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Saturday, January 13th

State Senator Sharon Hewitt expressed concern with developments on the pearl and Captian Crystal of Gone Fishin' reveals the wonders of Alaska during this years Cajun Invasion in August.


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Martha I don't think that was Mel mcdaniels saying in that version of Louisiana Saturday night wasn't. Who was that Doug thank we got back to thank for that who was an audition. He goes to make light of day Iowa and tough final hour of the program thanks to sticking around with a sore just tuning in whichever way it happens ago we've got a very. Interesting topic to discuss right now wanna thank state senate to share and unit for coming in this morning and in talking about this. First of all show and tell us all why you got involved in an elbow was the issue will practice. As the sportsman's paradise. So I mean how can do not get involved. Of course the lower pro river is. Is in my district and recognized the importance of of the river as habitats of course we have flood control issues there's many things. Related to the lower programs that are important since I'm a brand new hunters so I've been you got a vested interest now I got a vested interest nicely all. That the benefits and then the joy of being a hundred enjoying the outdoors. I've been aware of this someone controversy that's come up but the people that enough for me it was all tell us what the issue it is. The issue. Is. A project called one leak and it's and Jackson Mississippi area. And they are using this as a flood control project is how they're kind of guy using it. And in the process of doing that it's been proposed has been on the books for some time now. They're going to actually dredged to widen the pearl. But again it impound about 15100. Acres with a weird are low and doing down. And then fill in about thousand acres of wet ones. And so of course we know that that's gonna have an impact on us down river. And so there's work being done but we don't really feel like they're hearing our concerns here in Louisiana. So what has been done normally when these projects are proposed I mean it has to go through approvals. Has to pass Muster with the VQ. Department wallet and fisheries. Environmental Protection Agency. Corps of engineer is probably goes out they come up with a plan may get an estimated cost and it goes before the legislature for approval. And if it's appropriate and you gotta find the funding what stage of this development we have. We are in an environmental study stage I say we. It's being done with the federal government and the state of Mississippi because this project of courses in Mississippi. The challenge that we have in the concern that we have in Louisiana. Is that. Geographic. Area that's being studied. Is limited by federal law just to the Jackson vicinity. And it does not consider the environmental impacts on the entire. Lower pearl river and so you know our oyster men are concerned about it of course we're concerned about the impact on. Are swamps in terms of fresh water were concerned about our finish. And you know we have a lot of issues and so we're going to be monitoring this very carefully the study. We believe has been done it has not yet been released to the public but when it is only expected to be very soon. We're going to have. I think a 45 day comment period. And we wanna make sure that all of your listeners of course we will have all of the Louisiana agencies participating. The wanna make sure that your listeners. Are aware. Of that study and if they have concerns about the impact of that project on the lower pearl river here in Louisiana. Are even in Mississippi there are some concerns in Mississippi in the. You know in that area we wanna make sure that those get registered. How is the relationship between the two states been on this issue is. A lot of agreement is a disagreement is a kind of mixed. I would say it's kind of mixed I mean certainly the waste your folks in Mississippi are concerned. And for example they had an oyster task force in Mississippi into when he fifteen. They're recognized the threat of this project to their industry. And so there have been. You know wildlife and fisheries type advocates on both sides of the state line that have expressed some concerns. But this is largely on development and economic development opportunity in Jackson. They're gonna have it's a great Blake they're going to be building beautiful houses along the lake. But they're pitching it as a flood control project when in court of course this is the most environmentally disruptive planned for flood control. Of all the options they considered this when that they chose as the worst for the environment. They could've done Levy improvement projects. They could have done number of other things. And so I think personally this is sort of a back door. Way of doing flood control and hit it really is and economic development opportunity foursome developers up in the Jackson area. This is kind of macro consummate if you will of the situation you might see in a neighborhood. Where somebody wants to do something and they've got to get permits but also has to clear that if they do something it's not gonna adversely affect their neighbor. Right down the road RM within a close proximity but this is on a much grander scales extends pretty much the whole went to