Mardi Gras Mambo Preview with Dave Cohen - Hour 3

It’s Mardi Gras 2018 with the Krewe of WWL as Dave Cohen broadcasts from the Bourbon Orleans Hotel in the French Quarter.


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And I'm David Blake's now marred WWL first news with Dave Cohen WW well pay on my famine dot com. Eleven minutes after 7 AM it's our Mardi Gras coverage live from suburban Orleans hotel on this February 13 28 team wow what a big Fat Tuesday. The welcome to Mardi dry here on WW well David Blake we've been talking. For the last little while about the best Mardi Gras song tonight that after the news at seven I would ask you what song is it that you have to here. On your Fat Tuesday that make you go yes now it's Marty draw. Yeah well you know it there are so many favorites or just pick one as hard but it. I'm gonna go with carnival time missed a job. Yeah that reminds you it wasn't always a quick now again once I guess that if you don't Ted Danson when you hear this song yeah a certain movement around some of your dad yep Philadelphia not hit it. You have absolutely no soul whatsoever and as you others on that you just got I. Hit your body god brain active fighter now. I'm allowed to stay away a lot of people thanks a massive 87870. Really what president says he got me. Here carnival time another person says it's carnival time this carnival time. Absolutely. And it's not the only one getting and they are now up and in coming up throughout the hour I'm gonna share. So my other favorite Mardi Gras songs that people are taxing. At 87870. Do you believe in ghosts Dave. What I kinda do I've not had an experience. But when you mentioned that your wife saw something. Yet you know we stay here at the Berman Orleans and my wife spent the night with me here. Sunday night after pockets we got in about 3:30 AM. And you know I got up to do the show at 5 AM on Monday morning. And he said that about five point 85. She felt something give up on the bad. And walked to the bathroom and she thought it was me getting a potentially look at the clock is that wedeman he's on the air. It's a womb apparently he now goes into Barack. Again I suggest. She told me that once we got back from bock is I hit go on to park the car in the parking lot. And she said she was taken out from makeup and in the air she saw someone's and it behind her not not in the hallway no doubt it was me and that they wanted to get back if you turn around. And you. Hung man it would and it Latin eighties just O'Donnell a double ghosts. Besides us. This is one of the most haunted places in all of the war according to many of the sites to look at and they have a display here that tells you about the different goes people frequently encounter one name the ballroom dancer here at suburban Orleans. Won the suicidal non. Another one is named the wall wounded soldier. And then. There are the lost children. Because there was a time when this was Saint Mary's academy and a orphanage. Founded by the sisters of the holy family. So there were a lot of homeless children living here in the Upper Arlington by the way has the longest continually operating ball room in the entire city. As a lot of history here a lot of people believe it's haunted. I haven't experienced anything yet but. I heard stories from guess than now for my wife. Wrote that day yes indeed he truly. Does. Believe that there goes in this. You go I can't attraction yes the people come here just because of that I won't forget in effect is this a couple people just walked into the lobby your department lanes. In their bathrobes they're getting their cups of coffee. And oh wait. Oh my goodness employer what is this outlook if Obama just came down there. The bass wrote David and as you heard me talking about her on the radio and on tying her bathroom and she opened it up and she flashed me with her. Swimsuit is that what bothers. You get ready to take Fat Tuesday dip in the pool here at the earliest. Thing. He got your coffee got to bats maybe get you swimsuit you backed up in the book. I'll eat and when company. Swimming and in fact that they've. USC what's on the but where you know because as you can't eat and they go swimming for twenty minute three unit stepped up over twenty minutes at the mom always says the oh it's not thrilled. When you're still gonna swim for coffee slammed any. What you know he kind of scared me there when you started on time you bathroom and and you whipped an open I was there when I was gonna see him and beads. So I don't have any but you're fully club while you're. Bathing suit closed underneath so no beads for you that wasn't enough of a flash of light to get any beat the but I had any I wouldn't given you under those circumstances. When I get itself was to get the beat in the two dozen parades then you get up for re. Those are nice flights make you happy Mardi Gras I let other assert their Mardi Gras how you start nears ladies and gentlemen coming up we're gonna hear more over. From Rex the king of carnival and his proclamation. And more of your favorite Mardi Gras songs on this Fat Tuesday as I live coverage continues from the Bergen Orleans