LSU's Matt Canada Split?

It's been rumored LSU's offensive coordinator Matt Canada will be leaving the program after the bowl game, where is LSU's program headed?


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Barrel on through mood double coverage our three. Lots on our plate certificates and yards just about Matt Canada mentors are on these great college football semi Williams and of course. Saints Panthers man Christian Gehrig Amal. Pessimistic got crazier is reverting to week three form. Of doom and gloom for the same Zanardi I drug you out of the ditch one time this season needed I'm not gonna do it again I'm gonna leave you there to flounder man. That's fun you know have to I mean I'm I'm confident level even by the way. What exactly do you believe by the way I believe if the saints are just too injured. I don't see them beaten the Panthers three times in the season I think it's. Really difficult to do even though the numbers say it's not because. What since 2001 there are eleven to five and in rematch is the third time of the trilogy of a two and oh series are to note team. To Iran team for the third time I know the numbers say out I'm going against those numbers. I just think that. This team is a bit even though I'm Thomas saints is a bit of an over achieving team and you say the same thing about here on Panthers. I'm just go home by the fact that I don't feel good about it I would feel better if it was Seattle maybe even Atlanta and have gone totally 180 this thing because. I thought the worst match it was Atlanta. For the saints of the three that they were gonna play whether it was Carolina Atlanta or Seattle. But. I'm just seen some things it is deep this team. That makes me worry converting on third down. Not being efficient enough offense on defense having some issues. Covering some guys now. If they cover the Kansas well they don't have a lot of weapons but I am seeing some things that just make me go numb I don't feel real good about. This. I just don't see how this Panthers team moves the football consistently yes they have a running game that with the injuries to the saints especially in their front seven could give them some problems. They're not going to be able to throw the football great Olson doesn't scare me a darn beard might be a weapon. But you've got too many guys in that secondary out if he's. Black or over and put them on Greg Olsen lace was ally Guerrero. That's not that that's not his DeVon Futch or tell us your thoughts is really scary you know. Juan Mann no the guy does scare me honestly pressure McCaffery girl's Christian McCaffrey and scared her McCaffrey's pad. Aid you know he's William played a fourth round pick page on the blast is it's early only call people bust that. For is how I was drafted these busts. Well he's not. He's not the eleventh pick in the draft eighth eighth statement after Olympics since eighth pick in the draft. The idea no. But I think that has to do with overall weapons softens but I I just think Camden has closed injury open. I don't know what I don't I don't know what makes you believe that I'll go over the stats that I have here and I gave in the first hour nearly gets playoff teams this year is that eight games. He's a 57%. Passer 143 for 249. Thrown for just 16141. Yards that's 200 yards a game to earn five yards game appears the big 18 touchdowns in those eight games and eleven interceptions. Al assay and again and I'll make this point I think because of what he does running the football that he is innocent. He's an okay quarterback like he's a quarterback that I'm not gonna cut he's quarterback you can win some games with. But he is such a bad pays a downright bad passer. He is a big cat passer of the football. I do not think you can only generous wood and I don't think you can consistently win playoff games when they're not OK fine but they're not they're not claim personable here they're playing for. An advancement while Carl weekend so I'll tell Zimmer brought up some good step Christian there about the last ten times the saints have lost games in the superdome. Right the opponents have scored at least 31 points and every single one of those games. Do you its last seven games in a trial lasts seven times the saints of Los in the super do you think this cal office but a 31 points on the saints. No I don't think suing him. No but I think I think the panthers' defense. Is going to play a lot better than it did the first two matchup against the world's which we've given up over 31 points each time. I I wonder about. Turnovers how much that's gonna have a difference in this game I wonder about sacks I wonder about how healthy the saints are going to be lonely office the line. Whenever I know this is crazy thing about but whenever Tom Toronto Armstead has been out of the Carolina. They have them on the football very well because interest PS we left tackle in city of element that is left guard which they're not as effective. Win