Mark Ingram Returns To Saints Camp

Tuesday, June 12th
The Saints start up mandatory minicamp on Tuesday. We talk to Eric Richey of CST and see what stood out to him.

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Barrel itself nor let's what's up across the gulf south what's up delisting wherever you are today welcome on in the should grab the radio dot com app if you haven't yet it's the easiest and best new whale listen to this programmer I think. At WW all dot com that's the radio dot com mapped through your App Store. And it was say it's many camp day one today so we got a lot of news and notes from bats and it was interesting Mark Ingram was bare. But it's another big saints star was not William and then just a second. A little bit later this hour air Richie CST you will join us. And a certain quarterback we've talked all on amount recently. Really struggled. Today. That's on our number one hour to get so toxic it's not talk all time saints. And I was Bobby and I were talking about this and I know that you listeners and kind of spurred this conversation on a little bit. But the all time greats here for the bet black and gold I wanted to know. Who are your all time favorite saints by position quarterback running back receiver. Offensive line defensive line would go to kicker I think a problem no doubt one is on her probably know about one as well go position by position. And I'll units on the measure all time favorite saints talked to Steve courts one of my favorites all time saints former us saints' offense sublime and about that soup. And it Jamaal Charles will be visiting the saints tomorrow. Saints looking for running back help veteran running back help after marking grooms suspension. Talk about how he might fit in or how he might not fit in and Austrian a former saints. Reggie Bush got a big payday today's I'm playing anymore in the league we got a big payday from one of the teams in the league twelve point five million dollars. From the Los Angeles rams. We'll talk a little World Cup two in the third hour of the program that's Emery excited World Cup starts this week Thursday Russia against Saudi Arabia. We'll start it off it's one of the great tournaments in sports. I'm bonds still and actually mad still the USA isn't there but it's still a great term and I'm going to be tuned in for four weeks for us. I mean I'm excited but I'm not excited like it used to be when the USA was an end I would look forward to that match. I guess I'll watch it and it'll probably get better as the round you know the round of sixteen round and he goes up but I mean. You know no USA here I'm not I'm not to be the exact size. And we need that this John Payton sound by at the Christmas talking about today it can't map. Half. Hour now world kinda map. A Billy was say it's many camp day one today and the phone lines are free if you wanna know anything about many can't we got a question got a comment maybe you're out there is the public was out their 504260187. B. That's the phone number 87870 is the texts number. But Mark Ingram. He was probably the most news worthy guy encamped in a row when he was actually very wasn't routier's. In. Last month. As an on in this month and everybody kind of speculated about this a look I'll raise my hand because of the reports that I saw. From sources in papers and otherwise I pass along that hale looks like Mark Ingram is holding out. For contract dispute you're unhappy with the contract that's what was reported. In the media but it's like I always warn people. That's a lot of speculation we never heard that from Sean Payton we never heard that certainly. Direct from the horse's mouth here in Mark Ingram and boy aid. Did he clap back here's the reason that he was not an OTA it's. So that's the reason he wasn't here. Not because of any contract dispute not 'cause he was mad at Mickey Loomis not. Does he was unhappy that Alvin Camaro was getting the limelight here none of that it was very simple and you know what a lot of veteran players do this he's not the first one. He won't be the last one he felt his personal training program. In the off season and prepares him better for the season then some voluntary team workouts. That's. What he fakes and this speculation that was rampant. And I warn people about a but I will take responsibility that I helped perpetuate those rumors. That it was about a contract a little bit but I don't cornea I said we ever really heard this from Mark Ingram. But only finally. Gets a Mark Ingram he tells us the truth and like I said he kind of unloaded on the media for all the speculation I think he was right to do it. Yeah. And this is where this crazy 24 hour. Constant social media news cycle. Runs rampant wild sometimes. Players just can't be left to don't know what they're doing 24/7. Or else they're doing something nefarious than doing something wrong and it's just a little bit odd that we've seen it. You guys miss a routier's a lot I mean Tom Brady suited for New England. Stars and missed OT is he's voluntary programs a lot doesn't always mean there's a contract dispute. And I take market airman his words here and Sean Payton never said that either. He answered some questions I think I think shot we'll probably play a little coy with the media. I really do. John probably knew when he was asked a couple of weeks ago. And it got it was the first