Mardi Gras Mambo Preview with Dave Cohen - Hour 2

It’s Mardi Gras 2018 with the Krewe of WWL as Dave Cohen broadcasts from the Bourbon Orleans Hotel in the French Quarter.


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How marred WWL first news with Dave Cohen WWL. AMI salmon dot com. Ten minutes after 6 AM it's lie. I've had Tuesday march drug coverage coming to you from the burba in Orleans hotel here in the French Quarter. And David I'm getting hungry whole body a body on anybody I am too. Yeah we've been talking about what the perfect Fat Tuesday food it. Text messages are accommodated 87871. Person says from Mardi Gras has to be pop wise that's as pop buys coal. Now and doing that for 32 years ago and Nazis I agree and a then as it got to have pop eyes someone else has boy will seize the news. What are they set up the boiling pot on the parade. I'd be there on this path as you can absolutely I was done bloody gras festivities yesterday and they had boiled crawfish adding get any but I saw that. And that. I just I couldn't do it can't eat crawfish and they continue to walk around and work in new all. You know I understand yet. But it did make me want boiled crop I'm ready for that now they look pretty good size in the people read them says they were pretty. The sixties. So far it looks like pop eyes is in the lead we've also had votes for slim Jim's finger sandwiches and jealous. As the perfect food for Fat Tuesday David I've been waiting yachts an hour now to find out from you what do you war. Perfect Marty gram meal. Well and is going to be a little lengthy but if I could make this all happened and that's a big. I would start out with a dozen raw. Gotta have those icy Cold War policy yes. And then I would have about two pounds of very large. Boiled shrimp. Ice cold. With a little dipping sauce that I make up on my own oil then killed the oil and shields against yours is wrong no assurance. And I have a cocktail site and shrimp cocktail saw it on yet you know it's a little different from when Mayo winner it. Odd then I would have the pop eyes fried chicken a giant box. Hold I think it both ways I you know I gonna be high on hassle and it sure. And with that high of course got to have the coleslaw and got a of the masters with a little gravy. And now my economy getting lost word of leg over mere. It's issued him optimize calls. It is. Throw on them awful lot of may be a nice to mock the post. A as a nice big mouth toasted. That is the perfect Mardi Gras meal for David Blake. Complaining about any of that but I want my trip to. On hot boiled Hawkeye and and I want my oysters char grilled them on. And we've been other that I think he got a pretty good job I don't think got turned down either way it's good style. Well thank you for making us all extremely hungry your WW. And him Lebanon back out good luck in pursuit of that perfect Mardi Gras and it all comes a hope all the your dreams come true. And the but somebody else Texans beat them the it's evident that they would be Brothers or canes. Really. Pop eyes Brothers or canes on the Fat Tuesday. I did have Brothers chicken after. The parades on Saturday. I've found myself by Adam Brothers and indeed have some gas stations sit here and there is gone and it's my number to allow it to pop by spurs went. If I get up pot pies. Brothers is fine and canes output in the same category is that chicken strips which isn't the same it's fried chicken I like it. But it's not the are right thank you David like preparing your perfect Mardi Gras meal. Folks text me and 87870. What is the perfect. Menu for your Fat Tuesday what do you wanna be eaten and you can throw it there what you wanna be drinking his well on this bat Tuesday I'm Dave going cavity alive from the burba and Orleans hotel coming up we're gonna get the shaft here at the rent Orleans. The doubt when he thinks the perfect Fat Tuesday meal as we make oak final of the bartenders also at the Bergen who. And find out from our mentality is what's the perfect drink menu. For Fat Tuesday you can include that new text messages to mediate 7870 keep a comment let me know what you eat and what do you drink yen. On this Fat Tuesday can you believe it's already here it always feels like we get twelfth night. And it's gonna before ever till we get to Marty crop and then suddenly is right upon us it's like it takes forever to get here but then all of a sudden it's here that makes any sense and but it is here happy Mardi Gras coming via live from the bird and Orleans hotel but not on suburban street interview some of the revelers right after this. And welcome back to our Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras coverage here on WWL IMF famine dot com I'm Dave Cohen comedy a live from the Bergen Orleans hotel here the corner of Bernard and Orleans. And I'm stand out on Bourbon Street now there's still some partying going on. Was lust and you slapped. It's been about forty hours it's wait a minute you're gonna make it through this bad days they are you gonna. Dead crash and burn at some point a crash and burn probably about midnight today as you're gonna make it all the way through fat Tuesday's you've got. Geez you're not gonna sleep for almost the area sixty hours altogether. Yeah I don't live once right Gillian. New Orleans maybe once in your lives. And what's in the best thing about you Marty your obviously not sleeping does a woman right here all right this woman right here yeah it was less than usual left. What about the things that have been a couple of days yes you gonna make it all the way through this that is they killed they shut Bourbon Street down the ceremony only tonight at midnight yes. You're gonna make we estimate we're gonna make it we're bound his retirement what's in the best part of your Mardi Gras so