Mike Scarborough talks LSU football with Seth Dunlap

Mike Scarborough, publisher at TigerBait.com, talks about the skepticism surrounding the LSU Football program as the Spring Game approaches


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And on into the program comes Mike Scarborough publisher and recruiting analysts for tiger bait dot com Mike always love talking at thanks so much for joining us. Let's get right to it here and let's get this out of the way. So coach Joseph we heard him last week talking about the office we talked about on our program malign here's what he told the fans through the media quote we don't have the whole offense and this thing is gonna go through the summer throughout camp I wanna look good next Saturday L quarterbacks look good wanna throw the ball. One ought to happen I believe some of that is gonna happen but we're not there yet. I asked the fans to be patient we're not where we need to be but we're gonna get there and quote. Mike my question to you is how is that any different from anything we've heard from the tigers the last decade. You know I. I like to think I'm a pretty good pulse on what the plan basis they didn't. Certainly I get a lot of phone calls a pro a lot of people are message board our fan base. Guys who have been tiger bit subscriber for for two decades. And I've never seen it all season where you've got an LSU fan base. They're cute doesn't believe that Ellis she's going to be anything close to work that the program is used to being. I'm. I think mostly it's been big gap between LSU and Alabama the widest it's ever been. Several weeks ago yet you can put up their little. Formula where they particularly if you don't have our you know six and a half wins a little little number wrote. You get the tour stop this spring they're only get three to grease spots and they normally hit probably six. We hear reports of KF donations being down. A little more subscribers. Typically continued for a decade didn't send in their checks. I just you know. You can see where there's question quarterback. Running back your take you're looking for graduate transferred. Its DP is what you're eating a cornerback trains or. Which you know I think Al banner that has helping to be doing well you can't look at our running back. Cracker or comment from Carol. You know both golf and another partner or like if this program. You know what it all back we argue and you know they'll want to help our programs in the country. And now we're having arguments about whether those people on the cob corn crop or not. No you're right and this is where. We go back to last year and the and him telling us during the spring game the offense is going to be in there they had all this hype around Matt Canada we know what happened there. And it's the same exact things he's saying this year than he did last year I don't wanna remind our audience and you feel like him to say this anymore. I want coach go to succeed I know Mike down deep I know you do too. But realistically here that he set a perfectly you have your finger on the pulse of this fan base. It feels like to meet Mike that this fan base is almost ready to go in full revolt is that true. Well I hope it didn't pull revolt but you know look what all these question mark you have to get beat to it major positions. To open up with Miami on Sunday night you're the only game that week on that and that's spot on the date. Prime time. You know certainly Miami had there at the way they slid at the end of the season but they've got a lot of help they're well coached. Mean some believe that Miami is poised to make a run at Clemson in the ACC. Here in the next year to. You know what happens if that game get out of hand and and it it it'll it'll blow well. That's when you see the fans come unglued. And look we don't even know right now. You know what early season suspensions there might be like we saw last year. Where guys had to sit out multiple gains which. Usually means they failed multiple drug tests and the compliance officers made him sit out some game. So you know. You have digital whole thing you know. List of things can happen lately I mean look before you called me I was just too you know well audio clip on Twitter were there's been a college football writer for EPS. In a podcast talking about how many wins. Or drawn need to keep this job if that's took this it's it's those type of things that are happening this coming year we will continue to have a throughout the spring and summer. Armed that I think is deflating the fan base. On. And it's like you know local what are you looking for to you you've got more people talking about lectures though she basketball team. It's very inching my except a mapping and now with Mike Scarborough publisher at tiger bait dot com and one of the big battles as we know this offseason Mike is that quarterback position which is locked down we have an hour cease and Brandon. See them. How how do you think this is gonna play out here on and I'm not asking you predict necessarily who's gonna get that job I think that's a way off. But what's your thoughts on how this is playing out not just behind the scenes at how it's playing. In the media and