Mardi Gras Mambo - The Review with Scoot - Hour 2

Tuesday, February 13th

Scoot talks to listeners about their Mardi Gras. Also spoke to a 71 year old woman about why she won't go to Mardi Gras. And, a mom talks about why bearing breasts for beads is wrong.


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Yeah I'm gonna have to talk to them about their king of course and anonymous are sure about that but I'll I'll take that as a as a compliment here's an update on our pretty must opinion poll. When did you first experience money draw on Bourbon Street or in the French Quarter. 42%. Say as a kid. 25% say college age 70% say as an adult 8% say they still haven't experienced it an 8% as a high school. And you can give us your opinion will run this ball throughout our show to assure opinion are going to our web site. WWL dot com I'm scooting going to win this and as you know this is aborted or mumbled he review we do decide every year. I ventured into the French Quarter before coming in the studio here and I'll talk about that in just a few minutes but overall I would tell you that I think Marty draw once again this year is chamber. Then it has been in the past. This is based on my personal experience of what I saw. In the in the quarter and it seems like a lot of the big costumes and a lot of that the locals have moved from Bergen street. To the marrow to Frenchman. We'll talk more about that also if you would share your morning gross story with us if there's a good morning a story that stands out most in your mind. Gives culture 60 boy 170. And our checks number is 87870. We I had it call from somebody's a few minutes ago. Are about to calm about eight TDs. They're on the interstate and their proper release and they're you know they're intimidating to people. And that's sort and they do so apparently there's a large group of eight TV's Tom Garner on the city. And I got a text here that says it's scoop coming back from Metairie along the Lakefront. There's over a 104 wheelers and dirt bikes I'm glad they're going the opposite where I'm going. Another check says it's not just a TV scoot too it's obnoxious motorcycle riders riding in between. The lines at red lights faster. The speed of light revving up their engines looking for a fast accident I'm sure. The first FSX and I'm sure I'm hoping get picked up soon a beautiful morning run de otherwise yeah I mean look at the state. I mean some clouds have moved into an eight it was spectacular. And when you think about the rain was predicted for the weekend there was some rain but it wasn't nearly as bad as they predicted. And there was even prediction for rain yesterday and today. And look how beautiful this money going to turn out from Slidell Joseph here on WWL. Hello Gerald. Why are you witnessed Joseph. Okay let's go to a mid city marry here on Demi WL. Hi I wanted to congratulate you on your program I don't know if you do this every year I live here two years. And I never got a mark in your log time ago I was in college and I. And that's and I boy did not Mardi Gras after awhile and I. And from lecture on the than demanding market operates there have been in the last year and so forth New Orleans is. But I just don't like crowds that I need your program and you know it makes me want to go next year I'm still in war. Well that's that's that's really nice very. Is so. You've been demoted draw but you don't like to look if you don't like crowds Mardi Gras is crowded out you know I'll tell you that I mean I'm on my can lie to you it's. It's very it's crowded with or something other than the crowd that make you not want to go. Well now. Because of the climate blog at today I have no idea weary and I have a feeling like Smart well then. I'm I'm rejected him I don't know migraines crazy sometimes and and he hit only one I really enjoy Germany enjoyed it like to see the designs you know unity and the music good in all. I I act I diet 171 man inviting me last night but I im not gonna be with the right person and it's dangerous I really the only. Everybody do here this is testimonials. On I want everybody to hear that there's a seven and one year old. You guys are still asking around I mean there's just this is. I am in love with one man and I tell them I'm in love with him and he made him aware entry and only. Respect my feelings I I feel like I'm married to a mile and I've never done anything with them I'm in love the man. You'll love the man that demands not wish you. Right but that doesn't mean I'm gonna go play around with other people yeah. Well. We. Mutually about the proposed process. Last year after an app with a two year. And my brain in going crazy thing you know I think innocence and a return and your reality and I didn't act and I made a that in spite of BM who like him but he. The guy who. Merry maybe you should go play a little hard to get here I mean look I haven't had always had good relationships and in my life but I do know some of the