Mardi Gras Mambo Preview with Dave Cohen - Hour 1

It's the Mardi Gras Mambo - The Preview with WWL's Dave Cohen at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel in the French Quarter. All the sounds and atmosphere of Mardi Gras 2018. 


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And I'm David Blake should now more WWL first news where's Dave how one WW well AMI fell man dot com. Eleven minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the thirteenth of February 2018. Adds fracture is very happy the game. Mardy crop. 21 and. On comedy alive from the burden Orleans hotel at the corner of Bergen and Orleans right here at the heart of the French Quarter. All our Mardi Gras headquarters on this Fat Tuesday and I'm reportedly ready to go or fat Tuesday 2018. But you mr. Blake. Yes gonna take it all and the sights and the sounds and the smells and you know. Eighths. Are ya forget that today's list and it's a sea gas that we got a whole lot coming up for the next three hours we'll become and the alive here from the urban Orleans. Keeping you company get you ready for Fat Tuesday 2018 as we wrap up the carnival season. We've been doing this and the twelfth night of Christmas and now it's finally here the day that we celebrate Mardi Gras in the most. Addicts. Expansive and wonderful way to us as many people are getting their costumes ready. Getting their food ready already staking out their positions on the parade routes. Getting ready to drink. Getting ready to listen to music getting ready to spend time with friends and family. And just have a grand time back and when did you hear it and last night I'm curious. I did go to the or yes go play our Jack man did not leave there still right around it. I got a long night the night at three hours asleep I went up. After last night's ninety minutes. Dive because we didn't leave the pockets rendezvous through it and until about 3 AM I didn't leave the in Damien. Party inside the superdome. In two old close to four days now. So yet been some long late night. It's fine for me hitting all of the super group super crew celebrations. Across. This city's. Yeah. On fumes with a good team. They're good yeah I was gonna say that you wouldn't have been doing all out of your Nam and a good time and you were out of time. I absolutely was tapping good time on my favorite things evolve Mardi Gras is when Rex issues his. Proclamation when we hear from the king of carnival and David coming up right after this we are going to do that we already hear the king of carnival. Proclamation ass up next here on WWL. Come idea alive from suburban or leans hotel. Right here on the corner apartment and Orleans. You know right at the front doors and a pilot to my right it's urban street where the parties don't go on most people's doubling its Monday night it was still up there. Their party on still right now and it's 5:14 AM developed my last. It's Saint Louis cathedral in as the folks here at the hotel like Tellme. You step up the front door have a this year laughed and I you know what is your eyes. That Rex proclamation coming up along with your forecast for your Fat Tuesday tomorrow's Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day wrapped in the one. And will also move. Get sports. With Steve Geller your fat Tuesday morning happy Mardi Gras from their talent at the Orleans hotel and good morning and happy Mardi gra 28 genes so glad to be with yeah Paychex mediate 7870 let me know where you're at. What you're getting ready eat what you get rated drink what you're getting written in view on this Fat Tuesday. As we get ready for the big party the final blow out of the carnival season one of my favorite events of all of Marty rock. Is when the king of carnival ranks issues his proclamation I was there last night as he did on the riverfront. In New Orleans. Enjoy our return our capital city to jointly by loyal subjects. Carlos celebrations. Are short of the greater pleasure. I do here might ordain and degree of following. And during the great celebration. All commercial endeavors be suspended throughout the round. Since then pleasure mayor rules and days and nights. And her. About the children of the realm be free from their studies and permitted to participate. That's the. There are other City Council cease and desist from governors. Enjoyed another. Jackson needed themselves. Daughters. Indie drama ravens all our police and our department. Contribute so much our state. We had an agreed that all citizens of our realm. Big of an engine maps and do our guards that wearing a costumes. I was brightening the route one recession. Brooke you lesion on joy has gone and happy evidence. Still my my head and ordered by the king himself as well they have February in the hear about lord 2000 AJ. Well. It was then on the mayor Mitch Landrieu for the last time as mayor to concur or whatnot with the Rex is proclamation. If the mayor concurred it would go on as planned it Fat