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Saturday, July 21st
Hunt Fish Talk is about development at Port Manchac.

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I welcome into the show that more on this talk monthly show where we discuss the hot topics that concerned the sportsmen here in south Louisiana. Never a shortage problem. By the way glad to have eliciting this morning and of course I'm on my regular cap on the ship this morning we need them IU alum and the only 1 this morning. Wendy. Mourning city. And pundits viewed as well good morning non. Quality and to show. Up. Our collective thing the war effort stop and that is now on the proposed nineteen million dollar residential plants resort. Project that developers have proposed to be built that. Port at. At what passed in May and Jack development. It's called the village that Portman and Shaq. It's would include homes boats slip. Hotel. An attic dig it. Specific if you pitcher in the late on to try and it is the eastern ports in between onto too little plot. That's that's Portman and sent in to give a little history about this area of the state designated it as a state court in 1962. And Serbia polluting. During the construction of a inner state. It. Today the port oriented speak to a chemical lending company. Now you may have heard it in this in the news recently deport came under fire and consider allowing Australian graphite process they're too. Locate a factory there everybody was not been on including environmentalists. Residents and then determined as well on. And that led to the defeat of the projects so I know grow enough ago on the grass like plant and now just recently. The village at. Portman and check it stumbling block last week when the ports governing commission decided need to legal opinion the pork and full. So the MO use the memorandum of understanding was that night so basically. What we're looking and is that they say they don't know if they can do this because they don't know whether or not the law creating the industrial site allows it to be switched from being a pork. And now residential last resort in. So. The port commission knows. Held open the possibility of a group in the nineteen million dollar toward the residential menu but did. Voted to first request an opinion but now Louisiana attorney general has a web that the commission could could legally transformed support from a industrial facility to resort so. It was clearly a long ways from being done done Neil if it ever gets the okay the change from industrial to residential. And up before we jump into this levee burst broke broke and be jailed as to what the developers aren't visiting. I'm Terry Jones as the principle investor in the in the village that port mansion back in it in the development of that nature dates community. And said the development would include under single family homes along the canals. And with boats slips. Would also have a hotel and 500. 400 aquatic cabin condominiums. And apartments. Now mock ups of the proposed development for preventable or walk with restaurants ice scoring stand. Kayak areas than and swimming. And one more thing the developer that visitors can take advantage of the surrounding marxists virtual tours. Are watching and experiences like planning site birch tree then and it. Electing in the spear of connecting with the with the heritage developers and open to rebuild the historic. Mansion act light. Lot bang and I mean. A little bit and everything like indeed swimming those in the windy but you know you're on about the bird watching. That's apparently. Yeah I am now the art here. And and in like public. Planning like streaming that on the monologue planning but the fees and I'm in a planet like mystery. I am ball on board. Seriously guys that thought about it because it that actually that great but but there's just so much to consider com. With Libyan rightfully not trailer all the environmental impact that may bring. So first off like if you bought on the development. And we can. Pick it apart in the upcoming congress say as far as him environmental. Impacts but elections stepped back and talk a little bit but overall. Impression witness Don we could start with you you'd like. Sure. You know this is the the Angel argument preservation. Purposes development. And it's usually a parties the key issue. You know I'm a firm believer in that someone's. Should be able to do whatever they want with their property it's there as they and his long as it doesn't. Interfere with the guy next oil then you know he's within his rights to develop and capitalize on the feces it. On this particular. It does sound like a wonderland way you described the hundred single family homes. Five the 400 happens hotel. Place for kayak swimming gold. It just sounds like wow wonderful. Community. And certainly as long as something like that is it is is scopus static in compatible with the surrounding area. On a probably isn't a bad thing about it we certainly need development we need. Economic engines in on this show could be one mean it's going to be adjacent. To wildlife management areas that Joyce. And and the man Jack while my affairs so does a lot of public areas for Pete political money game. In fishing in. A look back at a couple of these communities that were done. And are they already talking about. Venetian dolls in all leads Paris right now on the ship. And then eat now all's on or shortly politics. Now I'm old enough to remember both of those areas before those communities will wouldn't. And I can tell you what they weren't it was fishing