Managing Expectations

Kristian flys solo and is talking LSU Football.  Will they win more than 6 games this season?  Are you okay with the direction LSU Fooball is going in?  Plus, Archie Manning calls in to talk about the Manning Passing Academy and gives his predictions for the upcoming Saints season.  

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Simpler five. Welcome into the Monday edition of sports talk always faithful here on WL IMF command dot com amber O'Leary. And master control awaiting your phone call at 50426018. Semi on Christian you are doing it till 8 o'clock or Andy's office sent a lot Ford double coverage. Hope that I had a great all the follows had a great Father's Day SNL miles awesome. Three my sons would me my dad's. They were there reclaim them and inflatable slow slides ales stuff my dad and I spoke to a couple cigars to good way to spin policy for sure. Poland's over a 50426018. Semi tech's 87870. Here's our. W lock bumping people will tigers have over or under seven wins for the season that's the biggest oddsmakers are saying and what they can be honest something. That LSU fans are lukewarm right now about their program in the direction of the program and they should be and the right to be. When Vegas starts coming out saying 07 wins is the over and under that that sends red flags up. In typically you wanna see that nine. In nine over and under but seven and it's conceivable look at look at the opening game Miami. Hardly a push over. Most constant double years ago first game of the season lost out on. Similar in his Miami Hurricanes team that last year was rolled pretty good. They like on back up more than Ella she does. Southeastern. They are all grown rodent and and we three. Add Jordan hare mean c'mon there's a few being objective there's two likely losses right there. Right relegate to out of first three gates was again attacked. Course Ole miss at home. First first SEC home game. That's a that's a tossup but Ellis you should prevail and Eliot flora on the road the following week October 6. OK so they may be maybe give floor. For the next couple games. He got Frisch at home games after the the October 6 till in Gainesville that the swap. Georgia Mississippi State Alabama. Debbie Georgia missed out they just he's beaten Georgia. Mississippi State they can be. In a beat Alabama. They close out on the road vehicles at the back third of their schedule Arkansas. On the road rice at home Texas a and M College Station coming over and underwent how many wins do you think Ellis you'll get this season. Final four to 601 A said the text 8787 and also want to let this quarterback transfer Joseph borrow. Ousting about this over the weekend. I know coach and those Ron's gonna sit there tell you until the media. Hate. There's no guarantee we like that that other guys we have. In camp as well but really guys and it's still open competition Joseph Borough isn't coming to know to LSU. LSU was. Guarantee pretty much stimulus are. I would just think that it's got other options he had he had other options does the best. One he had because he's gonna be the starter and it's mind boggling to think about OK you'll eat you recruited pretty hard miles Brennan. All of our cease. Have you not developed the idea. As or something to go along with them did you did you not evaluate improperly coming up high school in May be missed is that happens happens in the NFL happened in college were. He project a kid to be a plan as certain level and in May be over value it. And are you under a night when I should say. When you overvalued him and then he gets on campus and he's not which you saw on high school which saw high school take into it and scouted him. Or is is of a deal of pay they just can't develop. Quarterbacks in the ground up mean the last two quarterbacks. Are gonna be are gonna transfer quarterbacks and I know analogous. I get that. People are saying that this this kid could be different has as far as the track record typically of quarterback transfers. Are not very good. Yes sure you got the cam Newton's right with a book or Florida Blaine junior college and one national title and Auburn. But they're they're mixed there mixed results and for LSU hasn't been very good results when they had a transfer quarterback. Dana yelling at Joseph Barrow we don't know about Joseph Borough yet. And I am I saying he's different he's he's he's he'll be the exception to that. That mixed bag of his results I don't. I don't know though because I wonder how well LSU can develop quarterbacks and you say well Urban Meyer you you know get to woods under. Under Urban Meyer the right. Her Meyer has a track record. Of establishing and developing young quarterbacks. A proven track record. It just makes me wonder. How much. That Ellison coaching staff is really evaluating and developing the quarterback situation. Quarterback recruits and that that is if that affection in recruiting. And it it affects you in so many ways it in recruiting. And I know Alabama just won a national title with a freshman quarterback I get that you don't necessarily need. A stud quarterback. To win a national title but you better have the defense of monsters at those guys have that's how you can get away with that. Because you don't have you have a star quarterback when you have a star team. And Ellis who right now doesn't have that star team neither. How many wins for LSU this year you make a prediction. 