Mike Detillier previews Saints training camp

Kristian gets with Mike Detillier to preview the upcoming Saints training camp.

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Rock and roll here take a walk on that wild side and as for the final hour Mike did silly they will join us momentarily for the entire hour counting down to. Saints' training camp you wanna jump monoline reminded city got a question form called me at 5042601870. Text 870. 870. A lot of variety of things coming up with the saint entry can just two weeks away. Cannot wait honestly like. I'll just keep gorilla you guys. So I know war all football crazed there is a certain part of the season where you go all right. That was fun. In the you'll enjoy life outside a football for cup for about a month or two and then you get to the draft and then you go man. Now we're talking real football again so is just enough for preview that is. Long. Break the mini camp you have the routier's. Training can't entirely different which regular opens you know you are few short weeks away from seeing football tackle football with pads. Might deteriorate NFL analyst joining us now Mike. I know it's two weeks away but man I'm very much looking for a training camp in particular for a team that has. Really high lofty expectations and deservedly so considering what they did last year as a as a team eleven to five. Mean it is rouge divisional round of the playoffs. Where do you size him up right now in a pecking order of the NFC. They listened you got dissent. Yeah what do these things you've got this metal. You know be in the big bill. And useful right now you just started jumbled though. You know listen to champ on the chain. Until they not anymore. And so you know listen the Eagles. Or really good football team and they wanted all last year vikings or really good football team I think the Packers. Are going to be a well. Comic flick up from a year ago because they got to help the Aaron Rodgers and bringing Jimmy Graham and Mohammed Wilkinson. So they're going to be good football team you play in the toughest division when you look at an Indian it cease now. And right now you've had to pick one team. Say if you hit the best record I think he comes out west. It will be because of the fact I think. You know what you've been again a marital. And what's gonna happen at the most critical position. On the field. At quarterback and you'll tyrant that he. I think that the mayor Angel lost all four Arizona. You look at Seattle that the football team right now just in flocks but being you've got no clue of Kano where. It is Google land. Four because that aggregate principal. And it was one of the great these princes of the last when he. The 25 yet in this week. All of that you know you can Japan that team to a total ravens of the late 1990s early two thousands. All what we saw would dispute arose when they had their line and in Seattle comes then. Men out on the Russell Wilson's abides in the picking given some helpful front. I think the 49ers are good football team I'm interested to see. How well. Teams that she. We have some feel more now on Jimmy grapple. And how that Connell worked out forms but I think they're really good I think they're pretty solid team there to I think you're probably you're away from being. In that comic click that Trotta. Press the rams a little bit so I was there right now probably ramp of the ping. Out west because of the division they play and but they all jumbled up I think but as slaves the big key is going to be. How well you developed your defense so long because I I think down the stretch. When you watch the Eagles what comics cut them above everyone else. Was that talent and depth they have along the offensive end especially because the one when he had a seven man rotation that was as good as you can get. You look at the vikings today you know hope we did you honor ever in grip. And angels Lou Sheldon good and that therefore sports that's that's British for all you look out west which labels. Michael blockers. Ndamukong Suh and the best defense of linemen in the game today and Aaron now. And so I think for the night I think it's going to be to try to develop that you'll talent. That they have and intestinal a lot of early draft choices on. The last few years we've Sheldon Richardson and David on moderate and Marcus Davenport. And free Hendrickson. And now Abdul guys that BA it would really. How bet that real strong rotation. That when you do and make these remembering January all of these meaningful games. That is a wall of water I don't think anything winds. More games and we'll watch and in the pasture. Influencing the quarterback. It's open I think that's the one day I wanna sleep on this football team how well they can develop the young talent and also would doubt. Because. When you look at it you know keep in four guys on the feel like you've got to be rotate into camp Jordan on the eagle. As much as they have been the last couple years he's been an Iron Man out there. I saw that. And smoke. I think you got to give him bootable break now and then. That to sort of break at all and also hopefully be healthy return of Alex Okafor went well we all agree. Happy played the best football but is and it L career. Before the Achilles injury. Might it say NFL analyst at my decision on tour rules the way come back. The might dig a question for Mike when it comes a saints training camp Phil 35042601870. Text 8787 M got a lot. A lot big Mike's great about. Good back up and a break here on sports talk on W grew up. All right you'll win a family four pack of tickets in Louisiana sportsman show dear duct. And fishing expo at the Mercedes-Benz superdome July 20 through the toy second call. 504260. WI NS. That's 26 though. 