The More Outdoor Show 05-19-18 8am

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, May 19th
Don and Martha talk fishing contests with Rad Traesher of the CCA and Mike Farenholt in charge of the Shaw tournement.

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I. And walking into a fourth and final four block the program each and there's mourning the spectrum but he's like the coolest rocks. That's a rock thinks. Branch out at me. Who put. Like he's in a mood read don't miss it on today she's on I built my eyes yet. It is not. Brought word. Fascism party animals feed an excited. Group it. Brad good everywhere this if anybody wants to know anything at all about the CCA star tournament you're gonna find them out his shoes at Texas and 87878. Our calls if you want to speak to this rocks on it final four to 60636. Days so Iran how how is it shape and pitch. Period you know Arctic typically in the quick blow it and and have the treatment called the could. Would be a lot better got her up put out but. All the at all big things are looking punitive and all of that with a whether it's cooperating ever by a critical Kirch. You know we were talking earlier about the tournament. In mentioning 24 years now point can you imagine how many stories and memories. This event has generated over wrong what now is to come quarter century. It didn't really count and think about it and your boat. You know common goal and rises. I would open the other day. The court quicker huddle at all. You know. Have product is that last year. Indicate emperor alt tag should. A theatrical or you're at. A card. Like and it sure we go to. Do you finish for. Two years and then now on. So this year we know the people that come true are you and we could always wanted me. Oh. Couple people can't drew in their true the book that the war talk about bird they have their kids wore. Don't work. Let's oldest it's too. New woods how many years was out there would are you know. Off the top of mind here are not exactly sure and last year. You grew. I call war that word. It when he heard from her corn collection that was you know I think three years go on it. Agree what it is pretty explicit that. You know we tactical. Eighteen engines and he caught it it was going through Merkel like that low if it were for the story caught it. Or the reason that read it earned them a external and together with that attack in progress that we. For the beta well. And you know here six and they your old. You know those those of the kind of outline of what would interest upon your issues. When will we do it. There that it is of the tag land sticking out of the pin you know being marketing it would be at Coca-Cola. But these you know. You couldn't see the moment you couldn't recapture. That occurred the future growth through an economic lower scale attack. But it wants or he took you know with the way we've heard it. Go read this event has become all one that is constantly ever changing. Things or tried categories of food in categories are removed. And after 24 years sign you've got a pretty down well down as to what works and what does not think that. Going up 200 British still that's that's got to be the biggest and most successful change you guys have done. I think so you know me. We we have some great pressure. Across state that looked at but what you can forward you have. The options for just law yes opening to get lucky catch an eight pound Trout when he. And get to decorate creation you know that the community. War Victor to have more winner from year ago today. We did not have a winner we have all we just did not regret later. Bishop can't let that happen you know in and so we we double down and sort in intermittent that. Produce the result was looking forward because we. Eleven reported that we know that we have in five winners as well we were quick can write off about it you. You know I get people tell me all the time you know why is CCA I always say they want people to its knees and one about these prizes. Evidently they think that asking me. Read his fans it is out of his pocket and he's not happy about it why are you guys are I'm happy to giveaways many trucks and boats. Do well in a typical well as you know governor. Some would organize to beat the membership drive. People being. Patient should give educate animal what formal code they're. They're obviously that was leper or what we beat beat duke thanks gone character either has been creep you could've been. And so little pill replace the numbers right are correct who have. You know we wanna give out you know we all you know ship the crew really been a Super Bowl or twenty years. If they don't get the truck away there. That we ought to Google weighed on export. You always hear you know spectator trail in the recreation division but. Look the more people living in the war policy victory. Which being the goal of the creature appreciate everybody went and that is true. What that what are some of the most memorable finish that stint at even past couple years. You know. Yeah it's much more about you know. And here we oppose. According and we do this on top of page you don't pay your consistent record should you look well. We apple won't in the recent news. Put out a book about it later. Your feet in the content you. The that to this. Current that