far. Harry and give us a clue what have you done what have you seen would be eaten what did you did correctly and it is a little while ago let's see. We have a hurricane yet but Aaron herr is. Well I what. There is just. Chicken on a stick with ladies sounds that you just you've been needn't you've been drinking and eating drinking and the. No arrests early eat and drink him. And then. So now maybe a little. A little bit and you know level ought to be drug index mostly kept it close on yes it can be asked to call. Got a backpack will be to wait a minute this year those being where it does come for a C earn them million I don't get the easy if she earns them and I. Let him in the back that I NC she gets the B to new Kerry of them so there has been some occasional flashing a flash. Maybe maybe just a little bit I saw a man. They over dog and do as your NW WL to address your Fat Tuesday and good luck staying awake all the way to kill me hidden died there haven't a good time back here on Bourbon Street this crowd has been out here well nonstop and as dawn arrives it looks like many people are going to get a little bit of sleep going to head back in two hotels like right here at the Brooklyn overtly and get a bit of rest. Before we finish up our Fat Tuesday maybe they'll catch the tail end of the parades but I know we'll be out here again tonight. For all the revelry gizmo revelers here on Bourbon Street the guys you know it you know what data is. To bases and I it was a bad news on. Thirty minutes of flag came here I'll see you just woke up. Yeah at 4 o'clock in the morning I think you're starting your Fat Tuesday now what's on the what's on the agenda. And it got a bill Lil. You know again. You can't curse on the radio Europe and add. Up. Go to do have a good time they key what about jello shots we gonna make a list along. Who are you guy you got pockets full of jello shots in big syringes. As to who is it's. I annual while he's that's reckless Dan wants is his problem lies in an act and use these records everything. What guy on his name would. The barricades and you know I it. We have midnight yeah like I'm sorry rally in the meantime really religious. You know she's had Atlanta not its list are. You thought you live. A land that detonated when you're ahead of the I'd go to have Abby Abby that you haven't already got. I tried as he can see heat and the big cats syringes full. Of jello shots for breakfast lunch and dinner but does some people all on fads uses today I will be backward from Florida. The right here from the bird and Orleans hotel live on WWL. AMF have been dot com I'm Dave go. Coming up what every gone all the bear little float freely for the people haven't won a lot of other kids have been UNESCO. I've I've got to catch a lot of major got a good break right yeah. Racks of the king of carnival in his proclamation after getting the key to this city from the mayor of New Orleans saying that beer will flow freely today. We see what's on his menu for today with that you can be drinking a lot of beer as he makes his way. Down the avenue and along the Rex parade route people are Texas today 7870. Letting us know what their menu consists of today one person says bacon wrapped shrimp and red fish on the grill with a Bud Light as as I eat pot pies chicken once a year every year and it's always on Mardi Gras another person Texas at 87870. That menu consists of two items. Beer and burping baby. Selena is standing right here but she's acting very shined at wanna come on the radio but she says her perfect meal is a roast beef oh boy for Fat Tuesday now all right thanks Alina still there and I. I as you and wanted to auction that had been tending bar all night. That she lost her voice not the text message comes in at 87870. Saying chicken on a stick and funnel cakes and I know what you're doing you're Eaton from one of those trailers parked along the parade route you know it's funny. For a lot of people they look. To those. I don't Michael food trucks so much but. The only on Mardi Gras do we see the same it's the little mobile food stands that pop up along the parade route every year. And to be able really look forward to that stuff. It's they say there's is that saint Charles Andrew rob right another says pro Marty rocks it. On Monday dropped wrapped aid beef slow cooker pop rose. With bloody Mary in hand turn on the slow cooker as you walk out the door to catch Zulu. Hours later when rubble reais over and you make your way home you're greeted by glorious aroma of perfect. Beef pot roast ready for a while but it's a whole lot of planning all right so you make in the beat. Putting it in the slow cooker getting it ready when you leave for the parade. With your bloody Mary in hand all right so you start now with bloody marys to wonder wood up there and again. Another person tech mediate 7870 after hearing David Blake thing he wants a dozen raw oysters to start his day guys that I want a dozen oysters today. I want them char grilled this person says I would like to taste the oysters that. Not char grilled I want wrong. Or spewed remembers spewed oysters are ride. And that's what that these people's menus. Four Fat Tuesday. We have one of our guys employees here at the apartment Orleans hotel you don't have this. Yet Julio Kimberly and Kimberly were talking about the perfect food. For Fat Tuesday. What do you think the perfect way to start the days of seeing a lot of people already in the bloody mattress and getting ready to go this morning that's one hell breakfast that. Think our open until now that packet that you would be Condoleezza. Global crown. Neat to got to be neat that the nothing else then at least he would smile was in order without order and that's who should never meet this Popper I'd. How things can go here I mean here