basics of relationships in navy. Maybe it's time to play low hard to get with a sky maybe if I. We do. It. On. The amendment at some point you might have to just letting go and open your heart to somebody else. Now now on call from my heart to do in this and and telly that it's if I didn't applicants guide then I'm doing this you know on in that regard when Gary gamer. But it. I I it's dangerous for me to being by myself people are always trying to pick me up I kid you I am not kidding you. I you don't have to buy. Onion tried to pick me up at near Walgreen Co. announced street. I was able to make it into the water green until the manager. On the manager came and spoke. Sure it and people summer. Call for the ball and try and. Well you know I look I I saw Rod Stewart the other night and and Rod Stewart 73 and you know on I think he's still pretty active and he's married right now but I mean you know I mean this proves that even in your seventies you know you can date and you can still have a good time. I'm sure I'm hearing you have to be the right are well I personally or. And I do not want to make another mistake and there's another kind of I talked to a lot but he reminded me in my. All well that's that's always a problem I got him. You know and I know sometimes you know or if like if you. If you date somebody and they Wear aka special Cologne or perfume or something and then you date somebody else to Wear your city brings back those memories and that's kind of difficult to. Yeah had they got you know I guess I I would call the vomit I mean. And terrible things. You know and and the reason I'm not. Because of sun and thank. You it. That Sammy about it and actually after. Yeah everything in the world did and he came back to me and and actually to me and he knew everything he had done wrong and I'd never told him that he's started naming him. Including heated one have stacks but now he told me he had sex with its second life. Gopac. Yeah I mean I can see where that would be tough. Like to see that severely hard. You tell me well you know he'd within the military that's why I didn't want to join the mail I care it's not much. I'll teach one. Why don't you only get Chengdu and creepy guy when he did for our country but not when he oh yeah. You know what Mary. So. So the prospects don't look good for you it's again about somebody else. I don't care about what is the right person came along. The right person in that man he came back to me after. The two years and he showed up at the post office and I thought. I am not that would accept and I look at it like that this doesn't this thing die if that Nancy. I turned into reality this can't be hate it can be as I gave them the colts older and then I realized. It lies and it turned and I realized it was in line because when I went back into the post op if you want that there. He had seen legal. Obviously he made a trip of purposeful trip to the obvious to me at every didn't need to. Or not forever. I'm sorry marrying I've got a text here is some reason I ask you to Merriam. You know. The C Heidi you know it's the right guy I mean how do you know it is it mean it might be the right guy that you know you have to be open to Erica. I know the right guy I met him in church or go well do the my dad always said he wanted to find somebody. Find anybody I've found him and I don't want anybody doubts about. But there might be another right. No net and I don't know he is only what I've been married once I don't want to play this field I don't wanna do you only got. Spartan. I understand and I'm Irish American could help you bridge you know relationships are difficult. So. Yeah I'm not been there has occurred occasionally. When I don't even. Any any personal belief I'm talking about this I had doc doctor pepper and it makes me talk. Okay so to me doctor Jefferson. Lost a lot and my husband as their reason he drank the kind of died during doctor pepper because it does it took me apparently. So. EU you drink doctor pepper and that drove your husband to drink. That's what you said the last time they're not the last and I signed it. One of the time I signed after the war he actually that we to a restaurant can you believe that he never he was right. Beautiful cards for other women. And go to nightclubs. And I found out. And and he would need all these women and it call in and ready anyway EE I. Beat. Him. After all had everything went to meet with that even if he drank I would stay. But marry it if it sounds like you are I mean if you if if guys hit on you when you go to Wal-Mart and it sounds like you're getting a lot of attention. Unreal it's scary I bought a whistle. Really not now do you do younger guys hit on your. All time. Really soon so some people might look at she was a cougar somebody measles. The the network sport besides cougar differently once which I don't want. Well some people would say something something that some people are saying is it. And I am and why some