Matt Harmon on Fantasy Football Sleepers

Matt Harmon of and joined Double Coverage to prepare us for our upcoming fantasy drafts. Who are some of the sleepers to look for during your drafts?


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Fantasy owners future no booking your. Pen and paper route. Now it's actually the be all Smartphones are talking about. He day goes on you're Smartphones or devices that are. But by double coverage talking physical balsa sleepers to keep an eye on as you argue ready to embark on your fancy dress and sure a lot of McCarty started some Amare. Get ready to start Matt Harmon at my Harmon underscore be lied beef as you write a four. in the backyard banter dot com Matt thanks for the time we appreciate it. Yeah my pleasure but the one on the year right now so much is kind of coming into in the old actively every day something changes so like completely shake my predictions or or what have you so I got what perhaps the like a editors on we thought about it you football. Sure thing I saw his dive in Matt if he can give us an idea as. There's five or six fancy sleepers they that you feel like teams need to target who are the. Yeah those. Like cool you know everybody at this point but it a couple of guys that really party app that sort of range at wide receiver position which they do a lot of work on them about it they called that perception. Puppy look at guys like that on gate of the Minnesota Vikings date in the player I get really be sure. Our own game Friday at thirteen games out in the U. The 98 at that you're maybe get dirty part that really can accuse others are position. Later that little bird on the line here or on each plane and went off by. That you count and work together so what indeed that he was on Rian that are achieved. And I keep it in that situation is very similar where it would be bad but. Well it's not that that your acting you not to do it here. Yeah chance to really be a god play at the white would be 37 our egos that. A couple of bird breakout year like apparently been Cameron Meredith obviously on and once again being packed but he can't partner you. I think you've admitted. Wired to play a little bit outside the plot here. And that you're gonna do a little bit of vote and open about you were on the there rocker and they have a lot of big name but. It's probably had been word no word there Chicago right now. And a few other like they're running. Someone might. You know on the ball lately as out of on under rapids is here with a late timing on alcohol. Job and waved the white a running back in buffalo it is important to look at and and the planet position of targeting all in Cooper I don't get in a tight end earlier you know and yeah that shot being breakout candidate. And get more target to be bored by this. Talk with a Matt Harmon here on double coverage is a fantasy writer for The zero on the saints running back position here for just the second. Adrian Peterson and Alan Tamara both having great camps and pre season Torre seemed going in most stressed. In terms of trapped out a bit especially Asian you're becoming more as you'll like. You gonna go pretty girl and needed a future hall of Famer eater eaters that you want people. The title in Italy but. I think you guys I've been you know you draft where you let it like that they that they haven't are outraged and I totally in on you yet that right because. I don't care really how much you think he had left. At apple in the draft. He's good he's sort of heart down equity and often that I always Wear a lot of point and I figured that out really well. One again this year so I'm absolutely you eclipse in the right range of commitment that stealing from we marketed. And Kumar are there. Been more or enter into being but he killed in camp. Provinces in treating them in the receiving game and really good and we know it you know. Well the target market to produce a lot of big weapon in the passing game and it tomorrow and next in line that. And earlier wild card people want I don't I don't really quite. Firm grapple I feel like and where is all going to be but the public. You've got that are that are cheaper right now. Philosophically isn't yet ready for all the drafts out there people draft in this week and next week he got the major again top line philosophical. Tips on how you go about putting together your draft board how you draft. I drew more wide receiver Eddie he'd be content. I do believe that all over more ability I mean you're your respective like me no control over. Be very gained grip of anarchy based on just but he integral role. I can go. On Beale and little paper that all day so. It'd be made. Are trying to hit a couple of triple double. Vision for bird for round. And they don't be like later. Unity but I mentioned earlier what is your position. If that ever on Ohio advocate ways quarterback. Did this year. That anymore so what you feel like you get out QB he arranged injured. Noting your belt and we comparable. But I won that distort it. But I hear you guys that are are going in the early. Proceed bingo. Paper. Are you all week to week different ability is red. He's not quite in the range like Rangel and try to help the to work we don't. Much. Well by we we respect that. Hey you know Matt Harmon that much Matt Harmon underscore be like beat Tennessee right different at all not comment but backyard banter. Dot com he drafted any players of the New York Jets match. Pretty much pat. Never yet I know I don't like of all our. Opulent at Yale. Law now this year it could be like warplane impede our league. You can do well catch on the jet like look. It could score of the court if you'd better talk now. The year I don't want. He. And it ended yet in a situation like that the only place out of it and object IR and Barry Jenkins but. I'm not because it and it of the purse. New game that you can but where. You're. Not any year at a park LaMont. The addition to send you walk ins in LA that help or hurt tiger early production. I think it well I mean I've been there immediately and we hear that sound like the wave program and is set up. Look what I don't know it today. We need to court side here right now. But that incorporate a psychological standpoint is really not looking any any block you. Ebert they have. Robert Wood line when anchor they have a couple of really it they. It wouldn't shock all become like the next jar and tight. Well. We take market but that board and I think they'll early. At that point what would vote current development activity there on third down in the preceded. You know we look at running back at the bar to a knee injury so. I think early and he's not an exciting and expect there are anymore. War because the work is going to be there I think what if I work that we complete the pass. Matt Harmon at Matt Harmon underscore be wide beat Tennessee right different tell dot com in the backyard banter. Dot com we appreciate the the good stuff there man thanks. Well my pleasure good luck everybody in the. Yeah especially me some very very bad. Terrible thins and yet here you are the worst mayors that you actually don't draft morally yeah as for you to say your lineup and like we Libor 56 and seventh I draft well it.