Mardi Gras Mambo Krewe of WWL - Kristian and Tommy - Hour 3

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Tuesday, February 13th

It’s Mardi Gras 2018 with the Krewe of WWL as Kristian Garic and Tommy Tucker broadcast from Gallier Hall on St. Charles Avenue.


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We're live at Dahlia all has he. Is arriving right now gripped Washington senior is thinking of food but when he team or blogs on each team is hurt southern. University marching band and rock in this place as that came through is now literally right in front of doubt your hall. This case we'll. Tommy Tucker Chris Garrett Tommy down there and. Race and then some in some red and black. Binary as spectacular. Address that the king is wearing. Big day for him and us. And this doesn't. Let's say they're. They just say lynch. Mayor Mitch Landrieu and toasting it. Kings who have real Washington's senior you can hear the idea. You hear the classes break on the a sidewalk yesterday toaster drinks. She's handed over to. Kings who bring in Washington senior is Tommy pointed out was this extremely decorative read in no white costume. Unbelievable. Ahead piece he's got going on here Q do you passing Gallagher hall and start seeing the floats. And coconuts star awarded here at guys are all Tommy Tucker Kristian garic here. Live on that it load full of don't call for more thoughtfully team that won it all mambo. And Tommy I was another tradition of I've seen is probably hit four times now live in the first is still pretty neat. Yeah absolutely I mean you talk about what you own sister Lotta people come from all over the world we had somebody from Liverpool on earlier in Dayton Ohio justice. Seeing this and imitate what it's a little bit after 10 o'clock in and mrs. Woman today at the earliest I think zoo who's been here a long long time which means that I would think everything behind it'll be right on schedule if not earlier. And embody and head on down the French Quarter and have a great time in the warmth is it is rarely. A spectacular. Day you know honestly it. Yet not a cloud in the sky start out kind of overcast and it is it is clear blue skies always around here. After raiding a couple of days Carl wolf we're in demeanor and pockets in Portland because well got a little. Where as well here we go with it closed it down here's the price coconut thereby will be seeking an theme of this what is listen soulful warrior. King royal guards. Lori cheat on the run in the loop. Secrets. Near the beast. Coconuts gasoline and a fluke. So in order to not throw the focus of that they have these contraptions writers of these contraptions that might be bowl attached to the sticks they get. Please the crowd get that coconuts to the person they won't let happen to. Throw it their way of course it did they do not prove coconuts for safety reasons but the bigger picture that you're just listening and hold up here and try to get what it all lovable. You've never seen it. This picture a broomstick was maybe a bucket arsenal cup on it. Fish net so like that into. The revelers here wanna look. Idea comes at Talladega College tornado band good. I would presume they're gonna favor or some other songs so let's listen. And now here at all. My favorite thing every year on. They always come. They get blood out Jim. In my view at Talladega 500 and everything. Hello there hello there they're they're retired twelve of Burgundy color with Carolina blue mixed in there. Nice nice combination. I gotta go with the horn section eight tremendous. Horn section and line. Other then becomes another load it would be float number three to be the only reason parade. Get this week. The green Troy Washington. Literally. AT. This is that to come to our floated fuel. All the riders decked out red red suit with the issue obviously. From this. Avoid Madison. And some young ladies on the Kurds bloated city ranging from maybe seven to. Fourteen and some grownups is well they would appear to be given a great time now. Some other made silly doubt that same range from seventeen to thirty or so beautiful women. And I think the queen who probably knows. The mayor's well let's say. Troy Madison and Washington the F queen of when he seniors at air new world it's lay it. Computed city and it has its inevitable. Please check who heads. I can't that would. They haven't that's the attitude blend them it's. Been. Thank you so there landfills and that's that's not a bad thing is that a good man that's the end of that time I was there. It's been best eleven million sandbags that the ruler of the soon there. And we took a sense. This affects them. Evan was the. There Zulu queen Troy Madison Washington and its host there obviously and that's the key to the city you can hear the champagne glass breaking on the sidewalk here at saint Charles avenue Tommy Tucker drove it died as a shards of glass down there that we enough right now to get. Thoughts on top of them anyway Tommy. Another another great moment to witness what's in handed over lucky for the city