Mardi Gras Mambo Krewe of WWL - Angela and Tom - Hour 1

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Tuesday, February 13th

It’s Mardi Gras 2018 with the Krewe of WWL as Angela Hill and Tom Fitzmorris broadcast from Gallier Hall on St. Charles Avenue.


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Yes that's a couple of great pace all right. It's so why it's so great it is to be here with you every year I like look forward to it months ahead at times it so much fun really. Let me tonight you may think. Oregon don't everybody knows that you are the great. Greatest broadcasters. It's nothing out there were no one seriously demented at the more I get the values the the more of the incidentally. Well we're going to have a wonderful three dollars and and I hope people will stay with this if you're not album is absolutely glorious view the president. The stigma that radio and just do what you're doing and listen to us he was. It's it is perfectly sane pardon of Zulu go by and we're waiting for the rest of the just sparkling. It is sparkling they're constantly on in the sun and of course we're waiting for Rex came apart. And yet we just saw the tail end of and I could give the exact details but it was thing. All high school until about whether it's missing balls on the North Shore I don't know that. But there. They were doing the pit bull mostly a marching act. And it it was to reflect and this year they'll bird of youth the young guys that were in that. Is something that to be home that is if you if you look at that 13 of those that the group of people that let's. Really nice ballroom for some celebration and event. It would have been astonishing these guys took three times that much if they were like everything that was. It functions with one another and at this is typical. And what we're gonna see this again and again again again. And you don't mind they start way up so their party miles into it. I'm always marvel at their consistency. Their enthusiasm. And the fact that if he hit it. Yeah how'd they do it then it. I was very young. Yeah that's but to say they've looked like about 1617. Years old but you can do anything. But you know it was interesting channel four broadcast. Bunkers on Sunday night. Going into the conventions and those kids and those people have already gone six odd mind right. I watched it girls dancing group. Who were spectacular on science you know I think. But it's the first time I've ever seen wearing heels. Not only were not high heels they were little heels but most of my tennis shoes as they should. Because they're walking so much. All I kept thinking ones. Are they going home to a large tub of water but the just so. And they work great they were. Great it really is something that even read it completely by the looking into. Groups like that. There's schools that it and it's such a great event within their own experience in schools that. Wonder why everybody doesn't. Do what they really. I think that was what my own band that we. You can do that yet Hollywood dancing thing you'd love me. Yeah you know again work to do something like that will be over what forties and the thing if we could find anything. We have zulus make the shots coming from the list and he is John career. Rebounds and Brian what a tremendous honor for this man. It is. He's he's one of the idea I don't I haven't seen and hope that it's being passed out quite yet. But that's a that's the kind of thing where we come from. If you think coconut took off ideas and we'll have an opponent like treasure them and I was very very happy for selling Enron which of the that you. Because. They went up to her this is her last money she's retiring. In two weeks after forty years. Retiring what is that. It will not happen. Listening gave her wonderful treasures like that and an appreciation. For all the years she's been doing it. It's it's not like a quick tour. I can. Look forward to this every year that exists. It. You know other important point sure everybody knows that right now but. This fortified here at the top to bottom you know for people who find it to your audience that you're watching it again. Those companies if and valuable in this Tutsi. And telling people about it. And it's great. It's great if it is just only as you have that thing all you couldn't watch it for you beat to say these people are believed before the good. Yes and a lot of a lot of effort into it with a lot of but there. He'd bail. Is that freedom from the phone. We'll. Let's give it to me. We have gone and coming in there about what they hope they do. Some. What they pick it up the the score holding you look at this video link from bullets while listening things that lipstick on this surface of the ground by. As it is that we. They blew up. That's that's a very active group we'll hit pieces on there on their heads others yes you know. At least you could tell which direction they're coming from. Do they come to hero. Unbelievable. I don't like the fact that there. That to put it nicely polished very seriously who's in power. That was one of the things I came home front as we learning from college friend really. Aren't putting that there. Well they're all showing all of those at all. And they're all being played here and they are right front of the English horns here that's not the easiest thing in the World Cup play while you walk. And I'm looking at archbishop Raymond. Who is fine himself next to the mayor but not saying anything. These young. With good reason. It's got to have seen. This is a terrific. Relatives with The Who always put together beautifully it's that fans. Yeah that's that's the only time I think it was great. There's like it delicately pick up the flow offensively stop. No quick stop being rich doctor death. These are very important people they have earned. This great status within two bit and it's happened Mr. Big victory. Lose witch doctor. Now there is Bobby. But the Braves. Wow that took. Some pretty