March Madness and NASCAR talk

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Tuesday, March 13th

Bobby, Kristian and Mark talk college hoops, then get a NASCAR update from Tim Zimmer.


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Rock and roll into the fourth and final hour here of sports talk going to be a fun one who's gonna go down we'll give you this. NCAA men's basketball tournament field the 68 teams. I and I would rank the mascots ranked the the nicknames for each one of those teams kind of predicted. As how long ago not by how good the basketball team they might be but just based on their mascots and also to a call and play our bracket challenge. Will call you call up will give you a school yet the tells the mascot. That's our bracket challenge final four. 26018 semi tech states have needs and now. Would that set up I gotta say I'm at a decided disadvantage here between Bobby there and end MR Menard a master control no no. Ours and ours at a different level really it. I know mice that he really knows the lot I I told you guys fresh in my mind right now and if you'd asked me half of these in October I wouldn't be able to we just to injure your bracket predictions so yeah. We saw. It's a so let down yet afresh in my and that always remarked you wrote about the mask outside about how. And pick their winners none though it is now it is his prediction. At it too you know it is bracket it just like I did just like you got Tony because they do have fans. That pig that teens based on the color concept. Are the mascot are oh like uniform my wife's longstanding tradition is picking who which mass cal win in a fight the well that's a good one. Massachusetts and that's a sound strategy. That's kind of how I do it to be announced it is so weights of the had an Aggie fighting it tiger. Like conferences and agricultural so you got a New Mexico's state dean Aggies. I mean it is a human being is so would you put a gun in their hands of fighting at Clemson tiger. Armitage and Auburn tiger I don't know what they have the advantage over and an animal. Crossing the animal went down. And most noble winner of view. What if he had the good and Aggies then I mean you shoot high right yeah but I mean you're not really don't matter and Hank come out of levees you know I'm typically Aggies don't carry guns right. Mean. I agricultural stole. To my knowledge don't walk around guns and I think this led to an article is kinda and military. Agriculture. Is the value of value to us that'll well well look. It takes save them and now. I mean that we Aniston and yet. If you go hand to hand note that you and me came with a tiger and Matthew car isn't right guitars and fight lions and the tigers on an African. I Janes and Hamels take our bracket challenge. James you ready to do this man. Yeah. Yeah it might be. I'll. They Rhode Island. All right. I Elena. You know. Yeah noses studies island and just go to state South Dakota State. South Dakota's. Name. You're here on file I'm only you allow us to woman oil Lil Chicago. How about a reunion this isn't you know we see LSU we don't see Louisiana State University UMPC. You'll NBC net it's so mark what is it University of Maryland Baltimore Boston and marijuana Baltimore County. Would say it. It. That's right and are dreamers the retriever not to he'd get his humor and Kaczur who let me what to do with a tech area. I'm sure that gave you to edit his game yet and we'll. It is no way he'd be sitting. It on the phone with a iPad look at that up that quickly. Hats off the James he killed the bracket challenge you wanna jump venting our bracket challenges the rules. We have to give his school you give us the the mascot 5042601870. Text 878 semi. Yeah I got a couple more difficult was my favorite one of more making them ranking are based on mascots I think is is Jack rabbits. South Dakota State. South Dakota State now not a cotton tail. Why am again in this edges bring this in his area he's a maverick. The military Jack grabbed him by the mountaineers on them. And you look at it Jack rabbit to bust the term throughout the years to meet. Well on on the par. Who's in a host of my enemy knows me but then this is like twice as V. Tuesday as big as as a cotton tail at blog make a Ravitz also because of that. Little window. If that was that's that's yes gradually the Jack I don't finally breaks Italy grabbed its kind Billy Randy I'm now you have every night every rabbit was of Alec humble soft when it comes Chris Silva were notified all of a sudden. With the film like missiles fecal. And you wouldn't know you reading rabbit you probably with things like Sarah I needed this is awesome yeah Hampshire but as kick I guess I know listen I know it's a rabbit. Right it probably when he nutria because you know right nothing on an individual is not very good. If yes it is the talk to dog the abuse problem. Yes it is the of those telescope. Give me tackles anything. That you faced and you never know that's what some place might put the tigris that we need to do something about these nutri Xenia coastal erosion yeah. And I just get five dollars for her tail with. And maybe entice people that only a week I think we've tried it didn't work. I don't know what you call nutria meat in the ring ring Osama now are so high a bracket challenge under way. When you via school you give us the nickname 504. 