9467. Right now after the caller. You wind with a WWL. Congratulations Tyler Davis just won a family four pack of tickets to Louisiana sports are show dear. Dot and fishing expo at the Mercedes-Benz superdome July 20 through 22. Listen to sports talk four to 8 PM again tomorrow for another chance to win things died at forty dollars. You are purchased tickets go to Louisiana sports to show dot com right now. With the states that love sportsman's paradise WWL. Welcome back to sports talk Mike to today NFL and college football analyst here on W two well. I might say on Twitter Mike let's start let's go with the saints in terms of you know what you got from from Drew Brees obviously aside from Brees what are you feel confident he can hang your hat on when the saints team. I think. I feel much more competent today. Bene then say you're it would just on creation with the balance in the running game. Because I think that was the key Internet success. Offensively last year we have an offensive line that was 52 pick. So to speak every week you had one died down some bodies when you know somebody movement he has some money movement there. That you had injuries it Andrus and so. You know I feel pretty good about the fact that should pay initial and so on competence and his running game and some patients. That even at first since it doesn't. All the work. That you don't go back you have in room throwing the football. 45 times a game and so I'm gonna have to do that. To win your unit should stop being and you gonna have to happen. But I thought last year. Does that impact offensive line. You know sustained all in and run the football for the mold your page in the patent. When he left and did run the football in the year ago. And you just look at the ballots that being across the board year. That you. The last couple years OK yes they did. You know in the football 144 times last year. But you know. It could mean we you'd like 36. Compared at 536 full 44. Part of balance that you really would like offensively. Bloody it's you know it in that neighborhood. Where that's what you wanna do and what if you can keep offensive line fairly healthy. I think the big thing to watch in pre season and waning Kia is going to be develop. Meant of the young offensive line that we know that somewhere down the line are going to be called the poll on the play. On wheels we know what a fraud can do country can put these contemplated. That element here role in essence he can play Gordon tackle what's gonna happen at this in a position. With will clap Cameron Tom. Don't you Michael. What this will not make this team. Well it's because again that's high attrition more. Ball in fact I. I was with a friend of mine who scouts in the NFL. And one of the things he's made as the idea of training camp injuries. Offensive linemen get hurt more than any other spot. And spoke that's about The Beatles some doubt. At that spot I think it would be at a difficult. Think Williams to make the 53. Everybody else. Okay are we talking about it now because I think Cameron comes got the advantage on him right now. I wanna see how much they've worked on in that the courts spot because we don't plates and and we don't like a lot because the Redskins tried to grab remotely and they try India protected. How much that he could spend some time at the court position. And then again what's gonna happen this young man from Florida State Reynolds how well he can come along as an open until one advocates. You know basically sort of like you're. That you play that spot. Christian that they all the positions offensively that's the line. That may mean double dip for cold cuts. Pia there is no help the issues of how it sort of breaks down. And again I bring up the Eagles last year they've lost distorting left tackle about midway into the season. Yes the warning right court missed six games. That offense continued to roll. Those guys that difficult. To get and and when you start at how down and start cutting back. And how Josh hit sand because again you brought him back this year and he's just an abort type guy. Between you look at the top we'll invest there as an injury. Mike did today NFL and college football analyst at my detail on Twitter okay so we talk about dolphins like Steve court felt like. I'll talk to them a mini camp he he felt like hey there's there could be seven or eight starters