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Saturday, June 23rd
We're Talkin' Guns with Devin Burgess and Gavin Chachere.  The topic this month are self defence, 10 reasons to buy a firearm and the great Glock weekend.

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Now welcome into another edition of talking guns DeVon and Gavin you guys now. It's weird or. We needed to change that name Jefferson shoot somebody finally called some some woman going to than that uses the Jefferson's shoes clothes and applaud that Saudi you do it dog. It is it is on the radio or at least his one of these hundreds bush. That's what they July. For the shooters club is what we're. A formally known as. Just issues. Is just as shooters clove oil output dead in India have done Elden Jefferson got an elderly investigated mix because the billionaire emerged to into one super being of the Jefferson's shoes though which I'll take it. It was decently well this is ultimately. Is that my message so woman's that is that a presence whose boat was sources. You achieve what she was. Number one Fella if you want to do. To talk about the price for shooting or. You know what to cost. Us some absolutely all of the ocean club in total alert shouldn't call us the quarterback whatever she wants. Thought about it. We're gonna block that come and nothing Evans gonna go over some laws that the outcome or mainstream. No castle doctrine armed people getting greatly confused. As to with the new cast about turn. Com. We own and then now we argument that. Don't discount it help you can stop them but one thing wow I didn't wanna bring up gun laws because there's been a lot of confusion. You know we have federal laws we have state laws and we have municipality laws. And I would you like you listen June stay up and researchers don't know how does that guy know which ones of the ethnic conflict. Couldn't Obama who's what's lawsuit proceeds which. Nonetheless both of supersede federal law but. They all do. They'll do it depends greatly where you are New York City Philadelphia holes places it needs they'll stay in New Jersey. You know with technically it is just that quick on that we've we have a law in the United States. Those passed back in the eighties it's as if you travel around the Ghana car he you have safe passage to where we go on as long as the gun safely. Safely contain and collect just in case in the car. They then that's close vastly you know ovals I do that depends on what state forty cross. New Jersey moved will arrest people for carrying the wrong way or whatever and they yeah we've part of our homeowners protect bank. Try to as a defense when you get to court to even else. The road look that we Miller California. You know compared to the federal is this was to view the Goran. But California does yours and it almost was letting unions and banks and island rationale mail him little armies garden and quality of care you know. This historical. Well you know what what brought this demo was saw this week that a couple of cities in Ohio. Is suing federal government for denying their constituents to. Have all stocks you know everybody heard with a bump stock thank you president trump has outlawed armed stocks noble almost sold that you think is federal law. But yet here's a mole I also think the group is called Ohio Owens for gun laws something that. They are not taken they say no we're not gonna abide by then they went to this City Council to get it approved the way they could do it now. Audit within their right on in violation of federal law does it depend on who. Is it if it's a local city official law enforcement officer and it stopped some disease. So I don't foot disobeying a federal laws he good with 1000. Yes no yes. At great fans. At the closing kimono on you know it's an independent who inches and it happens every year. Somebody usually from New Orleans when we have a legislative says and they wanted to introduce the man. On some kind of firearm and or no assault weapons. Things and hold more than two bullets because it's dangerous all kinds of. Well there's yeah. Well I do want you to get into the ought castle doctrine and confusion and clear that up but before that on DeVon you have a special addition gunned product this month that we gonna talk about what is it going to be alive. Interview. None of them just gonna go with kiwi we have o'clock they come and out not this weekend with the evidence we can Friday Saturday and Sunday. We never blocked for a that the storm in Ireland Jefferson got violent. And a free range time neither reject a couple good is if you buy is a Glock chromosome that weekend. A T shirt. Prearranged time and a chance to win a gun there are another gun from the one that you bought. We do once a year truly fun that we believe in a lot of your pusher or review we have a lot of really competitive. Under Matt pricing hawks. Rescission sixty books are so if you buy a book that. Plus and it's really nice looking launcher and they make nine resume like college golf talk show some of my favorites are observer arm or gun manufacturers. And and the gun accessory companies that make. For summer read reason line because they're really comfortable judge enters do you think that would dog if you bit of respect to safety. Walking around wearing. Should it promotes a gun product what would that say. Tool would be thug for and on and like advertising in new you know hung up in the morning smaller terrified. On the I'm gonna try and a rob somebody in one homes got a wrong watcher. Of one's gone. Rainbows. Like that uncle. That didn't really pick a guy with the red that is evident evident not that Smart you know I don't know. Maybe they really mean it made me and I think is that the panic in rainbow guy