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Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, June 23rd
Don welcomes Danica Williams on bank fishing opportunities.

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Well I have a phone lines open boy if you got any questions for or against anything you'd like to talk about in the outdoors calls at 2606368. Area code as viable for. And we have a text message board comes directly into the studio that we monitor throughout the program. Same thing questions comments suggestions 87870. Is where you can get your text in to us. Are coming up in the 8 o'clock hour our monthly program or feature call talking guns with DeVon Burgess and Gavin saturate. Two experts in fire are on the final round industry firearms issues. Anything to do with guns and firearms that we talk about it we've got a great program lined up for yet data clocks mobile QB with a of that. This are we gonna take you phone calls you text and also emails that come into the week at an awful lot of emails in. While with questions and different things in the ones that ethnic or. Information that would be valuable to all the listeners iconic keep them and let you know what my responses on we'll get to those a little while but first we do talk about. Louisiana department of wildlife and fisheries get out in fish program for this month. June that is going on. One of the biggest most popular questions I give it is I don't have a boat. Where economical and successfully. Catch fish from the bank. And department of wildlife and fisheries is encouraging and trying to help people get out catch some fish. They do periodic stockings of public water bodies at Eden and easy access. They've got the type of its destruction facilities up parking. Bathroom facilities that which qualifies as is a good spot to bring the family this is especially good for kids. They stock a variety of fish now one of the most popular Islamic put the catfish and that's what they've got this month. And join us to talk about the most recent stockings and give you all the information needles where to go would want to bring. Is Danica William somewhat familiar voice on the radio show she comes home this whenever we ask and we thank him for that. Danica good morning and thanks for coming on we appreciate. Good morning I'm not a problem op at you very much an on again at its program. Obviously in the through the apartment he added and they are apparently came. In turn in the eat it. The affordable and app that trot trot along leaked to the GQ. It's good for kids or anybody actually inexperience. Currently used for arteries packing right before the initial in each are. We actually going to be called again patiently in the name. The program on the we beat the data to rated the competition by it all too. It clinic you can come there will teach you appetite. He had a cat and then specifically teach how to hit our expert that there are. And the department as well here Urquhart. To come in and she can't catch it stir in the spring football or it bring back character and ordered him. How does this program funded I mean it's a great program at its entry level people involved that gets people would dissent in on them the resources and knowledge to go on enrollment. Fun places and spend the money it takes to get boat all the equipment that you need. Well pace finesse. Well and ninth in the pocket and haven't we haven't and I always tell it at their species met on efficient light and that. And money all its fishing tackle our equipment or even though you are not that they were like on the outcome of the sport it preparation are. If you're buying it like your line. Picking apple. I'm that the armed to come from the Earl thought that your indirectly actually helping support this program anything like that. Rain in and kicking back. At other apple had bookish on helping or. Well no doubt about it is money certainly wells meant. Tell me about these catfish specifically what size finish what kind Mayo or that are being put into the easily. Well they're on the channel catfish are among people born out of taxes and her a European all kind of the well we are Arctic we thought it was one can't go back there with one count approximately one pound per purchase. But we can't read or count fish on the people get by. We get ticket and infinitely. Better caught that they in this country are actually coming out of there on the one that we in this week. They they range from one pre. Perfect eating size catfish. And what. What equipment shoot somebody boring if they illegal basic equipment that they gonna need and include everything you think they'll need tonight's jazz. You know regular rod real babies any of that provided they need to bring. Now about our parks to our park actually hit the lottery equipment which is eating that started in the park not have that they'll as a great email. But you're parked at have a longer equipment program you can aren't on memorial. Tackle with the jet bringing that back when I got the eye catcher age and we do have a spot when it hurt it occurred it and I obvious that we. We ask that you usually keep hot fish per person. Which you can bring your Iraq really yours is kept it couldn't tackle. And if you ever have any questions if you eat it. Sure it on that we need to look at all its allotment that well on our stop the killing all the different by that. You can really get the call