidy up this last one was maybe the best one of them have been on. Will be looking to set it up again next year its full year away so you got and that it's never too early. Two to book your trip and I can tell you how to do that it's Almonte web site that I'm Leo was god dot com. And we also have Kate and invasion on plan in late November will be on back up in return to Draper South Dakota. The bad river books in bars they do a lot of deal running out there wouldn't be known as an. Got the details that I do wanna get the sum but text messages that I did not have time for both will win off the air with the other show. Com we and a an inquiry good morning Donald wondering how that alligator were on them via mazes lottery system thanks it is indeed. It is all the book of world on the brink of alligators season coming up very shortly. But that's basically out is I believe it's a five dollar application fee which is nonrefundable. Most people does not as much demand forty if you would think. Most people are chosen in lotteries setup in such a fashion that you're not shields in one year. It increases your odds of being chosen and some subsequent years and they've got a lot of not just W amazement. Some of the wildlife refuges and public property that is available to alligator you know at a featured recently. And wrote a story well a couple years ago when weeks although and of them the TV programs these reality shields about people in. It's the in all the stuff with people nowadays images took off like racing nation law people. Not only wanted to come here and see alligators they want to be the next alligator on. We have a lot of illegal alligator arming it was so many more cases that goes on deep in active. Witten drain who is now retired from department wallet and fisheries agreed that. It was the onset of all of this publicity about delegate bombings glorifying elegant thing that brought about this high incidence of legal money. People in tech time in the check the regulations it is tightly tightly regulated system tanking. And procedures on gaining in and it's just. Don't go out and now it is comeback people. Some cases would do when that other people were charging people logged in tag. You probably heard over the years all the bad boys that I'd Alley in case while it's kind of settled a little bit but now it still very popular. Did you honestly I have dominant. On and it's not as exciting as it is portrayed on television to be. Where you want alligators legally. Because you set dates on the water. You leave them out overnight alligators come optic debates walled well sit down on the bottom line in this comic. When you see the line down on one Google's. Polls that she set out. You pull it up slowly. One person ample in the row the other with a rifle and small 22 caliber rifle. And one well placed shot right between the guys into the skull and the brain. Basically kills the alligator. That's a thrash a little bit bulletin the boat. It's still going to be movement is moles reptiles. Immediately means the only pain and basically it. And that's it that's kind of the extent of it to make this thing it's exciting on Mars deal would marksmanship. It really does. But there's a lot of benefit to mean alligator meat is excellent as many ways to a lot of human side. We used like a pig you examining the squeal at having to run an alligator and the mcdougals to wait so. If you want to restart it but next year go on line at the wallet and fisheries website. All the details there on the lottery. What to do a few chosen which you need the regulations and everything calling it alligator. I also got this one in from Roland. He says here we are often trained dogs in the spill aways in the small block the blow things won't be long now you need to come Arkansas. This year. Can be can be if it was probably. Wouldn't take much to get meego markets in. America and no world after contact information. Good you saw some blowing dust the first sighting of mobile wing panel a year and it's not that far off mid September it kicks off. And got a dog in the spillway that's a great place beltway talking about Bonnie carrots a good place to train dogs actually took one modeled so that was not a tree that was appointments good plays week in Fargo. It ought to adjusted to it. There's a little water there it is a lot of professional cleaners they auctions related news and training. Have fun doing Roland maybe look at the markets on. Noble says. Always love you Saturday Al or she'll start a weekend off for it starts off. I wanna directed to mow web site talk more in detail about all last in agent nation you can see it right there and it says read more. On this kind of recap where we weren't what we did well we caught. It knows so many pitches only things that talk about couldn't possibly get on to wanna remind everyone. Linda coaches who cults the show regularly. I will be back with the so the next few weeks. She was along on the trip for the first time she's a writer from march and by you magazine Judaism's