Toronto arms that plane left tackle and just peace plan left guard. They are mall hours on that side of the ball they get so much more done I just think that this team. The saints have come out is one that is vulnerable right now because of the injuries they have on defense and how banged up. And inefficient they are on third downs I mean we've seen this kind of played this team from last. What it is plagued them against. The falcons. And we in the first match up. The inability to convert on third down. It played them last week when a defense 82 defensive snaps and inability to convert on third down. It's a little bit of a trend now that is alarming a lot of ways I'm like you to bear. Pick your favorite in the NFC I know we kind of talked about whenever I have to Minnesota yet but I think if there's something I say Minnesota and I go. Man I think there's real pressure for a team that is hosting the Super Bowl like that's a real factor in. I still think that case Keenan comes crashing down earth at some point against a playoff experiencing you I don't know how you I don't know how are really feel and it's not as low as it stands. But I think the dangerous team and his team in this field the most dangerous is a land. They really are. They're very so inconsistent offense and I tell you would think their defense is just is it's close to as good as Minnesota right now. I think anybody any I think anybody in this playoff tilt when a Philly. And don't allow Philadelphia to when he hurts him. What despray they're gonna give nick falls an offense that he can at least be marginally successful wealth. Let's just be honest nick pulls isn't. Charlie Whitehurst. To audio guy that's like saying that's like hearsay and it's like you saying. It's not Tom savage well it's like it's like you go on me comparing you well you're not. Really be careful now your role is not you I mean of course the fine print but should I mean he's he's. This poses a me you've seen him play the last two weeks he's not even. Of a top backup quarterback if Blu-ray like any offseason we rank quarterback's right now he would be on the Hugh what a case we have it here again here's what students clearly. Yes so it was a leads. Madam just islands here to was formerly billion or about two really tier three was. The trend offers okay he would be a trend over at best I agree that at best and you know what case Keenan's. Bit of its Rendell for a little bit better maybe maybe a series better. Maybe but he's got to do a much better defense. And he didn't have a road a coach says that's inexperience I think it. The most dangerous team honestly is Atlanta and I know saints fans don't want to hear that but right now it's about. It's about momentum it's about teams that really have. Band playing their best football down the stretch I think Minnesota has I think it's I think the vikings have even though we lost to the saints. I think that by and large the rams have. Even though I sat out last week a loss of 49ers I think those are three teams to watch out for one of those three teams and I'm on picket production of the feel here. But one of those three teams will represent the AFC. The us the first time since 2007 alone we were wrong in 2007. That I think there's been this heavy the favorites to win the whole thing and that's in England mayor less than even money right now I just it's another or is there they've had visible and light. 58 years yet lessen your money in other words they are more than a 5050 shot to win the whole thing. That's. Talk about pairing Eric you're zero rats in the NFL I don't think there's parity does not. I mean I know that there's what a out of twelve playoff teams that are you know five out of 65 out of six have missed that Manson but. It's the same people the same guys that there's a Brady in Super Bowl there's going to be a gradient symbol again for like the eleventh out of the thirteenth year. Well I'm when the breeders is breezed by another person I want it I want it looked. Let me say this too I think that there's a possibility that they get hot the saints get hot they they play well yes it is here's why. He got Sean Payton got Drew Brees Kenny mask some deficiencies honesty on this team yes they absolutely can. Can Drew Brees put the team on his back for a couple of games we've seen quarterbacks do that a playoff before. It can happen I just don't see it I don't see it because you know why. They can't convert on third down that's their bugaboo that's their issue and teams usually to have those tough laws get exposed to. Eight it it's their undoing at some point opposes. Did a let's talk quickly to David Baton Rouge on the phone lines day of the Xavier on WW. I got you the perfect segue to what I had to. Comment on comic in the third down conversion is problem and I don't see it being corrected this season. Hear me out it was just in football. A look at the years on record oil and there that code retired they're