before he you know. Look at about the end indeed some information on the knob the be. We've had anything from you know worms crickets now we'll say that. Why shrimp it probably about. That we've seen so far apart pitcher not injured pitcher. Probably about it so far and I think that. Some people think it's I think I would even think about and those people use that stickers artwork is incite. That it in the debate actually and on our part to catch the acting out what all they've been clear that we. Now I would definitely bring a variety bring you learn bring your you're on stripping cricket they earned it the other issue park is not to act it you'll have Graham. On that you'll have a variety that your able to catch in the pond. Yeah live Rizzo excellent catfish date Tuesday in it'll get a hackable chicken livers or a few dot com no doubt that Helms say they'll let his foibles doppler estimate is the best at which. At NASA. Yeah we had and that. At Atlanta had a big east and at in young bill at the library in young bill in going to be here. It was packed in green point now in the morning been. It does not rated but exe and in the courage of the that the exit. People at these record intact it's on and insurance and and worm thing and they look at you know a lot and mean and that's a good thing about these these events in this program. When we do that Michelin and we'll go at the top re not it could be any Asian pop appropriately so. That's a lot of going to be caught at that they have the events that we definitely like Asia where people can't even after the event enables pocket at least one they're breaking ball. With channel catfish. And then in the winter terrible back at least once where rainbow Trout. Now it's going to be my next question how long do those fish off last amino if you have any hard data on what senator caught. Initially right after that stocking but certainly not all of it going to be caught and they can be some pretty good fish in these areas well after the stock into play. Yet independently. Target that we do have cameras that each flight or captured every hour. We do have that the people that one apart or call in. At our artistic. That we. It on the decisions on the district got that worked out there. Baseball you know how many people picking your machine from people mixing catching. I'll make it depends depends on the time of the year how much pressure you're eating it. If we it. The judge in he's back in or sometimes actually in it being happy time I turn it on as a good example on carpet war leaving and it. Call it that some people fishing up there. Oh it a whole lot of people patients that we both liked it when he efficient actually get back at that one on that will be minding your attention to what it. We act on Thursday. When we get to our park in Lafayette at Berkeley at issue here. On the weekend Lackey which is direct park and then young BO which it out by regional park it. Look big by weird expect our new born in the library on site is a partner you. And most of our site you can come with all of this community you know we. First article in the criteria for each of these right and it is going to be a into the public that the number one pact would be open to the public on we're looking for. Easy access directly to a rector. On multiple. Ample amount of parking. And then at a playground that's it a couple of it doesn't have to have all the things that that the but some of that and that we're looking pretty tight. Another bite you in the an intellectual. And then at that very part currently lack prisoners acting and pitchers in the air extinction in the very part. And then we have had Breck Irving park in that range. And the purple heart memorial park in wreck lately you know which is outlet the seat quote it's clinically well. And then next week old will be backing places in Europe and went around and back out here you can always go to our web site if you aren't search. LP that the apt get patents it is a geeky to you I went by and it choose that you whenever we thought each park in the can also click. On a link for each park to get more calm more information about that the. Now on east Baton Rouge also stock one deal that the refuge in that off week. You bet that is on at a lot this year character not actually at the bit to get out in fish bite that we backed but it's not without fact it's much end. We do our other tickets are one time. With the at all ice rocket is now. I. I just got to texted someone wanted to repeat the pan Asia which is the one we just talked about watt deal but also that the rec park which one is that. That arm or are. And that's on Burbank road south. Currie rate and down. Okay and in Girard parks of Lafayette is news on and frankly the purple heart memorial park. And in Hamlet NC Mario I think is one of the most popular ticket peaked. On the other event that we had to be turned firm. We read every everything is different look it on the people that pre register. And then we'll get and I figured it in the nation according to in the room. And they give it about that. They're really nice par on. It's easy again he's saying units or been ordered downtown and there the wicket keeper Oliver quite tired you know very easy access. And and and actually eternity you know and then. We also have on your program. What we're trying to do here is we're trying Jeanne the site that I couldn't eat at state takes somebody efficient but