and hunting paradise. Way eat now Els is they used to be ponds it was a march and it was a lot of war filed a soft shell crabs. It was a practice mix of fishing in there. And similar thing on the other side on the shelf past where the nation mouse was polluted. Now if you ask any of those residents that live in the area and fortune enough to have a beautiful home. That they have a drop way in the garage on the front and the back they got that boat in the stock that they can get access to. Canals in late on to train in March is active they love. And I don't think those communities are. Adversely impacting in Iran I think that they would done in such away. Certainly that was a lot of pristine marshlands that was sacrificed. Him but I think the field was applicant. Ambient truck in the it took some some place there's a hole that is very very deep where this all came to feel that there but finally they did it end. You know and you look at lake shores states in rig release states and Treasure Island. And those people have chosen to build upon enough they can face the stole model what their shoes. Expenses offices some of them probably aren't even able to get him living that way now think that would probably be a real concern here. But you know I'm not really totally opposed to that although I can also says you'd. That being at a 45 year resident of saint Tammany parish. Places that I dropped by now well on it well finished. Is developed its off limits seeking gold at a parking lots is concrete. In these places and he is really kind of get you down but then again and you can't hold back progress because these people legitimately own the property name of the proper channels to get the zoning change. Him to win they can develop what they've got spent last week on Orange Beach I was over the on the coast of Alabama one wonderful that is. I can't tell you what an economic engine that is I think that may be one of the the sleepy as quiet as least known. Areas that is close to what they have in Florida and Las Vegas I mean as I rise hotels. Sampson the beaches are extremely clean they've got an enforcement. You look at the water it's crystal blue and peoples women and so I think we can't live in Albany with nature and in May that's what'll happen here but as you mentioned. You know at the very beginning that this is a long way off. I've seen is going to be a battle in the attorney general's office. They certainly need to rezone it from the port to a resort community as a whole different. SATA regulations that that it both of those applications and that needs to be on. Then there's going to be corps of engineers drag and to do environmental impact statements. The EQ wildlife and fisheries. They've got alone and rolled a low. To get this development off the ground but once it's done it's it's done away where. You know that the septic discharges process properly and it doesn't impact anything and they put in tight regulations to whether it'll pollute any thing. It's certainly is going to be a great job creation and no doubt about that I mean just the work together constructed is one thing. And then it will create jobs in all in and around that area which has very little right now so I can't several polls to vote what I always say I would be opposed to benefits. Not done in the proper way. And sometimes things have a way you when you got money big money involved the slip in through and things fault in the cracks. And we find out later oh and everybody looks at each shows them how to act and we end up with this but again look at another communities that are on water. I don't think it totally bad things. I think the key point was that just that was when money gets involved it seemed like. You know the ones that earned favor. The economy and bring in money in the as far as tax revenue. Seemed to win. When Yemen elect to talk to them away. And the questions start with that and I really don't let it partially touched on. Yeah they're they're currently at least in the court treatment have chemical plants correct. Okay. Wondered why that we're looking T. I'm even considered the Australian graph by processing plant during his support. Not making money losing money without looking. To generate revenue by doing now. The only thing I can see is research in the itself that. It hasn't been. Our success in the past so you know I don't know revenue with a look at it and it I don't know what they. You know and being a success but it hasn't that says it hasn't been successful or not at all not come across. What without. Companies that support. Is profitable. Right add Spain currently. Right. You don't looking for something else. And I do you know I'm going to sound like a conspiracy. Theory here are. You know I can just imagine. That. This development. Was already quietly. Waiting in the wean. While this graph fire plan. Was being considered. And when that failed and then as in the industrial and or choose the port commission generating more revenue. Here we come with a developer. And with its. You know this great attractive bring out of the development here at the way the people who pre. You know industry your progress by plane. And you know will be optometry. Treat younger and then try actors and no one's seen him. That we're probably going to destroy 400 acres of urgently in order to do. And it Don pointed out then there's the question whether. This type of development would either Andy lack. Under the industrial. Now. A carpet for the award. Yet and that part. And you know are always quick advances state burlap and all the categories. And where