their quarterback were hard to win there this complain a lot call under ball. O'Leary did Carol it is. These goals but he went being. Built its preparations and that there are ordered to get there. I mean no I thought we were gonna let me pull the curtain back yet we did our own now so before of course show started. Chris is an hour talking about some guys Santa target this offseason and I brought a players to show because I think you make a lot of sense or things also Jimmy Graham by the way did all the reports that it is not gone back to Seattle. I'm seeing him thanks for the call Dave. Other options this off season pretty others but I mean. Larry FitzGerald. I can't see it maybe Jimmy Graham lot of money though. But I think they're gonna they don't look to what. Why are they in a position they are now. Last two drafts have been pretty good instincts I think he looked to draft again to fill holes in vacancies at wide receiver and tight it. They've drafted well last couple years and their biggest their biggest areas of of me you know what what our wide receiver linebacker linebacker right either one of those three. Navy office of Lima again for death. RO UN take a break I hello. Artist FaceBook right now is every night we do our FaceBook live two hour we're gonna talk about this saints Panthers game and some stats and I think in a note that should make saints fans pretty optimistic over the WW all radio FaceBook page like that page and most are live video. Here in just a second at certain Christian Tim's a learning about double coverage on WW. Are wrapping up our FaceBook live chat if you miss that the videos hosted over on the WWL radio FaceBook page going to call on that video and try to. I'm jealous we're not on camera that I guess who's back on your hair on the and I like to do and analysts say yet cleaned up a little bit you're not looking like. Dave Kaplan anymore welcome back tired the welcome back to you hear talk a little saints and Panthers. Big playoff game it's like playoffs are always big it's extra big and your plan a division rival. In game one here rival that you've beaten twice this season already in Christian the San anybody's just joining us this the situations played out. More than a dozen times over the last what sixteen years yes and so want to and so one. Teams are sixteen time Lebanon five or five and says what. Nine the seven nothing is thirteen and seven some like that so was it will twenty years so the united seven. I don't know I mean. Maybe I'm getting caught up too much in the stack says I get that. Medium you caught up too much and probabilities. I'm just worried about the saints' inability to convert on third down. That's the stack keep harping on that's the static guard in the playoffs you're going to have to continue to move the ball. Because this defense who is depleted by injuries is going to be don't feel a lot because of their inability to get teams off the field. On third down if you can't convert them in and when the time position you go back and look at every saints game they won this year. At a 119. Of them they've won the time possession battle nine and eight and eight straight today rattle off this year. They've won all eight of those so. I just wonder are they Nabil possessed the ball off a Leo for the defense in bad situations the special teams going to be I think you've been the bugaboo is well there's. There's a lot of other team now like. And I normally be. Met the locker room tomorrow. With some. You know some real to me like oh you're crazy it's center that's fine but. And I wanna be proven wrong I do. I just wonder how much this team has left in the tank because of how much injuries they sustained and I think that no matter what if they lose on Sunday. This is a team that over achieved nobody had this team. And 115 movie set who is Dennis Dixon who was very optimistic. Nobody had this team and eleven at five posted a playoff game nobody in their right mind in their most objective mind. Didn't have that I had about an. He made at best so if they lose on Sunday. This is a program that's headed in the right direction with a couple more pieces they can be one of the dominant teams in the AFC next year dominant. There's no doubt and gets in he's the owes them defending Al what happens with the vikings quarterback situation you can have those are red at the top again. I don't the rams are to have a magic in me mentioning little. It's a puzzle to figure out Tim says the 49ers the other couple years away on oil like Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy geez man hey are afraid jaguar. For. Freddie a mosque that opinion poll. How confident are you that the saints can beat the Panthers at home on Sunday very confident somewhat confident. Not confident at all. Log onto WW all dot com and cast your vote there also don't see the saints in the playoffs we have your tickets try to join us for Friday playoffs frenzy listen when a pair of