good food there. Pretty big do. The double Decker. Oh cool. Hundred feet long. It is a double Decker and it's time again. Well as always there's always an aspect of went up about it all these who were ready to I'm always looking for it. They always have a flow and that's include. Have nothing in common with what the float as these pairings we look at it as one of those right now it's. Look it's mostly oranges and red and yellow. But the most heat that they think they thought I was very well at my dad are. Christmas tree ornaments. World of the football clubs the old style because those three facility here at Christmas time again. It's Christmas whenever you want it to 5001. There was one point I hit upon years ago where I was dressed in Santa Claus outfit that got a lot of good laps. We have another one of these great walking route this female walking. I've got to see their name it all dressed in black and and brightening. And what I love is that is it a great mix of women. Young old and a long happy at all no one's ball up. And here comes one of those. Places. This is one of those we'll keep their people out there to collect fees so they can be recycled I hope that. I hope so too of this talk abut. Be that carnival parade that we've heard a little bit up lately. I don't want to hear about them. Since. Well you know what it is when you find ninth womb now. Needs in the gut you're right I don't let them look neighborhoods to that's explain to. That's an aluminum bats there is rolling bond program. Your views. Good look at what that the really big load it was great colors. Whoever designed it to the broad. We will take a break. Come back with more our coverage from Marty Roth at Gallagher home what better place could be. It bacillus we're going to be doing this for awhile. Like to see lot to do. They are happy there happy going to grow. What a glorious day it is here at Gallagher Paul as we continue to watch Zulu float line but also looking forward to Rex. You know we we missed. In our part of the broadcast not the other guys the king and queen of zoo and they're really outstanding people. This man has been with the organization for 35 year. I was looking at him that if anything what's his name his name is current Washington. So he wasn't movement Washington and his wife. Touring Washington an educator at 35 years. But most of them still committed to you as soon. And and had done all the hard work and as you know Zulu news. Zulu is voted on how lucky you are weak. Have a and set the truth and we have the mayor of New Orleans. Yeah. That's our. So much. If I don't I'm doing wonderfully well so how do you want to drop but it usual continued. Oh four points at which had been through so it was down I think. You know hold on let me ask it because unknown you were being very kind of stallion from purchases of her last broadcast arm. And this is yours you'll be here is the person I know loving it. But isn't there a little bit of mixed emotions get really has I'm so happy for all of so thankful yeah its services. And probably its most difficult this is so thankful that the people. Did something spectacular that the people around the country or all our problems ourselves back three Rea I. Whose golf the national recession could be the oil spill and my friends are coming up we'll be you'll probably will follow. Not only get back on the feet but to create a whole new school system public health care delivery system in the airport riverfront. I mean it really has been spectacular everything's not perfect in this city but it isn't it a lot better position in the people from around the country go wow. That's really kind of crazy I know that happened that morning draw. Is really the embodiment. What the essence of New Orleans this with diversity as a strength people of different races creeds colors. Everybody comes together and find common ground and on this very spectacular day celebrates. Especially today up 300 anniversary you know of course all the that the country itself. Then we have infinite justice plays for. Germany. If you wanna Trace I guess you can Trace it to. You certainly would good essentially true I was about to try to figure out how to work real big goodness well it's off of me you know you've noticed it's not really a joke that went. People candidate that can't. And they brought that tradition and one of them was caught in the now is. On the balcony of all of those cultures into one the music jazz as a perfect example. The real thing. Conference where we produced a new thing says. The world hit cultural richness that's when it represented the people. You know I know you're going and you brought up some really phenomenal moment. Certainly post-Katrina what we've done. We know that you inherited just a horrible deficit we got through that. And yet and you have to feel very good about just now. But when you put your head down the day you leave office. Williams saying gee if I could've just done that so why why you don't want help. There nobody ever won one of my favorite movie Schindler's List. And at the end of that movie because I wish I could have done more congested always wishing that it that you wish would had more time you wish you would have had more money. But for the amount of time and space and resources. We really stop the city from all over Clinton reorganize that you know the police department public now. And all of that last year's into water went up when everybody everybody else is this race could face that we have a very old tired system. That we have to think just like we rebuilt the airport but that's about resources time money and we'll get that done to prevent the citadel is in the position. I think to look forward and really compete in the international community that it wasn't years ago but it's gonna take on sustained. Gary had a good leadership a lot of good civic leadership and really. Good coming out into the that moment to celebrate. Thank you for the eight years