Mardi Gras Mambo - The Review with Scoot - Hour 1

Tuesday, February 13th

Scoot talks to listeners about their Mardi Gras experience this year.


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It is again be better than that I mean this like ideals. Radio watching weather like this testimony grow mumbled the review assist terror continues here on their VW Ellen archer RR where there's. If you are out ten you wanna join Islam from your spot of wherever you are because obviously still a lot of people around. Or if you are home if you are in your car if you. Have already had enough because look it's it's not that you're giving up early it's that may be you started really really early. How was it for you are numbers 260187. Lead every coach 5042601878. Or text. Is 87 870. So you just heard at the Olympics another seventeen Euro Khloe Kim won the women's half pipes and average garner from Colorado. A seventeen year old won the snowboard. Slow style our competition and so with the US is really are gonna dominating so far. In his snowboarding. So that's really a really good to hear. I'm I don't know really who invented snowboarding it was really the kind of an offshoot I guess it was Steve. The snow version of skateboarding. Shaw I'll I'll look into that figure that out pretty it it seems like it has been something it's been very very prominent. In the United States from the beginning so maybe not so when usual that we that we did so well and it. So I went down into the quarter as I do every year before coming on and doing their Mardi Gras mambo the review here. And I noticed something early interest. I noticed that. Bird history was not as crowded. As I expected today. Firms your response crowded as it usually years. And also I didn't see. The concentration customs. That I usually suburban street money project. And it seems as if the big local celebration an Olympic contest. It seems like. Much of that. Has gone to Frenchman and America. Because from very early this morning watching the television coverage of it a stations were in the temerity. And there were there were all a lot of people there were more people they are the norm Berber street and and before I left my apartment. And I went into their took the quarter I noticed that it seemed like. Many many of the people were in. The in the Mary area on freshman and that's where the big costume work and I was just really surprised I mean if you were out did you notice that as well as well. Look Burma street is crowded don't get me wrong and it seems to me that maybe this was the same our case last year. I just a notice that it was as crowded look it was a really peaceful crouch. The the other thing that I notice wears on the tell your hall was not totally packed. And I wonder if people I wonder if because of the forecast being what it was supposed to be I wonder if that the forecast. Kept some people from making plans to to go to hell because I mean it turned out to be a great day be news if you're out. If you are unity if you were in it it you know it is just a beautiful unspectacular game. Last night at or fee escapade which to me is one of the big. Important fun balls. A demonic policies and it's not the oldest there's new tradition with more fears in Austria escapade. Put it was a blast last night great crowd the parade wasn't really that late I mean they all want a little late. But the freight wasn't that lady comes through the convention center or right through the middle of the party and it was just it was amazing. Harry Connick junior performed Amanda Shaw and deacon John Boehner grandma flo tried trombone shorty dig Frida. Big free it was a show. Believe me big free it was you know that there was a moment then I thought when big freed turned around Amber's doing the bounced. On a thought there was going to be a moment when there might be our wardrobe malfunction. And I just I said a prayer that point please don't wardrobe malfunction. And there was snow wind still that was really really good bye or fiesta they were celebrating a three hundredths anniversary of New Orleans and course that has been the theme. All of this on and on this morning draw. You know I didn't see many kids in the French Quarter and I was talking about this on the show yesterday. One to crawl leading into today. About my tradition I secure for my parents. And my parents brought us downtown to the French Quarter. That was part of what we did part of the reason is that my dad worked to Jack's beer which is you know of the Jackson bring area now they used to be a robbery brewing company. And my dad worked there and so we had parking downtown and we knew a few people and they had balconies in the quarter shall we always went downtown. But for morning dropped. And I remembers a kid you know it was chaotic these are my memories of it. It was really chaotic and and Krejci but top I'd remember and that our I had a good time and and I don't regret that. I guess it is to some degree it's a little different now but it's not that different. So one of the questions that comes up every morning draw is is it okay to bring your kids to the French Quarter during Mardi Gras. And there's more than just urban street. But I just want to loan servicers a little while ago and I didn't see. I really didn't see any thing that and usual. And I would be honest with you if if I did so I personally don't think there's anything wrong with bringing your kids to to the French Quarter. You know and I I think about my brother and I'm. And my sister are going downtown to the French Quarter week. We saw things and in the context of those times relative to the times that we live did. With things that were acceptable and unacceptable. Where it's. What was graphic and and at the time it was graphic we saw things that weren't as graphic and outrageous as you see today. So I don't think there's anything wrong with it but a lot of people freaked out and think oh my god we can't bring your kids stand there and again you don't have to go to Burma street there's of this royal street. There's charters. And now there's there's Frenchman an end and Ernie wishes or an amazing. A place on morning gorilla tape if you enjoys with comic this afternoon our numbers 2601878. Area code 504. 