hotel here in the heart of the French Quarter it's our Mardi Gras headquarters on your Fat Tuesday. Right at the corner as the name says of burba and Andorra leans. My goodness they got royal street to my left where it looks like we're starting to see the walking clubs get ready people coming out their costumes get ready for their Fat Tuesday and I got Bergen street to my right. Where a lot of people just never stopped party and another to just get enough and getting their drink on walking down the street with their bloody marys and then a most of us and they are getting ready to make. A big day of it here on this Fat Tuesday. Your favorite songs and more from Rex the king of carnival coming up next here on WW wow all right that's on Mardi Gras mambo get a bunch of votes from the text messages and 87870. At the song people have to hear on their Fat Tuesday. So they actually feel like yes it is Mardi Gras keep the text messages comment. An 87870. Will be playing more of your favorite Mardi Gras songs coming up. Right now today is Fat Tuesday and that means that Rex is raining over the city of New Orleans he issued his proclamation last night and it just what the plan was for today let's listen to the king of carnival. If think of that as a Rex the king of carnival you know I love. How he went off script. And what can he said pleasures shall rule book that he and Knight and the crowd went nuts he had dead and yap pleasure is good player is good. And for a lot of folks on Fat Tuesday pleasure comes in the form. A bit liquid beverage Greg what the mix colleges here at suburban Orleans is joining me now. And and Greg folks can stop by the Berman OR come on in siding get a drink this morning from the bar here in the lobby. What is your recommendation for the kind of the menu of the day when it comes to drink. Whereas I open blooded mirrored that we specialize in we you go frivolous and saying and we used to Iceland. Bock who has a good eye opener of this morning and put all salad and it just doesn't start off with beings and hope ruined. We have celery and there's been some relatives and guests a setup. Yes and that's break it to get to drink on you get a little bit years things thing and than and then when you're done drinking it. You've got breakfast right there that's got a little punch to it do you study in the beans in the Joker in the celery. Right right right through promote a suburban vote and vote then from him being it's just precedent right then. The child registered distorted and happy about it though. I connect and that's how are starting the day that sounds good then as the day progresses people get into the midday and evening what do they drag him. I witnessed with the hurricanes and and you have your. Greg what cock through. What a month it was chronic Coke. That edit edit incident though act over the crown in seven but I want to end and it Monica and don't know you know so a couple of south of where development. Comes into my name is great about if server and your favorite drinks and it's a distorted and that's a far. Our heavenly eye opener for breakfast the hurricane for months and were finished in enough with the crown and encode. In the evening and then we'll see what keeps us going straight up to me that thank you Greg Manning great to see yet. Happy Mardi Gras everybody round on our side that's what the menu is like from our mentality is Greg you're down at suburban Orleans and their related to serve those up for you. Allied and our our slippers just came back that DePaula seated right. Yes a way to that you right now you have years swimming suit in your hand. You're still wearing your bathroom. Now she may really wants them beats a couple find out if he's getting the beads thrown away. And where everything everybody croissants after the live from the birth early and its allies Dave Cullen. That zone against your Mardi Gras mambo going to Mardi Gras moved still pumped up. What president accident today that need them to get Gatti here professor long hair and bad news today. Can hear the whistle that's a big yeah. Yeah. We go to the party dry day feeling given the alive from the urban Orleans. Hotel coming up we'll hear from the mayor elect and the mayor of New Orleans. When they're hot they react directs his. Proclamation. That he made for this Fat Tuesday we'll hear that coming up and more of your favorite Mardi Gras songs after your news with David blade. And I'm David Blake now Morris WWL first news week is Dave Colin WWL. AMI famine dot com. 37 minutes after 7 AM it's WW als Mardi Gras coverage coming via live from the burden Orleans hotel here in the heart of the French Quarter. Right at the corner of Bergen and or lanes David we've been asking folks their favorite Marty Roth songs we started this hour with yours. Carnival time absolute few others sent equitable times number one by the way it's gotten the most text messages and 87070. But now I have the song that isn't a close second place I hot and yet any guesses. Whom. Now. Now. Oh no apparent. Now you know where they had Mardi Gras mambo Rihanna got that up there yeah nodded second place on you the idea potter