504260187. Text 870 eights and also have a little fun if you could change one play. In NFL history and gave him because I know what saints fans USA. If you change one play NFL history what would it be. How and imagine a lot of you guys and gals are gonna say. Now Marcus Williams last year against the vikings in the and it's NFC divisional round. Yeah LD one on there's more though and it's my listen a little bit will simply come back this is sports talk commons in Tilley you to a 504. 260187. To text 878 Seve this is W two well a race the beast mode Ron Allen still hurts to watch that. Lot of them if you take away one play in saints history. War one play in NFL history. What would it be the beast mode you obviously got the Vernon Davis touchdown run catch against San Cisco and it's 111 season. Just last year the vikings game Marcus Williams a lot you could race Helio want you tell me which when you wanted to race by before. 26018 semi text 870. 87 you also another one pointing out. How would change the titans last played in a Super Bowl against the rams I hate the rams almost is almost as much as I hate the falcons. Why the well and I and it's the only FC west days Tom engine Tilly how are you Tom. Michael Christian. It is you fences 1962. Okay here's the awful truth. Television no replied the second place in the SEC west. The play a third or fourth place is declining program. That Notre Dame games still sticks in my craw that Alicia was playing not to lose as opposed to playing new way to. There is an outstanding defensive line coach but he adjournment Cordoba and our local partner adjournment. And terms of head coach. Six wins most cunning question marks. Question marks in Munich very basic that the quarterback. You say six wins. Ho ha. You know look at it if that plays out. That plays out and those laws not enough coattails she is not what it. Yeah CEO. I'm curious though how do you feel about the long term direction of LSU football right now. I don't like it. It won't waste away this year has been more talent lash unit they have this year I think particularly. Office. And that means the defense has to take on an even. Larger. They don't do it doesn't look well play well I have a feeling just. Because Dave Durand is the real deal. He's got talent back there is no doubt that there. Right I did I wish I could be more optimistic. It did get overtime didn't get over seven wins to not have a right at seven wins it's gonna get over seven wins it's because Dave Durand that offense. You know stun somebody huh these days they play well above their head and a Hamas say they're not dead at the defense is not going to be good they will be but they're gonna have to win games. For the offense for the team. I agree with yeah. And you know the way I wish I don't know people would've taken the job but I almost wish they would have offered it to him because he's not going to be around for every day at some point he won't wanna be and could. Yeah I don't know Thomas who question I've I've had a discussion internal muscle and you that's the stalking yourself whenever I do a bit but. I don't know I've heard different things about Iran that he doesn't necessarily wanna do head coaching stuffy cannot. Dislikes being like that you know like pickle boat and Dick LeBeau are great I guess yeah he's he just didn't really wanna be a head coach I don't know that applies for Dave Wright are not have heard that he is certainly. Aligning himself to be head coach somewhere not. I think he has the capability. To be head coach I think he's a rising star. And a Kelso ball perhaps even. Going into the NFL I mean I do what he's done LSU as of the defense coordinator in England back to his days in Wisconsin is highly impressed and I think he speaks of a head coach in waiting but I'm not sure I don't know his personality. Right then you have to obviously he'll whip Yugoslavia echoed. Yeah I don't know if that's his persona or not. But that's the way I see it that's that's where I observe a. Six wins Tom engine Tilly says what you say over and under is at seven according to the wise guys in Vegas does LSU eclipse that. A legal over illegal under seven wins final four. 260187. XX 878 Sony Amber's given me the thumbs down on there at Amber's I don't know you're such an LSU football fan and your WB. Fan but I ever say and thumbs down and man. That's not good. Teddy in Metairie was gone to the year on W two well. Teddy over the winds how many troubleshoot. Think that I'm in a good stroke where. The temperature on where you're never. Going to be an. Apparently it sort of open and. The doctor when they're getting we had a bad concussion. Got hit in the head that by Donte Whitner. Well equipment so let's get an atmosphere in the game anyway by that sandwich when it. What are number and that it would have been insurance. To put it through and Adam to Adam and. Haven't any amendment which it is the truth is I would I was into question