The More Outdoor Show And A Blast From The Blinds

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, November 11th

Don Dubuc and Martha Spencer let us in on the Bliss In The Blinds.


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And we do have Martha Spencer and hear what this today it's the opening day of duck season a very special show we do this each year. On opening day we take you around to various duck blinds all across the state interrogated the feel of it Martha we got some people responding how we got some wanted to dump on up on cattle late. Northeast Texas on the border of Louisiana coast Shreveport always great to hear you keep up the good work. Wedge up there at Telus are you don't use you see in many ducks that you get close to you limit also that people out of thanking us saying it's almost like being named here in the the gunfire. Legalize it it's not feel exactly. And it's triggered and airplanes is you have to that's it. Let's go to Della grow we got captain Chris pipe joining us now hey Chris does go on out there and they'll accruals on like a war zone yet he mattered the most. You know I heard an open and then along comes said that last year you topical issue. I think this year about double what you will. What kind of birds the LC and and and and take it Johnson. We. One into right now again that mostly all feel aggregate with very grave. Did actually a lot of a lot of period well we have children that. I but in a lot you know that we position which is early in unity and in the compound later that. That. And holly issues do. Aid they are lower. Well that's putting it Molly and those obvious it right next. Are. I will you know we've been laughing about it all morning we ultimate Sony just been on the on that you. Therefore. They did it it's different program and so our man you know. It was good to be pretty windy this morning we don't have anywhere out here. That's where the insulin on serve it differently told him that we diner earlier Natalie is that insular but you know we were just talking over from garrison it sounded a little windier down and don't close at the glass and I think it's in an area and the region. Yep yep so. Yeah. Left that accuses. These aren't probably and there. But yeah. So you got to want to comment on Tuesday I was. Or so you get 24 your only two lately. That sit and hope. And live here on lottery you should now. On they've been responded to the call is it just now like Doug you. Yeah don't you mean it's pretty much and a couple of abortion should be poetry they commoner. It. In remote from. Europe because it well or. To. Try to work. Have been in a while we. Again it all here. In new chip. Level will take the field. Yeah and you know steal it if you want them. Then usually an earlier flyers and then as the morning way a little bit in the great start get more active and sometimes it takes patience than I mean how many times have you. Passed up limits appeal waiting on the Grey's and they don't show off. Exactly and and you know it's so hard thing to try to decide but I try to tell people should you know take witching did. You never know though very dark and they're very productive in this if you got windy day out covered it a day like today which I pressured all of the field definitely ago. Is this a blast and cast trip was strictly on. Would in an efficient Triplett this speed and so they were a whole package so give us though what to plan is going to be for the fishing in Delacroix later. The the truck have really been there are forced lately all the all the pictures inside for their you know fairly close. Pro fat right now seen a couple friends mind an out there and an act adult related the last weekend I mean. Just the quality on them their real healthy yet there. Yeah mail it's. Most of it should be catching heat no clue he's. And you can tell they're just there has blown output and yet but a lot of good stroke we've been threats and you know we get the Brokeback bit. They statement Leo keepers twelve sixteen inches in. And I think going wins. When he twice file on the Oprah to pry out some really urged. But the decision on fire and and it's a good date for that as well so you got that day. A question I. No guides clean this for their customers you make that customers remembered you do that for a good question. Well it. And help you guide them. Yeah I mean I'll clean and the problem has. You know you have to leave the winning column and and transport of may so it's kind of like you know. My my questions here or not I just sent my round Q yes I'm still learning myself. You're helping me eighty things that it. Yeah most most guys taken with them including accounts so they claim that weight. But but no we we do clean and if it's you know that the guys need to do is no problem. Yes indeed. And how do you clean and do you want him the liberal plot to do you SCANA mostly. Mostly external. You know especially later you know other. I think with these CEOs you know appeal or pretty much as Oprah about. Us. If you get me in number do