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Saturday, January 13th

Info on Bayou Wild and Off Shore Fishing with Captain John Cole.


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And walking into another addition of more outdoors seven to 92 more hours about tort talked. We've got some special guest going to be joining us for this program a bit later on only 730 segment. Captain John Cole's gonna joyous offshore fisherman operating out of the Venice area. And looking very forward to what is really all just about up on us now with talk and about the long season. If you're not for me with the law on its side actually technically known as sack it banks. It's if you will it did they give you the best description I can it's kind of like him on Guatemala. And very very deep water but it actually rises up very close to surface. And along its stacks tuna and Wahoo and many other species that that's the two primary target these development time. And because most the average weekend fisherman doesn't have the resources. To invest in what's needed to get out there and do which is self. There is a large a call for professional guides in charter operators to take people out to that area. So captain John Cole's gonna join us and 7:38. O'clock a state senate this year and Hewitt. She's doc cunning lady you know we've got a picture of web sided on the Al was guy dot com. And if you wanna take a look at the photo and then call in and talk to our she is kind of gone about the sportsman of course she's got a vested interest because she is an outdoors person herself. And she is going to. Head up a task force of people who. Just make sure of that but his proposal then and creation of the new lake north of our our state. And north on the end of the pearl river system does not adversely in negatively impact. What we have down here in a state of Louisiana and not been following this whole issue of the pearl river awful lot of years and it's did Louisiana Mississippi just cannot come to terms of what Mississippi wants out of it what Mississippi wants and at two different things. And you'll get senate Buick to explain that also let you know which you can do with your interest and wanna get involved in that. And then again got to close the program model with a conversation with Ralf crystal a lot of you hear that name in infamy within have been. Going to Alaska now for thirteen years every summer it's just it's it's paradise it's about the closest thing to a our sportsman's paradise here in Louisiana as you confined. Excellent fishing. Pristina beautiful scenery. A lot cooler Angel I acknowledge when it is here in Louisiana and that is a halftime break. It really is my brother lives in Alaska at twin brother and heat you know we always joke that the kind where Yang ying Yang because he lives in Kodiak Island in the south. Two completely opposite. Territories but you know. As much as I love the heat. August is a tough month live in this that's probably the best month do we get away somewhere cool get a little break from me oppressive overnight when you. Animator I'll you know what the weather and and we get these tropical towns and depression loses it you're heading into the entire month away from the peak hurricane season so it's you know not. Two yes September's really the peak late August to mid September's peak hurricane seasons that he get up there right before you don't worry too much about the but I think that's. Probably the most ideal month for agents to get away how does she handled the long dark winters situation you know growing up you don't have to be in Alaska to deal with this what's called sad you know that's an hour and a seasonal aspect disorder now we don't deal at this in the south. And you uneven deal with it necessarily at all cold places you know. There's a misnomer that Florida's the sunshine state Tino at the actual state to get the most sunny days as. Him. Some way Chevy Colorado. Yeah strange now it's it's even the guys in and out. So either changes night doesn't have to be south it's just they get the most days per year sunshine now. So sad is seasonal aspect the surge has nothing to do with the cold it's all about how much sunshine easy because obviously the vitamin. And when you live in those higher latitudes. You get longer nights or longer days so they actually do at times towards longer days and that doesn't necessarily mean getting sons and I remember growing up. Sun go down at 430. It wouldn't come up till 7:30 in the morning and that. Week long my Nancy the sun for 57 days and that's what creates that. Psychologically not getting the vitamin. My boys and my Brothers life actually is from Florida. And she moved to Cody and I knows the struggle for her to Edmonton I have and people they actually make a light box he can I. And it simulates the vitamin. If you're struggling with not getting enough vitamin. Waiting near a room that you sit with for about an hour. And it kind of helps combat that soon facts are now in the summertime believe they got a lot of sunshine longer days during the summer months. All much longer you in fact be what happens is you're up there and it's 103011 o'clock and music at 7:30 or 8 o'clock right as a still light. Everything in town is going on the restaurants the bars all stay open and and you can Wear on you have the whole week and that when you're not used to those very very long hours and reliable sleep so you brother Izzy adjusted how long has it been as he is just the. Still he's completely just he he. As on his second term Alaska so he's going on. He lived their for four