stores becoming some photographs. Would be tales. But we finished everything from offshore. Catch and rock fish silver salmon one's allowed in the resurrection day it was ours finished. We all coddle him the halibut which is at least he called flounders on steroids. The rock fish which alike that's mapped some people called rock asked they'd look now like bass but there saltwater fish. That next trip was for sockeye salmon or reds. Now these guys aren't very tasty. The deal with them is they are in features that basically vegetarians. They don't bite. Sold the method that you've got to catch him is it really is a pretty finesse type of fishing. You get a fly rod. And you stand ore industry more I guess you could do about vote in the house many of these fish that migrating a river as on and that you'd throw line now and you pull back Ian. And as the vicious woman by the line will pass to Louis Malle. And they called this the scene the key as a review where you issue. You flip out there you start strip and back in and then right before it gets to be you'd given a quick your. That would be a hoax if that line is in that issues multiples look into the cord was all that you hook him and you got a pretty good fight. Now if you happen vote in the engine. The dorsal on the top of him in detail the side and you get the Fijian you've got to release. It is a law that it's called line mean. Not so nagging can't snag the issues have actually kept them all which don't do is agree with that all. I don't understand the difference of catching fish in the side the tail in the now one dead fish is dead fish. And anyway we got some pictures oh Linda's hold up a couple of those red salmon got some slow marshaled a use the year. Ago with. Waiters on fly rod in this is that while web page on the outdoors guide dot com. Now just below. The picture of me with those two reds is another red Sam and Osaka. And they look like totally different at the one on the needs is right bright red. With a green if you mutter Ryan described in Lambert as he was on that trip with a and it's not a now who knows but that I'm a big jaw. And there basically inevitable that point the meat it's very why in it it's mushy. When you catch him in the crime that's a bright red meat in it like salmon it's one of the more preferred salmon. To catch oh. As opposed to this real world games on the pinks and the others. We also have a shot at rainbow Trout which capsule float trip. Caller rainbow we got some Dolly Parton got some picked up on the website it's kind of strangled this kind of reminds me a lot of art channel. Although it's a fresh water fish. I'm very hard to hold that they've just got that shake to Ronald and they slipped by and out like it channel. In which caught some rain bulls on that float trip along with. Dolly Parton panels the rape of Fisher also. Call one all was Larry it was Larry call those stock since guys. Very strange to get them to bite that the two that we caught they did by you know hooks in the I guess that's out of instinct. Because they do not you don't. Think that it who knows what was then maybe it was a defensive. And then we closed out the trip to beautiful relation to receive the surprise Malaysia great shot there. And it's also schaeuble war falls and falls all over the place patients or the salmon and place called big river late in a Wolverine creek. As well that war policies show in the war files in the pac war fall in the back. A great trip Asian invasion in it's this year the cost was 369. That if there. I'm Dave Randall on lodging. A couple of meals today they pack you'll lodging at a breakfast and Indians on mute. Everybody's always cooked in the equipment facilities at the lodge. A lot of people walked back to the of them steps to the revenue fish for those reds. In the river when an unknown anything else right on the launch and it's you free to do that they got all the gear you need rods boots and everything's so. Call like cajun invasion and information is there would of the head eco we've we a lot of folks that we had. Tom gill boy his son and his grandson called three times they were from. The Baton Rouge area he went on the very first cajun invasion and then. His son grew up and have another son and they all came back now also from Baton Rouge we had dramatic Stan. Now a father and his three sons me made the trip altogether. It would have been great Thomas mentioned we had. Ray and Larry Fisher wrote a couple of cousins raised from the home Larry's from punch to allow spent two days patient with them. Metairie scanned counseling as a moment. Clive grout wall sold them by U country we had Nelson. We had Wilton gassed on man he was from east now from. As do lack of pollution area now on them by U country he came along. Doc lice from Slidell he had four bodies that. This together from others in the country. We had docked the Mike we demand enough from man to build on Raymond from Metairie. They went with Lyndon and they fished on that keen ribbon lining the reds that sock that