we are finally I know you're excited that tomorrow that's Wednesday and finally. It's gonna come down but it's been one how the party here at the urban Orleans for really the last couple weeks it really had that mainly. It's great. Ultimately in the history and everything. But this market currencies. And. Unique to at least I'm all in perspective what what's been unique about it yes it hasn't been as much. Now the content out at the national crowd does everyone have an uncommon that it. But at the news here was what that would not aware at the ultimate closet and now mystery. I even witness both to be passed out in all Lee Phillips has been really more and then that down towards. Locals feel like I'm so happy drunk tonight I'm not stupid drop that and we though about the it will go enjoy your. Crowning crown needed that what it was that the double shot of crown needs. You go enjoy that and happy Marty grab a very effective do you do it alone that you thank you gambling oil real quickly if everything goes here this is what this on. I have not experienced it and against that they knew who believe that president all the months outlines though as well as bill Arafat Nike statement that ago. All right coming up after the news my wife saw a ghost here. This weekend I'll tell you that story we'll talk more about the haunting that the hotel coming up after the news here on WWL I'm Dave going to come and be alive from the bourbon Orleans. I'm David Blake. Now more or WWL first news with Dave Collins and on WWL. AMI famine dot com. Forty minutes after 6 AM it's WWL first news coming you live from the Bernard and Orleans hotel on your fat. Tuesday happy Mardi Gras David Blake pass happy do you rule. Yeah and no more work and but at least where ought be festive while we work to yeah Africa you get to cast him I'll assure that perhaps this thing in the mass Paulus. The hat and the thing. Yeah well look you gotta have a thank you must execute. If we're gonna be up there without the thing. The did you I. I'm ahead I'm curious you saw things die down a little bit and then it's rejuvenating again on Berman. Yet you know we just talked to a few minutes ago few folks out numbered if one couple I talked to you hasn't slept in nearly two full days and they plan to keep going strong all the way through. Fat Tuesday today and staying here on Mervyn Austria that suburban Orleans hotel until midnight tonight all right so. The they'll do they'll be up for like sixty hours before it's all over but then I caught another couple that just woke up about thirty minutes ago. They finally had to call night last night when he got some rest and now they're ready to get it going all over again and go strong for the rest of the day AC CQ different kind. Thought patterns there some power through some take the time to get some sleep before the homestretch. Yeah I think you'd be in my case would be the latter's there's some sleep and I'd like to start today flash in the morning. Yeah all I'm fresh this morning I got at least three hours ops though I am still in weapon garage. Well I I hit all three of the soup burgers super crew ball so I had it in damion I did buckets and then last edited or fears but I gotta be honest with it. I didn't stay for all the entertainment or feel as we saw the parade we saw Harry Connick junior play. And then we had to call one night I wanted this day. For a few of the other new world collections but I just knew that there's no way that can make it always been today provided content. Mostly the don't get them in the yeah yeah I'm in the latter camp. Am not mean that the war that the powers through with no sleep I need to do leased and after I guess I'm somewhere in the middle. Because I guess three hours' sleep for most it was not a good night's rest. Not. But three or not do it. Knob and here's the real problem. Usually you know Ash Wednesday as my data sleeper this year as Wednesday's also Val long. Ago. If my wife isn't gonna sleep all day then that means I have to be awake is welcome they're gonna take care my sweet and yes you don't times that. It messed that one Brian melt. Absolutely not and I think we've all you got carnival and everything going on there may be some people who slip through the cracks and that's not a good thing. What you mean slip through the crash they don't remember Valentine's. Yeah gas that's it they and they see that they mess up they don't take care of the time this week are on Valentine's Day. And then there in the doghouse and you know double talk. Thank you David we'll document less than twenty minutes or person as we get him back I want all your favorite Marty Graf songs to be thinking about that coming up in the 7 o'clock hour we're going to be plain people's favorite Marty Rouse on you can start next to me. Now what 87870. What are the perfect song for Fat Tuesday what song is it that you really want me here on Mardi Gras today that makes you see yes. This feels like Mardi Gras text me at 87870. And let me know we'll get those lined up for you for the next hour David Blake who share his favorite. Coming up after the news at 7 AM next we're going live to the avenue and find out what WW us Kristen Miller is up fuel as we wait for the half fast. Walking club to step off it's always the first procession of the day on Fat Tuesday Chris Miller tracked him down. Every year on saint Charles avenue we'll see where he's at and at the half fast. Walking club is ready to start there. Path past walk. You notice I'm saying that very slowly and carefully. It because if you say half past a little faster sounds like you're saying something you shouldn't say on the record. Kitty you know. Back with Chris Doerr from the avenue at your text messages and 87870. Coming up next. As we broadcast you alive from the bird and Orleans