Monday Morning Quarterback

Saints Football
Monday, November 20th

WWL's Kristian Garic interviews Saints QB Drew Brees after their comeback win over Washington. 


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Welcome into Monday Morning Quarterback here bouncing through the black and gold overtime win 3431. They run their winning streak to eight straight games. Over the Washington Redskins and now look to the Los Angeles rams next Sunday Monday Morning Quarterback brought to you by go auto low cost auto insurance and towns and addiction sinners. To congratulations on the eighth straight win. There really aren't any questions for Robert Meachem got to have him on the field and everytime you play the rest of such as he just coming up in the minor. It's the head hasn't heard the health care in the house. That's pretty ironic that you know you're here as the guy who comes out to Corey tell us as we do that you had in attendance. Obviously has special guys music. What he met for our Super Bowl team and for his career here and then. Of course that epic epic redskin game that we we played up in 09 at their place in place and he made that game and that was. Saved eerily similar just what what what had to be overcome you know TNT two wins there. So anyways guys are finding ways to win games when it was at a team learn more about pull out wins or or close wins like this. You learn so much more from going like this. For example one last week where. It was such a dominant performance you know and and listen it was a great piece of home. You know everything's clicking like how look how good we can do you know and we overcome we overcame today. Being down fifteen was you know. Two minutes fifty some seconds left and just understanding what what had happened or for us to weigh now and making that happen that was everybody believing in one another. Everybody make in place that's been this is where you grow this is where you feel like in a matter what situation. We can find a way to win this team special. They are absolutely. It's it's. The great things that we come in every day hungry hungry and ready you're ready to work ready to get better it's almost. We've we haven't scratched the surface. How good can. Let's go find out. Ali tomorrow how much do you see that bubbling had come bubbling 0% in a pocket so I I really didn't see I think get a great look at it because there's lot of traffic in front of mine. All eyes. The line. Trying to fight throwing when he gets on gets home and next thing I know I see the ball kind of pop up. And I don't know what happened didn't look like he got hit. And then. He told me after he said you ball kind of popped up and he jumped on the ground in the brace for impact what you just gonna get blasted. But I think when involves up in the air everybody. You know step closer for a second in the snatched it breaks tackles makes its next meeting is the ramseys to get bigger and bigger every week now as for sure. Yes they do. But this is this is exciting. There's everybody huge test on the road. I guess. Obviously that division you know played extremely well a win or loss today the vikings for them. You know bottom line is that there be rated players rated. You know very easily just as much as us so we we don't know enough to thanks for share earnings. I'm crushing Garrick we welcome and now saints quarterback Drew Brees here on stage radio that reps of another edition of money we're quarterback here on state radio brought you by. Tauzin addiction center and also go auto will cost auto insurance I'm crushing Derek for quarterback Drew Brees the saints take on a Los Angeles rams a Sunday. At 325 or here on saint radio.