may pull out guns and knew exactly. So it's hard to judge really. I'm just thank him and then my element and then. In this town we have professionals I don't know but trying to bluff anybody that is professional record of of a lot of people say things that block the way it's written says a lock. And a bunch of people don't stand in line of pop was asked me if they if you can pick a lock. There's an Utica and locksmith found a finally connects with meanwhile Brian Austin it's. The gun company can bullets in your house if you locked your keys that is slow locksmith company execs and government. And then what really gets four that blocked that's that's going to be a big day that's when you succumbed to government's weak and I don't know trying to make it. She originated by the La it's. You know the mobility I mean I went fraud immunize them get back in a boat on this coming Thursday difficulty vision report. I can move on it really good the incision is pretty much perfectly healed. But I never thought it was going to be this much pain associate. And I have been in constant pain eases the surgery. The minutes that they gave me helps somewhat but the pain is finally starting to ease up past couple of weeks after the surgery and I asked one guy who hadn't done races you'll feel about a year so I got nine Elliott time for pain and I put up would pay for an eagle on six months in a couple weeks. Should be on this well is mostly mountain it's gone back pretty nice touches. Deal in little bit pain but I mean hey I was deal with pain before it more or less that's the point. Right now it's more but it's gonna get laughs and then eventually the much less and probably non. On the season gets. Let's take the break we come back Gavin just talk about that castle. Bill explains the younger what that real enemies. We're talking guns DeVon bridges Gavin century I'm done Dubuque and you'll you'll walk if you want top witnessed 2606368. Prefer to text and remain anonymous on division Naimi the way 87870. Comes in the studio will be right back at this. And wanna remind you about the 23 annual archbishop Rommel alumni efficient rodeo. August 17 and eighteenth it's an open Austin mean efficient and Louisiana waters all bulls Friday and on Saturday. You weigh in at the school's campus 2 PM to 5 PM on Saturday they're different divisions for adults use the registration fees. Very reasonable 35 dollars for an adult. And it's only fifteen dollars for the youth entry fees as a family festival at Eagles along with a from two to five. Rides for the kids exhibit's demonstration lots of food. Lots of funds mutual on my family friends there and you don't have to be rubble community to come it's open every one. Get your ticket fish the seventeenth and or eighteenth and in boring you finish that way in at the campus on an avenue in Metairie. On August 18 two defies an NLC unit. And don't forget 8787 if you prefer to Texas semester is Lorie question coming in here. Governor let's talk about the castle doctrine exactly what is it and what does it mean. Number one in Louisiana as it is is a stand your ground state which means is as long as you can legally be where you or. When it tackling your person takes place you have no duty to retreat and attack before use any type forcing her own defense. Castle doctrine is on is that same principle but it. He applied to mean inside your house inside your business inside the car excess is only can legally be in one of those places. When attacking a person takes place you have no duty to retreat from that a tech we use and that divorcing and own defense. Do you also allow the compels money believe if you. Your presumption is that they're trying to forcibly break in the house successor. We of people go bad and I listen this every week and his lately has gotten worse. Is they feel that owning that gun or just because something's gonna happen in the house the license is it is just the blast them murder you know. You though time fees in my house he's gonna die. You don't get the right to do that. It's and it's a difficult spot and out of being on the outside but they have to be doing something when they break and I can't just find you indicating and she too because I feel like it. You know you have to be doing something that presents what I feel as a gonna and then that threat of grave bodily injury or death for me as somebody else with me in that house. You just finds a money indication. Technically that trespassing. You don't get to use force and kill for that reason you know people also. They they misunderstand they think because it happened in my house will be no investigation. There's going to be investigation and they're probably gonna scrutinized harder than if it was down the street somewhere because you know you're out here outside that house. Their cameras everywhere now. You know I would plan on if I was outside my in my home there's that whatever happens is going to be on some kind of camera and social me within thirty minutes and you know you know like goes if I'm in the house it's a little bit different story. You know they also believe that all mean or mean. Having a hanger and permit gives them. Some kind of higher power in the inside the house than they would have him for it doesn't. The only thing as you know realizing that permit doesn't give you right to concealing going personnel in public. But they greatly forget that. Cassel better than no license to kill you know it doesn't cover you for anything it doesn't deviant and that's solution. There's no good samaritan law when it comes to finance a money in the house. I would throw all that I was in your in my life stuff out the window simply because I can't choose you because I'm mad at you and I can't choose you because