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The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Tuesday, February 13th

Tom Fitzmorris and Angela Hill bring The Krewe of Zulu to you Live from Gallier Hall. 


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It sure make up supply up telling you about that giant news. I think it is so bright and she is so creative in her thoughts on terror. We want to remind everybody we're here for the next two hours which is great because it is still passing by some wonderful man is a magnificent float. And we still have wrecked to come. But we want to remind everybody at 2 o'clock it doesn't end because scooped. Our beautiful speech when. You. Will be. A couple of hours on how good you Marty roe was yes and that's when. Is it that. But the the opinion that just finished dancing in front office. When it was at its. That was the Booker T. Washington the Booker T. Washington. High school play imagine. Yeah that's what they were. This is there. Part of saint Charles avenue began at the corner of the waitress and extra. People. Watching it all the way as far as the Lafayette hotel they almost covered the entire city block him with the let's look at the the businesses of unbelievable that we we were getting. After. You know all good. Ignoring that we saw him. A full house. Places to sit down but a lot of people are. And there's some of the better really great likely that this lady down here whose write people if I'm up there isn't that great out there it is a rams. Mourns but magnificent. One hour. It looks like she's with a group of women. Yes you know those old little detail and ability actresses that look an interview later. Oh really yes or. Trueblood and what is he underwent life. They are here they know nothing. And they just the story. Homelessness and dresses to unicorn another one with Iran had the win with just this cascade of life. There's another lady across the way that the mind I keep pitching issues all in shock and the you know and you think that you know care at the hope that. Then look at that. It doesn't doesn't tick off. You don't have to think I have a complicated question could be something very simple like that that is that is stunning. And they go through a year of practice to get it up to that way old. And of the kind of references. The way we see these cross industry. Oh look at that just. Did nothing much. Literally sit in the stands or Stanton in there and watch people it's working. That really isn't it it's been like this all day long that's the trick. So anyway there's plenty of more free agency wrecked since its opening but plumes yes. And if you were to leave your house right about now and get over downtown so where you would. I wanted to show you look at. It's really great weather but be better. And it's been a lot of fun for us to be unity that we want them wanna or I feel like we've done about three hours already just because of the number of people we've talked about this incredible and this is. Look 36 were watching. Really beautiful and colorful and yet you're still face it took me to. And I think it was going long before we start yeah. And and will need to do so. Anyways and I tell you it is just a beautiful day and so you have no excuses. And if you don't have a constant that you would like this. Try it the other way that would that we don't really went down these couple. Green collar sort of outfit. Wear a tuxedo. Everybody will wonder what it's about I've been telling people. That it's. I have actually portrayed real person it's that really awful waders if you had. Night before last. That's why you know that's why dressed up the main thing I think you are the top of the letting. Overview yet so I'll tell him. But. I love that. Well. You know among other things. During the break. We we have all kinds of food that is brought up with here thinking. And I swear that I very thankful particularly at this moment two he yelled bakery. Which is famous for its king takes me have some apple. Phil king cakes that I think there's a really good at it because that while we were it did whose break. But thank thanks they these are the people think what. If you take all the way around the social girl twice do you think that the militia so that's because I've been there several times this year it's surprising. Ordering many let's say as a sign that says ours are not filled the filling is on top because they'd braid them. They'd braid that thing in so they don't show up the filling in its own top. And they and they are anxious but to great product there's no question about when the world that they do it twice around the and I don't know if that was the at least staffing. Issues I mean when you think about could you even better thing to throw it around the. Or you'll burn. No way you know that you you've got me thinking sort of you know run up there with it's a little container of dental floss glossy. If you let him get into the Guinness book of world records. Who knows things stranger things have happened. And I'm sure they share. A quote yeah that's what. The what we have another win yet. There was about to look expected to see another floats go. But about 34 blocks from