years been moved back to Florida and that's when he met his wife. That was an adjustment than any move back. So he's going on his second term. I believe he's in year six or seven over there and he loves the nature in the quiet in you know lack of people I think. He's far more he can handle it probably a lot better and I and although you know I do know a couple of another Coast Guard couple. From Florida who just moved up to Kodiak and that's where the Coast Guard bases. And I think if you have a day. Interest in anything outdoors eat anything and not a static. If you like the outdoors. It really helps out there because you get distracted from the changes because of so much to see and nature is such a big part of the lifestyle out there. That they ever really surprised me and how well they've taken to living here. Because they're hunting or fishing may have stocked their freezers you know they're just enjoying what has stopped her. Just become second nature. What are remind you we take phone calls all on this program for the whole two I was if you wanna speak with the myself a moth on against the phone number is Bible for. 2606368. We still think they Tex at 870870. That you preferred method of communication. We'd love to hear from him before get in that first break month on a couple bit about this new. Recreational hunting and fishing life sales system is coming got thrown in on us and slipped in. Not a tragic thing but it's going to be a little more than an inconvenience for people. Yet their their updating something their laps I had read third although I bet bicycle and a mean eases. You know if you go to your local fishing store hunting sort of by your fishing license there updating things to become more digital so you can't. There you what are the eighth son. Well here's a deal on from won't pull one day January 30 of 31 last day of this month. You will not be able to buy any licenses at all so if you go one fishing on running on the day. You better buy before now after that from February 1 people the first. Via they're only going to be available through the Internet sale or use and you Smartphone your mobile device a laptop. At that wildlife and fisheries web site. Or at their headquarters if you wanna abide impersonating a drop the Baton Rouge or maybe. One of their regional offices and they have those in Monroe up a looses Lake Charles Alexander. People listening here in the metro in the wall and there you'd have to drive to all those cities if you wanna buy it in person. Because the retail Lohse locations will not handle while installing this new equipment that will make him more digitized. That's going to be folk Rima. Entertainment mark and and they're recommending now and I'm not sure mrs. foreshadowing the amount of people that are trying to landline but they're recommending. That you need to get a license before you know they and April. Buy it now because unlike Mississippi where they go from the date of purchase Louisiana goes to GA Jeanne thirty. Right so we really doesn't matter. Has always been I thought shortchanging the individual it does get a year on the license right. It if you buy a pass you know that the expiration date is. People wait till the end of you know June and then they get an influx of I had a I'm very difficult time Imus is because I wanted to wait those closest I can read but then you know everybody else's thing in the same thing and it was just very difficult. It's incredibly hard to get those folks on the phone and they have these they have these dispatched you know branches where folks are selling them but. I didn't find it easy so maybe it's a blessing in disguise that you can go and do this on line more once this happens because you know that's the way things are going these days. Well here's what they say other reasons for this one will do to enhance the buying process. You'll have the ability to reprint your license on line throughout the year saw if you lose one you know at the go to London the hoops and hurdles of gonna get a secondary use print and out there now don't think there's going to be cost of that government. Cost of the paper and ink from your press. They're also going to be able of creating username and password where you can get into your account to update your inflammation. And Nam gain access to voter and honor education mr. And the third thing is that automatically. Renew options will be available so if you don't remember to get you licensees year. This will automatically trigger a reminder don't auto renew system to Rio at a terrible some people now now on lifetime license along that's really answer he's sable on a monument on. Anyway be aware that that's gonna happen and just. I really think at the state wants to stay with this June 30 to June 30 license. No matter when you buy it fine but I think if you don't get. Twelve months you should get a pro rated. SEC. And other states you Biden is good for yen on Mississippi. A lot of times I'll buy an early in my non resident license to make a dump on. But then the next few army make the dove hunt a weakened to later than I made at that he has a license is still good. So anyway just some some thoughts on licenses will take a break if you like to chat with us this morning on this chilly January morning it's Bible for. 2606368. Text messages and it's 7870. Coming your way in practice. Well Martha we are less than twelve miles away from the initial premiere airing of the by you while TV pilots. We are really excited about it folks goalies and as I am I am the first statement Miami Ricky ponting where elvis'. News Sydney I learned