specifically about the game. Against San Cisco is. Give back one of the turnovers. Because they I mean they were down seventeen and in any team acted to tie ball game and take the lead. And it turned the ball over five times the recognition they got blown 121 points. Why are actually true. We sure sure sure of that and national. You look at it in that city and that and that and and you can bet. If you mention the chance to go. And and chairman and went to that little bit. I open. The only problem. To enter your. Lips. And certain type and street. And. When it. But. Attention. From. That bad. Don't play. And. And trends aren't sure cabinet rushed. And whoever. Sweet. About it. You get. In. Indiana in play and leave it. Afghanistan. Does. Just debris. And and. You bet Teddy Metairie I was like please Kobe two all beef and thank you hope you just feel better sounds like you battle of the cold there. I'm oddly enough. I'm sure you guys term anyway. I'll like bay bay. Because he's from my hometown but. While she why doesn't LSU offer an NFL coach of some sort. IQB coach an opportunity to take a college team and go the distance with Miranda. It's not that I'm not pulling for coach and it was because I hear that a lot while he's a local boys local guy ample formed apple for what that honeymoon is over. I honeymoon long over. It's a matter if you're a local guy LSU fans couldn't care if the guy was from Corvallis. Day. It to head coaches from Corvallis and he's when it doesn't matter. These lose and it's it's gonna Matt it's gonna matter because you know it's gonna matter who wins and no matter where he's from whether he's from. On the buy you current San Cisco New York Philadelphia wherever. If he's not produce and they wanna Matta here. So about the whole he's home what you you want the home boy to do well. But that's not a reason why you hire him. It's not a reason why you keep them around given the benefit of the doubt all he's a local guide me. It's just like oh over here diesel as a total locals that work at an intercom and W duo tonne of its. Grew up here or born here and doesn't matter of when I before monogamy and how well. The local local product look okay Ricky Brown now. Reflect an app and any job. Back and attacks real phone lines are open at 5042601870. Text 8787 the over under for LSU wins this year. The wise guys in Vegas have met seven. That's our double bill dot com opinion poll. Him over or under seven wins and what if it's seven what does it is seven is that enough to keep those run around. He tell me 50426018. Semi tech's 87870. Bills make the field goal to win the Super Bowl Jim Kelly deserved a ring yeah against the giants Scott Norwood pushes that. Put that money is why it left just missed it. I I agree that. The Buffalo Bills. To go to four straight. Super Bowls and you lose all forum. I mean goodness gracious Minnesota's like that did it into a four straight they with a four. The vikings did don't Hillary and I agree on big Jim Kelly fan growing up love watching him play quarterback. He deserved during. I'd loved to have seen Jim get police wondering should I got more than that Viet take away that play in NFL history do you take away any flight saints are NFL. Won't it won't be would it be. In the Kevin Dyson touchdown. Will keep short consumable against. The rams' Scott Norwood disapproval possible against. The New York Giants Marcus Williams. His missed tackle get Stephon digs this past January. In the NFC divisional round of the playoffs sports talk rolls on here on W two well enough man doc are you gonna raise one play in NFL history will would be. The talk rule from 8655. In. Dallas gross. I mean debt could altered. The patriots franchise. And the dynasty that they have created that play alone in the AFC title game against the Oakland Raiders. My goodness yeah as if I took it outside the saints it would be the tuck rule. And nobody knew that that rule was even on on the books another one says. Everyone blames Marcus Williams alone for the play but cam Jordon shares blame for pulling up. Only QB when he had a sack or batted down pass while I saw that a look back and look at that is immediately after. The whole Marcus Williams. Saints vikings team. And I was trying to criticize Cameron Jordan to. I don't I don't see it I didn't see it that way because I think he was Vinny back in order to try to get a better angle at the quarterback Anthony Carty stepped up in the pocket. Some only Kendra was pulling up intentionally accuses trying to play leverage game and ultimately. Yet. You know get the quarterback. Bledsoe getting hurt him at signal do debt is of Bledsoe could get hurt there's no Tom Brady there's probably no there's no. Patriots as we know today. Bledsoe getting area that's right I forgot again I forgot all about that. With CL a shoo ins for gains at best post run. Fired Hugh freeze hired as a 2000 Alcee who are crowned see LSU touching you freeze whatsoever. Before games tells you it's four games. And it is up if it goes if it goes on his he'll be fired for sure. But he shouldn't be the only one aspire to tell she was four games. Jolie was should be on Matt's car come on. You get it that in that plays out