Mardi Gras Mambo The Review 4PM Hour

Tuesday, February 13th

Scoot takes a look at your Mardi Gras experiences and shares his own, as well as his own take on Mardi Gras this year.


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It. It's. IA did not write that it's just watch it or not that's time scoots and welcome back to our show. You know it was a Tamer more McGraw and I remember talking about this last year not as much skin in the French Quarter in fact. I saw one guy wearing chaps. You hone Mardi Gras guys walk around chaps. This comes when champs. But he was wearing underwear. They might go hide how modest can you get that so it was definitely a Tamer moaning draw at least it has been so far revealed that checking out after I get austere. But it has been a Tamer morning groin and in this reflects a trend from last year. Also we're talking abouts reportedly shooting two people shot one in the head one in the leg. I'm too young people apparently involved in a confrontation that this is just off the corner of Kerr Rondo went and union. I'm I'm this is my neighborhood and there are a couple of thought their a couple of it shops buy it down that down a street or union. And I'm a UL lot of young people hang out there and I've never seen anything that bordered on anything. Suspicious or anything that looked anything other than congenial. By two you know who knows and maybe wasn't even related to these two shots we just don't know we've got a call into NO PD police shoot Michael Harrison. And Jeffrey get a hold of him he calls spackle of course talk to him about this but let me before you about your calls let's address this issue that somebody brought a flow last hour. You know talked about. You know taking kids at the quarter going to the quarter and as kids and and I remember at Mike Parrish took us to the quarter when we were kids. Every year of my mom got a haircut detect idea childhood Ed guide shows is in place I shopping center. And I issue are haircut from mr. Roberts and gotten there was a mr. Leo was in the missile launch. And initial Leo would dress up as a Playboy bunny every money girl and he would be at the Playboy club downtown my dad brought us as kids in teenagers to the Playboy club and we saw mr. Leo dressed in it. In this bunny outfit. A guy dressed as a woman dude looks like a lady you know a song from Aerosmith. So you know it it was never that big a deal we thought okay did you do it looks like a lady. Like detection somebody on last hour who said I would no huddle explained to my little one it's. If they saw a a transvestite I don't care if somebody's dressed like that but how would explain that to my kids. And I got a text here that says. If there are parents that don't know how to explain things to their kids. Then they shouldn't have kids. I agree. Now this is what I was gonna save I want to give credit to the person who checks this in. This is the way you explain. A drag queen transvestite or whatever to a child it's this simple. My five year old saw drag queen I told her it's like wearing his Halloween costume all the time. Exactly. And my god how easy is it to explain and Marty brought a they're dressed up for more to draw if you see it and it's not Marty draw it's an answer like this. All they just wearing a costume the must be going to a costume party. You know as adults we we had this tendency. To think it would have to explain all the details children. You don't. Kids just won a basic answer pay us a question and you don't have to give them any more information than they need if they need more information bowl why does he do that. Are why would he water where women's close is it because in this of that wolf you know that it's a little more complicated. But initially meant just give the kids the information they need and then move on. I if you make a big deal about it he will be a big deal of them so mean that cystic easiest way to. Not to explain that and then I got another Texas says how do you explain a shooting your child seats. I mean that's another good question. How do you try to shoot. Well you explained by. Saying what there's some bad people out there. Tennessee senator daughter whoever asks the question ever ceases to me like that mean you kids are gonna see bad stuff you can't hide them from reality. But you have to be prepared is apparent in this business about oh I don't know how would explain this to my child or you figure out a way. I mean that's your job. I love them to say people say something like oh well you know the gays you know the got a throated are faced so what might Chelsea's two men kissing. Yeah what are they watching the news and there's some foreign leaders accused each other on her cheek doubt once or twice. You're so high you explain that to them. I mean do you see how hysterical some people to come today. It is is just it's maddening to me. Oh my god what am I gonna do what am I gonna do the kids coming to