a lot on that trip and was very happy to be successful but it wasn't. You know we're I fans property wearing it we're gonna take you and a lot of people have different thoughts on the high end property and you know how the difference between. The wilderness as I let. You can't you can't fake it distance you know and I mean where it whether it's out of wilder it's there it's still going to be far or close Sina yet. Well in the behavior the animal offense has nothing to do with the animal's behavior a lot goes where it came from how it's been raised and that's ebony and yes. There are some places where animals are just. Just pretty much easy targets and in very small enclosures but places like the sanctuary with the size of that place. And as it is weary as those animals are. Like Jeff Rodgers said the purpose of that fence. Is not to contain animals is to keep the other things out so you can manage better and McCain approaches. It's to contain them and it's also you know. A lot of folks everyone's got a different. Motive you know what what might be true because somebody you. Maybe some than somebody else wants elect grow I've heard stories where you know somebody you'll let about block in the next day they see it on their friends in ATV so. Well that's what causes a lot of problems in deer clubs and let me tell you dear clubs. You know they talk about women's groups and they let me tell you a dear club can be very chatty and very gossipy and me in the causes so many different opinions. About management programs and what people want out of a hunting lease. And you get people from a lot of different backgrounds and without an lot of different levels of experience of honing. And there's a lot of conflicts come. Mick and me frustration where somebody is you know watching in the year for 23 years and they're saying you know it looks good now that I wanna see this. Clincher and then somebody else says lavished on about getting. Are enough for me yeah last year that's gonna happen. I think it's us folks that deal more selective and let them. I'm innocent and also momentum because I got an email in recently someone asking me it was Tommy. He says last year I had to remove mark crab traps for thirty days what's the deal and twenty teen recreational grammar. And traps in late pot to train at that'll cure beach slide out. Now I don't know if he was referring to the moratorium because they put closure on all cramming. And they also have what they call a derelict crab trap removal program which is temporary way you remove the traps. From there are some regulation changes for this year and Tommy and anyone else who. Run straps I would suggest you read this early is he just go on the wallet in Fisher's web site. But basically they've they've removed that thirty day closure for this year that they had to go through last year. Kravis did not like now I'm an area it was very hard for them and one's eyes hurt them. In Aramis economically. Now the harvest of female crabs where is it is prohibited march 1 through April 30. That closure will also be in place the following year of 2019. And that makes cents. That's the peak of us on that's when news if you take cram about. When she spawning at that time you you costing the population a lot of programs but there aren't. Some regulations that will remain in effect doing this year and that is that the ban on the commercial harvest of that immature. Female crabs and there is an except here in the if the crabs are being held as a soft shell sold to a process. That's all right plus license commercial crab fisherman can have an incidental take of immature field. The email programs as long as it's not more than 2%. The total number of crabs and position the laws like that I'd hate to be game. You gotta know you Matt you if the economy got a measurements and now what percentage of these represents the total number and isn't is that OK or is it a violation but. If we're gonna properly managing get the maximum. Yield out of our resource that's the kind of thing. That it takes to do but anyway I would suggest that Tommy again anyone else checked those regulations and read and obviously you won't be intro. You have to give credit to go island fisheries agents because they have such. Thick book of all things that change your annually and I am sure they have hand books with them that they have to kind of go over those and be at least you know. Yeah it's changed every legislative session we see a whole bunch of laws and they've got to keep up with. I've got another email it came in this week this was from David. He said he and his wife or fishermen out of shift passed would like to discuss what's going on with the department Wallace and fisheries. Allowing double rig is to drag for fish. Year round under the guise of shrimping and ensure lakes in the game his phone number and that he's been witnessing it and I would love to talk with you David. And I will get in touch with little bite somebody from the department to come on because you know people are using those big Mets in the holing a lot of fish. Certainly cannot be good for the for the resource. Also this one came in this week from mom Mickey. He says and and have had this before and I don't have an answer but maybe somebody out there listening can help me. Hi Don looking for rabbit hunting guide please send name and number of who you recommend thanks for your help. And he's a Fella Rommel radio class of 78 thanks for the email make it interesting facts or his stance of it's interesting there almost are none. And that's a tricky is a reason for. Think about it. Rabbit