my goodness LSU fans are going to be live. On that you'll be very hot with the ultra football program that I have Archie Manning forcing great. A few moments. Forcing its quarterback is on the right now. Archie Manning former saints quarterback and legend seats off they are obviously I cut the main passing academy coming up. RG tells load up about that he got a fix something new this year women's clinic right. We have collected at the end yeah. We'll start out as is that point first toward third year Manning pass and now portrayed here. The medical study into the should go. Those Thursday urged on. As usual. One. Oh run around 12100 here so there Kamal that would cover 46 states and Canada this year. And you know go out and start all those. Monday. And clinics that evening four ladies and girl also quite a little. Session. All the sales were. Football camp on on Putin actually so that's something new. What you have back there. Archie what's your favorite part of the camp. Well so. Labored on his guarantees radio four today marble ones. Oh count. Around the country so yeah here we. Which State Department there camp loosened a lot of like to do well but along but. They actually. Well actually on them to have a street level of the conception whether our king it's not a well liked it a basketball camp somewhere of their prospectors. And force are optional on all that is armed. And have a quarterback which in the camp used to enhance. Ku football career. We're not. Ornament chrome. It would not worry about who go to college. We won't enjoy. The days. As a group quarterback who should Wear. That's kind of car on the action there wouldn't. We'll award. Would go on sale. In the classroom lecture issued by. And Jerusalem and have a book on. Legendary Archie Manning here on saint radio W Roland RG RC talk about the Manning passing academy that's coming up and com slash about you know would you love the most about the camp and would you for follows a yesterday. Well I yeah good day to church. Talked to Bob. To a must. One as outnumbered it's just gotten home from Altria. What. It. Just finished there are sluggish year old junior actually last week so result in the media. New York area. But almost August mostly on this weight they're coming into the present cared about on corporate lives there with his family. And we got together with Hamlet yes. Had a great time. What's up two days. It was blatant bid as he burden but I have a country don't. A lot of corporate beacon. We. And boy was one brand rather. Insist. Director insists though a lot of different things. Move around traveler good. And not so little look forward to sitting in the weekly comedy love the scale. It would later dot 23 years ago junior Tennessee anymore which started. And he's never missed a minute of it as as he quote. You camper the first forty. And you know we've been doing so all Kovalev on college so. We've been out of long and it. Is it on to get the borscht. Hear about problems that got one rig we've been successful Obama never missed a minute of the camp they've always been here 100% of the time. That's pretty special. And this is a conversation Archie that I get into everyone's sloppy blast me on its curious. That has pay never expressed any interest in being in the front office like John Elway in Denver. You know I think he has he's got a lot of programs. In possibly has something political out in the commencement sometime war the coast in the day today operations in that draft with. But wanted change it was yen. With albums the scouts while detained in so little bit on the air. And so and we'll have that comes together and something about that whose export a little bit. Archie Manning here on sinks radio and RG Ellis shoot misusing the the saints are obviously a hot topic and and been a fan base super excited about this season. And expectations around this team do you think they're Super Bowl caliber team. Although also broken out looking like last year. You know unfortunate thing in a playoff game but. Improvement. Was where to Provo where you want growing collapse of portage and Kenyan. It helped out much more importantly picked up. You know who approached them about forty years rarely got their big branch word could. Have opted out there and he mentioned in new young poor little blockage to there's a lot of talent on that thing. All it is now the style marketing and social conservative community. There's stay healthy and be disallowed the audience is at least fortunate to be there but sometimes. Good land. And play good you know or Oakley is not a good draft and some great will contribute. But. And so. I think I have a chance have a great year. Archie Manning a legend here on Adobe to Roland Archie. Just tell tell folks about what check them out to the Manning passing academy and that does the ladies and girls clinic and also the dates in and for campers. Was darkness version toward and I can't let up 4%. Almost 12100 campers would vote. Come from different parts of the country we have a staff of about a 120 coat as as culture news here. Probably another picnic people on the they do all of a lot of the beauties detection and there's been broke. 