it. The what you don't enact an accurate temperature that you don't have a place to go away. There were trying to put all these things together volunteer program recruit people coming at me do it eight hour training it's totally tree. And we do it because each step how to cast. And I and try to be cute. The basic story can neither efficient clinic or kick it went fishing or take out or your organization. And get him back here by you know we can do that Albany law. But sometimes it is not a place for you to go to catch it. Easily. Jonathan ET program together. And make it easier on the keen on actually actually do what we're asking and or what you want I want to kick it now. And I don't know against. What these sites in on your program. You'll know half a gallon and you'll actually equipment has. Volunteer program you can check out the equipment if you're gonna have if you need to be taken are pitching collar and say. On I have a group I don't wanna take fishing. If you look at the police and on any equipment Annie are real neat compact coal more. Operating activities as well restraints I want to pull your ear that finished. We will provide all of the equipment operators start by anti. I just got to follow up text him and now like it is just as a punishment text against answered my question I live five minutes from the bank park she spoke so. I think it's going to be at least that one fish him about it Burbank are catnip. You know I got visions of what goes on up into a couple of men witnessed what goes on you see these kids in in May be as a single mom. And she doesn't know anything about vision that they've they've got through it they got to re a kid goes out then it Kasten lucky enough and pull up his four pound cat visions flippant on the bank in an echo. Now a lot. Do you have a volunteer station sent up to weigh on the site Pete questions Manson maybe it'll. Help what demonstrations assistance in cleaning. Egypt and we do you have that now apathy and have people out there on every eight. On to teach at an excellent and well at about. Or knocking whole package it. Look back on on a Wednesday and that will happen and act on that Saturday. It's what we find that the new parks and that is that is definitely one of the Asian has. Aren't here numbers you get our act on fishing club on. Aren't your arm propriety are looking better than in the court battle around they'll help you show you how to take the book has. Machine eating even flippers or other map that they'll chase and we also have a big unity or nature that article at edge. And we did that you that on Adam every picture event because people think if we viewed in the every picture. And it also about recipe that count on leaking package right definitely. Can't support it and that program in our skipper from their recipes shall I cook the cat. Name might as well use the best. Data Kumble late for a break stay we come back and it's just gonna keep a little bit longer want to tell people how they can become a volunteer someone to sit in helping other people finished. Maybe talk old bit about those fallen with the rainbow Trout stockings when total current. What that win when that happens we talked with Danica Williams we CN department wallet and fisheries about to get out in this program. Great program for you non voters you don't need any experience. You don't need a lot of equipment. Just get out there and fission and guarantee that they are finished dead at that your gonna catch him. But you got a very good chance is they were put there for that purpose. We'll be right back after this you listening to more outdoors. While five point three FM HD two and live streaming and down the aisle was guide that. Invite you to come join me at the 23 annual archbishop Rommel fishing rodeo set August 17 and eighteenth it's an open launch efficient and being inevitable Wii's you know waters Friday and Saturday. Bring it gets to the rubble campus scales will be open on Saturday 2 PM to 5 PM. Divisions off for adults and for use and is also a family festival that bills along Saturday beginning at two. Free admission it's open to all the rubble community that doesn't mean just students alumni now parents of students. Anyone is invited this food and drinks and fiscally available lot surprises games for the kids. Meet the rubble rated cheerleaders it's all at the rubble campus of an avenue in Metairie fish August 17 or eighteenth. And come to the way in rubble campus Saturday August 18. And and now welcome back into the program we've been talking with panic Williams we Zeum wallet and history's about to get out and fish program and Danica got a tip in from another listener. Said Don you know you can also search YouTube on how to clean any count it should they are exactly right from. You can find anything how to at any thing on YouTube including cleaning fish but. It's always batted to watch someone do it in person you know because sometimes you run a colossal things that. You don't encounter on YouTube. That you wouldn't clinging to fears so that's where you volunteers come in really handy. By the way volunteers and you can use as many as possible you'd never have enough of them is someone is listening to this implicit in all. I wouldn't mind doing that on out there and watch and families and it's it's inflation given look vice on tackle and fees lenient annaly. How does someone become volunteers and get out. They can actually