role the second way. Yes please. I gotta go. No real bad. That's about it. Hey we gotta go you gotta gotta talk. And words never went okay. It doesn't promise much drinking is going it is sure hard to find a place to. Drain in the main vein below par have yet here and her during the first days here in trouble. As. That's a than the others are numbered Tucson. Of the most popular songs more Fat Tuesday the songs we've looked on the play after here. On Mardi Gras day. So they feel like it is Mardi Gras thank you David we will to act even less than twenty minutes with more first news here at WWL just about the time zoo Lou. We will be rolling the first full parade of the day. Hitting the streets in just twenty minutes. Will have coverage for you right here on WW. Well we heard from Rex the king of carnival and his proclamation. When he issues his proclamation he calls on the mayor of the city of New Orleans deceased governance along with the city council for this one great day and allow Rex to reign over the city. We'll this year he asked for. Concurrence from both the mayor elect and the mayor here's what mayor elect LaToya Cantrell had to say in response to Rex asking for them deceased governance and allow pleasure to rule book day and night right that's what the mayor elect had to say what the mayors say we'll hear from him coming up later in this half hour here on WW well we come back from his brief time out. One of the shafts here at the bourbon Orleans we'll give us his recommendations. For how you should eat on this bat Tuesday and what the perfect food is for Mardi Gras 28 team I gave going live at suburban Orleans hotel wanna give a shout out to Charlie who's been taking care of us here at the Beverly and make sure everything's going smoothly for us on this bat Tuesday after it Marty drop back after this. That's already favorite part draws on the ones you have here that you. Know when you look like spend today and karaoke by the gators didn't vote. No matter how. It's your body drop. What is everybody got songs come and here on our live broadcast I'm Dave don't have the bird and Orleans hotel are Mardi Gras. Headquarters. This Fat Tuesday where we're seeing more and more people now waking up getting their coffee getting their drink on scenes of people now with their bloody marys and or their Mo Mo says as they get their day started. And I asked John what this last year at verbal earliest come over and help us with some tips on what to eat on this bat Tuesday what do you is a man who makes his living with food recommend. For Mardi Gras day people do as far as they eating plan. We're being. We're go. Red beans and Don that's the that's your hard drive me on. Yes. Please who mayor of the other Mickey Google. Felt that alcohol. It to being soak up some of the blues that's a yes that I had to that's breakfast recipe and I doubt what else is on the menu for Fat Tuesday. That it Gumbel and symbolize. Come on down this is at room we all look and the EU. Haaretz that the root here at suburban Charlotte you've got to Marty go but based spread out with on that but they aren't net smelter and I think that. It's not actually. Urban street. Much Buffy because we have breakfast and lunch. At the same time and on that mean you we have eggs Benedict with you and stuff probably a book I recommend rinsing them right. First day and aids in the B. We have done the last do we half southern. Ratchet. I write all that sounds good and it's not that you'd way to get just eight days started to get that belly full because. To me you gotta have a full belly before you start you drink it because if you drink first and then eat eat you just get a little out of whack. That. Not gonna have a lot of room. It would be sitting over sleep somewhere. Parents who don't pass that get to red beans and had dug spurs. Come down here in the rule on urban and get here breakfast or brunch buffet go on and then head out to the parades can you believe it or only. Twelve minutes away from Zulu Roland exactly occasionally to rules by the movie reviews and chemical and that's another is a tko and Polaroid read petticoat Gannett. Thank you sound we appreciated everybody got mad at me who have been matter Ryan. Loudly about our league indeed riady. I'll let big dude. Times roll here on WWL. They're gearing up for our coverage over Gallagher hall because we're like guys that just twelve minutes away from zulus started to roll that'll be followed that you're far behind by Rex and of course also at 10 AM out in Metairie we have argued is so plenty of parading and all of that is followed by. The trucks that world one after the other after the other after the other it seems like the trucks never and did down here in the quarter. About the time the parades that are kind of wrap it up as one of my favorite times to walk down royal street start here at suburban Arlington itself. Walk towards the cathedrals and Louis cathedral. And then take a left on roil and you'll see some amazing sights as one after the other after the other we see. I am pleased with matching costumes and coordinated cost him that they've been working on in some cases all