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And good Saturday morning and we do have another number if you have any new speed dial 2606368. That works. He failed to mention that that is certainly good. I say we have are all present accounted for not talking guns gangs get demonstrators and accessories studio as a go on Google and the media obscured the view that boards or those and the all men in the is is almost like new car really has come along way in the last couple weeks while it was painful all. But minutes it's looking good this all sealed up in them get back at that I'll latest. Addition to updating my body was this guy had a little motto I answer. And I cannot tell you dramatic improvement in my side. I had the right guide on. And everything is right it's more pixelated it's clear shopper. Dioxin in the doubling them chances today. Early cataracts. I didn't realize. That happens they just don't realize. It's a gradual. Loss of use vision. In nighttime. You know lights look kind of Fuzzy in Orleans TP. Looks like it's not close Nazi. Thing and went to the dock them on my body adopted. He says it's like you almost would not be able that's the excess occasional dip I test. It's frequently anymore because the intervals between you Reynolds law and his insults at them into the brought him to. And realize that laws and a game it tempered glass where now it missile it's a very miners are going and you walk out. The fraph. And and discharged. Takes ones. She probably spent seven to ten minutes. Actually don't surgery and it's almost instantaneous. Walk you can nose to prove it. Pretty darn image prisoners so phones greens in your head. Going to be a violent man. Yeah you know look like some modest role husband live in that forced abuses. You die got a surprise for use Roland have Adam where Williams here in the studio room grew over should sort of three commences in the sickness the competition shooters who can pick his brain. And in his right time and always gonna bring that up as one about topics today well why. This area doesn't have more competitive and should we judge it was a huge you know the play I'm glad you did. What else we're gonna talk about. Got a good gun parts of the month that's seem MG mutant rifle from a from seeing images it's a pretty cool cross breed between him and they are fifteen and limited 47. Damn what you guys did something. Everybody the last two months has asked either about big Julio lately that Troy Smith. I was in her story. We now so wacky story bugs. Those two things those two things come awful lot. History gets in competitions. Oh forget it could component for the month Ruth talk about big league and his. Ultimate downfall we're could've been aborted. That's the world that we're turning into that's or what I see as a front page. Is as. If it is in a row going on it's it's Clinton has been it's been a good lesson for a lot of people I think. Because all too often when I do that class I hear I hear golden guy saying you know 174 years old league in due to meet questions in my exactly with a known this guy. And keeping in jail without bond global droplets and it could be a year you know. And no one told me Willie geriatrics fixing the deal is isn't as bad as break there is no geriatrics at. You know he's going to be in there with the rest of the animals and that's that's it and it's seven the AD not quite equipped to be in there in. Oh I don't must remind Martin golden years now we've always been you know goers sandwiches and didn't bureau of well I had a case of believe it was Florida happened last night it's gonna test. You know the. What is it called again Leo and ground stand trial because two guys got all the pockets. In Oregon does not as she shot the other one now how stupid (%expletive) new field the next day. When you've gone through all of this stuff may be going to prison for long long time. Over packets. Well credible. It's no different member last time talking about canceled actually no different engines money in the kitchen over coffee maker or TV or something like that. You know it's that's none of those are good enough reasons. To do in the murder somebody. And goal and a lot of run down the big least and feel as part of appropriately to as he put his whole life and opinion and LSU fan and fanatic and now the only thing that comes to your mind when to talk about it with how. In un intelligent he was handling a manually dispute. In early defined by the way is now. A the way I understand it is that there was a long term dispute between two of whom. If you ever seen their house it was with a foot flood lights and in all kind of stuff I can't imagine living next to amend my it was a piece. And you know he was I I met him once it. He was obnoxious guy to say at least you know is very overbearing all I kind of stuff but they worry him in the neighbor were in a dispute over late. Thirty inches of of thirty inches the land it where the property line was only and it was there apparently UT at thirtieth thirteenth I want to say thirteen. But as being on on ten or fifteen years and you know he's the guy who like a little kid the homeland was back in Mac and now the driveway or pull out his driveway and they had an exchange which I understand was with each other off in a few words and Lee was. Water has gone are his plans or something and when the only enrolled and the wind he squirted with the hosts like a three year old would do. And killing Karzai and. He could have drown them the good of and and I think that was very