Mardi Gras Mambo Krewe of WWL - Kristian and Tommy - Hour 1

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Tuesday, February 13th

It’s Mardi Gras 2018 with the Krewe of WWL as Kristian Garic and Tommy Tucker broadcast from Gallier Hall on St. Charles Avenue.


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All live from gal your hall. Tommy Tucker Christian Garrett is to get ready get the Zulu and Rex and I would beat Thomas Tucker was room. Are whistling even on the houses sit down there are angels ever. Thank you well today glut seen as seen as little bit slow look at. You have leg and sent others to be allowed to Zulu gets here naturally and then Rex king of carnival metadata wrecks that we had on yesterday. Pump local news Los I think his name was last time yeah very nice man and one of the more personal Rex is we've ever had in her life. Ali and come on every every Monday and Monday grow morning and he's a very nice man I'll be as a great time I really don't. King Zulu Clinton Washington's senior queens who Troy slow Washington's nose slightly as the honorary grand marshals oh really yeah. And then we had some saints players Dryden as well don't. We do we have several things went right into outlet Tamara damn things went back and Jordan again Marchand Lattimore yet and neither of those guys well absolutely. The big pal to him tournament. On the time we did talk during the Super Bowl before you know run Smart little mile there we did. Last time the Super Bowl was here where she really got a problem we got him as a guest so cool yep. I am I tell you what I am looking forward to seeing all those guys and ended some ally guest Marcia on Lattimore and knows what he's doing here knows who sold out. Yeah I'm more so a lot of work been been doing it for a while now at least he's rock of which he had some. In outlook Tamara. During in getting off the float a few times I held of the parade take pictures with fans so you can even expect to lose a little while all time Tommy Izzo. You never know what's gonna get when when those guys are involved block any amendment you the Super Bowl parade and someone. Alia Clinton and you act. I'm not a member that is how how nice would have been if the saints have won so bullish. Very pretty city. Remember Sean Payton get off the flow with the Super Bowl trophy and walking around when everybody touches a missile that can happen again. Column trying to tons of people down here and talk to the nonaligned here's one let's do it held hands say yeah Helga. They you don't anchor we're on the radio select your mouth he needed god. I would do name on where you from behind. I'm well I'm from New Orleans but I've lived and all of them for forty years and can't you tell it pulls an accent are you German by origin and I. I'm happy serving yes so what you would you dress like how would you describe your constant new people isn't. German. I forget the name I think I'll throw line. You pick out that way to act ever as the easier in Germany. Really how Xen economy. Ambulance now. Tommy Tommy Lakewood when they do in what happens ever best and I thank you aids. Like party down. Festival ground and ending out instead that year. They have been guilty bill better teams and. I hitting insane how large they are that being happy and playing in the end siding you yet. These large years. It's just that. Do people who people can't live responsibly or do they doing and being Beers and just increase. Tearing the party. It's crazy they get pundits came on in their hand saying it and they actually play Aaron you see anything in internment. A lot of I'm speaking now. Thanks can't understand it because they're sincere men. Like you mean and money grows into regular songs like cheeky Boudin on its populace. Armed. I know if you remember the world's being here you said you live. Yes so for people that saw the beer hall here in love Dolan was it anything like that at all like in Germany. In Germany they're actually built in good. Just like you end up. He. Tigris and heaters that we build their heat's home. And there's tables everywhere and maybe insert them Brandon Knight flying them. Mara a week. Big party there's yeah. And on the ground now that there's like beer around rides they actually had them. Yes well. Yeah. MA US and German ranked as yet. Arm compared to National Lampoon vacation when they went in Chevy Chase he's doing a dance and a fight broke out seriously do they do that kinda dancing in leader Rosen. Time they DD DNC but there was no fighting no idea that Hillary will not. Will they did did chicken dances at a new lawless thing to do they view it there. I didn't even get a chicken dance and he ever done chicken dance man I really and Alex does gonna give you limited. The event live and event management and yeah. That sorry I haven't had enough to drink you know I'm