go to our web site and you church while like that history. VIP. Award I think politician volunteer program. Alina but Gary is the contact person. And it actually application carpet they get short Pete I'll tell you injured and and and that you will definitely. Eight sites that are coming up in. Earnings call do it but I think they'll keep the court a court. We also have another court as well for people that are that heparin the Xperia electrical short court now. Round and they can not available for example like our captains that they become the IP there are you in a group that. One of the quite available or that aren't in it through their actual cap mean and that I ain't. Back on. Didn't act classes actually have coming up we get one out all the Latin in New Orleans and it we have on August 15 in Woodward's. Those are our class there for the general public in Arctic cat course that we eat it typically for teachers that your teacher. And your interest in becoming the hacking in bringing. Victory and the minute he came on education he's quiet room. You call it burnout and the thinking it. Take the course you'll it'd be wonderful. You know activities aquatic activities into the teacher's they'll actually get the last and that meet the mean. To complete their class Ian. Once you're finished you'll also have on your. Equipment he can have been on that if you call ahead aren't or which knee. You can check out all of the equipment Beijing on that necessary. Court. Great program. Danica talk a little bit about the rainbow Trout the the channel catfish all of that they put those in I don't think there's some more party finish him in the water gets hot. If the oxygen gets low they are survivors they're they're very tough finished and good fish to eat and not that difficult a test so it's one of the perfect species for stocking. Now rainbow Trout is a lot different in this certain areas that you put those in in it's a little bit different degree of skill to catch him and in the timing counsel tells about the rainbow Trout action. What were trying out for a partner and I remembered a story arc in count that we get what you get back is there temperature of water temperature or. It used to provide who we definitely are quote spent at them girl we decided to start acting inspector for the first record I think it's that our. On the electric by the that would in January or February or February and went back wearing a trend on the other not needed to you know that there. It will not provide expert on making you know like it was the temperature at a certain. Is able to. At certain temperatures through but they're all caught in the rain and definitely one of the people. People let history ears and not issued or. We have. In that we. Have been maybe it's our car being trampled courts so it brings them back at Jeter to change imminent but it is well. They're catch there are very heated cook he couldn't do. Comment is one of the species that we thought would be right you. Currently our. You know Danica I was amazed when I was with yet brought on in Latvia when it was not there how quickly those peach pit. After they released. Me out of the tank demo though. Yeah so we're tackling. Talent that. Look we're anxiously in it's on sale when they are irritated at people lined up around occurring you're right having to do what I had a good and in order of the court. We're glad you might get a little while so they get acclimated I don't know what I have to keep at. There it's a great program down and you do a great job with it and we really appreciated depreciate to come and all the talk about it it's anybody wants to get anymore information we gave him a lot this morning. Tell on the website address. On the witness is pretty long. The jet that. Search while polite but it sure will get out and pitch in the pocket on Kirkland Papa and that for the aren't your curb in the paint thing. Pollack and retrieve the IP going to give me a call operator for. 1718. And it duplicate it on next scheduled. For the church group or are rare one on calendars that injure them occur in walker. At the Sydney park and park. What's the date on it. Burma the November 3 Saturday November 3 appearance next event that. On the calendar. Looking at other sites in the current great now and Ernie and I in Orleans aren't sure where we're looking at a much publicly you're. On offer again this program buried anybody actually has rejection or the central west central part of the please get Cochran that a lot of that. We're trying to put our prop you know everybody a chance that action packed it in picture it happening again cart weekly. Very good please remind me about that November stocking walk we need to go by you while TV feature on model program come out there. Go from stopped definition shall people isn't it is such a good program and the heels so much need. So many people wanna get out fishing just don't have the whale with all of the resources to do it in this feels that happen. It's wonderful program. Thanks Danica we appreciate nominal. Are. You next Danica Williams the Louisiana department of wildlife and fisheries true fishing Angel today. I would come back after this cell phone lines questions comments suggestions of delicious emails and it got in and when totals folks that you may Beatrice and also. And then coming up at 8 o'clock if he's still witness few gun enthusiasts firearms talk and guns DeVon bridges. Gavin