explain this you know you figure out a way to explain it. Cecil you're Debbie WL. Now you. May Cecil. Oh Cecile I'm sorry I said that wrong. Edit OK. He was talking about parades. And I'm seventy Bob Sunday. And it is my third. Year and I brought my life. And you miss it. And act couldn't go and it state. You would not believe. What are you what are you met SE so what are you miss the most about it. Biden is. Happy people. There. And just. Everybody's friendly everybody you know it's just friendly you know people currently. I'm of people watches cell phone is really. How are brilliant. Well yep people watching Marty or day doesn't get much bad that is a breath brother rich environment to people watch. Now I don't know that water anymore sense you know I had cheated and they grew up market to go by. At J&J C young people around to it. But it ours I was born in February and that march Alice how that moderate broad sank job I think Mary. You know a year you remember that WWR. But less than a month old's. No bite out. That have been on that saying how. Are harder for twenty years. Yeah and and and did use did you see the same people every year. Every year as a people group or brown hair and this comforted now. Yes they're. One year I was trying to hit that on why that occurred chop. So it's they operate on short. A lot of data out there on robots you know I guess it. Well I I guess under some circumstances you know that might that might invite the you know the birth but do you know. I guess that was a good thing for you to do. I don't eat out I enjoyed it you know Cole is the home. No way. We'll see so can I ask you why you miss Mardi Gras the last three years. Odd because my husband's been very sick and I'm sorry. And I can't shaking and I can't really you leading man is Al. Well yeah your apple. You're doing the important thing. And I I'm sorry your your ansari and missing Marty grove but you're you're doing the right thing and that's more important. Oh I watched did all that TPI. I got I can get better prices and are you back. I use cable that boxing channel. Oh all right we'll. Cecil I appreciate the call and you know the you know hopefully your husband gets better and you get to go to money run next year. It did not happen on some two years that is not gonna happen by. I'm bound to go on we can bore and I probably would have on Saturday. On our hands on. But we don't we just did it. Yeah yeah I understand I understand. We'll see see you take care yourself and your husband. We don't and you can't help borrowers so good. So. Yes are are you happy this year you know this is the first year Carl are darned who has been fully dressed in a couple of years. I'm analyzing now what I'll love does look at things. Yeah. I was. Young actually have a day off for an error in our on eight ebony. Well we appreciate that. We're reviewing your with us. All right all right. Thank decency. All right. Have a great had a great afternoon. You know she stuck at home taking your husband and I mean you know what she's doing the right thing from threatening Cathy welcome to our show. Colonel. I listen to you all the time and I really enjoy your show. But a couple of weeks ago is made our. You know aren't where you'd like to be that your life and I was just curious where it's nice to be. You know that's. In many ways I am where I would like to me. But there are still things that I want to accomplish there's still things that I need for fields in my life and you know so I have to be the honest about it to know there are some things that are I guess there's still some things that are missing. Well it's not a bucket list like you know I I I got to go to Spain or you know I need to go to our and I need to spend the night in Prague Czechoslovakia or something like that it's not that kind of a bucket list but there are some things. You know within all of us there is this desire to just deal for fields and so I admit that maybe there's some things and I'm still striving for. Or. Well I'd hope the good Roddick I didn't I still think I'm still haven't and I'm still right in the middle of the right now with this money grow mambo on Devi WL. Are harder at all right Jesse appreciate the call if you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 2601878. Arie cut 50426. So when he said he Texas a 7870 S it's the morning grow mambo and every once in awhile something have a ceremony brought. Quick look for the most part it has been a peaceful morning crawl. So two people were shot chances are this is not some kind of random shooting chances are this is decent to people that knew each other to cut into an argument. And they both had guns because that's of course what you have to have when you start an argument you gotta have begun Libya because if you don't have a gun he might not even get in the argument in the first place. You see guns are not supposed to make you brave they're supposed to be used for protection. But a lot of people don't get that to shape that I scoot. We'll be right back with more of the Mardi Gras mambo on WWL. I. All right coming right back with some more of your calls and more of your how to text I do read all of your checks we get to as many as we can on the air assault that is saying is coming up. So the stock market has kind of gone crazy but it ended OK on Friday right. I've been this is just what happens with investments. Now look a lot if you don't have investments because you haven't had the opportunity. 