Mike Triplett On The Saints Heading Into Week 2

”The Last Lap with Seth Dunlap”
Wednesday, September 13th

ESPN Nation reporter Mike Triplett joins the show to talk about the Saints performance vs the Vikings plus what they'll have to fix before Week 2 against the Patriots.


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260187. Mike Triplett at Mike Triplett on Twitter ESP NFL major reporter. Mike I'm sure your mailbag in your dear Twitter timeline even been blown up as well about the saints defense. Well. Larry. And. Might. It Mikey you're you're inaudible there if he can repeat that. Well on. Twitter and that really staying at. 08 a couple weeks ago. And I ethnic rebel responses. From the sand base and from media than ever before although other years victim when more gains and that but are who are that helpful. Since. And basements are all part what reality did you watch the pre opening eight wins you know there are obviously Italy in the industry so well. It and it. I think that the fan bases really set itself up for a let down you know. I thought. The and to be exactly what they've spent the potential absolutely it tender eleven game. But I don't know like people were so convinced that they would Stoller. This season. Different than what we've seen in recent years. Yes the secondary can get better. But to other sports starters are rookies they just at the Baikonur but it is march Lattimore Marcus Williams. I didn't not expect them to get torched the way it did against them by but. Are expected growing pains and I think a lot of people were whether or open for a dramatic over all we want if there's going to be too critical on its depth but over time. Mike what's the biggest probably you have right now this team has its secondary. Definitely. I think defensive line is is spying you know being nicer day at a better passer more dynamic Castro. And I think the linebackers or improved from last year especially declined. But the secondary yet to be growing pains and number one corner. Courtrooms on her plate and. And it felt more troubling it is if you're really good one but there's going to be growing pains. Tell them grow up playing and to show the goods import because it is start hero and I are. So adept DJ Williams. Delonte heiress and stern and more popular that rotation that. They're gonna pick and I certainly wouldn't grabbing coats this week they're gonna make them. You know throughout this heat but so delicately and can still be good there and I don't think dubious status or quarter again at school fees and but I think we're gonna see our isn't close on the report that. Odyssey into problem that we have penalties that were the things that probably bigger concern to a new problem as you know and so on down all but starting tackles. What what can they do defensively I hear a lot of people sand well got to dumb down the scheme I watched election sir you did today. And gone they played basic man and the basic zone cover two cover three concepts for a vast majority of that game there's not too much more basic that they can do there was just guys like Kenny the Karl. Blown assignment after assignment there I'm not sure what Allen can do. Yeah yeah well to eliminate the big statement that the killer that particular strain. Took forty years or deepened to Putin's coworkers are those being. Now 48. Yard pass from. Make them work or that's what they were in the first quarter appetite game basically he spent like deeply and urged. Morning minute they'll be okay. They just give up the replay touchdown drives and fifty yard passes and guys were and why he'll. And the one other remote in the and the artwork and but to be passing the vikings for the thing in. A bullet. Six. You lit. Up yet he can't let the in the open receiver role in the middle deal so. An ankle that bat it's out. Like I said. We've seen these games here in the past but also the soda you know. Have five or six really cute in that at least in the uneven and it does he writes that that complicit in a car. Talking to Mike Triplett here on double coverage ESPN NFL nation reporter for the New Orleans Saints. Over on the offensive side of the football I'm curious if you disagree with me here my take on this the last 48 hours. Has been and that I'm not. Too concerned because I'm I don't think that the saints are going to be put any tougher spot. In that against a top five delete units in that building one of the toughest places to play what are. In an opener where you've got to integrate all these new guys and that offense so not. Concerned about that offense jiving. Well in the open to learning to go eleven to. At all. Will be out. In the last June yours from our part though. Nine and it be opened the line and it really without these two right tackle. You look at that and now we need to I think we saw the of that breeze it would cut in the political arms or a and you know the run game they've got an expert is a great running team that rarely. Poll there our question marks absolutely with this and you're right there in the states. Defense is that in allowed buyer like that all that was probably I'd go to and think it I was in the. They may not like the rams ready that's the only other one I saw that would give me a little bit across. You know it'll be tough on the play there there's been at that accurately it'll be tough but the idea that the as. That we get up. Figure out what they do well. Abu Omar and as a monster game Israel marching in as a monster games like has altered and so. Well again I think we're looking at that top five law that spot that. We get it. Mike to let Mike Rabelo on tour ESPN and a funny reporter covering the nuance say shifting gears to Iran backed group in particular deuce point this out to me on a film. He watched as he pointed out there's several several misread them a running back including Adrian Peterson including Mark Ingram Alvin Tamara as well. What do you make of the AP deal you know obviously that that'll spat he had were chomping on a sideline. Do you think the data make concerted effort he it seems like APS to be involved in the game and get into a rhythm and do you think he'll make concerted effort to do that. The interview essential. Oh lead in the. Allen was platelets Ryan Moore lets write it down there don't keep your seat put it I think you can see who worked on BP X if you're reading your lip. I don't know he probably yelled hey hey let's run down. Either her out of it OK we will or her character went out where. They'll convert it to let exact so. I spent much ado about nothing however. Yes of course it computers it was a pretty quick. I don't know. That's what these are up for. And the problem Peterson is eager to that you're down Carter burst or a specialty. In this thought that work you know exhibit at sector to merit the guy on the field we're doing here hurry up mode America's leading them running backs apps because. Of all the time they were and that empty backfield set. Lori Adrian Peterson to get the ball it's gonna have to be when there were running the ball out of these corporations or running the ball a lot period or protecting a Ortiz and certainty that