The More Outdoor Show And A Blast From The Blinds Hour Two

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, November 11th

Don and Martha take you out to more blinds.


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And Martha Spence is also in studio with a some mosques they can Texas to an 87 EA Sony not a lot of text Ehrlich and downright advertising practice and get their ducks and gone home already on wasn't great running morning it's been but we only decision persons out official ladies angle rats whatever we come up with. That's Fisher ma'am that was schools in the. I don't believe I've not heard in you know it seems like it should be an obvious and the music man is an. Let's get Ashley Ferguson's opinion on that Ashley good morning. Then it's funny what. And what should we how should we refer to a woman who finishes we've got some choices on a poll on taken from a website. And we've got everything from angler that's deficient ladies deficient women to fishermen. Somebody even put hookers and so I'm auction block out. Well would you say is a proper term to use a would you like to be called as a woman of issues. Picture. Mr. man found very. I've. Really given it much. I said get this is not something you really think about but I guess. I like fisherman and I think that's getting it. Yeah and when he does and you know corporate get a anglers and Harold. But at the Birmingham but anglers I think seems pretty. Gender neutral. So a lot of ladies dumb and that they don't mind being called the fishermen because it's like man kind nor humans I mean it's kind of nondescript fisherman can limit. Yeah I don't mind that there at a time any any but I am I'm on board the scene. A full day. Can't say I wonder if so for folks I went out and did a story with actually that two years ago we kind of trap and tag did in the lake Eleanor that Chad's got there and if that is on how big it is an. I know. Where Kenny. Is it. Yeah I think I think my tractor per couple of months old at so that's so cool. Yes I think you let belief. That's Agilent Toobin probably got the somewhere around. As you you. Your fishing area that that star just came in messed everything up and I'm sorry to hear that but I'm definitely in the same boat that was goes up that meant they tube but. Tell us about this event. We did entry Abdul. Eighty missing radio and I think. And I for double but the earned ultimately. All. Yet that I'm and that people excited and and come out on Saturday it would that the next Saturday November 18. At Jason hopman memorial foundation crush it in radio. And it's going to be held at robins war and idol should formally adopt. And registry and is. That it that on angler was minimum very anglers purpose and we all have a big after party that is in our 2 o'clock. And that includes you Kent comes after party. And if you wanna come after party on but there have food injuring. And a wrap up on the auction items and we had some really awesome sponsored calm out and we have picnic coolers and Tito's. Gonna be there. Along with many many more you know I just can't think there. Actually sent. EU work for wildlife and fisheries but even just to coast is is a real special thing to you tell folks and if they don't know what does the justice. I bet that there is a nonprofit organize and and we agreed money. To. Give people like altering illnesses but a chance to go out on the water and it has been it's advocate. And not let founded this city and what what was your inspiration for this. I'd sit them down my bat he had cancer and he he had liver cancer and heated argument there be and he is an avid injury he loved the outdoors. And he had a belly and I saw you know a party that. And sales for his first day September we gave him a chartered in apparel and there are a lot. A comedy and that this you know what the trip app. Marc train annular capped an out of empire on him that they can shore and calm water and it you know he had some machine because Cuba there the can affect how the fund reacts to your and then. Always respect comedy and then. Mark yeah overly accommodating gray matter. Could be making a anarchy. For a lot of folks again get out there I think it's a great us. Absolutely. Oh thank you end. You know though we pay people think things failing on that create we do anything to get people in the water really. Shake out mayor. Just you know the date today and appointments and you know things like it we try to get them out there in the water and fresh air right now paralyzed public. Beer you know that but the whole. Organs that are all that like and for bailing out what. Do you protect thank you bring up that very family members. And pepper and are on a sailing trip or just spend it on. This bit. On Saturday. Is. The opera. And it's raising money to benefit advocate of such as my organization. Now it's called the crush rodeo what it would is that effort in. Yet they'll think I'm hopman the organized and it named after. Was just. It Google Margaret you know wonderful. I want a charitable heart loved stepping on strain and when he would go