MJ Live at the Saenger Theater this weekend

Friday, August 10th
Scoot talks to Jalles Franca, who performs as Michael Jackson in "MJ Live," a tribute concert this weekend at the Saenger Theater

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It it is Friday and wanted to tell you about this they showed tonight. And Jae lie for tribute to Michael Jackson to Sanders theater. Jobless front got is the guy who portrays Michael Jackson he joins us on the air jealous welcome to the show. And listened to talk to me about what it feels like to portray somebody. As iconic and as talented as Michael Jackson. Oil and Italy kept impeachment announcement because today. Get to wake up in and played Kimmel iconic. Reform that ever walked. Different which is solution my projections it's that it's a privilege. It's a huge responsibility. But in LA actually have to put you know will be patient. Everything it it's unbelievable. You know it's and as as happy as it is I guess there's something sad about the fact that he's not not with this any longer but you you. I I've seen some some scenes and you do a phenomenal job of capturing Michael Jackson what was the biggest challenge for you. I can be challenged at the platform and Michael was you don't have to be which you look. The audience will formally. A lot of person in Eritrea August chief currency. You know some of them who reach the beach Indian and some of them being caught me. Canceled. Our sites say that it's an art to have at least act which would be the younger worker that book. Forum for myself and work the sport was actually singing you know because. Think you is that the an Arctic in itself let me try this thing ending. To get there is certainly. Something bird. Born in ending. Like Michael Jackson did. What possible punitive and so a lot of people considers in the traditionally. In a heated you know Putin being if you look like that dispute which seem to get we contributes. You never going to be for a copy of this actual you'd attribute to try to being looked like. And you know. Singled with salt and relive Ian machine comic. I mean person that you want. Where you're just the recipient they're scientists there this united tendency to be so critical I mean obviously you can't hit everything perfectly and Michael Jackson when he performed there were moments when he made mistakes during some of his performance is as well so. You know their criticism is just Eric is it is unfair. On so if you know you're you're not lip syncing this is not just this is not Michael this is you and the performers the dancers doing Michael Jackson. That is correct and that the name commercially caught him Cheney lies. Life because we don't think we don't track we don't do anything we have. Faulting and sixty cents all the actual and we do nineteen reject and so. You know a lot of it was simply can do this for the actual. No one has the longest capacity. To stay in their roles are little police or five hours that the single. But we do a lot of little bit teaching emotional criminal. I'll be there and then in the year being higher checks will provide badly. There's a lot of it's just that you know reaper. The bring to kick up on stage so we can gain as well what do you complications. And of course it's it's it's been excellent. I talk to somebody who who saw the show and he he said he was almost brought to tears she producers to teenage daughters there are signals brought to tears. Obligated in a that Dell or our country to see things differently this. You know from idol stage deal might present an old very diligently to tango with Mike rejection. When he was alive that is which is from. And he was just the sweetest most. Economists most unbelievable source of celebrity and that ever tournament we do initial and performing performance so it Michael. I think that the change in the water celebrity's. But no more than ever struck me quite like that and it did because you a ticket at the same. Yeah Hewlett succeeded. In person and historical person each editor can. So different from your perspective of of of having met him and ended and his his his company. What do you think happened. Was he so big that he just couldn't dictate it to nobody can really cope with being that big. You know. All electors actually know that you know because he brittle we did more urgent issues do I think that what happened that natural thing. Absolutely. I think Michael in my opinion personal opinion I think Michael killed reached cattle you know and music will want to. You know the scandal here in. Lebanon rejects and knows that he liked that he did not like com you shall. England. And I mean have you been in. You know they're after me. They want to catalog. You know be approaching and that salad in Maryland and to. And a lot of people don't August that Michael oh all digital catalog too pricey music. But he also. The Beatles catalog which is worse so much when he. Interrupting the writer Michael I actually a few weeks accident and so. It's just so happens that the scandal you know. Michael alone twice and you should there Q what emotion well to perform to do those fifty shows. Because if I'd that the detention. And somehow later he found out that support it shall. To music he was murdered. Or. Right to get back to show briefly out tonight and tomorrow night this is there you're friendly show. I we're performing tomorrow unemployed today and tomorrow what does angered Peter seven pretty. Like a signal particular. Still available there's still some tickets left. You haven't seen and you like injections should Mexicans out with a familiar. And Betty is ticker time it really isn't life maladies but it's a lot of them impersonators are being in order. Shuttles. People guilty plea track in the legal who interpreting life project and. I'm looking forward to seeing the show and I hope to catch up which you. Before the show tomorrow and average life a FaceBook video was here. That would degrade and look forward to everybody's. Go check out so. I tell us like command and Jay lives tonight tomorrow night. Sanders theatre a look at torture myself hey if you're looking for somebody to write tomorrow night it's the detritus of putting this on. I tickets are still available at 730 tonight 730 tomorrow night MJ like a tribute to Michael Jackson. It's gonna be very elaborate and phenomenal tonight tomorrow night at the senator. I'm scoot Chen we'll be right back on target of journal.