Mardi Gras Mambo Krewe of WWL - Kristian and Tommy - Hour 2

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Tuesday, February 13th

It’s Mardi Gras 2018 with the Krewe of WWL as Kristian Garic and Tommy Tucker broadcast from Gallier Hall on St. Charles Avenue.


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It is rocket over here gal your haunts they Charles avenue the crowd is doing the YMCA. And the heat is playing the music waiting on the arrival of food here on Fat Tuesday on a lot when he seen Tommy Tucker version Garrick here are joined now by archbishop Gregory even. Very special guest on the today when it went of the neat things about him in his job one of the best things that ever happened to me. I mean this sincerely is knowing you develop an relationship with human being able to call you friend and you know. Thank you Tommy it's good to know you call you friend as well if people only knew it zero manipulate that that it. Am I could they're gonna ask you about it when they later and so forth but I want to talk to you about the importance we celebrate the 300 anniversary of the city. Yeah public Catholic Church really is the sole you know hoping you can talk about wont back you up that's correct. There were playing this game. What the bombing of the world love soon even people like 300. Years ago they were here as missionaries. Those days ago. Wallet was founded. The day that. And he also says that over there. We must have a church that's critical equally blunt okay 300 years ago and really yes it's amazing that it was only nine years. Of the city that the first one system to run and they open school for girls and also an orphanage so. The church is really I mean it's good to wind at its very best. You can't separate one you can't say one is existent the we are so we're so humbled and proud as the church BP. And part of the history through the recent years and great celebration. There's the story of our lady of prompt sucker with a badly new loans and some people would say. That the battle happened after the war was over but the people here didn't know that. Go at it that's what is all about it's it's not about what history shows it's what they knew here and it goes to. I guess the the Manson's held every year to related to soccer which it I tell people this every year. Even if not Catholic in the if you can behave yourself. If you need to go because it is an event of historical significance that I. Love well it is and also we remembered that when the date that the battle New Orleans was one. There was increased that the personal and found him went toward the streets celebrating mass and they were praying that we would win. And it communion they send a messenger in and he gave the priest a piece of paper and it's that we want. Which is not only victory for the Marlins but also it affected the whole country. And we are as a country what we are today because. Somewhat of the of the battle wounds. MS telomeres lined campus every January 8 it's it's about 3 o'clock. Tell him to be a part of something that enhance that historical connection that goes back that many years it's not to be missed especially now. I agree that we have the mess now at the at the national shrine which is on State Street but it was on tour history that this. All of this sacred this took place when the messenger came and it was to play at that we weren't in on that very day the sisters that are still insistence that that every year. We will gather and say a prayer of thanks and we've been doing that. For over 200 years. I've been here this another same thing happened 7 o'clock Manson's saying cleaners and listening when things when. No dispute that but at the anti immigrant parents that can't be found would be inoculated if you think you. Our agreement here on a decade ago and you join in join the festivities so far it's great yeah you know that is what it brought is New Orleans at a very bad it is certainly is doing is. He didn't really think the spirit the spirit of the city. You know like he found tap that more club we have fifty years we didn't have been an amazing incredible it they're kind of the official. On official arrival of into its but that this city. Divide in the city right now from. With that divide in this the right now on one of what it avoids an all of the energy in this city it's incredible. Do people joke about it they think we know how to we don't it feel like you would beat us. With some friends of mine down. It's irregular region that you have article with a clear here but we're happy thank you now tentatively on the coming out. People bought it out there but those. Have that he catch these needs. I've gotten better and better gotten better but we got we got there ago they're built I'll look it up. Been there there he oh my gosh this. It's great to be careful look. Go hit doctors. Where's Chris well I'm Israeli Hezbollah. It's not good. Chris let me and I general yeah how hard is that a domino everybody right everybody's is great. Doesn't want him so far ad goes so far we miss people this is right dozens New Orleans like this new tool would you revert then a young. Some anomalies diamond. Let it become nice China and they discourse out. What color would you. A goal. And very nice look at who would you call woody got in the cup Italy during adult beverage. I know you and have you had enough of an adult