running with people who may be not that experienced and you're not sitting in the blind Dorian is standing next to them and talking and communication. Right and guess what else. Dogs and a the dogs a run behind the rabbits. There in March there and cut and vegetation. Some time this you know you see movement and. You know if and my dog buddy who knows somebody round definitely. Yeah well I have an agreement I have been loved my running dogs up and running dogs fun decades. And one when somebody new comes out means the first Thomas to on the first rule. If you shoot my dog I shoot you and and kind of gets their attention and it's it may be true or not happen. But it depends on the circumstances accidents can always happen but some people are much more careless than others but that those are the two reasons why people. Are not rabbit got its it's a great sport. It's a big commitment. To maintain a pack of the eagle for a whole year feed them cleaning kennels given them a veterinary require. And then you get a short season because in Louisiana. It's too hot most of the fault hunt rabbits it's a long season October with today and the federal. But most of the stakes placed and now through the end of February feud DR dot com it's done to Letterman's. And so it but there's there's a lot of fun and excitement and unit packed a ball and Beatles coming you way. And you waiting for this little ball brown Florida come dot now it's your dress and all it is it's great sport but. If someone out there and knows of someone who does guided ravenous. Please get in touch with me I can promise shock and send you a lot of business but I don't know far be successful. Who's up and ask him for years and I've yet to find anyone that that and that is willing to take that it is. Anyway our phone number is viable for it to sink 06368. Got a question or comment we'd love to hear from you where you can text dissent 87870. That's a text message board. I'm Martha I don't know if you saw Omar Abdel VO fishing game report you probably didn't we wanna open is he on Thursday. And we were not watching it but I did a feature on though of number one. Record breaking fish a 2017. Showed the pictures in the details on. Equally relentless though when you picked today I don't know these well officially. Well you had we talked about illicit all the the number ones her psychic and number one on the number one no we didn't these oil on the top that there was five that became first places. They'll a lot of second place third place we keep them all the way down the tent that amber excellent contact me a 140 pounds crystal Duran caught that when I tell you the one and is really Incredibles JJ two neighbors. He's the big the words on her right he broke his own record 383 pounds. We showed a photo that would his gang all notes that fish. Was long enough to come before men and picture but the British that really was probably most impressive and it wasn't a number one it was number five. And that was the Caleb Richardson's bluefin tuna 833000. And did an experience in the deal. The only thing yes I know that you really think if they won a season or something and I am permit you have to have a permit and less it's accidentally you know unless it. There is a case for if it. If you don't know what it is an it guy's. I've heard that being controversy but I wouldn't try that no but a lot of times I mean you can't he would show aren't you fight you think it's a big yell sometimes you just you know they. They can't make the fight but. They get occasionally in the gulf but what's so impressive about that is the size because you hear these blue and on the east news and then in the Carolinas and and they thing when they get that they all the time but in the gulf to hear one that's almost thousand pounds and only time I've ever seen a blue container. Was at that dioxin Venice and I was it was probably only. He and 8300 and just seeing it laying there and ice was just blew my mind how big atlas to see 13 and a half times that it is opening match world. Biggest fish in fish records history and I am on the committee of the of them the Louise alta writers association which is official record keepers for the state. The biggest fish in the entire our practices have been kept which goes back to the 1940s. Was it was 1000 nobly 33 pounds and it's a bluefin tuna. And I had the privilege of doing a story with that the five gentleman who were on the boat that landed that fish in a town of that story they told. It's better than the old man in the city written by Hemingway and I'm telling you that they were sharks attack that they couldn't get in the boat there was no way to lift that there was no way to swim it and it took them seven hours to clean it and everybody that happen to be at the Venice marina of that today left with tuna. Yes and I think every English sentiments there's a cut above the elephants it limits and it says that it's just copied left to this break we may have a Vatican tells a little more Bubba Clinton yeah. Well I will be back with captain John you got to questions or comments 87 Yates certainly awful odds opened. 