More Hollywood harassment claims, is this just the tip of the iceberg?

Thursday, November 9th

More and more claims are coming out about more and more celebrities sexually harassing others both men and women....has this been Hollywood's dirty little secret for a long time or is it in every business and industry? Do you think if someone waits to report it they lose credibility in your eyes or were they just too scared? 


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Welcome back to our show our dish you've heard that. Quarterback for the Tampa Bay box energy miss Winston has been fine 121000 dollars because of the way he pointer in Atlanta more energy it is had. Any should have been fine for that. I don't know proportionate to his side his salary I don't know that that really has much of a blip on his financial radar but it's nice to know that he was fine for that because that was a mistake. I still have a pair of tickets to giveaway. To the LSU Texas say an end game Saturday November 25 Tiger Stadium when you hear the LSU fight song. If you would be a caller to our contest line Terry code 50426. So wins that's 2609467. Ewing the tickets from tiger radio WWL. We're scheduled to talk abouts. Binge watching a television. Binge drinking among older females. But I don't see how we're gonna really get to this with all this news is coming out about sexual harassment. By the way if you just joined us so we were talking earlier about. The jokes about president trump at the country music awards last night. Kind of surprised me but you know what let's remember that everybody in country music is not a conservative. And a country music in the last. I just over the last ten years in particular. It has really become more diverse. And broadened. And there are a lot of direct Hollywood connections like Keith Urban married to an actress Nicole Kidman and I think Brad Paisley swipe Fiserv is an actress. So there are directs. Links to Hollywood. So when they tell jokes about president trump. They may actually mean those jokes there might be something that it has in expressing their political views. But the point isn't talking about this. Is really focusing on the hypocrisy. That is such a part of our our culture now. Those who say. An award shows they shouldn't. Make fun of the president. The C they're talking about the MTV awards. Are talking about the Emmys. And those awards show us. But they were excuses made. For the country music awards. Telling those jokes Brian Kilmeade FOX & Friends this morning said hey those jokes are funny. I don't think he would've said that had it been somebody else. We're also talking about two Pope Francis saying that it upsets him. He considers it to be a very ugly thing. When he sees people taking pictures or taking video of mass at Saint Peter's Square and you know people want to capture the moment in Atlanta a conversation about. How obsessed we are as a society to capture the moment the sometimes we're so busy trying to capture the moment we actually miss the moment. But Kevin Spacey has now been bumped from CBS is fiftieth anniversary. Of Carol Burnett. Because of a sexual harassment charges. Kevin Spacey has a movie coming out I think you were scheduled to come out in December. And they have editing it there editing him out of a movie. There editing and Christopher Plummer in those same scenes of Kevin Spacey is out. Jeffrey temblor. The actor who is in that new series. I'm transparent. Replace are apparent to his transgender trans parent. He's been charged for sexual harassment. Locally celebrity chef John bash resigned his company over sexual harassment claims. The comedian. Louis CK. As a movie that was coming out and and I guess it may still come out. But he's been accused of sexual misconduct towards several women including. Satisfying himself in front of them. To their horror an embarrassment this is according to the New York Times. And now. We're hearing that senate candidate Roy Morse campaign is calling allegations of sexual misconduct the very definition of fake news. And intentional defamation. This is the very very. Over the top conservative. There was a judge. In Alabama who is now the Republican senatorial candidate in the upcoming election. Now he says that after forty years of public service to these allegations were true they would have made been made public long before now he may be right. But this is a report in the Washington Post. And they say vet. The story is. He had sexual contact with late teenager. And pursued three others. Forty years ago. So you say we are. How do you defend yourself against that. I mean my government could happen it's horrible. What if it didn't happen. Mean you can't destroy guys a life. Over something that didn't happen. And again I I I'm so. Empathetic of of the victims or survivors of sexual harassment and rape. Then it's it's it's hard for me to bring myself disable what if their line. I think what this is going to leave this to us. This is just the beginning there will be more. You'll be more cases of sexual harassment charges against prominent people. And at some point I guess this will lead to a new definition of what sexual harassment news. If you wanna join us for the comment to our numbers 2601878. Perry could 504260187. Tech Sims a 77 he and here's a Texas says don't forget about Bill Clinton AKA slick Willie. Can't Oakland as well and and their