beverage to renegotiate my contract not yet. I don't ask me to do that Tommy I don't wanna beat you become conscious of attacks along quit yet. Have a great block house pockets you bachus was fabulous best rock we've had years. The new floats from parades. This right this is a wonderful lauded you love money run none of them might frenzy have a great time and I and see if there's Sam doesn't it again. Chris thank you will be back tomorrow can't go then Thursday it quits. I've been our general manager of their intercom and having him well. Tommy Tucker down the street is happy that that you found. I can't dance you've done I love that hats. And I love that had some guys that doesn't Pittman and then as I clean it up happy Monica pier I with a deep down that path. You got to everybody rodeo do had made up their gates if I got them where everybody some beads yet that leads me and had a kid at the tissue or anything doing. They gave me I'd bring you attempting but now understand. I get that a lot that's my part I don't know tag and a lot of that limousine at times. Let's elect a Pete fountain clarinet donut that's very nice very nice indeed nice tribute I don't have a very locker right. I comic cover got us here I'm ready. Just look at look over on the hey hey thanks for not killing me I appreciate it all right every yeah. It did I got a standing right in front of a truck in. And turnarounds and into ways. Low likelihood that those that they are here. And Gallagher all of our Gregory that it will get run over in front of other and the archbishop I enemy to pick a guy who bless him you know right exactly well. Overall though our business. And simply here a few moments but that's answered your thoughts the so what's seen and how the city is has responded in in posted yet another successful wanna. It's a great spirit to see so many people out on the streets good weather but this really the spirit that unity it doesn't make any difference. In terms of economics. Are race. Or. Position in the community we all want. And although although two of the things dishonest side because we or it really one family on a day like today. Are we to think so much equivalent of what they do they are you. Tommy Tucker Chris Garrett or the what it all Volvo here on WW Elena dot com Tommy Tucker pershing Derrick here already you. Rival. Zulu and the other New Orleans baby dolls are blowing right here from the guy you're all right now. Long story they're marketing group in another informant for the crowd or whether. Madison everything we got Christian the Captain America the so ill gotten at camp and see on this thing. Brilliant choreographer now on on an unknown when just ending line here is that they don't have a ever sorry I can says watching it seemed as that you were coach and some music I don't know I just notables but I'm not going to. Got to do one don't you get a blt turns chaperone and you know we've done so we have to clean beam at the seed in the right she's got every apathetic direct everything of the coming out of the group got started been around since 2005. Haven't flat yet my behalf cars out in front rather. She got straining went blank when asked. Couple that I saw with a laugh out loud was also a baby out black informacion. These guys who want it to carry out the tradition of the baby don't need it. In a closer you are a fattening thing. DL do a lot of practicing during the year legal we have and over maybe third ranked this is. Gun. Yellow gray what he normally do UN dump but he normally do Berlin and I'm close on ibex has a new fan and I also still and giving overnight. Very good thank you ninety and what's your name David Elliott. Maybe don't leak no Qaeda have a great day today the new world baby dolls here at. Saint Charles avenue from a Gallagher all Tommy Tucker. Christie Garrett Margo mall votes when he eighteen minute weather is absolutely. Perfectly it is an arm and seventy something degrees and just I guess a seventy something in the sunshine it certainly shares its warm in the stands out we haven't seen them a few days here. Carnival 48 team but we're blessed to have that as we await the arrival. Who had Tommy got caught some what you beat them here and I got a couple where it counts half fast marching club to. Hi wolf thank you know the temperature. That is important for what happens later on in a quarter Vegas you'll be jammed even more than usual again because people. I'm guessing just anxious to get out after all the rain. And had some fun without him and I carry a gag on umbrella was. Yeah I'll look at it to you that at a different sort of a break those old you know I thought about it and then and a long time but man am talking archbishop let them maybe I should. Hey I didn't say anything it is just abide by again I think we need to get set the lap over here for when. Kings who arrived so we get those bogus we could see it on his shoulders a six foot seven. Aussie water recycling joked that we had gone on Twitter on Friday night yeah which he wanted out I did just another. And and then he said the news in the case could charge me AM service charge and counter beat Kerry in charge per pound right and then use that something about how tall and mine isn't about an insured and being UC none at WL. And relive the conversation from Friday night if you ally. I think our I remember army to go back budget saying that