century countess studio and know we talk on Google wants a month you own more outdoors on 105 point three FM HD 20. And you can live stream a city that WWL dot com or die of the album was guys that can. And welcome back into more outdoors will take it telephone call your comments questions final four to 606368. Also have a very popular text message board you can just shoot some quick text at 8787. Against questions request information. Odd just only make limitless no way yo what should do and maybe share some information you have found was some listeners. I come I had some people wanting to know how long is red snapper season going to be opened in Louisiana. It's all depending on when the harvest quota that has been assigned is meant. We have been given notices recreational allocation 743. Columns. When they estimate that that total has been reached all its over and he's done. So from. Trying to gas along its chemical really depends on the landings and has determined by the effort in by the conditions. Now when you get windy conditions like you got this week and not as many people can get out you get doubles on weekends way even debate boats can get out to the shallow watery. And they hammer. And are all LP which recreational ought shall any government program. You will be contacted periodically. In to be asked about your catch and depending on. When those numbers to an end that's when the season will be closed now will hoping it will remain open long enough. To get into some of the bigger wrote deals you know the golden medal foolish on top and rodeo is coming up open. Another week is so on traditionally July 4 weekend ended July it's a grand now talked in rodeo. And those have reds snapped the categories if in fact it's open. On charter boat industry and commercial have different seasons but if you recreational fisherman. It is open now is all I can tell you and as soon as that information comes out on the closure date. On that information will be disseminated and and it'll be over until next year's allocation I think this programs work much better. Mean look at the week and in the past nine days seasons it's ridiculous. Line people really enjoying getting kitchen terrorist. I I've got this. Email Lian recently this says mr. down. I heard you're segment on hunting hogs and airboats. And it's all small clip almighty while TP. I am my family by our rights are hunters and fisherman but we are so hold on it's on not on as efficient and I'll sold or something like this. I can't find the man that does this thing it's in the gentlemen there you wanted to do this and possibly. A good spec red trip would you recommend this for us thanks a bunch below shows speaking from French settlement and Amy area. And I replied this and captain Ronnie Adams Lee Campbell on he's the guy that does the home hunts down in Nazi Bernard parish. Also sending ma a list of guide you can go to my web site now on the up those guys that come and go like contact information for a variety of a fishing guys typically for the reds inspects that pretty popular. I also that this one in. Miss Saturday morning radio it just wondering when it would be available on line. Now I replied and gave the the address among web site where we do the radio rebroadcast now. And I thought a lot of people may wanna know this and not only can catch the rebroadcast which you can listen to lie programs also. And you go to Don the outdoors guide dot com slash radio. Dash shows dot html now if you go to the website you'll be able navigated you'll see where it says. Listen to the radio shows we only keep them off for two weeks following each show. So if you law you take them from there or if you miss one listen to pretty quickly because wants two weeks is on. It goes into the ionosphere we never to be hurt again. Unless somebody's got to eight. I got this email in just this week and this was a really good one and I think a lot of people may wanna share the same idea. This comes in from our fellow by the name of Jeff market. And he says Don my son grew up listening to EU wanna wait on the piney woods of east Texas is getting married to a wonderful young lady in December. I heard you mention quail queen creek this past season but did not get the details. Contemplating says that he and his grooms men there for the bachelor party. Better than Vegas to an outdoorsman if you could send me a link recommend a great burden placed reasonably priced in south Louisiana. I would greatly appreciated let me show. PS in the 20s16 seasons and the harvest at a buck here and on for three years. Grossed the Ford detox was 172. With a body weight of 230. And eat Mac and use coal. Yeah oldie. Tell you young son is to be patient and learn yen that took a lot of patience and perseverance. On the three years and finally got the trophy. And I congratulate. Panel netbook but I really think that idea. The quail hunting bats point 10 what a great idea. Quayle of Quayle or of hunting trips him. Fishing trips the bachelor parties and the common formal popular anyway Lotta groom stay out of trouble at that. And you MR replied that Jeff wasn't senate contact information actual name of it is running creek ranch you may have heard me talk about that popped the bill. Mississippi run across the Louisiana line it's a great idea for a bachelor party and running creek has got the perfect setting in the reason suggested them. They have open nine to common week Tuesday