Mardi Gras Mambo - The Review with Scoot - Hour 4

Tuesday, February 13th

Scoot talks to listeners about Mardi Gras 2018. 


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So. You know if you're just tuning and I want set the record straight I did not write that king of cool thing. I had a great time at Sophia escapade last night it was so much Fonda that the flotilla of more fears are just a beautiful awe and Demi and rockets closer and as so many close are really really nice footer on. Or fiasco pavers it was really great last RG percent fantasy and so many people so that was that was a blast in the Saturday night I went to and Demi and and saw Rod Stewart and if you if you were there I'm sure you'll agree with me. That was kind of a strange ending to Rod Stewart show. I didn't get that has suddenly it was just like over in but people just turned to start to look at each of elect. Well what we it was that it is easy coming back with. So anyway it was just really really strange let me be quick update on our pretty most opinion poll when did you first experience morning crawl on Bourbon Street or in the French Quarter. 31%. Say as a kid 21% say college age 20% as a high schooler 14% as an adult. And fourteen have still never experienced it give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. So on this whole issue of you're holed a ditch your calls here just a moment but on this issue of a woman called that usually have said. This year kids with her and this was so saint Charles and thus I Julia street so we sit in the warehouse district as a start the French Quarter. And some young girls on in their vicinity were showing their breasts and she went over to policeman said I want you sure arrest these people are similar attack can't do that. Because that's what she's doing is not nearly assures a right turn just a right to do that this woman was very complex is a lot of people are so you can show your breasts. In public. And there or there there there's some ambiguity. About laws like like showing your Preston in public. That this woman just was really. Determined to. Stop this young girl for during which humorous which are doing. And she did admit to me when I park restaurant it's what harm does this to the kids. And it really doesn't do decay is any harm that immediately because it sounded like she did a really good job of explaining this is not appropriate behavior. And so that's that the teaching moment that at that moment provides. But this text says. That this is from the municipal code the city of New Orleans. He says you cannot expose. The genitals. The blank. The blank. The blank. Or female breasts and ripples in a public place or any place open to the public view with the intent of arousing sexual desire. So vet may be the key. If you're doing it for beads. Then the argument would be it's not to arouse sexual desire. It's just to get money gras beads. But I again I go back look I'm not promoting that people do that senate. I just say that this is this is part of morning draw and I just I think today overall we tend to overreact to things re not you or me but as a society we tend to overreact to stuff like oh my god I can't believe this. We know over all Mardi Gras was a lot Tamer this year it was tame last year. Compared to the past. And it's just something that was very noticeable last year and again this year in the French Quarter much much Tamer. So there's still going to be these things going on but you know as a as a society. I think we're I think we've we've reached the edge and I think we're pulling back from the edge a little bit. And this is something that we do as as as people at collectively as a society we you know what it would go to the edge. And people go what if this is allowed where's it gonna end and we'll believe it or not it doesn't. And we've pulled back from the edge of many many times I'm just give you a quick example. And I shortage notices years ago. We television in the seventies when Norman Lear and it shows like calling the family and modern all the shows were dealing with abortion and sex and and sexual orientation and all these really controversial issues are dealing with a very openly almost as if to normalize that. It was her book where's it gonna and where are we gonna go now well the the pushing the envelope in television in the seventies. Didn't continue in the eighties. Bill cod because they show was one of the top radio shows and that was a wholesome family show. Mean knowing what we know now that wasn't so wholesome where when you think of the act turn some self that he was involved in but. It was perceived as a wholesome show. Ronald Reagan was elected Ronald Reagan did not turn this country into a conservative country. Ronald Reagan was elected at time when this country was leaning conservative. And so we came back from the edge and I wonder if that's what we're doing now. Because noticeably the last 2 morning growers. Had been Tamer. So I just get this sense that you know let's not over react to stuff like bearing breast especially in Mardi Gras again. What harm does it do. It really doesn't. Heard you're kids and it's your opportunity to say hey you know what that's inappropriate behavior do you think it's worth doing that to get beats and usually can go no. Well then okay you've explained to them that