day. And then Ryan Lambert his buddy Terry and Terry's wife Dorothea Carmen Bryant want that all of this what you wanna bring new. Why for a spot also to the group of guys they can accommodate whatever the group might be over there. And it's a great time gone fishing lodge. Ralph Kristol and his wife Tammy there's really have great hospitality and they enjoy have in the cages as much we enjoy going there. So will be gone and again next year in the hopefully you'll be able to make it in that get all the details in fact we have a dvd that Chris look cock. My producer of paradise Louisiana put the gamma about the cajun invasion. Ralph we'll send you a copy of that of sentinel broke shoe was accused. The information in the booking dates for that if you wanna go to action typically it's two weeks at asylum had to go to three weeks and it keeps growing. And it's the last week in July for the first group. And the first week in August for the second group are comical and spent time with with both groups so one by two negative on that. We come back after this break in the talk about the east Asian invasion hunting trip that's coming up. Also working on another occasion invasion fishing trip to an exotic area and now what you know as soon as I get all the details on that when squared away also don's Dell today if you wanna go onto a dove on it Barbeque dinner we got that coming up for you. And I also explain why you did not see my fishing game report from Alaska on Thursday night on da vida real television. A day a lot of you. I did those of you were tuning in to find out details about becoming in hired gun to bring some nutrient on bounced. With that Katherine Norman will become an apple bit later on in the 8 o'clock hour. Department lawsuit if you file just telling about that. But picking up on our Kate invasion and armed the reason why we had planned to run a feature on the cajun invasion. Thursday. On 6 o'clock news when Omar fishing game reports from on channel would've been mobile TV. Of course the flooding that took place in the and the fallout from the the problems with the moment sewage water board just dominated them of the news and they pre empted it. They asked me if I want to run on Friday or later Thursday at chose a late at Thursday because. I know a lot of heat tell me that you don't even watch the news is good to present except the sea to fish and game report. So springing it on a Friday the audience would not be ready. So and this common Thursday am going to be fission in Ko victory would cope drew charters. Get this the my friends captain Johnny boy Pattinson and captain Henry in Jim Kessler. And that will be the feature that will be on this week's fishing game report in next week's paralyzed Louisiana. And the following week and gonna run the Alaska take an invasion peace and you can get to see some excellent video and camera work of what we've been telling you about on the radio and showing nude pictures will bring it to life and video. Chris Wilcox well was up there with Meehan did an excellent job of shooting and putting it together for channel. So that's why I did not see an updated fish and game report Thursday it did not because it was preempted. By. Controversy. And collusion and all kind of accusations against it. The wall and sewage water boy lying to the public in the resulting threat of possibility of flooding and still goes on and on as far as that story. All right so cajun invasion next time. Be a year before local back to Alaska spot. If you are harder. And you wanna see some very unique to rein in how something we do not have in Louisiana. We have got an all inclusive pheasant hunt at a place I went and sculpt that out last year to make sure it was. I'll opt to our standards for offering it to the public and I got a tea was overjoyed and really impressed with. Brett wobble and his team up there are bad river on. So what we did we put together cajun invasion pack it now when I thought then negotiate hard. That's why these prices is so good. There's going to be three days and four nights it's upland pheasant hunt. 1695. Told that his 400 dollars discount if you are cajun invasion. Only twenty spots available. We've got some of them booked already so do not wait any longer it is considering going it's a very unique place it's a hundred year old family owned ranch. And Uga this where's the middle of nowhere. It's all wide open fields and hills one after another last year when snow covered. Wouldn't be much earlier this year so probably not going to be as Cole may be in heaven though. And you know aids is the thing that that amazes you is that the quality of this lodge. I mean it's gorgeous in there. Full bar. Dining area they make they do all the meals for you don't have to leave the place. And it's it's a little height to go to anywhere around them league in so it's all right therefore you. And you be sharing with people from the same area issue. And enjoying it and you know. Being a whole lot of a special equipment they provide the dog spring you'd