and the daily talking. Become what it. But he made region over to do what I thought I thought I spotted sunning and it took its electric vehicle that now men and and Tom DeLay it is interesting that the queen gets a dead heat in the city to I guess that's in case they lose one. Yeah of course it was well Leo it's at. Like they get the Kentucky case you forget you're lucky loser of that. Kind of embarrassing to help pop a line. Unite to explain as alienated see how did you manage to tell you that I. I kennel like myself out of the cities soon you could. Explain I think to a building that news. Bottom line is. I was seven lakers look back more a lot of love all votes when he eighteen to. Has arrived here on the deployment in the dot com perfect timing. Saloon honorary grand marshals quite brilliant from a -- all right now let's listen on a conversation with. You know may have excellent. It. Slightly. Honorary grand Marshal of suit when he eighteen days that. Exchange that took an adult he tossed it to near Richmond are good and fine. The mayor known victim is where it's likely the honorary grand Marshal. Fourteen when he eighteen. Tommy that's likely down there he regrettable enough. Moving his move and then alone and Christian I would have liked it seemed illustrate another Spike Lee joint. It's moving right along that I mean that's the best I've seen it flew. Look we're gonna lie actually on time the seventies and eighties these were not have to follow. City cannot force them to do so you're the last. They need now two decades where they've just got to make it a bit too long. Go. Just about anywhere they want it really. C channel four over their colonel Sanders. And win these. That is on the news and resentment you know withholding it's like parents and not tense moments and Natalie Shepherd at the lead when they're mentally keep it looks like it from here. Here comes float number of even recruit Zulu and Clarence decked now the historians. Say he's won it. Obviously it's all the history. Goes in and out whenever they speak publicly about. The other social club of who. Got a what do you view cart history on that for background. Of being the target field are well. If he had any trivia questions like it I get asked them along to him now until the windows mayor Lansing what's in the dressing. I story that definitely things. It is Alexei Tommy. One of the better crowds I've seen in the wild you tell your whole witnesses I don't see too many of these empty bleachers over there across Lafayette square side. Instances we'll look at that it. I see just a sea of people. Which you guys taken some of the sights and sounds. You lose rolling through Pascal your home. Tommy got one joke about he did Stuart Freeman. In the final loss coming here for a second. That's only that it. I Jews who were on before here coming up east of use the walk him warrior truck. Saw honorary. Grand marshals slightly. Should be doing up here shortly flown five we already got that seniors story. To me to come up flowed over six here shortly. You. Tommy get your visit was eleven. Not in agony now though com. We have a couple of police cars don't die and then it would appear to be a big gap. And then hundreds of Romney's he would stand there with them I was kind of what's coming up next thing and CNN's you'll need in here it's like a band name. This plane on the looks like again. The rocket due to should be coming up. As saying on coming up. Anna and I would wanna know very by either. It's never it's never really in the order that they forecast to be. Kind of changes. Scouts rule that deals zoos and he knew it's gonna what they do they kind of funnel money brilliant arrogant yeah. Not exactly. Is scripted or goes according to the way it's supposed to every now and we have a break to take. Back there at the studio would if we do not be a good time so that was in here. We're gonna lose about three minutes side is a wanna make sure we knew the marching 100 and you would they have. To play always a treat I don't see people in costumes today it. Is gonna happen more and down in the French Quarter of Garcia big costume contests that we don't know. He goes on its thing in and night. When kids real old. I don't know publicly Tommy I don't see traditionally we're seeing you know every third person ourselves just up some sort of costume and maybe of a political message or some source of your local theme in rats in line that we are seeing a lot of traditional Maude it raw pull those. You know there's the shirt striped shirt with green purple and gold. When asked him a lot of costumes. I'm kind of surprised by that taken back by that is having as much as you are really good crowd you mentioned how. It's unscripted moment all that they what whoever scripted this weather. Did morning wrought when he team tremendous favor it is absolutely. Gorgeous not a cloud in the sky the sun came out broke through overcast skies earlier. And I a little bit inside information for you Christian gone bad teams from the late Cilic Stephen cope or Kobe or rather