LSU's Mainieri talks Texas series this weekend

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, February 22nd

Bobby & Deke talk with LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri about his team's 2-2 start and this weekend's marquis series matchup against Texas.


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It doesn't saying much to get people excited me go to the top of the list in any sport. Collins has scoop professional sports and a certain names ordering a bail when he comes to College Baseball. Now I mean hearing a bail out within the LSU tigers and the Texas Longhorns and those two teams as wealth and a much anticipated three game series beginning tomorrow night to do so again Alex box stadium. And LSU coach pulmonary joins us now coach when there you know I just don't get much better than LA issue in Texas and to have it deserted this season. This won't lie I'm I would imagine coach just gonna have as much as old as opposed game oil post season field turned emit CO2 a this summer and early this season possibly could pay. Well okay I'm excited about it. When you think that college based apologies that. There's a handful of blue blood out there and it that's fine College Baseball you know you into Miami years on the State's southern cal. I think you have to protect the Chanel she went to that small group as well. You know that for 3540 years now accused. You know been one of the premier programs in Texas probably don't further back than yeah both schools won six national championships. It's an iconic coaches cliff cut to send our beat garrido as skipper and it doesn't get much bigger now guys. And the players have gone through the programs have been fantastic so. It's going to be a real treat for fans and our players are excited about it and certain purchases. Very excited that it's well and acute hopefully the weather cooperate we have some great baseball. Stadium. Dog coach what Eric and a two part question. How frustrating it is at times. When. You dealing with young pitchers and aegis. Thing getting ahead magistrate can throw strikes. Globe blessed even have a chance of play defense. You cannot rule there's no divas like UCL a time. Against him batters are when you walk someone please elaborate how maybe it's frustrating that is in. Then this is when you get together and you talk you with the pitchers. They emphasize that you have to have the ability to locate this drags home. And then right now going forward. What is the health status of the pitching that. Well is it can be very first thing that sometimes you just have to keep reminding yourself these bunch of young kids. That are learning to play it level where everybody has such high expectations and then Ursula departure from the Asia and then. You know plan and try to 121000. People and high expectations and so we're back. Had to tell them all the time you know if you're afraid LSU has not the place to play College Baseball or college College Baseball. Expectations are high. And you know we we have high standards everybody gets tight standard and here. You know when you when you step on that mound you take the responsibility. That came on your shoulders. And the first and you get food do bill throw the ball over the plate if they pitch they hit it hopefully they'll teach them much so please stop is Kitna. If you don't throw the ball of the plate there's nothing they can do to Tokyo and that we emphasized that island and emphasize that more than any thing. That they go to they're executing. It that's two different things so. Look where it's early in the year candidate chalk flooded the control issues to early season jitters. And that now this week and hopefully we'll go out there would do better you know. It tomorrow night jackets is gonna pitch and you know hopefully he's gonna get off to a good start because like every time where we've come up to bat first and were down enter for a hope we get started quicker you know in the future and and a put as much pressure on our sensed that rally right away. And you know when you when your planet try gamer one run game but yet our sensibly do some things to conceal important last night. Redding debates is woods we stole couple bases we put down a couple of bunt that it made things happen we ignorant. And it created are sent scores it loose and are sent to players and strategists. Oppressing and feel that they had a country be hit three run homers. And that it opus sensibly so of deck of it is not a good start tomorrow night and it's towards health wise. If we're still waiting for a couple of our pitchers to be ready to go to Italy this and extort the two guys that specifically speaking about. And then our two best freshman pitching Urquhart so what are ready ago force which will feature too long I think it'll makers stamp that much better because. Either will put those two guys in the rotation to the guys in the rotation into the bullpen which strengthen our bullpen or will put these character clean into the open whichever way. Make it's deeper and I think stronger pitching staff. Now go to an area is this a case in point where you gonna continue to be challenge. Especially being responsibility behind the play because of the pitcher and the catcher as far as when you have base runners. That why would it take the approach that he will be got to constantly steel or be aggressive. Intel Ellis who can throw us out. Is that kind of approach in you don't it was someone. Then maybe you'd come through in that aspect because I know view on the other end and a stake so to speak. That hey well we gonna keep learning though they get throw us out at second. Well okay what happened. That's exactly what happened last week and against Notre Dame Bobby but last night hunter produced it was in the air in the first. Rendered it tried to steal second base against us from new window. He throughout wide margin. People understand what pop signs are that. It's time from the from the ball hitting catchers meant to the time it hits in two others minutes. He pure pop in the one point 91 last night anything under two Major League level. And putter and a great release he threw a perfect strike to second base throughout that you know page turner by wide margins. And simply didn't try to steal anymore terrorist than nine. Kept the double play in order returned to nice double play there in the course of the game again bite our new shortstop values. And make huge difference. Against that are being that we couldn't throw anybody out we were rated hold runners on. And they think that stole it will that'll awful lot of pressure on our defense. Which you know. Eventually he. It is it allowed them to have a good offense against us so you're exactly right pitching and catching her most important positions on the field. Now gorge literally talk about obviously you hit for average you look at different hitters they come out. A but just a librarian and educate the fans. That when you're trying to advance a runner and his get