that he that it can happen. And not to get kicked out someone's I was on the watches that we didn't do that yes they want it behind doors leading up. The way it works in a democracy writes I was in the hands through have you learned how to ride up yet on this dog. Because those are real estate market and what did very well trained and of course we have the horse patrols in the we'll actually read them myself. The vomit from around the country come to us to get rated. These crowds like we nobody does doesn't like me. You know what about that we know a little bit about that we felt about this will win it's like you can. I really don't know I had thought about it my god said when it got elected to. The best years of my life now. The rock group okay. And another mistake the rested clear my head and think about ways to continue to serve which is really in my blog so we'll figure doesn't have to be a political. I was a lawyer before not to be there. And have a lot of laughter. Like you know life in a box out on top of that office. Mr. Obama might have Broadway all they want it lively debate that's well bay but there hasn't yet they haven't called them up on the Cummings is certainly not get a good job. Let me tell you I'm standing by two men have. Voices both mom and me. Going up against the public good. You don't mind. And Zulu marchers on. It continued to wait for. It's going to be a long beautiful. And no excuses for you not to. The injuries. That's true it at the fans and just heard faux pas does he couldn't hear pretty much the whole world of performance that gave. That spot. They were as well as. As heroic output grows. Great because people. They were they had a lot of guys playing instruments up there and so that you get to the entertainment it's atlas. And here comes the more open up. It's not do much a couple of loose though it will be back with more of our coverage from -- your home it's. Wanted to draw at New Orleans. Thank you very much we have a good the the breaks people. Yeah zawahiri are every everybody's list commercials where love with the break. There was and I looked significantly. Too there was a group of billions it. World phone will we can say well well I'm in very different yet very young. And you come to another few of the right here. Well the to that. All the moves back and forth. And here comes another group and they aren't really dancing and jumping and moving and all it all together and made it very very professional. And consider its sixth and it got to keep you pretty good shape the way that scuffle every day. We we've been watching the Olympics and I looked at my husband snowboard. And Epperson. That's an early do you think it's too late for me to learn you know like he's absolutely no. The off a cliff when will you be going well. Let us see that yes we need not this year. So appreciable Mitch Landrieu coming up and talking to us. And and really reflecting on his eight years and he says this isn't perfect but he did would it do. And he brought up a very interesting point about how perhaps were perceived internationally nationally. That in spite. Horrible Katrina Ike goes on and on and on and kept going we kept giving this free market we kept our spirits. And I think that says a lot about who we. There was no doubt about it it is. Would submit it kept their spirits. He wrote a book about this to my greatest it's still selling. Like six or seven years now what is the name of the hungry town and it was more or less about. Exactly what we're talking about. The city of New Orleans despite doing its thing. That's really well and everybody's happy and so there it is but you know that was that was there were some recent. Ratify or whether there was an article with the New York Times but during a week ago. It and these were their professional restaurant and hotel and travel critics. The base. That the bones. The best. Possible place the world to go on vacation his warlords if the whole world. This is the New York City and it does. I can go along with no I couldn't agree with him more every time I meet somebody when enough was never been to new. Please don't don't live your life without experience. And it could be Monday brought in the Jazz Fest it could be Wednesday night to just feel. Lift him but we do we walked in with a great advancement. People. People know what we are doing long before that you could get here. Often. Just like every time I travel that we still people the points while always for a New Orleans it's like. Topic a when that the like compensation because I know what that that would bring everybody thinks we are just really cool. Yes this event tonight and I think so. We'll play or two mr. Putin yeah yeah and yet they don't usually know that yet but they find out best. All you have to do is in the field now. Will speaking of Lou we wanna thank you know thankfully because they have given us. Magnificent. Can take that and we wanna think Lincoln stings because lying instances set this up with healthy food. And we need that now. With a great story that is yes. Is that it's it's butcher shop is. It's like going restaurant that you have to look at yourself no big deal. It's OK you know it could be him let's see does. It's like lol. We'll still whom those films are and we were talking before the mayor came out of town on the king and queen's who do and their commitment to. And there and it's just very interesting to me it is the only group that you the king is boot of this campaign. Going on and he isn't helmets might treat you it is an education works in this school what she wanted you to wonder if if if these. But I thought dispensing this kind of shy about it but made up his mind I'm really one of the Zulu and finally he did not here comes our favorite. Six and so. Holes aren't they good or excellent have you ever had the opportunity to go through the holidays. Concert that they put up with the Louisiana so finally I missed it and I'm sorry we couldn't all