Tuesday would arrive and party on here in the city of New Orleans if not. Is that all have to just call it golf coming up we'll hear what the mayor had to say also you with the mayor elect had his day. As after wrecked his proclamation and they had the opportunity to concur or not that's coming up here on WW well right now though let's take a look at your forecast. A mostly cloudy Mardi Gras day but at least relatively dry. We'll see if you pop up showers possible later in the afternoon and evening after a cool start afternoon temperatures in the mid sixties. Willie coolly into the low sixties for overnight temperatures some patchy fog as well overnight. By Ash Wednesday under mostly cloudy skies a high of 74 and another 20% chance for a few showers relatively dry for both Thursday and Friday with ties. In the upper seventies from the pinpoint forecast center I'm double to be LTV meteorologist Chris Franklin. Thank you Paris time now for sports on WW well. As we throw it from the Bergen Orleans hotel in the French Quarter back to our portrait street studios and Steve Geller happy Mardi Gras Steve. Thanks Dave good morning everybody for the first time since the Marcus Cousin suffered a season ending injury. The pelicans managed to win two games in a row by downing Detroit won eighteen to 103. Anthony Davis led the flock with 38 points and ten rebounds. A reporter for thrills are. We'll learn you know sponsors or potential there's reporter regard hear him play every game like the last. New Orleans is now thirty and 26 on the season and an eighth place in the Western Conference with 26 games remaining in the regular season. The tells host the lakers tomorrow before the all star break. Steve Kurt handed over coaching duties to his players what the Golden State Warriors were completing a 129 to 83 thrashing of the Phoenix Suns. Kurt stayed outside the huddle during time outs and many rotating group of players take over the white boards. Player's team it's their team and they have to take ownership of it and and as coaches our job is to nudge them. In the right direction guide them but we don't control they determine their own fate and I don't feel like we've focused well at all the last months and it just seemed like the right thing to. Duke the warriors won their third road to move one game ahead Houston and their battle for the NBA's best record. The LSU men's basketball team has another tough test on the road tonight in the SEC as they visit Alabama. Crimson Tide are coming off may 28 point win over Tennessee the bulls were ranked fifteenth at that time. Coach will wade says it's exhausting watching how good damage can be. Had to turn their Tennessee game off before minutes left side connection gets pressed it played so that's as good as unseeded team. On tape all season. Tip timing Coleman coliseum comes at 8 PM tonight pregame coverage on WWL will begin at 730. I'm Steve Geller and that is early morning look at sports. How about them how can't win in two out of three on their Mardi Gras road trip ends the U playing good ball the last couple would get it yet it's really needed right now a date struggled a bit without the Marcus 'cause it's which I guess you could say is expected your all star big man. Out of the lineup they weren't just to win five without him. I'm now starting to piece together some wins and into the all star break with a little bit of confidence I guess we'll see what they can do tomorrow night. In this movie king senator against the lowly lakers ballclub but he should be able to handle. Yeah it looks like they're starting to figure out how to play without cut of the testing their game and making some changes come a point you to back in here with sports and about 25 minutes I'll ask you what changes go to our. And what key parts maybe mean. The pelicans have some success still to come. In the rest of the season awesome last even if they Wear their Marty our uniforms on the road will find out from Steve coming up in about 25 minutes up next we hear from the mayor elect LaToya Cantrell reacting to. Proclamation from Rex the king of carnival and look at your forecast for you as well come and happy Fat Tuesday. Comedy alive from the middle Orleans hotel arm Mardi Gras headquarters here on W. You'd WL and we've moved our studios to the bourbon Orleans hotel where we're coming the alive this morning right at the corner of bourbon Orleans an amazing place to spend your Fat Tuesday all right moments ago we heard from Rex the king of carnival issuing his proclamation. That among other things pleasures shall rule both day and night. That schools should be closed and that the government should step aside for the day and allow him terrain. He called on both the mayor elect and the mayor to concur let's hear what mayor elect LaToya Cantrell let this day. Can't just pay or play start you have hurt. Arcane Rex Reed his problem. Asking definitely a war. Us to set the city of New Orleans found out loud