he's doing and many zippers on the this is his decision final is it'll world people don't know what let's. He'd been on the track idea that Tony when manslaughter. What does this penalty for manslaughter they should switch there's two I think that sounds a lot worse than murder. Well ordered manslaughter and murder manslaughter sounds amigo like it should be more than murder manslaughter. It does. Well because got slaughter and the pride that slaughters a big one and nothing gets Miami should be in its earnings next from. Mass of the penalty commands on I believe it's five to seven something like that depends on depends on with the jury comes back with a but the judge decides. You know you don't know if they're gonna do events throw to some judge or jury trial. Everybody thinks you know he's an old man with a unit due to a nobody's gonna vote against and we was a jackass. You can bet on that either Ted older. The guy initially issued it was seven the eights Lee was like 54. I would not say that over and over that the book but the thing that goes old. You know though that the older guy can always make the argument if the notification of the excuse me about turned physical he's 25 years younger than me. You know yeah it was different and they have this in the car. That is used for gas. And he's there he didn't have the road wins down. All that kind of stuff so you know you just don't know it's when he gets the jury is a complete pointless and because he could've left easily is he the aggressor. Who knows. They were almost seem like even though he got the save your daughter he doesn't he could have left the easily but he doesn't have a duty to leave. Because he's on his own properties in the safety of his vehicle. Sure everything's gonna happen. I don't think it looks differently guy. I think you've always done yet freelance for the shooter everybody's thinking because of his age the only and go and he's been Illinois but not necessarily it is. Jury came back to put Bill Cosby in jail and he's he's got some kind of health issues. The health issues and alana aren't gonna play apartment. I probably use Coca has been everybody hates Bill Cosby you know. Big Lee hasn't begin hasn't been getting favorable press. It does all that plane to it. Probably so it finally thumb you know on on Lee's family side of electricity go to trial now. Before it I mean nine go to trial now wait a little bit so acute kind of gets out of public's mind and it's not as fresh. Withdrawing the opposite you know I've I think it DA's thinking they wanna see that he trial now. While it's on everybody's mind thereby convinced that she's guilty you know that please use Barnett. DeVon not that it matters 'cause he was in his vehicle in his car. The humility that it was a concealed carry apartment all the only reason I'm ask him was did he go through training to no use of reasonable that I don't know. That I don't know but as you know who's he's broken legal and they go on in this car shook. You think would help when he had any training its horrors. When you justify use it it might have been big is it in May help then again germane I care. We just don't know. Well multiple I always had a maybe he might not have full tree. Eight yeah but then again maybe it was just his tipping point that day and he's had enough is being on thirteen years big you know. And he goes and I'm man these masks that he's got there about you certainly snapped that's it that's it and using there's no real bank in. You know I think it's always better to have that permits looking go to court to you know animated deceive from an educated point of view right exactly. Rather and I just pulled us out of my career then you know. Yes the world man has not yet well we Tom look at anything on FaceBook of the news and saying what's going on everywhere. Then the bathrooms. Laws in the people can kiddo wouldn't killing each other in the it's insane you know their all the more reason to be capable absolutely but it also you know there's a lot of those people did in their heads somehow that they should go the opposite way they should ban everything that should make fifty bathrooms for the sixty different people that. You know wanted to use them individually. And you can do it's I think it's very uninteresting Hal you. You know they've. Could go off the deep and with everything nowadays everything's us the next civil rights movement that's the big. King yeah I think they turn and everything mixes oval rights movement I'm halo I gave knives or there was one civil rights movement in this country and it was about you know black you will be in. Oppressed in this country and historical. Huge monumental way there shouldn't be a hundred more civilized movements every week at the dunhill and leisure time they're going to. He you look at the news media who would be gets people who watch is sensationalist thick stuff nobody cares that you cut your grass today or. We built another battle for Adam whatever you know you know what they care about as solid sensationalist that crap and that's because people watch that's the revenue and everything else I think it's very interest and time we're live and then I'm. Almost discouraged and terrified of what twenty years from Disco club and thought different well assault would be better. Now it's insane thing up a lot of questions about that Troy Smith case I won't say too much because it's an active case. And he was of really really good friend of mine. Home people have questions that that they charged with second degree