three. We look like they're doing right now we will have a right now that that offers. What they're doing it looks ridiculous. Until you sit there if you watched the whole show it. Why don't want to play it. He's got a broad. That's why the month. You talk about a cross section up I'm not just Wallace political map. I was thinking the same thing. Here we have a bunch of guys who. You would think that. Well. The greatest possible. Positive affect were doing this. It's that they do this. It's good exercise of books but being you know especially if they're doing the parade. Through these guys but one of the reform but that's. I don't know. Dylan. They're doing it. But it's dead bumper. They live up to their name. We'll come back with war. Hardball. Seven WWL. I WWO 15 point three FM this is the doughnut hole voice of your local about it it's. And if you live. From Mardi Gras it's right here on Gallagher. But Kelly hall literally and we've we've we've we've just fans by one very small weapons through you know what the one was bigger than the other I mean both the word beautiful to be beautiful just. He's making all the dance moves great but it was just the two local theaters I could tell. It was as if they had fifty there. Or a thousand people watching. That's how they paint rock mrs. Allen figured that out because I wonder. But these young people how do you keep that performance attitude that they plan and that we see all the time and energy being. Yeah the the joy. If you look at the places and you know I figured it out takes a model. Ordinance but it's because as they walk along the crowd as they're still there and the women theater. They are on stage. For six months so they're looking at people looking at them and that's what has to be there and it isn't like they've just and a hall. People are screaming for them and clapping more than an inch. Airing them all well we need to that point but we. May as well. He. I think with the magic word would they keep that describes this secret. All of this involvement is fine. It's they they clearly haven't thought I don't see anybody would pick now things you can season for the people whose faces look what. This you know with the quarter fluently. These these these dancers was just grant great to hear that you have a great time. Okay. Lot of drums look this would. Look people for the the Tori lives like Paula. 112. And parade home to big. Well people do for you just listen to this. Report the vegetables. I think we should think. Parlor owned them this time. Oh good. What healthy respite here. They've killed scores adorable. They aren't McDonald's and. Sling. Kentucky fried chicken and and oh. Carlin's McDonald's isn't one. Armstrong is viewed. Fried chicken. And coming right. Parents is these wonderful even more than. She's tickle he won't kick. And then holding a news Wendy's just the windy girl it's a very clever idea. It's for the good it is but with you don't get it brings up something that is almost never discussed the that is where I mean almost any other place this would be willing that was key sponsors. Global. I'll have free float every unit that we are keeping it that was you know they sponsored. They don't you know. And we really have never done that now and it is they're having an attempt. There have been attempt it's it's so obvious yet that somebody should've thought about it but I go on like it for a change where. It is on via your money transactions. So we could but this is free free free. Free free free. It cost the people to put on the but it's free for the world and then I think he. And that they look up and saw you know they'll have gone up a couple of minutes it. Like him. We'll it is. There's even a home a little more. Holding that the press releases for the write stories and they pay a lot of money. What. Always. And what. Organs and right. That is to charitable organization and they give to everybody and everything they gave one million dollars this year. Just this year. Just go to that school and it's. And then got sponsored by anybody except themselves and sentenced him and then he started that. Are you know hopefully he will join us today I would not be affected because I think the man starts at the bracket now. On the meeting important thing last year's rhapsody and and after Katrina really put together with the nonprofit part we must help schools. And they races on the they put their own money in this is after what you are talking about their own individual money into putting on one of the most beautiful parade that. But. Compared with some of the citizens and you know but we shouldn't even think about that stuff that home with a we. And right now. There's like products. The number of people who are running up and down the street here like a block it correct. Hundred people thing. You know and all the secrets. It's obviously to take it head not because he knew is about to arrive. This characters. We'll come back with more of our numbers. Lafayette square feet. WW weld it in state. Gorgeous model project. And you know we we were talking about the king and queen Zulu but they have a very special. Which stock this year which was sprightly. Oh don't do this quietly loves life and he he's been to I've seen it many other beret he just gets into so what a thrill for him. Well he needs the kind of guys we got to pick what we do. It. Keep at it either here as I can tell you what I've read about it. You get good stuff like that you read a couple of your. It's conceivable. He should be so I can make people yeah. You know this is a wonderful it was spot if the weather would not be more perfect it's not cold but. We being. The sun is a little bit and our faces but that's about it and. Good vitamin. That's why I can remember not last year two years ago when it was freezing and raining. And there were like my own people across. And I can't thank you very boring sitting. The raids went on nobody was there and we just still. WWL radio New Orleans.