260187. A text 8787. Long island university and Brooklyn to you on Radford tonight in the playing game. Saint Bonaventure UCLA on NC central north Carolina central Texas southern Arizona State insert these Texas southern his mark was point out just a break. As a team that that makes a mayoral run against a against Purdue. Yes you. You know with the T this year you know he's and I say they'll like that it's you because that's for these to see okay. We'll learn a greatest save these are things history. He's probably coach in the NFL now over twenty years Brett Maxi. Came in Brett Maxi. McCain that is saying the same time with them. And used as a way to go to school TS you'd think oh what. Related why why don't you think Texas and the galaxy LSU tonight as she writes that he is. Everett Max who is who prodded at tiger's tee is Steve let's quiz Martin are a few of these I he he's supposedly it the guru when it comes to these mascots are here ago. Are you dead to Providence yep Providence Friars friars I live skim the bison. Fisons. All right. Here is one. As I own the island and the gales that gales. Do you scales like gaelic warriors not like not like a view of wind. Stephen F Austin. On the lumberjacks cool mark you know this teleconference. Please tell me that. The lumberjacks via an in out okay yeah yeah I knew that I had I had miles an otherwise I thought yeah I would be disappointing news to outlining the proximity neck and coaches Texas Louisiana and you know the pilot knowledge that I was telling congress the house last time because as like I can't we passed out is pretty simple. Favorite mascot of the tournament. In the tournament I ever mascot this year is Loyola Chicago they're the ram bowlers will Chicago and the so what is that ran. Like a cowboy yeah okay. But it's a different name for if they are massed about in the no not really mean it isn't with the wildcats bulldogs. The thing. No I I really is not one like banana slug right hurt that really. Care did you oh Wichita State shocker the shocker is a good do allies arguably you know it really a shocker description. Yeah it's. No it's not what you did and I heard Kristin I don't think in that none. Right now it's not it's not just that she shocker it's that way it's foreign Noah is like our our week I want to say I that they in my little weak we have Shea do week and you thrashed like he's. When you separate that ditched the chase is I pronounced yeah I via the cheap from actual this thought that that's. So it looks like it looks like almost like Hannity have a mascot though and you look at his head. I'm a Wichita State's shocker that the I thought it was accountable. At first we do is look at the mascot it. I think you saw about forming in. Trending that we are severing that the chief from the actual style. I'm Bobbie if there's a next on the bracket challenge and it's basically we're gonna rattle off a school he's gonna get us. The nickname our mascot you can participate too at 5042601870. Text 87870. Bobby their Christian Garrett you're a sports talk on W two well. I body ready for bracket children. Mascots four teams in the field of 68. Well and nagging get help from mark is an elegant right markets now I think you I mean we've eliminated a few. A game lipscomb. Then you. Know he's he's he's trying to. Let's go my opinion is that in Tennessee owners say it's in Tennessee yes. Theo saga that. News. And I should know this. For the big bowl might average unity you know to go play there when he's in play football in the state so. I don't know how well mart. And have a license the license actually the bison no date lipscomb are the by sons. I don't know why they write it that way plural but that but like but now of the bison cassettes is assesses in the other ruler in their shape is heads and let's jump to look like you that it's the bison. Oh we're gonna have to go check the website at for the school or something go to guy and. I'd point that nobody my sons and now this useless information. Why are we still said in a number of people when they see a bison they called a buffalo. Did you ever notice