murder which would mean just kind of happened in the heat of the moment. I'd disagree with that for the favor of them though were basically news. On the public story domestic domestic argument between the two. Over over a number of reasons and she claimed he committed suicide at first and forensics and doctors and everything else that knows that suicide. It was somebody else help that along and it was an error. Apparently. I disagree with the second degree murder think that would mean. It happened in the heat of the moment I think to me its first degree murder because when she when their bedroom with because he knew Susan see you now. There was no ifs ands or buts in Red Bulls probably I can't speak a 100% by. So the guy controller was good Jefferson Parish sheriff's officers you lose very well lights are very nice spears who is seventeen years and LTD SO the use of bomb Turkey talk for the State Department. I'm now Banda says on any he was truly. You know an optimal gone and do easiest if there was one in that you know made it that much worse very. I've grown. And everybody said why you know I gagged her that discussion on how good his way of sneak up on somebody like that. He was not expecting it I don't come and I literally wired and music currencies come in the room is gonna argue with me more you know whatever. And he's not an issue me and that's pretty much how Lagos you know. Do I think I would expect that hope pride Norman and Frontline so they've. You endorse you know not. About the BMB. So all of us at three month mission adjustments Susan's. Very month drove it to helmet from a runway at a South America are sold them. You know the columns from their. Play we announced. Where's the existing did you. We did you no matter where ago we'd find it no problem them. But we come back us up data you brought him as a guest thus gets information from. One it would get this list in the talking guns against Gavin accessory DeVon Burgess I'm done yet. You all whoever you are we're glad you're winners right here on talking and welcome back in DeVon Burgess has brought a special guest organist compliment about competitive shooting DeVon. I have a broad Adam Williams he's been actually he's been on this before with a circle the times and he does the the competitive gun circuit. So and and tell us. What you have to do. To become a firearms competitor. And aware of those events located word of people go to the start if you were start in the solar over again and Q4 interest isn't. Are doing what. You do in 01 around as I was in it what do we what I thought Sarah home page to sign up Purdue yep the colon the different ranges. Is there. Over sites like one. One type of match that happens in a bunch of different ranges where you can narrow it down or how would distort that. Good morning everyone good morning guys like you perhaps beyond com. There's a couple of local pages one this LA gear. That work. That's gonna have some information all of the local clubs you can call around to. Local ranges they may have different style matches not primarily issued today US PSA at six style. Two does that mean the sixth oh. It's just state governing body of the specifics. Organizations that and cheese so it's sick and also is the people that are put in the competition on book it's sick as the governing body in a nationally this particular style bomb outs and compared something maybe you know. It lives of our football reference in Albert is arena football verses Canadian les. There's different organizations out there that at different platforms. Based upon the equipment that you are using the style matches that they put on the state is that they don't support like that matters. There's quite a few in the area we have a abundance. Of competition shooting here in this south Louisiana area. In the US PSA style. Yet I EPA com. That's weird little bit more towards the fence a pistol. Defense of cheating. We multi guy and three donation which is just right and competitions. There's a couple PRS series matches that are around here which the long distance rifle. So it's a lot of opportunities here in south Louisiana area. For people to begin Coptic Rosa where should they looked as I the only Gator. You can go to the ST SA website yes it's a dot com beaten you three nation you can two EPA dot com. At a certain meeting governing bodies that against these days at the rules they have the regulations. He also got a team you know local arranges an artsy and not matters they do day out practice match. Saint Bernard they just started putting on. EPA matches as well it so others play again a lot of the boundaries. There we've done the other clock matches a laugh and were open to get back into them doing them a little more often we have o'clock today last month and that brought up people and go to Kenya you have people there. And we made those guys is not a real IB PA type match but it's it's. For people who just start now but for people starting out the clock matches there for an and certainly it's very very laid back and overstressed and exactly it's very geared towards the cheers on the problem and not match is that it should block. It would you wouldn't use wouldn't shoot. Lately I've been cheating the SP assay single site division which isn't your typical 1911. Runny. Custom built from us as a race guns. Phenomenal guns and that's gonna however aren't so when you go to these matches the majority of them that lets you bring your room gone in plea agreement whatever kind of go and you wanna brewing but for the most