the state. It it does and that's why. Donna I passed legislation. This past session to create the lower pearl river task force that I chair. And it is in recognition of exactly the point that she just made. There we have to look at managing rivers on a holistic viewpoint across perish lines across state lines. And look at what's kind of best for the entire. Watershed. And not only get a pass legislation to focus on the lower pearl which is in my districting closest to my heart. But I passed legislation to actually look at how we do that throughout the state of Louisiana. On all of our many rivers so that we'd. We look at. The best way to to protect it from an environmental standpoint so that we can continue to enjoy it. And that and natural habitat that it offers but that we also balanced development. Opportunities. Flood control issues the whole ball lacks. What do you think. The folks that are trying to proposes how tuned in to the environmental aspects are they because he said there are picking the most severe of the three. What's kind of tone with them when it comes to your concerns how are they responding to you. Will they keep telling us that oh we've got chin we've we have. With you why wait and see when it's released you'll see that we've considered your concerns. And yes. We kind of don't understand that because again the geographic area for this environmental study was limited to the Jackson area you would think that if they can really say that and full faith that they would be the ones doing this task force. Eight it it's hard to be convinced when you're the one that's having to get there research information and then them. Well that's right and this this project of course started before I was elected have been an office for two years and so. There's a lot of history here and I'm sure a lot of politics at play. Will be going to Washington DC in two weeks to meet with our congressional delegation because. Largely this is a federal issue when you're talking about. You know issues between states. And I wanna make sure that our federal delegation understands. The importance of this project the concerns that we have here and ends in Louisiana. And that they can help. Us on the federal level make sure that everything gets addressed before this project moves forward. So where does the ultimate decision on this project come let's say Mississippi goes forward looking at the environmental impact statements. In the report from the Army Corps of Engineers and according to them this is fine. But then Europe group goes to our congressional delegates and says look this is gonna hurt us in Louisiana's not gonna affect Mississippi. Who's gonna make the final call on whether to go to man project of. You know that's what's so complicated about all of these things because there are multiple federal and state agencies that have jurisdictions. And you have to get them permits from all of down so everybody has discount sign off. And I think that. You know again because the produce in Mississippi. The permits and everything have to. There will be submitted or approved by agencies in Mississippi are federal agencies so Louisiana. Doesn't really have any if so what kind of on defense in this game. We are on defense Don and we need to make sure that that our voices are heard loud and clear. Many of the agencies that will be approving this project or federal and that's where our congressional delegation on glee can really help us. I we're gonna take a break here we come back if you got any questions or comments welcome you can text is simply an 87870. Phone number is viable for a 2606368. You're just joining us in studio this is Louisiana cents a share and view it from Slidell. I heading up the oval pearl river task force to protect the interest of Louisiana. And I and a controversy over a project that the state of Mississippi near Jackson. When love the city but maybe not necessarily you know we would be welcoming him here in Louisiana back to discuss it more. But after this pause elicit a more outdoors a 1053 FM HD two. And we live stream and WWL about it. And if you decide jumping in the car truck and function up the dollar on the HD radio and news talking you were talking with state senators Sherrod Hewitt about it a controversial project to develop what is known as one late. It's a 15100 acre lake that will be created by damming the pearl river near Jackson. Which will denied the flow of fresh water it down south and to line lower pearl river. Marches in basin which is a very unique habitat it's very fragile. When nature bills things she bills and very very hi tech in the annual mass it was mother nature of that'll saying goes not nice to mess with mother nature. And from time to time you do have to do that to make living better food humans but at the same time. We have to protect them natural resources Sharon heads up in the callers on the lake the pro rebel base and task force. This task bush here and does it have a shelf life on they opened that you guys will run out. In go away Ariza you have to be renewed as of this tech is that's a crucial to have a task force oversee in this project from my standpoint. Yes I I created the task force and indeed each parent and that the task force that's going to be kind of a two stage thing the first stage of our task force. Is to establish kind of the right governance model for the lower po river. And so look at how we can stand