it. Three days later Eackles and caught it and really cute in. Order that we ever your group to the it'll be completely blow goal tracking program. Thirty a lot of you know we panel. Go across. Beat Trish. You know calls mortenson was probably common dream you know eight a look around trial in. Ingrid now. Open that you can look back and you know we. The state record grain group. Caught by top ally in the cookery we've we so Austria fiscal period. So we can come down but the story. So doctor ordered. The armed. Remember the could. Oh I think one of the fun parts about it is that it's such a a lengthy tournament I mean I member fishing with you last year we cut that 49 and Coby and his right at the beginning is the first weekend. Like. I'm glad I smoked now the lottery here that that actually mean up but. With is that if you gotta stay competitive might think you have the best finish but then come the week before it's over and bigger fish my commitments that he got to keep this. I don't think you won in. You know that has always wanted to especially in the in the current. A lot of pictures of called unity in the day. You know I've had where the body. It catch it. Mobile that we can't you know 101 days if they win it at the ball that is helping you don't wanna deal. Because they called me once a week or. What happened what happened. Red is an as a guy who. As a guy who decides whether fish caught where they're released. You make a decision on tunic as you know I know you've got to hear is I hear it every year. On it and putting those down and sink and all we now call one now you own this place that place where this place they catch him every year what's the deal. So we do is kind of little. Wrinkle or participation. To help stay. So obvious you know what. Are your participation. Yet or maybe a few more tags. And other places by. Really you come to an even split I mean. The problem is people always talk about citizen or we don't have well part of the problem would finish. In in the in Apollo and if you get. Yours might be re on back. On the issues. Well wanna put that issue and clean. It because the thing that you're. Older than two of the being. True how many schools are pressuring here now we have. It appears that. Oil. Balkan on the the country. And are currently being around. It. Seemed like put a lot easier. We have a winner here and so because. We try to try to flee where. Where are shop across state but it really come here we're here in. As us they was gonna take a break we come back I want you to talk about the any changes major changes. In categories prize stretches etc. but talk with Brad trash and director of the CCA Louisiana start tournament. Hundred tag red fish going to be released again this year and it opens up next week it be right back. I for the Texan and also the story and red squirrels on the web page on get to that and few minutes on the first and finish our interview with Brandt trash you were talking about when he fourth annual CC in Louisiana. Stock tournament and random Martha's got a couple questions voice some of these came in all text. Border early. So the first question was from from a parent saying if I go fishing or my seven year old and I put the tag during that red fish. And hand him the ride and he reels it in my qualify and orders that disqualify or does the child. And that is always a tricky question. You know. We have no problem. You looking official route and and letting him really in. Oh we want them just want him involved so technically that they get that situation. All the cute back when Oprah. Deafness when I was. My question I'm a recently licensed I haven't gotten officially comic captain. I don't own captain and a charter. Average partnerships in my in eligible now to compete. The the life. The rule. It's captain from being finished or is the white with blue here. Or is others. I do not have my Louisiana license I can still compete. Absolutely. That we remember furcal but he did have a captain like. You know whether or purposes it is what it is better themselves that extra the cooker. We'll dismiss. We didn't implement. A tall order precinct is in your. The sort and again and he kills all later how is now. The back so what we it is yours we. For the last two years we have a tank truck. Winner of the we took the quality of care they ask you do it. Better corporate captain anything to. Registry all the good day. Most men that we eat he wanted to be historic district to your art or. Put. I'll cinema sticker that they can put on the that they go you know it would be it. Org correctly it will put more web site that tree advertising and better. If Waterbury lowers. Catcher finished with two more in the final leaderboard. The captain will with a prize is well that's gonna come out to regain under attack package politics or page. Inkatha. To our national publication. And what does the Anglo. Went at whatever the prize Libya as a mechanic. Right through that could apply to in the trial was with them. What we want what knowledge and apply them wilder should fit whatever it physical. Work the captain wouldn't. Top looks you know it talked about all morning that if they're not a CCA member. Or they want come at you have to be SEC and number to enter the contests happen folks a become a CCA member and C enter