part they're out lions then there's the restrictions that people can't bring. Exactly for ES PSA for example they don't allow any thing mom. I drum magazines for blocks and so forth like that help you. A larger magazine. You know I'm very Lotus many towns and issued and more than. Thirty or forty or fifty. Well it depends on how many steel plates around the state senator on this but done. But typically your career ES PSA style stage is going to be anywhere from twelve to 32. Programs that's. Kind of rule right exactly an option open division in my open guy and holds 26 rounds I'm really wants other state. YRS now I'm chasing back and every shot. Now than it did that separate two and a different group guys when they ground it it does they have totaled eight divisions. In US TSA so it's geared for. Stop production guns if you want to come out there with the stock bought stocks today. All the way up to the fancy 3000 dollar open guys accounts Ayers Wright guy since that worked is it a caliber specific. A medal caliber for ES PSA is now millimeter mom they have base scoring factor that scored his major and minor. You get extra points power factor. You get points for major. An extra point for. Charlie's and dealt the shots outside a hearing. If you're running major caliber and major Albert typically is gonna require either forty or forty go over. Parts of the people that don't know are you. When you're doing these matches and actually shooting what's the objective or you're trying to spin this deal target or you're trying to knock down steel plates when he tried to shoot. Still paper target is at times. It's time cluster points. If you go out there and you just try to smoke the states as fast as possible and you have a lot of mrs. or a lot of outside shots of course that's gonna hander Ian and some might maybe 45 seconds slower than you. But it's always most of them issued no. Paper toward a majority of the time it's paper targets and it's the best two shots for paper steel hopper's plate tracks Texas stars. Are going to be an up and steel so steel balls. Can use optics can you put whatever you want when you were in Beijing open divisions that yes he can run optics they also obvious is they also started a division Coke area optics. Which is geared towards. Kind of carry carry guns with our marks on them so that's something new is just started if you wanted to use a dot. Well a lot older shooters that like to care optics cause they don't wanna spend 3000 dollars and done. But they wanna be able to use the dot policy cancer sites that are well supported the bit order before you. News normally user ago and that the gravity the Glock seventeen MLS does very well 65 does very well and care optics. A lot of bureau ordered as a guerrilla shooting nine elevenths. She's the singles Activision. Just. Because that's what deployment has how many participants who think go to these every. All of these matches are local matches at a Gonzales. And and dials and they'll typically run anywhere from sixty found each year that's a lot of people it is artisan camp that there aren't you. Were you heard does a breakdown in the classes were somebody's women -- and opinion did you approach and typically there's a process it's just bragging rights what you start stepping up and the level two and level three matches. Stand here and have a prize table they may be rain and crawls the giveaway guns. So you're gonna have that Morse the larger matches when no matches can hold anywhere from owners and adoptive. You know three or 400 people just like they're gonna hate having nationals and a couple of months of floor. You can ago I was going to go I switched jobs so unfortunately at apple at national government there's jobs or it's for a it does it isn't visibly when you're would you advise somebody once again to this it and munitions can be used cost yes you probably reload your own absolutely. Would you advise my own to reload by commercial loaded them home by from somebody else. How old you anyone else's reload exist because I'm superstitious. That's good advice always I do not see anyone else Israel spears. Why is that for the pew with a bone marrow. Now if you get around has a double charge and it we're gonna have a bad day if we have our round that you loaded and there's no power and it's. Negative Squibb and fire another round on the barrel or have a bad day of oil gun. So I would rather Tom shooting or reload and something happens at least and I want to blame on myself who announced. I asked for the question you commercial vs reloading. If your side's gonna shoot a lot. And reloading it's always going to be your best. Monitor analyze and typically are not millimeter from announcements around. Indictment just that the meat packing I just Edmonton are back here Tom. The get some people that just don't worry that we have a lot of people that'll buy commercial even commercially. Remain fractured damage. So that's also pay well it just depends say album reloading original setup January 3 years ago oval. And I tracked at the savings the cost per round and for the initial setup that purchased in January it's often Jeanne. So it's definitely him monetary value how many rounds is cheaper week. Ala. I probably Iran. Depending on the town of matches and so forth like that way I have one on how it's a run right around thousand rounds. Month and as a team and that there were gun is that the years are you saying custom 1911 as though Mario dispensaries guns. Let it drive fire lines I fire. Lot of them are probably