Mommy pulls a pistol

A mom was not happy with a chatty barber. 


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What is wrong with people all. How man from Cleveland comes a story of a woman accused of going to barber shop with her seven year old son to get as Erica gotten. She was upset that the barber. Was talking too much and not cutting you know. Apparently OK. So police say that 31 year old Andrea Smith. Pulled out of he gun. Oh. The two. Threaten the barber. And convince him to cut instead of talk. So here's a guy with a sharp. Pair of scissors on your seven year old son's head and you'd is that DePaul and gone on him. She has been sentenced to. Thirty days in jail. Now Casey's guys she's been sentenced six months but yes to serve at least thirty days. Interest. She says she had no license to carry the weapon or deny waving north threatening yet. At the barber we as police allege at and she told me of polling and out of reverse. While not a licensee can carry a concealed hand again. Cullum and mom of the year. The ethnic ethnic. They're blaming Cleveland brown is BA Rihanna for a desperate remember up whenever exactly big passion thank you de Aaron Hernandez from life and her from the pinpoint sport and senators.