runners in scoring position. That all all of a sudden that that comes in the play that you on base percentage and then you look at. Hitting consistently where you can advance the runner and score runs just break that all down. Considering okay it does matter when you getting hit. Considering old term ducks on the pond I mean argue that. Back in the day but just elaborated we talk muggy team overall hitting. And this significant hits that come about when it truly matters. That to score runs art to advance a runner. Well again last night they're region and parts an awful lot in. You know we we did a really good job we get runners on and we executed it earner to. We acute combined. I put pressure on the other team and then it came to its really clutch itself. And it would hurt statistics for last night that we we were pretty good with runners in scoring position and such group who scored which scored fourteen runs thing. So you know that stick it to that they can't do that they're being especially against great pitching steps that obtain it. New Orleans less like they're pitching we're just as good as notre thing towards and we hit it pretty well so. You know and I'm very optimistic about what happened last night we didn't without two of our main guy starts meant to act watch and so. You know Austin Bain and values in some of the other guys step and there are really did a tremendous job force. Now could barely talk about scheduling and I think the fans love this. Obviously you couldn't have a resonate where you know winning. As far as wins and loss the beginning of the season but but what comes about. Tell the fans and now what 'cause about maybe would this scheduling deep mentioned earlier this is obviously a lot of historic baseball when you get LSU and Texas to play one another way before to play Els went. Evening idea even your background playing and the fighting Irish. And you know local favorite. Andy I University of Texas I mean. Timmy if you are College Baseball fan I just love baseball that's a must see and you wanna be and that number still leave it because and his scheduling. Yeah well you know it's a delicate balance you know it's Texas series whose. You know they wanted to cute scenes that I do at home and wait here with outside of conference play. Because we wanna played many. Games at home as we can't ignore hands. Or charge a lot of money to come to the games it's integrated image first played many home games as we can't. We we started going over to Texas to play in an intimate turn it against some really great kings over there in regard we've been George. So he care really do that he can play on the road in the same year against another home away opponent. And so you know we're gonna go to Texas next year. But we're marketing coordinates or something has to give every year you see so. So you don't want to. Get into too many home aways I don't think we have to overdose you can play the majority of the games at home. So you know it's it's a delicate balance you know he can't he can't schedule the blue bloods but there are returning the trip to their place and you know we wanna go the route to too often so you know that's an organ injury and these teens here this this year and and you know world entrance into that means we can't that it is it was possible to get these try to name teams here. So let's with so hopefully we can take advantage of it that it this weekend and we did last week and. And go to a year you take every game and there is every opponent as serious and through the years he had thing about men have come caught the ball we know that you you won't let us looked ahead to fall but. Went something like this is schedule though this is something that obviously people point to an eight you know they get excited about it's kind of one of those things that you can can take in stride where. Yet it's instant on that the we know close and there is focused in on you know you know wins in their weak but it. You know gone into the 2018 season this is a wanted everybody at circle. Where you know there. He can in. You know I'm not Adam and seeing and you know they people been talking about this year for a long time. But when we must three the opening week in charge to our market ash you know we need to win tonight. And were downed tree nuts and in the first down 54 going in the six. And Blake brought in the Richard Griffin who last year. You really put it to us two different ball games and really are the most responsible player on their keen for when in those two games against us last year so. You know we had our work cut out force last night I was really had the last night that we are able to rally in Juneau and particularly that pitcher who sort out what is last year. And it was it was a good victory forest oaks. You know as players we can't as coaches and players we can't live report it that I understand and excitement that they are looking forward to this and I'm glad it. It's here and hopefully we'll go out there and play really well. Now portrait and I've blown slocum you know what but I think the local fans truly appreciate. That you call like you see you know sugar coated. And you telling you well and that it is not so good the new call him out and I think the appreciate. That approach. Game inning game policy reason series out so. As badges of being you get a call like you see in and night not gonna give to would be asking you know. A lot of coaches. You know maybe he could be protected their team or whatever. But I think the fans really appreciate your honors approach. Two way you talked that a public and the fan base. Or out of her daughter's spa. You know that's in no nobody's perfect and make my share of mistakes and I was admitted to the players and I don't think any. Into the public say players first I can assure you that. You know is that there are so high expectations at LSU it. And the arrow will be in and you know the players know that not have high expectations of them I want them to have high expectations. You know our stance as well we all have jobs to do. And when when somebody didn't do something correctly we have to make the correction whether internally on the staff or whether it's me or whether it's. Our players and you know we were gonna always sort ourselves some very high standard because I know that's what LSU expects at their space program and what that stands expectant. You know our our goal was to win they're regaining when we can and and to a national championships and that'll be your standard. Detained nine LSU fourteenth ranked Texas a three game series game on them on line is seventy emperors it's a 630 airtime at the tigers and on balance wealth. And historically black thing it's pulmonary coach Burnett thank you so much for the time good luck this week. Pace go to our ride is that his goes to the mound for the tigers in the linking in goes to the mound followed along on Aldridge gains can be heard right here. On tiger radio star in the Mon night it's 630 here on WW.