you. Keep your. And. I'll make them think that I'll like via like the proper wrapped in bacon and achieve. Okay see I'm glad you said hopper's because I and an argument not an argument but a debate with my boyfriend is an avid dot Connor and he calls and duct treats and I feel like that sounds like a dog treat obesity treatment that's their pop tires. I'm becoming popular this but they're up. I just got writes Chris these are smell just yet but and a in my dig in the name. Well Chris we may check back with you hopefully YouTube maybe still be in the black or maybe you'll be gone you get those next two birds don't take one more flight you guys will be I don't know if you shoot. Yep yep for sure yet again if India being a year ago. Somebody wants to book a trip with and we got a lot of people listen the smallness of an avid duck on it but it's counsel much funding in a dissident elementary. About Slaton went belly which is LA soul searching dot com. And you know it's the perfect time for her new book Connors and even kids and not quite cold yet you know it would upon so this is a great time to do it and does give difficult. All right thanks the report this on Burma today. Yes sir I we come back we got I got a picture in Moscow of calling my meaning me this is my little nephew drew yeah Adam. And my nephew my take is out there and they said that too shy of a limit now. I think I kind of running here because it's beautiful day out there is not frigid cold and action may happen yet and I deduct move better when it's nasty at but this it's they're. They're picking Dahmer and that's. Well we better put a call into this tool away from their limit they're going to be had not produce a system and ahead yeah policy would count birds they've got we're also going to be talk in the current stance so he's out and cal issue we're gonna head out west. And get his not take on what's happening out in the marshes of southwest Louisiana it is opening day of duck season. Wanna send us a message 870870. Directed to Martha sprints on Don did you go both will be right back after this time. And we also have a text message board open if you want issues attacks a 787 a mark dispenses with the sale on the opening day of duck season and we're spending these two dollars and are pretty much the whole show dedicated. To taking you out to the duct bonds all across the state is the opening morning for the cultural and west zones in Louisiana. And we have been getting some pretty good reports Martha mean people of the inning very close to their limits and were still before 730 year. Absolutely and it's getting busy folks are brat and I mean their within single digits of being done and will be back. You know at LSU game early they have breakfast take a nap and then wake up I want to game all the. Exactly and you know looking at the fly over a report from wallet and fisheries and look. Kind of dismal but as he pointed out Larry Reynolds walked files of the leaders of that you know sometimes. Places they'll have concentrations of birds and if they don't happen to fly that is one of the regular trans axles birds don't get counted. And people can enjoy a pretty good putt but overall he says it's. Quite a bit down from all what the birds Warren at the same time last year but that is subject to change. Let's stick gone out to Blackberry run and gun clubs at least Kirk stance alone without her on gun joins us now. Kirk us things out there in the Westin duck hunting areas of the state. You'll write. All it got him. And it got. Played pretty well this morning. That is more or. Logo. She. So far slow with the old feud. He birdied the step but it is. But right here like they were. Right well he sees the report the fly over I got said that there were 523000. Great ducks in the southwest part of the state. Which was about 63% of them out there but are strings in the report that they said that they counting more ducks in the brackets marsh. In fuel in the agricultural habitat the rice fields of southwest Louisiana than they would expect or you in the marched and yeah. And we. Thought. They always did you write. Team go ahead we will be listening. In. Or. Well I know would say don't come back I think I know with the outcome was. A gone down. As scared him away though he will be at the that was what got a bird wasn't describe what we heard. It. The widget and. Yeah it was a wicket here permanently. Got away. Got out. You know. And Alabama you have this season doesn't open until late late late season. All right cool yeah they could get a song now when no doubt about it. Well how long ya gonna hang on a typically if you if you're not seeing a lot of teel it is bigger ducks they sometimes oracle ultimately. Exactly how I doubt it very well. But the people without work and blab about it all and that they have a lot of books around so we don't like here we will try to get him thirty. Sure will good will get back to you in the next hour and now hopefully we can bring you some locked in font things have changed for. Thanks Erick we appreciate. Critics