the contest. Being his way to go about it it is. CCA store dot com. That'll give you all the pools spartans. Did it in you can register there or incite. And communicate. Or outlook and you know one of our Corey Perry crow but. Go to go check it out that it has all the patient eat. But the number one thing you need to register works its starting five dollars. About. Five dollars to the the term and now one thing or at all. He. Is and so are your best treatment should be people they've only been. Same successor oracle secure. The orchard McAfee. Or changed her. But if you aren't as statement her assailant Mississippi and I have my CCA membership you do have to entered the Louisiana. I'm in order to. I. Correct but you don't rent. Changes in divisions categories of fish of people who have missed it last year and maybe one know on any changes specifically there's. Go to the only major thing. Deletion in doing it to be captain division. But we didn't have a prize. Fight about. Or particularly true division now on the truck. Global. The books all point or put all scorers. And then the next. He can insert. A record Peter can you Cairo that the board had contributed. It'll. It's a pencil and orders and it deeper into the browser gives greater details. Kayak fishing. Houses division more. What's the season how many uses. And the client division split just like the regular trial division there were orderly they don't have to struggle. East southeast southwest and west. Our how have you implement them all bowl or win a prize in this error one of the prize structure it is it is. People or more. We're deliberately complete congress are in the past we one currently quarter. Mean he quit. You can kind of agreement prize well now with a big group accomplished out of the market they shut the cable for that. As it. Our so that's a pretty snazzy as it. It is you know it took it from the flight for their lead in the areas that had more time competing against. Yes they basically there are administered those carriers. Sort of for a beat caucuses and you know a tree it happens every year activation. You're reasoning is that the to a potentially. Whitman only need to pound Trout to have to win the outlet to be in the. That they and their pride they take their kayaker. That's this can be. Pay attention to leave the current and how often they update leaderboard. We we gear and they'll be updated their. A that where our ours can get all the forms and if we can process now you feel leaderboard change in battle or are. Change it is this fast as possible but. Would guarantee that every cheesy and like one of those little. These put them social media person you go by real creature. What about the bank added to that goal when he is still in force on and they that is in the paddling division. But bank the bank racing is still there. It is and really it. I didn't know that people can't count the true problem. But it we will work or hear about you know six Trout. Because who horrible past the statement. You know banker who in you know it's got a lucky yeah. If you go to trial. I couldn't be true carpenters who would include. Well bill spoke with this or people go for current workers in the back would not surprise or given true. Couldn't say all the. I know here's one this is one of those what it. You fly out until you bush wants plane chandelier you get out musician concert there's and you catch Trout. Or you going to vote you jump up the boat knew this from the bank is that bank president spoke I was playing category. Gotten. Trial typical old you were very finishing the way to workers and publicly accessible. Root. Your. Soul and that is accessible by. No mother should bring new plane. But that. We want that conclusion that division to people that don't have votes have actually. You know. Yeah. That's a good. All right now Louisiana sports Tony Taylor wrote a check for 101000 dollars. In despite that he's delivered again example a. Looked really is a better get through a long time and a drink at all so they. In all the time. It doesn't matter he hears about it you know 6 in the morning and then I called her a little. Bit and worked your work. The first to register and what are. CCA story yesterday there that catches a tegra church which means they would be Whitner and that means. Being and they are we you know fortune magazine subscriber. Tony go right at 101000 Belichick won't toppled the pride that we YouTube in that chair. The ship you can extort the Gator. Outstanding. I'd now what about the kids division that's always operate a little bit different and used. Aren't we can division in. This way to win. And and I kill anybody from her picture you're going to record the consistency. So what you have to be you can remember which is ten dollars. Per child seventeen years younger in a free country the term. But they you have to sign. A Bill Berger. Against Amanda Beard all of two degrees in the trial or older. But fourteen inches in order of the predictions but prosecutors. They can do that like on one way station war. Take the take of British. Put it all ruler. And has been big picture of which tropical background you can email it directly to me it whereas at you here. What are yet that. That we put them. They're basically hopper for the war divisions across state we hold with