I'm scared of both of those things are emotions and that's what's going on mine and I gonna have the reasonable belief. That was ever going on or whatever threats he present I've been house in the cause great boat entered. Not to mention I don't know if you want to kill everybody in your home you know what if it's of it's a lot of talking a lot of people that could be the wrongly and your role in the holy who you know doesn't mean you can kill only a quarter of let's say the same thing over and over and I guess succumbing to throw from here and it but it. You know somebody who's mentally handicapped. Accidentally. Wanders on your property for whatever reason they're young and old. United furloughs are bracing for a couple of or. Ago. I had a student whom we knew bringing groceries how's his son was open and then he's like six and he's so that the keys in the front door. Mean he's with the keys and or when they shouted you didn't he didn't like it reopened. They didn't. Didn't know a coup was only open a couple inches went to be Red Bull on neighbor comes home. And three or four hours later the door is wide open so he wandered in the house. To make sure that they were okay and when he came toning down the hallway because he heard some money you know it's his neighbors and though and if what's in your hand right away as if anybody's in here I have to kill him. You have problems. You know he's got problems you don't do with the back into that if you're gonna deal the court case for years for years. I try to tell people yet that you know a couple of triggering coats of the past would not be surprised to spend a 100000 dollars. To defend what I did with it was a right wrong for me of for somebody else and it's an EF three years your life fumble for. You know yeah and like you say you at the back in the that I have gone in jail. That sticking with me for the rest of life is that they use downside to it. No it's it's a lot of beer away from defend. Nina or. Problem you know your you know your property but your your life the lives of the people you care about the home that you goat but a lot of times what comes out of that. End result is negative because. There's more to the stories C a body that's a look at what's commonly kill you if somebody that's accidentally there whether it's. There are like Evan said to help give me your keys are. You know on the front portion and then. Yes that's almost did that to defend the home my bill people mistake did to us defend their by the it's in their home. If I just below the in my driveway and in Donna's right now in my TV. I should not is blasting my should lingo because he's leaving you know call Marmol one. Make claim when you're homeless for homeowners with TV and you know you can buy new TV week Teepen is gonna cost you to sit with a lawyer for three hours wait cheaper. You know. It's a lot of BS in the old days people would take this class and it was a you know there in the house who kill him wink wink wink or if there and the yards human Greg human side. It's not the case anymore forensics is gonna get you. I would not bet that nobody knows what I've said it would've done if I'm yellen threats and everybody everything else in this house. That Smartphone you have his record and everything you do 24/7. People think so but you know talk about black polo shirts long enough. Pick that phone up pig who lived by the time he'd be alien in the black polo shirts in the country choices somebody can access that data you know and don't tell me that they can't. He had that Amazon elects all that stuff now everything's there cordon. They just put a woman India I think was in Nevada off to a fit being me you know like that she killed a presidency was Rossi Philip husband. And says you know about it till she woke up in the morning when she went downstairs that is you know six hours so money admits his head in like nine times with a brick. You can hear it billion believer of course they subpoenaed if it bit. And winning at a time of death from the corner at 1 o'clock in the morning she was asleep when heart rate was like an exercise brains in and of the tidbit records of my steps. The oh fitness today you wouldn't think so but you know somebody so there's always a wide range. You're like long you know you were your rod about the the computers and Ali's tracking mechanisms on another good thing about gee you know. You know we've got to belong right now that means that people as far as the privacy of medical records. Tell me how I started giving him one last thought beginning now offers from attorneys to sue the bad knee replacement surgeries. All of a sudden I'm right Lou. I start getting hot days ago I that they find out that. Then I'd tell you this is unrelated not to cut show that this is super weird he was on the computer. A day or two ago on on the mile laps my fiance and has a lab. We were on it look at it zillow look at their home. Homes for sale stood in the next day on Facebook's you know on my phone. Zillow is everywhere. And that is incredible. The other day George and I would talk we Elmo which shot timers are there's there's pretty much one company that makes cloning goes on your wrist. And George highway in the store talking about it and you weren't on the phone renting of time but that Vista was in the ram them in the ranges sister and got a message. When a pulled up it was a paid it for that shot time that was the first thing that others. And that wasn't random that was ran. I'll that we getting back to have any issue far on whether he'd do it legally or determine it you did not do it legally either way you're right there's going to be a long court battle that's going to be very expensive. That brings up the question there are some organizations. That