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Now again you have to be Smart about you gotta know when they have went to at what I think it was a Kenny Rogers sorry gotta know when to fold them and when to hold them. And all that but I mean that did the process starts. With you getting an education. So if you'd like to learn more about crypto Kersey and many believe that this is the future of money. If you wanna find out more go to the website crypto now dot com. You'll get all pitchers on six. Six it's it's it's a series of six videos. It's a book it's also a newsletter. Explaining crypto currencies and how to invest in them again you get the information and then you figure out whether or not this is something you wanted to. The web site again crypto now Dhaka. 870 texting 7870. Or WW. What are your thoughts about Mardi Gras 2018. Did you experience it today earlier today may appear on your way home maybe your still enjoying it and video taken a break you know a match I measure a lot of people in the French Quarter right now largest you know maybe they have just found a corner of the bar. Or corner of the street and they're sitting down and they're listening to WWL this afternoon because it just wanted to break from the madness. So what they turn on this madness. But like I just Ivan can imagine people listening to show but I'm sure some are listening as they still participated Mona go. And by the way let's not forget all the people who work today. There are people who are working and look if it. If you think about it there are so many times when you know you're going to do something and you pull into a store could you forgot some got out of stores closed and you get mad. They get mad because people are working well you know some people are working because we need things even on Mardi Gras day. So we're talking about morning draw do you have a favorite Mardi Gras story and we've also been talking about. Oh my god what are parents couldn't do if they see if their child sees. H frank clean pretty transvestite. What do you tell your kids. If you wanna join us for the comment about your favorite body gross story or anything we're talking about our numbers 2601. Terry coach 5042601870. Text to say 7870. Here's a Texas says so we're transplants now living. In Orlando thanks WWL. We're enjoying Marty roll all day long sank skewed and the crew that's from Carl and Heather Carlin has essentially saying. In Orlando from cut off Brett here and every WL. Reddy's go to your government bit I'm good. Yeah. Column back about the dark what normal what jellies here. Kyle abouts in a drag queen Yugoslav foreign. I'm more aware beat world number wore number two all of that trial. In there's no bet you there'd oh in the old or probably or public or. In United States or viewed their record are okay and if you don't know in these typical to rebel. Okay. And then next spring near. You know you'd believe you all get our opinion the best to be the visit recently the war ends. Like any other territory in the human. We operate could go. At all. The bad people order for people bit beard. What everybody else they're ordinary. Well this guy with oil in that area. What do not think that you know Eric. And about Miller and Syria not. Print out I'm gonna have to leave it there have got news coming out it was cement I really sure. Oh my arm. Bo motor broke my vote. All right London Brent if you're on hold hang on to your will we'll continue this conversation when we come back. There's some songs that aren't really money croissants and actually work this morning gross songs and this is one of them. Because you know we're all kind of crazy. And yet we somehow. Have fun in this moment of of of craziness. Here's an update on our party must opinion poll. When did you first experience money draw on urban street or in the French Quarter. 