it up with funding. And so what I have on the task force is you know the secretary of wildlife and fisheries. Coastal those CP RA folks. DE cute DNR. All of the agency heads that his departments have some jurisdiction over rivers are part of this task force as well as representation. From saint Tammany parish and and Washington parish and represented of white. So our task force is charged with kind of understanding the scope of the issues on the lower program over and how weekend. Put together an entity. That will have. Legal jurisdiction. Over many of these types of issues. In the process of doing that work of course we became very aware and many of our members were already working on both the launching him. Upstream of us and the one lake project and so we have been involved in that. Because the timing was right in it was important. Ultimately the long term. Step will be that we will create another task force that we'll have. More representation. From people in this area. That are along the lower pearl river and make sure that we have kind of all of the major stakeholders represented. And they will have both a funding source as well as you know legal jurisdiction to approve. Projects that are going to be done on the on the river in an all of those things to help regulated across perish in state lines. Is there a danger that this task force has a shelf life than it's going to go away and not be there doesn't have to be renewed our. Is it set up for a long enough time where you think it'll cover vote and only issue reaches this conclusion. Well I mean you know because I created it I can definitely extend it so well I'm not worried about that I think has set it up for two years we have an initial report that's gonna come out in the next. I'll month or two in this is I hope that this is a model again for how we manage. All of the rivers and Louisiana. You know we had. Fifty something parishes floods in this last year. And so we know we have tremendous issues with balancing flood control. Development along the river. And continuing to protect our. Our river systems for habitat for wildlife and Olga sportsmen and enjoy it that's the reason we all live in Louisiana. You mentioned a long jam and now know represented Melinda whites in this is kind of in her backyard but is that kind of law. Seeing the future of one of them might do some of the impacts of of of a logjam. Might have some cause some of the same effects that a dale would do can we learn something from that and maybe talk about that logjam because some people aren't aware about. They're there is a long jam that is technically on the Mississippi side of the of the state line. That is accumulated it it's a monstrous thing. And part of the concern is that it has because it's all there it has accumulated a lot of white trash. You know others refrigerators. And crazy stuff has accumulated that this launch him and so it's become. Quite a problem. And we're getting Kuwait great cooperation from the state of Mississippi in addressing this you know initially we did not. Get a lot of energy from Mississippi because it's in an area of the state we're. People now are people and so it wasn't really a concern for them and again. Because we're downstream it was more of a concern and so what happens in that case of course is the river finds a way to go around it. And sometimes you don't like the answer that you get. And so. We believe that we have I am working with wildlife and fisheries and many other folks. Identified. Grant that will allow us to get some funding to get rid of the launching him. Because it is a problem for the passage of fish and many of them weren't in endangered species. And we wanna make sure that you know they have appropriate habitat. You know the pearl is one of these tributaries that it comes under the scenic rivers act. Is there any teeth and that to prevent these kind of things from happened does that make it a stronger. Area two to two. Negatively impact by doing developmental projects like this. Well that's a good question and somehow they have found a way to work around it because they're considering it a flood control project he talking about the one lake yeah one lake project. They're considering a flood control project. Not a development project when in fact almost any. Person would look at it and say this is really development project. Cloaked as flood control. And so that's how they're getting around it but you're right it is a scenic river at something that is regulated. As a result of that and and we want to make sure that we continue to protect you know our assets does mrs. We have a counterpoint to this task force on their side. And as anyone from Louisiana on it in do you have any people from Mississippi on your attacks or. We do not have anyone from Mississippi on our task force although we have invited them to come and speak with doesn't have to participate in the work that we're doing. Ironically. They did have a task force similar to this in Mississippi in the have recently disbanded it. And so we're not quite strange yeah that's a little bit strange but. You know we're optimistic that that we will be able to work with Mississippi. We all love our rivers and another folks in Mississippi do as well. Even up again the folks in Mississippi on the downstream part of the river are not happy either with the one lake project and so we believe that will be able to build. Some