a motor and trailer. You know and gift or boats so you way to win in the most important thing in the hours kind of like the scenario you brought up or or your listeners brought up earlier. They're eligible for all the pole positions as well Lou. You know we can get on trucks in the suits and they nurture should give. It used to. And always amazes me how do you kids are actually in an instance not Q it's well. You know on. Their part it. Which you're seeing in the numbers of how many are registered yet the issue we have. 2000 cute register for the turn it. But it just seemed like the parents forget to bring it. That efficiently stationed there or shouldn't mean the picture award ever for real the last couple days I have. Prepared panic in. All the gaga they're in the and true but. We in the the British in order provisions are talking about water. One partner order. Mormon to a tree on to win a country not a bad thing. Are you seeing an increase steadily over the past years in applicants and people that are competing. Every year route loan a little bit little bit. You know right now we brought about should have had a flash. Well so that always a plus. Article reported to be getting into you know a shooter lie where where war and let. And you can still register after it begins right. Absolutely you don't have yet to register before he finished the term. Under one day and so we're that your version next week and like. Article dated. Is inoculation until July or walkers and registered before you do. Parent they knew perfectly okay but just make sure before you get on the. I would talk with red treasure directive on the Louisiana CCA start tournament. And ran it's a good thing you're really sharp because when it comes to the reds snapped a category. You and I've been scratching their heads trying to figure out federal season each audible season recreational this year I think it's a whole lot simple. Bullet liberated these are it is. That has been so we throw it was one of your mark what term thing but it won't matter. She could get in our. Or your arm and the people who aren't so that. Now would there with that you see. What will stay on Wall Street though we expect. That property will be old former. The track. Balls. True that is. Our division everybody can get it'll. In the eighth. This year. They weren't that you might have some are records broken to snap a category all time in the. The thing that we all kind of been talking about is now we have the opportunity people bring them in trouble. It should make for a really interest category and more of our armed. Fully expect him in very article. Critical. You that she's in the we have that in. You know it was very beatable. Put it in my opinion. That it held her it'll definitely. Agree awful at all. She is me wait years 256. Are better can't go to Kroger computer at a I mean yeah it would equal tweet and it shows in the news you know. Now that can stories in all of that I do remember break from our by. We had a a long time member group of this central character. Holes in the war and like policy and so immediately payers are sort of like it right at the very aren't the water trees. Picture oh absolutely. Sure it wouldn't it yet and obviously my response. Can you. What would. You never are more of mine not to waste company that you can be in Uga. In any more ordered what when and I'm sure golf ball tactic and it was more wonderful panel. And he and that is being incredibly curious that it was 44 or group of he weighs in and 24 or whoever. I don't snapper. Thing and chemical are or where the current goal and it in pictures the whole nine hours. Now. Believing. Twenty point one. Leading our heads. All. A service. A they're. So mental note if you ask read it easy ballpark number in the unofficial and it says it's not exactly your. Sure there were. It all right now we getting a thanks Roy asked in the question about passing of rod to a kid says. I did not realize keys were able claim the prize is attacked finish my son is super excited now he wants. It. Not exactly true partner they break it. Make me happier than they have. Child they throw a unit. Although eagle he correct absolutely reds that we miss anything. We did a lot of people get a hold. Google you can find everything that you need prize waste. Written agreement. Rupert. It shouldn't you know that. Group also issue two. 95200. I hope you what are we can do all you freedom. Uh oh we're real that you guys in Brussels. Ready to be on the the entrances and Marcus on. Are drawn that would that. States in the current comptroller and on the visit me in and so he. Well actually talk to current. That he does not he's right. Right so in order. Our America. All here to get better reputation and the committee on regent. Beneficial. And that the that I want to progress. Not a big huge questions. The F 'cause I've. Grab their before any idea. What he's good at that to get into the courtroom and Lola Lola. Modify record like that that it. Is I think we should trying gets Elton mandate to make advances and the water. Look I'm all for the record at Byrd epic back in order to and I totally do that's the probably. A. I grant thanks so much is always in will be getting updates throughout the 101 days of the tournament again congratulations. On but again the wonderful