saints Panthers wild card playoff tickets all day Friday and you're not gone and it needs they're out. And it kicked off the player that they'll look here so I can't help them play out again. They're my credentials are starting at 6 AM on Friday with Tommy Tucker in the annual Norman did 10 AM. Skew 1 PM and finally do some attrition from fort A it's just listen for Bobby it bears who dat chant calling in went. Where you can register to win a pair of saints fans to stick its online right now. At WWL. Dot com. Vienna a number of black and gold in the playoffs who dat the saints radio. And WWL. Tim put some stats in front of us todays are trying to get meter read Saul read them. All they'll last went last four times that he's played in New Orleans. Tony fourteen through 27 team you're reading these really well look there's stats were numbers guys so just in New Orleans. He's played. Create evenly injuries. Bracelets while wanted to do one yards and didn't attend 62. QB ours quarterback rating Newton the higher 1106 to breeze is 96 completion percentage. Breeze 64 Newton 63. Passing touchdowns Camden twelve breeze with nine interceptions breeze with three Newton with two rushing yards of course and in Saber wanted to -- fifteenth. Rushing TDs units to breeze nothing. Total yards passing and rushing combined sprees with 1266. Newton with 1246. Or is there something Christian do you hear that. New and just plays well for whatever reason in the dome here in New Orleans. No I think that's the saints had bad defense is what it says simple. And again I have not had a head off for instance I don't I think runners in with all that like I don't mean to like clobber you with sent it back but. Compared no. Canada's defense now. Exactly so your your play in the numbers right there but the defense in the worlds and last. The last couple times they've played in new world has been bad. This year this year it's not so bad. Cam Newton. To inflate his very poor numbers and this happens every season with him. He is very good against bad teams and poor defense is but against playoff teams way he does not good the last four games he's played this year against playoff teams so this is November 5 against Atlanta. December 3 against New Orleans December 12. Jimmy December 10 against Minnesota December 31 against Atlanta. He's grown for what let's enjoy regarding its time 137183137180. He's thrown at. Four interceptions. In those four games and he's thrown just four touchdowns and those corners of like how and how did that happen. I don't know man. He got me there. I know I'd numbers. I was lining isn't Carolina his numbers against the vikings yeah we're not at thirteen it's 45 for 137 with a touchdown and epic. His numbers against New Orleans. Better. 7027. For 183 with two touchdowns no picks you factor in the first Steve then you factor in the first store on the other. He's thrown for under 200 yards both times against north. Its first game this is M. Carolina by the way seventy and it's only sexual ones 67 no touchdowns three picks twister touchdown three picks. Under 60% passing. And less than 200 yards each student flatter waves of the chairman at all and a mosque near me you know how the saints not come to come of six interceptions on Sunday. Three elbow although the relief teams lessons that bullet at the offense also literally they've boy it's you know they read I I change from I said they should have fired their cutter. But the way that office's plan I think they have to keep an embarrassed decision. And they're really good on third down but between the numbers. You tell me. Doesn't Janus was of Lockett on our on receivers like between the numbers he was staring down receivers how many how many passes to the scenes jump. And just flat out miss they jumped to zero right they knew he was stared him down but he just flat out missed it. They could ahead six interceptions even they collect one more of those its fourth by the way that's a second time this year what they've won the turnover battle and lost the game. I guess Atlanta and tenement. I'm not worried about this man Imus I am very at peace. But this game on Sunday fine. BP's. I think you're working you're now the following because they have to go Afflalo has laid out your Minnesota. And how he worked up. Will say. So isn't it weird. Bets all the saints fans now have become falcons fans via wise you don't have to sue but if you're Smart you'll want him to win yet. Because if you take care busy following UN this week in and take your business the following he has Minnesota you're hosting. And NFC title game against the Atlanta Falcons are dumb how crazy would that environment. It would be insane. Yet it's going to be insane and that's the only way to union in its Italian and out as if the falcons won their first two games and saints won their first again minutes Atlanta. And New Orleans would that be special. For the NFC title. This tax cabinet on another. Playoff