there's going to be somebody's gonna bring up Donald Trump. Because of what he he said and because of some allegations against. Donald Trump when he was in the private sector. From Norway's frank here on WWL. And the mean crowd caught on something they'll vote if you against aren't really. Oh. The tensions want to come out everybody coming out of the woodwork and a lot of legitimate. But a lot of it is like you just said you could wounds on it's been so quick and just. Cotton and and find people guilty just on some report broken arm and it hurt him and even confirm that the person or like. Grow and cannot debate and then an. Politician it's confirmed that their reputation should be room. They. But people still on the belief that the his cage where. In New York on Wednesday. They're looking great joy on meta problem. Bet that if you're one of the outraged that Richard Green ones okay never report. Network and with him once practiced well brought such every year and then now all of his later records and make an outrage. What are you get great in both our own. Responsibility. And it just seems like you know matter you know need that man on the money career. You know they owe. I'm just so you know spot Nat king they're are you rate I know we're now. These many years later. And actually I mean that's just not have known that I'm on page is great that they do. Most like aren't you don't you don't you know enormous petition on a moment. And our pocket doors and I got beat by a nose so great that Arafat at one and the question they certainly didn't go practice in relation. I mean I think you bring up an interesting you bring up to you to be you bring up an interesting point but I mean you don't say you know that's that's not normal for rape victim because it sounds like to you know first it under that normally you wouldn't go. Well there are even if you if you if you read. If you read the stories of afraid victims and we'll tell you there's so humiliated and embarrassed that they don't wanna say anything in any case of Harvey Weinstein. There were women who felt like he was such a powerful powerful person. There's nobody would believe them. But then when somebody else comes forward says this happened in either of the scope or wait admitted that it. That happened to me and I have a one to say anything but now I've got somebody who could support my story. So I think there was some of that that does not dismiss the possibility of false charges but I was on the air in Denver and I remember doing a show once from eagle Colorado where the trial took place for Kobe Bryant. And I was there covering that and voice dear don't live show during that trial and I thought all along. Match I Kobe Bryant what is being railroaded by the us. This is this girl who. Agreed to do something and then decided well maybe that wasn't the right thing to do I guess I was ranked. I just never thought to Kobe Bryant was guilty in that particular case. If you're on don't hang on I'm studio will be back on every of your realm. You know I can't. I can't speak for a woman who has been the victim of thought sexual harassment Herm you know in some cases it's really good sexual assault. I can't speak for for for those women but I I'll I I have heard enough stories. It helped me understand that there is this. Lonely feeling when that happens to you because you feel like you're not going to be believed. And this is a one of their credible reasons why some women don't come forward because. To you and to me it seems like look something like this happens and you tell people you can tell everybody what we're about this guy. This it's I was eighteen years old when come and Kevin Spacey. Sexually harassed him. And his mother is now telling the story. He was eighteen and Kevin Spacey I kept buying him drink after drink if drink I don't know if it was legal at the time but that's another story. And then. He went in the paints. I mean I know we have all you people listening some wanna get too are too graphic effect by the way there are a lot of parents who listen with their kids every afternoon and I appreciate all of you. And and I am going to witness and I'm especially glad to have fewer teenagers and and younger people listening to cars and somebody's gotta keep your parents in line. So we're depending on you to watch your parents and keep them in line take the information you get from the show and make sure that your parents behave. The way they're supposed to. Anyway so this eighteen year old kid did not wanna say anything about it because he was. He was embarrassed. So it's not just a woman thing. From a challenge shady here on WWL. So he's known good. I I think if any positive come out of the it. I came for sure you there will be no fragmentation. In the war placed between them and what. I know and I thought about that too I mean if you know we the other day when we were talking about there's several of the ideas that looked in Europe work. And you even ask somebody out. At work could that be section or more because senator back in your mind is you know look what let's say a relationship starts will we know that we're adults we know where that's gonna ultimately goes so does even asking for a day call flight sexual harassment. Right and a cryptic or turn out afterward you know he truly is an equal war two where. You know that's a moderator maybe dating somebody might market promotion. Not