provide. Firearms owners issue concerns what did you use fields on that KFC supposedly you have to be represented in court you have to use our own they represent you and it cost his picks up calls. Is that true yeah editing experience and anyone who. Take it one of those policies and try to make. I don't know of any of you death has my never doubt myself that there. That's me not and would. They would turn me off about most of them. At one time or another they've all business to a pitch in the because they want me to spend twenty minutes there and class you know on the Indonesian by the stuff degrees whatever. Most of them most of them won't name any. So don't send me an email distort tell me anything. Most of them operate this way it's forty billion if they pitch here it's forty bucks a month. We twenty bucks a month and if you signed DeVon he eat the club gets ten and you gates and personally. That's Amway. You know that doesn't give me a warm and Fuzzy feelings. German scheme you have one day DeVon is gone to the Bahamas with a billion bucks of whatever I just they they could be legit because nobody I don't know how much that you tested. Hey Harry I'll name one the on citizens legal defense network I don't I don't have a policy battle but they've been around the longest. And they operate totally different than than I mean of you the bottom line is you get a reading Steve is for you. But you know come Pena forty bucks a month. That's what 67 browse the you have to union attorney. That's less than an hour with one of these guys that really do for a living soul I don't know if I want the cheapest one in the room when something happens I should know when my life as the rest of my life is on the line for it. You know hundreds of business so it's a good business it's just to vote. You know pretty well how my recommendation would be before anyone and isn't any type of agreement like that they do the research and find out. A month claims it they've now on out rise and then you can make a lot of the city where you feel money's worth while span. But if you start getting you know yeah I had to use them but they backed out and they went whale pulled it and that was a lot of stipulations in my particular case it wasn't covered because of this of that. Then you've got a better idea. Ryan in an all of them although no matter who it is the state pretty. Pretty straight off that they can review the details of the case before they do anything. That is the only friend he lives and you're rolling finger to shut them an indication because he was standing there and then act and and I can back me you know. I before we take the break I got a text question came in guesses would be if you haven't. Says I have a lifetime concealed carry it's been almost five years what do line need to do re qualified on the shooting. You gotta take a whole renewal class just like you would if you had a regular five year permit. Come sit through a class that if BMO studio shoot 36 times just 61015 feet twelve rounds each isn't just what you did the first time. I will let him or her Knowles what time those classes all what day in public is signed up for Saturday's we knew Saturday's at 1030 we do one or I can do any of the day of them there. On which some people would rather as an option. If they wanna do any other day and says they just called Colin range in transforming makes from there. Very good I wouldn't take this break we come back out woke up to that gun product of the month at least discussion about the blocked today. And file something that was pretty interest and it's the ten reasons why firearms. It. Purchases and undergo some of them look very obvious. And some of them actually. Think about that gives you guys to get your opinion it will be right back in talks or guns. I think it was DeVon Burgess and Gavin century on done did you get Saturday morning from 105 point three FM HD. I welcome back in and now before we get to our block day on them out of the month feature well this interesting ten reasons so why. You should buy a file on some very obvious some common sense in the world little bit you'll see it thought that. It's you guys to come down on number ten reason of my spot they provide hours of fun. Well you. Family and friends are gone really fun I tell you my personal experience I regard they've file our own is a tool. Whether it's one animal hunting for our own self protection. I really don't enjoy shooting. I shooting because I either have to kill let duck or I need to remain proficient with a and get some target practice in but as far as. Full. It's really not that I guess Devin you probably. On Gavin you have the range too probably he people who come in and they've been really enjoyed it's an outing it's fun to get out. Should they do enjoy it it is it's fun I think to a degree it depends to me depends on which stage show with guns. You're like us you've been full with them for very long time so it kind of loses luster. To mean nothing is worse than just sitting in front of the paper targets students and rounds and rounds. And as have done that like watching paint dropped all it's worse than watching paint dry. And you know immediately he said student actually it's it's on the go train with guns it's not fun as you sit there and shoot them so I think the analysts here beginner. But you know we got a guy has 87 years old they come in four times a week and as time life. Don't. Devin yen thoughts while in I think that it is one of the ruse. Friends and most people think of it as one others fringe of society things you know that can't talk about it parties put. Everybody likes the look of a cool you know semi auto rifle. And I do enjoy issue number. It has nothing like find something new. And and hue mid