5042606368. Non Dubuque and Martha Spencer would talk and more outdoors right here 01053. FM HD two look. Analyze streaming and Don the Al there was guy and not count. And we're back with more outdoors it's 7:32 Saturday morning we've got on the phone captain John Cole out of Venice. He's for them. It cypress cove marina and he's the captain has southern cats out there's good morning captain and. Hey. I'm gonna do and you and venison and. I am sitting at the marina and it is very cold here. Yes it is well we have so much to talk about first introduce yourself tell us. Tell listeners who you know you're a little background about you and your charter. Some jog Coleman awkwardly from Mississippi. That decision then that's about ten years for especially for years. Oh. Just kind of grew up edition down here. Dollar from the northern gold directory. The others just I've been all over. Get a bit of a world traveler you go skiing in the winner and fishing in that. Rest of the season and this year for and I'm excited to be working with you community decked inning and we got busy season coming up at thing about it. Hunting got about a week or two left the books have gone up and everyone switching gears to fishing. Tell folks who don't know what the lump season is and what people can expect if they book a charter in the next few months. So what you gotta do it on. Like January all February early march. Aren't really unique time of the year well. All the Big Ten is gonna congregate or 211 little area. Under water salt and it's kind of the only place in the world it happened like and such is really unique and big big period of heavy drags. Inclement weather of a not for the faint of heart for sure that wicker park or pressuring. And what kind of Bader people using as you may not catch it live bait this time years that's fun things that we need talents. Yeah you'd like abbate. Got to bogeys so. Black bear in all they need is king fish or whatever we really get. A position of being written the wrong whatever or early in the water. This idea all right. That that a lot of records are said no this time last year of black and record was that during the on season a forty pound black and then Venice but the amber Jack as well the 140. What are your thoughts on camera next season being close in about what a weak weaker so. Paula ordered an award which have been. You know similar to their red snapper. Situation. Oh. Yeah it's just all screwed up a lot of politics our own. Yeah I don't even know what it given the. I hit a bit frustrating but found. So so somebody who's never been fishing comes out you know what they need to do to prepare for a trip like this because it's actually not a far trip when you think about how far you have to run in the summer to get to blue water. To get to the lump it's only a thirty mile run. Yet city quickening here on out there. It could be a very cold right on the river. Obviously people need to dress warm have flickered and related clerk murdered every banquet. You know most days a week what we get offshore into the warmer water and you know I'll end up in short a pot and teacher and then. You know when you're done for today you large he closed. Ali layer back court. Sure. Well you've got some exciting news to share. You've been fishing all different types of boots and you have a new rate this year tell folks. Yeah I just took delivery this week they are 201940. It condensed category and oh big big faster cycle or I'd. Really excited to. To have this one. What made you switch brands and and what can this though do that your your prior bad Clinton. Arm. Had the budget different but it outs. From catamaran to dig deep bottoms then. Randy 373 men in her. A C. Three years ago. And not really my studio catamaran style of law center console and just the comfort and stability of the oh that's really sold it to me it is streaming he's the only player. A few. Airports category and in an invincible. Did their homework game design and a excellent. Dynamite and a couple times see Rocco. And probably just. Or that your girl and strike important. What are some of the features I noticed down when watching videos about the vote that are there's some new features on this though that the Freeman doesn't have. All you know other similar the other deck out all the different. Good guys huge boxes. Seating for eight so you know he didn't wanna beat them being back on the back this holiday there's not seating are great people. Oh. Yeah so it's not self and a crew member and then six customers. You know that being back that your game earlier this seat for you but you know always further paint expert. Our only falsely in those things but that you know going to a bigger boat I feel like you know when you say maybe a 32 to a forty. It doesn't sound like that much space but when you step on that 45 I mean. You feel like get pro football. Absolutely so the butter in the past two seasons with a 36 foot motto bowl ban. It take that 36 Burton said it and stop I forty and still walker on the outside of the thirty. Diverted just absolutely orbit got a call that being on call to the decks square footage. Hollow I don't know the numbers on but it is huge. So you have a lot of return customers in and people that have this city for several seasons but. There's a lot of folks that are serious that officer fishing that they have you know apprehensions maybe they feel like they're gonna get seasick what do you recommend to somebody who thinks that maybe it's a little bit intimidating. Look at any duty to make it easier for them to prepare and house today kind of get ready for it they wanna do this. You know there are sea sickness goes and everything it. Avoid been a believer that 90% mental 10% physical. Pedestrians are just not even worry about it just get on the and go. Home. You know it you're not sure you know at all were being in your game having fun way to find out just try it. I doubt you know a lot of my good repeat customers. Their first trip through with me they've never been offshore they never salt water like that