the bottom moment could lift they say Pensacola. Would some light is come along at looks promising and found Greg were quick to criticize and I just wonder why. One of the scene like any change has been negative reaction. Look I'm guilty. Is anyone but. I think the main issue and this is somehow Lee's sentence seemed to be very good at it at waterfront development coming. He you see you see it in ward you know Alabama taxes they seemed delivered better at it out and all of its arcane that come through here. Definitely has an impact on old waterfront structures. You know across the area. And it's it's obvious when you look around by all the damage houses there are camps but lined canals around here in the lake and and I think that's where my mind literally we talk about this. I think about the future you know what what happens after he's for her gain. You know what it could become the goes down and hit it you know beautiful mark land. On the lake it just becomes another console war so with you know what appealed back to roots in. You know if you pile on lap on the war that that line shoreline I mean. We've seen it happen before and that's where my mind as well what happens when when it's you know and it's beautiful. Community needs. Hit like this to do with they just take off and it's just it's just wasted beautiful mark plant Christine mart's plan that is now just riddled with little houses are so. So that that's where my butt but we're gonna have to pick a very kind and we're gonna come back and talk a little bit more about this. We're gonna talk a you know from a fisherman view as a somewhere in a lot of lot of lot of issues in Louisiana concluding a private water right now so it's just seemed like. And we just wanna leave irony alone technically. Though I'm sure you do a plane that they would come back Philip let's get to the break and we'll pick back up witness the return. This stop on more outdoors. Welcome back there on his talk we're talking this morning about the development called the village at port man checked that developers want to build. The new development will include homes boat slips and a hotel now this is the eastern portion public on to train between. Com we'll pot and pot to to look. On this and nineteen million dollar project that would take over the ports forty acre site. As well as a hundred acres of neighboring west alliance. On the six member panel and a bottle of port commission held open the possibility of approving and nine million dollar Taurus and residential menu. But voted to the first request an opinion from the Louisiana attorney general as to whether the commission could. Legally transformed the port from a industrial facility to a resort so basically does the looks like a a longshot to me it's speaking you know I'd like pot strain it from epic its probably that then. And that that's what I want to get to on this segment. And that's the environmental aspects of this project. More development on the court or more off. On the Lake Pontchartrain basin basement foundation has. Relatively remain. Neutral on this issue they say they can't take sides but there are. Are waiting to contribute scientists to the study nervous starting their back from the development. Which I think something something not right about that Terry Jones currently appears. It talks that he sent they remain knew Truman but I'm hearing that. That they don't want this that they just can't come around saying but ethical and I think that what's gonna pop up with that. So wanna get you down and Wendy let's put aside the economic impact the tax dollars and all the fun stuff and then let's talk about. Late but to training in the effects in mind after the war quality that in and Adam peck the whole bit late as you know this. Definition. When he went to start with you. He I'm really not in our armed water quality and on mentioned. About. Whatever our holiday when he can't law against it clear that we talked about. Questions as to whether on that was done correctly. You know there. Which can be great king is great water. Which you can either. Even creating environments that. When you talk about how the mind. Fishing or water quality over the environment at all. My education eco tours will tour mine just continue to spin out on the implementation. And scream and everybody on the pac twelve years and it has been part of the two well. And in saint. Double and her killing him and pop. Into account instantly. That came out of the new master plan. And as a right now these areas designated. And therefore needed to be reached at such a crime occurred to India and even it would seem writer in. And you consider all water they're like trying and then go out there. No part in has been part of the customs. And there's. Some think a lot modification. And any time. You'd kinda how and you change the way. The water. Through an area across the marsh. You add more practically. And most of the time it is not for the and things that when I think about the project. Because we have not. In all year Malcolm. Now the announcement content. And are now being touted responsible for about eight. So my question intently not. Because we knew that. Jail. You clearly and he can now. Canal will be hard for now for the actions match for high acting for about little Yunnan sandy beach. So why would we go back. Well let up even considered going urgently. Something like it comes down to that on the. Camp and I look at the Lake Pontchartrain basin foundation has status. Didn't involved in this more and more and put their foot down because that means that there