as my as much as it should be doing but yes lie drop file opera actually I pricing relates to against singles back. Every eight shots you're going to be cracked the theory that you let the people it seems like a thousand rounds every ten years the F. That's a breakthrough. He seed is gonna ads you see for sale as like all up got 500 rounds is this gonna analyze it got so many times like at two under round through gas firm. We adrenaline and. How many hours and then Helmand. Competitions you think you do and heard years' time like last year. 365 days ago until now yeah last year I five majors so I traveled outside of the states. But the majority of those and shipped to get invited to the majors or anybody can go to the main guy's ego as long as their USPS and number Oca so the first step would be. If somebody wanted to stored you would recommend signing. In becoming as urus. Guinness. Remember now I would not brokered you do not report is not required to be US is a member of your local match. And I would suggest anybody wanting to try out not to go out and spend a lot of money on on equipment. Because it may not be free bird come out to a local matching people up to our match in Gonzales as east dissension not sheriff's office range is on the third Sunday of the month. Spot dollar turned this year. Will typically take new shooters and squad them with the experience shooters they kind of walking through it bring what you ask you need a stiffs. Outside of the waist band ulcer something as safe as the cover that your guard gun you need. Anywhere from three of iMac pouches magazines. And I said you don't have to go out and spend a ton of money on a cop and I competition distillate he would. I started out with a stock bought something. Other guns that people can use these and tampering. It is truly don't gonna depend on what. Division you're cheating it's senate majority of people that come out they kind of an outlet. A gun will we find a place where. It does have a metal collar requirement of nine millimeter so anything lower that's going to be out the guy needs to be in safe working order. So oh. It's hard to meet people come to the right out points. But for the most part you know what you have is fluent will be able thumbs up in the long run as the organization that clinics and stuff like that for new issues on the thing they did likely classes evaded Vietnam a lot of clinics for the mob Barbara timid out. Well it goes out about Allah out of does a female introduction firearms class and that's the common competition here is yes and she does a very good job of that. This than the three gun competitions you were talking about let's rifles shotgun and handgun. And there's a cool videos of who's the guy in the cannery to have a reason you got in them that he's you is legit. Yeah he started training for John way condone what two and he actually not California train with tam Butler. And this is clearly tactical goodness I was I can't really guy's name but he's and that's why the news once you. Re scared to visit through. Did they weren't there or didn't legit and anybody wants military alliance to then look at down and reduce Rica and NC we're talking about Oprah given music's that means we will be. Ran right back and we have a special guest Adam Williams in the studio whether we're talking about competitive handguns shooting. Mike got a question for you you know in shot gunning. We have the trap in the ski that the people who kind of get bored with at all off honors and wanna sharpen their skills we've got. What's known now as a sporting Claes rate which are much more of prefer to shoot them trap risky is this something similar in hand gun competitive shooting maybe tactical matches. About the closest to tactical matches that you're gonna have a caveat EPA which is based at ground defensive fluctuating. There's already peeing clued freon that does not ID DA recently added. The pistol outlook army division. So you can run I'm not millimeter forty. Just look Albert army. But. Right now they don't have anything basket which. Some. And so what would you say the cost would be for a start up guide seems like to entry fees of very minimal. And unify our on the new ammunition as your biggest expense of their any other membership or do they entry fees. Goal up as June you don't go up in in class anytime you're gonna go up to a higher level. Hatched not necessarily hear your classification and need to be at a higher level match in an entry local latches and you're gonna range anywhere from fifteen to twenty dollars. When you start getting into level to a level three matches in yearly gain entry fees from. 150 the two arms and about dollars. That's typically would looking at. As poor memberships ES PSA at least forty dollars in a year for membership. And then like he says the expense of the gun of the ammunition you can add your rate as well. Typically don't we want to purchase. And where might some of these non events being held out sonic Gonzales. We else. For active club right now in Louisiana home matches on the weekends one and also build one and the one in Gonzales. One a neat and they also do a matchup and wins girls while I don't really get to shoot that wander off and ask for. You know cross country for level two level three matches there's virtually matches Allen and all fifty states up to that back as matches only 49 states. California decided passed along false. Why am I not surprised. That. The one dollars in bills at Palo Alto idiots that's about it and get to remember