again to that fan base you have your poll cited seems to be kind of a wedge issue right now. Well it won't be you've got bodies there and certainly the hope is that you know. But Myles Brand new is that guy I mean we've heard little pockets throughout the spring we're just in the Miller was outperforming him. I'm. Black Saturday was the last major scrimmage. And Connie here workhorse launch post scrimmage to the media that the opulent style looked a lot better and more improved. Having talked to some people who attended the two previous scrimmage is. You know of course the media were not allowed in on. Basically saying that you know there was no punch in the offense there was no explosive plays. Determine my opinion whether there was a god to watch it could be you know believe you have a quarterback that can hurt you with his feet. I mean did it was a promo Mick milling Gaza but he should be big and then Brennan they'll think we're Brennan is in here addressed his weight a week ago. I've never seen a guy Intel issue and he put heavier last August and he does now I think mild creditors lost weight. So I mean he's got to get more more size on him. And look if they take another crack transfer that they in that didn't hurt their. The cal running back in here what I eat up all your remaining spots so you know there was some talk on signing day when they didn't stop a quarterback. That they were PL look at regret transfer will be. You know do you really want proper person out there and who's gonna running back. And declare transfer quarterback is is there's gotta be a threat cap but it could if you don't have the spot or. Might have talked to a lot Imus listened to count your voice in the Tony your voice he sound more concerns here about the social program and a than I've ever heard is is is that how you feel. Well you know look it. There's also you know I said it three years ago. We know into doubt you know 2013. About. What you know and course nobody says well you're doing the Campbell Fisher king happened as a not well. You know you can. Oh. You kind of saw all the there was going to be an issue personnel wise going into the 2016. In 2017. Seasons post serious guy. I mean he was all laid out when he did get acres. He did take him from getting to what decorum and you know that you can see how we're gonna play out in all of that just played out to the with the way they're not kind of and our kind of mapped out the doomsday scenarios and not try not to be that way but a lot of this scenario the way I'm not about ended up becoming true. And I hit it so it's like. I'm married patent for can look different than another man eight force let them get yeah yeah. Just look at the outlook of the program. People believe that what being built. It illegal to basketball just like a world away. Okay certainly exceeded expectations. What their record is the way everybody predicament in the cellar of the NT SBC this week. People still work and excited. And all those great basketball recruit that he committed and excited and their son an early period. I'm you could see what was being built. And look this does so. You know compare that LSU. When you look put this football season you've got a great year in the class of 2019 in the state Louisiana. You try to keep the majority of those kids home you can have Alabama. Texas a and MPT you Clinton. Short as an audio content they can pick off. Some of them popped like not that elegy in good shape remote problem right now if you lose the receiver to you'll be on the conduct depositions loaded. But you gotta keep the majority of those got home. And the opposite got to show promise. Arm but if none of the quarterbacks that are there now. You know that there that god for the future this upcoming season and you combine that with some recruits looking delete escape. Some bad losses. Empty seats in the stadium. You know that you haven't been in you gotta you have board supervisors have their faltering popular. Now down Mike before LA ego any thing else you gonna washing for the Saturday at the game. I had to look up I'm like everybody else I don't see what they look like it did at the cornerback spot. I'm anxious to see Damien Lewis on the offensive line obviously quarterback. I've never seen nick percent I'll look for the senate because it was similar to prove everybody wrong. And so that done and don't you running back back real conducive then. The author of the laws in the Bloomberg real bright spot for LSU I think it deepened the line can can be a bright spot particular figure they. A big time rush indyk can now. You know called them Havoc on all happened. So in the UK are more important. Our. Of course. I grew a particular sold and I was a bit and so I think our wide receiver corps is going to be greatly improved. Of course we got to see a quarterback can get the ball to. Mike I really appreciate talking to you all the time go enjoy the game on Saturday and we'll talk to throughout the summer. I would I would have loved it any time you need appreciate our I. There goes Mike Scarborough publisher and recruiting analyst for tiger bait dot com. Jim follow on Twitter great one to own it at Scarborough Mike again on where.