you'd gone you shot a new favorite shotgun and shells. And if you wanna get in on a you can do it on line get all the details and get signed up. It in full. As bad river runs dot com. Or you can called rat if you want to call him on the phone yet. Questions for him 60566930. Or forty. That 6056693441. You know like agent invasion as a now that's on November following a Thanksgiving holidays. If you wanted to do little bit running much much soon. We got one coming up we call it dons the Sunday afternoon that's going to be Saturday September the second that's opening day. Of the Mississippi and we end of season. On noon to legal shooting time show up there around noon. Lance land and his stamp of a delicious Barbeque lunch. Afta logical take his spot in the field and get ready for some. Mourning dove shooting as a few white wings it shall but there. On a thing about this is it's perfectly legal. I know a lot of you have expressed. Apprehension embodiment of running the 'cause. There's a fine line sometimes between what is considered eighteen in what is consuming normal agricultural practice. Let me tell you this I would not be out there. If I didn't have complete confidence in crane creek preserve that they do it right field properly you don't have to worry about. All the suns in game one showing up in right now everybody feel citations were running low grow abated the there is a limit on the number of honors the check and see ya think I have the regulations here. Mississippi dove season yet it's fifteen per day. That would be combined morning in white winged doves now those you re Asians but just a few of those there is it's an invasive species. And there is no limit on those and kills many reasons one it's a much bigger though that was in the pac. Normally we deal also dove season and host of the photos on web sites conceit. The differences sides and I would notify region though from now morning though. And anyway it's fifteen per person. And that's going to be September the second will be the date on that that's opening day and you know news to legal shooting one to you get to limit. And if you wanna get in on this one let me give the phone number. It is. Lance Aladdin at crane creek 601916687. Tree. 6019166873. We call a dog's Dog Day Afternoon it's a lot of fun in the a lot of folk humane no deal with. I will also got information this week off from the parliament wallet and fisheries told me that there accepting applications now physically challenged. In disabled veterans would DO. Lottery. These bonds will be offered loans would be. A flawed McIlroy wildlife management area. And the disabled veterans don't albeit camp Borg are witches equals Alexandria this coming season. Now if you wanna get the qualifications. Requirements because as an application has to be filled out. And it's approaching pretty soon the deadline for that is September the pars. Then they do a random computer drawing all the applications. Com win. Use submitted uniqueness and in the five dollar administrative fee which is nonrefundable. And then you will be notified if chosen and all the details of them on will be that he saw. Hated by the department wallet and fisheries that very well organized. And they make it very accessible war physically challenged and disabled veterans wanna take advantage of that. Steve Smith is at that. You in it that would make gets beat on a couple weeks in the talk more qualifications. You can reaching. And at the department wallet and fisheries at 225765. Two and 359. Or S Smith. At WL now dot LA. That go or just go to department lost issue website scroll round look for those are actions you'll find the information. Also if you're gonna be dubbed running on some of the appointments properties that wallet management errors they also. And that's just not enough of this stay at least though feels from private owners and make it available for the public but. There's lines that form this more need and want for adult running and now places to do it. But there will be some changes that going to affect this season. We come back from the break a rundown those changes for you also kind of rundown but what's happening in Mississippi you going to be running over there. Or all migratory birds also talked a bit more about that he'll season and also about that that meant that Libya tonight. The Louisiana outdoor writers association convention in awards program a lot of folks walk away towards that tonight. In Mississippi they have two zones north zone opens on September the second. Cell phones will open all also on September the second is a little short runs through September the tenth. Well the first split in the north zone opens on September 2 through October the if you're gonna be honing in Louisiana. On public property. There's been a change. Regarding. The outside shot that you can use. You have to use nontoxic shot which means no lead has to be steel. Or biz and the and the other non toxic shops that Chatman shelves pellets comment. And it has to be a number six small but