and great pitches in area to have now bachelor party that several people. And put him in touch with Ronnie and his manager and hopefully men in his personal and very successful on. A lot of fun at the bachelor party. Now lifelong wonderful marriage and that buck mountain hanging over the fireplace and tell him it's he's. So we thank Jeff for that the mail. I got another win in from Luke. And Luke wanted to note do recreational crab traps needs three escape brings the new size. I've ten traps used at camp only listen every Saturday and describe to buy you while also enjoyed both. And now my replies to Lew was this. I sent a copy of of the regulations and it's a little hard to decide for but it describes those three escape earnings where they need to Pete. They need to be placed when you need to have them now is appeared it's time. Which is right now where you can actually. Com. Put some material to obstruct these skate brings it brings allow certain small sizes of cramps to get out of the trap. That's to avoid catching on decides trap. Now here's the important point appointed itself the Lou if you crab trap is made of wire match. And the match is two and five sixteenths. Or larger. Square. It is exempt from the skate was because then that would be in place for the cramps to get out small little tiny grants would be it would get out. And I did remind him. While commercial programmers have to abide. By size limits recreational Kravitz did not so with some reason you pull up small grand mamma tumble tiny. One and a half to each cram it means she weasels the date. But certainly not worth while on ball a bomb then. You know you can you can keep any size cred like if you recreational but if you commercial lesser size ones that you have to slow. Figured it may be a lot more people that. At that same question because is not really black and white in the race it's it doesn't come on let's say. Recreational cramp refusing traps instant nets have to have the ex Kate morning's. But by not saying they don't then they do. But then again the 'cause of the there's no requirement on the middle size it is it comes seems pointless but I guessed by eminent mesh size of those escape drawings. I'd eliminate the accidental catching on the small programs which on need to be returned an award it'll. I we got another break to take would come back out and catch up some of the what you may have missed earlier on the show this morning welcome to review a fishing reports not all that great today because it. That wicked wind of the southwest is really causing some problems but also at some encouraging things to. The pass along to all coming up right here on more outdoors 01053. FM HD two. Analyze streaming ad down the outdoors guy that count. And one of the things we always suggest you do loyalists into the program is access on the web pages. Don the out those guys dot com or by you while team need outcome both of those you'll find lots of interesting information. On the ball on the outdoors guy website you can find fishing articles just that time recipes that are really good enough this month it's. Four beer battered fish tacos you know if you look at the sump and Connell light but it takes the two in the summertime. This is great meal to prepare and it's not easy to find despondent on the web site right there and if you wanna find just about any. Recipe for crabs crawfish shrimp and also while game whether the dark Oregon bowl. On venison. We've got tons of on the edges go to the recipe section in look up oddities shall look at what seemed like it'll see one that you need let me know. And now a lot of these are not posted yet we've got on the album. Also we've got some all photographs radio photos each week we have won this was this week's this is pretty funny. Those of you who watched on TV program called value all TB. I you may recall seeing young lady named Laney wick who is the owner of adjournment shall appoint or name Alcee. She jaundice Florio Quayle on earlier this year and also mean that shocker on. While she made the first fraud being tripped off last week. If she caught a first world. And you gotta look at the expression on her face I think what you see that picture that bull kind of explain. All about grabbing you first for all of fraud in his is so much fun it's open right now opened June 1. And it's closed on April in May the two months. And that goes way back as far back as I can remember when I was a teenager in east of fraud. It was close to those months and I was always told it was because that was loose ball. Now that may be a peaks mourning period but it's not certainly are the only spawning period. And it was instituted I guess to ensure that we had future populations of fraud that they would reproduced. And age would be laid before but it caught the samples patched now. But I'm Tanya Aussie fraud we clean and manages load with takes on not sure were evident as any impact on not but that's the law. And from June on through through march you can fraud now. Frog and if you wanna see it you can go on the web site in fiscal two aren't dotted up real fishing game. Others short version of the fraud encrypted Martha Spencer and I made this week. We were down crawfish haven in Kaplan knew my call weak but it crawfish excursion trip down there. Earlier on bills crawfish ponds are great places to catch frogs. And though we got some really nice bowl fraud there. It's pretty simple