with to cool suppressor on that are in the short girl arrived forcefully that the person who fun accident is there any like any thing they haven't dreaded loses its luster but yeah a lot of people include must so for enjoyed. The whole. Production of which you know it's more of a stress relief. To most people including women women catch on of that more. I think in my experience than men do that it's. I empowering and and this stress relief. After a long it is or what this is enjoyable spelling bee in a mechanic a couple of we feel we busy out here while we do this all it. Days normally this is his like yuck can sneak 1030 now into going on most out of your mind how I am that's I think it's mid 801 hell out of there. Well like this say it's an abuse it is the mobile. Number nine file on can be used to protect you family in France the bulls who wish to loan to view them on was only nine. That's and exit well I don't think there and order of fondle I don't know I don't know. Another always says firearms can provide food for you family and friends if you all I can attest to that. You can eat the family and friends and all you in the field in the hi this one that that DeVon really appreciate. Number seven firearms create jobs by some estimates more than 3101000. Full time American jobs. Or related directly to file spur of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Companies in the United States that manufacture distribute and sell arms ammunition hunting equipment. Employ as many as a 149113. People in the country. And generate an additional 161795. Jobs. In supplier and ancillary industries so economic engine. Yeah a lot of people don't realize. The amount of people employed by the firearms industry not only do you have ranges and gun stores and on the people there make in the guns for distribution for guns is huge. It's it's a very I don't think it was more than three and I was right I thought thought it would be a lot more. A lot more than that with all the different manufacturers. The people that represented his company's. The Q with the pushed on products and and accessories for guns the people that sell those accessories and guns. An as the lights or distribute legal ones to ride right I didn't ask doors you know it goes from the manufactured to the distributor New Orleans and a significantly more. Well I said that it was an additional 16100795. In another 149 thousands in the meanwhile at our disposal now that would that would get it up to use some more around policies 600 house if you animals. But the Pentagon want that bonus to mean there's a lot of people are just cast in the lead bullets and that's a that's a major industry bringing in a lot of money for a lot of people a lot of you realize and here's one that kind of goes in and put that number six that it helps the US economy. Again according to and a set of numbers in fact the industry was responsible for as much as 51 point 41 billion. In total economic activity in the country. A lot of money ultimately and that's probably down in the last two years of what are Basel and and this one it I'm really didn't think about then some people might think it's stretch but I think there's some truth to firearms can teach history. Firearms have been there and battles as the first settlers came short to the new world explores cross lands heading west. And other than double points in the history of American beyond some of these firearms and great national significance. You can find him on displays in museums and calls to close. And I think if you track the history of guns you'll actually track the history of oh law and order in in in humanity in the in the in the United States. I don't remember if you remember a couple of years ago it's you know forced out in California. Somebody found an old liver action rifle that actually grown into victory with a tree grew into a rifle. And had been leaned against a treat AMA probably like 1860. Or something like that. And they were bring in school kids out there and show on them and they when men get to cook they didn't have anywhere known who was loaded and on which I understand. Let down to bring in school kids out there is showman tokens those. Here's another one about firearms as a educational fees are on skin teach math problem solving and all the skills necessary to be a productive person. Trajectory velocity foot pounds of energy and other calculations that come on related terms and equations study op. I believe that's trillion you'll always find kids and young people that. You can't get them to do school work for enough until that relates to what then man they got to start figure that terrorism in Gaza. There's a guy who wrote a book called the last punish or he was Chris cows he made things Kevin place. And he said he was when he was in Iraq by about the shooter at somebody said you know here I am a kid they they couldn't pass high school algebra and I'm doing. Trig problems in my head no paper no pencil nothing. All because he wanted to do it. And here's number three firearms ownership can result in an increase of wealth. In other words by gun get rich. That's the price of a firearm rarely ever goes down in the more anti gun laws that are passed it seems the more the price of our own rise. And meanness and prices have risen even faster than home prices. In most aggressive home markets in recent town shop NC. You do business that true. It is very true. The the market as a whole since trump got elected as kind of slowed down but if you look at things move the light machine guns machine guns. Nominee people realized but are legal to buy if you can legally pass a background check. It's done through the ATF you have to get a tax stances a little more process and that the machine guns have