don't. And the reason they changed this was to reduce. Among led shot. And the potential. Negative impacts and effects that lead has all while life. And they did some research. Recently that shows that. In dove fields and areas around of feels the deposition of let this guy and concentrate. Concentration of lead is elevated in the soil. And that is never a good things so that will be restricted to on nontoxic shot only Ian has to be numbers size six. And small. But don't running on now that's only on Debian base in the least though deals you can still use live shot but doubts on private property no. I've also gotten word that you know continue on a red snapper now I am expecting any day now. That they can shut the season down it depends on. When the harvest quota is reached so far it's it's as good as Batman reached. If in fact it's a fisherman don't get out in in get the number of snap of that allowed. You'll actually be able fission all the way through all of the handle David. September 1 and fourth is the last week and that'll be open you got two weekends of this weekend of course in the next weekend Friday sent in Sunday eighteenth nineteenth twentieth. And in the twentieth it is the 27 and in the Labor Day weekend first and fourth. If in fact this this map or. Harvest quota holes well now they may come up next week insane it's been reached its over and shut about not albeit on the next year. But we'll keep you posted on that as of now. Red snapper you allowed to go along it's two per person going to be a minimum of sixteen inches. Equals when it snapped saga goes on and on in hopefully will be able to get management totally put into the gulf states region instead of from the federal managers who have done just retreat. I. Also wanted to cover what's going to be happening tonight at the Louisiana outdoor writer association. Convention that's taken place in activists Louisiana. Witches up in the Alexandria about midway through the state. Isle Louisiana helpful writers association is. It's a nonprofit organization it's made up both outdoor communicators. Newspaper magazine writers. Columnist at a news photographers cartoonist. Radio and TV broadcast journalists. Book authors lectures public relations specialist. All members of this organization from all over the state Louisiana. On there also some com again should call on corporate memberships on some of the companies that support. Outdoors. And fishing and hunting they have represented who belonged to a and the organization. I guess is best known because we keep the finish records for the state which is very unusual. In most states it's the state agency. If that was the same as in Mississippi or some of the other states department of wildlife and fisheries. Would. Have the records but they don't it's been always been in the hands of Louisiana outdoor writers association. On 1940. Solve all the time ago that's how long we've been keeping eyes served on the current finish records committee. It's Forman committee. While Johnson who was the president of the outdoor writers association. Joseph Michael Russell who's outdoors to for the advocate. General horse who writes for Louisiana sports magazine is a form of fisheries biologist with L issue. And myself we have the four people let's serve on the committee. We get the information is and make sure of the applications get about one record Fisher caught. And we compiled on web site and you can access it to see. Which fish or in which positions we keep. For the most part ten places. On. I'm saying and maybe 88 when nine different species of fish. And what we'd do is each year we make a selection of he should the year we go through all of the fish applications. That would turned in for a given year. And then we select the ones that are outstanding and we do it in a one or two categories sometimes very rarely we don't give 141 category by. This year as in many years past would give one for the rod and reel division. And we give one for the fly. Division. And it's. It's hard to say what's judging I mean generally if you get a first place that not somebody mountain especially the panel longstanding record. As a lot of our doubles and we vote on written. Come to a consensus at present these awards in it will culminate tonight the winners of the the efficient the year awards will be in attendance there in if you wanna see their photographs of their fish and the fishermen. And refer you back to my website you know if you listen this program got at its website up as so many things there that. Uses pictures and video and access to do that we can do in the medium of radio. And it's on to the radio photo of the three winners on the fish of the year for the first place it was him Delanie. Tim is from. A place called drive wrong that he may not know where that is but it's around Turkey creek and so. And anyway it's another big metropolitan urban music congratulate them on a team tonight. He got the 2016 finish of the year award for the raw and real division. That the she's holding as which