Mark: LSU tried to get cute

The Tigers scored six runs in the final three innings to take a 9-7 lead over Tulane into the bottom of the ninth inning. The Green Wave promptly scored three times in the bottom of the ninth to win a wild 10-9 thriller in front of a sellout crowd of 5,000 at Turchin Stadium on Wednesday night.


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Ouch that hurts for allies view to walk in the winning two lane Enron and lose. Another midweek game we just thought that LSU was finding its groove in certain a peek at the right time. Last night not so much yet and they walked in the winning run. After intentionally walking the previous two batters today intentionally loaded the bases. Yeah dad does a runner on third with one out. They intentionally load the bases with the two guys walking intentionally to try to force a double play and then they. The next batter four straight balls akin to a single strike yet you think at that point he just let me today I'd rather lose by letting you imitated. And take our chances on fielding it. Verses walking and the winning Ryan. And he seems like a little bit of a coaching laps perhaps right there for the LSU tiger which is rare in LSU. Get out coached. Often they get out hitter out pitched out coached is rare and I think you'll live may be coaching error last night. Well I'd like you said you know you you're you're intensely walking two guys try to force a double play. Don't don't get cute just a ball over the plate let him hit it. Don't get sued don't rate came advice from our moment to thank him as someone who's never being cute some things never even as a baby. And me man I'm nursing baby pictures of couldn't say. But it now wouldn't you. Not a personal use ours our passion for a change in topic we really got out despite all the sudden yet were you get out of that chair.