some people do things they they shouldn't do. Also if you think about shootings and there was a shooting. Come on delay and Graham Kumar and elect and our union. Street is at my and that's my immediate neighborhood. Somebody shot and has in my shying away it look this was not a random thing this is probably two people who knew each other. We don't know many details but I'm assuming that that's that's the case. But this has been a relatively peaceful morning the police that's the kind of stuff police have to worry about. Homeland Security stuff mass shootings. Terrorist attacks. Has summit at it put that into perspective for some girl showing her boobs. I mean does that really. Reached a level of point we got to get the police on this tougher Panama City Christine thank you for hanging on your endeavor WL. I think it's so much I think in my culture. A look at the other kind you don't need me ill when I'm home state and the that you guys. And to follow up and making it about the openly he would call and we move at me and for someone like me I grew up one saint Charles avenue on. Happier memories or on the theme we've been getting together on child raping and then. On my teen years in the effort in Metairie. And I am having Brothers were law enforcement officers and he would story and it can meet at a op but there could be. Do something about a woman he knew what exposing herself in that came across. We need. This is part of it went on that island is saying is that I thought. Bourbon Street wise without it quite. And and I agree with you anybody can do everything line. I thought it was a lot in place because when they like I mean. And one possibility that when bidding war it is that your seeing that happening now trying to Alabama China beat it and at the book our media Nancy. Beautiful place to go there's not a pretty eager for the normally it's not like that and then I kinda I don't think child avenue is only on. And someone couldn't even get the believe opposite color bottle he did try to count car. I get it that many words. But she continues. Might mean something. I am going public is getting more or certain very interesting. Why don't believe that people can do anything any anywhere put to do that during Monique raw you know maybe. Again I -- I read somebody is is quoting the a municipal code in and maybe that's accurate maybe there's two here and there but. You know maybe it looked. I'm I'm I'm sure she could have been arrested but she might not have been convicted and and so I guess the the the issue is priority I mean a girl showing her boobs for bees is not a priority for what they. What they really should be watching for. Completely agree because there are a lot more importantly they. Didn't hear about the air the second class. They may need bullet went with them. I mean you know. We're. We Jon Klein is OK some acts during Mardi. And technically play in the French Quarter and Bertans. Well I think it if you show. C two main showing boobs is different than showing genitalia south of the equator. You know I. I did not you know I. In the nineteen mean. And then he is. On CNET. A gated in CNET laptop. You don't dot OK we'll tell me if you if you look at eighteen to Wear it well OK but I detected the girl and. What if I have if your daughter saw that. What would you tell them. I would wound as edgy credit earlier that the U. That would go to the admitted that he does that Michael has. I just didn't. Of course that inappropriate inappropriate behavior but that's something that. You know. Right or wrong is something happens during moaning raw and it's just unrealistic I guess to to think that the police can focus on on on that it doesn't I don't it doesn't mean that that makes it right it just means that there are certain things and in society that. We go okay we'll look. This is not on as important as something else and so this is gonna happen it happens. Mean. At least have more important things. In Manhattan. At that the only member of July 4 the opposite. And I'm glad that gave them. I don't know it would tell me you're not come on it corner while out on patrol and I need in late that morning at the need them in in talks aren't dealing with it. With something but I'm doing a great job in I think he in China and that was not our moment when it was. Omni it was. And. At that he was great I mean look I love the guy I mean I love the show I thought it was great but I can't help but think what was going on with the ending which is kind of weird. You know what the that they wanted to hurry and get him now people are coming on the exit. I don't know I know. Your outlook in Kenya waiting in. Munich ought to be back and need to be in. Yemen and wait come and in a quick picture let. Yeah unless you are security. You know what it. You know what the big mistake that I may was I went there fighting at their 2:11 o'clock and I was totally sober and I. You know when when you when you're totally sober and everybody around you is is party sometimes it's kind of hard to deal them. It was not it was OK I would it was nice. Kirk and that wouldn't want that. Well and we know hunting and we know how to drink here. Chris it was have to move on them and appreciate the call. It a. Safety of a Dave Cohen is our Deborah W owners director has the latest on today's shooting in the CBD day. Well