now you know other position or bought I'm either. So we're heading in the lump season and big fish but you know. There's a re you you re fishing too in deep drops tell folks about swordfish and what people can catch deep dropping. So this sort fishery is something fairly new to. And he got himself ordered that they were pushing for a long time. And I'll like ten years ago or fifteen years ago somebody got here are bigger now they sort picture out of that a and it'd actually turned into huge Ankara. You know other allotted days were were done and inefficient you know about 101112 o'clock and we're looking for some notes together do. It would all the closures on read. You know now we have another tool our toolbox we are swordfish. And it's it's doubling my favorite type of fishing do not normal but fishing trip buddy goes sort. And it's I think yes sir fishing you know they can be very tedious and T get the buy and it's definitely a whole another level difference from tip to fishing is very physical. And when you have got to intimidate you know it's the sole killer people can really really it's a mental things to fight but. Sort fishing is a little more patience but what's cool about deep trapping is. If you don't catch swordfish what are some of the you know these they're living down over a thousand feet so what are some of the other things he might you. You've got. He got at school are old should before operates. On the big guys pressure shore which is endangered. And they all come decree you'll stay out there it's when you get the body. There's really no telling what you're gonna pull up. Health tidy cats you know you lose you lose light at about 300 feet so how what's the difference what you have to do for our rig to catch swordfish. So when you pick up sort fishing is all about the prep work well. You know to take you 101520 minutes to did you pay your ready to get ready and everything that we were we were under water. Why either the water activated. And really the only way to attract. This sort out their it's luck it'll either option in the Irving blue green why or why. And that really I would get there two year setup and wants you know what they get in light smell debaters C debate. That's just. What brings them and. And some folks you know are surprised to see that people are catching them on hand crank because you know they're so deep. But it is doable and folks. A lot of times really prefer the fight in the enjoying it but for folks to thinking and that might just be a little too physical time and apple did they have you use. There's yet they're a lot to an electric real views oh. I used the we were demand LP. Set up and that's how I learned on it was using the elector real. Their separate audit Trout air we bursting out a lot of angle and everything and use an electric Earl makes. Make a little easier sell but. Here blush here on the ballot grow with they've. I'll work and great in everything now. What's so tricky about sword fishing is neat thing about the lump it's more like a plateau but when you think about swordfish you're trying to drop kind of you're you're square it up pin almost. Yeah exactly you know work. Where efficient deep ditches ledges. Little bitty holes things like that that sort out there and squid in Iraq role and and that is very specific in just dropped out Leo and it's you know you've got that spot you're try and seat itself. Debate right that they worry sometimes. You know it can take ten minutes future date to the bottom. Sitting under her feet. We might not proper model Kerr from where we want that they end up in you kind of just right. To hit the spot. Yang Yang you know trap that with weights at all what do you when he most excited to fish for this year. I know that's a good question although there a lot of lot of bucket lit up trying to knock off this year. I've never caught any of America agenda over 200. That always on my list oh. Yeah you know I wouldn't I wouldn't. Quit any thing down just there is no one particular thing I'm trying to do that is opt out mentally just excited for the C than. OM ECN enamored reported seeing some some cold weather watch his show up hopefully. Absolutely I'm on water efficient Monday. We got a little weather went I mean a couple buddies are gonna break the neighborhood and in the right way. Yet Chris remember that well okay I haven't done. Your guardian venison your set decision I'll be down there in February tell folks if they want but the charter how they can reach here. So that's what it means is. Just pick up on calling. Oh. Webb. Got a web site. A catch up hitters gotten. Or eat it up or FaceBook and it's here at southern Dutch operators and my phone number is six year one but for Europe but I've. Its staff are right well good luck on Monday and will be an action scene down and a few weeks. Have a line on interest and stuff on its meager element some wonderful fish in them now it is and it is like he mentioned some bucket list type fission a lot of people. I would be right back with more of more outdoors I wanna get a call in final four to 606368. We also take that message is an 87870. Will be back to do that right after this ball. Well we gonna we have a little bit of a technical difficulty getting into the brakes will take that just a couple of minutes and Montae what's coming up in the next hour more outdoors we gonna have to guess those state represented as a Sharon UN is gonna join his. Sharon heads up what is known as the congressional. Lol pearl river basin task force and the reason for this is there's a controversy brewing Mississippi is has a