alliances. With those folks you know the oyster folks are very concerned in Mississippi as well and so we believe that will be able to. To work together on that and to make sure that our concerns are addressed. I'm sure we have some of molesters who have very passion about that area I know many of them in person that did not what you would consult with Paula consulted user. Another horror like Austin may not even be a fisherman they love to go back pack and they love doing photography trips float trips and kayaks and canoes on that real. How can people get more actively involved in this to ensure that I interest of protecting the business does not just. And is very important and it's part of our culture and I heritage as a big economic risky to. Absolutely. Well of course she can always write your congressman. And expressed your concerns about it that would be appropriate. You know the congressman in our area. US representative Steve's release. He could write senator Cassidy are Senator Kennedy they both have jurisdiction over this part of Louisiana. I'll win the public comment period starts for this environmental study we will have 45 days. To comment and that would be a great time. I'll provide information are our offer to come back on your show and talk about that so that we can give people specific information about how they can weigh yen. And register their concerns. How old bulls comments be Libyan formal public hearings all will strictly be accepted in writing. How was that gonna come down to you know. I don't know I suspect it will be both I would suspect that there will be some public meetings I can certainly host a public meeting alcohol strongly suggest doing that and really hear from the people. Because some people get Amin. They live they've got to live they got to go to war they've got kids to raise him get to jobs and out of their busy. And a lot of time to take a time to it to write some people it's easier but others wanna come speak in person and and it's so good. To be able that the people in decision making positions here coming from the heart from people really know. It absolutely is the most important thing I'm aware world here to serve Iraq constituents. And so the more I understand the note. What our constituents' concerns are the American represents you so we'll make sure that's easy for me of course to host. A public form of public hearing. We can probably do something to the task force for folks that want to come to that region testify at the capitol. And then I'm I'm sure there will also via an opportunity to write again. To the federal agencies that are. Over the environmental study. And of course this is saint Tammany and Washington parishes so. There are some on good government organizations and public organizations with the Internet and I'm sure would be variants that. As well as conservation organizations and local chapters of Ducks Unlimited. Coastal conservation association calls folks need to be aware of this and and get involved in an and we certainly want to thank you for bringing this to the attention and and offering to come here on Saturday more and and talk with about this. Well it's been my pleasure and and though we appreciate you and your listeners. And your interest in this important issue. While we'll continue to do that keep us aware of everything that happens so we can. You know BV the voice for either get it along to the people really care about it. Absolutely well and keep inviting those Mississippi folksy doing it passports. Yeah I'm all about working together and so I think that wolf we have many. Shared interest. And we'll find folks that want to work with the snow down. Well we only got about a week left to duck season altogether though a couple days of two again out there and and and did in the last times. I hope so I absolutely. Love but cunning I had no idea what had been missing all these other years of my life and so. I go every chance I get them actually predicted shot as it turns out so I'm having a lot of fun did you did you know with a retrieve and now. I did not on this last trip because it was 226 degrees and ice on the water there was ice on the Lotta the marshals frozen over. But on and you still like OK. Here in they had the overlooked. But on many of the other hunts we they did have dogs and now what a joy that is to watch it all on our enjoy it more immediate. And they live for. I can see why they're there is really a lot of fun it's not it's not hard to get it. And and you know it's it's as an enjoyable knowledge is coming deduct the watching and dialogue. And I can't tell you the pride it's like watching your child you know hit a home run when you see the dog that you raise is a puppy. Hit that water go out there and get dead duck and bring him back for use that that is very very rewarding big pharma. It's it's been I agree with you and it's part of the joy of hunting and may be the most fun part is watching the dogs work. Well welcome into the wonderful world of honing in thank you again for getting involved in this three task force to protect interest in Louisiana. My pleasure all right stay in touch thank you I it states senate this year and use it representing us on the task force for the lower pearl river basin and one more thing where can people find out more information. About the project is their website either on this saint Tammany parish or on a statewide level win this some