command. So. And if you're in a sexual harassment. Most or all of its record supports a horrible thing what you don't go both ways. If if if you're a woman in power. It's happened when he. To tell me would then tell me what you can tell you don't know I'm not giving him that what goes both ways people people so big an issue where you were on. Our recession as you were sexy rest by a woman who's ever she tried to use sex to record two from her position of power. That dirt mile. And so bad and I'm sure I'm not the only person out there that the shepherds. Or a male. And. And then JD's are also a lot of women who. Use fair. They're their power we know we'll talk about we talk about their power to use their their power. Two to get it and an advancement and they quietly lowered married men into situations logistic tuned to get a promotion. You know unfortunately that being changed. So women cars out there from the hard working. And in our being promoted because sure you know what what would you just mentioned that you others others are doing things so hopefully. By all of this coming out. It'll make the workplace equal. JG I appreciate the call on assignment to I have to tell you. From Algiers Patrick welcome to WWL. I'd like to make it home want the outlook on the jury trial in 20121. Chela. And it won't admit it accurately. A man give them a break. So I wanted to religious school and we talk about me and then went to go. We did because we act when this thing go to trial where they don't drop me a bit better get a the a little while ago. But we are required to do it while would disagree that may make it. I'll be a little while it below. And they've been like. Well what people fail like that backpack goes through they are well. And what we give it went well the other back that understand what the other but it would be a bad. Sure I think I think that's I think that's fair I mean I I I think that's fair I think there are a lot of mean there are a lot of men that are rarely insensitive and and and don't get elected Texan had just a moment ago but I do think you're right I think a lot of men. On NN and a lot of people who are different from others to do a good job of trying to understand somebody else I got news coming executing on the point. The other point is that that but it did happen nation oh what the actual red spectrum so is it the slippery slope. And I don't think let them let the book big income. Debt by. But didn't give it a bit he did yeah like one Activision here. They're pretty big and about the quality of them now yeah I don't think that that particular well I think what would do that diminish. The definition spectrum of bell is. That lack of many people add on and on about these deliberate. Patrick I'm got to move on I I appreciate the call. But you know if if you if you are thinking about somebody when you're in the shower and you tell about it is that not a form of sexual harassment because you you intimidate them. If you're on whole stay with a sign stewed and we're coming right back on WL. Yeah I mean remember they are remembered that the defense that Hillary Clinton came up with when when Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky was in the news. And Hillary Clinton said it really wasn't essentially she said it wasn't Dole's fault because she threw herself after she made herself available. You know I just don't tell by their by the way that was some Brothers Osborne. Song is called to date my faults there that is currently out and they LS side of the CMA stay one. The award for best vocal duo of the year. And also if you missed it says there were some my jokes about president trumpet and this is part of point Bob Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood said about trump during the CNN's last night. Bradley and is PGA's watching cable news reasons for himself all. They ask Siri. Obvious spell poco. And then I think they went on to sing something about their confessed that he has at that point. Here's a text that says the media and this country is a joke. That's wrong. It should the immediate and this country are. A joke. From dolce sharing your and every WL. And I didn't want to let you know mark an oil field. The thirteen years. I'll contact their prime major oil company in the early eighties I was actually ran for over five years. I'd be done in my view that there. Back then it was really band program. But I was strong wandering thank god my husband that. Did you tolerate did you tell your husband when you were going through GAAP. Yeah and more like in Italy unless you can tell you Sherri but yes the first question that people would have and I'm not I'm not. What are you on the spot I want you to answer it. People want to know why did you stay. On Tuesday Campbell won because I needed. I. I mean I didn't happen and then. I knew I did see it at the time not going to do. Back surgery at the time of the coin. You know half cake. But 98 he wire. But the same company. He was off line with the same company went out what month it applies there. It is not ever obvious that something you look at. I can't think and handle it. The time he when he touched me inappropriately. You. That now it mob boss and say. Not bar that he believed in Spain. It's that that they had like five other women that his goal line passes. You know what sent me. And out of the nine kinda call in and I have like 120 boy here. And