Is Mayweather-McGregor more than just a money grab?

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Tuesday, August 22nd

Bobby, Deuce & Deke talk with New Orleans boxing historians Dick Anderson and Ralph Marshall about what to expect from this weekend's Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor showdown.


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And welcome back joining us now two gentlemen know an awful lot about the sweet science. And that being the sport of kings boxing round Marshall and Dick Anderson does not gentlemen thank you so much for being with us and I haven't talked to two guys who obviously a well rehearsed and a dedicated devoted in have a lot. Invested in the sport of boxing when you know you see this coming to fruition. In the MA style guide gong into the box and reined in defying all the rules and stuff and getting a shot at this which. You know a lot of people work many years did 3040 fights and can never get an opportunity like this. Does it does it make you feel as a boxing historian of boxing purist. Just a little angry that somebody is not a box if this type of opportunity. You know I think that. Boxing is is a business. And entertainment business and I think there's a strong traditions look allowing. A similar kind of fights. In this situation where you had many boxers that would fired up from their weight division including stinks when he beat Ali. And so this is. A tradition and you know I'll Ralph and I we've followed Pete Harmon Ralph is Pete Herman's grants and the people as the world famous boxer born in New Orleans. It's been forgotten by history. But he it was very similar to Mayweather and his popularity and it was rated the number one boxer in the world at one time in his bantamweight and and viewed even Ernest Hemingway wrote a story about Pete Harmon but. You know to get to the point. It it seems that the boxing is a sweet science and Macgregor he has a used to say had he probably feels he has a puncher chance that if he lands a punch he needs to land that he can beat. Main weather but Mayweather undefeated and it just seems. Farfetched. That he could win that each of these guys are gonna pick up millions and doing the ball. Now let's dig in Ralph oh ago both the comment on this. Thank you look at New Orleans as a city now a long way back and you look at whether. You know all schools sports I know before I started playing professional football my mom is that my grandfather. Was in the horse race and in boxing. And he always told me that boxing was king in yards I'll look in. That New Orleans to being the boxing Mecca in the early nineteen hundreds so basically a hundred years ago and in Ralph I thought this impressive also that you look in 1917. Pete Herman. Became New Orleans first boxing world champion the first Italian American to win a world championship. So whenever you go first and any thing. I think that bodes well and speaks volumes whenever you considered person in any great achievement. And Bobby you're exactly right and you know boxing back than a hundred years ago. Was is big or bigger than the NFL is today it was bigger than baseball. Pete my grand old ladies that was the first adult world champion from new all of this label full of sanctuary in. And he fought in efforts field. In 1920. And they have more people come to that fight than they did I'll put the Dodgers. Lea and I our assay for those who don't know that's with the Dodd does that mean to Brooklyn Dodgers play. Thought Brooklyn. You're exactly right but red hot it was so big back then and it's you know when they fought back then. It they may be head. So seven or eight different weight divisions. And that was it that in the world box and a crazy boxes of the people globally via box with politics these different idols. You Buehrle eight fuel in each division. And people do those people war. Now Doug did what about. You all and they're just sub V in the boxing Mecca. And that this educate these young sports fans. How big deal was in yards when you when you look at professionals for easily you can kind of look at the passing you buy has been around downtown in the you know in the in the common area. There I've seen more promotion fall for this event that's coming up this week in an idea thought. Full Mayweather and de La Hoya did not solve Mayweather and Pacquiao to me that's. They it they know you are easy to Harris is all loaded cars but they know what's called an audience and they know this is a beat big bucks an area. Well there's no doubt about it that. And one thing the people don't realize. It has been so long that the boxing was illegal basically in most places in the country and it's don't want odd but except you'll and so the back is that Bobby was an 1890s New Orleans was the center of the boxing world. Country that knowledge dig is that like bare knuckle Hindus or Wear a robe and this lineup but. And and then and you have that John O'Sullivan and Corbett in this you know of their fight and they came down here in me acting in an up fighting in Mississippi but it was illegal on the bus that we have the Louisiana Louisiana auditorium which was around which is where Perot over there whether. In a five happiness is now and that and they and they have the down in the French Quarter and half athletic club that the good spot to these boxing's so that boxing literally. In this country's shattered around the world. Probably until 1950. To demand though also not as Dick Anderson around marsh dies will you watched the event Saturday night. Probably. Maybe I don't know how much try to find a plan hey you know. People who are fighting and in the first ten seconds. It would give going up against the boxer against a kick boxer who can't kick. Barely big disadvantage. And it's. Isn't going to be a short fight and probably I will watch because the people what Kabul in. Donate money to look at it. A big Ralph man look this it truly is an on on the guys that their jobs they not have lived it. Then drew attention have a passion for you on and you know Sammy. And continue to educate impasse and on the cause they seem like a moat most of viewing in guys like due out. And announced say maybe they're not is enamored denied this excited but this seems like that the boxing purist like his sales as. They're not that many out there so the ones that we do have we had a team had to keep them. And then you know a deacon does it they can Ralph it's GQ put it in modern day terms. That when you look at Pete Herman and where he was. He was light. You know how we think we Drew Brees in a tie the celebrity is a veteran Pete a Herman was bagging a hundred years ago. But I thought we ride him and mad at me like. I Drew Brees but he was. So I around the world that's exactly right I mean he would love to me that he beat Jimmy Wilde to this day of worship them and beat the in in a succession of six months he beat Jimmy while. A world champ over there he'd be the British bantamweight champ and and it came back in and I like process and habits he'll be whipped Joseph mentions that story. Three men six months. Nobody boxes like that anymore NBC is are new law also doesn't have international. American and though we Indiana. Boxing hall of things. And serve on the old Louisiana boxing commission. For the day he died. You you guys are like you know boxing dictionary as we appreciate Dick in Ralph we're gonna. Definitely don't get you guys back on the cause there's a if there is a real real really. Big time boxing match is coming up in September would. It would GX and Ella so maybe we'll get we'll get to talk more about a two bucks a square and all thin you know good matches come up in September. Well we appreciate it costs.