More concern for NFL anthem protest than the Mayor's race? Really?

Thursday, October 12th

Which are you most concerned about....the NFL Anthem protest by players, President Trump's White House or the election for New Orleans next Mayor?


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And even though nobody cares we are gonna talk a little bit about to the upcoming mayor's race and the debates last night also we're gonna end of the conversation this hour. Girls in the Boy Scouts. What was your reaction to that. I mean I think it's cool and you know I've never been the kind of guy that like just hung out with the guys. I mean I I was never. I was ever attempted to get it like an all male kind of club but the but if that's what you wanna have cooled that's fine. And I think the women should all be able to to get together like ladies' night and initiative and let guys who don't ladies and now I'm kidding about that. But I think it's okay if if they genders on to gather together at times. But it seems to me that that girls and a Boy Scouts might. Help establish a better relationship. When it comes to boys competing with girls. Because since the Boy Scouts I guess to some degree there's some as a Kelly's hair. Like it's it is not like football. It's not like a sport it's not like. The in eight straight of a long of a boy. Which is greater than the an eight straight to the average girl that's not really a factor. So will girls being allowed in the Boy Scouts teach. Boys to see girls as equals. And could this one day stop. Dock the Harvey Weinstein to the world school and that of the conversation it. But if you're just tuning in I wanted to share with you are concerned that I have and I'm really debated about two weather don't you talk about tennis. Because of the criticism. And it's it's okay don't care about criticism it's part of the job. What I'd like to do is used to get dose of you who do agree with me. To start making more noise. We have the ability to drown out. The others that they have a right to their opinion. But the idea that the opposition. Makes more noise he gets more attention. I think it skews the impression of the whole situation. There is so much information coming out of the White House so many absurd things being said by the president himself. I am truly concerned about America. And I say this knowing that I'm talking to a lot of loyal trump supporters. The president sent a message out to America essentially announcing that. He thinks that NBC should lose its broadcast license. Because of a story the president says. Is false. Fake news. That story involve reports from sources they were in the room at the time the trump said he wanted the US nuclear arsenal to be increased tenfold. NBC sticking with the story saying they've got reliable sources. President trump also denounced and NBC story about secretary of state Rex sourcing calling him a blanking moron. NBC says they have credible witnesses understanding by that story as well the president says their fake news. Hey maybe he's right. But NBC. You might hate him you might think they're too liberal. But they can't be so stupid to stand by a story that's that's not true. President trump recently reportedly said. At the White House blurted out I hate everybody in the White House. He said that's fake news. But those with a story or standing by and I just mentioned a few minutes ago about the president trump. Taking credit for the NFL changing its policy when it comes to standing for the National Anthem. And and I wrote this on this morning and talked about earlier in the show before Roger Goodell issued this. A statement that there's no policy change the president took the word. Roger Goodell said the word should. And the president jumped on that and said look what I've done essentially saying I had an impact on this controversy because now the NFL is changed its policy. Can't help to change its policy. Project you don't just repeated the policy that was already there. I mean it doesn't bark if if you're Trump's support it doesn't bother you that he makes stuff up. And then his chapel like attack on not to hiatus senator Bob Corcoran who is openly challenge to president's ability to lead. I think just. Further. Advances this idea that something right. Off corpus said the White House is like an adult daycare center. The picture that is being paid a president trusts in middle an emotional state is frightening to me even from his friends even from Republicans. Longtime friend Tom barrack. Who produced the president's inauguration. Has now come forward and question who Donald Trump has become saying that the behavior is beneath him. The president's political siamese twins Steve Dan. Said president trampled he has a 30% chance of finishing his first term and the biggest threat to the president is an impeachment. It's the 25 amendment. Which has the cabinet has the power to remove the president from office I think that's very likely to happen because that would include a vote. From vice president took my parents. All these clues coming from the White House I'm paid a very disturbing picture for me. But most disturbing is the president's just blatant disregard for the First Amendment. The idea of NBC should have its license to broadcast taken away first to Paul networks are not licensed by the FCC. Local TV stations that carry their networks more. NBC owns I think 28 stations though stations have local licenses with the FCC but the network is not licensed. And