human. Can't wait to get the start. Thank you your program. To order. Thanks Fred very those red treasure rocks start time is hectic coming up next Mike's Aaron holds joins us to talk about Shaw. Went to third annual fission rodeo although in the feet. And also on an answer that question about the red squirrels among went way back with a although at this paused. Illicit immoral outdoors all 105 point three FM HD two. And we live strange in an ammonia phone computed desktop and on the outdoors guy that. I'm not I guess that put this off long enough can put off any longer in the ninth and don't listen. A warning and explanation on our radio photo of the week and it's of a weird photo mature which country it looks kind of like pine tree. Get too many branches to Vietnam but anyway it is six. I wanna Colin teenage and that may be squirrels but then not fully grown squirrels. And Mitt tales were tangled together. And they will like a spider and they will Auckland around fighting against each other must have been a real mess. On the wall life department actually got a hold of them in rescued him. They said they also lives in the had a little bit of surgery on some of them but. At first sort of solace that had just happened actually somebody did that. Well is set it's happened before it in and we in the nest and that was sapped from the treated gun in the nest in. Sap battle all the details. Lane in tight together in the sap hardened in that stuff gets pretty artists like that blue home. All's well my first is. If there was less than six at their only two of them had together you know what happens with dogs on the greens. Some on their pets for a lot of long hours at first I thought they were in the same thing but better there's too many of them that case of I'm glad they're okay they mustn't panic. I can imagine you know pull one way and yellow Poland now the way is present it and start fighting each other woman and gotten sickening and you know but anyway that's our radio photo you'll see in a great guy that kind. Also got some recipes up off fried flounder a few lucky enough to catch when most guys like him and tough to catch. And also we have Tony eazy e.'s wild Turkey breasts which you can see that. I believe nothing on this week but the phone he's gone by him while TV. And I also. Mexican bilaterally disgust we breakdown the new rules and regulations for snapper fishing and that's important for you to know because there's and you. Eight MVP program where they want you to actually. Register your trips and then doesn't hurt anybody it's it's going to be very helpful effect and lock creel. So important is that. Farm has a lot of resistance on that is all souls when people come into the dock in the season Wallace and fishery trucker uniform. Times as biologists and they'll ask and I examine you catch and remove those old list like you saw the other day in and examined Tuesday women accumulate data that way. Saves a lot of money from iron bolts on every analysis not an award you right. I'd just bring in Mike found holdings gonna tell us about the 23 annual Shaw alumni association. Fishing rodeo they might tell you don't smaller. Each morning on in Europe and from the mature more and all glad to have unity opinions and water him. I call. I don't. Sure. 23. Years hooligans still going strong tell us about the history of the show our audio. Yep there this year but when it matters annual fishing rodeo are going to be out that he gene set in 1990 arbor. How we started 23 years ago it kick of the year. It doesn't. We grounded today about a 150 participants send. In a two day power. Are neatly to the how many did it go up to. Window we. We we don't care anymore we pubic speaking and you and what key to appear or for that be seen the copper. Mike Wallace's. That the categories in the entry structure. Absolutely come here and first quarter catfish. And and upon one commentary on the the most op where it touched. I'll play this year was what. Smaller grid is that it hit there he's spot though as you can see. Had the chance to win out of our categories. Are we do you care for perspective matters on when he or hours. Company property that you know. And it hit it out for third place. But we attribute category for seventeen and under. On those you put it depends. On it. Trophy and plaque for perspective they're pleased. Correct fish speckled Trout and categories. And let the entry fees are the entry fees that ticket that there or adult twenty dollars for the use seventeen and under. Right now we go to our web site at WWW. Archbishop shalom my back from where actually offering a special ball on teen compound thinking. Took forty dollars. To which rhyming words they would then and there are future. Eagle on it to come out this equipment. You know Mike has several of the cast are Colin Catholic league schools that. Have alumni fishing rodeos. Romo been known shall all. Rather Marten holy cross jazz wouldn't act young woman think of them don't know it they'll sound has won. I'm not in the question always comes up. Do you have to be eaten along to you have to be a parent of a student who has this rodeo opened. That is the requests in on it opened it up prop it up in years ago that public. That you don't happen that apparently the and archbishop Charles on the compound