more information can be learned. Derek is some information may be one of the best sources is the gulf restoration network. And you can go to help the golf dot org. And see a lot of this information about the one lake. Project and are familiar with them done a lot of work with him in the pass thanks against him we appreciate my pleasure. I'm Martha when we come back after this break SE Ralph crystals on the line he's I think he's out in Denver doing a show. But sometimes you're funny mean Utah on end on the summit gets relief on Alaska. Will be tightened at the Kate an invasion of us who will right after this on more outdoors. But I gotta tell you must go on my favorite topic is coming up right now and that is the Alaskan KG and invasion to what you know about it. What I know about now what do you know about I've watched your video from the trip and is if you have any interest in fishing. This is kind of like fishing on steroids it seems like because you know it's not something we see. Here and it's so different and I guess that's the whole point of the keys in the Asian is you're seeing something the you don't have it's I guess the equivalent of somebody from there coming to. Fish in the gulf so. What I like about it in the way it looks like is this is great for me because you know the hardest part about folks taking vacation is. You know traced match seeing in trying to find the best deal in the fine trying to find the most reliable. Guide and car service and hotel and eat better actually bowls I get it right in this takes the work and it makes it all the work I. Acting is absolutely the most appealing part from from the day you step on the plane into the time to step off the plane. It's all planned out and you just got to go on there. I hear that all the time that's one of two things about the cage invasion that people really lie can really hear is that one the guy who does well and actually work is joining is Ralph crystal. The other side of that coin is. That that people often take these Alaskan cruises as real being. And yet look in the paper and you see these full page ads in his cheap price. And then you talked in the paint that Ali get off the boat there over many square vote there on water but guess what that unofficial poll. Now like to know on cruise. And I was invited my cousin and the whole time I was wondering how long official linemen need to jump in the water from the. And on everybody's like you and as long to be out how is always a cynical yes some people like to eat a lot of the buffet and play along rush and roulette table is something that. And I feel like to get out there and breeze fresh air and get into the elements in and advocates and some -- can bring home and eaten. You know get the challenge of being chased by a grizzly bear. Way to go and say. Hey Ralph by you do and is one. You're. We're having fun. I I have as a matter of fact my brother and encounter with a bear there you know nothing other than a toll in lives up. Jerry using Kennedy. Weller murder and they even named the math of that place must be a lot of movement Kodiak. Herb Alpert a bigger the Albert world. Well Ralph suit up for people that have been there's always people that have never heard about the cajun invasion in this trip to Alaska. Explain the trip from on the day they get there information and an itinerary from YouTube today they've returned back what happens in between. Well organic do what you do worker got a minute to go. Gonna take all the guesswork out of all the details and we combined higher trip from yeah. From the airfare from the time they book a book they're here from. Generally New Orleans have them numbers on people of Baton Rouge and come out of one cup or are excellent couple out of that cruise I got to connect them up to there. And and once we get an Anchorage where it. We are accessible viral and so well lineup to rental vehicle form and be your place. Three hour scenic drive most people never seen nor are they wanna. Either state. One thing about him it was a huge. Anders government hero in the state and so warm. I have in the rental vehicle. Gives them an opportunity to come down and take time to take pictures and in Canada seated beauty of this degree in the last meant. Once they get there we have everything lines forming. In this act as we're doing by Asian trip. I'm Al east fishing trip is going to be different rip in a different location. And I know you folks use a lot of different techniques there are organs. To be facing every single thing on these tree so. They're gonna get a wide variety of things GE capital gain easy finish. I don't got here can catch. When they return of a lot with their cap to the days and we back pack increase forum. Major box upgraded to go all the included. And that self is great because you people don't realize how much it costs to I mean it's. And then here in cats to me in this nation knows that they they're not quite sure what the what the work involved this. What are the word about Argo. Your jump in and around. So I think it's cool that this is. Before I moved to Louisiana I loved Sam and I still do but I don't ever eat it because. I mean. Here. I can't last month box office because it does at some BC's. And I kind of refused to me you know arm raise anything I think it's yours and you really taste the difference and that's what's great I mean. Linda who went on the trip with dolls and on the last on