29%. Say as a kid. 25% say college age 16% say they still haven't experienced it. 16% say as a high schooler. And 13% say as an adult. And maybe that's because you know you're an adult and if you live somewhere else and it was your first chance to come downtown. But it was tradition with my generation it was tradition in the past that you you know you. You brought your kids to the quarter. And you don't have to stand her mystery to me this royal street is a lot of stuff. To see a lot of interest in things and of course is the French Quarter and its downtown New Orleans and of course would when I was growing up that we know Mardi Gras parades everywhere. Margaret was downtown. And I'm old enough to even remember that times when they were Mardi Gras parades parading through the streets of the French Quarter. I mean that was crazy. Those narrow. Streets and the floats. Flam ball carriers are remember we used to. Throat I change of their the fan vote carriers and I mean I guess they were so talented they were able to actually. Pick it up while they were so caring they. The Flynt outs. Here is Saddam attacks that says so this is about explaining things to to kids who you are your kids see and some parents and on X when such are their kids. And here's how I explain things to my kid that they see in public. Stupid people do stupid things and there's no fix for stupid. I mean that pretty much covers indictment. And is true in fact that so a great way to explain politics today. You know your kids hear something on on on TV about politics yet stupid people do stupid things and there's no fix. For stupid. If you wanna join us for the comic this afternoon about anything we're talking about two or give us your review of our Mardi Gras. Our numbers 2601870. Turco at 5042601878. And our tax is 87870. From bill chase Kathleen welcome to our show and happy monogram. Yeah. I. You. Our. That the during the night. And that Allah equal out. In an area right. Here. Yet there are due. So there. Could be. And I at the Arab. You know. Are you. And now. It. Acted it. Out it'll. It. It. I 000. She. I'll. Let the public. Or elk. Brett here. I that we should. Not see. RT LOK. Or a jury. Oh I'll. It at all. All. Dollar pay. It. The Archie each. Correct if I'm correct it's a act and act and Judy. And he told. Actually. Yeah are. It is a lot. And it shake it. They're Brett. Well no (%expletive) is. That. Of course she. It it. Yet though the law when it comes to some things like that the law is so here's a little vague cast claim but I will tell you this I I don't Saddam. I understand your point and I understand why you feel the way you feel but I also knows it. It is if your kids do happen to see that it it it's not gonna distort their view of life is one issue they are explaining what's right and what's wrong. Our collective. Right but I think I should be the jet is that. Her. Art and therapy. And. Don't know that that's a whole different that's a whole different topic I mean that's that but again that's a bit not that's not but that's not for you to judge in her mind it's worth it. Call it. It. Should be pretty. Are all. I. Well I don't over the over the leaders over the years it has become more popular on on on saint Charles and another other spots I'm not saying that's right but it has become more popular but what damage do you think this is gonna do mean use a you don't like to see it will. What to be and it sounds like you protective of your kids which I understand what harm is it gonna clause. Shall it ain't it that are my children. Don't believe. Table then don't worry about it and you don't have to worry about. Well I don't hurt. All right but don't act like don't be so quick to tell the people ought to legalize. Don't. Why. It's not nearly a parent I can't apparently they do have the right. Like. Well you know I don't know specifically what the lawyers but I think it's an interesting point about breastfeeding meaning if you blossom. You're. Answering. If somebody look. Kathleen people have made the same argument with prestigious and and don't be night even say they haven't because they have it's been all good news. Great call. Chat. The are her neck. That way girl. Carrie well we not only. At court. Apple. Or. I'm. Pretty. Yeah of course OK so so the men the men create the market forward. Okay so are you really manage the men are you man at the girls. Normal Kathleen I appreciate the call at I gotta gotta get to a break here. Ari look I understand if you want to respond to this is please do again I mean I go back to do I go back to the relieved. In important thing here which is. You know. What difference does it make us. All right I guess we should point out that at least on you know because in Marty Rosenberg who don't know but maybe visually where women because sometimes you don't know if she's really related or not. I'm screwed and if you wanna join us on numbers 2601878. Text H seventy. A seventy. Jackson's call 5042601870. Texting 7870. Or tweet at WWL. AM FM. All right guys you're with us I am Scrooge and we're every Mardi Gras and some woman wears upsets and I look I understand this as some some young girls or are showing their breast and they're getting decent guys in baucus on Sunday. This is around Julia and saint Charles so it's so long way from the French Quarter but it's still happening she's very very upset. I understand that she's upset. But I also think that people over react to this stuff like it's gonna really have some kind of a big