there not you do not need enough. I'll blow it out of that Alley Alley recommend a membership app and one for a couple of years are like that and they have a long range rifle they did they go out to us 60600. Wanted to find that here in the city says fairy archives are finding ways that you can show you can do that Lake Pontchartrain and you could create good and don't give people ideas to bureau a lot of roads that's a joke fall asleep by Osama current and actually nobody set up on the C rule please. Only would. The winds that we're in the next room I have the first son in August I have the one in policy though for Ajax to shoot threes are one a month. Diet with local acts as a strategy to a very. And another was that many. Somewhat locally and among which then you if you went to all local and he went to all of them in southern Louisiana that you. You know response that you've been through so many year in a month but it. Seven that is or. On Monday yes I'm Alan Adams brings. And within that 22 and a half hour drive from my home package you every weekend there's quite a few weekends Saturday and some. Is that what you do diesel issued everywhere each and every other weekend. Act like to quit but when it's a 110 he's outside and I'm I'm sorry. It's line. I understand yes. So that's with him about a hundred miles right now but it was an honor mouse that's the problem down here we get asked about an all time you come he was too pretty gun. You know you can go to to bull market moments ago where own brother of office and SU three guys aren't accurate. And exactly. People here lazy there was that would make some from from some elements for a and I understand what it doughnuts with Massoud limits where Alexei and he needs to possible. Facility here in in the port Orleans areas that unity that knicks outdoors opposes thing that anybody has to an elegant rifle and pistol range and I think he's only yards and he does. Steel plate matches and the products in this on themselves on Sunday's 22 matches. Like these guys who just went into rifles at their own analysts I got an in house thing it is in and they spend that you can point twos and spend like four grand moment. It's insane then it's no. This was it like. It if it it's about airport thing. So some of those guns like yours did not personalized approach how much do you think coaster. To ruin. It really nice. Read. He can use race gone. Curiosities and the that's wizard with my gun the one that that Spencer built for me I think they're now. And I had a gun in 72 days of complete custom building build its own brain diseases and slots so. Sounds like a lot for especially for somebody that is just getting into it again it's not necessary but. It was that they could topple over or yeah yeah I mean there are more builders are out there there are more expensive. They have some guns that seeing themselves and 8000 dollars. Not necessary. But some do things that really gives you that much of an advantage. Most of the time it's going to be the Indian not the arrow. But I think it when you get to a certain level day you're going to peak. Here run of the mill over the count and you're gonna need something kind of popular and Axel matches steadily upward since I purchased I got. Plants I'm still not at the level where I'm going to be restricted I'd rather use a stock. Other new guys out there that are at the top book. Top of the food chain that that use something that you wouldn't expect like a standard talk. There is trigger shooters that. He actually ran open division with an open law. And he shot for awhile com end up leaving law and you can see in the scores as scores and for me that's that's one individual act at Banca. Yeah the equipment pampered and so it's possible yes the spots but we're talking about the top 1%. She and yes and getting ailing initially we could probably give remove man he still beat most people were rove all over the last I saw there issue a US if they are all match these exactly actually went there again. But that he shot Louisiana State match and he had suckers now all. Defeated her by about 20% normal relations. Was then let him shooter over women are gonna whoop him. Optic on revolver and she didn't country would be the majority of the field. The injured when with the rule over. Shooting open division polling firm hand you know against him no disrespect to Jerry but you know father time is undefeated. So. Via could he do it now problem. I think it's amazing that Washington. Yes yes on me years ago us on duty cute please think part of remote colonial they've already and that's on more than once. Not down off I'm pleased to be back in holes of for some fails and goes off to Russia was mr. Joseph on talking growers didn't Gerri good shooters club. No males that you days to shoot plates of deals things annoy him Max. Max and you show actually union. A couple of the people like him a name that has been all that sort of radical groups there it was. And Jerry's daughter Lena is taken three gone over and she's the top keynote here in the world when it comes through. Literature shoots. She sponsor next six hour so well I think she is Brandon and PX four this album are mean. Other than adamantly shorter equipment as the three. There's which is huge for Smith & Wesson. Bradley from. Natalie species for Springfield he's got granddaughter. And daughter grand or roots. At that through. I met him at shops or that cherishes its net loss. Brilliantly colored envelope or some of the nose for live as a few women shooters there. It