scene eight people on your crazy weird you know it's the arc of them ever uttered some tuna and she brought me some salmon and it was so funny is seen. It was. Just as humorous to me in an archery and parking lot but salmon is just amazing and so you can really taste the difference. Well block and you took them properly and is pretty muted course and finish your overcoat it's not going to be decorate the I asymmetric reverse them problems in this down gently you know. Warm up a little bit and and server so. And that's it and and an amateur also we or supplying where intimate lunch. Doctor Antoine form Tuesday and so the only thing that are needed to idea is. Fishing license when they get there orbiting it online and he had also. Dinner we'd love them Kate indeed they're true. Well you're good at that route he'll become an expert over the last day are. Always monitoring some venison sausage is that the can we can you we use what the nature go at them yeah Monica got it. Negative attitude it's really good we love about organ Berger the somebody. And the other stuff they took a dirt or all anxious that the case to new groups finisher. Brewed here. My brother Allen has done a little bit of fishing up there and he's still pretty green on it and he said he's custom I think it's the roc nation he. And though they kind of crazy look at this the ones maybe it's clean cut but he didn't know really how to prepare them and he said it was kind of she would you recommend and that her. Well look it differently and that is doctors also while as a yellow line. Somewhere and in the red snapper. Little bit lighter color interrupt here and there's some black bat girl rock musician twice meeting you would took aim and how do. You would cook and all floundered down there. Did what during your white fish. Ralph to talk about the the different types of techniques of fishing I mean it covers the gamut I mean as the the lining technique which is very different from people from Louisiana to the offshore which is pretty similar to a lot of the Tillman and bigger fish that we catch here. Yeah and Alaska we have a contaminant called the sockeye salmon and of the code name orders. And these are personal memories and the good lord made these fish were they don't he and there are around him so. It's the sport up there and it's a little different when you first come out. But you enjoy your line and that river currents slowing it down and of those Fisher moving up river you're trying to get outline becomes your arm out. And then when they come to the end of matter when you feel you're lying on a trip up a little bit. He just kind of pull on the hook and then once you vote these fish are ground up by a shot. Now they're highly sought Purdue because of their meat is a dark side and so. People really love the meat that pays a little better and examine. It's nice texture to it and that you know that kind of one of those things when you're in a foreign country. Do like the natives do you know and so that the sport we are these people a little different. You know we'd you have other trips where. We're back trolling and Bo so probable. On the river with a quick creation and that's been imposing an. Around in the quickness was impairing and trying to get these urged by. And then it just like. Probably down where your app or you don't want she'd killed by countries that they've got a little bit and we ought to look like fishing on the upper river. And will be going for some tropea rainbows and Dolly pardon me even. There to and so. That a lot of fun and then like on is that when you do go out in the ocean. We are dropping down or bottom fishing in most cases. Opera how that. And then on the bottom you know of these initiatives and hard as you don't wanna set the hook on him. You you wanna kind of let them take it and then once electric got a pretty good grip on and he used are really up and these are people. Yes it is because I was trying to look at actually are so. I remember seeing you know I'm there's all these. Realities news about Alaska and there was Menino of these homestead and these two women went out how to listen together and so much fun to watch them because they're games they're hit an iron woman never been in the other one was teaching her and welcome even brought against me she said once again over certain science with his tune them out in this rough water she said it was just sees it applicable it and I think at this and the boat I mean they are the eight Fitch. And be you know now they'll ever keep in perspective. We do it bishop there. I come across the in the last them the average. How but the comment about fifteen pounds and so. I'm we have a lot of people who've been there before him you know and no side vision. And other come back trips and left them how to do it is we are. You. Oh we do not birdies and forty. She can army. Those are great but I'm Morgan 304130. Forty pound fish and every year regional. Dole I'd get over how important. And sometimes even if you over 200 pounds she really didn't. The fish here any way have a better likelihood of catching him big. Are you got a better chance. Yeah well known necessarily different time of the season because there's only one of these key element that's this summer migrate appeared to. Fishing different type movement gives you opportunities to work. Object to bigger vision and we have been my movement appeared to where we get type