OTA I believe what he was asked about marking her mess and follow up questions there about what he thought about contract disputes. It could go back and listen to that audio. I thought about it today mark a shock they never said a word about marking a hole now because of contract dispute. So that settled and you know what what this real lesson to everybody that hey speculation. Who leads to as one Dextre here from the age 7870 says fake news. It was statements. And I think Mark Ingram got a little jab in at the media and again rightfully so. There's it's extra money five but he also got to think about. Is outside work outs is that why you failed a drug tests LO well. No I don't think that's it at all although Mark Ingram would not really address the suspension he did a little bit here easily set on map. What no that one's on him I've talked about and I'll like Mark Ingram a lot. But I'm not gonna cut him slack because he failed a drug test because it was something that he didn't know about a wanted to supplements that's on him. I'm not giving him a pass for that. But I'm also on his side with this again speculation that led everybody to talk about hey it was a contract dispute when he flat said today it's not a contract dispute. And output to bear myself slowed that I'd perform best story on this although when I reporter US and hey. And this is just speculation and it turned out to be just that. It's go to the phone lines 504260187. He had set Dunlap this is double coverage let's go to Tom in candidate Tom here on WW. Men are out and they are. And I'm. About the other weed out the show but I think. They. Anchored him so much of the game he give fuel Coco. And that. Man. You talk tomorrow I'll reply. I ought. They want to do. It was typical thought about it they bridge that you'll. Think oh. All look at O'Neill that all first of all let me defend my friends. He. I think Christian a heat beatable we want only guess necessarily Tom is him getting mad unjustifiably Mark Ingram. I think he's not the only one who think marking her might not be told the truth here but you know what. There's not one person including Sean Payton who said Mark Ingram told a news hole now because of a contract situation. I'm gonna believe Mark Ingram. I don't think marking your info on them a dozen reporters. In the locker room. It's gonna bald face lie to everybody when it's pretty darn easy to find out if you was actually told Sean or somebody else within the organization because leaks are rampant right now. And again there's not one person that said this was about a contract dispute. Mean you can read between the lines I'm I am on markings and side here but Tom like I'd. Not just unfair shot a Christian come. Appreciably Buddha once meeting angry at mark I think he might just believe it kmart's not tell maturity I disagree that. The christened NIC will tell you a lot we disagree a lot of things. We Obama's broad every year and let's go to Brutus and Metairie British you're on WW all. It's expendable. I think where. The trot out that he. And which you which you can't Wear certain. That I wanted to work out I'm. That's what we. So to disagree. You are out of that church or shall. We. Well I don't believe that. Brutus yeah they're relate you think Sean Mahan and Sean Payton has said multiple times even this offseason how much he likes respects and loves marking a mile link. Sean Payton is itching to get rid Mark Ingram. And what you are also said that locker room seven he was in the contract just get out to market that's up to agent to discuss so. Well I know Brutus but I don't why would you think and nobody said that he is in a contract dispute there's not one person that said that that's been media speculation. But he doesn't said that Shawntae inside said that Mickey Loomis doesn't said that. What we know holdout is back yeah I mean it's obvious. That's true but Brutus there's men. And I understand now now as far as well Mark Ingram be here after this year I think there might be some agreement here I don't know just because of the running back stable they have that's a completely different topic and yeah I agree with you there. The marking her miss certainly more expendable now but I think that's a separate topic just because somebody misses. A voluntary work out I mean there have been literally countless guys who have done that before or not for contract reasons I don't agree with that. All Kirkuk has no operating. I guarantee it act. Of course not we're talking about the greatest ballplayer all time one of them. Made mr. by. I don't think dollar in arms. Or. Well Brutus I think you make some good points there and I think you also make some appendicitis disagreement then you're entitled to those I just don't I don't again. I firmly believe. That marking your isn't the goal in the locker room and he got a danced around the subjects. But he directly said it was not about the contract. And until somebody refutes that you know what I'm going to believe marking. I just am. And I. And look I am kind of chasing my own tail here as far as the media goes that's what we do oh. So I'm taking shots inside the fraternity a little bit here but that's one thing we do wrong we speculate too much. And I know that that's because fans and years sometimes crave news so we try to give the angles. But sometimes we have to may be position it