impact on the life of a child if a child sees that. From Metairie Dwayne you're on WWL. Good. Once. The lady you know about you know child and moved stolen. You know their primary and we were actually the and and is Amman or on line. And he's he would like he's been married Gabriel. All of my fault about it. The Goldman and yet they like what people. Somalia it's just. Part of history and it's she's mine. You know. You'd. Well it only it. China and you know you could always have the conversation like you could say signed. Do you think it's worth it to expose yourself like that to get beads. And chances are you sun's gonna say no well exactly but you know again she stupid so that's why she did you know somebody has so many ways to deal with that doing Celek to handle that a properly. Oh yes sir all and and like that about. Affect the industry in a Bhuj you don't short long short part of score which it's always. To rain I appreciate the call and hope you had a good money grow from Slidell Eric welcome to our show. Eric 06. Do you. One as a valued at of that perfect I mean really shallow. And then and got me was is that is that common place. But that's commonplace sort of moderate and well I I understand. And edit it. And autumn you it's been a quote it to work. At a young girl and you know what what is. Would you what I had flooding like we do what it looked like well. Exactly it's a teaching moment here that and yeah. It's so nice to know that their people are due out there tonight I really appreciate the call. If you enjoy this with your thoughts and comments on numbers 260187. In Texas a semi semi. I've very quickly I told this story yesterday about mission the story we're here again. I was doing a morning show on prisoners scoot in the morning for a long time and I'm Zune and my morning show morning tomorrow morning from a balcony. At the rest in essence so are we spending on the night before morning draw at the royal Sylvester. My son and his friend to Richmond. And I guess they were about I guess or about twelve years old. And so there was this woman on the balcony across from us and she kept showing her. You know. And so people down on the street Lugo show Europe show Europe. Okay and she was shown in the and then I dates or beads and stuff anyways is she please the crowd by by showing up well it was time to go to bed. And so I didn't really early obviously to do the shows into my son trestle over country in the whites are you know under closer balcony door we got adversely. So I'm still awake. I guess are still awake anyway. The crowd starts chanting again. Show your. Show ER. And so the room is dark and I hear my sons say debt I think she's gonna do it again he jumped up with this and snippets of the balcony to take pictures. You know and I'd I could not be more proud of who my son is today so departed. The point is it doesn't really destroy your brain it doesn't turn you into a sex scene. It's not appropriate. But it's Mardi draw and if you make too big a deal about it then suddenly they're gonna think it's a bigger deal than it really years. And you know look there are people who make the same argument with breastfeeding. And there are people who show by get a base they show part of it sometimes. Looks sometimes in the feet in the process of breastfeeding in public. Part of that the nipple is exposed and people are freaking out all over the country about this. Why are you freaking out. And what harm is this causing. In fact that's why god intended. You know boost to be there. For breast feeding. You know we're the ones that turned him into toys but I mean it I honestly I mean that's that's not the original reason for them. So. Again just be prepared with your answers. If you wanna join us on numbers 26. 01 a seventy yard hole hang on for coming right back with a more of your calls. I text numbers say 7878. I'm screwed this is the Mardi Gras mambo the review. And he continues under the WL. You know we're talking about said the review of our showing breasts for visa for manager Lisa I've got time for our fans comment. Hello Lisa. Are around what happened recently you know here here's something to consider that if you're on hold stay with disarmed it's your calls right after the nurse. We another hour of the Mardi Gras mambo undergo here and there are zero. I'm. The police. We have a point shortage. Even if we don't have a plea shortage there are only so many police. And there are tens of thousands of people out there. More than that but in any given area this thousands and thousands of people. The police can't take time. To arrest people for showing their breast because they'd be arresting people it's what we need them to pay attention to the real crimes. And I've got somebody also who has sent me the city's municipal code and if it's accurate. Then this may answer the question about whether it's legal to show your breasts in public I'm Stu talk about that when we come back.