large as a 2062. On some speed. In six hours going back and forth and so but as well liked Saturday and it. Panda 224 range and we do get some down six or seven feet on the side movement will be a little bit Waterloo appeared only done. Yes you do. Diana even down here Jeremy now Ralph have you been down here fishing at all. You know I have not I have been invited and I'm gonna take up one of these days now they're usually come by and in. Come down in the we do a showdown there and our. Mark we've torn down and Orton then. I'm morial convention center in. Always just been busy. But I do forehand that I lined up with one of your guy on the coming down their agenda again achievement yet he's going to heal well and bill this year try to article by Asian and there are. Or sportsman's newsmagazine. Door sportsman's warehouse on the. Yeah I told can't you know if he needed now opens as some because we do have ball retail stores here and now. In Slidell in the news some information some help referrals on some trips to and then let me know what sells like these legal Toefield bourgeois. In fact we don't see how we can talk to him in in fact his wife poke Imus. Texas it's told us that they'd definitely come in this year. Because they've been to run dynamite I don't know where blog and now you know that's. Realm Coakley allow anything on the show we don't have very high criteria restriction laws you know that. I don't wanna crop up and a guy there but but I know I've. I've heard your name or ever heard that we are yours and a navy spaghetti and not a person you figure these that the yeah but he's a guarantees again and we have another room. One of the guys have been there. Our run leverage had a great trip on a main hall on their offshoot trip. Yeah I had a good day at a good time and it is quite different thing than what pleasure do it. Yup a lot of fun and there's different scenery after two and that's part of the of the plan that you know while you can my wife and I first are going up there were from east. And he's a lot of long term special talent rights unit and there's not any real. And Denali. Them complete there. There's not a lot of just flat out sightseeing in place you can go to you know feel landmark Micah. You know the Eiffel Tower some sort of legal side in every day we have the vision apple and it's not gonna. Daughter to go out and all these trips you know you're in different places beautiful scenery. Fresh air stuff like that so. Ralph we're gonna take a break here we come back we still got some old ground for you to cover wanted to talk about ladies come we've had more ladies come and on the stage an invasion how it's set up of ladies would like to come. Also about some of the very exciting side trips in off of spouse comes in maybe then nine to fishing. But they still wanna see Alaska there's a lot of opportunity from the lines to do that and then the thing that some people consider important the cost of the issues trip that does vary slightly from year to year. And we'll get Ralph to tell you all the answers to those questions and if you've got one in your own it you need to that we haven't asked caught Bible for. 2606368. And the text message board weakened instantly texas' 870870. Back with more of more outdoors right after this. And are back with ralphie is our guide from heat in Asian nation edge I had a question crystal and tell so. And a mere despite tree it's. Oh you're out there are times I have matter and great respect for the folks sort of their but. You know forty we don't really. Alaska and iron at two places we'd only look at too often especially. When you're watching. Big winter storms we see them build up there but. In the summertime there really doesn't come from there's and mean and it describe what an average August day. Including where long is their house on the date me. OK yeah well some in the summer time when we do it sold in June were getting just some long hours that day was sunup to sundown and then. It looks like in Ghana but I'm gonna go about gonna get dark. About 1:30 in the morning it does get a better start coming due in about 3 o'clock in the morning it's our party lied again and by 5 o'clock in the morning. In the middle of the summer. And this guy. Energy getting up at six or seven I think you missed. On the you know pocket you're gonna have a little less daylight. Like in July when mr. scheduled in early August probably get. About 1718. Hours of daylight but the we are losing six in the that they. And so. On the start really rocketing down you know ratcheting down a bit. As you get moving through September separate never start it up and start getting about the moment today entry here pretty soon another way there. It's kind of switcher whether it's borderline watcher. Is going to be probably in the load upper sixties and highs in Martha's Vineyard going to be. For the lol probably the low to mid forties for the good debate that they get tool that could be into the into the upper thirties that ability to downer too much in and around were not in the green section of Alaska but we do your brain and there and I've been up there. During three of the wettest period of Iran histories so we do or where rain like to where you got that one runner to you know sitting. Trinity and you'd get a bit. I'm we've got rain we're strained right over 2720. Days in a row. And stuff like that and stop and and rain and other court. Had