here situated but this is what is dedicated to Mandela. Don't think we need to explain that. And then it's a great flow. Was what looked like. What was his and failed him. You know stuff he looks like from the gun. Who is the guy a couple of on the float home yeah. You know what if that you buddy for a for the parades because they're on the condition that they weren't really her role. Here is that the man who was flock. Famous actor upon me having a board seat and I'm blanking on lesson you'd elements. He was saying he was throwing under that he didn't want to wreck his arm he said he got off the mean they gave him things he threw over enough this time. For a couple of up off that's terrible at sports alone in that it hurt her arm that he threw it. What do when he looked like this happen. Well you know what that's what you're here for it then it's like you but to be. It's. Just just the perfect day as I keep telling you there's the mayor's bill William around with the road. Well he's gonna enjoy every single minute has been an art to what we're gonna take a break but. Please stay with this as we continue Monica 28 team here again out here on them anyway. To say minority whip. Everybody in the world. Well. We'll pigs to humans slowed down over here. It is a live coverage. Morning brought here we are you know your heart and literally on gal and we are excellent equipment and happy to be here too because they have a few bricks fall out and. Here in the but they've got to that you bring up the very good point a little later on this show. We're going to interview Cheryl Lynn personally. She was in charge of the committee that we did you know you all and if you haven't been through you need to it is beautiful but it was crumbling. And now it's six. A labor of love on her. To her later. Yeah that's terrific I read them when we we discussed that last year. To think. Replied. The soon post master. Yeah I wonder if the news and it is not an office. And the way there's a big rapid on the front of it. And then he's very. Very benefits vary and it will you let that expletive at that here as the oh hole float pull your vegetables with what you're supposed to eat. I got lucky like this won't let them. Anyway I really feel that. We have we have talked about this at all but if you we will have one float with a 55040. People want. Everybody is dressed exactly the thing you could go the colors are very barriers. If you think that they that movement that that must have Beatty she stuck to figure that about a lot of things that it recently not even though I think they say you're running and that. This. Now how I feel but recently I do think there. And more film crews that have determined that can't get everything people were written for 1020 years now what closet do you have. When he right the it's stuff but not looking at. Well. Let's keep you think we can beat me if it is that we are looking at once again it's a really talented young women. Cancer it via. And you know they they talked this year about. To keep things speeded up not having as many of them walking group I love the wounded it's. I think they are terrific I. Due to. It's obviously have beaten you Europe and he has. Or you are at work and in admiration one or the other at the same time to just watch what goes in the rules these. Anyway I have this piece of paper here. That talked about something called the 25 then we'll do who would be festival although it was last it was last night wolf and I. I'm happy to hear them. It's not because like this that I would love to go to win actually. But it. Today. There and later on that day all a lot of these people who are independence hero who are on the float through whatever. That didn't show up at The Who headquarters over there on broad street pretty close to New Orleans avenue. And real party going on them told that we freeze tonight though this is that it involves the parking that they would. Which is a little attenuated but not not help. And we have this running stick with he'd be the last stage of the year us Crescent City steakhouse which is it. Within one couple blocks there and parking and he got a little Tilde put the put and not enough to. Do. And of course everybody has the right to use the streets to park their cars so it's veteran started. But anyway. This all these little. Ancillary. Issues that we are we going with we have the archbishop showing all the orange fish. This is going to be the year that we don't have been the question that I always. Witches. And think this frequently here whether to hurdle is passable but. And I'm not gonna ask that this year and villages that. I think he did say it is as he said it is that it is completely fine if you eat it on Friday. It's not considered meat it's considered. You know our body grudging it would not be the same without archbishop joining us sir just gives us a sense of and I've been watching Newser and you have been having a wonderful time it's right up. Nine billion due to a new loans for all the well it is and you born and raised here I'm on him because I. We're here at the review. But you know you compliment or it's definitely good to. Stories on my. That was born on Mardi Gras day and that