not thinking today. Shame on me last night you probably got enough of that in January which enable Bani. Funny very nice to meet cannot and IE say happy money run German poet who dined nine seats in them. I think mining accident Sammy Knight Christian hey go get it in a strong line of the night. We've done Tommy what are the weather is cooperating with us and it's certainly it is overcast skies with a look at it rains so. The fact he knew that rains always good. And who had threatened though a lot there and super Cruz's pockets in the community center arraigned on boxing and Damian and on Saturdays and Sundays it always. Good to see it at least a good weather forecast will kill infidels like. Folks are dressed appropriately and you can see this. Defensive nature obviously some constant then I'm sure you'll see some more as the day goes on Tommy what is there are certain constantly he could spot them now the streak that's. Maybe that stands out there. All of on the crawl line you know I thought I don't think this'll be something a win here again your home. And I was thinking that day how easy it would have been get to these sheets of styrofoam. And then look to see what a storm drain look like. And measured out and in school laureate in on again. Diagonal pattern against yeah. So he could and done and put some elastic straps holding on over year. And then hand like garbage and stuff coming out of it and you could have been. Applied storm Moreno would have been a bad idea. You know that and I thought about dressing up as a new all sorts of water board member walking around standards around when the call you know let's. Quality dog and a terrible shot at the end of the world's food and water against Leno and you shovel sleeping sound I don't think it'd be a good thing through here and today. Probably not the only at a gun overall would have let them latency is you know usually we'll see some. Like sarcastic young arms of recall when mom I can sit there thanking Christian. Tom and I just like you know if we CNN today the other thing I wondered about news and weather because I could see wind and rain. Patting at people a lot of the Mona gross fears and maybe they decided to go somewhere and do something else but yet I can also see. Where today it be cut loose today because they haven't really been able to go out. And enjoying the rain whereas today is not gonna rains will be chilly right now if you sent the supposedly in in the lower line did mid sixty's as an excellent time. Read time Hampton GM now I'm up to shed this there's Jack and I got I'm sure that it as the day progresses but. Yeah I mean I think you're right thought there might be a sense of I came over whether his camp for those who a couple of days and now it's back to this on the current elusive. Illegal drugs are a little bit a little bit loose citizen group of people coming up here it. It's interesting that we ask him where they're from unexpected and something like you know keystone Pennsylvania my work. Pocatello Idaho doctors who looked innocent Metairie Louisiana. Both sides of the on going on stopped to talk to me her second. And safe way out from. Hey guess what the hell he'll come down every year. Here we use. Easily done that very and try and out here to meet you decided on the I've never seen do oh really league and enjoyed would you name Debbie and Travis and and Jessica and rent and many all of never seen zulus. I have many many years again. This is my first time back since 2009. Will be I have a great time will begin a bunch of coconuts I happy money riding you know. I waiting on the arrival of king at the zulus here at gallium halts that Tuesday's modest Oman mambo Tommy Tucker and Kristian garic you're on WW LI MF the dot com. Flooding her odd 2000 any team Tommy Tucker along with Kristian garic there's. Lake host grand marshals of funds only yes that's coming up from. Plea was that he found half fast walking club Columbus wealth. Oh is that you can see it prompts there while mean it will that your phone. Yes eventually left benefactor GM Christine Whitman will be marching in and out so be interesting to see. Com what's Davies him. What these folks say yeah you know who's really well a couple of cocktails. That's OK and I just want girls about com artwork and allowed Malone just wondered if maybe you mean to negotiate a new deal for both of us didn't sign it we'll. Do you do that but go ahead you know you get idea that you get Akamai bat with that with Ohio are you my agent I am to get 10% of them. And I am not upset in my growing up prompt. Where we live in Dayton Ohio. And Vietnam down every year or not. We re here two years ago and he just looked like a happily married a couple of nine well we are partner and we're so happy yes yes. My next question was married each other. Yeah absolutely. I'm so would have