starters. On the offensive line that's how deep they are there. I don't know about Hillary orders but I think which you wanted some quality depth that you know we know which one has started the war. So I did you have six guys. And you know Josh distorted book war. So you don't yet have been for sport but he has started gains in the National Football League. Again I say. We we talk about when everybody clean now that there is no really injury report of this and I always think that that sort of makes a little bit of a cut on how we get down to that final 53. And it shakes out the death. A lot of times that expanded the lead to a minute invite. Benign abort about it happened. Too much I'm always Wear them but not happen enough. And I think that the case in the NFL is. Once you start is clip of 53 and everybody starts pulling a guy here and and you get an injury in week four where you can find that guy. Packing communion helped you play every once UK and but those linemen positions. All sense of defense to line that orders guys that they get your hands on what that cut down sports in the in the first couple weeks. Mike did today NFL college football analyst county down to seeds training camp are blew our food opinion poll question last might if you had to pick one only one. College football a pro football where eagle Mike. Put that stuff for me because make a business wholly. Owned a college sport in during the paroles. Public probably Google the the pro game. I am gonna go to professional game a little college football is it's been some then. On in the world waited but the I'm gonna go with the pro game. I guess they did you looking at the best for the bath. You know I think. When you watch. You watching cute scenes. And you guys know that people out there and it's not going to be a play at the next level. And we in the pros. Who would you had model. But pro football. Football at any level so that's why that would that the quality game. Quality of the game also I think the strategy is much different and I talked about it earlier might. One of the things that turns me off is the hash marks in college football forty feet apart compared to eighteen and half in the NFL I think that you're defending. You're defending. Grass much more so. I used to do defending space in college football you are more so in the NFL where your just defending other men there's not a whole lot of space which I think is good and that's what makes the game so clean I think at the NFL level and so precise. Because obviously got the world class athletes that are playing the best of the best. But that's my biggest issue sports all rules on out there are CBS news update local news headlines. As well might get to VA join us now here on sports talk on Twitter at Mike did today also took about Mike to VA. Dot com. Final four to 6018 sending text 878 Seve this is saints radio. Welcome back to sports talk might deteriorate NFL and college football analyst at my detail on Twitter Mike we were talking about. The death along the offensive line. If there's a hole on this team authors I guess questions honesty I don't know that I necessarily love the death that the defense of one position. No that's an Arctic it's pretty Google and but there's more question marks. The game in any side. Yeah and you know to god that neighboring two young guys in and not optical Nielsen about this we have our offensive sequence alignment camp at Nichols. And he ought to Mitchell. You know casino last year watching training camp early one was making him play east and it was Mitchell. And the guys that weight board at a north and so it was a full back. But Heidi and he played the incident outside linebacker defense that tackle. Mean it's interesting with him he's really good we can play on special teams. He gave me some foolish. And he's a good technician and you could sneak his leverage steal his ability uses all arms and hands well. You know it's not an actual well and but he did a good job and no soul all. You know album. And how you'll develop this year so you've got what is there. The thing is developing those guys and not wanting to terrific coach. You know that it. I've met him from coach when and it was. Having met you at India told me it was a cynical when he's going to be a great coach which are. Or get the job and home. The front line coach Brian Nielsen so. I think that port for me. Is the development. Of those younger players and how quickly that comes together. For the slaves out. To me that question more. About depth and talent. Out which centered on tight end. Because that's the position. In this off it and one group that. He's picked it took them oh well if it's danger be shocked if it's been David Thomas is Jimmy Graham bid Watson. You know how much production you gonna get that spot because I don't think it will support of why this team has been so good on third down. For so many years and in last year wasn't there. Of them being part of what you brought in Cameron there are being tall. Slot receiver. That can maybe get achieve that third and six and glee