will be marching. With the sale on May band today. Signaling an honorary marcher. They go alike I think this saint of march of 100 is coming up so Prius ounces and I'm sure. On the front yard all year place of some of their stuff and this is opinions I schooled in town have never heard a high school band that it. Absolutely put out the sounds like this thing again. Yeah a lot of great high school bands in in new loans McDonough 35 pence we were on a break and John Batiste to be playing drums they tell me in the say no advance. Let's say look for that. Talking about and only mean just loves money runs. What we'll do here will think it was in the same dogs that bark to 100 purple knights don't go to our news headlines we'll bring you. When my favorite bands of callable. The Super Bowl licensing and all that roared through here and once they get going cranked up Diego. Think it was sent off. I Zain all out. We're blades. Entertainment value of the Gallagher ball boy brought 48 team continues at our. News headlines here on the beat him well enough but dot com just visit Michael Thomas camp Jordan and other saints players taking fuel buyers out there all welcome back to. All mambo Tommy Tucker down on the streets angels which guard appeared on the steps Gallagher all of what a lovely team that. Relative parade waiting the arrival of reds and later on. And a Tommy it is the absolutely best of it beautiful day and obviously now they beat in the throat yeah really so good in a great environment. Is sick and in ninth grade money they oh look bad weather memory pessimism. That's rather incredible right now. And Marilyn Monroe's on the front of my life but I'm sure there was a reason voice. Ehrlich of Maryland rubio whatever she wants and yeah I guess those who isn't. A big contingent. I think resume friends and family units will ultimately true. Wildlife the ruined it memory Johnny Jackson. Rips at his fame. Tommy was thinking give spotted Steve neither early impressions of what they've seen with the king and queen arrival and obviously since saint players. Sure absolutely as soon as this group goes violence like the end of the band coming up and take a look down here and seeing it should be. The charter it should be rocket ships. Yeah we miss him we're commercial break he was in a a Volkswagen. A good. Serious and kind of music group here on CN. Room until late new. As far as. Like then some salsa dancing has broken out on saint Charles avenue. He's also coming. I'll love Victor Cruz. Ladies still on. Results coming. Daughter trying to make dancing dog yeah. Heroes. All of the man. How to salsa. At the net sales didn't itself. Then you bigs ninety can I think people just like the space shuttle's solid. I think tells them I made about a learning how to have a good time with listeners for morning. I'm very soon that Jackson. I want you back here ago. It's just it's portrayed here Tommy. Indeed this war is hardly change right get them get them. Felt like a bunker and right there. Really fun group it is not a decent size said dancing elves. How to love my boat when a team. Rolled through here coming up and about twenty minutes when they've solved that Tom Fitzmorris and Angela hill our continuing coverage. A lot of volatility seen in. Summing up what floats coveted here. What did the we'll hear. Quote number nine this huge quantities. This is painfully yeah 72 as the kings and queens of 47. Gunners exposed day and done I'm glad beyond in the juniors zulus of the. A glance. One Ryder taken out itself fully support the whole thing if you live on FaceBook reliable good you never know. Who would be seventeen past season. And also if you. It comes another day and it. I think on his leg demands morneau flew to this morning. Yes I'll tell you for. Because all you're. The rest we'll cover here. Its prime time either they have written on the on the buses very decorated. Traditional school bus red white blue and yellow listed there as well the rascals and like the Partridge Family school bus for the guidance that the us here and think about that way. Well wait a little longer wait for boarding up that they pictured you more fit. Longer. Later this. The latest they can possibly be as march 7 yeah so if you think it's warm now of course isn't telling convicted. Newsweek piece knowing win and owns an avenue the weather but I tell you why. We can't get name than it is right here. Right now. I assume we'll continue to roll through here Tommy Tucker and Kristian garic for the bought it all although here on W to well next. The vehicle into the dot com hey doubly so missed an hour ago Scott and beat some Zulu welcome back to Monroe Volvo. When he team Tommy Tucker. Chris you know you really are street ran out. What's up. Mayor Landrieu lately you really use a year's street rat when you get it working out. That's got to work the flow to got to work it hard working against you that you just can't just let expected to come through yet. You got to really work as he got Oscar and I'll I element in the twelve point. And we want to