yelled and so far record company. All we've seen about a dozen parades we got here Thursday stayed with friends with family. And we went a box his ball was nick savage and it was wonderful. What's your person. My first name Kathleen and user I'm Tim Tim what did you like Mosul Barbara monogram bachus. Late college Buccaneers against. Let dog standing there's no other town like this zone in Ohio there. We have a lot of neat things but nothing compares to the side in general experience meeting new people on. Join the culture here absolutely and yankees again anyway what is the biggest festival in Dayton is there such a thing and well we have a big Celtic fest amok and we have. Sox past the hour. I think Celtic absolutely Saint Patrick's Day in and necessarily Alex during the summer actually. Thank you all have a great money Greenwich mean you're saying you perhaps it's a wonderful thing anyway thank god put together some 300 music. It is a 300 and it's awfully close I noted that if you put anything together it would last August we gave the nine and simple. Let's be clear that maybe three and a half days. Nobody is a 300 senators I don't city in advance of the Eagles deal which is gonna get into it and it's going to be a big celebration this area. Crisis to deal with earth and look a one plug up to become one of I think state troopers in the it'll be the up police officers. They've been out here for 1012 days gone very little sleep so. Publicity out opportunity to thank them go to shake me like some illegal right now we go there by you and these men and women are. Have always done a great job protected us and he's not a policy. Another put handcuffs on him though the view that club again cellulose over the golf at least they're having some hand to hand contact. Come. Waiting on the fountains half fast marching involved in some other groups do we missed one element. Monday OKL and all the others of course own new old Norman. Out in Metairie he's the grand martial artists in Iowa you don't want domino might cost you one thing he's the other Clinton. Fidelity say. It's pocket balloting. Bob mentality as he has no idea and then I'm. I was suddenly come back here. Look I've from the greatest free show on earth. The water role model here. Live from guy called Tommy Tucker Chris Garrett Huckabee did well enough in the dugout. Was over the water brought into bullets person Derrick Thomas Tucker life Charles avenue value at all the greatest free show on earth. WW Olin. Hear the music in the background crowd it's building obviously Charles avenue the read through Louis they arrive in the course of these horrible horrible wreck a little later on Tommy talked down on C Charles avenue. Don't forget the half fast marching club both aware of that that Vietnam Meyer the lions marching club before that. He got mind OK Il at some point in man you got a couple other marching groups of we're going to be down here for all of that uses it happens will be put it on the air this panel like this who try to do we'll monitor on the airport. You know Tom you look at that loser segment one of the dialogue about. The parades that all the fans could see southern obviously. Great big Talladega. And a second ago some people looking for help me yes there are fewer reporters being is. Footers he would give you Melissa's this data clearly seeking have begun NEC and sciences pointers street. It's either to the radical left and left left to play election tells me so good unemployed just way off from her. San Francisco Claudia like in the air line is this your first runner up. 21 Mardi Gras but we've been there's New Orleans about 45 times what your first things Tony and you Laura. How does this compare to whatever festivals the big festivals and cristina's it's very different we've been to a Mardi Gras in Venice. My figure out a multi. Mardi Gras ends Salvador. And each one has its own distinct character do you favorite part of this month. What's life. Your favorite part of the money growing here well I think that people are so friendly and nice. Did you see this thing in Italy I agree and we were they threw oranges and each other and no I haven't seen that but I'd like to do it. I don't know it's been pretty tough nice talking the only golf deployed you're sick last night Andy Murray rodeo the day. I Christian area out people on the street doing whatever we can because that's what we do here Devin WL. That's what I thought is about. Greatest free show on replied yeah I call war don't go anywhere it's headlines back with Celtic Tucker rushing yards you're happy wanna go I welcome back up your hall. Tommy Tucker Christian Garrett who is that if we show off those who you right here on W develop Tommy was he could you groundout and earlier on. They have some water that was built up in the gutters and some people were trying to sweep