was delivered by doctor at most crucial on the jazz. Guitarist. But the Milwaukee New Orleans cliche in the red beans every Monday you know it's all those things. And every year I asked him the same film flesh that actually because people do ask you this on the radio pretty awful. Starting on Ash Wednesday. Is it OK to eat. Turtle meat. Turtle soup. I know. Alligators and advocates of Malibu and. I hit it through all kinds of research at so alligator meat is OK if it's really not me. OK I think in years past we've said that total since those who've taken soon. So after the of the things the favorite. This due to rep. Point Mike glad we settled that went in New Orleans itself to sacrifice. Well that's just that's the most ironic thing of all you. The fact that we eat so well when we it. Led to both. It's it's almost laughable but a lot of people and you definitely changed your thing and we don't good. That's right in every other day that we do what. It's two wonderful thing to have for your. What the drug war nobody brought the waiting until. Happens again Mike McCarthy has never fallen on the market for us and really. And it won't know until I'm eighty. For awhile I believe that I am better than. All Obama wanted I think we should have slowed with you rating on the I've heard words like this. I feel your home. I also do the other fans but for the beginning. They forgot to ask the members who won a Philip great man. Before they get on the buses that bring him. But these two up. What you'll. Spirit. And we've been talking about. I hate to say this is great but hell or high water we have survived and flourished and continue to have fun. In a matter who you are today if everybody when they. We've grown we've both grown up within all our lives like my sister is ten years old used to take it to the parade is we've lived with roommates that. But certainly section. And it was only like three blocks. And it was a complete mix of everybody as the neighborhood ones for that matter. And and everything has always been about ways to beat the views that we all like it we we share that the food that we like we care that. And it's something that they'll go very much. In the parades get bigger and bigger this matter is that this isn't quite. They're here it yes and then breakfast like behind. Can prevent them all the he's concerned about the weather during the week it. And much much worse than today. Hey gorgeous right. We always feel that we have the thing Karl we should thank god that JavaScript at the. Good god tomorrow Helena we put them putting together a pop up. Thinking always for joining us about it you know one can. Who normally. And then finally got his feeds on life has been. Let's see you again. What in the world. Well that's why. 012 garden we have some rather. Can break please stay with this is that they've shown in the brains of marginal. If you could call that market. A bathroom on time these girls that are in knocking its. A week back I think we're back. We'll clear that to Hilliard all of your event to another glorious day of its nicest. It is that it is yeah. And although we aren't getting towards the the Zulu parade we are but with the they are. The point guard for the second and third straight year I have Jefferson. Rupert individual. Musicians at the end yet about what this thing this. Which is doing a great job there's good reason to have him and they put on a beautiful. And also the ability of the people in the stands are getting into it as well. So today you know it. In those moments when there is it a couple of low right in front of us. They're just doing an anyway. And doing a lot of let a lot of folks in from out of town they're teachers he'd talk to. We have some guys out on the street who were doing sort of but we'll hear from them as time. Those long. No it has to be very. 23 years is that unusual. Moment for somebody who will only be here perhaps once in their life. Here reminded they're from almost or there from week. And they may have heard about it but to benefit to sit here. Or walk the streets scene this night to see people have a the Macy's day parade they see the road we'll this is different and it just it's much more from the inner. Yeah and for somebody to lead this city after this is over and have that in the memory. The film no other. I don't think they could ever recreate just don't always. Have that special thing and that we got great weather on top of that thinking things. First just sitting under an umbrella. A goal you can catch a little bit of the sun burned at the beginning of our broadcast. Glad he's the suns finally gone the way they'll. Greek Bruno revival columns. That hold up. You know you all you that you were talking about yesterday it's every year on Lindy. It is weird Zulu comes my boat. At the river walk with a river walk was closed issue not be the action. Think with the Spanish positive or renovating. So they had a big thing on the loan which was magnificent. And then. Rex comes my train. Thinking you're on the river here comes the boat here comes the train. And then they made it very magical. And I live on the river and for the Phillies to rundown there and just look and one especially when