the president uses they used to discredit this. And this should send a chill the spine of every American especially trumped loyalist who appreciate the constitution. Signature. Republican senator Bob sass from Kansas. Question if president Trump's comment about NBC showed that he was denying. The very oath of office that he swore to when he took office. And time and time again the president seems to be obsessed with getting attention. Being the biggest something's always has to be the biggest and it's been proven to be false. And he never acknowledges that he's wrong. And he's been wrong. Not in my opinion he's been factually wrong. This is not about a Republican in the White House this is about a man in the White House. Who is showing signs. That are frightening to a lot of people. Not all of the Fox News Channel hosts are super conservative. Neil Cavuto. He's one of the super conservative points. Cavuto has always been a loyal troops supporter. This week Neil Cavuto on his Fox News show. Directing his commentary directly at the president. He sent. Some of your tweets are making people you need run for cover. On his tax plan. Mr. part of the deal is killing the deal. You can't drain the swamp if all you're doing is throwing mud. This came from Neil Cavuto on on a short fox. He went on to say. Tweeting out tacky insults just seemed beneath you. You are running out of friends faster than you were running out of time. And he said for you it can't be the thunderous applause they base that is a growing. It's time to reach beyond that pace. You are the president of all the people. Any closing his commentary. He said I'm gonna get taxed people are gonna say I'm clueless. On the global list uneven effectiveness. But she says hurts my feelings. But he says that he was motivated to talk to the president about being a human being. That's a powerful message. And it was directed at the president. From a conservative trump loyalist on the Fox News Channel. That the president has constantly praised in promoting. Is that fake news Mr. President. If you would like to join us for the comments are numbers 2601878. Every coach 5042601. It's happening Tex or were they 7817. I think it's just time for. Rational. Logical people to stand up and meet. The level. Off noise that comes from those who defend president trump no matter watch because this goes beyond. Just defending a Republican. And they are are going to be Republicans trust me they're going to be Republicans that are gonna challenge president trump. For his second term. And it's not often does sitting presidents challenged. By a Republican or a Democrat and you're a sitting president is. Punch coach we'll be back. What do you think about girls in the voice dose. He's not a good thing is that gonna teach boys to to compete and cinco equally about women's. Here's an update on our party general opinion poll is the belief that nothing will change a good reason to not vote in an election. 52% say no 40% say yes you are sure to you by going to W if you don't dot com. Our daily at home has been on hold for ever and she I think she's probably had a birthday since super are called on really welcome back to show what would your comment. I don't think you know my that I mean but it amendment. That the department here is today actually data goes at that moment and comment let me let me area when he was talking about that players kneeling. There and flagging I mean during camp and I don't know why add. And without company in a little politics because when it comes we will. Play it who wants to do. We're like that in blue line or anything and everything the police officer there eight or nine Atlanta and they are not allowed in the way. But yet when it comes with something else on a different. I the politics. They are still. Yeah you know throw everything they believe and I just being you know if you can play it that way it's being. You know let. Let the people on the outside and they agree to disagree. In elect functionality on. Our play if they all have a contract there all you know Fullerton different loans but why do you want do. You know yeah that way it is not about politics you know and I just think that. Well I think rarely I think it is about politics because if you think about it there's this whole discussion had really kind of died way way down and it was a reignited when president trump said what he said about the SOB should be should be ticked off to team. That turned into a political statement about the president. Yeah I mean and you. Right about you know Colin out like that I'd get him out there and me and me he wishes he added you know. The trade would be the perfect credit and not surprisingly this is me and he had been in meetings that people would not disagree for a president to stay and you know and the type of person he conference. How late in you know. Like pop up. At the right side you know did not. If not it. What I proposal got them you know. You know pretty piano. In a different story you know I I mean including god morning noon. And China think like China is like or well. Bailey I think that's a good point what what what concerns me at this point about Iraq by president trump is the importance that he puts on defending his ego and his image. And the fact that he's never wrong. And he has been wrong and and yes the media is attacking president trump and the media does that to president's Emmy Fox News for eight years attacked President Obama. And the other networks are you can