people we see the other word for Kruger would be lucky. Mean I reckon there. Unlucky in that rotten part well you know like it if you with the wrong person I understand those feelings Berry IE truly enjoyed our conversation. And I really good yes I AM. You're going to change where you located right now I'm in the studio in the station and so it doesn't sound like oh I'm going to late puberty. Now you know. I. Know it and only that was Tommy Tucker I did I didn't have that. I'll marry you enjoyed our conversation. You take care and good luck with the man you love. Yeah I have to I guess I've mentioned that sometimes to keep holding my hand. I'm not gonna go and it's fantasy because. Went back I think it comes to reality and I don't believe it's. Well Mary would you stay in touch with me and call me in the afternoon let me know how your life's going. Well I used the text you a lot at that time diet I say. Weird things that you and some but not bad words but in fact I seen life like it is you know and sometimes I disagree with your logic output has been greatly knew a lot sometimes it's too late or not. Yeah yeah. Yeah minutes I think I am tune but sometimes you disagree and logic. I know I don't disagree with like I disagree with your thought yeah it logical you are pretty logical I got all race and neither is annual Norman and I hope it's that. I'll marry I again I enjoyed our conversation I'm gonna did you break here and dom I hope we talk again soon and we look when you send the attack to make sure you put your name at the end of a so I know the lewd text is from you. No I'm not gonna do that because. I've sometimes what's his name on a football player jocks. Don't go on and say this is 77 whatever no we didn't know average average of one acre copper are we never heard you say bad things do you like to think Bobby is there because he likes Drew Brees. They say bad things to buy a beer and that's and so he can sometimes does it take that property taxes anyway. I'm Mary listen I had to go first hearts are due later you're getting a standing ovation that nightmare this fruit juices in the other armored giving your standing ovation. I almost didn't check my talk about think they were afraid it was kind of a bad comment I wouldn't give any information about my call. About the. There's a great comment I appreciate the call have a great day. Drop as as saying to Cindy American and maybe one day he'll go to money grow again and how things work out with him the man you laugh. I scoot. This is the Mardi Gras mambo and we'll be back on WWL. I'm Skoda and this is the morning girl mambo but we have the love lines open now are 2601870. Terry Kurt final four to 60187. In our love line text is so eighths to mediate seventy. What are what are what are adorable call and infect years at Texas says said Mary two words love oblique perplexed. Another six says sneeze and doctor pepper I want what she had. It's it's a state and they were so many aspects of that caller we just so it is endearing. Loved it anyway I hope things work out for Mary Ann and how how many of us skin can relate to what Mary sang. Yeah you you fall in love with somebody and then I'd love to view or you break up and and and there's still an overview or your love with them. And they're I you know I mean what she said was very very relatable I mean I I get it. But I guess we have to believe that's maybe there's somebody else out there. Anyway we'll continue this conversation also our talk about how I think Mardi Gras is Tamer once again this year we'll talk about that when we come back. Welcome back to. The Mardi Gras mambo has the review I'm skewed ledger where this number this if from a Paul Simon back in what their mid seventies like I noticed. I noticed it last year and I'm gonna say it again this year money grows seemed Tamer it in the French Quarter. And I got a text here that says my wife and I definitely saw less blanks on Burma street this year. Yeah I. Added I I would agree with I didn't didn't see much of that. And I are at it again it seems to me that the big costumes have moved from urban street and royal street. Down to down to the mayor Ernie and infringement. It seems like that's where the locals started really early and even this afternoon at two 12:31 o'clock I was out of before coming to the studio. And herb street was not as crowded as I thought it would be. Because having experienced so many Mardi Gras as I do have this you know this. Expectation of what what what it's gonna be like and the weather was so nice demeanor earlier today it was clear and seventy degrees. That's like perfect monogram winners. And I just didn't noticed the multitude of people it was crowded. And as I say that I remembered that last year at this time I was talking about the same thing. It was crowded but it just didn't seem as has Crockett. You know the the cool channel four always does a lot of from bizarre stuff. With their costumes and I think this is