you'd have to consider a monster blue deal. Blue gills as a rule pretty small fish this one was a full one point 83 columns he caught it and quietly. And it is a new first place state record. So for his high effort to catch that teams. It's the award tonight we give them plaques and they get photographs taken in the riders interviewed them a lot of publicity associated with a so congratulations to him Delanie. On that big blue deal he caught. Now in some cases. On win that deciding is very close on who gets the award. Will give an honorable mention and we decided to do that this year to a Fella named Kyle bowl who's from Texas League magnolia was queries from. He was stationed here in Louisiana out of grand now. And he caught a used battled it 239. Pound yellow fin tuna. Now if you look at the differences. In those pictures of the fish hymns one point eight dream blue deal. And howls 239. Pound yellow -- you'd think diesel way to. How does this beluga whale be as big yellow fin tuna well it's all in the the scale of the Anglo. How long the blue gill reckon this is the first place finish at 239 tuna is not a first place. Believe that sent somewhere around it was made the top ten but not. The top mumbled. And that was the deciding if it's because it was such an outstanding catch Kyle's going to be up there tonight receiving an honorable mention war. The third one is. Economists say Ed note though Pete Cooper. A friend of mine finished with the new Pete for a long time to writers association we fished together down in Venice. Fish MP coop it was a book off that he wrote books on fly fishing really considered him. One of the godfathers and the inventors of fly fishing for salt water and easy. He was donut before it was cool and he was catch and a lot of fish. Memo was with the one day when he caught reckoned. Colby lemon fish on the Bo wins on Iran and unbelievable heat with a finish like that Lyra. But he finished everything from push the top rock creek up in Washington actuary was from. To the Gulf of Mexico and everything in between people love the fish. It was a very accomplished writer. And he'd unfortunately passed away. In between the time he caught witches three point 79. Flounder around is very difficult to catch on flawed economic opportunities. He caught this fish at the Rockefeller. Wildlife refuge near Lake Charles. In 2016. And before he could get there tonight to accept the award Pete passed away so will be presented posthumously up Pete also won an award. At the best of Louisiana at the superdome a couple of weeks ago was there and his wife except that they they award for him to open QB that tonight except the four really great guy that would enemies. Peak oil all three of those pictures are up on the website you wanna take a look at them. I gotta tell you finish that may be in the running. For next year. If station the year there was a big guy to. As a finished that sometimes if you don't look real close with that it's a Yale and but it is actually a different species that we keep. A different set records for in this fish is a 170. Miles. And it will take over first place of a 69 point 25 that was caught out of Venice in one meal lemon. So you know the only one that it trails is a 197. Point 25 that was caught in November. And then a 179. Plus pound that was caught on in June but those in the world wreck it is that 19731. But outside of that. And we Zia on this this could be. The third launches big guys to have caught the Louisiana so it certainly could be in the running. And the considerations. All wanna congratulate Sammy now he was the guy that. Auditing him in ironically enough guy that I know Paul Hipolito. He was part of the crew that caught the blue fin to. Which still stands as the biggest fish ever caught in entered into Louisiana help or writer association record book history. He and his brother Juan Boardman. Ron role in the Texas caught that one member that very well it took pictures of that wrote stories about an animal on this radio program. And congratulations. To all he was not on the rod. He was down Chris hall's both the sixty foot hatteras and efficient now boggle leave the platform real popular in the spot. And San Miguel and grab the Robbie fought the fish that got an in thirty minutes which is pretty quit for fears that size. On biggest two anonymous call was underneath you around which stand up tackle. In unless some in the fight here I don't know fashionable between those again. They will weigh you know what congratulations to him and maybe we'll see him at the outdoor writer association awards presentation next year. Either as I mentioned mainly after. Disconnect offer this program will be pointing beat GMC Sierra or north and headed to now activists Louisiana. That's the side up at the saint in the hotel and neck edition of the convention of the Louisiana outdoor writers association. Where those fish of the year awards will be presented in the fishermen will be on it. Now in addition to that that was says the normal. Association