hotel you're on the corner of bourbon and Orleans in the heart of the French Quarter the place to celebrate. Mardi Gras day. And we had to do this video look. Direction now Iraq's. A there was the mayor of New Orleans giving the king of carnival control of this the leader rain for 24 hours. On this bat Tuesday and more coming up in the next hour we'll hear more from the festivities and the Rex proclamation also tell you the story about my wife's in the ghost here at the urban Orleans hotel. Over the weekend right now though we wanna go live to the avenue and check in with Debbie WL Christa Miller who has the task. Every year of tracking down the half. Fast walking club the broad procession of Mardi Gras every single year and Chris have you found that. Faster Walker's yet. I'm not quite the commanders yet among thanks Charles avenue in the cart this getting closer. If there are on schedule they can be gathered outside that we deal with the app where at this. And don't read her respect in coming down the avenue Dave about it yet detainment. Oh. All right we'll be looking forward to your reports coming up and finding out what the path. Fast walkers are wearing this year they always do very very unique with their costumes and their get out. And we look forward to that and I'm sure that they will be paying tribute to the prince of Mardi Gras. Pete fountain as they marched in the crew that he helped found and his wife helped name. As they continue to process every year down the avenue. Even after his passing Cris what it just in out there on saint Charles a lot of people at this point or just a lot of ladders and barbecue pits. It's still warm and barbecue pits and shares an actual people but it is. Out. Carl over the side of saint Charles avenue start unloading spoke to get set up. You know plenty of people are out here sooner or the finish going by year and others over the journal op an hour or so where are you start. Yeah you know that's an interesting dynamic in the back and forth. You're talking to the people this morning that had the duty of spending all night out on the avenue and holding down on the spot. And they do that for lots of times for their entire family. Groups of friends you know talking about dozens of people who come back to that spot but then there are people who show up right before the parade. And try to stand right in front of the people and holding that ground all night long and it. And he I think either a you've grown due expected and understand it but some people still get frustrated by it but it's part of Fat Tuesday. You know you're kind of expected and it's all the big party in the liked I mean one that you can't wait for six miles from. You know Napoleon enclave of all the way down at least circle beyond spoke I spoke tunnel to get too upset but what shows up as well you know. Someone in the group and or are not for the people person victorians. Already you're you have make some fast new friends and then you're only golf that it had just gone in standing in front of some people just don't they hey how you doing. May be off from a beer and then everything is fine folks get in there. Cook on out there this morning near the barbecue pits fired up of people Boyle and any thing what you stand out there. No boiling point in Arlington mine. Patent law should it on the grill burgers. Offices don't want. To move you spell out here. And making me hungry what's your perfect meal on Fat Tuesday. My perfect meal on Fat Tuesday well gravel pot pot pies and then bring out the parade route that I think. The easiest thing to do. And I says that you're perfect male that politics. Are being. It that you Chris. We'll authority here and when you catch up with the half mast walkers and as you know you have to say that very slowly and concisely. So it doesn't sound like you're saying something else though I'm not sure when Pete found quite name the half fast walking club. That he was sent. Past I think you may have been saying something else and Pete there's those two year. Fast maybe you. Walked out there it is you'd. Chris Miller live from saint Charles avenue you're on WWL. I Dave Cohen at suburban Orleans hotel in the French Quarter will be back with more after this keep Texas mediate 7870. Which your favorite Mardi Gras songs will share some of the results of what you're Texan has. Coming up in the next hour here on WWL. Happy Mardi job and welcome back to our Fat Tuesday coverage live from the burba and Orleans hotel I'm Dave Cohen. The here we're gearing up to take yet over to yell you're all in one hour we'll bring you the rest of our coverage throughout your Fat Tuesday. So we of that to look forward to come over the next hour I'm getting a lot of great text messages at age 7870. About your favorite. Song. For Fat Tuesday what song is that the you have to here on Mardi Gras day. That then you say yes it is Mardi Gras what is that one song keep the text messages coming in late 7870. And we'll play some of those for you coming up. In the next hour here on WW. Now alright I was telling you a little while ago we're talking to Kimberly who's not a fan of ghosts and is one of the employees here at the urban Orleans hotel and gets very kind of get the EB TVs when guest teller about there experiences with the ghosts here at the hotel well. I gotta tell you I've never experienced it we figure every year but my wife. Told me just. That that this weekend. I come down to do the show on Monday grow yesterday morning. And she said she went to the bathroom and she thought I was standing in the hallway behind her she could see someone in the mirror. It wasn't me. So now she is convinced there are generous here we'll talk more about the ghost at the hotel and your favorite Mardi Gras signs coming up along with the Rex proclamation.