cancel my act very rod and gun that they also do a lot of fish you know that way in fact if that's primary business Smart decision over there and big late count issue. All that way out there Wesco would bar and that comes another big part of the business to donate to cast a blast. How many people this morning and shot at the same and I'd claimant and see who gets line that's exactly. I got a story to tell you about that's actually joke like Antonio neo Nazis. And let's get Mike Dubuque and he had simply in getting drew Dubuque in view who is probably one of my youngest on his started honing. Somewhere around the age of 34. Bullies who we have we have Mike or drew. Paid drill. This is uncle done in a missed Martha I you don't smaller. It what do ya gotta got a text of the picture in Europe they would uncle Adam and and and you dead from Mike in oh he said Joseph liked to away from the limit. That's great what kind of birds did Joshua what species. Are all. One bill who shot to go Marie. Oh. How many of each debt. He's got. Oh okay. There be any injuries in Georgia. What candidate shall. I'll. But you know ideas there's waited so we have trouble keeping him borrow. In he's a good little retriever you're on his and he's got a real pedigree does a good job yet those ducks the. They have it and do it from sit on the water there didn't it. Euro broke jemaah. But to brick at a bunch of old dude at the Bob. And well fortune that if we can't. A couple of there. So how do you Rick the shooting this open and day compared the last few over the you are you in Reggio to Della growers to. The average year. I mean it can't shoot. It and with it goes so. You know we're we you know when. Certainly did in an architect. Well each and every hole. In. Short here duck on the back and Gardner. So Ozzie gave detail performance. Amateur. I was concerned that the I am somebody aren't. But Leo in me in no. This morning watching it come out. A little can now jock well aren't we. We we. At a mighty. Good. To got a double. If the very. I router put on a clinic at the blues which you. We. It's been warrior out single and there. I do all of that and some of them that there. There are lower our started at the moment saying that we yeah. We'd like they're packaging and shelves. Yeah Everett it's been it's been pretty aggressive this news in the morning so. We. I think we're way no one or wait and see which group and they were just fortunate he pulled. Two and then you'll still be back in town to kick off our. We gonna have a big breakfast as they have been. At 11 o'clock starts going to be and I will be there. Live enlarged what about tomorrow you guys come back after tomorrow. Acting out you know we well probably the vote that the itself from. And even you know about it Sunday so instead. Do I know been relegated to Golan a day after opening day for twenty something years and look it's not the same thing. Maybe it'll Bennett may be tomorrow the weather will help a little bit with a little every again in Atlanta from the system. Friday at issue expert and many man Al today you know Milan against yeah first time in in 28 years I made open and it teal season because it was on Friday I need to get on the open a regular season on for a yeah Iowa. I don't know that. Well our work at market do the show from the duck blind I'll get Martha tecumseh in India I'll be on the up to a reports. Well. Let's breakfast at the on a choice stuff they bring to our stuff. That was a bit about early. In the urged footage you're get ago. Grow a flock Halloween in the ghetto. And I go out around wrecked as they have them surrogates in. And I'm sure we gonna have a speech so we get back. We want more on the and he'll be here. Beat them by 730 it's. Sounds like he'll have a good time congratulations on the on the good shooting today especially that's a little bit surprised and you got a couple on his and been out there and wallet. They get that done. It. I. Look at maybe we'll kill all you back later before you get out you can call us in economic if you're still Lebanon you guys. Oh yeah I'm expecting their platform any merit that. Oh. All right for a simulated drove. To. I have an area goes he's serious about compliment today amendment since he was four. I we come back after this time I'll get you a couple more duck on his own check out may be Roland Cortes found it on home he had a great speckled Delhi Guzman wherever he was decent some pictures. But I didn't get details of where he was signing he's also got access he does guided trips in Arkansas in the flooded Tamba. He's been trying to get me to go for years on gonna make it a point you know it is also against Jimmy Corley. Darren dig me therein Della crow there will let you was going on will be back and take adds more adopt must also gonna get an interview. With Ashley Ferguson about the crush. Fishing rodeo to benefit dose of the cults all that's coming up right here on more outdoors on 105 point three WW OF MH DT. And Markus Manson let us on this opening day of duck season in the west and coastal