business that'll be taken place of business meetings but there's also many more awards to be presented. And one of the ones that is rarely interesting and I'm glad like it is to see it is the presentation of the use journalism and photography awards. In order for a heart association to. I tried to bring young people keep their interest now in in in media and journalism and photography of the outdoors. We sponsored. A contest by news different age groups for students there's one age group for the biography that's open for every one. And then the photographs I mean the journalist the stories are open to two different age groups and we have a set of judges. Who read in the stories in look at each photo of some of these people on members some of them are teachers and journalism teachers and they judged these on. On the quality of the writing in the topic matter and it's very interesting to see how creative and talent that some of these young riders on fact that maybe. One of these kids that is one over the years obese at noon in this Janeiro with this microphone one day and hopefully they will. And we are always welcome and there. And Iran Arnold wide variety of topics you know when you say helped wars we've had people. Who write about horseback trips and camping trips crawfish being. Of course running in all types of fishing in. I have not seen the winners on there were yet but I'll be looking forward to meeting them in doing that tonight. Well probably pulled some of the rules on my website they'll certainly be on the outdoor writers association web sites you can see those and some of the magazines and maybe the newspapers will be generous enough to publish some of this stories warning. Now we also have oh on toward that and more recently was developed we've been doing in the outward journalism. Cool fifteen years longer. But more recently we have found and honoring young Connors and again it's kind of the same philosophy. If the sport of hunting in sport fishing going to continue. On you gotta keep interest up of young people that's never been harder than than what it is in today's society. Kids now wrapped up in Internet world and full world in texting in surfing the net and faced booking in. As far as you know getting out into the woods and on the water. Unless they're exposed to it in in and done in conjunction with the other activities they doing you got the ball sports a lot of kids planned travel ball now and the commitment that takes does not alone to get out on a fish so we encourage them to go out and then. Right about this story about what it is that this is not journalism misses more. A ball. The experience. And how they describe it in what they felt when they went mountain fished. And we get to award we give one to the mail on in the year one to the female. And over the years some of these of Perry all warming stories. Usually takes place with parent or someone close to them that takes them and get some involved in it. And to hear that there retelling of this tale was just so rewarding it is to you know for the first time morrow in recent times. The young people to go through the experiences that a lot of us have done years and years ago. And hopefully we never lose that enthusiasm for the tonight's award winners is going to be special to me. Of the male youth on of the year is gonna go to a a young man named Seth at party. Seth as a student at North Shore high in Slidell. He and his dad. And his grand fallen and I have on it for a number of years. We've on India together but primarily we ought Turkey owners and Seth and his program pol. Went out. Two seasons ago and Seth bag his first while Turkey which is no small accomplishment. And he wrote a story about a I have not seen again images of the read it. But it was chosen as the best for the male youth on the year awards so will be. Great to be up there at the table with Seth when he accepts his award by the waist up as a pretty good a pitcher in the all shall baseball team on the wave. He makes time that'll is involved in schools in the good student but he's also a good athlete. And obviously enjoys his hunting is on his way to become. A good so congratulates deceptive party will have the names and the stories. Next week when we return from on active. I something else going on take a look at our calendar here. As early as tonight if you're looking for a place to go out and here's some great entertainment some music and songs. While you have a great dinner enemies suggests for neo landing. It's over at end of Pete on road only on to trying an awful highway 51 in the loss. Slobodan drive from the city or the North Shore but it's a pleasant drive. And that wrote on the line takes you through a sniper's Walton when you hit the shore of lake pot to train. That's what the two story restaurant is that inside outside dining specialize in seafood but there's something there for everyone. And my friend Reid Alleman is going to be performing net tonight. Alive performance from 730 till 1030. So if you happen to stop