to England different it is. You know Allan green they use that there crossed you know though. They get it yet. Picture that the pictures of the partners at temple erected in the enjoying Utley and he. Suddenly passed away and then an end accident. And this organization and created this year. In order to just keep the spirit alive and to help other organization. These are going to be people lie to that problem more and contribute resources. Other organizations that that is what is an and they picked it advocates and our first year what we're honored. Yes absolutely. So. And it is very there and have it count because we had a missing her album art they are testing radio. This event on Barry and and lineup and at 3 o'clock in the morning all that happened is an important beer and make. That all might well you know. I guess I only early but early or. In the tunnel chipper and happy. Or and he recommended calling K. Danny. LL. All McCain and he's. I. Could be imminent one minute he hadn't but. Loaded up yet of course you know live I you know the up. And and because of that happening. Hoffman is gay and white. She is has the measles Matt into the April though and all the weight. She even. Found out about it and so the that it has it because of that. Crazy things happening you know. You know. Com what about all play and being seen in court you know you know how things went so. And then being noble thing and we're so incredibly happy to adequately met the people that are in the optimal grip on them because they are all absolutely wonderful. Quickly giant party people. And we've got to admit it all went through all these people that it and Henry. Yes exactly and they think you know coming up and it. And anybody is an area and it even if you can't basically Mumbai on November 18. Is there registration. Is and now on line and you can. Jay Hoffman foundation dot org read bury him on of course. Com and into the bar Ling and come say hi. Categories of Fisher you have national. And it means apple wrote graduation and all I hit it similar rules in topic in radio. We. We kind of adopt this column for a bit further and. I wanna get in on the semi that the call you later and see if you can help finally vote. Yeah. Capital at a best seller for you when. I go let me it means that need to be runs. All. You know I think. An important I don't think so one of Britain's state and I'll tell you these people are black bully their. And well. And guess who are on good angle on it and now be calling you know. And we'll see -- seasons that you integrate paying an as degree turn that light right now looks likely that should cooperate hopefully better than us and if one does bad this time blame an on moan loudly and RD day indeed enough this year. Gonna say that the letter of commitment. Ultra her more than anybody I don't come I didn't think you'd done are at a mile and the all I look forward to beat I think. Always have one more thing before you go asked the asked about that the voting on a pole the bottom and Els who finished below current. I'd the leader is fishermen. 36%. Then we have us second place anglers at 16%. Then we have like a five way tie between the issue women. Fisher ladies Fisher cats Fisher girls. And hookers at 9%. And say hello and zero for angler and it's that's just due date. I think. This man Elena here now official ma'am we have to add that mighty sweep the category. Yes well. There in lights. On unfortunately I'm not I'm going to lighting Gerald but. Happy again and put it on the team and it got it and they yours it's. It. And I thanks banking regulations on the event albeit a big town. It is coming back after this I will resume aren't opening day of duck season alive from the blind reports we get a check in with Mike binge at the velcro corporation. Find out how they're honing his in this morning and also got a fun out we got to know Martha Ryan Lam it did he get his last did. You think he's gonna have I think he's one way or the other would be right back down to be bought the Spencer you'd tuna. More outdoors right here on 105 point three FM HD two radio. Almost a little break talked a little fishy with Ashley but back to my duck blind reports and Mike bans have dealt a pro corporation joins us now enough Monaco article out this morning is a huddle he's still on the block. There are not got hammered out. Such since you at all. A lot of it's about Bob. Burns and shut off your order restrict cubic dot hi. Most of you know coming that are important. Market where you're. We always bring ducks whenever we get them on the ducks warrior and. You know I was I was wondering I was speaking yes that looks listening don't think any at this stage they do but it's not his actually live action we did have one report today to make it fair game and make it seem you know one wasn't as perfect integrity of this of this song Lotta action. Well what was the result there might. Not hurt another teal. Well I hope Gary shoots better with a shotgun and doesn't the cameras today and hopefully get that done. Action min non mostly keel and we that's kind of