argue are attacking president trump but that's why you you were careful with your actions from what you say and you don't give them any ammunition. Every day several times a day trump just feeds and information that causes even more questions about him. Yes I deal in Internet and I don't think Ali is right now I don't I did a little bit. From China you know like I did vote for trump and I image on the court. And we think he said and I tell people love to listen and in the way. And concluding that conflict damaged damaged damaged damaged them. And I think. I'm looking at the magic shop I did take. Is that can't try to take everything for what he. But see that's an interesting point Bailey because that's that's what I notice on on this show. Tom is that there are too many people in this country that feel like they have to either totally defend trump or totally. Bash human hated. And and there are people this was with the President Obama as well there were people who didn't wanna say something positive about him if they didn't like him. And there are people who did wanna say anything negative about him if they liked him. And the same thing is true with what was trumpet that this idea that you have to. Totally support somebody and and can't recognize their mistakes doesn't make them like a godlike figure and you're not supposed to worship of false god. Inactive that you know I was beyond that. You for Obama. And at the time and Allen like for Obama after everything I've seen in that become my mother and now I'm on my side. And I can't think about it and I mean the my home in Spain. I'd been painted out more than I thought it would and I think because it's home alive. My banking and that threat and it I've seen him and he. Hacked it out at handling them. You know we. Do you think that one because you can't mean packed with. An ankle that can do everything off. You know I think the people who had without crying in that term was becoming president. And you know what you do. And I had the easy. Way. I have really join our conversation but I've got news coming up I have to leave it there. Ain't all right thanks for calling. You know I guess the other question is why do the girls wanna be in the Boy Scouts I mean look I'm a guy guys that not that much fun. I mean if I were a girl I'd rather be around girls. Our girl I'd rather date a girl. I guess that means a cover girl a deal lesbian. From the North Shore Walter yearns every WL I guess technically I I am. Welcome to our show Walter. Check your ego to. I've got an idea. To reject it. One of the national amp I know I can hear about this. But. That National Anthem with a slight edge of a legion. Mellanby shorter that's for sure. It would be sure there. People don't it's. Were you more cost and liquids and see who would not. Slight edge of the region's. A Walter we're gonna saints game or an event like that I really enjoy the as standing and singing the National Anthem with everybody and I'll hum I'm standing around people that I don't know and I'm amid the stadium with people I don't know when we. We all come together and we we share this moment of being Americans tonight. I think that's very inspiring moment. I understand that buy it if we pledge of allegiance to the flag I think it would. It's. A lot of these problems about it I was gonna Neal who's been and because I would give you meal and not pledge. Regions through the. Well but don't you think the same people who were kneeling for that would be kneeling for the pledge. Well he has to do. I think it would be more today. Morgan Morgan asked urgently you. Walter I. I. Don't. It's going to be interesting to see how the NFL handles himself Walter appreciate the call. You know when I was growing up I never could figure out who Richard stands Wallace. Richard stands. Connie when I was a kid and we said the pledge of allegiance. I always heard that you know and and to the republic for Richard stance. I thought it was a guy named Richard stands and I would go to the like the history book and I couldn't find any reference to Richard stance. Now you know more about me then you should. Yeah I'm gonna force decision there was a debate last night took Ozzie a mayoral candidates and I think the closing arguments were interstate and I want to play a little bit from all the closing arguments. On LaToya Cantrell had this to say in her closing arguments last night. Com I have the vision to lean. You know the courage to stand up and compassionate care about a people as I've demonstrated. I have been able to listen to our community to our people. Build consensus and deliver real results. And results that you can see touch and just overall experience. I want to bring our people hope protection and the opportunities that I know our people need to know trying whales needed here. I have a proven track record of getting things done. I have been effective counsel Wyman and of course. A grassroots leader and executive manager I'm prepared to this job I want to be your next mayor. So that we collectively. Can link all of our people to the real opportunity and growth that we know why people need. Aren't closing arguments are from nine does Reshard Renee and Michael Wagner is still to come. Well if you're not a boy you can still get in the Boy Scouts at this point they are congratulations to Christie a bear Christie just won a pair of tickets to come to the big game Saturday afternoon Tiger Stadium. Between L issue and offer a big important April issues this