now we have Warren that there were actually shooting in the seat Beattie nears the parade route during today's chat Tuesday. Celebrations there were a total of three people shot. One is critically injured or gunshot wound that an adult male as juvenile male were told was shot in the way. And his condition is not content to be life threatening and now we learn that there was its second shooting at a second site. Just think Charles and second where and other individuals within its. Okay on it and do we have people in custody. Police have now. Yet made any of that world where they have apparently identified a group of people that apparently got into an argument there was some kind of disagreement between ten to twelve people in the first shooting. And gunshots erupted witnesses said that they've hurt. Maybe that doesn't gunshot after an argument group broke out among the. People. That work in that group. And the other shootings were still awaiting further details on that. Police are investigating as we speak they'll happen here just this afternoon so they investigate just about them that way but again. To read people in total injured by gunfire in two separate shootings today. You know and it near the parade route into. Hard decisions every area news director Dave Cohen thanks Dave I if you're on hold hang on I ask you were coming right back on WL. If you have just tuned in this might not make a lot of sense for its as we review morning draw we are now learning that big boobs may not actually be genitalia. Here's an update on our party bus. Opinion poll when did you first. When did you first experience. Burma street and the French Quarter from article on day 33%. The number one answer is as a kid. 20% college aged nineteen high school or sixteen haven't experienced it yet. It's never too late. And 13%. Say as an adult. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com and you've heard the news there were a two shootings now NO PD reported two shootings one in the CBD. And one in the Garden District are Bronson Charles at first the one the CBD was soccer run to latch and to our union street. And a Koran to let out runs parallel to saint Charles so that blockage union street is between the parade route and anchor on the last I don't know where it was closer to one of the other but. You know we we heard that that the typical thing they Cohen. And we just heard that that the typical thing always sort of with an argument all wolf that explains everything. It's sort of with an argument what you can have an argument you don't know how to argue. And then this this idea this is just a reminder that there are people who can't even go to a Mardi cooperate without their kind. Are you got him a gun. You know it if it if you can't go to Mardi Gras parade without a gun yeah you know I'm going with the right group of people I teach your WWL. I'm good to meet. Exit. Question. You know. Like when. They'll opt out. To. Yeah I think that's great I mean I'm I still. Oh I still enjoyed after all these years. It. And it's that. There. I'm I'm. Here. It. It. What. Now listen I know I don't know where that if it's quite as well as government money going in and Galveston but you know you you get on the beach like that and you know a blip to show people show a lot in into coastal towns. All right TII I George talk interior. All right thanks for the call. If you're on hold hang on I got news coming up to room or your comments here if you wanna join us on numbers 260187. Via text. Is a 7870. Here's a text is men if men can go short list why can't women it's discriminating. Yeah let's start that yet if if men can go short list and then why not when it went over to sort the whole whole campaign. Hash tags. Women. Shirtless to our side we could make or something like that. Got a lot of great text here it's not illegal for men to show their breasts. I'm I'm getting more text also about the other genitalia a question and you know I again is showing something south of the equator is a little different charter groups we'll be back. He on this is bodyguard day and so there's a lot going on in Washington DC and it's not money while they ere so there's a lot of stuff going on will be talking about that tomorrow afternoon. And they'll be like going on tomorrow starting with such Evian you will first here's a 5 o'clock and nine Tommy Tucker from six to ten no Norman from ten to one and our show. From one to four then a sports talk show like going on all day hope you witnessed. A quick update on our party must opinion poll when is a first time you've experienced morning draw on Bourbon Street or in the French Quarter. 