it out and got to sit in at the wallow in it all day and of course we had to get it past the crown straight. So would evaporate. But they had this way below bad inning giving a broom over the barricades that keep moving it toward the center of the straight. Diallo went there looked tired and I'm good I'm good man but I'll I wish we could get more round of it though is still. In the next Nancy would know that water near but I don't know that we could sweep it all out. We wanted to lose all that abuse me when those bumps. By at least that they had to call me do a lot of work when things that we call the took a lot of work numb and almost slash. It hit. Yeah news. Thank you with the vice. Don't do any good only if recant Tommy and the crowd the crowd you're writing it down there on the bleachers and see line. And Amanda Beckett went to talk to a manual Lewis open this week in that I originally. That he originally started doing it would Jameson. Hello. Which inane money in my hometown Liverpool England. Birthplace of The Beatles medley was not an accident on the things look who hopeful globe you're absolutely and they played the titans an issue in the AFC playoffs I think. I don't know don't followed suit him at a local zoning. And a man Bernanke he started he started sweeping and stand up and tell me about Liverpool and about. Will we hear from that more than us. For the month to go off it's something we've always wanted to do. This year we've been able to do it. New Orleans daylight Liverpool because it's a full city and they realize on this day in quotes coming in. Seed Minnesota. Has a lot of common things going on it's what I hunts off to Tommy about. This is like a bucket list item free only if you wanted to do technically is on the top man about book atlas. What what are your impressions of it compared to what you thought it was going to be and what it really is. Boca I was expecting it to be. And wild whether it's been absolutely brilliant everybody's been so friendly you know and like yourself you see reduce them you came over health bounced. Man you know left that's pitted you know who else Giuliani just seems when you go assuming you meet people millions. When a young had pizza by that you really like here. News. Like the lives. What's the best thing need Liverpool we had to go. Skiles didn't say if we had to go if we get to go to Liverpool accidents than. This guy loose and knows it's just gave. Then on it it's the states those meats vegetables. And then you go that issue on the Rico its downs and ups we we get on nickname from spouses. Is there a lot of Liverpool club on our a lot of tribute to The Beatles and Liverpool are no real. Say though again there are a lot of tributes to The Beatles and Liverpool statues and Federer not room. Yet there's some statues of the vehicles at the bad which is like on the development of the magazine has a Beatles museum. Fuller company. Openness. In the approve this new with the filming off so there's a lot to do the vehicles. You know people's jaws is off to places selling Beatles memorabilia. It was a song very ferry across the murders is needed cheering me. Very customers. Yeah and its famous food. When Liverpool play at home they play that song before the game. There's a it's a thing itself taken Glasgow now you play the same song you'll never walk alone and because it became from a famous movie didn't have used to. Arizonans of land Palestinians and so have you ever gotten on any way we call an. Lincoln soccer to fight them. Now fits. It's not as big a problem as people make out the crowds are usually quite friendly. And but sometimes the media don't leave your thoughts on the buy things. We know about the cancel reply no I'm not gonna go. Have you gone. States are resistant. Who knows who two years ago we went coast to coast. From New York to San Francisco. Army donut so responsive and Atlanta. Two weeks ago -- going Elvis Presley's monsoons. And not finishing the tone in New Orleans which is fantastic. Always you can come in my house while you were here because it is exactly. Duplicate of albums. Yeah the junta Zuma thank you tell me you don't love it thank you nice to meet me in doing it trip night. It is going to be near exact duplicate of Miami isn't absolutely everything oh club by a really nice shot out telling me. Bought it thoughtfully he rolls on here. On WL eleven dot com thanks for doing a more liberal mumbo thanks to our friends at laying its dive rookie of the crew of W it will play against guys since 1942. Lovers shop uptown on Novell Metairie road and in Ridley Thomas Tucker Chris Garrett here at Gallagher hall awaiting the arrival of the nice crowd on hand at this article of the week here at gallery called off the way it is that pretty much we can bleacher. Appears to be taken that Tuesday comes down with yeah. Well we're