that I now have a that not only means they about a million Indian artists say right now is a bison. I know Buffalo Bills on that's different you know topping it. Look in his column that looked like are you in the go on vacation driving on the highway and you'd never part of the courage or I'll look look you don't sell me mom and dad my tail look at all the bison said I'll look at the buffaloes. Murray State. Murders the creation you didn't. We'll what is of more help me out. Murray State marked the racers the racers and how would what is a racer as it's a snake right. Or somebody who goes real fast right or to lead this reflects racer there's a racist snake oil. I think indigenous to Kentucky. I think I know that just the living Kentucky one point yeah Christian view of the Kentucky he should know Murray's the things that you're right yeah yeah. I saint Bonaventure. The bodies out and now what's a body like is that a bonnet I don't know how I got out all right want for three and Wright State. Writes that it is writes that whereas rice stated mission though. I don't know or writes that if the series on one against Michigan. That. I don't know Christian you give me all these teams that don't even there that they have a football program that we sort of envy Wright State raiders are in fair born Ohio prevalence science let's listen here. Who writes that Wright State raiders. That the gas and yelling get anyone of these exit like duke. Kentucky. Clemson. Is he getting any off the lawless is knowing you know it's funny the right any right Greg do you remember the ones and ask you guys. And mark and rattle off right I can I remember right stated the raiders but they're not a raider like Oakland their mascot of the wolf. So. Yeah so that that doesn't make sense. You know you gotta might not be called the rights they world be if you file for a lot of I got. Villanova Michigan State Xavier and now it's kind of torn between Arizona Virginia. I think because. One on. My college. Frenzies that hang out only friends and and do. So little partying weekly now yeah friend is to India university Arizona. And in the intro was he lives in Tucson and so. On a Congo it Arizona. Playing Xavier and bill and Oakley Michigan State the final four and Villanova beating as the markets Davidson. Mascots go marked wildcats night. Why do you act you know and you know when or us that we article I would also accept the Davidson staff Curry's yeah and he asked that Perry's. For the united have a if you wildcats or bulldogs in. As far as mask did they do. Sports on rolls on here you double the conversation play our bracket challenge feel free 50426018. Sony also do you have your final form your brackets. 50426018. Semi tech's 878 semi. And I know Chris we also had to NASCAR. News coming up of course about to went three races in a row. I mean we'll hardly I mean c'mon that's dominant we're talking about that would mr. Kim Zimmer. Okay time to tell you today. Tennis. Yes CU had a a debate about is it bison is plural form a bison bison. Licensed the plural form of bison is bison but. The Lipscomb University mascot bison are a buys sends in an S I don't know why. I've yet to call lipscomb and ask in my ideas what an ass on customers' it the American bison by the way commonly known as the American buffalo so they are the same thing. It is them yes say they had sent at a take this alignment so what is this 004 rate of buffalo bison are not the same animal now that's news to me about I think it is like mark we used explained at the same. So. Eyes who's your biggest bracket buster UV as a as a Cinderella mark. I don't Loyola Chicago amended it and they're they're good team there an older team than you think we get those older mid majors with Opel seniors and juniors. They usually can can to make a little bit of noise and our team that should have been. In the tournament last year and they kind of got snubbed they were second place in the Missouri valley. Only behind Wichita State who we know it was a real tournament team they didn't they didn't get any. Any bonus points for coming in second to Wichita State and kind of got left out so this year. There interment for the first time since 1985. And and I think that they're gonna middle of the north and up a Morgan isn't always whenever exit. Yearn Euro twelve vs five. That is says it's that is certainly a spot or we found a lot of upsets over the years because he's the kind of the mid to the lower tier of major teams and at five seeds and the higher tier mid major teams have twelve seeds. A lot of times and experience kind of winds out. Well a lot of my two of sets to one of the the south region ongoing Davidson over Kentucky. And it in the midwest New Mexico State over