Monday Morning Quarterback

Saints Football
Monday, December 4th

WWL's Kristian Garic interviews Saints QB Drew Brees after the big win over the Panthers.


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Welcome back here on saint radio Monday Morning Quarterback brought to you by go auto low cost auto insurance and also Townsend addiction centers the saints beat the Carolina Panthers 31 it's 11 now sitting at nine and three on the season with Nate. One game lead over the Carolina Panthers in two more to play. Against the Atlanta Falcons starting this Thursday. In Atlanta we will announce saints quarterback Drew Brees to restore the open series. Obviously giving points given how big was that in terms of rhythm tempo also kind of dictating Eagle Forum on fourth down again this morning. I was so that was huge and really set the tone I mean obviously. No it's like if points within you cannot find yourself in that predicament let me take a chip shot field or we go forward. You know with the worst thing happening is we don't get it that you and then back you know you know maybe you're talented great field position coming off but. And we got it he Helen and obviously that was. Big big. The fight you know defining moment early in the game where you can just really get a lot of momentum into the crowd rocking in. It's pivotal role. You guys. Organization has made a shift couple years ago got back to Smart tough football players etc. are you start to see that the dividends of that not ship to. Because because you know there's haven't flown every game you know there's ups and bouncer and a half. You know adversity and an annual guys that are Smart enough lies enough poised enough to. You would handle that you know stay steady and always be looking for the opportunities that will be here to turn the game knowing your favorite. Play the percentages and you know do the right into the Smart things and so. Got a lot of guys that. Getting wins obviously even when you said he knew simply read you guys simply that's football and also in the press conference. That he left some things don't feel woody what do you mean by the team leaves things on it. Well you know we had had this Google obviously but really felt like we should they're. Sort of touched. Two minute drive very well could result touch on those big play opportunities there that I'm best so. Add two more touchdowns you know and they and then that that's 45 points as opposed to 31 that's. But as the differences of talk it was like seeing a quarterback and Jason Hill played special teams covering kicks etc. so proud was you know. Came over earlier in the week and said hey we need you have to step up and placing special teams and it. You know his attitude was like hey whatever you hope team came out they had two special teams tackles or else really called for what does that do for a team. That the eleven selfless guys like that and a third a third guy don't depth chart looks good at it defines the team you know it's. That's perfect example of what this team is all about homestand represented. He's done about the short turnaround Atlanta it's gonna quit you guys think about this when it is your passion you have for Carolina to bed here and you've got to move on very quickly so. A look at this game really quickly in them. And imagine it's really six days of preparation victory also. Six days of you know recovery industry you know solidified it would speed up that process through thanks Christian thank you. That wraps up another edition of Monday Morning Quarterback brought to you by go auto will cost auto insurance and towns and addiction senators. A crushing to our for a quarterback Drew Brees saints are back in action this Thursday night in Atlanta against the falcons at 730 right here on saint radio.