so I had to fill diamond unlike us he's not affect disorder and lack of vitamin. And now on the saying you can't get inoculations to prevent an even though. Now now but yeah. It says it's an interesting. You know and we advise people to bring Jack it. You know Donna Michelob and social worker from Louisiana. Welker the humility and that we have been human via rejuvenate our. Docket for sure sure. Yeah amateur and one year they sent my luggage to report on a someplace and in now I missed the trip. Couldn't although it was a wade fishing trip and I'm there and cut off you know don't work and ask god you're here. Where we work. You know. Or. Ralph talk about the the sideline interest of the one now really enjoy and Anna and acting in an iPhone is the glee should torture and not efficient. But boy sol Angel and as so much to you to. You know earlier in the game and we actually got three different trips to welcome our era. Are probably the biggest two that we opera three one out of Seward Alaska that the glacial law like to work. And it's kidnap our tour right out yeah inflation that meet the ocean Merkel Tidewater glaciers on the way out 110. They're I'm endangered species don't work he lined out and still and being anymore. They're out there you know you know very and and that got Cold War for the and you know different animal like that her burnt out and matter the other one arm like a lot of about a year. And I kind of Gunner can get to them and nobody knows about garlic people real surprise there but. On that went to Asia and yet the intertwined they're great crew on a clear the field bleachers. But it's a little overcast and that's one place. It's a lot of rain in your beat them out around. A lot of snow in the winner but. You get up close to four different glaciers and an image of cervical. Out of four different glaciers the media ocean and you can whales. Are too. Most two hours provide lunch. And then one of Americans who were equally you know they have been in our crews were it will provide an act to do. And there are large up there on the water so well on all day trips. Number expensive and it does give you quite an opportunity. Do the different portable. You know during the during your trip and a lot of people. From the cage in great recruiting. Like to do it on the way out of all. Alaska when they leave our blog on Saturday morning they think this tour. Back on the way to where you you have to Anchorage in planes and music get the oriented not time to get a encouraging picture like that like even. Late evening couldn't settle. Now probably schedules that way this year because it works are real good in the in the the captain of the boat by the way is a Louisiana guy he's a river the Mississippi River tugboat pilot. By winter Alaskan glacier cruise boat guide by summit. Ralph thought we get it close on time and I know everyone is interested in the cost of this. And a every year I tell you the same thing I don't know how you can do it all of the inclusive stuff renal caught. Meals lodging packing the fish flying out on a trip on a seat plane. Tell them what the causes. Well we're doing things the trip seven America. By fishing trips and back to her activities and there. Everything included except for dinner and their I think nudged 3790. Back this year you're right. Getting it from all sides you know fuel is down locals. Everybody Hillary elaborate on that you know despite best can. And saw they got to do give the caller and email. From the web site they can giving non traditional lodged dot com there's no she on the station. They can the only information to contact mean we can get and I think a lot of work to do against Oregon after this year so little. There's also video online done tell folks if they're curious in the wanna kind of see what. There are going to do you have videos from prior cajun cannot. Gristle cock presentations very good yeah you can go online and Donyell those guys that common Ralph that new cinema do a dvd of and like correct. Yeah dvds. We've got a brochure now the cajun and the only tree that we opera include everything airfare and rental vehicles. Along ball guided fishing now we just don't do the rental car where there. Everybody else is all over the country Kate and get the same list. Daschle we've spent should. Well we've made it that way. People we are there camp regular army. Or put it together years years ago when we got home but we've made a lot of according Susan sorry we column brand and acquaintances and we all everybody Alonso just always look forward to in the case than to come and when McCain and JD well. We love. Well very good that we love you and now again and have this on on new TV show which is premiering tonight by the way by you wild. And rocky gave his seal wherever you live by you while TV dot com and will be up on line for people wanna see you know and you too. Thanks for being whether it's Ralph thanks have been such a good friend and buddy to the people in Louisiana we really appreciated. We'll be updating us from time to time till we get there and some. Oh yeah. On your. Ego trip and gated booked in and out. Mark in the U. I and it's gonna wrap it up on month and now within hours ago moment with the TV on get ready for by you while TV. On maybe via a soggy and a Smart as it is it is okay thanks for joining us we'll see you again next week. When another addition of more outdoors on 1053 FM HD two.