grown exponentially. Invaluable look at that. A few machine guns to order for the store. And just in the last two or three years we're used to cost you know 101000 dollars is now. Closer to 20000 dollars no stock in the world can. Can six million consistently. Produce that kind of growth over just a few year period which started is you know a thousand bucks. You could buy you an MP 54 back and the late eighties. Now is a 35000. Dollar machine guns. That's it an incredible growth and it's consistent because they're not making any more albums or if you wanna make. Consistent money over the next ten years dump your money in some machine guns and that. Go to growth it'll double triple who knows you know and I'm. On a smaller scale. Any file on mean that this note depreciation virtually ends right there you can get your money back animals right if you sell guns the last and you pay for it. Either made a bad purchase you made a bad sale something's not right it just doesn't happen it is. Number two firearms teach responsibility. When introduce someone running a teach bio safety maintenance cares safe storage. They learned many aspects of being a responsible our home owner. True or not agree with that. If true. Most of those you know most of those kids and I think it's empowering don't do most of those kids that people bring in my us to shoot 8910 year old days. They don't that we more well behaved they understand that that things single day and you know I'm prison to acquire. Each and consequence yet consequent how the human mind works if you give. People at a younger age a city often the responsibility. You know for have been something that's like a firearm something that can change a life very easily. That is usually tend to want to. You know tries to have occasion. When you teach him that everything's bad they're not old enough for not. You know Smart enough so any thing and it's. They did that go to drawing my days. I think I hear that about everything nowadays I don't think it's seriously. The keys away more responsible way safer and and at the it has a better impact on the and then Hilton though to give leveled the gun it's stupid abounds you know. And number one this kind of gets back to where we started at number ten firearms on some of the biggest smiles at Pacino when someone hits a flying skeet. Punches the bullseye on paper put downs that first DO pheasant someone bought the far on the use was adverse and you. And I gotta tell you self satisfaction. In the final end product I have seen people making shots on animals and they are incredibly. Ingratiate noon and does it feel great about it and a optimism about women. I noble women I guess because and I thought they could do it who'd finally decided to go get a concealed carry permit take a course in our own. And when they can hit at targets successfully. They are just elated they are so problem themselves. He the you know people talk about it when you teach there's there's sometimes and some people is a moment when you see things click it then happen that often. Led watching nick quickly that is probably one of the most rewarding things. He's a wise you can do and it happens is that women are more vocal and visible about a thing guys off but that's why he's you failing as 80%. Say DeVon now awards to your job you never realized she was you'll launching people into lifetime of funds by selling in the spot and wealth in some case. You know moment to go in there is intimately. And you have to be careful about then this city B is firearms do equally well and several neighborhoods around here. Well it's armed robbery but you know it. All right guys we gonna take the last break and then on the total over the devil because he's gonna talk about the Glock today in the gun product of the month. For the month of June that shall we do here on talk and guns will be right back listening to talking guns. With Devin in urges Gammons century I'm done Dubuque. Now 1105. Point three FM HD two if you get an HD radio if you don't I suggest you get one. Also not use your desktop or you pan orient Eiffel it and listen to a set down the outdoors guy that now. And we gonna get DeVon to tell salt Bob the clock day that's coming up but the Floyd did that give us a rundown on the company Glock on DeVon what are they rank in the industry. As far as. Their reputations for quality of products and. Volume that they do which. Salute to begin this segue in ethical luck of the first one this. They're not personally. Emotionally. Connected to any one Brian having said that. Glock is by far at the top. A handgun and market in industry's image. The best most reliable. Simplest. Handguns. In the world. In a few disagree with that. It is nothing against your personality. Or character puts you simply have not been doing this long enough they never. Ever. Ever. Ever parade now if everything for a lot nineteenth and rain did that when backlog. I don't know 80000 rounds without even being cleaned and they were we don't even clean these guns. Most of the time they go months without service in the gets shot multiple times a day every. And it's in a row. I've had a broken Rico spring and we know we took apart now what's going get back together and it was working finals broken it. All of that was in the gun you received people who do terrible things these guns and they just keep work in the mean when I started doing this. Have. Any idea where this was an in with all of these guns and one roof clean and I'm taken care arm if there were all gonna break very quickly if none of Morgan a break but they all break except. Being cautious to home break it's incredible. Mills are very read a simple there's a reason they have I think 80% of those who have law enforcement market. Most of