zones of Louisiana so far Martha surprisingly good number sports you know based on the fly over those statistics that we got from department wallet and fisheries. We're now joined by another professional duck on a roll and Cortez a roll and you hunting in the home area today. Payroll. No wonder if you can man. Elliott and that is and besides O. Line all morning. Again at some gunfire on the what to do it minister shooting getting back on May be putting hole. Only now maybe the shooting stopped Roland you there. And now what has gone we're a lot of gunfire. And oh. William admiral. All. What the Aussie and hasn't been. 00. All. The quick shoot new. Yeah. Oh. All. Well late night. All open all day and a little rusty although it looked like you got to shoot an analyst Billy geese who sent those. Oh yeah. You call. And he gave don't yen down and gave no. Oh what do you hear from law up in Arkansas yet his ass season opener anything on going on there. The world. Lots but upward reports of little old you out. Now and that area pretty much his success is determined by the levels of the rivers up there isn't. No. War. A lot. A potent Epsilon and why. Shouldn't. I. No it won't. Hold on. Do you think young speck of belly. This is once again I'm professing my novice this year but. It is usually easier. Unable to the bigger target the slow movement or is it just decide. The court. Just equitable for a while. A couple. Often don't get that netstat. And they don't they don't respond to decoy is as well as ducks to army takes a lot of column and you gotta be able to be patient and let him pass and pass and passed before they finally unit range. Yup. Are all well. We get it also involved in order. That. Well I'll put a spec go belly up against any water follows far as being good on the table that's my favorite and good stuff cook down Beckel belly goose that's tough to be. So lawsuit brought more. People. Won't call. Them out at all. Your. Own school. So tall. Or Roland do you think everyone around you and that point missionaries have in the same kind of success you won't hear a lot issued. All. Does all. This quite a few and you. Saw at all by the. Well well the was not ideal duck well but certainly not new we've had worse times you know issue. And I. Thought we. And a human with a doll given treatment. Yeah. Daisy how'd she do. I. You know those ducks they don't get rusty like we do you mean the dog days days once they got that man is forever. You don't all in the oh. Now who Roland glad John had a good hunt thanks for the update in now will be checked him back raise up the season and it's. All right have a good. From there around the point and shin area close to home let's go back to Delhi cruel and dig B Jones is now eight hours ago. I know what part of Delhi crow you run. Well we're out of the Ed is more toward east of Della Croat that more toward the bigger waters near lake private matter like amity. All okay well we talked to some folks up closer to the Reggio on you know come up against that wall and some of the real shallow flats there where it's a lot fresher water. And they are doing really well this morning and about you guys. They're doing give. Complain about we get there you. Bet 16 am looking at on the strip right here. And now we're old now or the last few birds we can I get a. Why everybody is about the same same mom market this time of the moment that is good what species down do you have some grays as a mostly deal. We've got a variety in this area it's merely have a lot of big so we have. We have and grades we expect green wings got all the way we've got so angry and we've got one which. And I'm surprised at how many reports this morning we've heard about duo agrees being here this is really early for those guys to be. There are tremendous amount of there I mean we've seen waves so waves today than yesterday morning and in Shelby area I mean right there by the arena lease map the way the coming off lake borne from the north of us out. At a reduced thousands on now or are you could. Do you think that that's just something that's unique here in Louisiana because you know over the years they've been report that they kind of on the down slide in they've cut back the limits on them because. Of the population below do you think there rebounded in May be their miscalculation on you think is just and anomalies that we happen to have them a lot of them here sickened Louisiana. I think it Abbott deal when you get the way that it puts in doubt that it congregate here so you know over all of the bigger picture may be that the numbers are down. That you would know that going to Colorado like more like a strainer to got across public sometimes. And a massive numbers. What's your favorite. Don't agree recipe. Do you have a special and he used his Adobe I got a couple of what about you. We always put men and it will make ducks it's or something else in the cook them longer able court trap to process. That's something you wanted to OL the press and in and there's a lot of band for a quick meal necessarily. A