Clemson so that's match you are trying who had a couple of twelve who were five seeds. Because. That hurts so good things about Aggies and you think that anything that takes a man convicted there in the figure things. I've had to make in the sweet six sweet sixteen bit kind of were hot at the beginning. Rank as highs in the five in Collison loss of clinching games in. Have them playing in the sweet sixteen against Michigan that. Different Aggie New Mexico State at them upsetting Clinton effort trial. Patrick in New Orleans which got Patrick you're on W to do well. Yeah I thought about the argument. So I have I don't know or actually are not think. You know they have about thirty wins on the year that well coached by Jay Wright. It's out there. All. Actually in the region. And a pop you talk about junior or opt. I got Tennessee common life our elected. All ears. They're well coached by by aren't. At at a in. Each ship. All and then. You know kind of bomb. I get out of my I'd. I feel like you know if you went on the bracket challenges your econ economy go you go off the board now without a pick up. Nick could beat Houston cougars. Six. Calm now. When they got used to make in the final fours that would you thing. Yeah. He's been at the sixth seed yet for. Coached by like sent. You let me a couple on the final four. You know some years back non. Not that cute and that they are now regular season on court in Cincinnati and the copper art and it. All have them in the final Orrin nano. Is. And I think regional. State and now. Some of those teens. I'd like their draw. Now. Of course sort. Lot freshman Allen and Tom. You know thought that Villanova when it all of them were. Well I'd Patrick you know it's innocent because I picked Villanova to win and all follow along like like you say coming out of the east region. But I thought tomatoes and tidbits because you look it. How are college basketball and and who's playing consistent. Throughout the year. In looking at the cavaliers Virginia they'd being 31 into the look at Villanova thirty and four. Of those innocent. Look at Villanova Wildcats they would overall number one seed last season where are remembered a loss in the second round the Wisconsin now the Villanova Wildcats have only advance. On a bill opening weekend twice in the last nine years right reach in the final four earned on nine and and he didn't in 2016. But I thought this is innocent I didn't realize how good Virginia. Has been when you look at their program. And Coach Tony Bennett. That they were 31 and two and earned a no one's seat for the sixth time in pro program history might say well rental program history six time. Bruised a third noble wants seed in the past five seasons. I think about it. You know they'd be ACC need to know about North Carolina duke in and all that comes in playing in the ACC but Virginia. I didn't realize that having a third number one seed in the past five. Seasons I was kind of surprised considering his kind of under the radar. The BD Virginia Cavaliers in Tony Bennett. And if you look Kennedy guide his team to regional final two years ago but has yet to make a final foursome that would. Via obvious obviously an obstacle that he must overcome. That they get their final four considering. You've had third animal wants seed in the past five seasons but failed to coach Bennett to reach a final forward his ball. Yeah yeah I definitely agree about me eat eat eat well program. For Kenya for numbered years and you know of course. Portland and not yet been elegy. You know next year we're at what Ellis you had common and you know what. The recruiting class. You know the opry Mercury collapsed on you know you bring back. Agree Kamal waters in Scotland need. Some of these guys Ellis shoot a lot. Next year I mean they look like at Teaneck and maybe compete for the yes C and then not to get the parliament but but maybe maybe make a run at sheer. Now to be a welcome sight Patrick just is there and that an IT will weighed by as a program headed in the right direction Patrick good stuff on the on current picture you give us your your final four teams. In the NCAA tournament. And also your bracket challenge we'll give you as a school you give us the nickname of the mascot of the school final four. 26018 semi tech's 8787 on NASCAR report color of his nobody Christian non sports talk. On WWL. I went down here on sports thought. NASCAR report in a sport where they only turn left. Tens ever joining us now advocating a lot you make a lot of money turning on when I wanna I wanna do is vomit Howard. We're doing get Kevin Harvick another win a NASCAR though over the weekend I mean it's not coming it's not a surprise anymore he's been prominent in ten U you pick UK. Yeah I