scenario why can't the Steelers beat the pats healthy Steelers team isn't very good. Or is very get all pro running back and receiver and they often quarterback I might add that well the reason that they can't is because. Let's put this delicately Mike Tomlin just gets flat out coach by the election. You just does and I like Mike Tomlin hack series and some good things there. Consistently. And very good team well as play has had and didn't didn't survive program that was it would be weeks ago. Al river on I mean I still can't believe some of the reversals coming out of the league office there. While I mean like I can't by the way I cannot believe. The reversal on the demands and saints have a big reversal that that favored them in that game the touchdown my mr. remembering that. The answer that in that must have been a different at the as having it maybe that was the Seattle Gordon that was a there aren't it was right it was it was all good fun. They got issues. Oh yeah that is with talk about that we talk about that section five before it's O'Leary was set Camden is overrated does not scare me on a just doesn't. So the scenario is fierce saints fan in new news kind of been pale little attention on the plane Panthers well they're the fourth seeds they play the fifth seed that means. The only way this they get a home playoff game would be in the NFC title in if Atlanta wins out. Kristin you may Lannan has a real shot to go to LA and beat the rams I do for number reasons because. Their defense. Is. A little bit better that way better than average. The saints match over the well because they know while. LA doesn't own now well I think their rest their their time off. Against the against the 49ers hurts them. For young team that the youngest team in the NFL I'm telling I'd exodus last week. When Sean McVeigh decided that it decided to rest those guys it. It'll come back to bite him I think that in the falcons match up better against the rams and the saints do and it just wouldn't surprise me if Atlanta goes up there to the three seed they're not gonna have a huge home field advantage in Los Angeles because. Los Angeles were about ski in going to the beach doing those things and then support wealthy people. The veto it street uptown trivia OK let's what are we have done this yet today we should do this would black Monday was yesterday and it was a a bloody. Again Monday for NFL coaches. Oracle is speaking. Go through many AFC in just the head coach but a Dean Pees probably hall of fame got offensive coordinator for the ravens. Called the career he's he's done retired. A Jim Harbaugh you know obviously wish him a very. Fond farewell on this got a little emotional there. I think that everybody. Thought. About some of the other great defense coordinators and that comes Susanna I'm mumbling now on for so many years Dick LeBeau read everybody talked about Lebow not a lot of people talked about Dean Pees spent. What he had a hit of all time career. There in a lot of ways. But I think that that goes back to. That organization Pittsburg just knowing what wins you're in. You're out for decades they've always drafted well they don't play in freeing see that much they always give themselves a pretty catchy. So I think it. Of the losses that we're gonna see in the offseason with coordinators or coaches that's an organization that survives and is written a book on. Ravens talk to me now the double yes it's our changing and turn over and they've got a guy in house right now they have a guy and that they RD no. And I think that you know the ravens are every team that'd be fine without John piece I mean he's been all he's been around for a. Long long time but. Right I just think that I just think that they're gonna. They're gonna they're gonna find the right guy that'll continue that legacy in Baltimore on our ball. And they beer built a defense to be pretty darn good again for the next few years I here's a surprise he wants the guys who didn't get fired Christians so Marvin Lewis speech to new two year contract for the vandals. Once while we knew what that guy retires we'll get a look at June 2 Cincinnati's Chris I think this is he really good thing the organization does there not. They're not Oakland but the quick tree rot buffalo or the New York Jets read they allow guys to stay. And tries to rebuild. Through mediocrity and that's what Cincinnati's valuables president that was also extremely surprising. I do not know how you go one and 31 in this league and you keep your job and that's exactly was hue Jackson did for the Cleveland Browns coming off a winless campaign. And a one win campaign last season. Once. A set I don't even. I came to talk about it just because I'm so mystified by the fact that you would even come close. To hold that down with Alison appears redeeming. With three straight years 792 on. This is the only city that this is allowed it will though I'm wrong by the way this was a word from