and Rex to rein. And I am concurrent live our mayor and of course councilwoman Susie soothing in the first place and you'd let me tell you. I do not hesitate 12. To allow this to golf ball. Off koehlke. And I'm happy news. All right so the mayor elect concurred with the mayor of the city of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu for the last time as mayor during Mardi Gras concur will find out coming up in just a little bit you're on WW well now live from the urban Orleans hotel we get you your weather forecast for this Fat Tuesday. Highs in the mid sixty's for this Mardi Gras day but our morning temperatures are kind of cool. We will do that warmer trend continued through the afternoon and only a 20% chance for a few showers under mostly cloudy skies. Most of our rainfall today only 20% chance will be in the afternoon. A few lingering showers this evening and overnight with lows dropping into the sixties and for Ash Wednesday after some patchy fog to start the morning. A high of 74 and another 20% chance for a few isolated showers. Warmer as we head into Thursday and Friday with highs in the upper seventies and mostly dry from the pinpoint forecast center I'm double to be LTV meteorologist Chris Franklin. All right cool start warming up into the sixties today and most of the rain we get any 20% will be this afternoon that means we have an 80% chance on your Fat Tuesday of not. Seeing any. Reined in at all coming up we'll check back in with David Michael Moore WWL first news as we can be alive from the bourbon Orleans coach now where yet what to do it one person text mediate 7870 that's finishing up at twelve hours jet going on the ticket shower and then headed out to the parade rack. No mostly clear out lava it's Fat Tuesday there will be plenty of times Whitman. Coming up on Ash Wednesday and what you gonna go to church and you Valentine's Day. But Blake. Now Mars WWL first news with Dave Carl when WWL. Teoma famine dot com. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news this time Dave going Kevin be alive from the burden Orleans hotel. Here in the French Quarter David like I just came back from urban trees and what did you see. Party and reveling it happening folk and just not to look houseful. Who had there meal planned out for the day. They told me they knew what they were gonna do I tell you what that and they pulled from their pockets huge syringes full of jello shots. Flight home big. Almost a year now to rent it out like you find in the toy shop object something and it almost looked like he used him to baste a Turkey that's a big mastering job. Full of jello shots and they took that breakfast lunch and dinner and all you gotta have something beach rain. Please hey they're plant is jealous just hellish. And corporate style of growing up brisket or someone you know the it governor backed them when it crabs the executive jet Pittsburgh and Orleans later in our program and find out what a more sensible logical intelligent meal would he guarded or Fat Tuesday about what I hear people text and a sedate 7870 right now it's on me with. What are you eating. On this bat Tuesday what did you plan along the parade route what will folks be munching on in between catching beat him. Various others rose maybe it is syringes full of jello shots I don't know but me it's okay that. Maybe thinking about it too David I wanna hear from you when we get him back in here with more news in about twenty minutes on what you're perfect Fat Tuesday mile zone out now so I'm gonna. Coming up after the news at six David Blake's perfect match Tuesday meal will be hearing Matt alright you know earlier we. From Rex the king of carnival as he proclaimed that pleasure shall rule both day and night at ten yet. Ledger shall rule both day and night. He called on businesses to be closed schools to be closed. And called on the mayor of the city of New Orleans and the City Council to sees government. For one day and allow Rex to rule over the city. So we heard that proclamation. Then we heard from mayor elect LaToya Cantrell who enthusiastically. Concurred. With that proclamation now we hear for the last time as mayor of New Orleans on Mardi Gras. From Mitch Landrieu would he concur with racks would he go along with the plan and allow that Tuesday it is to continue please hear what mayor elect. Now on the we've heard from Merrill Michael's work intelligent what mayor Mitch Landrieu had this day. Iowa love. I thought about it a long time about suspending government that's easy right. Taken off school that's easy. Suspended business that's easy the Merrill like deny gays in the long has transition and a history of mankind. And she already kicked charge. And Judy we. So does which where we go on so mamet UN on behalf of the people of the city and the First Lady that calculating. Op police chief and all about. Emergency medical workers and all of I don't want. Police department wanna give you got a big round of