are holes. You know concentration of their whole reason for existence is that the water quality that monetary net there. Ended up elect not to train. So look for them to get more involvement but like you said you have to have we learned. I think when it comes down to money lending it. People really don't care I think it's just that you know they wanna get this thing up making money and you know. Well the opportunity to plant a five straight out of to me at the GO. But the jets as an opportunity. Excuse me going to destroy not a part. Of an opportunity to come back and replay by street thinks yet let it turn it around. Coalition to restore constantly and I and in partnership would restore their convention have. To 24005. Or street cop around here. Not directly in the path but in that area. And Tibet during. Say an ounce and I can foundation. Cap future plantings are already planning and Indy. Yes and I think it's it's just a sign of the times they know what they need to put Ian. There plans to make it sound more greener more eco friendly. And you know twenty years ago you could just got scratched out these little lines that we've seen now planet cypress street bird watching and all that it wouldn't matter much but now I think they know. To you know code it. And and if you hear your reading environmental friendliness and management and so you know. Check back in the planet cypress tree over there that's great act I can't find one anywhere else you know that meant. If they make this. Village that angle angle plant when there. Are not like in the economic he's on and that there a year this storm buyers. Well now provide those communities coupling and from the we not putting economic value on the gee that's why would have a whole lot of trouble buying it can be economically. Flip it over. It that those. Argue that on such and there's still engagement. And then packed already providing economic background. Not only diminished storm surge and her came in and we're talking about five or street. The right out. Performance in these I I take up phosphorus and nitrogen. From apple up more you know I planned for. From parking lot there and that reduces the impact to down. There are so much about there are really don't see how we turn that around I get away and slightly improved upon. I understand. Well. You know did the the thing it gets down news we have what's called no net loss of wetlands which have wetland mitigation programs. So it's day if this is done in the correct fashion if they are allowed to proceed with that and they do sacrifice. Pristine wetlands in name whose development which is development left the past. In nominal impact statements to it doesn't causes negative impacts adverse impact but we do lose some wetlands and it's converted in to a community. Then the developers would be responsible for mitigating in other words putting up an equal value. Two other wetlands which could be done on public property owned WM maize which is owned by us. Certainly you wouldn't wanna use that money on somebody else's private property which would deny access to it. But I think is that the real key to this thing is elected officials in that area give you a prime example. Heads of state senate to Sharon Hewitt own program a couple of times. She is fighting a development in Jackson Mississippi which is going under the guise of flood protection. And it's basically community for profit what it's gonna do though is adversely impact the boy into the pearl river which is part of our area. She developed the task force she's gotten together and nonprofit she's non gotten together communities she's gotten agencies together. And she is making sure that if this thing does go forward. That their rights in in those wetlands are going to be protected. That's what a real leader does that's with a true alignment of official who serves the public does. I'm not talking about these good old boys that they say look. You can help us get this thing through we gave you pieces action you're gonna get on Google and condos in and we give it to you grandson something like Anna let that stuff goes on angle it goes on. Someone that they elected that they trust needs to step up on this particular issue. Grab the bull bottle points and make sure that this thing if it goes. At the wetland mitigation program is properly funded that is done in compliance with all the environmental concerns that are out there. And that it becomes a good partner in the community and a good player and a value to win when there was some weapons at a created. For it to replace the ones that'll loss. But without some leader in an idol Kim Coates is the same demand check coalition. This sportsman's group does fishermen's organizations that are ready to pollen on this thing. All of that is fine. But when it comes right down to put the gavel down and in and make things happen that stub in the courtroom and as nominal launch is done legislature. And they got to have the right person in their elected position to defend their proper rights of that commune because that's what it's gonna come down to. Absolutely you mentioned Kim Coates with the same arm and checked coalition that anybody when he wants to keep up to date Ortiz got the scoop on everything. Maybe they have a FaceBook page has hit the FaceBook page and but it goes on that all the latest info on what's going on with this and it is changing very quickly come on the tenth it was. BMW has been and incensed than it seemed like there. Try to form a new strategy so it can uninteresting it. They have packages and out. You know now that