as. Opinion rather than fact is I think the marking your most holding out for a new contract guts money as fact when again I have not heard one quote. Or seen one verifiable source that that was true. And maybe somebody could did show me one may be Christian can maybe nick under milk good or somebody but until that happens. I'm going to believe marking your money set. Back after this 5042601. Late seventies the phone number. If you wanna weigh in on sept Dunlap this is double coverage on WW. Mark Ingram the big news today out of saint scam Mark Ingram saying he is knots. And did not miss OTA it's. Or voluntary workout programs because of a contract dispute he called that. Wouldn't say fake news release said it was a false narrative spread by the media and you know what's. I believe Mark Ingram. I do. I just do and I think it's it's a disservice to really anybody when they stand in front of twelve microphones are they don't have to do that by the way. And answer your questions are questions. About this and they flats they once up it's one thing and then you believe another artist that's the first time we heard anybody say something definitively on the now. Is in the realm of possibilities vinegar and stood there and lied to us GAAP. And if we find out that Abbott device find out that I haven't don't worry I will have a show but I. Rant about the other side of that but right now almond believing them here's a couple of texts and 87870. One from the six. Weeks to talking about anger missing OT aces like talking to Iverson. About. This. Anger has been nothing but grow it. Of the great one practice talking about practice. To. Here's detection 251 here comes the osu haters on mark and I don't think it's just LSU there's some army and that that certainly there. It's obvious. I have never personally got the disdain bring I don't care if you're an LSU fan what what Ingram is done here. With the saints. He is 700 yards. Just over seven was a 730. Away from breaking Deuce McAllister is all time saints' rushing mark. And five touchdowns away from breaking deuces mark there. You know with the suspension he may not get it this year remain batic come back the saints longer in a more talking about. One of the two or three greatest runners in saints history and it's been and it really awed at times during his career here. The amount I hate thrown his way I do use that word with hate I'd I just don't get it. Here's text from a six say to fans worry about and be all time leading rusher missing OTAs are worried about the wrong bank. Go to the phone lines 504260187. Iranian diamond head you're going on this duet. Yeah. Caller answered you know oddly like. Well they're with possibilities. What people. Probably pretty. It's garbage currently used their get out and we soccer ball or. Two what you know real quick well oh so irritated. What you look I'm a little irritated by it suit. Thanks for the call Ronnie thanks for listening. Steps in the 9850 my goodness point proven move on wall blocked the amount attack where my text protocols are getting only. Lingering on this because you want to now Jamaal Charles is going to be here tomorrow meeting was Sean Payton about possibly signing with the team. Jamaal Charles is not the guy he used to be with Kansas City here's a stat courtesy of our studio producer Tim Zimmer. Ron Charles with 296. Rushing yards last year he had forty rushing yards and point sixteen. And just 364. In 25 team this is a guy well past his prime he won not be the featured back. He's certainly not near the cal will tell her back is Mark Ingram. Now could they take requirement I CR doesn't capture. A problem of that. I know. Adrian Peterson was a flop last year that doesn't mean Jamaal Charles will be because where that. And in stock go to CA's after a quick 62 CBS news brick. Odom back its double coverage on WWL. Sets a lab with a 504260187. He is the phone number. 8787 its X line we just got word stand Everett's V sports center anchor for ESPN he's gonna join us and ninth Swanee tonight. Big gets big guests thank you Tim as we talk all time great saints obviously stand. Went series the same dog a lot rent gas and dust and purple knights. And he'll talk about some of his favorites. All time saints by position as a unit that. Next our students stand correct and 920 here on the program. Here's text in the final four I don't have any proof for haven't heard any saints fans saying they hated her for not attending OTA it's. All that's not what I said last segment I said and I stand by this you say it is a strong words and other text here coming in from the same number. Yeah I don't I talk all the time about here is too strong words for sports but there is they segments of the saints fan base. That that's the word that I would use hates marking her because of the college she went to and you cannot deny that. Just can't. The wall Charles and again. Coming in tomorrow tyra that in Delhi enough we hear anything out some other news so marking remorse here you know who wasn't here today at saints camp. Michael Thomas. Coach Payton after words said it was an excused absence whatever that means we don't really know. But Mike Thomas not that saints mini camp. Was not there. At cant find Mike I guess on Twitter that it can't guard Mike that was Steve Miller's quote let's let him. But he was getting fitted for his jacket