is gonna really be a test for the tigers. I mean DL SU tigers. Anyway the our tickets come from tiger radio WWL. I here's some of the closing statement from Deseret sharpening last night at the debate can look and I know a lot of people just don't really care. But I feel it's important that we do covered the mayor's race which is coming up on Saturday. No I have been in this community more than twenty years serving you as an elected officials first as a record of one to ten years. And then the judge for the next ten years well wow I was nationally recognized from our condensed version. I put forth comprehensive plans to change the city and bringing into the third the 21 century. I had a vision for the city of vision is that New Orleans will be clean and beautiful city city. They are sitting where mothers has not scared a lot of babies in the evening and strollers. But people want riding around the block two times before they get out that caught in the evening but the other safety. An infrastructure Renaissance. A world class workforce development. At night the lights along when it rains the pumps work and the streets of schools they won't be easy but in my administration. Failure is not an option. Did you opinion measured smooth streets. I mean does that mean uptown. Does that mean I'm Morrison road in New Orleans east it didn't mean policy should be smooth oh my god. That would be awesome and here is the closing statement from Michael Mike Harris. Everyone knee and nose to commitments that you must me in order to live and work here. Our community is confronted by natural disasters but drain pumps that don't work by violent crime by broken streets. And by a drainage system that is deteriorating. But we are a resilient people we are resilient people it's in our culture. We must not allow the outsiders who simply talk about how music how food and output Reyes. To prevail we have to know that this outlook people. While the greatest strength of our city our people in you deserve a male who worry court. In there who. We know not try to promise you to moon. Game then sell you out to the highest bidder. New lawless has everything it needs to be successful and accept a government that is going to get the job done. If you're on the air I'll we'll get the job done. And there was a little thing that he was not a time. Us from New Orleans row here on WW LT. Great I'm good. Okay callers are called me and mention I am a pretty lead when he shortening. I'll your beer but. I'll figure out who vehicle where darker. We where others who got where we should fear whether Qaeda period whether you know it is not sure it. And all day and just try to go through. What what we can do via split in the vote. But I at least no respect for ought to change just ship may be but just the discretion. Well let me get this stays on. This deceased to go further than deeds and dealing I'm gonna have to move on -- I've I appreciate the comment I mean this has to go beyond the Neil. If it doesn't go be on the kneeling tend to protest is worthless. And then you could argue that it shouldn't have been done. And I think it's okay to understand a player's right. To do this because it doesn't break any rules. In the constitution gives him freedom of expression. Now is to work has a special rules and work can have rules that. Debt to fight the First Amendment. But if there's no rules and they're not doing anything wrong. They have a right to do it but I think I mean Drew Brees and and I agree. It's not there there I don't think it's the right. Way to protest because I think there should be moments when we come together. As one and that's one of the moment and make you just a moment ago that. I always served it'd say the pledge of allegiance when I was a kid I couldn't figure out who Richard saenz was. Because I thought we were saying one one nation and to the point where we're we're nation under god indivisible. Which liberty and weary. Officially through. As for Richard stance. When nation where it went wham I'm getting confused here and I'm getting some other text your mouth when somebody says that somebody said to. They used to think it was one Dalmatian under god. To resistor and he says one nation under god in the living room and has had one nation under god. There you all and what I'm trying to blanket the words. That's right the flight for which it stands for what I thought it was Richard states. Are items your tang on will be back. Okay I've remembered and to the republic for which it stands which I used to think said the and to the republic for richer stance and are configured Richardson is washed. Will be back tomorrow it's free for all Friday our show and tell you know the saints have not always done a great job coming back after a bye week so we'll talk about that. Hopefully they do well sports artist coming up next a live from voters on veterans in Metairie featuring the veterans Ford saints players show. At 6 o'clock this week's special guest. Is saints safety Rafael bush some releasing for that. When I think Diane Newman our program director show producer Tom Manassas and our studio producer John with George has a great job thank you John. And thank you all for the Texas thank you for the calls or even if you just listen to the show we are still very very important part of our show every afternoon. You can join me on FaceBook scoot on the air is to Graham scoop on the air. And Twitter asked scoots to be a drill have a great afternoon when you New Orleans.