we've got the the advent of the in and has a lot of things title like about it the one thing I'd do. It has made the community in the world much smaller and that's raised the microscopes. Used a beatles' good old boys you couldn't get a hold home and hide it Ron. I had in my actually run from me you couldn't give him by telephone this secretaries say their out of town and don't return nick. But let me tell you now with FaceBook in Internet. People I'm in communication with each other and they can put the microscope and hole at feet to the fire at McGill in my office I was the one thing about an elected official. Then number one goal is stay in this office at all cost. In that even if that means doing the right thing they gonna do. Well we are coming up on a break here so we're gonna come back him in command we talk a little bit. Maybe some possible alternatives. That you'd like to see here maybe just keep the port. When they're under you'd like to keep the bird watching aspect of the development solemn look. Well we can repair what thought about the future report mantech will be right back. Countries stopped when WWL 105 point during HD do. And welcome back to the Cerro. This morning we're talking about a ninety million dollar project that would take over. Port that village Portman and jackets called the military support and check. You know we've we've been in this left and right. I'm but I have a question for you is that they're actually on deterrent to a bluntly you concede it's working I mean Don you're mentioning now does work. But I've seen drawing of this thing and and mock ups then it opened not in China I can't see it. Making it in mansion coming in their. I looked up some some cracks and there's from. A hundred. Permanent residents and rancher in Portland track right now and and maybe that's a lot of what were my mind goes to when I think of being community like this it just doesn't chided do you see this work in January early on track. Wendy. Have to carry case I'm really not familiar with other areas. Around like pot strain not not much stomping ground. I'm really not even shirt pocket if fact it's because I'm pretty certain that you and on content to let you know capacity mountain. Well my question would be is to ask yourself. What do our community be better or worse off with out Venetian mouse. Without eat now with out lakeshore states without release states and without treasure. Which is sick he. Yeah. You know it in I don't know what was with that aerial look like you say you do what those Cain. I really have not an imbalance that went so. I can see where you go with that and I guess that it has built up those areas. And I guess there's no clear cut. In answer to that is it's better or worse I mean people think well I just want to Linden and go fiction in the politics. And then that same person might buy a house there you know ten years later in the the group split there are so. I think will we will end up with one you know yet no right or wrong answer I think this is a bunch of opinions. At least he had on the North Shore now but when people move over here there the last one they want to move the whales. Out of nowhere you know. Well you know one interesting aspect of this would be I'd like to ask the developers what is going to be the status of those canals. They're going to be brought my going to be able commitment to each side. We will really. You'll write about that yeah. I've run it there will be line. At bad. Now that it. Private. Not in honor. And blow on the private can now keep out. That would certainly be a consideration in what I'm body and that money on it. There are very anti UU picket mean about the bird watching I think about it. But. This gentleman and I will come. They think our year grant there's 100 full time people on strike if you're. Fly a kite would be high impact action on an analogy about it. But I think probably in that area and maybe. May. Be down. In it. You know shipment people. Like I'm like pollen down on not I am surprised that it now. Even one. Into the air. I. Mean there are. Our opportunities. There are possible there are. But I didn't want to work around that area. And there are amateur and kayak and try actually that. You know put it underneath. Are not care. That much. And he's making it sound like we're going to. Arie are here. But I have to gain is for people to access. Right but how many people don't know that sorry man who committed people just read these words and it suits there. You know what they're looking. Bora and that sounds good and they think talent and they're not gonna destroy any thing to plants are mysteries and herbalist. And went on that they can actually that paper what a topic that you win Colleen is no well. Are pregnant. I. Something that didn't there that. Well I yep if we can wrap this up great disgust Finley in you know what for. Proposed in the problem developers building Connor. Well one more question we seated in the do you think demand instigated no bargain. This pale where do you guys see it and now Wendy. I would like to make it perfectly clear if it is not ready pollen down side. Against the development on it. And I'm about something going to have a lot of people that many. When you talk about Munich nations not Don. That is that something that man has. Has come up with him I feel better now what we're dealing. Because developing wet and another area. America for what we might destroy in this area that is currently providing. Environmental situation and protection. Is not acceptable I know done. Our dominance of appears comfortable