the owner Jimmy hassle. Did jammed insane AM for all the reports are. Dorsey the new GM wants to hire somebody to Haslem is island. And today he has them on on Louis those tree Woolsey Diego that's why the browns will be the browns with Kevin with has long. Paean metal smaller you know I mean he has hired GM he fired GM week fourteen and hire new one. A week later but yet you won't let him hire a coach. Hue Jackson is not gonna take this team anywhere. In the where he'll be fired next year do you think Vance Joseph has taken Denver anywhere can see sticking around. LA city Stephen Vance Joseph. And he's still Tibet and they I think the day defense is aging and don't have a quarterback on an island and a division that's one year at 21 year thing you know like. I agree saw I'm willing to me like I'm William in the past he's not one in 31 what do why isn't there in the in my view insane love for bill O'Brien. Who is going to keep his job again after yet another mediocre here look he's he's never terrible but he's never goods are great I guess he's okay has been. Playoff portable anti us Tom Watson that. People are really excited about and he's often to Monaco which he knows how to coach quarterbacks he knows how to coach offered to football I think the owner at that point stolen art. Hominem bet on the come here on bent on what he knows. And you know to develop its own watch. Well I think this is a this is in just playoffs are roses like ten Windsor plus for him please now finally outscored their anger they lost would be merciless they lost if you want to ask this Tom Watson so I think there's a bit of equity there. They you have to consider OK okay but that's why are we making excuses for him we'll go back to the scene we've been talking about today Seattle still won nine games almost hit with all those injuries Walcott. Not serious like why don't you know trying to pass here. Well because. They haven't had the success that its. Defense the six plus I'm kind of guy is I know to seize the scene and are you what the deal is though they'll go back and rebar that's the issue go go that's the Mets if there's there's there's some agreement. So someone's tree gets chuck O'Donnell out at Indianapolis finally so Andrew Luck. Likely your return next year. To me new head coach received that revitalize his career hijacked Hillary or out of the raiders we called this one Jon Gruden reports are he's gonna. Be higher there in the next couple days as an hour with an ownership stake yet with which we work it out let's say there's listen so let's say 82% ownership staff. In a two billion dollar team with those numbers match. That works out to forty million dollars. Top hundred. Yeah I'm leaving ESPN's. Ali Kelley's ally cal won't quote said I'd like to think on my candidate. Jon Chucky. That means you are eight and then if you are a guy that's going to be a coach of the Oakland Raiders. Next year look gruden would dare cars excites me a little bit. A clumsy that what the F felt better when the raiders or win the NFL's even better. When I go to Las Vegas and yet Chucky as a head coach come on man but if you're NFL fan. Regardless of team that you like that did not want Jon Gruden any NFL year Corey easy. This is great though Lee Campbell some who was your break here we go through. These changes. And the surprising. Not firings over in the NL eyes of those I guess the best job yet though the last one by the way Tennessee they kept Mike Malarkey is amid the layman like it's obviously that's gonna happen. Well they can't. They kept them yeah yeah I notified as they could fire out of wells will be highly unlikely here as highly unlikely they'll talk of the Tennessee coming back next double coverage. On WW. I'm gonna go off here. This is this is this is something that absolutely dries me. Insane here's a text from the 504 hides behind attacks Linus at a colonists. Because he thinks we can't read is number and as a one actually have a conversation about this. He Tex then because he's Y it's talking about Jon Gruden but Mike Tomlin can't coach because your biased. First of all I never said Mike Tomlin can't coach. I cities are great coaching can't beat Bill Belichick. Go check your facts. He is never once beaten the patriots on the road. Not once and hasn't beat him in the playoffs ever. That's what I said about Mike Thomas secondly. You don't know squat about Mimi and implying that I am a racist on the tax liners just flat out false. We sing the prim and this is the same notice of this is the same texture. Earlier in the show the senate more racist because we don't like Cam Newton. That's a bunch of garbage. We sit here on the show and Christian and I get a bunch of flak for singing the praises the Russell Wilson every night or every week. The heck out of here with this text you don't know me and you don't know football and you're a moron no I don't call people morons the first and I've done it this ball this year in two