33% as a kid 20% college age nineteen high school sixteen never experienced it fourteen as an adult you sure opinion. At every or zero talk colander to a martyr Cheshire just a moment let's go to lake view Gregory welcome to the show. Say your mark do you. Have no idea who the cute couple beautiful perfection can't believe. The way it went right past five Trulia. One thing that really the battery. You know and and it's not it's not that way every year Gregory we know that I know and l.'s last week got a Friday going into this this weekend the weather was not going to be so great. But it turned out to be spectacular. The good he. That would. Be. Beyond pretty city the again. But that operate between not their pocket to a liberal dribble and in the wet coal. And tackled at the government. A little pocket rocket with what you're out there or Jeremy. Don't think Debbie get cut it to that parade. Item DVR and spectacular. But there are. Undoubtedly did or they did a very good job. I think it would affect act and shoot me. Go on. And. I know Gregory I I you know it's it's it's it's it's so typical like dirt and like an argument and then I'm gone and you know I wonder all I wonder if these I wonder if many of these people would be so brave as to have an aggressive argument if they didn't have forgotten. Exactly. Exactly at that point exactly. Why which are gone celebrates and he he got eight yeah. It that retarded what did you violent. Nature you know what it did not control because weight gone. But it had done anyway that I'm on. Well that the people that but many people who have guns haven't followed third told the law to get their gun so if you have stricter gun control why you see you're gonna follow those laws. Yeah it go. On the first part Monica. Japanese chip which epic debt BO followed by now. You know oh by the way. Say it all blew pocket took my dad's lap bride. It would do no operate fifty years. Verdict. But the years and it's sort of quiet ride. Going to be on the book crop. And well guys Avery but he built truck. And it's awesome to hear. We took them and about to leave my brother sister and light and you brand. Thank you. He figured the party economic. All just you'll but it looked like so. You're still on the W life. That midnight and don't want. Mean you know the meeting of the call apparel abort that he got. Gregory I appreciate that and and thanks for your call. I appreciated very if you enjoy answer to your comment you know the numbers 260187. Your text. Is 87870. So. I'm going to the quarter today I I talked about this earlier but. You know I want to quarter before coming on the air as I do every year. Before coming into this morning Garber view here and I just I noticed a Tamer morning draw. And I I got the impression from what I saw on television before going to the quarter and incoming to the station was it it seems like very early on. The new gathering place for the most extreme costumes. Is Frenchman and the Marron. And for urban street was not as crowded as I thought it would be. And I said that last year I'm saying that again this year. They were there were still costumes downtown. There was a guy with a bag over his head and the American flag is set I voted for trump. C'mon it's funny even if you like trough even if you go to form it amuses or this is comedy right. On their way is on a guy dressed up as John bashing it appeared as if there was this non. Female. In his pants area. Mused I don't know exactly what it was but it was some kind of strange. So you are you gonna see that kind of stuff this time of the year and then there were just some some fun things. But there were some political messages out there and Mardi Gras actually started and is as a satire. And a mockery of the kings and queens in the old country. So it was founded Swiss political satire so the fact that it remains today I guess is really no surprise and yeah I don't know when we're gonna get to the point where we just lighten up a little bit and an end and realized that are right so Washington they made fun of something big deal. You know we've we've got to reach that point because that's where we should be weak weak weak shouldn't be this. Iconic Italy this event yeah I can't police are doing that you know we've got to get over over reacting to. Things that really if you think about it really aren't that important here is attacks on some women have lost their breast. May not gets. They get their feelings hurt. If the remainder show Libre the world that's you know that's an interesting way to look at that here is another text that says psalm. I children are more traumatized by their parents drinking. Then they are by a. Strangers boobs. And I don't think there's any way to argue with that. That is so true. So. Again some of the things that people react to and overreact to it it's like it's really not. That big a deal and it comes down to this idea of I'm going to tell you how to lead your life I'm gonna tell you. What to do. I'm astute it's Mardi Gras mambo the review and we'll be back on WWL. You know this is another song. There isn't a money roll song but it really. Kinda this morning Russell. I saw a bunch of people in the group of people dressed like threats. Mean it'd look exactly French but you know that there's good news of the ruffled shirts in the complex here rigs and that is the sign that kind of appease someone that prince Simon anyway did they were it's a group. People of the club a group of princes are walking around in the quarter. Here is a Texas says. I'm sixty years old into every Marty Roth since 1958. Have never as much seen. A fist fight. If you think about all the people that came together today. That all the people that are still out there. Now you know the mood it changes at a certain points like at this point it's it's early on any given afternoon. It's not even at 6 o'clock. But Marty broad die each morning good day in the morning or night at 6 o'clock is rather late. Because of the activity that's been going on all day. And a