on the board for four years and believe me. Well a lot of things come that we need to be permit and that something bad in all ratings have no one has even mentioned. Before you can even drive a pot. To put up a bad or. And that sitting at home or any increase in the custom before you can destroy a little. You would tell him to. Build on a commercial building. You might. Be due all heart meeting process where the Army Corps of Engineers. And the department naturally sort. And it. It rigorous. It's not just what you plan to do it. It is partnering process. And granted that garnered him outline that on my experience. I don't really happening back in regards to litigation. Litigation web. You can you can look at 101000 dollars. Per acre. And with 100 acres along. Meg already written that million dollar price tag. In to the nine dollars humble. For the development. Yeah navigation. But it doesn't. Protect what does replace what's there right now. That aren't about an important. In the form of the environment. And protection. Okay it went on that thing down now we have. What what qualities that you can happen and now. Seattle in I always say it's. Could be 5050. Whether this happens in non I think a lot of it's gonna depend on how convincing. And and how cooperative the project developer is you know with with the community in in with the permitting process and honest in areas. Annoyances is the project is done properly in they take him this sewage disposal. And then not an adverse impact of and surrounding environment. It could be a very good economic engine for that area again I'll look at that what happened at Venetian isles need now is late and all these other states that are on water. And I haven't seen them cause any problems yet there was some. Wetlands that would sacrifice for the development. But I don't know if the good that came back for now waited in terms of mitigation dated really have mitigation back then. I think that this project developers feet knees to be held to the fire in you know maybe keep it will be priced out of it. If he doesn't in the proper fashion as far as designing and implementing it in making environmentally sound and Andy's hit with the big mitigation bill that he's got its. Do wet and improvements somewhere else he may currency analyst fiscal by some piney woods and data big lake and put homes on a lot of them. You know teeth I'm sure you're familiar with that development that's Upton is sandy now north Covington. You know you probably Thursday. Look at that that personal and water development those homes are on the water those people it's all private. You can't go in and less fuel homes and you're on the water you got to dock but it's all it's not in wetlands it was in high drowned on and he could take his development angle do that but I'm sure the the lore of it is is being so close to a two to the man Jack in the you know the swamp in the marshlands in. In Blakemore on Lake Pontchartrain you can't get any event from that place up near miss sandy hollow. Which you could from here so that's on the lower it. It's going to be a battle it's not going to be done easily either way it's not illegal ways is not going to be developed easily but I'm just open that they get the right. Politician elected official in place. Overseas. To protect his eyes his constituents and not sell out to development and eat it's not then skull. Yeah yeah and you think. Cannot bring more funny at. On that a couple of days ago I think what ought to piper. Came out and articles. Two victory letters are being urged war in regards cheap statement. Bad there Alley and department can't protect. Yeah that if anything change here at port commission will have to pay back eight point eight million dollars. But I receive from the Jerry. Right because they've they've dedicated that to help support. I did CNET and up over over the river that runs through it as against that the companies that are storage. Containers and stop or you know like back when Katrina it and are king and there and her current banking area via. On them constitute fifty. I don't see that happening because might being on a limb here but around. Think this is the beginning stages of putting a casino in there. On that's what I think. Hit that area. There's calico and just a hunch but I I think it is. Did these people are Smart and what they're they're leaning on two and I think this the beginning stages of putting it's you know right there on the war only much stress so. No lipstick we will I would got a few human lab. We need to you minister to discuss the flesh eating bacteria also known you brio but only prepared. It's which is gonna come back in their mind you but the precautions you can take it and has yet to opened movement that's been soaked. We'll be right back at the regular thing on his talk or more. Welcome back to this you know. Are we got a few more minutes before the top of the hour I think when he talked a little bit about the embryo practice area network in pop up in the news. And the reports we've had so far averaging in comparable to what we've seen. In the last decade or so so it'll be. Alarmist or anything but. Now we're seeing them that frankly I never knew it could be contract contract it through and that through eating seafood itself so there's whispers. Yes and what happened recently as the outbreak of the real cause some but some contaminated crab meat that came from Venezuela. On the illnesses have been reported in Maryland and Pennsylvania and Washington DC. So twelve people who hate the French grand. Imported from Venezuela got