days old. For some odd doesn't have a higher on the show but that texture you're a moron. You're a moron you know you're talking about stop listen our show then if you don't like. Our opinions are facts of bringing it. Mike good enough amendment. Nothing you mean here. Look a case that no I just of that. It it doesn't matter us. It's in my black YRPK. And sports it doesn't matter. What are we wanna be entertained by. Good play ended I don't care what color they are now I have no. I have no worry about that whatsoever. And I entertained. And I being critical of white players black players ping players or players that matter like I know there's a Sissy has taken or. Don't tell me that. I don't believe Mike Tomlin because. He's black I believe. I have a lot I don't respect Mike Tomlin he's battled so much adversity he's won a Super Bowl with Pittsburgh Steelers. And never once did race come about never once in that year that he wants to bowl bid. Race coming out. Just like. Bill Belichick's that I don't care Bill Belichick was coach in Mike Tomlin. Andy Reid Sean Payton. I'm pick him Bill Belichick you know I just am in that matter but if he's going it's Marvin Lewis he's going against Jim Caldwell. If he's going against Mike Tomlin if he's going to get Tony Dungy. I I'm taken. Bill Belichick as is the fact yet he's got to beat on every body in the NFL. Right yeah white or black and outlook this apparently this section just a completely ignored the fact we rip on knicks bulls for ten minutes on this program. Or can you never use it. He's not very good rights or. Or chuck put god now. Or OK listen who else here. I mean we're definitely gimme a break with a it is and this is gonna say this because this year's show on Friday as well yet and I really fired up because there's probably the same texture or somebody uses friend. Trying to say that you are allowed to talk about football team didn't play professionally. Are you are you kidding me what this does that mean Deuce McAllister should have a spot on the ravens even go to broadcast journalism school on the the degree of course not. You history do you people some people find so many things complain about it's just insane. Having an area. That that. They're never happy look. I'll say this OK so you you brought Russell Wilson yeah. Doug Williams don't we sing don't always sprays all the time yeah okay so we seeing Dan Marino's result. This is. This is where you go wrong it as sports fans to bring race into this this is where race doesn't. Infiltrate. And did and really degrade. And divide like. Other venues other avenues of our of our society this is one where we can all go you know what. I'm not looking at some might color color of their skin I'll look at that entertainment a look at how good they are. If you are racist or not you're still going out there watching games and on pay. That dude that act. Can play football that you can play sports and that's why were intolerant of the idea that. Some guys are racist because they don't wanna support Cam Newton or Russell Wilson or Drew Brees are writers look the fact of the matter is. If Cam Newton was why. We'd still be critical condition flawed mechanically he can't beat you with his arm I consistently it wouldn't matter I literally. L uses me as me in my mind so nobody I can't fact check destroy their mom telling the truth. I can. There's not been a time when I sat down and try to analyze and comment on NFL football and thought about race one time it is not happened one time in my life right. Come on here but I watch it. NFL game got some sort out how much of a ball game hasn't gone yeah. That guy's not a very good because he's black are that it has never given his life just like you got a look I'll say right now. You and I had a conversation couple weeks ago you saw Randy Moss with Ryan feel at night the wires here who vikings and the hassle about. Being a minority. White receiver playing a part when he said it was a predominately black. Position now go on and I said man. That's just not cool to say Alec it's almost his work out in a matter I just feel like who cares what color was the only. The sale I said the same thing that was what I'm Randy Moss stepped in and I think he apologized and he should have. But that's the same thing we castrate you people for a talk about quarterback like asking Cam Newton before the Super Bowl how do you feel about B one of the first. You know quarterbacks it's black planet Super Bowl at the right out the year after Russell Wilson planet just original the world these journalists ask you re like dumb. Just like when I heard him what Tony Dungy played. With the colts played Lovie Smith a usable right. 