talking about drinking and party. So hopefully everybody gets out of there and gets home safes. But as far as I know what we should not allow. A couple of shootings. To mall are our image of Monica 2018 because overall it was a good point drop. And few glitches here and there. But I thought this was a relieved as safe money around and I'm I'm still amazed that so many people could come together and you know as great job as a police do. And I'm not taking anything away from the police. But they're could never be enough police to control. People. If people didn't know how to behave is most people were not good people. There could never be enough police to control. So. The people who participated Marty draw deserves some credit. We know how to act. Most of us. Some of us don't. But that's part of life. Here's a Texas says have been trying to call in I usually agree with you skirts but totally disagree on this issue this is the groove issue. Make it's totally inappropriate for a woman to show her breast in a family area at Monique draw go to the French Quarter if you want to show your breasts. I'm sure she was a tourist us New Orleans. Need to stick together in this or we won't be able to bring our kids to money draw. And the woman I'm showing her breast is no different from a man showing his. You know it's this thing. You know the thing that John did Matt Lauer should remember when he brought him into his office. NBC the excess goes on to say that I'm 54 of a 54 year old woman. Who has so lived in New Orleans so and on a morning draw all of my life look again and I I and I understand. It's inappropriate behavior. Out out of the French Quarter I mean some would argue it's inappropriate behavior in the French Quarter but what is the big deal. What does seeing press do it if if somebody seen breast is that dramatic of a thing. In those people who have arguments about women who breastfeed in public at the possibility of seeing somebody's brass full breast. During a breast feeding process most people are very very discreet. But even the process of being discreet what is something slips. And some is exposed. Mean that can happen pretty good arrest that woman. You know but first of all there's no harm done. And I think there's a big difference between showing your brass and you know a male or female is showing. Something south of the equator I just think that's a done to hold different part of the anatomy and it's it it. It's different to make we don't have to agree on this. And that's one of the things that I love about my show every afternoon we don't always agree on everything. I'm honest with my opinions your rise in your opinions and sometimes we disagree it's okay. But I just don't I did I just still think it's had that big of a deal. And I'm just I'm just. And I'm so. Interested in. Denouncing over reaction to stuff. And again we had a text earlier from Simonyi won't if my child goes to the French Quarter in season drag queen I don't care if they do it but what am I gonna tell my child. Really I mean if your parents. You gotta have answers for you kids. And it's testimony to a day if your child sees a drag queen. But transvestite. You can just say hey there wearing a costume. And somebody sent a text and said hey if my kids saw that I would simply say thank you know what they're up there were in the Halloween costume. Every day. I think there are so many simple ways to explain something to kids without arousing. Their curiosity. I'm scoots hits the monogram mambo and we'll be back on WW. They're coming to take me away. I hope he's out of time will tell you. At this point oh dancing on Sunday ticket away. I just got a text from somebody I want you to try this if you will remind you of what we've been talking about this afternoon. I've typed out on your phone. Or your computer. Type. Open parentheses. I guess you space and period. Then space. They close purposes. No space. Open parentheses. Space. Period. Close parentheses. Type that out and tell me if that doesn't remind you have been talking about this afternoon because it takes this as. All a lot of four kids are watching breasts on their phones and computers anyway I mean that's true money Mike I'm what you see. The journal Mardi Gras parade pails in comparison to what. You might see. On a form Lech you know you. You just have to prepare your case for the reality of of life and and sometimes isn't comfortable sometimes is not easy being a parent. At which you can't get mad at those challenges you can get mad at somebody that forces you to be apparent. And so there are times when you just have to have have had answers. Here is a Texas says psalm the women. On a mockery that that's too ugly here is a text that says. Was attacked so when did you get to. Time for one more here mum. Oh my god this text brings up an interesting point all this stuff that would be talking about this afternoon this is why everybody's gonna go to mobile next year. I want to thank our program director Diane Newman and our studio producer George fellow grew with the help from loaded dog do. And most of all thank you for being part of our show this afternoon we're back tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock bullet DH and everything's going on we'll talk about phony Roswell. I'm scoot have a great safe evening what your New Orleans.