applause. And let me just say this I love the fact dead Zulu in racks. All year work together to improve. Our community Rubin schools playgrounds. That partners that tomorrow they're gonna leave the city of New Orleans and be in the light of everybody's eye in the world remember everywhere else. Except New Orleans is just Tuesday he has bodyguards. And even New Orleans the mayor elect another tells you Mehmet depleted if we keep car. And we had to do this city I'll look to Iraq tell Rex. As I. Coming up whatever legal arm while the bear little float freely for the people haven't won a lot of other kids advantage though. I've I've got to catch a lot of major got a good break right yeah. As you can hear the king of carnival with excited to get to the key to this city but David I'm not sure that the beer is an Afro flow freely. The fact that he won't be free yes just this. But wasn't sure if he met that he was calling for a one giveaway here or who has just to be a good free flow of beer but either way. Good news there everybody concurred everybody's on the same page the party will go on today. And we will be celebrating Marty guy here in new war on apps. Again and text message it 7870. I'm not sure of this is better than the jello shots for breakfast lunch and dinner that we just heard from one traveler was done there. Plan. His presence as he's eating slim Jim's now and we'll eat slim Jim until after the parade. Then he'll go somewhere and get some since the office got a so would you rather steady diet all they have slim Jim's we're jealous. It's. I think if we can do better than that I heard thank you David we will talk to you at about twenty minutes of more prisoners here on WW. Now AMF Avant dot com I'm Dave Cohen live from the bourbon Orleans votes now in the heart of New Orleans French Quarter as we get here cued up and ready to roll on this Fat Tuesday. Happy Mardi rob coming up next we'll go live in direct to the pinpoint forecast that are at WW LTV saying get your outlook for mr. meteorologist Chris Franklin haven't you live from the Bergen Orleans hotel here in the heart of New Orleans French Quarter on your Fat Tuesday. Happy Marty or not to want and all let's find out what the weather's going to be like on this Fat Tuesday tomorrow far Ash Wednesday which is also Valentine's Day. And for the rest of the week as we go live in the direct to the pinpoint forecast that are at WW LTV take good morning. To mr. meteorologist Chris frankly take us what's going on. A little Fat Tuesday. I know that's bothersome when people out about this morning. And yet you work in the front court you don't suck it just a few blocks away from. Yet you know sometimes it's great work in the French Quarter but some. But at the models that lucrative but there were more sweeter weirdos than usual out about. Well if we get due in court. I do not. I was gonna happen with an idea that Bob is Ron debuts Sunday night but I'm not Beckham who you know they paid as the big MC he's the voice of the ball. Issues that whoever great economic bias. He added that it lacks the sit at a table not far from what you would do in the announcing great but you're always so close thank you thank you agree to exit italics then cannons dockers. I was I was going to ultimately and completely people's way. Right there but I think I could have touched you the moment. I. A great job bringing about all the action from the fiftieth anniversary. Bock is rhymed. And ended up bringing us some great weather in the ticket McNamee too shabby today like it was over the weekend anyway. No we don't have the rainfall like we saw Saturday and Sunday and even if you didn't appreciate that shield to the air on Monday brought today will be a bit milder highs in the sixties which is where we should be for this time of year. Yet not the prettiest they've mostly cloudy but only 20% chance for a few showers and most of those will not likely be until later in the afternoon so. All the more in parades I think she go off without a hitch chilly but again milder by later today and tried to start maybe a few showers by later in the afternoon and evening. So most of the rain that we see in it won't be much of it. Should be after all of operating at pretty much know exactly what's all the pre to kind of wrapping up than most folks are headed home. Is when we start to see may be few showers and and the folks that are still allow later the afternoon and evening of the once the quarter and I don't think it camera we hear about a couple sprinkles here and there. All right I'll be back out here at midnight watching them ceremonial we've shut down Bourbon Street with the police officers. In cars on. Horseback. Going down the street talent people's Mardi Gras is over it's time to go home we might have a shower cure on the night. Maybe a shower or two around midnight it'll be very mild temperatures only in the sixty so if you're trying to plan the war drove through the day. Chile now