Monday Morning Quarterback with Drew Brees

Saints Football
Monday, October 23rd

WWL's Kristian Garic interviews Saints quarterback Drew Brees.


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Welcome into another edition of Monday Morning Quarterback here on saints radio Kristian garic. Joined by quarterback Drew Brees the black eagle of now won four straight beating the Green Bay Packers 2617. Look who announcing its core right Drew Brees Nazis radio. We talk about that person he's battled adversity down fourteen to seven you know rally this company. This is big bigger rallies a lot of resiliency and resolve to overcome those are mistakes. Just you know state stayed really of course understanding and regular opportunities we just got to keep plugging away. Take control this game at some point I can't wait too long hill who were able. Really have time we can have a suggests the spared them you know we got to do or horrible that may please pass game you know pulled up on defense and and we'll close things out on the two interceptions that move whether it was a sentences of up with those of airport there for throws us all the ball to the guys wanted to throw to you know those of a matchups but just ball location you know. You can always break down interceptions is this was a court decision or throw bottles. At Floyd to you guys are special service Billings. Yeah I do those muscles so much football team play. You know six games this season got ten more regular season games left and none more important one coming up at home against the bears scares you want four row. Rubble and we'll make. How how big was taken junior's well if you guys already played great breakthrough novel do a lot of good things in both the run game at a past. Bring it home as well by Thomas and all those guys really did a great job together as a vertical today's news it was in 2009. I don't know if we're might have to measure somehow let's get the job done through thanks appreciate it thank you. The black eagle going for their fifth straight win this Sunday and audiences Chicago Bears Monday Morning Quarterback but he let go auto low cost auto insurance for what I Drew Brees and crushing dark on saint radio.