these military units and you know you heard a couple of years ago and then marrying in nineteen eleven's no not really though he's not playing teens. You know assembly can take the desert thing you know I mean there's a reason that you. Go into any gun store in the country and almost every bus is and blocks. On their person you know the people that worked that has to count for something that's not all because we're just. We love block there were worked and paid same laws put I mean they could care less if that's our number of them probably for it and don't need to help. But commanded just incredible guns if there's only one handgun selected issues. For the rest of life to be there when I'm eighty years old even if I don't clean it for the next. You know twenty years fifty years it would be o'clock this it's quite incredible joy on a gentleman that. Hangs out the stories are good friend of Morrison. During Katrina all of his guns god under or in other news in late years it was an though there. Bush yeah took his blocks out of the C if there was underwater. All the guns you know work appear to be ruined you posed a mall and prone to a range and they. Ran for I mean it is just incredible things you can put these guns through. So we pushed blocked not because of you know predetermined notion to push clock because that when people come in there once upon reliable that's. And more experience yet arrived for for the cost orchard and for for the quality it's it's on and would immediately give. Into making a sales pace of people forget is this seeking goes spent eleven Irvin knows all another one and we won't name brands if it's a polymer pistol. Which it probably eighty or 90% of them are now on days of polymer pistol it's a copy of a Glock. It's also a bay copy of a block no matter who made it because they have copyright infringements. And stuff. You know also don't get called jazzed up that's come when guys they can miss the broadside of a bomb at the time around look at since they were resonates K though. Well a great alarm and 'cause they invest so much of their. It's never usually are and so we're done they've chosen that I mean that's it's almost like you're insulting them as a man to tell them whatever they followed is. Is nine point zero dollars and now and you gotta remember that too there's 1911 that everybody responded that they don't lend themselves well to mass production you know they were great guns a hundred years ago. Because they were hand fitted by craftsman that's not happen. In Vietnam War. That that design isn't made it doesn't this has been very zone around pistols gig Biloxi used to be made from mass production and they are very good job movement you know anywhere in the Arctic come announcement this this week and does not this week in the perfect this coming weekend the last weekend of June and that's the 29 and thirtieth. And July 1 and we do once a year it's really fun and block reps come. Or try to steal Gavin. You bet Friday that Sunday and is gonna class on Saturday that. You know you gotta all of our guys together a bunch and a regular scum and the bloc reps come and it's really fun it's enjoyable we have prearranged time shoot new models. He did nobody just released that in five sort of a few months ago OC can shoot those if you're unfamiliar with them it's it's a good time you know for forward is. Don't know what day selling guns actually enjoy what's fun one of low reps from the Nazis who are wonderful woman in me is going to be and openness in October probably at lunch. Yeah they usually bring pizza or canes or something extra. Share of the world as much as we can and mr. indoor we're truly is to come and you know hangover this for a little while ago when you go on for cheap. So what would you say is the most popular Glock model it sell the most is that one that you're taught to examine sealed Garretson Glock 1990 him. We could probably keep our business opens this bookseller or Clinton's. Its positive impact on old Devin did. Rows of what's new and new rail guns do gone and we kept two of the old nineteenth because Ingraham somewhat analogous forum. And that's still as we goes our way more than anything else and I it's hard to meet people would go like it if it's everybody's hand this moment to be. A concealed carry gun even though most people don't things though and it's big enough to be a full size on all the same. Sword gun product to the month which is going to be a little interesting this month. It's it's technically they're clock 42 in 43 which is their sub compact single stacked concealed carry line. However. Obviously it into the month all of our blocks are going to be on sale you're gonna do it upon to promotional items with them so or product of the month. It's really a manufacturer of the month which is Gluck. But our actual product of the month technically is a Glock 42 and 43 which is a sub compact single stat line I have a 43. I Gavin has a 42. Great great guns to consume period stoke ethnic bloc. You know recognition and name loudly and by the 42 because small muscle to carry into the waist band. I don't I don't have a 43 everybody keeps them answered by one bit is the same amazing thing is the same dimension as a Glock 26 is just a little bit thinner and it's not thin enough to me. Two to make me wanna run around by wanted to was smaller like that 42 residue was visibly smaller than I might. But what's the great thing about block anybody can find there. I DO handgun and because they made nothing but. Good working anger and make them in all sizes all flavors or is another reason other amenities for didn't. If I stay with a greater by Sam bought a Glock nineteen I can now buy three more nineteen to 26. A Glock seventeen at 35 whatever it is and