little bit bill strong for that I find that marinate them. In milk overnight or even a couple of days really helps lighten amounted to an end the lives on any two milk is a great man. And right. Yeah definitely we definitely employed that fact we've got amber from last year and this year he'll see in mandate net to camp right now so epic gumbo and the room today we get back to. Well I'll give you one that you might wanna try when not take of the ovaries and Alfie laid the breast. And then I'll marinate them in milk overnight maybe two days rinse them off. And then I'll take some olive oil and brushed the breast with a olive oil and and cut up the holy trinity the green Tampa. Onion and the salary and just kind of lay that on one of the breast and in place the other one over make like a sandwich with the breast. And put him in the oven at about 350 and let him go and let me tell you is that that marinate from the milk at some tender you can Cottam with a four. And I you name is sprinkled agencies and if you want that'll keep them and come out really good. And that that certainly sounds promising. We've been trying to unseat them you know a lot of people do. By that you know could be an opening day it was it was a command early on good flight. A lot shoot our order to degrade though area. It don't agree. Starting given us some passes so that it may be better take a few to get out of here. How was the shooters. Him marksmanship in the gulf war this more. There's this entry. An awful lot to complain about. We've NC pretty good at. It rates are now. Don't work in good as well. So so far. When he duking out is actually. In you put her son. If they don't have it that you can't instill them and they got to be on with a you can guide him into doing things. And help them learn and become more proficient but at the desires not them from birth it's that you got to think that we got a house there. It's great thing apart. And it in the air and buried a eight out about it and energy. So now no problem and he's a tall is he a big. Long now he's. That big. He's probably I can upper sixties around sixty. But. Oh physical torture. Well I know you hunt out of the Pete Drago kayak in you know you don't want a big 19100 don't jump in and the pew. It. Rattle him and applied. I understand you got some Gray's work and so we gonna cut it loose now but will be checked in with you throughout the season and also thanks to you reports with key closer on. Most jeweler pool we really enjoy avenue. OK. Okay. And I dignity you know one of a few reporters on it we come back after this break we get a check in with grant he's honing down now with. Captain Ryan and bureaucracy if he's done as well as is Ryan has all that coming up plus so honest special interview with Ashley far gazing -- tell you about a rescheduled fishing rodeo all for a very good cause. All that's coming up down to vehicle along with small dispensaries to know more outdoors on 1053. WW well FM HD team. I welcome back into us special opening day of duck season broadcast with taking off to. Duck blinds all across the coast and so far the reports have been well on much better than we expected given the results of the appointment laws and fisheries report on how many birds were in the state. Evidently the people we are talking tour in really good spots the only exception. So ball was Kirk's canceling out there and account issue area. When they had plenty of ducks reported him. For some reason open and it comes in the discipline him and hopefully that will change we'll get back to him in a minute right now we take you back down to bureau's. Early this morning we had captain Ryan Lam but it cajun fishing adventures on and he was just a couple of birds away from limit very early in the hunt. On one of his son guides grant Alterman joins us now grant house have been gone for you guys. All of you know Hungary where or shot there now. A bit. In a lot of healing. You know they don't get that weight on a quiet. How many guys oh in your blind. Our group. Support. It so you look at news and up with a wonderful birds or. Thirteen you. Birdie. Have you seen any entails Ryan has some fly over him he couldn't get in the work but. Yeah. But. Don't. A year ago and all with a Cold War. We're opposite while. They. Work. At it or. Within it. I. You know the weather's been kind of strange down there where you lot can count here the wind blown it was really kind of hope and down it was rock and but then we just talked to some people who can often Dallack on Reggie on his dead calm and. And slaughter of life. Don't wallet you know adopted and ordered. Her to start a little bit but that bird when not then I'll I'll or not we're not. I'll bet he's shot well you know the technology technical. Well all we heard from Orion that Kennelly was doing an outstanding job on wanted to first comments are you work and adopted a. An adult or a better dog. Bear and dog Brandon is nine years old books got and girls. I have thought it was Brando he's the golden run. Yeah. He's a he's a he's a