expected in your area there now but you know yup delayed and now maybe the big councils don't work and it sounds like you guys are ready to wrap up. Bitter about who we're gonna Warburg and irritable Viet. What it very. Sounds amazing and now. How is your habitat is submerged or aquatic vegetation hot it is fair through Nate. Real well. Watered. Out there are. Other art. So are. Everywhere. Africa all right AJ. Where are sure. Effort or. Were open and I. So odd. Ball out. Oh. But ago. We're talking to Mike Benson Della grow corporation and a Mike is out there in velcro area. Mike you know ever since you or basically a child you've been gone out there and you've gone ahead a lifelong battle with water high instance how is the highest since situation and. But a lot right there are still your idol expert edit them in your spare oil law. In it if the battle there and grab the life well opt out if you're opening morning. Wow congratulations. That's amongst them Gloria La. Yeah. Yeah. You guys have had a long standing tradition inherited job no and you're dead Don and you know all the guys and he came out there Witten use your brother and all your friends and people you work with a mean you think back over fifty years how many memories era you know how many ducks how many dog you've been through how many people be wrong mud boats. Incredible. Or. One. It's the problem is here. Build the bird. Is the and certain simple one off. But it was a lot more I thought it would pop lived now but. And so what were killed so all good. What should never came in the game fresh water. And Byron yeah actually yeah. I'll buy the Euro in early. And you know if that is you know necessarily. Welcome gone. That we. We. In the move outside of what it was. Gobbled it and they did you know. Hopefully we're very. Maybe they'll all the way it should it cloudy and somewhat old. To get. Such a what. Inadvertently. Come from good. I talk to Gary are you don't ask. Rob rob. Where our poor bird Hoover as remote as you go to deal. My what other habitat changes have you seen since the version came in and correct and think in it you'll hunt and primarily I've seen noise to grass martian and now that's changed much more to a wow fresher going in immediate time Mon. Ruin more trees growing more than you know. That equipment because of crowd wants him out yet you know. Mumbo. Like over the country. Back to Russia and the law the court off the the about. Well. It depends on what type the Doug you want but I gotta tell you they have done some honors this was role in court says. He had a good constant it was almost over early and in point mission and it ahead of mixed ahead tenth grade ducks mixed in with the TO he probably had the biggest mixed bag mixed bag but the one that was the quickness we have in eighteen minutes. Who was that's how did the birds that I was it was at eight restart and gave them yes yeah he had they killed 24 ducks. In nineteen minutes and we'll work on and on five more speckled bellies at that point. I think probably you know opening day it's going to be in the matter. Almost everybody seemed to be pretty close to a limited not already win. Has won all fun and that was Kirk's cancel you know captain Kirk out from hacked very rod gone on cal issue. He said they had a loaded ducks does and as late as yesterday went out this morning and don't know whether one. They admitted they went over there and it's from office admitted he went to Delacroix. Also a lot of did you say things I have an unusual high numbers of blood no breeze was using late migrants a lot of people see and ovaries. But it there tomorrow or river. No I'm not my doctor put me off limits in on I got this laying off I have the shoulder. Surgery on still recovering from it and he suggested on and not do it so I'm listening at a dock them in a good boss. For burger. As soon as second let me lift my left dome of high enough the whole battle. Michelle it's gonna come back T this is an and I think it's going to be good Gigi you for you need to wait does that mean a bigger award later in the season I guess I'm trying to think. Well I did buy a five pound and LE twenty gauged in the kind of think and I can almost you've now won and he's he's no decision I think before this season ends up. I will I'll have some shots at. In Oakland get down and would you again Mike it's been too long since I've been. Making in the next. The producer until it. Get it done thanks for the call Mike appreciated in the best of luck on these. Your eyes it's my Benz Delco corporation and from that we don't go too far away in fact he may be back at the dock now get ready to do them that casting point of this blast and gas. I'm talking about captain Chris like we spoke to earlier who was evident Britney good trip the F 22. By 7 o'clock. How's that isn't over yet Chris was on the hunting park. Yeah yeah we. We. Cooking for. Me wait a minute who's accustomed to here what analysts ST gotta cut the captain breakfast. Good we'll give us an idea what's on the menu. Looked like cigarettes from. Side there are little you know