on you do need a basic fishing license how surprised how many people did not realize you need a license to go catch fraud. And some people think that frog hunting license is would she be. Actually it's a fraud fishing license fraud is indeed. An animal on issue would Cologne animal but it's not a game animal. On like a bird or mammal. And is not a fish and amphibians so it currently is while those in between it is but. They do have an amphibians and rapped out collectors license which if you have that will serve. But it's probably easier and most people party and the basic fishing prices and that's all you news of Wales license. Now as far as equipment. Not a whole lot needed. You need a good life good powerful battery operated light. As you got to spot the throng organs as some. Argument as to whether the light actually blinds the fraud or does not allow him to see a person reach in over. I'm not one that really subscribe to that nothing that polite as most of the fine model think they go blind with the line and although. Well gotta ask a fraud August. Anyway those Obama that's the only mandatory thing you need is a light on the new the best way to catch a fraud is by hand. Is Graham and hold tight. And I gotta tell you we had some inexperience people want them bought the being one but she surprised she did very good on criminal fraud. Now we have another guy who shall remain nameless and he has done difficulty in grabbing a fraud. Even had difficulty dropping in net on a fraud and we had some kids. And I gotta tell young kids on big bull frogs I just don't think they have the strength. Hold all warm some people afraid to squeeze them but their slimy and a flexible and you got to put. Google's vice grips on the real legal because they're gonna struggle again out slip out. In it ends up in a lot of fun watching somebody trying to catch a lot of fraud but. Anyway there are other ways that's legal now one thing he can't do you cannot shoot wrong with any kind of fun. And fact it is totally illegal. To have a firearm in your possession a lot of people's well they get gators and snakes out them on opulence not. Well if you could stop you gonna get a ticket as having it far on the new possession while fraud being use illegal. The other thing I was very surprised to learn is most people don't realize that. If you catch and frogs on a public area wildlife management area wow public lakeshore line or public's wall. If it's not private land. Dale or size limits on fraud and want to Bologna and know that. And there's really two different kind of strong accident that we go after him wheezing in a one if you talk to a cajun you know called a crow crow. And that is eight pick fraud. It's like a bolt wrong but considerably smaller. They don't have to allow the vocal voice on global fraud. It's much lighter and but them much more plentiful. But there's a lot less Neil. And then we have. The ball fraud which of those big jumbos with the big big lake in big frauds and that's what we were captain. On now Wednesday night bull for a total pick for picked frogs have more you can find them march in ponds and swamps you elected to fund both put. Primary eligible for world. Now the size limit if you catch in the pig fraud on public area can be no smaller than three inches. And that's not count the lakes classic three inches you measure of fraudulent demonstrate this on the fishing game report you you put the tape on the tip of the fraud knows. In and you measured to the base of what would be the tail. Whether back legs join that is the measurement should take now if you got a throng smaller than three inches from its nose to its tail. Not a very big for August not gonna have a lot of mile. Com but. On the pig frog it's three inches on a bull frog Big Five inches. Now the ones we were caption or between eight and nine inches from the nose to detail which isn't. Full grown big boy bull fraud. And while most people simply. Skin them for the Lleyton on a lot of people who enjoy the whole fraud. Note at the front legs and is also some meat on the back bald particularly on the big. Takes a little more trouble and scale clean them but there's several ways to clean them. One good to have a few going to be clean frogs as a pyrrhic catfish scanning lines could you pull the skin off a fraud comes off pretty easy. The difficulty is gripping. Because it it doesn't really have a whole lot to hold onto and it's very slippery in thin and it can become a problem. On the that. Now armed. I've basically take a pair of scissors. Clip right at the base of the tail. Get enough all slot to wait which finger and then Ingram those skin in line isn't just pulled down Easley I'll leave that feed on some people like the cut the feed off. Arm but that gets you the legs and just cut the legs from the body in discard the rest now. You can also ski in the rest of the fraud at the bag on off couple front legs often this on there and our host who was on Barry troops of mrs. rose then breakfast he he made a delicious sauce the calling use in the wake the front plagues them. Also the backbone so's. It then they'll like the waste picnic what. Frog in great sport. Not a whole lot to it and you can do it just about any way you fund martian water and I go out and spend the night. I'd also wanted to direct your attention to La outdoor opinion poll this month on the website asking view which type of fishing gear. You missed the