and join the Japan. You can be apparent you can be eighties aren't her. Support her. Just did anybody that would become mountains or wait that day pretty keen com miles. We have food we entering. We hit Haiti today quiche eaters tradition no ball up old nine hour. Army recently. Good time for gory Friday. Arm and all the money that we read it cool news or news or arm but there archbishop shall. You know another good thing about these rodeos as it gives zeal wants a chance to it to get together. And spent some time in on they have loan reunions and that's not the thing that a lot of time that's seven. Loans or borrowers advances something like that get up then at a station. Location of marinas a special way to get together and ship. Absolutely beyond that Friday night party which are part being equipment we have crop is Europe music. Which you do not have to be participating that it needs to come down and enjoy. All are not from barking until whenever we get those guys to sleep. And I'll have to wait for pearl let me get together. Reminisce about the old days. You know Mike how long have you been working on rodeo now. I'm. Probably going to beat quote when the opposite side of England at the meeting and it. So you know involved when we at Rommel shares the launch with you guys after Katrina we wiped out on the east bank. And you guys were kind enough to allow us to come there actually at a competition between I was just gonna ask if that's pretty friendly campus this. It was very friendly competition and you know want to get then maybe someday it will return that they've you guys however. For some reason. I'm not quite sure why yet that the Roman rodeo has been moved. The late August and has has typically been the same weekend. It has and I remember when you guys prevailed. The most beat we were caught. He let us. Well you only won because it'll feel so. It was because of death of fiction. Mike SE all have Brothers is a big sponsors are going to be some of that famous fried chicken. We we know not. They're in front chick you've only been at odds are all over the past eight years out but we doing every one. Their local brother mark up and fried chicken on any hopes. I'll will look at Amber's top dog symbolize. French pride and not on Friday night look at all there's a for effort. Sounds good. Ticket locations academy go online and on my phone right in advance through some locations where my people find those tickets. All you wanna pick them up in person we are so she that there are attack on our ballpark. I'm all the government met at Q twenty iron completions on the bank the warm or and Terry content boulevard. In between our regional and call or. Up but we encourage everyone. To our web site and purchase tickets and again at WWW. Dot archbishop. Should all along mines dot com. All down make it also purchase. The front 940 pin or it can purchase them at the arena. On Paul Saturday morning at 530. Two picked say you know. For a lunch after the hoosiers. Our tickets available at the school at the office. Are they are available cool yeah our. Johnson make these do that. And it millions kept apprised them I mean 23 years go that he couldn't have been much less than that when he three years ago. It has not we head. Flexibility to keep it very Leno because we want people to come out have a bit current ground. Our old alarm. A lot of banks use to our sponsors that we're all up sponsors. Of course from market army sponsor. But we have sponsors are all this categories. We hope that category. Upbeat the weapon chapter all the sponsors that category. I'll clear. For a limited supply issues that are coming now will are a lot. Arm in an automatic when your membership he EPA. Are. They had a well. Yeah that is in that basically base that entity. We were unreal and the tackle box in CCA is very generous with that that's that's great. You know what might I love you logo look at that Martin the show eagle with a few issues talents that is nice well you know we ineptitude now we're in the you'd Ruth is rate it was mistaken on so it's haven't yet you better watch your words my make admission hired heard from him. Maybe cheaper. Mike always enjoy talking with the best a lot of them I've got nothing to squash and have a good weather weekend. Is that the free fishing days the Louisiana you know. It actually did they bury. But it's gonna be weakened or patient. June 9 yet but we keep equipment years the first gravity. A year. I might get somebody is got some questions when a needle in a text in that element you know hold you. I'm thinking you know hold me personally on my opponent actually at a web site but it dropped problem or. Or are their key piece it all immoral and. Very good Mike thanks always atlas with you guys don't think you and more. Mike panel's shellfish and it and you Martha rodeos to my at least one every weekend from here on around you opt for heels of bargain people realize that you've gone fission anyway. And actually drag it out of that this diving it isn't. Automatic free. Speech here at and. I we come back we gonna wrap it up not to a little bit more about by you while it's coming along and about well 35 minutes so that the details on that. And after this you're listening to more outdoors will be right. And not only do we cohost is radio show but also a TV program called by you wild and you'd be able to see that in them Massa of them and I'm thinking 36 minutes. 