Mark: draft best player available

Mark says always draft best player available and use that player as leverage.


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Should signing the quarterback of the future beer party now or should just trying to win the Super Bowl this season be the singular focus of the saints or can they balance that is. I think it depends on who is on the board when they pick. As an ad as a very situation yeah -- my philosophy has always go with best player available always under. Every circumstance under every circumstance because. I don't remember this the back in 2004 we had two very good defensive end Darren Howard Charles Grant but we picked in the first round. Will Smith was sitting there we took Will Smith when their trading Darren Howard for more assets and it all worked out so even if you have somebody its position. Go best player available because then you'll you know are wrong. Never go wrong. Never ago. I think -- gone wrong with always going past bass player available but I think you're right that generally speaking it to what did they really picked the best player bills I think that's where you want to limit set objectives I can you ever really proven inferior now thank you we will accept no substitute for you.