LSU vs. Oregon State: Tiger breakdown

WWL LSU insider Jeff Palermo joins Bobby & Deke to break down LSU ahead of the Tigers' CWS showdown against #1 Oregon State.


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LSU inside source irregular Wii's in network economist at WW dot com Jeff Lamo and joins us now as a coach pulmonary and the tigers since freshman sensation Eric walker after the here at tonight's thought the very important. College or series game two in which if you wanna know you really wanna get dates excellent there's Jeff disk makes all the Davis in the weren't. You have three days off you can relax in the foursome thinks Ken couch on us. And there's no question about it is a huge advantage for whoever comes out this game tonight. Area right about that made it figured it that way if you waited about it that -- only one way that aren't championships series. If you look on you got to win three tie. We get to the championships there so obviously a big dipper. And you're battling that at CNET 55 and more. So to think if you lose tonight you both you'll have to play them twice. You don't want to get past why they got that beat that I had a row. It's helped being that they need to dive girl that the clock sports go a year obviously huge debt so. It's say guy it's about split two pull up the old cliche he. Now Jeff. What is your take my take is they beat argued state now we gonna be homers but I think that the we catch everyone around the nation's eyes as a big deficit. There is allies say that when you look argued state. And playing in the pac twelve would only four losses but only. Team. And and the World Series and he aria. On their 2.0. They have six wrangling hitters that a batting and 300. Images to show leaders dread that I have that pac twelve pitch in the year. Luke finally get their starting left fielder. Was suspended for violation of a team rules so what can you tell the folks about. About Oregon State Beavers considering that we don't get to see a much and I know pulmonary made a statement. Then he called direct you to the 544. Incomprehensible. And that pact Casey they're coached the most underrated coaching in history of College Baseball. I guess when you out there and great northwest you don't get that love. Obviously it held playing in the pac twelve but. What can you tell the folks about Brice of feet more proper now to that rise right because I think he had two of their four losses of that might be a good sign. By the aid what 53 on the year but I'll correctly. I'm glad to he could very well weekend. Against their ability to move up he's moved up in the act in order. What I'd like that pitching in the college World Series. And I. Last week where he struck out ten. Complete game victory you have an Oregon State team who would doubt by the water into. A very good pitcher at cal state Fullerton and Eric battled back it went right date though that a lot of people look at. That impressive he ERA that they have pitching lies but they got two guys they can hit. There and they hit Albright here tonight they don't have a guy like Greg Dyke I made it back in all. They don't have a big Albright hitter but they're gonna put the ball and play like Ellis does. The galaxy note though. And it has the advantage of the fact that they do have a got a couple of guys get hit the ball out of the ballpark. They have guys that can really expect capital debates perhaps are they get court that they. They eat they trapped against elegy speed and amplitude about it date stamps. So that the key for LSU. And you guys like Eric walker the fact that this candidate has pitched very well twice. Being in pressure situations and yet the urban and added the regional group well miked for what Derrick Walker's ability to have tribal. Utica and it. Does it. Sometimes given. That broke early art texture kinda between starts that's a good thing. Recharge as there are booked for a guy that really relies on location. Sometimes it's that good to have some time Bobby might. We might struggle to command a little bit at my concern. A little bit ago and it couldn't keep against orchestrated supported state beats. Ballots you can kind of not because Derrick walker what they are able to handle the pressure is as a kid that could kill that he can't already. Big time high school football quarterback detectors at the highest level so. Played it for a 20000 fans is that what is critic Eric walker on it whether he can be able. Pinpoint control that he needs and whether it Oregon State maybe it took a little bit of bad luck and. Now I Jeb regarding gonna bring it up and I don't think coach winner would be Governor Walker. If he had now and Andrea some you know I had this covered I believe it is pitching form and delays I heard that he's a 100%. So we think that's a bit of gamesmanship or his form was really bothered him. Now so we're to count have been you're the daddy gets a little rat. You don't get it to the super regional broker simulated game heavily black here today and it complaints about sort. Ed and that area released this statement. About an hour hour and a half hour before keep true. When her now caddie. Went down a little bit so much. Gamesmanship that system. It's a little weird that I can take you think it got a ticket who electric eyeball. It doesn't doesn't complain about sort of the forearm. After. After pitching a simulated game but it's obviously not a watcher you've ever you don't now or really grill on Saturday weren't. He tested it out again now you put a critic gave situation. Your bubble kept up a little bit. We'll see how he handled that I recently watched early on in this game. Jeff lamb or jet how can be able kibo we get on social media. At what are and it just portable color yeah thank you very much dog Iggy. I certainly will need to get.