the first year there curled Redondo has been fully dressed as leash. At least it'll it'll long time. So are Carl covered up this year let me go to my of my phone here I took a few pictures. That I wanted to share with you. Bob now obviously I can't share them on the air with Hughes so I'll just did describe a few of them. I'm here's a picture zaps I took cover guy now this was on orbits is not averse to this is in the French Quarter I think on royal street. You guys wearing a bag over his head and says I voted for trough and he's holding an American flag. And then. Then there was spelled and there was this one where two woman had to. Where she didn't have a tough born she had a slight bottom when she did not have a top on but she had. A logical tape strategically placed. So wasn't illegal. And then here is attacks to and I Tex I mean what in my my phone here's a picture. Other guy who is stressed as chef John bash. And let's see how to describe this. It appears as if there is it. Our young woman. Sprouting from his pants. I mean that's the best way I can. Can describe it and I'm not sure what this was as was I'm a guy with a long black plaque wig and red dress. And he's if from the podium or behind a podium that says. The very. White House. Both have yet they're very aware that the very white house of Washington. I guess that was some kind of a statement. And then what else I say I saw. I saw you know some of some bizarre things I saw some creative things that there was one where. I'm so they were buttons. And and Kim Jung sung was there and truck was there. And I'm one of them had a small plane one of had a big button and it was about that whole controversy about you know my button spigot and his point and consumers apparently the president had but mentally. Or when to make sure that our Kim Jong arms that people knew that his bike and was in his biggest. This is what he. You got a favorite morning growth story our numbers 2601 a seventy. Have you experience a great Mardi Gras this year whether you experience it today or over the weekend during the past or maybe you're out there today. Here's number 2601 a seventy text is a 7870. I'm getting more text about Mary they're the caller we just had here's a Texas says it's and scoot concerning the 71 year old woman is this in some Mardi Gras mambo recap or is this Dr. Phil. Well you know I think we did cross a line there we crossed over cross right over the line there with with mayor what were full of what was I gonna do the warmest hurting. She's in love with the guy. The guy kind of shows up in our life but did he. Doesn't. Come into her life and she's distraught and she's only gonna fall of at this point guy and enough followed anybody else ever again. So she's upset as she said I'm my go to Mardi Gras fight if I was with that guy. Mean that's how I started shared good morning Robert listening to the show she thought well and you know maybe I will go to Mardi Gras but it would have to be with the right man and then she went into. The story about the guy she really loves. Who apparently doesn't want her back or maybe doesn't do anyway the conversation is interest to. I'll make sure that that's so posted on on demand. On Mya my FaceBook page show we'll get that John tomorrow I'll I'll remind you but that put him on the year. Tomorrow afternoon. So let's see. I wanted to share this with you because you know people today. Freak out over things that they should not freak out over and I I like to bring this stuff up not that I'm promoting anything. But I like to bring this up. Because I I I think it's important for us to put things in perspective. One of the things that people are so concerned with today is what happens if their children see transvestite. Or drag queen what happens well one you tell me what happens. Tell me what tell me what harm that touched. And I'm I'm using my personal experience. To talk about tennis because when I was a kid. Not a teenager but a kid and a teenager my parents took us downtown. And my dad we would go to the Playboy club and on Mardi Gras day they would let you in the Playboy club the Playboy club is where on the penthouse Claudius now on on cyber field. Across from from Akron. And they would let kids CN money go a day. And so we would go with thought that was a fun thing my mom used to get her hair done by guy and god show us here saw it as lakeside shopping center. Mr. Robert I think his name. Mr. Robert worked with mr. Leo. Mr. Leo we dress in drag every morning draw mr. Leo we stress is a Playboy bunny every morning go at the Playboy club. So was a big deal trusting god and oh we're gonna see mr. Leo again this year so they go to the Playboy club is part of our morning draw. Adventure and we see mr. Leo. And there was mr. Leo dress like Playboy bunny. And you know I thought pat thank god just likable look pretty funny. Uninteresting likeable and today. Contrary with some of the one point. But I guess the point is that. If