group to these titles. I'm Becky got broke below. Viewed the you know trail rock or shot that shelves a working backyard and a big odds got. Act like your group or. Political. You know grant. I think Brando has a problem to go on language barrier he hunted so much with man well on and off he understands English you might need to talk to him in Spanish. I about it. English yeah. Today it was sounds like I have and a great time out there weather's good company's good you got on you're just burn away from the full limit and you got good quality birds steal and in grays in which and you came all along with them. Will grant dot banks that are reported few would if somebody wants to book how would you guys in a lot of people do argument that contact information for cajun fishermen that. Well it maybe he's putting the phone down for the final well the good on the golf. I can tell you what it is cajun fishing adventures dot com. Where you can call 5045. 95111. Thanks to grant hopefully gets that last birdie was one away Moffitt. But he hasn't and we have attacked anybody this morning as well currently the seven difficult rain stopped and cap issue but with the exception of him and he said they had plenty birds is not when one oil and there was doubt. You have a piece of and they went east and that a migrating south I we got 83 Shaw joins us now he's with vermilion waterfowl. Let's find out what's happening over in his neck of the woods we've already talked to a role in Cortez appoint a Shannon hunting was good there how's it been over in your area patent. In. Order order order and their well. That's a record so far UN new law that's the best that we've heard this morning expect them a game on a court order. We got beat up by now. Well. LA or. Down or try to search we remorse for extra element those two so you hunt writes the yes sir I make aren't. And now what kind of birds did yell shoot ghostly fool wouldn't want to bring. Budget Greenway victory. Finger on you mortal again. As per in Britain is there it sure there it's everywhere now elected dove hunt a more than two of them ducking. Or. There. And Hayden you all honing in a bit more annoy you just kind of hunkered down in the canes a 10. It. And we losing. I think we did it will try to get him back but that's in theory it's yeah twentieth boy in what he says eighteen in nineteen Stetson. That's that's really good action in you gotta be pretty good shots but you know the thing about teal. Like who talk in Italy when they ethic like. Like point at this and in Asia like those but before you know what you got you six birds laid out a console you feel almost she liked him. I need some all of this this went too fast. And but if you wait and you let those deal passed field on known as really early morning of the first ones there's arises. And they fly early and it worked good on the cowboys but then after that you know of and you now work on the big duck but sometimes you pass a mop wig for the big bucks and it'll show and you go home on empty handed so kind of a mix you know maybe shoot 230. Am a first they wanted to scanning get a little bit everything easy don't know what you'll see later. Exactly exactly. Well we still got a few more people have talked to will be doing and in the next now all we call them back but so far just kind of recap if you just tuning him. Brian Lambert was only two birds away he's coming down that viewers area. Pretty close to where grant who we just spoke to was running in both of those guys are just about apple limits. Chris I go with Kasten blast chosen delicately at 22 ducks by 7 o'clock this morning. And now they're working on getting that last one is we would talking to them. Peyton reed showed with a million waterfall and day don't we just talked enough to Hayden before we we got cut off. What is it 24 birds. In 1999 minutes in and it's not that cold out there this morning so many parents feel pretty gig is no reason in the blind freezing in. You know fascinated you clerical they're done in the NL they can go back and warm up. What you gotta learn about Louisiana duck hunting is we actually have different worlds of the economy. When you honing in the southeast on the state where we've been talking to Mike Ryan down in and near the mouth of the river and armed and Reggio. Big branch shall in North Shore point issue and around home also soft marsh areas and you don't get out here either prime minister blindly on out of your both right. That's that's smile my limited experience with them vote and and it. Well when you go to a place like patent re showing on gate on they're honing on trial Miami has a Levy on Lauren rice field and a tip line one the other advantages. Mikey just said they had 24 birds in nineteen minute a lot of they got speckled Billy geeks you don't find those in the marsh areas so then you've got a whole other realm of Huntington to take it then they're ready shopping mess hey we got Ryan Lambert back and he ought to be finished my data yeah he's probably sit in the boat. Wait for the other guys to get