people don't deny it and we're talking about them to vote no Philip real story for us so convinced Twitter verse that. You were taller than me and say where about that at all you started by saying how tall are you and I said. About an inch shorter than you but it then that this doesn't matter we got a big parade going by you right now and it looks as though another marching through maybe. I don't know we had some police units and enhancement group. Tiny little budget. Down the street. And that place Carolina look at this with a crowd live as gunning gone crazy with a Neil Diamond of course announcing his b.'s last touring here and fortunately. He's got parkinson's. They were into the crowd to get some big. Woo woo woo and and he. I. The literally. Game and literally. Nelson song for everything. Like the lions club marching club that is coming up down the line here in the meantime we're saying in. Sweden. Narrow line. No good so good so good. The crowd across it will be comic everybody other sites are not yet square side of of the child avenues this crowd. The stand there are really enjoy it and he'll dive right now who seems to me that. We huge boom yeah. Do you do it any better like to deal diamond so you know. These better we've seen Dennis. Let me do a better bet I've already cut. I see as I said the Jefferson lions club and an industry it looks like. And meanwhile the DJ's got the crowd going singing sweet Caroline. It's amazing how that song is come back and standing here to get them hooked on the song. And I can turn a microphone towards the crowds. And on this beautiful Mardi Gras day they will be able to join me in. In unison and end this name. Played a solid start seeing bill. Round doing a heck of a lot better job than average good. And marching club is getting close and anti life might be the line in telling your hat today thank you and trying to figure out here tissue missing in an addict incidents. Select spots dark. While cut favorite song. Yeah the whole crowd isn't it now. Very festive atmosphere a lot of golf when he. Comic daughter Christie Garrett at the point Rodriguez full bloom. One right here I think Charles avenue that it does littered with peace upon beat the body the power lines. All have some sort of grows on a on a lot. When he tees. Yeah it did a great job everybody get his other hand. Other you do that you yourself there ago it is rocket over here yeah U haul. There are off local news update the battle for the arrival of coming up here on the vehicle in the yes indeed Tommy Tucker is somewhere down there on saint Charles avenue right here. Middle and OK on this gentleman called it yesterday. I John called us and talked about a bucket list for money grow on how he wanted to margin every money growth through. Well that was his bucket list and this man was the most positive guy about money grow up. I have ever heard even though the point of when he comes C affiliate Janet we money you go to Tom how you go get a talking now you said you and your family trying to shake it up. Right Gloria we actually yesterday we got invited the last minute or baseball. So I spent the better part of two hours on a lot of pucks and down from Hawaii. We did or views ball leapt they're like 3 in the morning and Jurassic and right here and started doing this slept like maybe one hour in the last 48. Hours and the days and I mean it sincerely I don't know you from anywhere but just when you called in yesterday and productivity that. You exhibited you need some partners new loans 300 celebration and. I got on I'm just I'm just a pocket pod and a real man Eds this is this is about everybody we all deserve a part of the 300 celebration I don't not a Mondale came over. All actually is my first you're doing it hubby and I wanna get the ball. I let me try that we're gonna. I Pamela Danner a monument known object ears off enough then that's great deal about the group a group we represent these seven month. Dominican Republic. The united. So where we're at banana republic. And we have to celebrate the Caribbean I doubt that a fifth in the world today in any carnival's celebration there you know. Well I'm sure they do you know but I. NN opinion drink it's only given anything to drink you know let me. I rarely. I. Am I. Felt we how well I. Right good great news that's important that you would you personally. Pamela happy Mardi Gras day all right John a pleasure being here my grandma. The salmon and beat Mardy ended up all night and come back here today I'm telling you come eloquence is telling you don't want those pigs on the fight. I'd let you know. Outdone house walk on the other moniker on what's your name pitcher I think people I'll give them argument might have male and I can't. What do you like so much about the first year of the may he come back. Just the sales IDI. Who got you into and I'm just curious thing yeah. Everything I wish Dan a camera prevents. The Betty. I'm coming doctor diagnosed united talent locally don't feel like in my life about three years ago to bury you your life. I'm telling happy anniversary. Yes I was there every morning thank you appreciate what you named Douglas when he addresses that yeah. Do you Mac TV man who'd been known as Lydia. Hi this lady. We got happening here against right now. All eyes long Leon. He addresses that's the right you have clears that would Alia. And only got me. My