proposed project called one lake. And what this would be it's essentially a 15100 acre lake. And it would be be be created by damming up the rear of and there has been an environmental impact studies on the project. Has not been released to the public yet. And I think there may be some something going on now one of the public is not being notified about that. If it was peer reviews. Yes OK this is ongoing undergoing peer review process is kind of starting right now. And it's going to be at this and this is the result of that because two states pretty much have different. Opinions on whether this is a good project bad project and went well actually accomplish. And what it might do. So anyway one of them the Mary. Problematic things that is being discussed as. Saltwater intrusion you know there's a lot of the fresh one as of really good practice she mixed it comes down. And is that practice makes that creates the variety of all life and for fish and game them and if you drive that up there afraid that. You know let's saltwater intrusion in my pick up the salt one of mission on that and but then again it may have a negative impact too because it's not gonna have that that bracket should ours. Tendency to Whitman has right. Anyway that's coming up near the clock now if you wanna file a whole lot more bonnet senate senate that you will be with us to do that. It will be right back to continue this hour if you got a question. Viable for 2606368. Washington is to text 87870. And if you wanna hear more about by you wallow. Questions about that we on now less than twelve hours away. From the first ever airing of our premier pilot program called by EU why now will be right back to a more moderate after this. I welcome back into the program again phone number is 5042606368. Text message 87870. Got a question comment quickly coming up in the next now we're going to be having to special guest. A state senate to sharing UN is here we're gonna talk about this one like that concept that. Could adversely on negatively impact the lower pearl aryan that is certainly one of the treasure is about state. Especially for the metro on the wall and area Martha will lessen twelve miles away from the airing of our program by you while TV the premiere show. With finding out about some of the channels is going to be available on. But if people wanna find out if they can just go to by you while TV dot com and follow a lot of more about the airing schedule. It's gonna air eight times a lot of prime times and don't worry you're not gonna miss the saints game of the post game and immediately follows that tomorrow night. Also you're on social media we have multiple outlets in followed extras he behind behind the scenes photos in an instant Rampage by a wild. TV and we also have. A FaceBook page by a wild to go to those it's like the police who pays the episode will also be posted there because it's going to airing used to follow us and needs to that he subscribes to the channel. You don't even after remember when it airs never miss it it'll stay up posted there and you also get an email update when. New videos including more than just the episodes because we're you know you're gonna see our pilot episode a few times and then come. In about six weeks so we'll start to be airing weekly new episodes so you see it more than once don't worry there's Monica and. And the nature of the program you gonna watch tonight is basically an introduction to what this program is about we tried to come up with a different concept. Used to be Martha when I was a kid you had one show was called America's sport bought tons hung out every. It came on a Sunday afternoon you got the watch it once a week it was the only show that was on. Now we have to pull restoration of shows of all types then become specialized. And we have a special goal a mission that we would like to accomplish with this she'll. And that is to tell sometimes the stories behind the story sure it's about hunting and fishing. But like some of these shoes that we've been on recently won they gonna see that this does families behind at this unique personalities. As unique techniques. And we're gonna show. Yeah eight get to know little more about where we are random rather than just saying we're here he get to learn more what Kyrie is what here as. Who here has so. It it just goes a little more in depth than the kind of ties it all together. Monta Ellis is a very very inquisitive and want to know what are we gonna say well tonight. It it was at a place called sanctuary which is an exquisite lodge it's it's up on the banks of the Mississippi River in Mississippi just a little bit outside of would deal. But some of the other things you'll be saying now we shot this of I think it's going to be a very moving piece where they see this young man. Whose dad is in South Korea he's a veteran news in the military. On this young man's thirteen years old straight a student plays football plays baseball helps his mom out. With three other siblings. End was just kind of wrecked because he could not go hunting this year and that was because he had no dad to take. So while waiting you were introduced to them oldham family by Jacquelyn Gallo has a bring in home North Shore a group that really mean goes out of their way. To help make life more comfortable and easy for the family settle left behind a lot of times we we know about the veterans and you know there's a lot of organizations that do things specifically for them but a lot of times the families overlooked and they have gone through May be more stressful time. And what's interesting is