you know of course the hall of fame jacket and he started getting fitted. That there at. Street Lucie really struggled today and missile total for me I told yesterday one of the things I'm watching. Mike almost every saints fan out there right now you wanna hear more about Jason Hill because he was pretty good at times and OT as alleged I think it was a little bit overblown. You know what happened today. Boy you was bad debt. At times there was. A stretch and they don't get a lot of reps at this point and they get a lot enough but it it's not like they're running every rep and practice. Michael C the first steamers dour almost every rep once the season gets started. I feel at one point he missed four straight through rose. In team drills over through every single throw one in the left flat one a so their right Flatts won Canada left post one towards the center of the field Laurent said. Four straight throws and had just stood out for me somewhat similar to a man he really or through that first ball second ball. The osu won by I think it was Tommy Lewis on the right side I two or three of those throws are actually the Tommy Lee. Yeah good practices are most throw doubles as well. Tim you saw some really at the gas station today. Who's taller you are Tommy Lee Lewis. Honestly I think I'm tolerance armies though I polls say he's he is not that tall. I'll put that that I won't say how saw I am but I'm not very yet. Yet Tom really not very good and statute the overwrought so washing hey who's gonna return kicks here was Tommy Lee again. Tamara and Boston Scott no surprise there. But if you want news on Jason Hill if you kind of search in they had you do today well not not good it was not get. Actually owed drew was drew we all know that may aside from him probably Tom savage I was most impressed with he was very cool and calm. He delivered the throws in another rocket arm some scrambling a couple of times so I'm not excited about Tom savage them skimming the facts here. I think Tom savage was the second best quarterback on this team Ted de this'll change day by day. Doing away and 5042601870. Mean Texas sedate 7870. There's hotel and from the final four YOK John can Crawley. And also crawl looks bigger and stature on the ballot can crawl at all. I at all I think he is a very fine. Number two quarterback in this league right now. They're really do when he stood at a practices they had a couple of very nice moments not while I can draw. The only thing last year a couple of times a city made some foolish penalties there now I've mob like control listened today. People put on black and gold are really out. We'll take a break here we come back Eric Ritchie have CST will join us talk more about saints mini camp today do that next sunset Dunlap. This is double coverage on WW. Here's gates axed from the 504 angry Marc will run for a thousand yards in twelve games watch. Who dat in mice. It's just my. Yet he missed earlier marking her. Apps saints' training camp today answering questions about suspensions saying Mitt. It was not a contract dispute why he missed OTA's and the guy who was missing was Mike Thomas and excused absence as coach Payton. But he was not there are those stories and more at WWL. Dot com and Lawson got Bobby Hebert and fishing Garrett talking to Mike Nolan. Online at WW dot com let's talk more about many can't bring on an air great shoe covers the saints for Cox sports television Eric welcome Max and program Narnia. Yeah no problem hey let's talk barking from here for a second when he said that directly when asked. I'm mr. OTA is not because of any contract dispute that was a media fabrication paraphrasing there do you believe in what you thank. Yeah I I did I mean I thought there was incredibly can't even though you know being not. Hit it details of the suspensions that. And what about this scenario locker room you know obviously. That was the story that everyone wanted to talk to market shall we were huddled around a camp out by his locker. For almost the entire you know they'll. To the point where we you know he was actually continent. And he turned the corner you know maybe 1015 minute left media availability. And articulate I've got it and and you know with kind of a play or moment we cannot let him in action to make way to game two young locker. You know he was. It you know they reluctantly. Made it an you know you out there and he wanted to you know all those questions you know we talked about the suspension. Quite a bit then of course you've mentioned the league. It watt units you know the of that voluntary OT game and you know yet on your answers about you know one if you work out on allies are mean we need them on the you know the contract out. Kind of went hammers went away that. You know you try to steal a couple questions some of the beat writers still stick around it. Sometimes the players a little bit more loose and you know I would still right around record mark talk about. You know. Want to work out area wanted to work out vocal on Florida. Work on the need you know you know. That Mike Triplett which the following question like what specifically you know to do wanna work out you know he could work out here. And he'd that we products the actual ticket well he can certainly work on number nine. Let but you know he talked about you know wanted to stay in New Orleans and you know