holiness guy at a point now or lean as being the majority of the man it is becoming chief. Please last year US TSA nationals are one station in a second or third over all those or our means it's genes are grew geez she's very. Have what you Don you gotta go to the next we're gonna see your which are shut down. And nickel. Don thank him about it. Think Canada. Madonna and actually rented addicts how to edit and new lines on my nose I got new lives or your rotator cuff I got to shoot zone. It was just about to say the bomb McMahon. And Indonesia were brand new. TV and your. He can probably see the future and his legs are better than they've ever been to run and gun with the best Obama. We got a gun pro active month common if you want to take a break for forward. Hello Kelly and you would Monday president reverend hazard Yvonne Davis. From CM ING about their mutant rifle it's it's a combination between. An AK and and they are a few well. Ahmanson 76 to about 39 mentioned 546 as well in the Macon freeway in Oakland can answer super cool ground action the from a familiar was should government take a picture of cinnamon Jere come in the Jefferson got talent we've got one Purcell great price. And we'll go over that more. Rumor come back of your own. Asleep on you as some amiss here metaphors. I was mad that his memory -- who who stopped working with us about a year ago moved in on a bigger and better things but he's a really good guys went. You're with us that the that the laws this. And this the shot. Into the cup or views on this and that was accuses. But yeah we yeah we have some of those new rifles and stock. They the ones without the use given him SRP prices the ones with out. The upgraded trigger. Delight 14100 books on our prize and the ones with upgraded trigger about fifteen books they get the guys leave Tuesday stricker unionized ones and it's worse than extra dollars that the trigger from guys lead. That they put in there's mean it was a relief. Organized. The real crisp clean break. Adam when someone's buying a gun which they look for in the trigger for the look and to shoot matches that wanna start. There's a bunch of traders including on this the mutant rightful what's the the one thing if you had a says you look for in upgrading parts or your triggers reciprocal gestures. So quickly I'm gonna want a nice clean light pole. And I want short recess broker the NB SE actors that in my gun it's it's a shorter triggered by the says he's the reset works really well upcoming S clients so. That's a bad apple for Matt trigger right now send them off the bat and a quarter past. Did this mutant there were talking about or organ parts of the month with the upgraded trigger from guys Leo it's a two stage it's a clean break it resets real real IR machine or each. Castle trigger and 93 guys are would that be a good they're going to think for somebody wants to shoot three done. The same Angie isn't very nice guy and is the most in a very nice guy and only thing that I'm very comfortable with that particular guy has caused that runs a case now magazines there it. I'd prefer they are fun for myself but that I'd have quite a few people the difference in injuries so somebody likes and they care and not a good feeling they say it's really going to be the best of both worlds absolutely. This or if you wanna trick wanna commend the Jefferson permanently will be happy to box one up and put it under the the hypothetical Chris mystery for even in even in July ceremony RNC can walk now would I got a sense then the extra hundred dollars he had the guys traders it's worth it. That is Gavin were you know through immigrant. We do with his least possible for now we have been through a nine and with the heat I think will be very busy. We don't know class that starts at 1030 today and we have a regular consumed Erika a says that so eleven. In the range on airline will be open that's not where the classes are rather or the classes again I suitors club on Hickory Tony thirty degree inherent in its two minutes where from the store the northerners in the store will be open through the twelfth from ten to seven the range from ten to eight. Please come and and have some when you were opened an eleven city today into of the six tomorrow. Good stuff done. A fantastic job guys Adam can we commit you to be outlays on the competitive shooting information we can refer people. Absolutely I'll be glad to come in any time. Definitely appreciate you guys have me on today and Natalia for anybody out there isn't so bad shooting. The best advice I can give you is this give it try it don't be intimidated. Local matches are very firmly in the shears and you will be happy. Some of the best relationships I have. Was very close friends or people that I've met while at if you will not I'm a better group of people anymore. Very good well I'm sure we can find it through Jefferson on holiday in the in their shooting club got the information net. That a great show guys look forward to next month I'll be back fresh from Alaska wanna see you guys next. But I do burn Brenda might even have a new body art who knows. You guys be careful out there but that he. I that is the end of more outdoors will be back again next week beginning at 5 AM a four block about the programming. Keep bosh is gonna have a special two hour addition of north York. Outdoors on these more outdoors program between seven and nine. And I'll be on from five to 7 AM all a lot of fishing reports OP have a great weekend. We'll see you next time on more outdoors.