actually if you go look at the Ahmad mine NASCAR article I do weekly. I'm Kevin Harvick is number one driver he finished first my number two driver of the week with Kyle Busch he finished second my number three driver when fortunately with Kyle Larson he led the second most laps in the race. But he ended up wrecking in finish in the end points. And then I had Trace Elliot who finished third he was my fourth best driver Denny Hamlin and Clint Boyer all all all six my picks five of them finish in the top six. Well Tim ma I don't know if with the money I mean you can help Bob dug them listening audience and I have a make a few bucks. I gamble but I don't gamble and sense of like sport gambling which I probably should I think I would be Presley NASCAR did invest in new NFL I'll let do NASCAR I gamble on things like casinos in mine you know until lottery here in lottery and things like that I just. I don't know. But. Are you telling leads him is that you know certain tracks in there where you racing and you know Kevin Hart was gone Arizona that what he would east eight I guess the extended his record denying wins. Yet he had nothing has nine career wins in Phoenix going back that's when he fourteen through 2016 he had. Three straight in that same racetrack in this in the in the spring actually. And this will be because he would have actually have a race in the fall this is his ninth crew ran in Phoenix and he's dominating he's like led. He's a lot and every race easily he's raised there and he's one of the most dominant drivers in Phoenix when you go to West Coast you always pick car Harvick are you pick a guy like Kyle Busch or. Al Larson say in the hurts him every day and that Tim you look at the week before when he won in Atlanta. And it just goes to show you his experience after finishing an. 31. In the season opening Daytona 500 Brit. I didn't realize this I thought it might be further back. And I think that jokers in this news the first driver to win three straight cup races. Since Joel O'Donnell did and in 2015 out Saturday in longer that that's pretty yes duh kind of an attitude out. He talked about that yesterday when we're off there he said Joseph the Ghana and when he fifteen it's actually happen a lot more off that I thought I know and when he thirteen. Kyle Busch he had three straight wins Jimmie Johnson he's done it twice. And I know our our fan favorite over here Jeff Gordon he's done in about three or four times so it's happened a lot since 2000 on those of the three most recent drivers and you have like Dale Earnhardt senior and Richard Petty that have done it before so it's happening just has doesn't happen that often. So ten this week here where they're racing in just give his new you favorites are the guys that are poignant well. I know there and Fontana Fontana will be the first two mile track in the years outlet that is in California I'm in Fontana is in California. Auto club California racetrack. I think I don't think Kevin Harvick sky I think Ken marks who do well he probably will be one of the top three favorites. I just think this week he'll probably be like a Chevy I Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin I think someone I'm sorry it's so you are excused because I'm thinking of chase Elliott yeah I think it'll be a Toyota like Kyle Busch mark tricks are Denny Hamlin I think one of those guys that come out there. On the Toyota's us really do well and in California so I'm gonna pick them the win. I had a really got done my research just yet but I know that this is the if you like like California. Tens and our weekly NASCAR Portugal value rights on line it. Debbie did you not come each week previewing the races in NASCAR and and and Chris and you know what one thing K Kevin Harvick got going form from a local perspective. And as soon as I see this young dog got the sponsors. You know you see his BA sponsorship and Kevin Harvick car you know who it is he's freaky fast and preach and accounts guns Timmy had just done their Drew Brees the rich get richer in a third Jimmie Johnson Kevin Harvick if you are. Less fear that that's Kevin Harvick sponsored me and you can you know Kristen we can must threes together maybe I'll get a little healthier Mac you don't you don't do Louis Chris look like a retired ever regret. Hell I'd like course like them very little course like Kevin Harvick down the bush Busch beer more debt faster than Nazis and frat guys down those fears that after all it's a pale as a pay needed to do that. Was BI do it that. Well Chris it would be got a streak as jaded Jimmy Johns tonight has seen that what if you had a three Busch beer and you and you wanna. Clinton is Sherry out brilliantly because as it was my choice some I don't I'm