2601 a seventy tech state 7870 and if your home or maybe you're working today because you know some people actually do work on Mona go a day. Some people work for companies. Debt to provide services doctor Marty Roth. And some people also work for companies that are national or their base somewhere else this is a normal business day for everybody else except us. Oh yes and those people over in mobile I'm stooge. It's the Mardi Gras mambo overview of Rebecca and every of Euro. Well that is over this is the Mardi Gras mambo the review and I'm skewed safe in the studio here at WW real and I was wonder why they had me in the studio here every year. Either they're embarrassed for me to go on in public and represent the radio station following we don't was screwed up now Reykjavik and the studio. Either that or they they they're they're they're so concerned about me that they want to keep me safe so I'm safe in the studio I guess I could look at it one way or the other. Here's an update on our party must opinion poll. Did you or your family do money goal this year 71%. Say no 29% say yes. Begin shipping at WW dot dot com noticeably to remember about this this poll this poll is a result of people who were responding to the poll. So the question is did you or your family. Do Mardi Gras this year. Pull obviously more people who were sitting home or at work. Not doing money draw they over the ones in position to respond to the poll. The people who might say yeah we did it well they're they're all out if you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon on numbers 26 so 1870. Every coach 5042601870. Text 87870. From saint Charles Jason your on WWL. We have right now that you girl yeah crazy stuff from a few hours here. What truckloads. Napoleon says Charles while that's a long. That's a long time and be stock and I I think something happened earlier this morning with one of the parades and I know Rex was late. Toasting it tell your hall with they're pitching your son Rex and and the mayor. Oh. We're going to. He had Jason you know we've already pretty much dealt with all of that and so since Tom this is somebody who or there's a few people who occasionally uncalled. On the high I don't know that there's a breakdown deported and saint Charles so don't necessarily police. You know we don't we don't screen the callers. Based on IQ we don't scream the colors based on their intent sometimes it happens and that's pretty much the way I handle it. For those of you who know me and have been listening for awhile you know their party dealt with that issue in the year and I don't deal with it every time it comes up. Our student glad you're with us this afternoon if you do wanna join us with your comment to our numbers 2601878. And our text is a 77 it. I am gonna mention this just for for a moment because I did mention this yesterday. If you listen to our show in the afternoon. From one of four. And you listen to the the issues that I deal with the things that I talk about it. If you listen to the things that I talk about that aren't perfect in my life. If you if you consider the honesty that I have on the year. What part of my personality. Indicates that if I were gay. I would not let you know. I would not be out. And and why would that be a bad thing. You know if you're gay you're gay. So watts but I carotene. May up I'm like proud enough of myself that if over gay I wouldn't be in the closet Ontario. I'd be saying hey you know what hey if I'm stewed in the afternoon and by the way and get this he's no but I mean I'm not so. I'm not so I don't. I don't worry about that if you do wanna join us on numbers 26 so one a seventy text. Is a 7870. I do know that there was a delay earlier in one the earlier parades. And that led to a delay in that. That led to a delay in our Rex I'm getting too. I get your call for wrecks our king of carnival to toast. The mayor and so I don't know if there any further breakdowns you know I one thing that I did notice throughout this this carnival season. Was there to this if they did not have many breakdowns. At age they they had these stories that really ran pretty much on schedule. And I don't recall many protest if you're along the parade route I'd love to talk to you. If you are listening to WB real if you were listening to our coverage with Tom Fitzmorris financial Leo earlier today from tell your whole. And you're still tuned into the station I'd love a report from where you are where ever you are Metairie North Shore. Wherever downtown if you're in the French Quarter a course like if you're the French Quarter what are you doing listening to the show I mean have a good time. Come on not saying that when I'm having fun here on the air but I would think that you know you're not really tuned