street all the time and this time around really nice pleasant little bit of matured to be honest with you but history. Is where it happens but you gotta gotta get into it you not done a kid you gotta just locked eyes with somebody and it is calling name and it's likely to be a person. And if they deny is that helped out gave him a bit. You know Hydro one last thing I never seen anybody work a flute like you do on you when you're not to Iraq. You got a lot of work to float and you got to move with a little bit and the police I was intelligent Doucet got to listen I'm John Amos and go to heaven on dozens of police all the he got it. I get you a deadly raid you go do you know I guess you're gonna go to look at let's get back to Nevada. You used to see this mail work in the flowed from the beginning and the end there's yellen in screen I'm like yeah. It again. That's trick if you try to commit thing that you think about coming from going on pictured here. You you look for some tips here's some early did you do have to try to make eye to eye contact with the Ryder that's one of the things ticket gets you it's some throws. Out of you know grab their attention and make eye contact with a minute they'll build dolce it usually I ironic time I'm sure you've heard before it's. It's easier it's really difficult to see if the closer you are too before. I can't believe he just said ninth else's kids to keep yell it out and David eventually they get you right. And it's pretty Smart if you think about it. Yeah frank Steve Bartlett again or wait till you meant what he tell you yeah listen at least Elliott. This is otherwise again you'll hear that phrase you wanna go do Newser do not want to go no ma'am I don't want ago and is thing. If it's if it's a month there it is Sunday or Monday it knocked it out to last Wednesday writing that's exactly right. That's another thing to look at does look the magistrates don't work right up next takes off what you continue to be sit there for awhile soon. You might wanna really duke made it look good as its mayor elect. I'm LaToya bond I country and I counter this can't extract it gives you don't know does that and expect to see this fairly clicked so well coming through here on ours grind on horseback get there we'll legs but I guess there remorse legs ready for when numb I didn't mean like the sound that I didn't. She doesn't hand when listening and she's appearing. For a horseback ride every. Every year it's every. Tennessee and I can talk to a real quick. Mayor elect is Cantrell you done in suppressing your doorstep. QB until talked about a man sorry. Let's listen in Maryland. The sudden lives. And this is the transition that's that's that's everybody's going to be great job. The passing of the torch if you will and. Very. There will be a great. And then it. I Kenny crashed the party there and I'm not too I. Now if I'm like I like that may be aggressive moment then bellowed I couldn't hear what was going on. The symbolic passing of they still talking to each other not in your hands a microphone in this intricate issues. Yeah. Thank you to really isn't that. Yeah yeah. And Quincy city donuts turns is a worsens spin the. Sheriff's well and doesn't belong Merrill like LaToya Cantrell Tommy might be. Our work work his way over and talk to the mayor elect that she. Takes over shortly for. As the cities of the world's may have. It appears that the TV people are there and now. So one minute trying to work my way over I was back in a horse away from one of the TV people so to avoid being kicked them and hold off. I would Hindus won't let steadily come back middle particular on the other side of the break. Tommy Tucker Kristian garic MarketWatch 48 team the one year old Volvo here on W to draw at this point. Thanks for joining the board and among those things throughout the Braves. But W the latest on since nineteen. It's not only are old news. We'll adapt to. What's it about here as wrap things up Tommy Tucker Christian Derrick here at Gallagher always solved and you come through. And this is what I mean as good as ever took the weather also. Before you go or Clinton and revenues come. We got a couple of fire trucks would jars the hot nights fire truck through the. Fire trucks going home. And went from and there's Guerrero is now suing and in need to have the fire department represented as loudly comes another fired for a but those things outlook once again happy horrible he's say be careful. Today. And they'll do what you think all first responders. That helped make this event happened. And I've looked at it I think the state troopers and sheriff's deputies. You know PD officers that have worked their tails off and you know and then Danny who doesn't tremendous job you if mystic hero Lawler note that you were fed. To take care of appeared Gallagher all and if things off. Here momentarily. But up next stop its board of Italy hill had a couple over the right. Rival right if horrible. On the political mumbo topic doctor Richard Eric buy into it on what happened on all these well.