all the time now. So you felt like at this point you felt like you were the one who was guilty of of a crime. Iraq. I hate that now and see you can't exactly how to make me feel. One to tell you I am I understand women back and not going. All right likened that I did because I'm not menu. You know out of wanted that talent that I had some women because now you know I did a contract part and market but it may company. I was a dispatcher. And that and it for the helicopters and stop them up on me as I have like five women into any year. And any that Kolb Neil Patel of ask they're telling me that it Clinton said. Gallery happy that I had the guts to do it that it was it they would of but that came out Friday have been pack Lance and losing their jobs like at that. Things have gotten battery. And that this was like you know like stuff you know around eighty did. End on end and would end up. And III. Com India. I would take that talent is what Carrie we cannot. What insurance buy it anywhere. But. On that he has been outgoing finance buyer. I think he should've been gone. But yet he actually did try and doing okay he had been. But. It's keep. They have job and at that economic growth qualified fluent pounds it is today. I believe I did not detect job that the and the woman is mother and quote cause the trouble and had. All feel flawed and that tells me. We're Sherri hi hunt I'm sorry that happened to you know I I I know that your Smart enough not to judge all manned by the behavior of those men and and they are they are reflective of a lot of men out chairman. I appreciate you sharing your story when this. And why. Want to like you know that's about it like that women didn't go taxes now. Maybe have a right to it that made. Like I know it's better now. But I did today I agreed acts forty years is a long time down a bit them on not say anything bad. I'm saying and that well I did have women that did count it it was afraid if they can only to lose their jobs. Hard journal and I appreciate you sharing that story and I'm glad things. Eventually worked ever Glaser a strong person. China has stolen our jobs devalued our our currency. China is done this and done that and he was gonna get back to China. What's he doing there. I mean. Is that no way to describe it. You know now is like totally don't know it's really not track is that even said. He even said that. He doesn't blame another country for taking advantage of a country if they do it to help their people. Just. You know I'm not looking for reasons to be a critical but I mean some of the stuff just done just hits me right in the face. OK so we know by Kevin Spacey and the choice what Kevin Spacey is sexual harassment continued to grow Jeffrey on the tab born. From the air the TV series transparent. Celebrity chef John bash now are comedian. Louis CK has had his. On movie premiere canceled because of sexual harassment charges against him. And now senatorial candidate Roy Moore. The judge from from Alabama is son being charged with sexual harassment somebody says there's when she was a teenager. I he sexually harassed her and he pursued three other teenagers but this was nearly forty years ago again. No way of knowing if that is true or not our congratulations to trade. Are so much just went two tickets to see LSU Texas CNN Saturday November 25 every Thursday afternoon we give away Ella she tickets. And our congratulations and thanks for listening to tiger radio WWL. Karen you're on WWL and a time for our quick comment. Hi Aaron I think it's important to hear. Strict definition of sexual harassed. Content that it must involve someone in the position of authority. Move on is making it or whatever. Crude behavior and other sexual nature because if we don't. And here in the strict definitions. And we're in danger and I think federal government. To legislate crude behavior. Well you may be right eye and got a I've got a text here Karen says. Scooter is sad as it is I've been an Everyman has said touched or offended a woman incorrectly in their lifetime. May be on purpose or by mistake. So we're all guilty and the ones who say they haven't they haven't are not being truthful. Don't know there really isn't. Meg guilty. Maybe crazy egg. They make you guilty of something but that doesn't mean you're giving him a sexual or. Yeah I agree I I think this is gonna. I think you bring up an interesting point because as I said earlier this is probably gonna lead to I knew. Definition of saw a sexual harassment I I don't know if fun is the government would be best to to define that it will want to see how it plays out. You know yet we really hope it's not. Watered down that tradition to where Reagan were afraid he'd be very. Well that's true because we're kind of afraid to do that now Karen I appreciate the call yeah this is ultimately gonna lead to a new definition of sexual harassment. And this is not gonna hand this is gonna continue this is like a new trend. And it I'm not making it seem like it's an important because it is too if a woman was released sexually harassed me and she needs to report it. All I thought about I thought about what rhino stands for you know it has meant up to this point Republicans in name only. But there was politician on television there this morning. And he said the new definition of rhino is Republicans in need of outcome. I'm scooter coming back can't ever have your oil.