Brian what's gone wrong. Are. All so. Long ago. All you want big. Government no water. The days. We did you know. Amid the great. I'm saying is the lesson moth on Nancy Ryan's a more veteran experienced he season. He waited he's patient he took his time paid off with the big dogs when the other guys yeah nineteen minutes but they got a polity. On the wrong that he. It might be whatever you're inclined it you know folks and have a shorter tensions mannered just can't sit still and company is lying gamma and. It isn't it's not that if you. You know you'd want to make sure you're going. All right and I like to be out here I mean not to be taken because that'll be good because it would be audited. Pretty what you mean bird. Doesn't hurt that it's an absolutely gorgeous day adds that. It is absolutely perfect I mean that night pretty cool. Kurt liner and I I don't. Lula talking earlier about whether and its impacts and are planning if you could design the perfect cup day what would be. Remember that day. We're in you and I are out here and I told you when it's gone come true big government. Yes we could watch this old who aren't ya yeah at the right. That might be you know when you noted that blurred it out into. So that the forefront came there without a war or cloudy day. We you know the F that we noted waters calm under those are those days like there you know the book love Craig and well. I. To know as an excellent. Political. I think he missed intentionally just so he could say all of a big. I mean. Mean angle. All. That while. She got image just too good to command me. He's a mess to trying to he would he'd agree. You and me. So the birds that you on the mature birds to teal and raised. Trio of and you know and in the mail. And Asia. And am dead and makes it more of what. I'd it'd go home and that's a. I have Smart act. Well and then you say that that the so I'm still a major what they can do and how they get away with it without yardage yeah yeah right now. It will. Cut. Well all. That. I think. And into the tiger and filtered it. What I like is that what. Pop and then watch Collison tied today is it up is it down you Winged Foot to come in Angola. It would already wind and it got pushed in the north eastern. It was Mo we couldn't get lodged a week. Or we saw on the wall or but everybody got it. And need one more. Honshu you game how long you gonna stay out it is beginning to you yet. And you run the place they weighed on you. That's right. It's a got a twenty she'll. Owners and written. And Newton now making me hungry dogs smell of all the way up here. You know maybe you could. You know one day askew from as far as the job that the that the way that you all prepare the ducks down. What is your favorite. Dished dug ditches it to cook down slow is it that wrapped in the bay can pop Borough. Is that mr. We're normal day. You would. Down with the global and they get tendered right. Well all gotten. Should a lot of bomb went forward. With the fourth what. An act should be. Taken. Out. He takes a load and on the ground looks scoop about. That a little water. Oh well more than. Like. We're. We're mean. And it did committee do come ma ma. Lessons did the first when I first moved to Louisiana about three years ago. Eyes someone gave me a bag of ducks as they like seeing a mourn them like eating him I was completely green and Attica command made us do out of them. With likes and carrots and some sign potatoes and rice and came out pretty get I think that the rule of thumb is slow and low and they taste a little letter. Where these quick and in greater potter's in between rightly that. I tell you. People to come here I don't know but it just just. Like they're not what laws. Well. I'm gonna remember one thing you said this morning more than anything else in the as seat in the deep and that in the suit. I as a layer. Yes. And I issue where they go on that way they've been this issue of do. Yeah you know either and you know it's becoming lost this is the off the heart of luck in the Duncan and we all do that you gotta lock it down and go to coconut with the skin on and use an NB PC and neck deep in the glades and waiting to. A lot of people now they just wanna rip the brass sounds you know put some cream cheese and solid team on bacon and Rome wanna know that's okay. We want as a lot to be said for oh well cooked slow cooked duck and. Like on. Yeah added though that mark. In my heart. Well well. Well well well I got too much technology where will all the technology. Used to clean it probably could BT could be a good swing and away nothing but. You know. I trial we got another hour to go we given you one more out to get that last bird okay. And that I have always call you back. I we got another hour to go effect we're gonna talk to ask the Ferguson little league's youth issue persons the issue ladies whatever you wanna be called out because there's these little details crush Fisher a month. Is with that call like a war mom will they backed out of you Martha Spencer and you weather's here on more outdoors.