Mayor Landrieu update on Flood Pumps

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu holds a press conference to give an update on the state of the flood pump power.  We are currently back to where we were Sunday and the pumps are able to handle a normal storm but not a deluge like we saw last Saturday.


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Few days it's become abundantly clear that we have to. Immediate major issues. With Sorgi water board infrastructure. One is power. Any other response. On the power situation. I want to say again there's no need for panic. We only to remain vigilant we have enough power. To handle an average rain amount but we remain at risk and in a major storm. Until we get additional turbines back on line and so we are working very aggressively to do so. As we all know by now on Wednesday night around 8 PM there was a small electrical fire. Two the control panel that controls electricity and heat. To turn my number one. About a dozen electricians and mechanics are sort of waterborne worked round the clock to rebuild and to repair disturb on their repair was made it was successful. And that turbine is now running again. But even when it is fully up to its capacity we will only be at where we are on Sunday. Which in my mind is still not enough especially because we need more back up power. Four Entergy power in the event that it went out. And that's why we've placed an emergency order for 262. Megawatt generators. The status of those generators is as follows eighteen generators have arrived there in the process of being set up and connected which we expect to be complete. On Monday. A final generators or en route from Miami and will be delivered on Sunday it could take some time to get them connected in operational. We will keep you updated on that. Until these generators are set up a we have additional term bonds come back in line there will continue to be some risk. Two I drainage capacity. So at this time the system's capacity drain storm water from the streets of New Orleans is diminished. As I have said for the east bank of New Orleans west of the industrial canal this power issue does not affect. A New Orleans east Lower Ninth Ward or Algiers. Again this means we believe we have a we need in the event of a typical rainfall we will not have a we need in the event. A date deluge or major rain event. On the second issue as it relates to problems. We currently have 103. Of 120 pounds available. To be operational. The seventeen got out of service and being assessed for emergency repairs. Are being assessed as we speak. Crews are beginning to work 24/7. On these emergency repairs we will post a status of individual pumps. Any schedule for the repairs at the surge of water board website. We also are posted logs for the pump stations from July 22 August 5. And August 8 we're still learning new information and investigating the capacity of individual pumps. And poems faces again out of the abundance of caution and because of a likelihood of rain throughout the weekend I'm asking people to remain vigilant. According to the National Weather Service were expected to have a 60% chance of rain today. As with any some summer thunderstorm that can be isolated areas with heavy rain maybe up to two inches. During heavy rainfall emerging residents in the affected areas to lose their vehicles to high ground. Take necessary action to protect personal property itself the roadways of las an emergency makes it absolutely necessary. To do so again this is for the areas of the east bank. Out west of the industrial canal pumping stations in Algiers New Orleans east and Lower Ninth Ward. All operating off of a separate power sources of additional backups and therefore would not be implicated by an outage. At this time drinking water and sewage services for all of the cities are not city is not are not affected. The generators with securing will also give additional resigned NC to these systems. In the event of heavy rain a flooding reminding residents to call 911 to report street flooding in life threatening emergencies. Residents are advised remain indoors during heavy rainfall. I NO PD a stage barricades in twenty areas prone to flooding including under the under passes. Again as a precaution this time was stays high water vehicles and other response vehicles to be used in the event that we have any flooding. We also have sandbags available at Purdue you know in south Lopez we expect to have additional locations announced late today. For those seeking more information on that our interest in registering for the special needs registered please call 311. Through someone has opened 7 AM to 7 PM every day right now including weekend. Our emergency operations center remain open and staff the city will keep residents updated through email alerts. And and that knoller ready Twitter account. We will keep you updated as we learn more information. With that I'll be happy to answer any questions that you have. Did you. I'm I have not looked. At the launch personally I think that the after action report is gonna demonstrate what the facts on the logs will say what they say. And I'm sure that after action report is gonna reveal. Things that we did not know what things that we're not accurate. At the time that wouldn't surprise me at all but part of the after action report is to be looked into that and verify them. Well assay assay that because we we. We have a system. That can given the the tenacity of and the intensity of the rainfall can get overwhelmed even in the worst circumstances you saw that last week five to nine inches. In a short period it's I was gonna hurt us in it in in a serious way all the time. That's number one number two as you know for the past seven years we have been working mightily in the spent a huge amount of money. Rebuilding the power sources and other things at the sort of won aboard plan. I'm not an engineer I don't have as much as understanding of that is because as maybe you do. But we have five turbines that produce. Energy and power for the pumps. And for the drainage system and for the sewer and water system. The turbine that went out was turbine number one. That to my knowledge was a six month megawatt 25 cycle a piece of equipment that provided a certain amount of power to the entire system. That is backed up and yes we have as much power as we had before. Whether you you can't say though that you have as much power to handle any of that at any time. As you know we also have two other turbines that went on during the summer those under emergency repair the supposed to be back on line late August early September. And so the engineers are gonna have to tell us you know how much they need for certain events. It is interrelated by the way as we go forward and I'm gonna try to say this in buckets. That that I can understand. One of the issues is this power. One of the issues is poems relating to this particular problem they're on the broader issues catch basins long term powers that are center. And as we all start to get better educated with specificity about all of these specific things that have been asked about. A lot of what try to answer questions with clarity so that there's a lack of confusion. So I'll have. The folks that have expertise in this area to talk to you about that this is a six. Megawatt unit it is back on line. It has been brought up I think to three megawatts because that is as much as the load would allow it to do the engineers think that it would handle. Six if required to do so and so I think the total amount that's available only to just let me check is 31 point five. Megawatts and that going into whatever can handle you can do the assessments with the other folks to see with the capacity is. The flyers. The third. Well I don't and I don't know what the source of all why the fire occurred. It was enough to shut determined dale. And then nailed completely repaired that in the turban on his back up and working the capacity that it had before the thing occurred so I don't I don't know what the nature of the fire was on the cause. Secondly we are putting together right now an interim emergency group of engineers. That can bring a third party guy he what. Happened that's a back would look. I'm and then what we're concentrating on right nail them that we'll take run its course. With new information coming available about who did what where when and now is after action report should. What our team is focused on right now is securing the system as best as fast as we possibly can. And we're working through who what where when and how. And those contracts the scope of limits that are spoken to the inspector general yesterday afternoon and asked him to review any contracts before. We signed and he agreed that he would do that. But my focus right now is getting the right people and placing and give us unborn is good information about our current capacity as a relation power. Our current capacity relating to palm's what it is that we need in the future and how fast we can get there of course all of that comes with a cost. It's way too early to find of figure out what that's going to be I can tell the citizens this. Without any fear of equivocation we have be a big system and it's very expensive. And there's a lot of neat. Yet how do you wanna make a couple of things clear him because some things have been the owner I do penitent. To privatize the surge of more import personal. And secondly I don't intend to sign any long term contracts that would find. The next mayor the next administration this is a long term fix would actually been working on for seven years it is a gargantuan task were obviously not anywhere where we need to be. And management and actually counseling and had to be thinking about with this currency counseling discard me or about how we get from here to there okay. Thank you so much. Jeff heated.