mr. Putin during a wanted to see the train coming. But I could see me. But the crowd and they had a good crowd not as big as they normally do this is different but it was fun to watch from the near the man's way. Tradition that's the word. Well let me say that there is been going on for a while although it was number talked about much like I remember reading. Somewhere. We'll all which I don't think this war but I'm not drop all have to look it up and and Arthur hardy walked. And good to see if it was but they think those who. The business news coming to the dock at the foot of canal street event Rex himself with a Bear Bryant and have that meeting. It that was the politics of ball players that I don't. Well now it is. And unlike. There Carol the boy who is of course. Publisher many magazines said he is the one who replies Monday. Let me broaden the children taken a break and he says let's read and it's done beautifully and it gives people on Monday. Something very special to attend. Over. We almost missed the fact that there 1234. Fives that six. Forces. Panasik it immediately in front of us right now. You could reach out and touch them if you were down there where it appears that we can't but to this thing could stick with the like that. With the other bill this is a dirty self writers of course there. Well they they seem to know what they're doing because while some of them are riding along. They. You know also tossing some beads so much so that's is that the multitasking. Looking across the street there's a woman with a very large net. To catch needs smarter than that some tough words I heard the guys were on here before we gave him. They were talking but the way to get lots of being too ready to walk right up. If that name and just say hey. Charlie. And that built Rollyo bunch of equipment that is one more refinement. That as if you want what in the world was that. I hit the microphone boy you pick your. That is was alive when. We'll know they did need you pick ought to be something like John John John does something really isn't this going to be so marrying. Anyway. Scooped will be covering all of this after. If we leave the air at 3. 2 o'clock 2 o'clock and then he takes over at 2 o'clock also. And if you were here at the parade you tell you went. You like Marty why you love going to it or why you don't go to wouldn't anything like that he always welcome. Your fault or mine you'd like to listen to it on the written that's an interest in and here we are just talking about it. Who's the native and former players to something no. But he's still there until man until they okay that's right. Thanks for joining body rub bomb boat we are calling it and thanks also to a print it like it's dying. Four he beat the crew of the you don't sandwiches Lewis and I can let this little of that you know they have such a great deal. They have no wonder they know everything is done we slice their that they actually roast all of this to her you know that so it's good operation. Since 1922. Routes where food lovers shop what that uptown and our fellow what we wrote it but do location. River ridge should support groups of a rude that's my old neighborhood I for an instant. Well we know we only 500 people with the no longer wish you could explain a lot of strange but you know what what's he doing here. That that I like is it okay that's right we only have 500 people with the use of that place here as we needed. Thank you very much take that home. On a big point if you want to take a break okay we've been told that to break it. But quite quickly and we'll be back with more of an adjustable but after first if you will this. And we are we are rocking and rolling here and it is incredible this. Is still parading in on me. They've stopped just for a moment right here from this big beautiful float. And I see some more courses like. So we have things. Fun and music. And it just keeps on coming. It's. Did this the first example wrap. Which surprises me that so aren't so. On the present. They're right on the other end of the block. I'm taking notes you know just in case. Anyway yeah what you're looking at me like Atkinson and are you thinking of taking notes just in case just in case and I could figure out what went to. Because it's now. I'd like to know I honestly went for it and I didn't hear it that's good to me it's upbeat. It's not likely to beat Hewitt next. And never was very good things besides what he let them. And uptown and knowledge no sense at all what he's thinking about thinking about the stick and has had several phone that always. And you can only move it around. If I can find somebody else it's more that would be good news there nobody could even quarter hours. That's. This. And it it that's the best way to go through this when you have a dry age in place like this news. That's when it really shows up big cut. A real life is part of this quarter. No I never really buying a soft filet and Porter house for a T bone or. He hasn't bothered to. All of those rooms and other people you know people like you could hear. And you have concern going strip poker and you also have. Headlines is part of revises its. Its own putts pretty much into this really good