0101. Tablet crying about it about those 120 countries. Ordeal much starting college quarterback. Well that's you know the kids love. Those outcomes and they don't market but also. Right in the well people we have there what would they have to they have three different time on the field with a stroke. Work out there and question session so couched it seemed like there. It's not that now in what kind of have a the finale on Saturday Bible talks Saturday night lights we allow them. Local state athletic department itself ticket which a political statement there. I may have watched what we first of all scallop passing extradition. College quarterbacks in. Sure Obama camp receivers and they would have accomplished. A quarterback challenge without college quarterbacks or did wrong targets in those terms student. Who wins program crops so. We won't show without our practice on Sunday morning. And then this year. Mentioned the forward never in the first and and all the women and girls football clinic and a that'll be Monday it are short Bob Calkins in Asia usually with some own we will work. Archie Manning and forcing you guys down in to them. You bet most heavily comeback for Delco and our work this is sports talk here on WW LI MF and aka. Of the text line I love it's excellent. Here it is. Says. Hey I'm going into the store go to the store to get some soap some medicine and a toothbrush. Hey I don't think is meant for me to discretion shall take a they six pack of beer. He tried bags as I was amid ever my wife sorry so our attrition. Saints fan in Houston now good I knew you weren't into an information but alas relevant text like is that occasionally you get the Texas hate. Keep some milk on your elm that's like the I like the response that well I mean I don't know exactly where you lived if meaning that Bob Brady house. Delco and borrow what's going on Delk oh you're on W the duo. Look folks so you. I'm doing it may have been viewed the wrong. They aren't that my might be. The big play. It would be ago. In Indy game you're playing it is in the middle of lean on him. I am going to be. Torn down about me. Now indeed there Nittany. Down and he did an instinct isn't well. Did you may play when. You're in a couple of double. By you know. Ala the bottom line Delco outlined those that it took the lead with 23 seconds left. I mean. That ultimately decides. To build take it the more broadly don't know what about. I'm here to second guess the decision we've we've done that six months there. Is that would play would you take away will play in NFL history would take it. Are there would be. I think ago. You know. The Euro in. The country tighten. And game. And now that that laid out would give it to you if you. Go back and beat them. It is 12101. Oh cool and it. Will it bio call the main I'm in any. Panic at the in into me do seem a number that you would be able to go through. Global doubted you know tuck rule existed thanks for the full called the local embargo be a stranger about this one of the river city relay but the extra point. John carting him over the river city relay. Deuces and it means Donte' Stallworth. General pace and Aaron Brooks. Crazy relay against the jaguars and then. John Carney missed the extra point. Yeah electorate now on to is that it's an easy by that saves as I'm sorry out a trying to dredge up almost a bad memories but it is. Funniest thing about the emotions. That you you just experience there if you watch and again which I was alive and you see that. Crazy. Crazy river city relay in an extra point. He missed the new year he went from the highest the highest to lowest of lows at that point in a matter a span of about thirty seconds. So how it ranks up there is one now and like you race the lines are open at 504260187. XX 870. 870 RW ruled out helping people will LSU tigers have over or under seven wins for this season according to Vegas that's where their act. Over and under seven. Retaken the over our the other 26018 semi tech's 87870. Miles on the road clemency sit tight this is sports talk here on WB well. Here at W to be well we want to. Tucci where you're headed on time be the first to know about traffic jams accidents in road repairs sign up for. W to a text alert right now just texting the word traffic 28787. NF. You have traffic tip caller traffic team Joshua doubts. Or kill their Summers at 260 info 2604636. Marty Metairie miles on the road. Louis and Dallas the one when you guys up against the clock you guys lead off next hour promise and a couple lines open at 5042601870. Text 8787 you'll tigers have. Over are under seven wins for the season. That's what basis predicting for Ellis shoot league over and all over or under seven wins already laid it out if you look at the schedule. It's mean just looking at LSU's football schedule that open areas Miami it's not a gimme I'll see him going on the road to Auburn to beat. The planes men are the tires what have you. Louisiana Tech sandwich between Auburn and Ole miss. Yes three straight home games Georgia Mississippi State Alabama I'll see you be now ma'am I'll think you're being George. We'll talk about that next hour as well the sports talk here on W dwelling anathema and dot com.