that you know. Not everybody who's hunts fishes then man everybody who fishes tons so if you're more of the angler and you're not east is seen any hunting. Our show is not. Horning in on any one thing your first two episodes are any more hunting because that's what we're seeing you know we have a limited time to go out and you do your hunts in that kinds. So to be any couple episodes might be a little more heavily based in hunting but that doesn't mean we're gonna stick with that because obviously as we get in the warmer months. Or rank up your fish and not just this but all different kinds of things hog tons. You know shrimping and everything. Swamp tumors frog being everything you can think of them involves the outdoors and what terrorists do here so it's not just. Isolated to one type of a dormant. And one thing I'm really excited about is the participation of chef John full main point of this program. He is known all over the world as the ambassador of Louisiana cuisine. He's got three unique books out on gain cookery fishing and seafood I mean if it walks swims crawls flies. John Fultz has arrest youthful are and the books that he has put together alleges Vick so unique I mean there did their coffee table book season novel called books. These also he he's also kind of a historian he researches a lot of the background about the the culture the heritage you know we've got. That just a caged in this state we've got is Angel sculpture there's an a lot of overlapping. In the food is very reflective of that. And John just does such a good job and on tea I'm so honored and proud. To have him tell us he wanted to be part of this program and you're gonna see him from week to week in and do some cooking. The other thing also we want this to be in an interactive show. Live radio like we're doing yet very in fact we get the text messages people listening making communicate with his pick of the phone. I use there iPhone the TV is different TV is edited it's it's reviewing but we wanna make it is it is. Viewer friendly as possible if there's something they would like us to do. The idea as we get to these shows come from lawlessness in my view isn't and it got some very good ideas and we certainly would welcome you do that so if someone wants to do to stay in touch with us tells the best way to social media it is. Social media there's multiple ways but also just go fast email I need to say that mean apple bashing them but buy you out Tina and Gmail that comment you don't you're not on the social media platforms you can email us that way. YouTube. That's not the best way to inner you know to communicate that's the that's the best place to watch these things if you subscribe you appeal to get updates as I mentioned earlier but. Everybody's on FaceBook except on Orkut. I work and and I am glad you've got a tough but I just about everybody not phase but that's probably the most universal. FaceBook are faced the page by a loud. And you can send us a message Steve that and also on instinct and there's a messenger portion of that as well as comment underneath the pictures. And follow us somehow those as you know the the FaceBook page in the and scrambled so different things to show more pictures stadiums examine. More teaser media's through FaceBook and sol a bit different. One thing different about this program that we would like it to be is. It's not going to be strictly how to Wear to Wear or on a location each time there will be some of that. But there's also going to be some on sat. And rather than go into a studio I like duel on the show out of doors so we will be going to some of our sponsors locations and actually taping the show. We're looking for places to go out and take the she'll also if you. All right business on a particularly may be a rational place with a fairly high traffic. Where we can come out set up at your business and not really interfere with the business can be out of the way. But maybe enhance it in in and bring us set out there and actually record the program. From your location would love to hear from if you know someone like that. Contact us and I guess the best way is through the website and by you while TV dot com I've got another website and on the Al those guys that count. And if you wanna see the listings of the times in the date within the premiere show op olives and there. Check that out there. And again suggestions are welcome criticism but loved his some reviews after tonight's program you can send those to us about wave email address. And of course next week will be back on if you wanna texts and calls while community do that too. Odds and just a couple of minutes we're going to be taken on top of the hour break will be back with senator Sharon knew it also Ralph Christo cajun invasion week is coming up. And I know so many you look forward to this. And I got to tell you I have been so fortunate to have gone there every missed one year on the last thirteenth but we've had this cajun invasion week. Where a bunch of folks just like you and me get together and go experience very different fishing. Very different weather very different habitat but I got to tell you Martha you gonna find out. As a lot of similarities between Alaska and Louisiana a lot of industries of the same. And a lot of the qualities and characteristics of the people on the same to some very unique interest in place. I it's a stick whereas this will let you listen to read Alleman singing Coke Audrey and we'll be right back is a state senate this year and you know it. I hear on more outdoors on 1053 FM HD 20 and we live stream that WWL. Dot com.