in to the show your more tuned in everything is going on there. And as I mentioned just after coming on the air it it seems to me and I I know I I I I kind of have a sense that I talked about this last year. It seems slightly like many of the locals. And many of the big costumes. Have left Harvard street and have gone to Frenchman and and the marriage. It's not that there still aren't costumes on Barbara because there are but I just went and I I had this anticipation based on. Based on mine. Gears of fear excursion Mardi Gras since I was a kid says I was born here. Hi I had its and anticipation of what to expect and I I did not see what I expect I expected more people. I expected job and I'll look again Berber streets crowded but it wasn't as crowded as I expected. And it seems like there's the weather was good enough for people to know. That this is going to be a nice steak and it did turn out to be a very very nice day. There's a lot going on in the news but nothing that we really have to report. I mean are we have our news should department reporting on the news and keeping you up to date. At the top and bottom of the hour but there's nothing you know controversial that we have to get into. Anything that we could get into this afternoon we can get into tomorrow afternoon and Thursday and and and Friday so. You know let's just take this break. And that's what we do we take a break this this time of year we. We take a break. And much of the country doesn't understand it for example intercom the company that owns our radio station. And all the stations here like dove and every of your own beat on seven and by united five point seven and one of one point nine magic. And all the stations. This is a company that does that work around the country. They've got to a normal business day but if they have any business with anybody in New Orleans and nobody answered the phone. Ain't no one there are no more at least not today anyway. And it's just one of those very unusual things and and Enos and some people. Some people kind of you know go all I forgot it was voting draw because I guarantee there are people who have called from from from corporate their people who have called here. And hey. Nobody's home. I if you got a comment 260187. Your text is a 7870. And and it is is this AM. AM near you you your ER WWL. Oh. Why wait so you're celebrating Mardi good day here in your backyard. I was Miracle-Gro getting trying to get your plans to grow. Okay. Well it's nice. Up. I'm wrong. War of the you know don't well you get angry about it. On a balcony. They can't return it away. What happened I mean I must've missed that. Oh OK I IC we have that can happen you know it's it's it's like television. You. Well I you know. And you know for those people who go oh my god I can't believe that was on television acutely that they put that on TV what about the children you know what what about that what about the children let me tell you something if if if something like that. Changes your kids may and that's that's you know that's that's your thoughts. Of course. No I know I know and but. No I understand that my my point is is that anybody who says oh my god I can't believe they put that on TV. Are they they'll allow that on to dislike man like lighten up now he can't you can't worry about it. That's right. AM I gotta get to a news break man enjoy your afternoon in your yard with your Miracle-Gro sounds like a fun afternoon to name. If you wanna join us look if you're not celebrating money brought new and join us with what you're doing. 2601 a seventy text a 77 I'm Stewart coming right back under review well. And welcome back to Mardi Gras mambo the review here on WW Ellen I am scoots tonight in the afternoon here is a Texas says I'm spending my beautiful set Tuesday at ExxonMobil in Baton Rouge. Way c'mon man we gotta have the gas we got a handle we gotta have that oil would have to guess so it's OK that you're doing you're doing. I'm getting a lot of text about our caller every had just a moment ago. I'm asking me about so mired sexual preference on and the way that he he did a dog and get to some of those sexy or just a moment. From Gretna hate Tony happy money draw you're on WWO. Right good good. Earlier. Yeah what and no problem on March. Yeah. Earlier when outweigh. On saint Charles or abide or hospital. They thought the parade or they're. To regret it come extrasolar. And these last who everywhere. I don't know why wait wait wait they. You wait so they brought out like a worker for this sewage problem. Yeah and the spot where outs and happened to be right back to her. And the guy came out with two large let his guard crop a thing open. And not next thing you know. That's our game and we had to move. Out of the days and I went to the others because I don't want that article you know as my daughters are Mardi Gras yeah so yeah. Yes and after that a move that other side and then it was Sunday so we ended up leaving and I called on people and aren't compartments so despite. Well Tony I'm Soria had that experience but you know what at least you tried and sometimes in life you know what they say why captains. I appreciate the call Tony. Yemen sometimes things don't come to cope perfectly I find it interesting though that we have. The sewage water board that failed to do so many things when they should have been done and now we've got him out Mardi Gras day jumping on a problem. I find that a little suspicious from Jan Chile Justin you're on WWL. You say. You're