Mike Meltser Previews The Texans

Tuesday, August 14th
Radio Host of Mad Radio on Sports Radio 610 in Houston, Mike Meltser, joins the show to continue our NFL Preview. Tonight we preview the Houston Texans and see if they can rebound from last season's injured-filled season.

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My Mel stern post on matter radio six stand in Houston that Mike Mills her on Twitter joints is is toggle Texans Mike what's gone on house camp over there. I'm greats I so tell us about the Texans man I know that defense is always the first thing people wanna talk about JJ watt company. But I Milliken like in camp. Looks pretty strong so far it's gotten that would allow only the training camp the better on the opposite which led by shall want them. They are under the focus stepped over the course of bought. Training camp is a lot back where which I think could be one of the best via belted. People outside guy in a clout obviously they probably with commercials but they got inside were ordered McCain got about a contract extension that thought even. You see what that durable Peter fight and then they're that young actors Jack Cunningham. Bill Cole from older guys where it all how they. I think this could be one of the best units in the league that you look at some of the stock Iran deepens watt and you ought to put in the hobby that are tired happy in the off speed and you don't nobody. I think those guys they help me with Romeo now back that coordinator I think it's big this could be one he. ISO USA you think this unit can return soon. And delete form here had that been here in a lot of rumblings the hour watch out a skid challenged jaguars is one of the best defenses in the league. Yeah and I don't know they have the old world debt that Jacksonville don't put again that help the big thing because all health what you want Doug. Cloudy as well and also just on the back yet how in the secondary out certain things panned out. They've brought back joked that out yet how well he's been in the apple want pot. You know back you can you wave. The form when he was an all pro back twenty fatigue based side Aaron Colvin from Jacksonville to get you there or quarter behind. You know of the two different players John Ramsey and obviously AJ what a what how he entered the game. I think if the question answered in a positive way in the secondary. And they keep the guys yeah I think that this is going to be because I think that. So the defense does return to form then the Texans will go as far as their offense takes them and maybe that starts with Shawn Watson who's returning from injury. How's sealer. The shot looks good to me that it is part you know park the sort of there are too consumed them but that food quality of one in in waiting can't crack it's because. You know you government cheer me on to nobody would hit them or Ian Hunter obviously I'd ultimately that it. That but that they that they and that you know why is intrigued him that there's been concern understandably so now. The long term future you know could dispute or Heatley had a situation he has to Torre the old one but the college. What were you lasted well if you want any hack though the practice you go to any acts in the you know training camp crack Q what if we get this is not a guy. Like you coming all corny the Al. All they're now the race there but nothing he will be probably well if you didn't know he was our last you know on November or you have absolutely no clue. Apple he was one of the most dynamic playmaker early in the league forget rookie last year he was so the so exciting to watch is in the Texans fan base is Texans nation on board of the Watson bandwagon here. No question about it and kind of a slow build their vote on. The Astros were obvious we open the rockets a few months ago. But what I bought because it was. Yes it is those you know seven glorious being who they scored 3040 points a game they knew what the well and the public servant to the war. Apathy or they're below feeling like what we saw out there but are they war. Basically you know like that or something like that it was kind of see him in the Euro or get the opposition to get. Beyond that we thought you know might be more or what people were excited especially as we get to. You know we want the patriot will be a very exciting game. Talking a Michael Meltzer radio host on Sports Radio 62 and in Houston. Bill O'Brien is always topic here he seems to be kind of in that Jeff Fisher cut the zone where. Can't seem to break through mediocrity and look injuries play and I realize this might injuries have played a huge role. In that it he's an art any kind of hot seat right now there. Not all because. I want you realize that nationally but you want a power stroke you'll Rick that the want odd general manager. Who took kind of a BU because the white got breast cancer but you know look at the pure football stop. You know Rick let go but leave without idol and the big you'll hurt that we that. And all of a sudden attack hired ride gain unit who was working well for a year would be the year the previous three or four years where they'll price war that. Right gain I think we're hired because of the relationship with bill rise though or why that would like how the ball where the offseason. Otherwise it will vote got a thing so bright extension he got a new deal. Back and it is late for a while now or in a request that their vote out right now what Rubin the head coach and he's been. Decent pot solid wherever you want to use and yet been able to what might the accurate right where I went I got. You know squeeze out the night we need that win eight out war with Kate in last year. I think what the work that it would show all last year the way they change their op and seemingly. In the spare ten day in the bill the regular season and put up all those points. I think that it would be the big thing mater cabinet makes it except. Elements of Bob O'Brien and install wouldn't even newer version of the op. You know this season and we see how that looks like but you out of you now okay now he's finally got quarterback what can he do with this football team. So the million dollar question here askew and everybody's real around the league what are the fan expectations. For the Texans this year and how does that line up with reality what are realistic expectations might. I think people want to go back while the spot when the vision that in the what they're equally quite the talent that Jack will bought you look at the smaller now but that player that you want in Hopkins watt. While we work analysts are happy you could argue that up to almost any U India well so I think what that. You expect to finally peak wind at ten game. Quaint to think that way that they go deep into the B well I think expected that they play out I think those real expectations. And all depends on. How is the state the state help be because that was the big interest. Hey when you heard the saints. I brought in Tom savage Rosie first reaction night. And make sense because they've on what is probably a better system. For him that the tax and well situated. Like you all last you know what you output at that spot. I'm probably give it below the football used all you know the meat export wherever and it got to rip on you respond. Horrible why did a terrible but the one. And so the mixture what absolutely to a what you put on a better off one saint. Op objectively. More who've been much better way call over the last you know and the senior shot eight outings. That you would that be that plate for the saints but I think that. It's better situation for him at that you or drop back quarterback that what you're behind a war that we pour but why. Mike melts or radio host on that matter radio six standing Houston covers the Texans might appreciate the insights thanks so much. I know from hence our sister station over there in Houston Matt radio 610 at Mike Meltzer.