hopefully. You know something can be worked out the extension of the chatter you got your lap by. On the surface that's incredibly long winded answer to your question that I people to catch your court. What do you think about the running back stable just for the four games and their I don't gonna bring in Jamaal Charles tomorrow that does not move the needle at all for me with what Charles has done a really not done the last. Three years a do you think the saints are OK with. Williams. And Trey Edmonds and obviously Alvin America for three games and and Boston Scott yes there as well are you think they need to look outside whether that Charles or somebody else. If you look in an in and rightfully so I mean they've gotten him I'd hour today and you know without saying they're there to catch straight kick the tires and basically what you on Peyton or hurt you ours you know eight U three day trial. No they wish he would let McCain shouldn't be. I was impressed with what at all which I Howard again you know typically work. Full pat and tackle him. I calorie ran strong looked good. You know Drew Brees raved about him in. You know they'll be over by his locker talking about that familiarity with with Tim Hightower and eighteen. So. At your question again you know. I don't feel great about the stable of running backs. America speaking of you know people who look good. I'd go to a huge step if you noticed like. But he is yeah is no I mean look so lots. Longer this year upper body arms and then you've got them. Typically. You're not seen him. That's you know who else looked huge to me what honey I guess compared to his rookie season. Marchand lab are much immediate Marcus Williams he got small man lay outs and the next I'm going this not. This is not the same dude that I saw his rookie year he is big. Didn't they work in directing a village about Lattimore went to John stuck in. What you don't know what that would. Cellulose stimulation on the happens I'll let let. Yeah but you know it's funny you bring up Williams you know we walked in they cannot walk into the I. About you know you know outdoor facility in the practice field which by the way I was real classy move. With Tom Benson initials substantial in the middle Il. I thought that was cool move by the Angel tree be there but. I walked by and the other catcher and a vector through that and you know I thought that while the couple signs the market will. You know in the in the well section of bleachers yeah they're far and by the he didn't look good he gave a little bit bigger. Yeah indeed talking Erik Richie here on double coverage I'm Seth Dunlap air covers the saints. For CST. You guys are just talking about this Eric in maybe I'm trying not to make too much about tae similarly anything here. This point of the season I am I consciously do that especially on this program. But takes a mil to not look good today man by the errors for five straight throws and it was overthrow after over from now scratch my head go home wow what's going on here. Yeah yeah you know responded conflict in the you know do you envision drove trying to work with the Jews he would jump in right. Debris on the kind of lined up you know seven on senator hatch garnered no call. But that's what you what you refer to it right which which Jack Keane. And you know all of them a couple of my pocket and then here on tape you know certain. And you immediately kind of complete one Q. Kirk who I'd really like it finally number eighteen looked at temple by then like you say at least three complete hero. To him you know big. Wanna do not mind being in the communique but being flat out over to a couple guys. And you know about that kind of got that you could either way you know. Certainly intrigued about excited about it well. It could nation well. I think the true test. With Kate and it was going to be pre season games like me. QB taken significant snaps against the defense warplanes. Indeed anything else stand out CU at camp today. You know there was one receiver. With a deep I really like in. Apple might note now it might not look a couple times not to look at my roster now you re. Post mortem on. But he heard about me Paul turner you know with your wide receiver and a lot. And Eldridge and act big hit two rookie you know like an amateur 1 morning matchup of old another look from Marshall. There by Ryan Church made a couple of my captors and a one of them happened after what would get a Shaq. And but you know they keep playing and and at the ball kind of the way your check in a couple of my tactic in the field I'm sure you've talked about matters that you were married or not. Well you know I have yet that was regrets number I do brought that up actually not mentioned that yet Eric. I'll buy dot it was like and a fly pattern on the left sideline art sidelined for us. And green to kind of lap right over Jermareo Davidson. America jumped up I would note that really the how old there. Well you know than me can't practice today crowd really got into the then right. What about that we were standing can't corral rep went away from that you know what I'm but that. That was cool and long way to injury and the lack that stood out to me what. You know we went into camp thinking you know looking at market. Important casting can be on its side. He participated in the point you practiced. And I got in back