wrong then yes it has been and its not a oh well I wish they were. You're sure this morning during operate as the importance of well I was in when that was senate Tommy Tucker interest I hear you on Madonna onstage and it. All Angela hill and Tommy Tom Tom distortion there they were awesome. The EU to include New Orleans. And ice story great story. Can except for forty years in the military I spent every year or more. Sort of sport like yours like. Structure. But you don't go to Mort. Until. And I think Lou. And I can walk to my house. Report is just double. I will I refuse. To get Mike sly to my house so I don't go to Margaret now and. Either you're being responsible I have you thought about two over or live story ticket a cab. No actual stance. Go to fort out now don't just that I kind of an option and he has it in the capital like it looked. It's a because you know that is an expense and and so are our respective that's not something that you cannot you can do but I I I respect you even more for for doing the right thing and that is is that you. Is that you are problems. You know responsible enough to realize wait a minute if I go do this I'm gonna drank and I don't want to drink and drive. It's flat out and prepare for what's gonna come at time ago when I go to reporter and I always. I was pretty Apollo one red one actually get a drink bottle it and I'm tootsie I will never mind that we all bark. I'm I'm would be struck out Al with a week ago. Just wanted to yeah I wish everybody thought to where you did and and we all appreciate the way you think I appreciate the call. Card here is a Texas says says spending money or working at a store in Kenner. Yeah I mean like sometimes you have to go to the store to get stuff. And so when it's a holiday like this maybe you're going demonic draw and how often do you get upset that. Hi Mike I can't believe this stores closed so you know you get upset sometimes when somebody's not working so appreciate the facts. They are working. So let me read a couple of these these tax about the color that we had to earlier. There wondered when I'm coming out of the closet. You. Check says until they do divided to I appreciate your honesty I'd just hates. How a year so apologetic. Like you're afraid to hurt someone's feelings. Well you know I don't wanna appear to be on a bully and the it was I'm not afraid to hurt that guy's feelings by time you know EU. You know how you feel about it you know I feel about it I just Politico. Here is so another Texas says I think that caller were late for his neo Nazi meeting. Just thought he mean O loaded the sense of humor of our afternoon audience. Here is another Texas says says screw don't give a rat's blank about your personal experience. Just no I love listening to you and wish you happy mode a draw as thanks for being you thank you for that yeah I do get a lot of checks like that. But he under my show and an even this afternoon it's more fun to read the text that are negative text and there the deposit checks but there are a lot of positive text and I do. Read your text. Here's a text. Delivering. The mail on the North Shore happy Monique on summaries it would be in the mail today on the North Shore. I here's our new pretty must opinion poll when did you first experienced Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street or in the French Quarter. Where you were kid. We high school or college age and adult or you still haven't experienced it your morning run de Burgos street version. And only in terms of seeing the trade because other than that I think that would be a false statement anyway give us your opinion are going to our web site WWL dot com. Here is Texas says. To me a break her work morning draw a Christmas Thanksgiving doesn't matter. Get over it and pitcher lazy but to work but hey I'm at work Euro work you know some people work but if you don't have to work on a day like today and you're out enjoying it. Get out and enjoy it. It's Mardi Gras mambo the review I'm stooge. Safe in our studio. And we'll be right back on debit of you out. Polls. It's. I'm gonna go ahead and not respond to this party must opinion poll live on the air here the question is are when did you first experience morning draw on Burma street or in the French Quarter. 44%. Say college age. 44%. Say as a kid and that was my response as a kid I've Reese someone across a kid 11% as an adult. And as nobody says that they have never experienced it more than they experience for the first time as a high schooler so it's a college age kid and an adult. In that order to show opinion micro interpret such a behavioral dot com from Kennard Derek happy Mardi Gras welcome to the show. Yeah how how the teenager when I was on birdie streak and so. But you know I don't like this you very. I don't like it. Thought the same. A couple of top dog again that want to do now go up to now. Come back around here just weren't saying you're not this. Now it did did it it it in my corrected that did that didn't used to looped around canal. You. Were up toward. It depends on this year or. I think it's. Further up canal street in you know by bird but it is it is not saying. Yeah it comes up saint Charles in the crosses over and then goes down the other side of of canal. You know. Did you did you Ardinger Jim Joyce all of that. You know coming up oh Berkshire unit that ignored if they become Albert street at the parade. You can't do that. Yeah. Well our Derek other than that was an okay money go for your. All