most not your favorite. All which one you'll like which one do you actually use more than others when you're fishing you know as a little bit surprised that this in that. Right now in this change that's going to be up to about me July. The choices in casting which as you know open faced typical spinning real. A spin casting with a colds face now like use that coach you push buttons. Those are actually spinning meals and have a cup world would that the angles rule holes it's less. Tank it's more tangle free and then you have the one that would take the most keel to use and that's a bait casting level line. Which you know it just comes right off the stool it's wide open you Kasten. Speed news pool determines how much line comes off that ankle at practice. In some adjusting them you use these full speed on to become good at casting actors particularly in windy can be difficult. Then now fly rod fly casting. Then McCain Cole which is about as simple as it gets pole line piece broken debate. And then something Maloney and ultimately used jogs offset lines they'll put time lines with Dayton. Title to a jog in trauma icu move on make beyond a trot lines tied to a tree limb. Look at him in now we got zero response so far on the favorite for the jug and set lines and cable. But what surprised me was how many people. Mostly use of a rob we at 14%. So far that they've offline robberies at the most. Then the spin cast I thought for sure would be far and away the win both closed in the open race surprisingly. But if you add the two of them together 28% of the people responded. Said they would use either an open base on a close race baiting the most. 67%. Now use a break ups like 57%. The majority. Use a bait casting him in that I'm sure has changed over the years and I can remember a time where. Very few people would use them on all you bass pros. You professional fishing guides. They prefer that I love to use of may test deficient especially the red fish for bass. Officials speckled Trout and that really matter out to C news has been cast. On and fly fishing I mean I use those but as far as one that I would use most. Would have to be probably for me it's been cast because it just simply. Fish for those species a lot more you can catch red fishy and drawn anything has been cast a cast. I'll use that too but when Europe accuracy casting is more important like if you need to hit a point. Or you need to put it between two trees or right at the base of the law on what we knew bass fishing. Beta testing real certainly benefit that. But for ease. Does the colts face Spain to dances is probably simplest. And many many people's thought with that because simply push your buttons below the line come out. You don't have to stop it with you thumb. It doesn't come often tangle. Because it's not open it doesn't hang up on anything like sometimes a spin can't real do. But we'll see how this turns out if you wanna get in on the voting you'd just go to the website down elbows guide dot com and go to the up to opinion poll. And Nam cast your vote at their tendency high stack up against homelessness. I we got that oh loss of one remind you on new. By while TV broadcast starting this week if you in ascension Livingston which passed we have some new carries a program. Eat now. Just channel four and vision which is channel five will be counting the program Saturdays Mondays Wednesdays Tuesday. In addition to our regular Thursday. And Sunday 7 PM primetime earnings in the a lot of bonus on two on clocks which to me. But if all of that fails and is no way you can get it. You can always get it on YouTube and you can do that you can actually subscribe to come subscribe to it. You go to our web page by you while TV dot com hey don't forget. To become a follow. Because Martha laws to give away cheap laughs contests. In my wildest putting contests I think it's some of that seasoning. That we got from the port mafia guys when we did. The called she'll alt that shale. Com and she's got a package prizes to give away to whoever is the follower number 2000. And as of this morning we walk over 19100. So all I'm thinking if we haven't reached it yet it's going to be very soon in assigning value chance to become winner of abuse 2000 it is now. Is pretty good and by the way I wanna congratulate the winner of Alaska and test week though a photo contest on fishing. And day David Hubble Alabama was the winner got really nice prize package we sending some of those. By you while that comes stickers and got a whole package different it's five products from in front we thank them providing those prices so. Become a subscribe. Watched the program lets Alex think about it John faults don't cooking features with them the shaft on that. We do just about everything we've got to attack fishing planning we've got alligator on income and we got spear fishing we got free diving classes coming up that Martha attended. And we've got just ending up with things hunting season we did squirrels we did rabbit we did docs. Column quail hunts that has to do with the by use so we are going to be out there going to be. All right that's got to wrap up our noble on our little detail and it talked guns DeVon approaches Gavin century jaundice and also you invited to speak to a telephone lines are. Text message board which is 87870. All that's coming up right after this NBC sports update. And then back with more outdoors right you own 1053 FM HDT.