little milder by the afternoon and then by tonight and overnight wrongly dropping into the sixty sort of being very mild. Afternoon and overnight period so. Dress appropriately lectured or light jacket now averaging gonna need it won't need it for later today and then after a couple of cocktails you definitely one man that. Just look at the I have them them you're thinking like you should be two and tomorrow for Ash Wednesday also Valentine's Day out of the weather outlook. Not bad again about a 20% chance for a few showers during the day high temperatures that will be a little warm will be in the seventy so for Ash Wednesday Valentine's Day. Again not bad and then we're gonna stay warm and mostly tried to wrap up the week. It's and we're gonna get hurt near eighty degrees for the region then yeah Thursday and Friday both day's highs upper seventies to near eighty degrees so could easily top butted eighty. One of those days and then rainfall with a cold front arrives by next weekend. Yet we couldn't we don't know a single weather patterns in the last round exit with the Atlanta for very long at all force he. It winter weather all spring and summer just about every week lately the exact quote to you what timing it out today really eat it could be so much worse it's going to be fairly decent party girl. Yes well I like that I love that and I want some more of that mr. meteorologist Rich Franklin thank you so much we're talking food this half hour. What is your perfect Marty gram Mia apart from one person. Out on urban street who had pockets full of jello shots in huge syringes that was correct I want to dinner. From a Texas today 787 teaching reading slim Jim's now and that's all they have eat through the parades. And neither one of those would be my perfect Fat Tuesday meal what would be yours. CRM. Kind of bucked the trend I liked his little finger sandwich is something to kind of keep you full may be absorb some of the alcohol. It's easy to carry you you don't have this it was a plea not hot meal. It's just kind of a simple food offer like atlas latter's with a variety that that wrote the rose three and Stacy and you know Turkey all absolutely. Was like on the air perfect. Finger sandwiches for mr. in the hero on Mardi Gras day finger sandwich is all the way. All right hey mom that went back and I can meet some fingers and Libya to Ali by the way at the buckets rendezvous we have one of those many move a lot of platters on our table yep I think someone sprinkled some crack could not stop eating well for anything you suck down apple platter. Yeah he's gonna have matters I hit me yet at the many move a lot has also do it again dental care at all. Chris Franklin have a great Mardi Gras you do regular viewers. Chris Frankel line drive from the pin point forecasts that there I'm Dave going to text me at 87870. Become the alive from the bourbon Orleans hotel and tell me what's your perfect Fat Tuesday meal what's the Mardi Gras food what's that case that you associate. With the final day of the carnival celebration all coming up next. We'll get Steve Geller in here with sports on your Mardi Gras 2008 team. Sports time now on WWL saw throughout from the urban Orleans hotel the French Quarter right back to our way to street studios and thing happy Mardi Gras Steve Geller. Thank you Dave happy Mardi Gras everybody Anthony Davis poured in 38 points and had ten rebounds as the pelicans beat the pistons for the eleventh time in their last twelve meetings 118 to 103. Nikola Mirotic hope that tells pull away in the third quarter as he finished with 21 points and twelve boards. Coach Alvin Gentry is happy squad won two in a row for the first time since losing DeMarcus Cousins to injury. It takes a low wallow fire and so but I think we're. Doing a good job of you know figuring things out. You know last two games played this well. One more game before the all star break the pelicans are home tomorrow to host the LA lakers. BL SU basketball teams coming off an 82 to 66 victory over Ole miss him which to walk reads let the wayward 26 points the tigers play in Tuscaloosa tonight and lost to Alabama by eight points earlier this season in the Reid had five turnovers in that game the coach will wade says they need to support him better this. I'm Iraq first game we hung about to drive. Turned the ball over too much in November in the first game but our guards I'm about to drive that gave him the ball terrible spots they gave the ball in the wrong. By. Disaster. The tigers and tide Mardi Gras match up tips off at 8 PM on WWL pregame coverage we'll get started at 730. Former now former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Mann Zell told Good Morning America that he's been taking medication for bipolar disorder and that his goal is to get back on the football field. Man Zell was a first round pick of the browns back in 2014. But was I believe two seasons later. He's acknowledged that no one's to blame except him after drinking binges were documented on social media and he had a run in with the law that included a domestic assault charge. I'm Steve Geller and that is your early morning look at sports. 