York a would be catch. But I think it as a question more. No talent and it'll be tight end. And you know the Symbian watts and humble people we look at it that he'd look like he's 45 years well. But you know eventually for the time being being the bail somewhere and in it was productive last year. I think you're disappointed a little bit more and Josh Fields that that he hasn't stepped up his game a little bit more. And then the man you know he's Egypt designated blocker. And also he can help out when you use when you don't have a full back you can use in there. You know and Yale there because it's intriguing to me. One guy western Kentucky we've played a lot of special teams so I know he can excel there. Can catch that ball really well how lovely Kindle and the blocking and remains to be seen fourteen on that make this team. He's got to have a big east season. Catching the football. And also he's got The Who pay. Problem would be eleven special teams that are not completely units any it was a very good special teams performer western Kentucky. Mike I was curious though how you size this up if I look at this roster and go by. Where's the toughest place to crack the roster it's a wide receiver for me I mean they're they're loaded there any particular linebacker. Yeah you can sort that Mike likes. The veteran linebacker. You know now own gut you know little bit it's under his belt speak and so. I would I would agree with that point that that linebacker position into. I think one more. Today you're scene lasts three linebackers cents. And more recent piece of linebacker got Akamai Uga matchup. And if everybody helped me that to linebacker then the on the field of them arguably humans and Allen to handle. Because that they can cut. Not Robinson's a pretty good cover up I think Angel can do really well if he can stay healthy. So. My thing is sick he positioned to itself and watch if you get a if you get a couple injuries there. Because this football team along with many as they'll. They use a lot of music he's cents and quote Alan that bullets last year. For the numbers wise it's like 69% of the time yet we think he's them. So basically you beat one of the sport. That third straight. And I didn't think that that is a part of the changing port Indian cell line a matchup better now feel. If it's with a tight you know it's with a back. It up to one lot and caught it on a passed last year. Is outlet to matter because. The uncle would get. A lot of those improbable that. Questioning people about this football team and correctly as well but one god you wanna covering cut out in coverage. If you if you quarterback. So hot line back or something he got to cover him I think I think that name. I'm Victor that the watch shall divide I think he's one of these over the top with a real sense of coaches today and pro football that the questions out. Mike can legally he's masterful at at forcing those mismatches of me remember when Darren Sproles and Ed Jimmy Graham they talked openly Drew Brees talked openly about how basically. Haven't those two guys on the feel the same time particular Darren Sproles it may defense is declare what kind of coverage they were it. They just it just it made it very clear to to to breeze what he was look at that because of the mismatch that they were trying to avoid. I don't know that they'll play it tell me you know the one that made the difference is Michael Thomas. Because now. You got to basically say my best cover guy is got to go up against Thomas. So what do I do is okay if you gonna commit that guy who you know. Then I'm gonna do something on the other side in the field what's gonna give me the biggest mismatch. Alvin. One only one down he'll. And so that's ridiculously. He's acting governor you know and there are that the linebackers you can. That can cover out when you can put one on three fingers probably bet that not many that can keep up with you know. Because he's so talented and again what kept his visit comic catches. A year ago. But you know that number and you say that's the one number that could escalate forty go where he could be pressing. No more as a receiver because that gives you such a mismatch. Now feel we in now problems. If you had the offensive team you've got to commit your best cover guy Mike's. So now what you gonna do. You had some issues. With that and that's what opens up things well the other guys if it did in junior if there is a trick once admit that it's Cameron merited. You battle lot of options here suffered through and it basically kind of using that short ruled out but like an extended handle. Might say NFL college football analyst comeback for brother in Metairie the sports talk here on. WW well. I ride back to the phone lines we go brother in Metairie what's going on brother you're on WWL. My Italian. Prime. It. Mike. Our Ali you're my guy William and that rather. OK them they're like I don't know about the. The ball in what situation. You know what. You're doing the column. And we can stay going to be using in that spot. Cobalt which only four weeks