not obligated to wash done Jimmie Johnson but. They let me he's dominating that the tracts of purple is spears being Miller Light twisted iced tea so far so. You know I Swiss and was to was clear how the evil folly on tournament Sims and 1613 and down on Thursday or Friday whenever I think it'll be all Friday Meyer on NASCAR update report come out on the going to be well. Less than percent mission nightmare all right Tim. Ten Zimmer at tends them 1613. Bobby Hebert Christian York phone lines open to a job in last second conversation 504. Tuesday so light suddenly taxed 87870. This is Debbie did you LA MFM a dot com. Why down here on sports talk. Body their crushing Garrick squeezed in Charles amended bill real quick for you to set a lot Charles John W to do well. Anybody Chris you know do a great job Ali Ali I go to the aisle and I'll read a newspaper or 1 o'clock tomorrow what are what's that. After one which would put it in the paper today. I probably. Well he's he's he's saying. Drew Brees saints quarterback notes to you had officially the deal can't yet he can't be official until 1 o'clock now. I just went out and feel good now have a feel good. The comment here. Well I'm Charles argued today right now the only way Drew Brees will be the quarterback the 2019. Is it the answer. Better when you look at the next two years drew reason be the saints quarterback so. I think it gives best chance. That maybe goers suitable I mean I know in Anaheim and panacea that's only connects for. Charles thanks for a phone call set the luck of on double. Or just gotten. Mail or to be talking about this Drew Brees deal obviously and lots of other signings across the week Sam Bradford it's he's got a new team writes. T know how much this guys is they think it's insane and I think you guys talked about this early way air Croyle said about him. Diaz get into that and you know most overpaid athlete. In the history of sports auto legally nothing because you think about with a boarding pass wanna come in on the on the old C before the rookie wage scale. It regularly can you gotta Mars it toward it piling guarantee he got like fifty million guarantee just so here's the history of Bradford. You're right 78 million dollar guaranteed spirit deal that he went through their first time in 2016 you signed a 36 million dollar deal with the Eagles and now a twenty million dollar deal. That is at time money for quarterback whose every move into. And he said dad I'm telling Sam Bradford could play. He of all watch him flipped the ball fling it and you look at the first game we had a good business sense but he's always been beat up. He Cain answered a bell weekend and week out just goes to show you supply and demand. The cardinals are so desperate yeah that okay outlook is given to him a fifteen million guaranteed it its amazed because there's not enough quarterbacks Boehner. Hey really quickly here's another tidbit for you when as far as the NCAA tournament goes what do they. Most I guess. The biggest piece of misinformation out there is that somehow twelve seeds beat five seeds more than eleven seeds are thirteen to that are not true or better percentage wise it pretty much goes according. To your seat for example nine seeds reckons there's been restart the underdogs nines are playing eight. Ninth seeds won about 49% of the time ten seeds 38% eleven seized 37 and then twelve seeds seeds at 36. So they're pretty much winning in line with what they're seeds says but it's like you're gonna see an upset or two of those ever so you're just based on percentages but it's not like policies have some advantage over five sees that a receives a map. Now let's set right quake this does this have any merit because it's hey this is pretty Dominic you look at the Virginia Cavaliers only team the whole every opponent. Under seventy yeah going to gave I have them in the finals movement of the Villanova. But just like Timmy right then you know any sport you can play defense. I thought that was significant I don't know what's gonna happen but. The only team to hold every opponent under seventy points every game. Yeah will look lives this loss Biondi. Drip hunter for this tournament he's the sixth man of the year and ACC that's going to be big but this is the best defensive team in the history of college basketball at some globally that is by stats. Facto. If defense can win you championship legacy with Virginia this year I said they'll have caught up on double coverage at 8 o'clock. Well thank Marvin Automask control Steve Miguel troubles put together a show a crushing dark some a file about Bobby do you Zaman. One lane laser alone goodnight people at drew boulevard. Bagging go to C mobile and they Seattle. Yeah it's hot dog and a.