553 David Steve with you on your radio day as Steve so two wins in a row for the pelicans. On their Mardi Gras break are they wearing their purple green and gold Marty guard uniform. Oh yeah they're fully decked out in there they occur almost looks like an LA lakers uniform when you tune in but yet their purple gold and green uniforms are on display current. I've seen that that may be the the reason for their success they took carnival with them. On their Mardi Gras road trip. Now they've won two out of three haven't done that and DeMarcus Cousins went down with his season ending Achilles injury. Does it look like they're figuring out how to play without him and what has been the key to these two victories in a row do you think. That may show there's some success still down the road for the stand. Yeah I think everybody kind of expected that the weight of the world would fall on Anthony davis' shoulders and obviously the team coach Alvin Gentry doesn't want that to happen. I'll we'd been seeing guys like drew holiday. Or the new acquisition the Colin your take stepping up to be more the presence in this in this team right now you can't really replace the Marcus cousins production. On a nightly basis but of everybody. I've does a little more of anti Davis does a little more Jrue Holiday. I'm irritates and any of the other guys on the bench and I'd just a little bit more every game they should be able to make up for the cousins departure. Army won't be consistent a consistent product every night but I still think there's this team can hang onto that eight spot in the Western Conference. Iowa last night to dinner with a lot of shooting from outside the arc three point land without DeMarcus Cousins inside maybe they're looking to be more of an outside shooting team. It worked forum last night will see that looks good going forward on board will review with more sports in about fifteen minutes happy Mardi Gras Steve what's your perfect food perfect Tuesday I have to say good good a couple of trouble lies perfect you know chicken sausage of rice. Right cop. Agassi it's easier to eat when your on the go yeah exactly. And we'll talk to you coming up here on WWL. All right up next we're back live from the urban Orleans hotel I've got one of our. Security. Personnel here to find out if people have been partying a little too much organized. As we get ready for Fat Tuesday here on WWL that's next live from suburban Arlington it's now and I am last this studios and made my way to suburban Orleans hotel where we're come India alive this morning here on WW well. The Orleans is the perfect location for anything you want in the French Quarter during Mardi Gras is right here at the corner of urban or lanes and so if you want something kind of quiet. And more neighborhood you'd go out to Berman and baker right and things aren't quite as wild them that that two of the many. If you want the absolute no readiness. And all of the frivolity of urban tree you take a lap down Mervyn and you get that. And I and a lot of it does haven't come on over a spill on over into the hotel and John's been market. Overnight security here through all of this crazy extended Fat Tuesday carnival weekend John you've had to see some sites on. I've seen some definite interest in sites can you tell us about any of them on the radio without getting cute deets at both. I think I can. One to put in particular. A couple of need greens have been a little fisticuffs and corner. When I get to you both so tie it wobbles grant from the NC. You that you reflecting bit. It could barely lift their arms. They were glad you thought that was out that hotel here in that now that's hit a lot of revelers coming back with next full of beads. Come on back and look at like they haven't slept in a long time. Anybody having too much fun. We've had a few rooms. People come and looking for the room number. Activity to maybe down home to a room that he had no idea he was in before. That they come back and don't know which room is there's optimism case. And B you're able to get a where they need to go get them tucked in and give them a little needed rest most yet. John thank you so much happy Mardi god you and yours thanks enjoy your Fat Tuesday Ian had gone home go to bed now you're gonna stamping go out to operate and enjoy yourself out. I'm going on to a big breakfasts a year ago what Donna what's on the meal what's on the menu well I've been eaten so much that is New Orleans thank fu achievement talk about. So tonight I'm fine meal and nice happy don't know quart of milk. I do. I crept back. And whatever makes you happy it's bats is that you do what you want thanks John happy Mardi Gras to you and yours coming up we're going out on suburban street to see what the revelers are up do.