beauty. I'll have had any extra low low low cal locales stuff is not calories and next and no real threat now than justice. I'll believe it does Alicia assignment yep. Back trapped in the morning on to be yet have a good party breakfast after that you know you're standing burning lot as well on account you don't get temple. Sure we we finished about not water on the Huey edge. Breed them because it job searches so. Again and finished well out there and it's like I'm I'm at the marina right now looks like. And come back and you know shut their limits or close to it will feel like everybody they do it. Soul of the fishing is it going to be targeting reds. Prospects of both. We we red fish yesterday into if you try. Today. But it like we've talked about it or and so those are some else about it it seems like it will content. There's no intention to do it well. Depict probably forty minutes ago. It. But it is an absolutely does stick around I think addresses dance my villains. Doable it's it's all about 1012. Our show you know luckily all the other inside and well. I use and also we get out to win four. Sure so well are you Mandela crawl on the migration of the trop fully up into the into areas now is is still half outside some inside. Bitter they actually from the top of black day all the way submarine I mean they're just. Everywhere. That the better church built Ford outside. There's some growth but not so the better. Closer in that might not be is the one judge. You got to work on a little bit more but they're they're pretty finish inside the marsh. And I mean they're from. Right here literally. True point seen him and he. They comp time alt wade in to push and I don't it's a big card mean Americans that is. It is is this look at the you know moving further and when I go and that that's where our network roll it back care and so you get anywhere systematic trying to get some pot. You get it I'm sure I am very in these plastics. Yeah I've been upgraded ticket that bill and in the actual. Jim what they want but I'd say another Cole. It will be long. Christian oh. Your area has shown no of proliferation you know bass Ameen has always been vast but it's gotten better over the years. How do you treat bass when your positive vision do you customers like illness India to think that it could become a target for you to go after bass down. It's it's funny at me yesterday we got on a little. Come out of Woodstock on every the bridge straight well. I mean justice as we can throw it and then. We got from north and it won only one believing that it. And it is the best suggests it's more towards Portland. Where you get fresh water flow. We've seen at all on whether richest lewd. The problem you come into is a lot of I'm all they want or Shura which is you. You know it's only Ketchum La trip well you know. You know Europe that you wanna spend debater like. Well. Yeah patients to clean and they taste great ethnic a lot of folks that come here from other places party have their mess in one hour rents and maybe that's not yak. You from out of town it's like why travel so Greta do what I can do at home they want that UniCredit fish but for the locals up like a lot of locals of this government you know he's out. In fact that one was two years ago I was down efficient and Allen crow and it was two guys and flat boat and they were clearly. Targeting bass they would catch and one bad assets to nominate we use and pop in court and alive responded didn't think anything about it they went on for their ten best and go all. Yeah yeah yeah it would it's funny every bestseller clean you've never seen insurance and we all search or you know little but. Mandated care that's a lot around. I can not see many things and her. Well let us sounds like you know way to winning a man look this is just to begin and I know is seeing you at the end of the season man and you look kind of haggard. You know could you put a lot of long days between them the continent get up early and then go on back in the afternoon and vision and get moment. In and talked and a custom isn't broken more trips. For sure yep it's it's just the again and that. We we have a policy issue I don't know. I mean it looks like the feed all. Toward. I think what we. It gives you more front he's stuck in the status should be should be great all year long and I'm looking forward to certain. You know let this season I'm ready partition plan about weekly radio apart again. On the same way occasionally you'd talk about the he'd be in there and not only is it good because birds and arrive in from the north lawn of migrating flights out of gonna find that stake. But it also is gonna draw birds in from a there is a typically hold and I'm talking about the mile to the rim. They are serious could seriously compromised down there as far as defeat in their concern that the birds are gonna arrive and not stay. And you'll get that bounce back effect as long as you've got what what does it primarily which in grass that you go. Yes yes a lot of ways younger this year you know you richer you are Joseph Alba. The the