2006 it was the first black they may be so much about the first black court coaches coaching it's. Who cares they're too talented to talented individuals that's what matters that's what ultimately matters yet any NFL thought about this abouts in color it's about. How talented you more. Period. Yeah this execs expect look at the history black quarterbacks they always get the short sicken people like Brett Favre to throw more interceptions. In history than any quarterback and his considered the best of all time first of all. The one who is considering Brett Favre the best of all time he's one of whom I know I think he's a great quarterback but I don't think he's the best of all time he'd either top five. The one now mean Warren Moon through much interceptions I think he's a hall of fame quarterback Tom Brady's thrown his fair share. Aaron Rodgers to look they've ordered to sell or you Drew Brees is donors and again a game it's about wins it's about how they look what do you say that Brett Favre changed the game though right. He did gunslinger in any change in what it's like Randall Cunningham Mike Vick changed the game. My early yeah I mean Miley Mike Vick is gonna quarterback is drew Briere that's bred for Brett far more Drew Brees but I also think you change the position. Said that before they really quickly to let promise I would here comes around our product coming changes in the SE Bruce aryan. He retired at the due to him says he's on the football John Fox sounded Dallas. Jason Garrett staying as you meet John Fox out of Chicago Jason you're saying in Dallas. A Detroit Jim Caldwell fired Green Bay they gave Mike McCarthy new contract one year extension. The giants coach after I Zahn. Ginger cutters sing with Tampa and Jay gruden surprisingly for me UA's staying with Washington let's go to the phone lines Lamotte in Marrero my don't talk about the NFL playoffs go ahead. I'll allocate more fired up now LaMont so mom. But it but it but that the bye 000. I don't it would rattle out think about it that there. Our home about a dusty color image matters you're right yeah that's not that's not wrong. Right so what the world thought about creative Boca that they want spoke more about banks. Epic don't want vocal you all talk about where all of Iraq and from what it is. Which either thanks. Immediate some that there haven't been the deeper than it definitely is what happened. Was true reasons finished it did not in the in the front and more aware what do you go to Barbara for. Although we have to wait to read newspapers in our outlook they. Oh quarterback. But what of requests. Yeah. There are over here. Half past as a good question though mile like the question when they address this position then I tried before we have to this year OK first off they likely some real. But come as an athlete your quarterback. As a quarterback the you can't sit here and say on banking and I'm going all in on Jason Hill taste of milk and cans as a coach as an organization you can't do that so. You I really like how though they will be around as is bakery line knows that he comes with some off off the field baggage but they have to address it but. Teams do this alternative. I mean. Okayed that. The Eagles did it for a number of years. The browns did it for number of years the Texans have done it for a long time. He you wanna address that you draft some guys but then -- it's really hard to find the quarterback of the future you it's really hard. So I think that wants to reach is done that's why I get so aggravated. When I hear. I hope druze done. He didn't get rid of because hey be careful what you wish for because you're gonna really regret it when this guy is done now. Really quickly Derrick Gonzales go ahead what's up. Paid. Are. There electric. Bill you got here. You know this though. You guys who are under manager. You ready brigades yeah. You know people like you know you don't have there about Hulu equity. Critics aren't there expects. Yeah enough not for long I mean look for long that's excellent okay look at let me sum this up real quick. A predominant portion of the NFL players or some deep and so. If owners decided hey I'm not gonna pick somebody based on their skin color. Well we. First of law that would be pretty easy to find out right after and you would be a very pour football team and it'll be a huge scandal so author realistically have a more importantly though. That was a columnist Lee on a daily basis know. That one of the things that's great about this league is yet a lot of diversity you you have a lot of diversity and yet a lot of Greek athlete white black or Hispanic or whatever. And it's not about their skin color it's about the performance. That's just it is that simple. Go play fantasy football he you're not drafting a player on that rapidly because the light. While some people might try that again your point right nobody should be any camera cleats annually on record liking Cam Newton the player. It. Ten cinema the hot take tends to Jim Sims good for at least one hot today tens and what a won MVP made suitable. May we each had made possible damage made the mama yeah thank you made a super well they are gone background on our show our moment as angelic. Next.