feet mafia then and I doubt about it now this November and telling you look here Lebanon as the beneath the earth but me. Elegant look at these which I know they talk about is being a banana republic here you yet yet I get things can look like bananas there. They're not supposed to be bananas you just beat them maybe head way on that point what. And had my we'll let you go Abby monogram happy not a rabbit and the merchandise that I get gonna grab hold them and they weren't quite done. There's not a Sandi I don't know it's an announcement escalating sag. Sandy sagging OK I can't thank you guys guys wearing his pajamas and robe. Normal years old it actually dead gone through yet having money until all right good luck with those. Tommy so they don't they know that they'll sandy and it comes to lady in the end nice laid thank you would you name. They give but what. So how that chill that's a lovely name are you from here. Columbia OK we'll lay down and noted big name in gone with passing by with some tide bloom Mo Rocca is. Not like the Moroccans but obviously he passed literally was that a highlight your date. Went that her standing. There. Acosta now and I really just constant but it was pretty clever because. It is supposed to be an and a republic and what. As an old playmate late Tuesday to see them. It looked like get a couple of bananas in front or allegedly admitted that. I thought it got a little break in the grave incident over the better you do that it will do record they've got caught up with sheriff who will go in and out talk show host on the Google would show on WWL. Earlier today these big. Grand grand Marshal of August and veteran. And we are here with the grand Marshall. You'll Norman here in the Argus parade no as long as I can remember some twenty years I we saw you standing on the parade route. Directing the horse has making sure everything on safe and secure on that Tuesday. Now you're right near the grand Marshal an artist I've never does that bail today. It's a lot of fun it feels really different it was always a privilege and an honor to be common history with the men and women. The JP as though and all of the first responder community for that matter. It's something that I I'll always miss that let you know in this new chapter of my life. Spending time is a grand Marshal I have my granddaughter riding with me and my son riding with me as well. That's going to be a lot of fun. What how different do you think it is though from. Worrying about constantly making sure everyone safe and secure worrying about making sure your deputies are on the right place at night just got to whereabouts or I'll be able beat. Yeah I just got to worry about where I put the deeds appear on the globe make sure I got him in some quarters of the acting grab them and get them out to the crowd and all of the people that come out. To make Marty grow at a truly this is just you know. A melting pot of so many different folks party together having a good time together and Sharon an incredible experience together. About a million people is that what you don't really estimate are out here on this program typically on good morning good day we get about a million people on this route so it gets a lot of folks have and a great time and I don't know if you drove down. Veterans this morning yet but David camp and thousands last night. You don't have a million beads are not everyone can catalog now not everybody one and I guess I just all down dug out of ration your beads otherwise he'll be out deferred six blocks from. And that is grade mill Norman the grand Marshal here in Metairie of the Argus braves got his granddaughter is on riding right and let them. And that congratulations the great honor. Thank you really appreciate all of the folks here in Jefferson perish from the parachute this goes to all of first responder community. The voting is a medal on everybody that's maybe you and everybody else. Our very own. Who'll go over what Pete Cohen who is via grand martial artist in Metairie part of drug day here in new world outside the gallery you're all on the street is Tommy Tucker on singled out an operation dark for the water drop off both continued TOW did well enough Madonna saw Leo mayor and police chief arrive on. Horseback Tommy Tucker Christian Derek welcome in the morning role model 28 team Sulu getting closer and closer to. A rival and followed by Rex the king of carnival Tommy Tucker down there on procedural level we're live from Gallagher hall here on W well it. Donna right now as you can you can tell the it just basis certainly build and then here's the Marines marching band come down. They have no feelings like those dress blues and we'll tell you life and I think they're going to favorites with a song. One thing that person may arriving only through the parade on horseback and not get. You know this year. This was in the marine. All of a Zuma. Bringing him. There's our men. I'm biased. I admit it. You Marines out here. Tommy T is. Armored truck coming through. General on on on blue there's going to be back. As the three best scenario. Camouflage utilities they call. Coming through here guys all Avant does that get to big thrill for them. Bill would do this I'm sure. Tom or are. And right here I'm just looking down the street and did. I would have to believe that marine band is affiliated with something the and I mean