waiting grasses. It will go to black. There's more of it. Come on edge a little bit more or. But. You know I think the good thing about crew and a place like then when you had people vote their good days. Well he's ducks Margaret then I'll have to go mystery upon what it obviously it shut you know a little bigger than it would defeat seen them. The track Goldberg in and hold them and that they can you know move from there but it. But yeah it's. We're there and do a lot of the war on this year which you know I usually do a lot of weight exceed that of the big there goes that Opel. Sounds like you sit in the catbird seat he got the feed you got the ducks is need the weather to keep pushing them down with France and should be good throughout the season. Yep yep it's it's definitely a good still would've. Taken it like. Our local school or go to. Well I'm not gonna keep you from that breakfast back strap any longer go get it done though it's got to be done by now and thanks for talking with us in the somebody wants to. Call you up and do a fishing and all hunting trip vote element phone number. What about our poor. Fourth the for seven. And web site. Order and I are there again Chris thanks as always we appreciate it good talk and he will be talking to these prophecies. Yes sir. Righty that's Chris pike captain Chris bike on successful. Blast part of his trip and now he's opened for the successful and on the casting down and dale. I will be back right after this sock continue our conversations. Martha might be hard to get guys still in the Barnes and all did so well we got to get captain Kirk back in front nine he's doing. And of course we're not gonna keep you in suspense Ryan Lambert look and full 13. With thirteen year old Clayton out there will he or will he not Lehman SA de. I think it will be right. I do we have captain Kirk. Noted earlier he's enthusiastic yeah you sound better the last time you kind of befuddled and you'll wondered where the ducks went on a back. And I am I there are little slowed just a late scheduled flight that's. And where we were down about thirty minutes feel oh and while it's like you must have a surge. We had a bird's. They're not in love with Jack and got out great because it gobbles up more if you get the boat to get back to quiet. Sounds like a trip back for breakfast roll what did you what was the breakdown on the species. All able to get all was well when it was slow there are we wish couple's adult couples don't worry your area of the world. You know multiplied and or way to bridge. Think that's interesting because we've there and we even here and I'll these reports of he'll over here and not too many of those at all. Having your location. And it may be that the people of the shoot the teal over this way it just taken a bird's early you gotta wait almost grade onstage only gonna fly later and that's obviously what happened when you cart. What about that move waited fewer. I. Well is that too late don't have to wait till tomorrow. Oh. The bird said you shot carrot does it look like immature birds lord young birds. Are. Are part. Have all been getting less and less green heads down each year. But we don't we know our. In fact what would you vote on its earnings statement. We don't our comfort or Marbury or what they found that in order. Solo. Reform. That we don't go. Abundantly geese. But still we pretty much all. The mall here in Asia are saying. And we felt. Great to be no doubt about. Eight feet and decent year I've got if you single digit. It. Yeah they have changed their flight patterns yeah I don't know whether that's because of Marsha wrote ageism or because of different. Agricultural practice changes or whatever but they certainly changed their routes. They it's a couple of things though are a lot a lot of at a they don't burn down here Mo for grass that's what it's. So. Yeah. I love these groups political. And they're so there's some local football. Ought to also the misery that doubles they're a lot east. Yeah it's. Smaller version of shortstop and animals back. Currently all done for the day you guys gonna finish this afternoon. Being well we've got available. Dumbo. He got a game coming on is almost almost two hours influence over him. What brought about only through debris do something and. Now while it's an exciting game we won't map. Well if we can do we by the full fishing report we did get some reports on your area this morning that the Trout in very close me all up in lake Korean. They gave. This week is that we. Have been more reputation. Well. On the air it just terrible. But it will pay you know much. But that there are you. All. That well. And what about that flounder Iran is is still going on you got a little long shot the only a couple weeks back you start to pick and coupled. It's just not. Quite yet they should be mobile should be. Any. Reason and he you know. I don't know if you know we'd they were big right. For about three days. Third in our party with all of war and I think we'll catch. I record their curriculum and it it that would go away about pre race and