state. Apparently he looked at a bunch of ways you know your house. I don't White House. While they quoted me on that you know I. One it's somewhere else that. That's the best that's farther. It's been the creative at all. We'll isn't your favorite. And all they do that beyond. That's that's really. It is something. I'll have Marines. Can see that next little while here. And it's going to be easy job. It's going to be. Look blowing smoke out of it. And that has seen in bad Rex is parades for a very long time once all the way back in time when it was a real. And think about it. Yeah I wanted to. Maybe it was a smaller thing. Well probably so in a long look like maybe not six month. TV that's. And just. Enjoying it. Covered wars. And well it's a big day push to make sure it ought to see. Trying to get that started thinking that tradition here in the ones you think it's worthwhile I think. I'll I'll check into well I think you are very. Advancing. As long they're really into it and it's a Volvo once we have seen. Remember every city. Crowd that was this participatory. Is these okay. Everybody who stopped by this. I guess this is what you go to so all right. And a burst into. On the. There must be some sort of backlog. It closer to canal street now we're moving again here we go. And what they set their bearing accounts to get there so long. People who pollute. When did you say we need the right. Okay sorry talking. It's supposed to go for the what is it can sure that's with the rest of the week. And it's we have if you live from down the hall a lot of fun being here watching the parade company still listen to the music in the creeks. And everything else will be back tomorrow and effortlessly. Not giving. But it absolutely. And that she didn't just now. We're back at it until we're back. We're back and we're with a very special woman I'm gonna have you say your name because of it I don't want to ruin the game really teach train. And you are in laws and the show. All I hear about how hilarious but you are in the beauty salon and you murder people and yes I got married and we'll. I regret that epic its creepy at that rate for apple until he. Do you think and and amateur that's great congratulations eight yen and it shot right here in New Orleans shot right you know. Like it it down the child and everywhere but it's not that we'll. And I want absolutely you know yeah she just told us this is your first money Rashid and I'm sorry we're not television at this point hires. I'm of the described. Oh she is a unicorn she has little ears she is. They have unicorn have had a client Canaccord. And if this perfect you've got into it and you did it yourself and look. Who shop at walked down to or a street got to be homeless and copy shop around and I box seats and a pizza. I thought they'd sit. To use theory it's if I think findings is doing well having wine. If your first money room yet. Overall well. Loud. I haven't used it pretty good there's many people don't try to get to where I can't get to wake. But I can't make it did so much fun to this threat it. Having. And a good time watching the re BP that I really I thought come from the line. It will be happy to adopt you. Yeah. Every month about whether you're working or not definite now that you do wonders how apply continued success to. Thank I have just this was your first victory keeps then yeah it and some of the things that. Was it tough to you or I know every little girl sitting there saying how can I do. And I took this shot at a point where I would. Really worked hard and help them out I was acting classes conflict now I was doing everything to them. In fact my crash in the audition and gone out that I know people. To actually you know feed them think faith in the room and went. I caught it prob hit it. I want to thank continue to work hard factor practically to pad to use they thought his time. Congratulations and good look I'm always thinking that legs spread around yeah. I'd throw mechanical. And horrible and mean that you get so what's my thank you thank you much. You. Think this this has. Made a statement. After all the years I've been doing this show. Off of what Marty was all about that that conversation you just that was fascinating. I'm telling and it's so Paul much a part of what it's all about. Very much so and for purchasing and first I didn't get it and Washington said. Well. I guess that's what the washes across everybody's funeral. No adorable and but the message he had for people who want to break stuck getting into television on Google rather buried just. And but she was she was correct she was calling her craft solutions really rent. They just didn't fall on her lap and on trying other audition she had worked out and ready to take another break our begins item we're gonna be. Joining us far out Mardi Gras mambo and thanks also go into the Eagles they threw grenades and delicious being explorers with Apple's company. We'll and now they don't make great three generations treat yourself all year long on Jefferson highway. WW WL radio in New Orleans WW well at them HD one and New Orleans residents whose. Over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia off broadcasting system.