it's fine they look great if there mark to lend themselves would usually that's not the case. And am looking further down. And if Xoom gets here at 10 o'clock this pretty early that that means everybody's going on time and and Rex to be here very quickly as well relatively quickly I do see. A banner. It's for a marching group they think and act like triple we'll have to see not like going on down here right now. There willow got a break in the in the parade here let's take our break here a model model when he Tommy Tucker and Kristian garic you're on WW well enough dot com. Thanks for joining us for more of a bomb though I think star spreads it Els victory for delicious VOK with a group of W that well. It hails bakery three generations for yourself all your long on Jefferson highly top dog person Derrick here live outside of Gallagher haul Tommy down there on saint Charles avenue and looks like. Who should be and probably a block away and should be here momentarily. Mayor Mitch Landrieu now Aussie told them committed here real soon. Arrives all the Ortiz socialists and pleasure club folks who have come through their bill up playing right now Barbara's coming. We've seen through your short and let the mayor was trying all the way through but he must disembark their distance horse that some point. Is being applauded right now getting some pictures with the Zulu in the middle saint Charles avenue and he's getting down before that Zulu marching group. There's clearly agree he gamut today well he can dance knowing him a him. A zoo lose representative with a bag improvements in and out as quickly as he possibly can and in an email us at the millions lose their own as fast as he possibly can then and now we get some lead vehicles coming dying. Listen to the crowd go nuts over these coconuts supposed to cut one of the most coveted rose. Of cholera. They're handed about right now the rhetoric Lafayette square feet those grandstands. Teams who set to arrive here momentarily it's a huge deal obviously with the kings to a riser dire all. Kind of a break in the music hopefully he'll get here for the top of the hour. And when we go through live regardless I'm being told that matter when is Riley that is during news you'll hold it here. And bring you the arrival of king who. Tommy Tucker Christian Derek you know what's that what's looking describe down there from your best point Tommy is to the anticipation that building here. Well buddies wait nobody's looking ministry we get some support vehicles gone by now. Suvs. And I guess one of them just said with a keen. And I guess others just presumed Zulu royalty and a lot of people who needs and so forth the whole ride. On afloat so I guess they're just wait and I can see another marching group common. Were probably. Her about a block away. And looks like another Zulu marching club I would guess. And I'm still looking for the kings flowed I'm not quite able to see day yet but I understand they've around at least circle. Which means it won't be long before they are here. Kings who this year Brent Washington's senior. Obviously thought whoa wait we go through a little more Negro League right now it's true terms of Toledo. It's excellent terms of wanna of course I'm sure you you know this stuff pretty well so let's go with. Ultimately what is what is horrible mean. I hit some that due to meet nine him and meet right it's there it's flat. It's the Rudy farewell to meet metaphorically. It's temporarily. Due to pleasures of the flesh as the apple able to gather to over built before lit that's ultimately what. The car will be some kind of giving it an education welcome Tommy had that yet they'll prevail and unknown. Produce pretty. Basic Mona growing won millions went out together they bought it brought Indians. That's the Olympic traditions as you take. What do it needs coming. For the second an eighteenth century. We're always pleased to have taken by local native Americans. And only get money were Indians for a that is the it's the season. My dad loved that about that's been the topic drag on any real way to. Final round and damage I am finally got you all it's great what a beautiful day to celebrate now 300 anniversary this city and then about a job. Every crew for money growth theme at 300 anniversary of the corps' ability to Rex is as well there's going to be a great day. They were going to miss next year when he uses civilians are not out on the street rack some of your vote again back we're always Malone. I nice seeing you may have. Have a great time here Zulu marching club. Downloaded Rezko again and again. I'm Mickey collect on it have anything to hide his idealism is Newman and getting of one for the Boston as long as I do I'm golden and I did and I. I sent here boy at a. And absolutely. The constant how elaborate they are old forward. Submitted to me like. There's no doubt if you catch it one other thing it got out why things didn't. Let me go this nice purple costume idea you don't what do you think yeah let's do a lot is Broderick yeah. Today. Sorry I don't want to dig in and cast still. You know are brought to Baghdad. It's my name. Of course is always a way around after reports say that's horrible greetings all these he seems very very. Like color supports a block out. This thing hits its two each costing us that would. The way. Wait I'll get right. They get back here 11. Yeah.