but who can defeat technically you. I like that outlast my cabinet you'll want my clients of that it's going to be. I feel like they they signed Terence west a veteran a veteran guy up on bribery I think they'll use him Johnson Williams also in the mix. I think Boston's got to give you some carries that'll shake out during training camp but I think the winner ultimately is going to be Alec Terence west a veteran Sean Payton wants somebody can trust that's like. If you noticed they were down signed him because it was a younger players that he some other guys just talk about Boston's guy. And others of their younger unproven players so he wants guys you can trust. At that position in particular because you're not just run the football yet to run routes of the backfield. You project your protecting you most viable commodity on your team and Drew Brees in blitz pick up so I think that it will be a better and I was a job on these in tents last. And openly spells marking for four games. Where. He met. Talk you might say back telephone phone and a guy who knows we might. Like today packet here NFL draft analyst NFL college football analyst. Mike lost their first second but we had a caller brother wanted to know how do you feel like is going to be the guy that spells marking for four games sources tell well. Did that just a gut feeling mind you know you're gonna get anybody that does could using. You want somebody that can bringing in something similar. All not seeing carrots and she was in college. Followed his career Cleve land and in doing stuff with the titans. He did one bad thing he'd put the ball on ground there and that that he was that a back and above and then he got cut little Eagles the ball more of the good. 2016 fees and in the last year get nicked up with injuries but he brings to that problem runner. He's aggressive. And he addicted to you ending catch a football pretty welcome and of the backfield too so I think Terrence is that guy that spells more. The first four games of the season and I think he'll do real good job that it just. And it was usual because I didn't seem parents put the ball on the ground. And yet it happened in Tennessee in three different times and not that they're now. I knew. They weren't gonna put up with that out the door and. Okay is not the you don't hit and put over the either. Well nobody does but they wanted parents to work because of the fact that you know they had the local market and it felt that one to shock. Giving you Mario West would work tremendously well and I think it wanted to. Had it not been for the fumbling issue and and that's what he's been a second round pick your goal and Derek injury. And they got that. And then now you know DiMarco was making of a few dollars and more than probably they wanted to pay him and so he's looking around for a team but. I don't think parents as the guy. Experience. His style that's. I think is is all about it and he's a real sharp guy. And you can cash of football coming out the back field so he give you that before gains. Where wanna put all battle on Alvin constantly. Always debt rushing game in and parents can take some of that away. Sort of speak pressure away from it as being that guy in the in the yeah they feel like. The way you run the football people don't do it they know like he has power deals between the tackles. Mikey talk about the experience I think that was the biggest factors. Those guys that were on those that are on the roster right now Boston's guides on the Williams in other in Alaska they have I think the saints in in particular on paid wants to know. He can trust that won them back in blitz pick up. God if you're trying to protect your best asset. That's the key you've got a guy it is not about always running the ball intact unit it's about protecting that store quarterback could. And it's something a lot of times when they come up college. They're not used to. It's the biggest adjustment you made as a running back and even afford to whom it is that the one big adjustment. From college football to the NFL close. That block a lot more than he would have been past the pass protect. At LSU. And soul that it support where a parent has accused you know we all know one thing everything starts. Would number now protecting him. We'll wrap up next step away come back when my detail EA NFL and college football analyst this is sports talk here. On WL IMF and the dot com. One and now Mike did till the day at my detail on Twitter might take dot com NFL college football analyst Mike. Real quickly up for you and L issue fall camp. Who's not who's going to be there running backs is going to be there's skill guys a receiver there that you know that their playmakers. Well collided with a layer it's going to be distorting running Mac. You know they're gonna play a lot of three wide receivers says it's too tight ends. Donovan Giles. Is going to be one of those guys you could hear a lot about that also too just in Jefferson. I'm just telling you that the breakthrough guy that football team is Jeffords. He is big time