right Derek appreciate the call. Here is a Texas says some high scoot just saw a large contingent of eight TV's on I ten headed west. By the superdome very unsettling. Well that is unsettling. And I guess they figured that the cultural tied up today. So even though they really don't care about the costs anyway they care less about being caught today so they're on the interstates in every TVs. And like I don't have a problem with somebody enjoying themselves. I don't have a problem with. Some degree of rebellion in society. But I have a problem with people who go out with the intent. And intimidating somebody. And from what I have seen. And and somebody who's in that group can argue with me all they want but perception. Is reality. From what I see from that group downtown. When a group of ATV riders accountant who they are trying. To scare you. They're trying to intimidation. If you just wanna go and have fun if you're breaking the law I'm not gonna support that. But it happens. But you have the goal of intimidating some point I think is. Is a mistake. Here is a Texas says senator Claiborne and Orleans go to known news reporters. Indians it's beautiful. That's great I mean there are going to be there that looks so much of wanna grow a few Republicans always find little things here and there. To complain about it and talk about his being negative. Parts. I mean money grows of a for a fun time. And if you think about the number of people. Who get out there and enjoy Mardi Gras. Every year. And you put that in context with a few problems that we have you have to say that money crisis very very successful event. And so far this morning drama never some. Bernie gay teen who fired some shots in the year during one of the night parades on on saint Charles. But other than that this has been on this has been a good morning rob if you wanna join us for the comment we're talking about Marty broad if you wanna share with us your favorite morning cross story. By a story or something that happened it Marty brawl that. Still to this day stands out in your mind if you are participating in Marty grove right now and dear to needed to show while your doing whatever it is that you're doing. I would love to hear from you give us a live report from the parade route if you have been in a parade and now you're already in your car and you're headed home because you started off really early so. It's no little before three votes. You know your body's telling you it's a little bit later than that because she started so early if you wanna tell us of what you saw on how you felt. Our numbers 2601870. Arie cut 5042601. A seventy tech's number say 7870. OK so. The king of thought Iraq's. Was toasting his. His queen. At. Hotel Intercontinental earlier. And India to us his wife. He out. Said the wrong name. I don't know what happened. But I think you'd have to explain that when he got home. Margie commie Diana when my name is Louis. My beautiful wife and you or something like I'm unknown known. And I know he started early two yeah that's it yeah and he starter he's a world. Arms cute glad it wasn't me we'll be back at WL. It. I'm so glad I brought this up on the air that the air at the king of wrecks on said the wrong name when he was toasting his wife and hotel Intercontinental. Because this text clears it up. He said yes Rex toasted. His wife and in use the wrong name. But that was his daughter's name and I think it was Diana but I'm not I'm I'm not positive so that makes a lot of sense and that is very very. Very forgive Opel. I know the checks says. Rex. Toasted. The daughter owed or Nina and then the wife Ali is. But please don't say king Rex it's the it's a Rex king of carnival. Yeah and you know when I said king wrecks that sounded kind of weird to me. And they also don't say king of pockets mean yachts and nothing is king about I think it's just I think it's just pocket so. Yeah I like to get those things discourage John from New Orleans Elizabeth you're now on WW real happy Mardi Gras. College right behind Powell on the ATP and that I want what botany. We only. A lot of cart dot Cobb not much more important I'll add edit or Carol. You know. I like how it was. Act wiped out in the truck and they wobble and and you know how. Had a great. A lot. What Obama. So I caught. Up. In front because you know how. Tammany party and people aren't on. And bake it would probably ten people want to take on call upon. Well enjoy it just just writing an ATV on the streets like that is is illegal that's just eat even if they didn't do it recklessly it's it's illegals to to do it. So I was a bit I'm yet don't let that I don't let that ruin your day will continue to talk about that return and I tell me briefly about your audio a day. It an. Awful lot more experience was it wouldn't do any. What impact what I'd well actually Lou it was right. Condit product market that are on site but not proud. Adult that comment to wreck happen. I'll. Has not article yet I appreciate the call but right now when you hang up disowned you let that go okay. All right let YouTube's letting go and just think about the fund that you had Mardi Gras day can I say letting go look we'll let the reality ago. And I'm not so I don't know if they come from out of town because there are a lot of people here that do this on a regular basis but I guess it even more brazen today because they think that all the police are somewhere else. And many of Omar. I'm Stoops it's the Mardi Gras mambo the review and we'll be back.