whereas in other at thirty here and that's probably what they do and I don't think it'd be protecting particularly in a lot of games so I think it could be very hour. Repeater to ever. When he carries in the game. Mike good sub and we appreciate at all about whether to file your work. Oh is unease in accountable page dedicated to the states that the program cooler. There goes my trip appreciate diamond. Tiger follow on Twitter at Mike truly come back for colon dragging you to a 5042601870. Text 8787 what's the biggest issue surrounding the saints headed into their week two matchup with the defending civil war champion. New England Patriots is secondary and pass rush O line. Or running game also is the NFL gotten two of safety conscious we'll talk about it next double coverage southern Christian on W to a. No more double covered sports and more on WW. Call 5042601870. Taxed 8787. Before tweets that Seth Dunlap port had Christian Garrett. Sexy 7878 on the phone lines at 504260187. Welcome back double coverage set. And Christian what's the biggest concern headed to the peach trees game on Sunday at noon in the superdome for the New Orleans Saints got secondary pass rush a line running game. Or other you can catch a vote property jaguar opinion poll on line at W liberal icon how but the fact that it. Patriots are gonna look to avoid an 02 start and they're going to be in extremely angry football team after losing. On Thursday night they're opened the worst thing that could happen to the Sainz wasn't losing Monday night. It was actually the fact that the patriots lost. On third. On their been a believer in that I really haven't because I think you get stuff on film that you wouldn't see ways to slow down as Patriots offense had date. Blown out the chiefs' 55 to nothing or something ridiculous like pentagon on how we stop you don't think you'll leads to the short week hurts them you know I think the short week does a little bit I don't think. I don't read too much into well you know Tom Brady's angry Tom Brady's always an angry costs. What's I don't get a Milliken tolerating his life when he's a man outside coal enacted ish what's up call you on W him well. Well they yeah. Typically can't like comment on what might about the threat of the run and it there's a particular play where mayor and that. And that you have any comes out at the corner to corner and down. Just think that great example of that element he can it and it's been I mean it's extremely valuable I think I don't I don't have a problem there. That grips election. Oh my biggest concern. And then. Up about well I'm gonna print it but they in the I'm not trying to be an apologist at all this is inexcusable. You know note you can be made it. But I got to look at a lot of plays so that's not going to it'll. To read these Wendell and bank court. But one common thing I'll regret it and they're. Where they're the PGA will you take it one bit. The care even Lattimore played at didn't come his way. One common name them now and that that. They're come in all these guys they're coming down Il and Biden are you right. You're right no that's exactly what I saw. That's exactly what I saw yesterday in watching this film and by the way it wasn't just the secondary was linebackers as well across. And and it. To meet it not Warren court that not at issue. But to me that also not a mental issue in the it fair that they don't know who. Where they should be. I think it's more an issue of the start getting these young guys like that did not try and de ski it'll let these guys are at the bit. DJ Williams at taken that that we had its common. You looked at Anderson you'd look good week I ran out he blocked the ball and say and that's what all these. From what hat C I think that what they'll at all and that gives me hope. I believe we will see how much improvement I don't know what will it be enough I don't know but I'm confident that we will see improvement from the second. Look at those things are correct bowl they're fixable that's a good news if you're if if you're seeing now and sets seen it all on the NFL game pass all point to film. And look I looked as well how it grew both the all. That that's collectible but at some point though. That shouldn't be going on like there's no issues for why that's going on that's being. That's not playing smaller than scheme and trying to make a play trying to out trying to outplay the scheme and ultimately successful defense is about playing within the scheme. They should phone call call Greg into all of a sudden you're on W go Greg. It. Is. I mean that you. Give. Much thought that the mock it should all. Is there. You mentioned. You. But out here. The I. He. 88. CE. Fair. Would put it up. There's a blog. And news this. Dennis Allen and he didn't get. Or or. Be right right. Yeah I Dennis Allen rob Ryan Grant. Well I. And outfit. They're only if it is. Before we won't grow up usually over you know the principal. You. Know. Can an update would be. I can see what. He's the head coach he's head coach says honey that's what I should be doing regularly got to manage the game and gentlemen here and say that holy kids to Mears our Zain always. What would you be screaming if he didn't do that he did one go and going Barca at the special teams coach or hey let me get a on this meeting is no huddle here he should be doing that that's part of the role they had coached for as many blown coverages they had yesterday I can be disappointed her license now Monday I'd be disappointed. If he wasn't barking a little bit and Dennis Allen and the secondary is coach gentleman that I seriously I wasn't. I wrap up our what I'll give you an update operated at our opinion poll online at W gold icon if you're still on hold Byron I'm committee can jump in the conversation as well final four. 260187. XX 878 semi double coverage here on W the rock. Our go ahead. He'll Byron. Yeah you're on the diplomats. There are good thank you. More. Your record and run out of time united go ahead. No. Rule. And democracy in there there as well. It will marital commitment. And my partner and bill. Are you better do you regard as well so deepening. If you'd like there are you guys Pittsburgh. He's my own good policy to build. Them and so my amendment. Our view. Grandma to bring you don't remember the computer. In the hundred degree. Well when I'm pushed back on that I thought actually outside of the left side of that offensive line wasn't terrible it away it wasn't great against that defense at trial thing many teams are gonna be good against that defensive front in that building. But I'm not. Afraid to throw an offensive line out with the bath water ran chicklet key was trial by firing its ever Griffin. On druze blind side but the interior that defense held up. Okay. I expect running lanes open up here the next couple weeks at a really good at the running backs. Can make the right reads this really was about the offensive line is not the running backs making wrong reads coming up next hour herb towel dive in the little LSU and Mississippi State Saturday also coal. I see Greg is well Amanda Hilliard on W to a which it. Next hour here on C radio.