it. If there slope out. Well he'll be back out tomorrow. And the next day and. In oh well that's that's the life in it's and boy I tell you buddy can get on ya know. If I go duck got three days in a row I need a break man on the break it's it's it's always hard work Ritz enjoyable but it's war. Idiots it all worked for for our partners set up fielder but it's probably at its nickel that we know we have. Well apart what ordered because. We've only heard of one that. Well it Decourt or does it more. I think Gotti was not a good Shannon. Tell you have probably now with the spinning going the causes a lot more decoy shot you know it and when he gets real hectic and chaotic in the birds this woman everywhere around Italy gets you off of you and wings go now. 000. Look great dark until you glad it did turn around so quickly for you mid and we brought to sir luckily dog to the I must admit it we brought you some blocked it tundra around awful quick boy. You or. It's like being. Hasn't the book quote catch up with the again next week good luck to on the weakened hopefully yield you know continues succession at today. The correct stance so let Perry run and gun a little late Joseph are well we got to take a break in the will not long unloaded the audiences suspense they all wanna note did you I didn't he get that final Byrd was talking about Ryan limits it's now thanks ethnic questions going to be what is an am pleased. Back with Ryan Lambert and wrap up of more outdoors or right after this quick time. What do you thing moth that video didn't I'm gonna say apps you think he's got a Obama thinks. Opt out would put money on and he's got that list birdied and only had a young economy and exchange you two in the talking about Ryan Lambert. Been with us all morning kind of struggling to get that last bird where everybody else is Marty back strapped campuses though. Riley you you've finally done well. It. It. All you've got to him that these old and I got to current very. Well question one issue and made sure that but I'm. A lot of people have discovered that do. I asked what was. Great day out that aid. Float in and cool in trouble. Look and we use of government and yes this is it will. It got a little bit more in our attempt just perfect. Everything great. What kind of gun was young Clayton shoot well it shouldn't well. You know. The two could be pretty how big boy is he. Be. They would it be like surely the bow and any. You don't listen and then you knew she would she want she saw all. As somebody on his. Actually it's gonna game as well yeah when your magician battery. Makes you on. Yeah I think I'll pitch is go out. Well. There. So is is the day Donna is inefficient in the for access athletically and ambitious and want to market fish and ducky in or get carded. A we didn't efficient report from you and a whole my dad just spin all by even in the wind. Conservation programs out C Mac in in what people all over the country. Every consummation group in the country. In week I don't know bull is four days ago in a mob rule it's your grandma 15200 schools were folks. It was unbelievable and people from that what from. More. And it. Hot today it wasn't that island number as the way you on bull reds OK it was created anyone complain. Now what was a pattern cattle like last time you and I went though a lot of mullah bust them up on and stuff. We note it was actually blow blow water Magid. Ordered he does a pretty obvious. You know we are dual core goods and want to water. On the war let me trials. No doubt so all of this humble clobbered because Wednesday. Greed out well. The law and make a. Yeah it's kind of been a mystery fish this year as far as what happened you know one of my theories could be that. You know all that that chemicals that they put in doing the BP spill. You know Eric trickles down the bottom and and as far as they know flounders are. On offshore in very deep water and related net them a little late in compromised in that muck hopeful and. You talk good divers on they'll probably get on the plane coming in to come about. The bottom there is good watch. But that's that's you know we've the same problem but while you know mullet. It'll see the giants school the most likely used to that peace could come back pretty used to be. Yes acres and acres and with that war in her long time to recover. Then then got scale every. Every rule in Gasquet I mean there's. I don't know how it makes you don't know the bill problem. I'm meant to ask you that early and forgotten Bob didn't know what the situation is is actually getting worse instead we get better. Yeah it's really it's it's outbreak now everywhere you go in and giant. Rest should get my dad went up every single rose mr. mellowed McCartney and right there but. He did got scale. What we're talking about as a mealy bug that. There isn't news affects so many things that besides just the fishing in the running resources mean you know oil and gas in the shipping in. Everything in and that jumps over in his thoughts into the McCain and some of them crops and in rare even more. Well you