in at the end and elect you know somebody said that. He left early I guess with training I didn't see in Davenport didn't come in to the locker room during media availability show. You know I'm I'm wondered about that they kind of real quick didn't wanna talk about injury but that it can carry that brought. Solar Sox and Erik Richie here coach the saints for CS TN Eric. Is been doing a doctor series on the top prep prep athletes in Louisiana and you know why and this is big for coach Joseph obviously for that LSU football program. Right now league top three. Prep athletes here in Louisiana air they're all going to LSU is that right I know I tells little bit about that serious. Yeah I appreciate it yet it's called the person we're on episode Arenas frequency as he. We kind of focus on the top three out they get in on this spring and scorched we did baseball softball and track and field's about a month go to planet. The net world clock polled older. In baseball in March so the picture desk and we really thought gonna get trapped high. No lute could really be in there them the money that set the bar you Cornell issue then Shelby quicker pitcher Adam how horrible. Who. Bothered chat instill respect in all I'm accurate now you what you're starting QB for the tigers. I think in 8345. Follow them. Except for the last couple months of their prep careers kind of intertwined story and you really good times and grew up all read. And the and it and it duo as you all. Showed called the pursue it weekly episode to the Marlins she he would sit. But every Sunday night at 730 the new episode that he views. Be sure to check that out and Ohio Eric it's always a pleasure to document C at a camping. Rather goes Erik Richie at Erik Richie media. Covers the saints for CST in the street check out that prep series on this EST good news there for coach Joseph in the LSU tigers football program. Rim take you regularly come back or wrap up the hour and kind of shift focus next hour we're gonna talk about our all time favorite New Orleans Saints will go position by position and stand her rep will join us in about a half an hour. I'm set to atlantis' double cut. Now aside all their great US some of the guys in the second year guys thirty your guys just look bigger out there. Certainly Alvin Tamara de especially upper body. And same thing with Marcus Williams I mean. Here was small no football clearly smalls procedure planned safety in this league when small but he was smaller. Than some of those. In a big time safeties like Earl Thomas camp chance or absence is huge export. But what Angel bit I mean he really did and here's the text from the Bible for bond bell also look bigger yeah bond bill looks bigger. Not a huge guy. Bobby and I were talking abouts Von bill quite a bit actually. Two days out at practice so I recovered saints mini camp I think to death here in the first hour. Or sort of talk saints next hour as Ali get into our all time favorite saints by position we're joined this list last couple weeks about. The all time great quarterbacks across the NFL. And that a couple of college in Texas like a wanna do this just with saints go by positions you don't want. I sort of a do. We're gonna talk about was go position by position some of my favorite saints that they had to be the best. To your favorite players and tell me why and next are have you weigh in on this ants. Remember very special guest shot out Tim Zimmer. ESPN's sports and our anchor. Seen a gust and alarm from the city New Orleans here he'll join us. At 920. It's been a mini camp for wrap up remember you can get your first look at the black and gold can make plans. To go out to saints mini camp tomorrow and Thursday at permitting if the weather holds. From 11 am to 120 the Josh or sports perform senate saints' headquarters. Now it's three Q out there and actually watch in the stands were 34 I'd say about 80% Fuller so. Gates to open 45 minutes before so about 1015 all open those gates if you wanna good seats. And here's a little pro tip the good seats aren't the ones in the front the good seats are the ones back a little bit so you're up above the media is renfro O'Neal. You're going to have all of us and you don't wanna be sitting behind Mir at 67 or crisper Davis like. Was he 65 with. And Josh Ghassan steed is like 616. Do something like that so yeah you wanna be up its pro tip don't go sit in the front row you wanna go back to a bigger or better view but 1015 in the gates will open. And then at 11 o'clock his win their practice will start you can take photos out there remember videos. Not allowed you'll have restrooms free parking a baby Kate stadium. May you have like food beer I know they were cell Manson banners up their song bureau to grab one. Tim that's is set to tease I mean got this beer vendor lock it right back and forth you on cold beer. The entire two and a half hours were out there it is so entities may have to go as non media members yeah just go into the stands Doolittle. And talk to me you know. You do that. On pats nose only one of the WB Okur got a crazy hat but nearly a bucket hats but me assaults. To the left down who now place they know where that I LE one straw hat mental breakdown outsmart. Are gonna take a break for news. And right now rig alive on FaceBook like us on the WW radio FaceBook page or talk around marking irrelevant more.