you if you kids see that. Nothing's gonna happen to own. They're not gonna suddenly wanna start wearing women's clothes. If if you have a a son that wears women's clothes or wants to Wear women's clothes it's not because he saw a drag queen. And he saw a drag queens started doing it that was something that was already inside of him. They just came out when he saw the drag queen so mean you know the point is it if kids see a dry cleaner sees something like that they're not gonna suddenly. Wanna dress up in women's clothes. Romanians see a lot of that in the quarter email address so now my life physically is a kid so. You know we got to stop overreacting to everything and I love the fact that I can be here to set the record straight or some of this insanity. COR dressed up as a woman and they don't like kind of what's my child gonna do. I'm scoots this is the Mardi Gras mambo and we'll be back on WWL. Well I have a very very disturbing contacts that I just received on my personal cell phones from somebody who just got this information. At 332 people were shot. At the corner of coo Ron led in union street. That's in the CVG. Now chances are. This is a case of two people who knew each other and there was some kind of a stupid argument and they want intelligent enough to settle the argument and they had to shoot each other. That is probably the case. This is close to protect this dispersants I mean at Texas at did you hear the gunshots because that's for Clinton well. Sprightly enough that that's the immediate area that I leave it. And I have heard gunshots from my apartment before. Which is very disturbing. Not as disturbing though is Stosur we're going to Entrust all the time and they have contingency plans for the kids when I hear gunshots outside I mean nobody should have to live like this. Nobody. And I feel badly for those people who live in neighborhoods where this is common thing. And many within your own community are terrorizing. You. Nobody else to cherish and you. And sometimes it seeps up hills or will will sort of follow openness by turn corners report to Turkey for shock fraudulent. And industry. In the CB day party you got a comment 2601 A seventy NR Texas a 7870 Linda welcome to WWL happy Mardi Gras day. Yeah. I agree it that it was quieter crowd yeah. We caught up in ways that. Treat me bad I. I want to check my account you today where a group of people around that pat and I. And he. About the library is a great. Yeah and I saw once again this year second year in a row I saw a lot less skin on Bourbon Street. True B. Or. Out earlier today. Countless. Mark. That. I don't lot of people and how the Specter children and now it. Great time. No shot at it I'd. I don't count. And all that support them. Until. They market. Well. I agree would I appreciate the call here's a Texas says Skoda I saw the beginning of its this is the shooting I saw the beginning of it it was a fight. With two young boys typical. Well punks. Super low talks. And guns and they don't know how to resolve problems effect they're they're nothing without the gun the only reason they think there's something is because Africa. Has just it's a damn shame. This exemption. Here's a Texas says so I'll be honest with you I don't know how I would explain it to my little one's seen a drag queen. If they asked why is he doing that. I don't have a problem with him doing it but seriously how to explain that it. Okay wait wait a minute first of all if you're a parent you got to be prepared. You gotta be prepared to explain everything. Even that and that shouldn't be the most difficult thing to explain. So. How would you explain. To a child. A young person and if you see somebody in drag. In the French Quarter of New Orleans. Especially in Mardi Gras day but how would you explain that to a child that. There may be some parents out there who don't know how to explain it let's tell them how to explain it will do that when we come back when WL. Boom boom. While we are at a time for this hour look if you're on hold stay with this I will get to your calls right after the news I'm scoot in this is the morning grow mumbled the review. And we're talking about its money grow our we're talking about. A group of ATV news and we're going around the city apparently trying to intimidate people and we're now talking about what appears to have been a shooting a report at least of a shooting. Around the lead and union street and somebody said that they saw the beginning of and it was a fight between two young boys. And you know I I guess we should be understanding right I mean what your your teenage years you're a young person I mean. Of course you gonna take you're going to wanna cooperate and while we should go while we go without your gun. I mean that's really just set up ascetic sand statement did you feel like you have to have gone with you to go to a stupid money to operate. I'm Schuett a by the way we'll explain about trans recycle we come back.