by America it's so great meal. Say hello to crystal amendment to the harassment and enough sailor read about today it would be the one now playing the guitar. And sing you might even sing the theme song you've spoke to me if I love it takes requests about the telling below is that it's about. And also on the calendar coming up on next Friday. It borrow less than a week away now for the re opening day of the Louisiana shrimp season this is the fall season. Some people called the white shrimp season in the way this works is. Of the commission of the apartment wallet and issues which is does the body that dictates. Policy. They give authority to the head of the department secretary who is Jack month has said are you on the show. He gets the option to. Set opening day's delay them depending on the biological technical data's how you do. Proper management feature set that date statement that every year. The same conditions don't apply so. What he does as he takes input from his fisheries interim biologists. They give him the data. And tell him win the optimum time to open the season would be to get the maximum yield out of my shrimp crop. And that has been determined that'll open at 6 AM August 18. And that will be statewide opening. So you able to go out now or misuse room now remember a few recreational trawl you do need a you license. In addition to you fishing license and long limited. By the size of the crawl on how many pounds trip you can catch. You're not quite sure bodily need to brush up on regulation just getting started to. Recreational trawling suggest you go to departments. Wallet and fisheries and look up the shrimping and all the regulations and rules will be. Also a talked about this earlier on the show this morning. First album I ever heard of one of these. A lot of you probably familiar with Pope rounds and how they work well this is going to be a EU. Mud Bo do you of course being Ducks Unlimited launches. Waterfowl conservation organization in the world I'll always said without Ducks Unlimited I don't think we have the upcoming anymore I think the Lanza well those birds. Breed and feed. Would have been in turned into agricultural. Property in. We would no longer have enough books and so on an island and fortunately because of the work of Ducks Unlimited setting aside areas. Promoting the sports of the upcoming news outlets but make no mistake about it. People who bird conservationists is fine. But the hundreds of the ones that pay the bills we buck for the ducks fans who by the licenses. The special taxes on the equipment that go to that the US issue laws service. Without hunters it without Ducks Unlimited. There would be no war now at least not in significant numbers to where we can. Take an overabundance of them and hunting while this Pope Ron is designed to raise money for the most short chapter. It's going to be at the Madison build Riverside bar. Two weeks from today Saturday August 26. You put up a hundred dollars per hand as the entry fees and you register at a place called cool deals river and rye. That's in the Madison bill area. And that will be Friday night before from 710. Now the stops for the poker run will be at Riverside ball where it starts he rivers. Coke keel river drive radiology which is up to four to rip and then back down to Riverside bar all the proceeds circled Ducks Unlimited. And if you wanna get tickets here is the way to do you in the goal on line at the EU. Poke or run dot com and they don't welcome all boats that it's called the mud boat poke. Here the prize structures the fifth best hand. Wins a hundred dollars. Fourth it's 200 dollars. Third baskets 300 dollars sect in its 750. Dollars in a cool 999. For the winning poker. And if you wanna Howell works in all the details again go to the EU. Poke or run dot com we'll see if they'll stick to notebooks are limited each area has a local chapter in the tapped as a duo. Tremendous job getting the volunteers to go out and put on banquets and they have I have auctions. Silent auctions in all kinds of ways to raise money and so many of these green wing days in different events. It's a panel left up to the chapters on how they wanna do so this is a unique poker on do you mud boat poke on Saturday August 26. Tickets in details at the EU poke Enron dot. And I we got about a minute left to go on this now we come back we gonna be joined by department of wildlife and fisheries biologist. My name is Catherine Norman. And she's going to be talking about wildlife and fisheries looking to add more landowners and owners. And trappers to battle it has become a destructive road and damaging. Thousands of acres of coastal land since it was brought over here as an invasive species way back to 1930. And she's gonna explain how this program is expanding now and I you know might be able to get involved in also off. In the talk more about that recreational fun I'm meeting if you interest in becoming a fishing guide at charter captain Moody's and details on the meeting that can help you do just that.