they all fit in the same holsters the run around my holes it is. Different holes which can and a hundred bucks the price of firearm you know depends with who won who is it. It doesn't translate when you get them into the singles that stuff like the 43 of the 42 would. The big ones all in the same old story gets this Beaulieu. Yeah what is the most popular caliber type damage unknown in the. That's forty caliber is slowly becoming a dinosaur and 45 bestow great but I mean that that's a bigger hand you know a lot of first I'm shooters. Women. Especially that don't want that big force is huge that frame. And not what authorities forties is slowly. Slowly die in all but nine millimeter about Faris the most common handgun. You know and you know it's always a little uphill holes to. That's it that's and that's an interest in one so holsters are very very. Individualized. You know it's kind of like saying your favorite style clothing or your favorite color T shirt it's very individualized to the carrier evidence on the ways and horses that it's a flash bang they originally submitted presume your horses for for women. Like and subways than. Male obviously horses that they make but. But it's just what you gonna be aware and you know how you if you Wear yours. You're mr. at the NL that it everybody in many schools now everybody. Is not my Donna remembers in the old days are about four companies you could really get some more than from the rest of terrible. I still have a go go live holster. And it's outside the ways man that is 21 years old and I suppose he had them all the buyer is a mandatory one years old I still that's the one I used the most. It hasn't gone bad the edges and then rolled up anything like and you know among these new plastic. Cool kid authors Shia and the point one years on the gonna happen to have this group who lose whatever. I it just depends it is really depends. How about purses and briefcase popular numbers like him purses the months to implement fundamental. I'm. Near axiom is all that much purses purses for women from you do believe. It's it's very slow you usually are drawn from a person runs about three seconds on some money with the experience of practice. For most people it's going to be long man in nettles student to a person's view and from the back affecting. Is just about impossible to do. You know on approximately it's going to do it with that from the Steelers are hers. When they take it theater go on to us. Yeah and this it's you like then one. Use at all. Index in your finger with TI from neighboring thing and it's. It's frustrating that you think you point migrate the guys and she now it was a foolish you know in the assailants. Kevin what should people plan to calm day next week. Think of many town were open or open 4 o'clock today is Friday Saturday and Sunday so the store will be open from ten and to a Friday and Saturday and eleven to six on Sunday. On the range or reflectors and hours but stay open an hour later during the week. Have you been to eight. We did compromise. In any town were open as soon as we open the doors to the minute we close them we're going to be Christian those blocks that are really. Significantly discounted prices thank you save anywhere from. Fifty it's eighty dollars on. You know and get a T shirt and some range time so it's significant that's very significant the savings. If you choose to buy block that weekend. MBA anytime we're open tends ten the tennis sorry ten to seven the ranges of reforms in it. But tennis seven Friday and Saturday and 116 on Sunday it. Class. To get to class is either come and choose go and talk whom if you want to on the private mum talks don't come to answer me if I'm not there because it is too. To talk to make appointments only kind of stuff if you will take into Perry class joke around 1030. We'll start at eleven on Saturday. You don't have to make reservations and advances to round 1030. Can a Southwest Airlines registration. And if so it around eleven in there and had a class every Saturday for like what the last. Since just about since my has opens or twelve years. Trainer I mean we have armistice don't even before that he was doing everything was so. It means it's there it goes from 118 no win back facilities that the vehicle could mean who got arrested and you know. Mean you don't want that any way you wanna take the class and it's a money's worth the little things stand the people who want to usually give them. If we didn't give him money and the rooms are well that might believe that actually take the classes it was you know it's no good interest steel class of set the social they know everything and going actually find out something in the. Going to get way to put it hi guys is the bucks on the rapid upload will be back again next month in I guess you know you should be able get several good gone product interviews at this time of the day with the reps vehement. Almost the most talked to more and that's. On that device that listen and recording device that I got as much as I can. All right guys always a pleasure thing aren't Gunnison dissent on the view of it's it's on the way amends on the mental block and make it deadlocked. Yeah. So you guys all right that's that's got to wrap it up about a way up to second on FaceBook right now in now by you while TV now has 1915. Likes. A few of the 2000 cheek at Martha Spence is prize packet subtle delay. Go to by you while TV dot com or go to by you while team deal FaceBook in now like I TV she'll hopefully you'll watch it. Coming up in about thirty minutes of Leon Cox sports TV channel 37. All watch it on YouTube any time anywhere will see you next week. Have a great weekend stay cool stay dry and get some mission. We'll talk about it next week.