know in the right bodies which is what we call rules gain you know is dead and they. It. We love it would have taken two big threat to knock them back this hurt us. Yes more have a debt efficient that they can. You know eight game is not expected by. Years good. Lines but as Purdue and been. In that as. The scale. Is that political analyst Eugene does the purple yell as mere actually had to meet them as we that need to scale. It turns purple eagle what is Asia is proper name and that. It is the area. Oh. Well speaking of purple and gold you guys would be you know I got a lot LSU football to be watched them at the lodge on. Yeah I missed. All in all baton gotten a limousine in oh earlier all of a friend yeah that's what was exude bird you know border. There in the united I'll be home games which you battle that. You know I want a way to get really you life so we can just. I'm not like you can watch the game. Leave this Smart men and figure out they can get heard and as it does need to figure out the right way to new. I don't limit me in little drugs Arab all the way Aimee and did so. It's. And I'm like yeah. I mean the problem is lack of reality glee I'd be here on the Hannity. None at all. By the way we had grant on the line and he was now working on a good hunt that we lost steam somewhere in them in the shuffle out the and a. He didn't give up and it notre. They got yeah well see yeah quietly and buy it out we got. Somewhere in. Only token. Is in my wings won 10 Calgary. And they did he regretted. Everything here. Here's ours and at. Yeah is he gets him down then that's one of the few places you'll find him there in up on cattle will likely get get a flight of them out there but for the most part. While most places don't see any relatives. Well it certainly. Does it everywhere in and then Mexico. And they think it makes already is. Inadequate moderator big frustration printed in the world and it'll get split. Now just got a text and somebody said it before it is not the agreements and blogs and talking on a whole different thing. That they didn't want no it is not. So. You got what they don't want it bought it. Net. Now well you know had a great day yelled back data on how many more straight days. Every. We think it at all we think the thing in the big. Would that article that they are in the local. Christmas. We just put them out and it's great great great great life as you can get them. These orbital flight rules won't think about. That it be a great picked up. Yes indeed yes indeed. Orion congratulations on a grade open day on hope you all continue to do that throughout the week and throughout the season and as soon as this'll shoulder gets ready obviously I'll be calling you. Albeit an academic Watergate or would it be that got you. I've got one remember. It all mean well now really might even read about it here I. Yeah Ewing coach show you Elaine. Egos Brian Lambert on what what a great day full Indian duck season can recall doing this every year losses. Some years it's not nearly as high as well just keep people like all well. Is that so many things can go wrong and you get now on front with that sucked in effect before the front. And it draws in Poland titles urge yet and you got a full of water room over and above your blind flawed the ducks they don't wanna land and especially when you look for early season teal. Like that real shallow water as a small duck and needed to pop the needn't. So a lot of times it can actually ruling yet on when you got these late season storms urges that would come in and evidently Webb was pretty much ideal for. What Tyler in this morning is. I always think the weather in the sky you know his Estes went condition in Cuba at it and how the weather in the sky affects the weather in the water. How that affects indexes on them I never really thought too much about the now knowing that the tides and how that affects that's it's some even think about. It's everything will Lambert on Sonia you can be sit there and I don't know how ovals ducks know it but. You know they can bills at all shall avail wrapped up out actually on edge of the Gulf of Mexico as soon as the tides start stood to withdraw when they can get in the in the units now. They sense that some kind of way I don't know whether it's through barometric pressure. Although the one waters move and underneath their feet and they feel it but boy here they come he was absolutely right about that. The great avenue Martha Stewart in mr. efficient and talent and the more radio shows hopefully. I just got to wrap it up will be back again next week five to 7 AM with the outdoor show on network version and will be back Kia for more outdoors. In fact next week we gonna be doing hunt fish talk will be Jumbo windy billion Keith lush ship. And also talk and guns with. DeVon Burgess and Gavin century ball they got a lot to talk about with this latest. Good samaritan with a gun and good guy with a gun turn things around in Texas and will be talking about that. And lots of other issues deal with have a great weekend and happy veterans day and all you.