talking duties soon council was in effect and you rounds I don't there. Ongoing wonderful with a moderate role that it plays would you rather be in the world and yeah absolutely no way am a daylight play witnesses. Now he needed. On the floor of the turns offered technical reliability image so things runs movement makes your buddy's paying attention to coconut start the fallen. Make well coconuts and fall because we hand kogan we don't know a minute somebody dropped him I didn't mean drone wanna make Saddam and we do not throw pocono what we wanna make sure bodies they've have a great time have the best Monica rights prayers they demand Allan Houston's. About resuming eighteen years I look younger than I really don't know if you do you tell me what it's been awhile since that night and Tuesday night. Tell me about the the process of becoming king Zulu and the British political thing and definitely it is politics wanna I wanna thank these guys put a lot of effort and energy into it. They run very hard campaign is no different than running for the president of the United States and in fact it may be a little. More biblical because you have personal relationship with their remember they have that this between appliance. Isn't voting secret. Dennis that you re going to voting goes we go just like any other election have you ever thought about running in the night it seemed like a personal god. So as to say that may have our run next in a year ago Bob Hope bombs the on upload. I started he thinks it what you're about to break finally it's our thanks also is getting close so people need to get out here the crowd that fix the lob ready. Come on islands are great money guards. Any big magic guild and let you do it at your own risk as they shouldn't be thrown. They'll see somebody not in a parade thrown a coconut my counselor a 100% correct we only have them here as soon. Trying to help. I could Colin thanks bill I felt like the sophisticated elections in the all he had spent very politically the fascinating thing really as opposed to. People get together and and designed like for example who. Who's going to be wraps yeah. And I know that name goes on for a long long time when Zulu and it really isn't just seeing how it mirrors new loans politics and I. It's about you know maybe who could maybe. File perhaps thinking wow I don't would imply anything like that at all I think it feel that goes on your own an unknown but I wouldn't say and the consumer organization sounding amazed at Bryant or anything but I think it is politics you're like me saying you're likely to. The world politics without the apple Apple's both Google. Oh yeah again I wanna engage in an argument it's easy to say that but feeling any evidence I would you know. I just need to say things like that. Big donating to say things that you don't know are true I can't say and answer expiration of Maine and one of them as a New Orleans we haven't Megan has played down stats. And as always talking him. And and get his say what we hear that Zulu is on saint Charles what. Because I think if you don't buy us. It's unsafe elsewhere though you never go to that felt like about it they'll stop them though they think that evening gonna come and goes the police and you never know what they're gonna do that with the unpredictable. Nature that they that they. Have its is one of them well think about it. He. It was definitely come back here on what about 48 senior political Volvo comic opera which Garrett on that you could go. Celebrate by an all New Orleans volatile that we can do it Kristian garic Tommy Tucker here on Fat Tuesday live signal that moved out here all the greatest nation on earth here on W McClellan. And that's what my favorite assignments and it'd be a lot of things are committed well covered I think it's better with the guys all of that Tuesday. See the crowd and joy. What a great part of this team wanted to. It's gonna cost of one of them went on welcome your cruel form part of over there across the way it's age eleven addressed nothing you see Karl Sanders over the I think maybe. Wendy's. It's all the chick filet is Calvin Calvin can figure out exactly who's. Who Ronald McDonald McDonald over there it also channeled for good down costumes now for your post that got the better as the world's water or open. Didn't really defy the constable Lee. It's hard to do other things as the with a lot of what to do. You don't have negativity since then I and realizes movie fans booed there. Yeah now again it it's colonel Sanders and windy in the chick filet and Ronald McDonald it isn't. Michael Williams stand out what the student costumed figure out that that what he is seeing out there from your vantage point. Bob's I'm seeing a more involved trees are full bloom more of what a drug coverage. When he keeps coming up POW Maleeva and knock out.