sick. Four of them hospitalized and windy unfortunately. You know the Borough the company is he you've had them about what it's like eating bacteria. You can attest to the way you know we made field but this and that you know it only happens the people that would mean because bridal a lot of us don't think you can. It happened. Yeah that's correct and I think it's much more commonly realized because it's really. It doesn't have a outcrop Russian media and you know which court here and you know once you're making way out there for all the world to see it in your we need to really. Watching out or anything even you know giving that you get your you know. Our waterways is. This. Bacteria is proud one I mean can you counter. Right or cutter scratch and actually appear cold there. And if your immune compromised in if you're talking. You know medications for things like our product or anything like that really. Let your in against bacteria and it can be deadly it can happen quickly and and trying to you know you're still the dominant. Year to be aware. And preventative measures. Yep and you say you know everybody gets hooked but I think. The majority almost every time Michael and I'm well prepared and you your fingers become pruning when it when we knew their web for so long. It's some of them Monica Milan just cut right right across and fight the fingertips Internet politics and now. Found non binding and on that. Yeah just you know be careful you know it's certainly if you suspect don't know yet a compromised amuses me so it'll wanna consume raw shellfish. On and exposures you know there's always a that theory about the camera to fishermen always kept the bottle of bleach on current. You got the little bricks from the crabs and shrimp you know he's thoughtful with does that make it punctures in new unions. I would always Palestinians in bleach which would kill it and that might not be about the cautioned that the. Well we did that we did there's talk on this. When menus. Went through a year win in China I want Superman and now I'm not Superman anymore because. Being wondering mortal. On the cougar which is the red snapper Chris and out there and I got a little a little come on in that saleable proposal currently for the tingling or like homeless does not let. The bank lending. Yeah really quiet on animal well as the list. And you know. Yeah yeah. And he'll bat an eye on your finger. Natalie is the next bank is full blown her one last thing you know why the heck all of that. Cracking grab a ballet. An incredible at least say that it. Believe that you'd you'd put and what about Al product and know that the pleasure killing bacteria were key BP you've got to. You pull back I think you've got she drowned it now and it got a heart who and you and yet diesel at the UT. I thought. You need a pollution in the Spybot and you can dollars in a little bit. And create a bright spot in my cutie here but yeah the stronger the better. You know that it glucose Obama quick story a populated and and that winter camping Grand Island is just a few weeks ago it happened. And they overweight fishing catch an accurate picture of the caught a big sheepshead and got a coaches being trapped in with a liquid taken up. And the dorsal and most of prick to playing you know knowing you just just the panel. Torn while a player the next day could barely walk. And you in his sixties diabetic. Not been held and then. Drove the truck back the finality scrape Italy ended up in a coma for numerous days almost losses laying. She showed me pictures of a link you can see that Ian Gold in the from the effect on the link is below the skin is exposed. Yeah well. And so it's just ridiculous how quick this this thing works. Yeah. About soleil also won one more thing to do remember it unprotected just and had a gentleman and and taxes meant which recover from you know after day after two days after and attack to interest that scrapings under the skin it was allowed to. Enter into his body so calm down next when he gets sent to Spain you know and no weight. I'll I'll keep that in mind yes and a member of the and I listen last week that the commercial fisherman less clear. Early on your selfish at this time a year it's hard to contain them just avoid raw electors. Battered the problem because the and you get in line with in your packet it tracked. Yeah I'm within a year it's embryo moan at the kids in the in the you know the one imperial power live advocate. That would. You hear that from inside that would have been different strain of it again. All right we're coming up on on on the end of the show here and I have a feeling that we're going to be talking about this that. Development and Seattle that it's gone away like Thompson and key element from mamet's in the fact you gonna have a two hour show. Next Saturday and you get to be on live updates from the full on rodeo and it's should be neat. Absolutely keep everybody updated. Wondering. Yet been including record date the he did today electronic presentation by adventure. Two nights ago and went really well really its Internet. Electronics the depth finders and the opera and it's not the issue that's on the bond to vote. And railroad. Time and a very interesting it. A lot that you can at that. And yeah yeah well. Going to be that way it all right that would definitely. We're gonna shares in. On the economic talk and no one we come back. Jack Evans century and Devin birdies stand by the studio will have a full hour of talked guns on about features more outdoors. Colorado looked on the united later WW 10538. Speak to.