36 minutes is going to be on at 930 on Cox sports TP. Most areas it's on channel 37 to check you local listings depending on where you Wal-Mart will get the station where you can find it or you can watch it. One YouTube even get a subscription to an on YouTube in that way you want optical searching 42 in every town what Tennessee. Wolf first before it it was yeah I was. So flattered to hear that we had an audience in Arkansas liked it and it got people are starting to get our name out now that the Carolina airline has. Arkansas. Our viewers that we filmed. Charter with last week this I can't wait the 31 this will be great episodes offshore so we did our viewers. New fears were in an episode there from Texas there are a lot of fun to have some Texas audience. We really invite anybody from across the country or early in the allotment my dad's friend in South Africa watches so. It's pretty cool this week it aired on Thursday leap from this Epson. We featured three Louisiana will be kayak fishing team members that are in Sweden at this moment. And the updates are at their over their fishing in the world's tournament which happens in different country every year. A repeat. Efficiency we'll start who's won it twice. Louisiana and in the Netherlands. We've got a rookie who's actually in what we say Ricky no we mean that only in that term and the user. Fifty the best anglers. I anglers in the world so our rookie tight hits 23 years old I believe is in tenth place at the moment as a the last. Standing so hopefully he can hold that place there's two other Americans. In the top ten. So three out of the top ten out of 48 anglers are USA except. I think Louisiana as a strong at so we went. I was goes prosecuted because he didn't have an efficient approach category now the other angles are gonna have to beat what they've already got. Right he can concentrated he gets any any and all of a birdie on that urge you get a yellow perch and hike. Erratic in the pike you know biker I kind of fishing almost like Kobe debates are being alongside the office. They're they're cool looking at it kind of prime ordeal but I don't like we interviewed the three anglers for an impaired Steve aside anti hips. Before they went and talk about their game plan. How they're going to finish this what they're looking forward to. And so far it's par for what they've said what we know after the standings that they want it doing the right things. And what's cool is tied takes a lot of photos and he's gotten his Rampage if you want vomit it's whatever bites. And he posted a bunch of pictures is it treaties of scouting for the actual tournament began and he posted some beautiful pictures Sweden. Absolutely beautiful country he's just been blown away yet he's never travel that our way except. I think he told me his his longest plane ride before this was to Florida so. So he's having great time really since in the culture there in his life he's bribed with I don't think she did. I'm just gotten me yes he did. So that's our first segment and then we also good on cocaine use and I haven't myself Grammy. Additionally meat cook street tires anglers and then we finish up with east east. So different wild game fishing game from the Ronald east peace that was held about month and a half ago unite and it. So the cease internal soups and nutri attack those. Little bit this little of that mostly things are not and I'm on the menu at rest so that airs at 9:30 this morning. And also airs tomorrow at 7 PM. Monday at 9:30 PM. And then our new -- well actually before aren't you upset Thursday. Which is when the new episode airs at seven before that he can still that's that's upset by their exit and a lot of gangs. Of this week's upset next week we invest the red snapper we talked about. That changes. And all of the rules and regulations at her and what if you Adam charred license vs. Federal permit. Rick Berman. REIT for and it it's anyone's. How to get registered how to get your ops are planning permanent need to have its street eat eat direction that. So we break down make it easier for you and then have got new cooking features coming to so there's a lot turkeys and stalking expert and Turkey Ayers yes your ticket rescue believe will air next Thursday we just went out to new restaurant in lake view films some with this game and we're going back to late nineties some more features fourteen. From shaft uncles and word is. This turned he's going to be focusing more on. So at this as well check out our web page that is a lot of information and you can watch some special segments that don't get there. Check this out I need to be in subscribe to the site while YouTube page and can't all the information and email updates when new episodes air. Al CU. No later than Thursday as I. It back the white oak plantation in that makes me sound ready Jon peoples going to be cook and you'll see it'll buy you while TV always send us. Any suggestions something you'd like to see special features you can do that it by you while TV dot com issues contact button. We'll see you again next week for a little four hour trip to the great outdoors beginning at 5 AM. 'til 9 AM see them in stay cool see you next week.