year and we see though walking clubs one after another. That they have been coordinating and working on coming up with that theme and planning. He just keep walking up royal street crossover esplanade head to Frenchman. In the marinate it. Really get to see what neighborhood Mardi Gras feels like if you've never done. Mardi Gras in the marry me and a rural street here in the quarter it's such a uniquely different experience than what you get out on the parade route. Or if you ticker right out the front doors here at suburban Orleans. And had to. Burba industry. As you know on Fat Tuesday that becomes widely seen. Humanity it with all of the debauchery and wildness on bird industry and you know just talking to some of the guests in the river earlier than like the spent about fifteen minutes on Berber and that head out over royal for a couple hours. Then go back and get another taste suburban that like a little bit of the Bourbon Street experience. But really like to spend their day. Royal street and I coming up live from suburban Orleans hotel we have one or two more songs you've been Texan that sedate 7870. As your favorites the here on Fat Tuesday we'll share those with steel and will find out. What you're Texas and it's 7870 about your plans for the day you had and his new loads about to get started in just hand the minutes Rex is not far behind. An out in Metairie Argus. Did I mention that the king of Vargas this year is WW wells' own dual Norman. Wave to mom Holler Adam maybe he'll throw you something about on the matter parade route I'm Dave going gonna be alive from the bird and Orleans hotel. Little rebirth in which you wanna one of the favorite Mardi Gras nice people at Texas residents levity it's evident they want me here to get their Fat Tuesday gallon to DJ potter that I've yet to buddy Ron. Our I was certain deceive people wake him up. Get now it and get their costume. I'm here in the hour rule on verb and here at suburban Orleans hotel and I'm gonna call you ladies. The crew of I latches. Each have very unique very different. Very large eyelash. Fixtures what you got going on the red wings eyelashes. It to the good to essentially like three inch long feathers hanging off your eyelashes yes exactly and I can see them and is out that does that takes and get used to look at morality thing that yet either side of you that he'll ultimately got blinders on definitely and it was really act putting them into. What made you I'll decide that you're gonna put on these very. Prominent eyelashes. Well we were costly. On urban street and solve them like we need these appropriate. Apiece on the on the dancers. Know this to learn all the store okay. It's because you reduce the hustler store not the hustler club yes exactly are right and what you've got going on. The same thing but him black eyes that he's the red feathers you're the black feathers. When he went to column. There wings yet other options all right and so we got red we got black what you got going on. She's eating bagels she's got a mouth loss are right away and then over here we got more wings what are your wings. That the green wings you're the green wings and you didn't go to wings you went with something very different provoke you can't see your amazingly. Very prominent eyelashes which he got going on. They're basically read tenth home that I am movement I don't even blink. You had that gays are making a point Maurice in the blink of Canada's noticing your blinking if you have. For each eyelashes sticking out your forehead honestly having a little but apple I don't think at Cleveland as much as violent so happy but it. They're like us that they're moving anyway it's now whether ambling and it looks like them blinking and they're very shiny that the distracting or you get used to. I am there's still distracting them getting and there are going to be ripped off probably within the next hour. All right it's it was that just the beginning of the get up to the eyelashes or is or you're just gonna be the crew violence is in the habit you got going on. I think we're at the crew. This is that the yen appease this by the neck on on. And you we get a few bedazzled past him. And loved by the death of Havoc and that. Couldn't live without it right everybody guy doll. Giving everybody go up. Hey you guys Dick grove eyelashes folks and we're gonna start seeing more and more groups with these coordinated outfits coordinated looks. Coordinated. Mardi Gras day approach coming on now right here and on royal street outside of the verb in Orleans and we'll see a lot of that on. On Bourbon Street as well I am so glad I get spent the last three hours with yet. Talking about Eaton on Mardi Gras day drinking on Mardi Gras day music on Mardi Gras day and all the fun I hope you have. A healthy. Happy and safe I'd forget all that his victory a whole lot of 400. This Fat Tuesday. Body here I'll leave in the urban Orleans I'm gonna actually make my way out to Metairie in net report for yet. From veterans memorial boulevard and the crew Vargas in what after the news we're gonna Gallagher hall for Christian. President Reagan Tommy Tucker happy Mardi Gras.