performer in it and he worked his tail law. All of and they got one of receivers so you edit the law. Been mixing in Mac thing coverages. But at the first time in my memory. A ball that big dot. Which one day is that. Is that guy you can say he's that guy. That's gonna cared the Russians 04. But I think Chris Perry to freshman is you'll see a lot of that is not a couple players that watch it work out. And uses the man as an eighteen year old so. I think it's going to be interesting early how quickly jewel for. Can connected and have some war with his receivers. Their defense of line and line backing core Christian is the best I've seen it in the last may be seven years Alice in debt. That that good. And nipped. Invited up another quarter. Opposite green that it will be a pretty nasty club on defense but broad come to form. Poultry he has got their place kicker he's got you again some consistency there and the app that Linus and that's gonna take cool indeed be up front I think that's critical for eligible to reach spots. Over and under according to Vegas for LSU wins. At seven taking over the under. I'm gonna go Leo were that I don't have a feeling. That this team because of their defense. And it the first three games to win one. That they get some teams some trouble. But again it all hinges. All Bora in place kicker and Cole's got to be that guy reform so. Are comfortable with the overall net I think that that was a lot of debate Vegas strip out fertile minds the G spot to make up for the week and these were pivotal. And that debate. Fallen on where to go with that number because she is talented but this schedule is rule. But the one day it is done he told media that day aptitude job he says I gotta rebuild all of this in the defense of lines he says no one. I want quality talent and I want depth. I think that's where we have got to be able to equals Big Apple now mail. And I think he's done that he's not there yet. I think the 2019 club hit they'll be putting. If gore becomes the guy at quarterback. Yeah I'll look at 2019 class is she gonna pre pre wealth for for Ellison the first three games of the pivotal ones may that's pretty much the season. If you'll at least two out of three opener against Miami and Auburn a two weeks later and again to what degree you got a chance to win nine games. It's all chipped in game one. 'cause Miami's a really good football team and also could you when you look at it like anatomy. Won enough. Now big them experienced quarterback. We look at how they played a game that leads. Does it might need to close this thing you can say it looked like. I mean did it out aptly just like what should. And how that birds gains sort of levels now. And remember Miami lost the rain. Distorting the then the linemen early tinian now now that line backing core is as good as anybody in college football in this secondary is pretty good. But their defense law. Has lost restart and those guys came out early Ellis you've got to take advantage of that. That may be. On the quarterback. Is not going to be there to you know our enemy knows the girls he's got to make them and mark meaning to omitted that might get in at nine rolls. In a game. That quarterback. Has been hit own basically 90% to. If that you know you watch ailments CDs received a warning now you're in a quarterback you on that girls at all what the rules. You've got to make those big plays when you can't and that third down conversions and I think light. Would you conduct cutting tools in employees. That that quarterbacks have to make it hit nine he's got to connect on eight you you can't miss. Or a big opportunity especially college football we knew what failed. Good gracious you got receivers and tight in running free down field because somebody made a mental mistake you've got to be the pick that up in it that guy inch provided and you know pick it at a house. NFL college football analyst Mike today here on sports a bullet to run and they spend the hour with us can't wait to drink yet. Even Mike. Might CA on Twitter Mike today. Dot com and push out of here. No said the lab a double coverage and ice deal art are so NBC sports up next. And it's been fun tomorrow me induce. I'm an opening heavy on the NBA in particular. Thing about re enacting he'll rule that he once had in place. It will get rid of the one and done policy pretty much if it comes to fruition. But the NBA's don't allow our foot with the idea of having high school seniors enter. The draft. Thought about that tomorrow as well that could maybe get rid of the one and done rule that. Has been in place while that I did not light whatsoever but I don't know I don't know how I feel about a senior in high school. Be able to go straight to the NBA. And and they can do it in pro baseball etc. Eagle draft for a high school but. I don't know. Talk about that tomorrow Marc Bernardin master control on sports flash is well. Also Steven Geller problem studio program great interaction on text line phone lines as well. Everybody enjoys restive Thursday night on Kristian garic simplify I'm now.